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Engage is close range combat with your sword and shield, defeat your enemies from afar by magic. Nintendo has created a world based on Norse mythology, with monsters, fairies and other enchanting creatures, this is an action game you do not want to miss.

Join the guild and fight the colossal gods. The enemies are powerful and tricky to beat, the gameplay is challenging. Battles are going to be hard, but this only makes victory even sweeter.

Recruit like-minded adventurers to enter the battle field with you. This is not just a button masher, draw arcs and and lines on the screen and execute these slashes.

There are numerous weapons you can play with, from swords, spears to bows and staffs. Determine what is best for your battlefield, build a well balanced band and go fight.

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#53 highest rated WII action game (#193 on WII, #9582 overall)


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