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FAQ/Walkthrough by Windy Kun

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/01/09

PP   PP   UU   UU   NNN  NN   CCC        HH   HH
PP   PP   UU   UU   NN N NN   CC         HHHHHHH
PP        UUU UUU   NN   NN   CCC        HH   HH
PP        UUUUUUU   NN   NN   CCCCCCC    HH   HH

OOOOOOO   UU   UU   TTTTTTTT    !!!!   !!!!
OO  OOO   UU   UU      TT       !!!!   !!!!
OO O OO   UU   UU      TT       !!!!   !!!!
OO O OO   UU   UU      TT       !!!!   !!!!
OOOOOOO   UUUUUUU      TT        !!     !!

[                                      ]
[                                      ]
[          FAQ version: 1.1            ]
[                                      ]
[       Written by: Lord Windscar      ]
[           Aka: Windy Kun             ]
[                                      ]
[        Last update: 6/01/2009        ]
[                                      ]
[                                      ]

==============================={ Version Changes }============================

Version 1.0 (May 27th, 2009) - FAQ Released to general public. All Career
information added.

Version 1.1 (June 1st, 2009) - Added in more stars, Secret character fight
information. Fixed some various errors in guide shortcuts.


-----------------------------( Table of Contents )----------------------------

I. Game Info/About the Author
II. Game Mechanics and Controls
III. Minor Circuit
   1. Glass Joe        [xgj]
   2. Von Kaiser       [xvk]
   3. Disco Kid        [xdk]
   4. King Hippo       [xkh]
IV. Major Circuit
   1. Piston Hondo     [xph]
   2. Bear Hugger      [xbh]
   3. Great Tiger      [xgt]
   4. Don Flamenco     [xdt]
V. World Circuit
   1. Aran Ryan        [xar]
   2. Soda Popinski    [xsp]
   3. Bald Bull        [xbb]
   4. Super Macho Man  [xsmm]
   5. Mr. Sandman      [xms]
VI. Title Defense World B
   1. Glass Joe 2      [ygj]
   2. Von Kaiser 2     [yvk]
   3. Disco Kid 2      [ydk]
   4. King Hippo 2     [ykh]
VII. Title Defense World A
   1. Piston Hondo 2   [yph]
   2. Bear Hugger 2    [ybh]
   3. Great Tiger 2    [ygt]
   4. Don Flamenco 2   [ydf]
VIII. Title Defense World S
   1. Aran Ryan 2      [yar]
   2. Soda Popinski 2  [ysp]
   3. Bald Bull 2      [ybb]
   4. Super Macho Man 2 [ysmm]
   5. Mr. Sandman 2     [yms]
IX. Mac's Last Stand
   1. Secret Character  [snc]
X. Legal Stuff


----------------------( I. Game Info/About the Author )-----------------------


Greetings everyone and welcome to my Punch-out!! Wii FAQ. As most of you know,
this game is a remake of the classic NES Punch-Out with extra features,
updated graphics, and voice overs. Characters speak in their native languages
I.E. Glass Joe will speak French, Great Tiger will speak Hindi, etc.

Windy-Kun also known as Kasey (Age 22), writes guides for GameFAQs every now 
and then. I am quite an accomplished gamer, and excel in fighters, racing 
games, and the occasional MMORPG PvP when it interests me. Most people who
have read my guides know me for my horrid satirical humor directed at the 
current opponent or protaganists.


---------------------( II. Game Mechanics and Controls )----------------------



When you start up Punch Out, select a Mii for your profile. You will then be
presented with five options.

1. Career - This is the main mode for which you will unlock new fights for...

2. Exhibition - When you first unlock a new fighter, you may only practice
against a hologram. However, upon beating that fighter in Career, you unlock
the real fight which has 3 challenges unique to that fight.

3. Head to Head - This the two player mode. Sadly, as I really hate everyone
in my neighborhood, I cannot play this and thus it will not be covered in my
guide until a later date.

4. Options - From here you may...

   1. Controls - You may switch to either retro controls (Wiimote held
sideways), or Wiimote + Nunchuk controls. You may also activate your balance
board if you have one.

   2. Profile - View your profile. Wins-Losses (KOs) will be displayed along
with your cleared circuits. You may change or delete it here.

   3. Tutorial - Self explanitory. Listen to Doc Louis attempt to teach you
how to use Wiimote + Nunchuk controls. I will however write the guide as
though you are using retro controls.

5. Gallery - There are also 3 sub-options here...

   1. Audio - At first you only have access to Little Mac and Giga Mac sounds,
but as you complete all 3 exhibition challenges for a character, you unlock
their sound files as well.

   2. Movies - This features the intro movies for every character as you go
through Career mode, as well as Mac's training montages as you proceed through

   3. Credits - Self Explanitory. There's a neat minigame on the second set of
credits though.


And now, for how your screen will look when you are fighting someone, with
numbers where something would normally be.

| 1 1 1   2            3 33                        |
|   444444444444                  5555555555555    |
|                   666666                         |
|                                                  |
|                                                  |
|                                                  |
|                    7777                          |
|                                                  |

1 - Stars. This is what you need to execute a star punch, mentioned later on
in the guide, and are acquired by various methods unique to each boxer. You
may only have 3 at a time.

2 - Heart Meter. You get a set number of these at the start of each match.
One is depleted every time you block or are blocked, and you lose 3 every time
you get hit. Once this hits 0, you cannot throw punches. You can replenish
this by either successfully dodging or ducking an attack, or heaven forbid,
getting knocked down.

3 - Round Timer. Boxing matches are 3 rounds of 3 minutes each. In Punch-out!!,
this timer actually ticks much faster than real time. The only exceptions to
this is if you dizzy an opponent, or if the opponent is using some kind of
unique special attack.

4 - Your Stamina Meter. Pretty obvious. The more you get hit, the less filled
this becomes. When the entire meter turns black, you get knocked down.

5 - Opponent's Stamina Meter. Same thing as the above, except for your

6 - Your Opponent. Keep your eye's on this guy at all times, especially his
fists. If they hit your face, they tend to hurt a lot.

7 - Little Mac. That's you. Stare in wonder at how such a tiny guy can
potentially (with your controller wielding prowess) beat the living crap out
of physically fit men over twice his size.


And now the control schemes. I'll start with retro controls, then list the
motion controls.


|    U            +                   |
|   L R     A     H           1   2   |
|    D            -                   |

1. - Left Punch. When pressed by itself, it throws a left body hook. If pressed
in combination with up, it throws a left jab.

2. - Right Punch. Same as above, except replace the word left with right.

+. - Pause. Gives you options to either continue, restart the fight, change
your control scheme, or quit back to fight selection screen.

H. - Home. - Usual home button options as seen in other games.

A. - Star Punch - Throws a star punch of varying damage based on how many stars
you have accumulated.

D-Pad. - Press up to block incoming punches (Mostly only jabs can be blocked)
or to throw a jab. Press left or right to dodge in that direction, and down
lets you duck.


Motion Controls (I apologize but I'm writing these assuming you're right


(Placeholder for ASCII later, as I am far too lazy to attempt to make nunchuk
ASCII w/ Vertical Nunchuk)

Move Wii-mote forward - Right Punch

Move Nunchuk forward - Left Punch

A - Hold this and move the Wii-mote forward for a star punch

C-stick - See various functions that of the D-pad listed in retro controls.

Note: In place of the C-stick dodging/ducking functions, you can enable the
Balance Board in its place. However, the controls are pretty bad and I wouldn't
recommend it.


Hidden Actions

1. Recover stamina during an opponent's knockdown - Alternate pressing 1 and 2.

2. Recover stamina between rounds - Press the - button. You may only do this
once per fight.

3. Save yourself from being KOed or TKOed - During your KO or TKO animation,
rapidly press 1 and 2. If you're lucky, Little Mac will brace himself and roar.
You'll recover only 1/4th your stamina. You may do this once per fight if you
get lucky, twice if someone divined today to be your excellent karma day.


Now that you've read 40 or so lines of what you easily could have read in your
instruction manual (Unless you bought the game used and the guy who traded it
in is a jerk and forgot the manual), you'll be ready to start your Career! The
next section details your first four fights on the Minor Circuit.


Some further notes for those that do not understand how this guide will be

1. When I say something like "Glass Joe's left jab", its referring to his
left hand, which will be on your right.

2. ALMOST any method to get a star (except during a taunt) can be gotten with
any type of punch (except a star punch of course), not just the type I say.
It's just a relic of the SPO days that I go into specifics, pay it no mind.

-----------------------------( III. Minor Circuit )---------------------------

============================={ 1. Glass Joe [xgj] }===========================

"Bonjour, Bonjour! Je Suis Glass Joe!"

Birthplace: Paris, France.
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 110 lbs.

Record: 1-99 (1 KO)


Glass Joe makes for a fairly simple introductory fight. He has four relatively
simple actions.


1. Taunt 1 - Glass Joe will put his left arm behind his back and pose at you,
flashing yellow for a second. Punch his face for a star.

2. Left jab - Glass Joe take a small step back, telegraphing this move before
flashing red and throwing the punch. You can dodge this in any direction, or
block it if you feel the need. Follow up with a series of jabs to his face.

3. Right hook - Glass Joe takes a step back to his right, then throws a
powerful hook at you a second later. Once again this is painfully telegraphed
and can be dodged in any direction, but can't be blocked.

4. Taunt 2 - Around 30 seconds into the match, Glass Joe will hop back 3 steps
and yell something along the lines of "Hey Hey, Vive la France!" and hop back
to center. This can't hurt you, but if you hit him with a hook immediately
as he centers, you'll knock him down in one hit.

                                 Fight Strategy

Glass Joe always starts the fight with Taunt 1. After that, he'll spend around
25 seconds just standing there. What you want to do is throw 3 jabs, then 3
hooks, 3 jabs, and repeat. Eventually he'll do Taunt 2. After he centers
himself (Whether it be because you knocked him down or just missed), he'll
start throwing jabs and hooks. These are painfully telegraphed and very easy to
avoid. He'll repeat Taunts 1 and 2 periodically.

Tip: When Glass Joe is knocked down (or any opponent here on out for that
matter.) rapidly press 1 and 2 buttons to regain your stamina on retro 
controls, or move the Wii-mote and Nunchuk back and forth repeatedly for motion

He will eventually fall without too much trouble on your part. As a note, don't
try to punch him unless you've just dodged one of his attacks. There are pro
strategies below for exhibition challenges for this that for some reason are
allergic to dodging/ducking.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Punch him as he flashes yellow during Taunt 1. Self explanitory and easy.

2. Hit him with a right jab as he performs his left jab. This is called a
counterpunch, and shouldn't really be attempted by new players. What you need
to do is hit him with the jab as he flashes red when he performs his jab.

3. Hit him with a left hook as he performs his right hook. Same as above. Hit
him as he turns red. This does have stricter timing, so wait until he starts
to move towards you if you have the reflexes.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Knock down Glass Joe 3 times, then let him win by decision. - This is fairly
easy to do as long as you are at least somewhat skilled at dodging. What you
should do is knock him down twice in round one, then let him beat you up until
round two (you'll likely be knocked down once or twice). Knock him down one
more time, then let him knock you down until he's knocked you down three times.
Then get less health than him, and dodge all of his attacks until round 3
ends. As long as he has more health than you and you've been knocked down 3
times, he'll win by decision.

2. Find the one-punch knockdown weak spot. - As mentioned above, simply time a
left hook at Taunt 2 as he centers himself in the ring and you'll down him in
one hit.

3. Defeat Glass Joe without dodging, ducking, or blocking. - Glass Joe is an
easy opponent regardless of whether you dodge/block or not. If you're good at
counterpunching, you should be able to get constant stars off him. Just use
3 star punches as soon as you're able to, rinse, and repeat. If you late on
the left jab, you might end up blocking though, but a right hook works as well.


==========================={ 2 Von Kaiser [xvk] }=============================


Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Age: 42
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 144 lbs.

Record: 23-14 (10 KOs)


Believe it or not, this fight is considered to be easier than Glass Joe. Here's
what the good Furher is capable of.


1. Right jab - Functions same as Glass Joe's. You'll hear what sounds like a
rapid clock ticking before he turns red. Easy to dodge and counter.

2. Left Hook - He steps back and has around a 2-3 second delay before throwing
this punch. He also turns red before throwing it so its fairly easy to dodge.

3. Guard - After you combo him, he'll throw his guard up to his face and block
all incoming punches. After around 3 seconds, he'll lower this left guard and
cry "Mommy!". Hit him with a right jab for a free star.

                                 Fight Strategy

For first timers, what you'll want to do is wait for his tells, then dodge and
throw a combo. Be sure to hit his face when he shows it through his guard for
a star. He uses only the two attacks throughout the entire fight, and is thus
very easy to manipulate and defeat.

Von Kaiser has a notorious habit of being instantly knocked down if you hit
him with a star punch after you dizzy him into a combo. Use that to your
advantage for a quick victory.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Hit him a he flashes yellow during his guard technique. Not hard.

2. Hit him with a right jab/hook as he turns red for his left jab.

3. Hit him with a left hook as he starts his punch motion for his right hook.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Von Kaiser and land EVERY punch. - You could always do it using the
above method. Bear in mind that if he hits you as you try to counterpunch or
he blocks a punch it won't count as landed. For better and faster ways to
achieve this, read below.

2. Defeat Von Kaiser...in under a minute. - Not as hard as it sounds if you're
quick and know how to counterpunch. Counterpunch his opening left jab, then
dodge and jab him once, throw your star punch. One knockdown. Assuming you
still have 2:40 left, repeat 2 more times. 

3. Defeat Von Kaiser using only 5 punches! - This one is kinda tricky and does
require good timing on your part, but otherwise not very hard.

Counterpunc his first two jabs, and his first hook for 3 stars, then dodge his
next attack and hit him once. He'll put up his guard. At the EXACT second he
opens his gloves to say "Mommy!" Throw your star punch. He will be KOed.


============================={ 3. Disco Kid [xdk] }===========================

"Here comes!"

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 20
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210 lbs

Record: 4-12 (2 KOs)


Like his predecessors, Disco Kid has two attacks.


1. Right Jab - Kid takes a step back to his right and flashes red for a brief
second before stepping forward and hitting you. This goes off much faster than
Glass Joe's and Von Kaiser

2. Left Hook - Kid takes a step to the right and says "Here comes!" then turns
red and hits you fairly hard. This attack should be ducked unless you know how
to counterpunch. Takes about 2 1/2 seconds to execute.

3. Taunt. Used at the beginning of every round. Does not harm you. Hit him when
his teeth flash yellow or sparkle (I can't tell which) and you'll get a free
star. Behold the hilarity if you star punch him instead. Occasionally he will
throw up a different pose, but is still the same taunt in essence.

                                 Fight Strategy

This fight requires slightly better reflexes than the previous two fights but
still isn't very hard. First order of business should be giving Disco Kid a
quick jab during his taunt for a free star. Onto business, if you've gotten
the hang of dodging, you can either combo him to a TKO/KO slowly, or if you
read what I said happens if you star punch him during a taunt, do so and your
match suddenly becomes much easier. There are many ways to earn a star
in case you get hit thankfully.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1.  Hit him with a left jab as he uses his right jab. It comes out quick but
isn't hard to time

2. Hit him with a right hook as he uses his left hook. Remember the hook is
delayed, but comes out fast, so its hard to time.

3. Hit him with a jab during his first taunt.

4. Hit him with a jab during his other taunt.

5. Dodge one of his attacks, then combo him with jabs. As he recovers to the
center, hit him with a hook on the side of the screen he's on. If timed well,
you'll earn a star.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Land a 3 star punch and win the match. - Simple. If you know how to counter
punch him, you'll get the 3 star punch in around 20 seconds. You don't have to
win the match ON the 3 star punch, you just have to land it and not lose.

2. Discover 5 different ways to earn stars. - See above.

3. TKO Disco Kid using only 6 punches. - Not difficult. Punch him during his
taunt, dodge, then wait for him to taunt again then star punch. After that,
counterpunch him and dodge until his next taunt. Star punch, then repeat the
last step.


============================{ 4. King Hippo [xkh] }===========================

Location: Hippo Island, Pacific
Age: ??
Height: ??
Weight: ??

Record: 16-9 (13 KOs)


King Hippo will surely give beginners a run for their money. Here's a rundown
of what he does.


1. Right/left Jab - He'll raise a fist, which will quickly flash red before
heading towards your face. These can be dodged in either direction or blocked.

2. Right/left Overhead Smash - He'll raise his arm high over his head, which
will flash and come down on you doing a large amount of damage.

3. Double Side Smash - Performed at roughly half of his stamina remaining
onward. This attack is brutal and must be ducked to be avoided. It takes off
roughly half of your stamina.

                                 Fight Strategy

The goal of the fight is to run down his stamina meter once. His weight is so
immense that he will be instantly KOed. What you'll want to do is dodge his
jabs, which can be done fairly easily, and jab him while he's doing his
Overhead smash (While his mouth is open) to drop his boxer shorts, then hit
his belly as much as you can. Its his weak spot. Once you get him to 50% he'll
start using the Double Side Smash, but its badly telegraphed and easily avoided
by merely ducking, then jabbing his face. Repeat the above until he goes down.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. On occasion, he will just stand still without his gloves guarding his belly.
Punch it.

2. Either block or duck under his jab, then hook his gut with the opposing side
that he jabbed.

3. Counterpunch his Double Side Smash. The best way is to left hook right as he
begins to move his fists.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat King Hippo...without getting tired. - This is easier than it sounds.
All you have to do is not run out of hearts. This translates to: Minimize his
ability to hit you, and don't throw unnecessary punches.

2. KO a Crownless King Hippo - All you have to do to accomplish this is
counterpunch his double smash. The first time will knock his crown off and
make his pattern more erratic. If you do it twice in a row, he'll be instantly

3. Defeat King Hippo without using Jabs - Ok, this might seem hard at first...
What you have to do is block his jabs and counter like detailed in star #2.
Then when you have 3 stars, unleash the star punch on him. Dodge the overhead
smashes, you can't counterpunch them. You can knock his crown off if you want
the process to go faster.


Congrats! Little Mac is the Minor Circuit champion! Behold, your training
montage and then be prepared for the next step up. Trust me, it only gets


-----------------------------( IV. Major Circuit )----------------------------

==========================={ 1. Piston Hondo [xph] }==========================


Location: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 174 lbs.

Record: 26-1 


Piston Hondo is a fair step up in difficulty from the Minor Circuit. His moves
are as follows.


1. Left Jab. This is hilariously telegraphed by his left eyebrow twitching,
before turning red. This is dodgeable and can be counterpunched for a star.

2. Right Hook - He takes a large step to your left before winding up a hook.
It is recommended to duck this and it can't be counterpunched.

3. Bow Taunt - What it sounds like. Hit him as he flashes yellow for a free
star. He has a glass jaw if you hit him with a star punch as he bows for an
instant knockdown. He tends to use it after he knocks you down.

4. Right Uppercut - He moves to your left then unleashes a powerful uppercut.
It is, however, easily dodgable to your left. Only used after the first

5. Hondo Rush - Hondo will move to the back and hop around 3-4 times, then
rush back in and execute 3 jabs followed by an uppercut or hook. If you hook
him when as he steps back in, he'll be instantly knocked down. Otherwise, you
MUST block the 3 jabs. Its impossible to simply dodge them all.

                                 Fight Strategy

For those of you who haven't attempted counterpunching yet, Hondo is a good
opponent for practice, as his left jab has an incredibly obvious tell. You
also have a rather ridiculous amount of hearts to work with so you have
plenty of leeway in case your timing is late (you get hit) or early (blocked).

Anyway, he won't attempt the Hondo Rush until roughly 2 minutes into the fight
if you haven't knocked him down before then, otherwise he might use it a lot
sooner. The Jabs can be dodged and comboed upon, but blocking them tends to
yield more combo hits. The hook has a slight delay, and the uppercut comes
fairly quickly but has an obvious voice cue.

Your best hope of victory is actually counterpunching the Hondo Rush 3 times
in a round and/or star punching him as he bows.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Counterpunch his left jab. As already stated, the tell is incredibly

2. Jab him as he bows.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Piston Hondo and land EVERY punch! - Just like Von Kaiser's, except
there's no super cheap way to do it this time. The easiest possible way is to
just wait until you can counter his Hondo Rush reliably 3 times in the same
round. You need to be really good at dodging though

2. Find both one-punch knockdowns. - Simple. Star Punch him when he bows, and
counter the Hondo Rush.

3. Defeat Piston Honda with 34 or more hearts remaining - REALLY easy, as you
have a ton in abundance. Just make sure you don't get hit and don't get blocked
often. You have some leeway if you decide to block the Hondo Rush.


============================{ 2. Bear Hugger [xbh] }===========================


Location: Salmon Arm, BC
Age: 32
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 440 Lbs.

Record: 17-12 (10 KOs)


Bear Hugger is likely the first fight that will give Veterans some trouble. So
here's his moveset so that doesn't happen.


1. Right Overhand - He'll raise his fist and bring it down. Quite an obvious
action and easy to dodge, but it comes out quick. Also good counterpunch

2. Taunt 1 - Bear hugger bends down and sticks out his tongue at you. No, you
can't grab it and rip it out for a fatality, but you can still jab him in the
face to earn a star when he flashes yellow.

3. Left Hook - He'll say either "Salmon Arm" or "Sockeye!" here as a cue, but
it comes out pretty fast. You cannot dodge this to the right, but can be
countered if you hit him as he starts the punch motion.

4. Bear Hug - Through an obvious cue "Need a hug?!" He'll bring both arms up,
flash red, then bring them down on you. Similar to King Hippo's move, it'll
remove roughly half your stamina, and you can only duck to avoid it.

5. Taunt 2 - He'll put out his belly and swing it around. There's no cue to
earn the star here, but you'll get one if you punch his stomach when its

                                 Fight Strategy

Quite a lot to remember here. Keep in mind that this is the first fight that
your opponent cannot be knocked down in one hit, so you're going to have to
work for your win. Try to counter his Overhands if you can, since stars hurt
him a lot.

This match is simply a matter of endurance if you know how to dodge his
attacks. You'll likely TKO him if you're not getting stars.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Use a left jab as he uses his right overhand. The best timing is as he
starts the downward motion

2. Jab him during Taunt 1

3. Use a right hook as he uses his left hook. As stated above, if you counter
right when he starts the leftward punching motion, you'll get the star.

4. Hook his stomach as its centered on the screen during Taunt 2.

5. Hit his face with a jab when he does the Bear Hug. This is really difficult
and painful for beginners to time so I suggest ducking it, but the best time
to throw your jab is when his face switches from looking up to looking down.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Win the fight and evade EVERY Bear Hug - Need I say how easy these are to
duck to avoid? It's painfully obvious when it occurs.

2. TKO Bear Hugger in Round 1. - Probably the hardest challenge so far. You
need to be spot on with your counterpunching, and he'll likely take a 3 star
punch and still be standing, but it won't take long to knock him down after.

3. Find 5 different ways to earn Stars. - See above. :o


==========================={ 3. Great Tiger [xgt] }===========================


Location: Mumbal, India
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 132 Lbs.

Record: 24-5 (3 KOs)


Great Tiger tends to be notorious for being many player's first repeated
series of losses as they tend to block in the same direction all the time.


1. Jewel Blink -  He will say something like "Daisee." while the jewel on his
forehead glows either yellow or red. If yellow, throw a jab immediately for a
free star. If it glows red, be prepared to either dodge left or right or block.
If you punch a red jewel, he will disappear then uppercut you, and it WILL hit,
and it WILL hurt. The more he's knocked down, and the less time remaining in
the round, the less often the jewel will blink yellow.

2. Left Uppercut - Great Tiger ducks quickly to your right, the gives you a
swift left uppercut. This cannot be counterpunched, and you MUST dodge right
to avoid being hit.

3. Right Uppercut - Same as the left uppercut, only with a slight delay before
execution. Once again, cannot be counterpunched, and you must dodge LEFT.

4. Magic Rushing Attack - Great Tiger will disappear and reappear in the back
of the ring and split into two versions. One will be transparent which is a
harmless clone. However, the solid one is quite real. The jewels on their
turbans will blink before they rush you. It isn't necessary or wise to dodge
the transparent clone, but you must dodge in the direction of the real one to
avoid being hit. This opens Tiger up to a lot of punishment. After several
knockdowns, The real and fake will shift positions up to 5 times before the

                                 Fight Strategy

As stated, you need to pay attention to which direction you need to dodge
his uppercuts at all times. As long as you can do that, you'll get a lot of
combo hits on Great Tiger. It is very possible to TKO him in round one if
you've got your timing down, however, its more likely for first timers to get
the TKO in round 2 or 3.

Because of the lack of star opportunities, every time you dizzy him he'll take
more combo hits than most boxers, so take advantage of this.

Be very wary during the Magic Rushing Attack, since its very easy to confuse
the fake with the real Tiger if you aren't paying attention, plus the jewel
blinking could throw you off.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab him when the turban jewel blinks yellow.

2. Right jab him when he prepares to jab you after his turban jewel blinks red.
The timing on this is VERY difficult and not recommended, as he sometimes
vanishes a split second before throwing the jab.

3. Hit him with a hook as he moves into his uppercut positions. This is a
little hard as you have a short window to do this and almost no warning before
he does it.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Great Tiger and evade EVERY Magic Rushing Attack - Self explanitory.
I've mentioned how to dodge it at least twice.

2. TKO or KO Great Tiger using only right jabs - Switch to retro controls for
this. Right jab is Up + 2. Now that you know what to do, just dodge and counter
and FYI star punches aren't allowed.

3. Defeat Great Tiger...throwing only 3 punches - Once you get the timing for
the above down, this is really the only way to do it. You have to hit him 3
times in one round during the Magic Rushing Attack. If you mess up your timing
even once, you'll have to start over. On top of that, you have to dodge or
block every other punch he throws, but that's the easy part.


==========================={ 4. Don Flamenco [xdf] }==========================

"Carmen mi amor!"

Location: Madrid, Spain
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 152 Lbs.

Record: 22-3 (9 KO)


Flamenco has by far the largest arsenal of punches you've seen so far.


1. Right Delayed Uppercut - Has an easy tell of speaking "Carmen mi amor!". He
steps to your left, holds his fist behind him for 2 1/2 seconds, then steps
forward and hits you. This is an easy attack to dodge left or right.

2. Right uppercut - Used by the audio cue "Toro!" Its the same as the delayed,
except he swings immediately. Again, pretty easy to dodge. You just get less
hits in.

3. Triple hook. - Pretty much the only move he uses WITHOUT taunting you. He'll
step back and clap saying "Uno, Dos, Tres!" then throw 3 consecutive right
hooks. They can all be either dodged left or ducked, but dodging left is
the prefered method ;3 (see later) If ducked will use either of the left
uppercuts after.

4. Delayed left hook - Cued by the audio cue "Ole!" and visually looks like how
a matador would hold his cape...except without the cape. It takes him about 2
seconds to actually throw the hook. Ducking is advised. Only used after the
first knockdown.

5. Double clap left jab - Cued by the...erm...double clapping? But yeah, its
a fairly quick jab that should be ducked. Only used after the second knockdown.

6. Super Uppercut - This is only used after you knock Don's Toupee off.
Needless to say, its basically his delayed uppercut except slightly less delay
and with a different audio cue. You should dodge to the left.

                                 Fight Strategy

Don is arguably one of the most annoying fighters to face at first. He almost
NEVER attacks first. Instead, he taunts you into attacking and either dodges
or blocks, then launches an attack. Most of the time you'll attack him, then
play the dodge and combo game with him, as its fairly effective at dealing
with him until he does the triple hook. Remember to dodge left, as after the
last hook, he'll tire, leaving his gut open for a hook (free star!) and you
get to combo him after as well!

After 2 knockdowns, once you get him to roughly 40% health, his toupee will
get knocked off and go into berserker mode, which severly limits your
comboing ability. This generally resets after each round until you knock him
down again. Eventually you'll get the KO or TKO on him.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. During the delayed right uppercut, use a left hook as he starts to swing.

2. During the quick right uppercut, use a left hook as he starts to swing.

3. Dodge the triple hook to the left 3 times, then hook his stomach when he
glows yellow.

4. When he uses his left hook, use a right hook just as he turns red.

5. After he claps twice to use his left jab, use a right jab. This is EASILY
the hardest start to obtain in this fight

6. Use a left hook when he attempts the super uppercut.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Knock Don's Toupee off in Round 1. - This can be done either one of two
ways, one of which takes a roughly high level of skill to pull off.

1a. Counterpunch often and use 3 star punches as often as possible. They knock
his health down fairly fast. Do note that you have to land a normal punch to
knock the toupee off

1b. The infinite combo. Yes, the dreaded and infamous Don Flamenco infinite is
back, just like from his NES first fight. After you finish a 3 hit jab combo on
him, hit him with a hook on the side he sways to, then a jab on the next side
he sways to. Repeat this until he gets knocked down. You do need to time the
hits AS he starts to head back to the center.

2. KO or TKO Don in a round where he's thrown 3 of less punches. - THIS is a
HUGE pain and you won't be likely to get it for a few tries. The idea is to
knock him down twice in both round 1 and round 2, get his health as low as
possible for round 3 and save up 3 stars. Then as soon as round 3 starts, dizzy
him and throw your star punch and he should be instantly KOed.

As an alternate, you could knock off his toupee in round 1 again, then if
you're somewhat skilled with the infinite combo, do it 3 times in round 2.

3. Find 6 different ways to earn a star. - See above.


Congrats, you are now Major Circuit champion! Ready to play with the big boys?


------------------------------( V. World Circuit )----------------------------

============================={ 1. Aran Ryan [xar] }===========================

"Ye've probably got cheeseburgers in yer gloves, have yeh Mac?"

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Record: 18-10 (16 KOs)


This crazed lucky charms guy has many tricks up his sleeve. His glare and
constant shaking will drain your sanity.


1. Right Hook - This is used when Aran Ryan is positioned to your left. He
shakes his fist for a second and glows red, then quickly hooks you. 

2. Right Overhand Smash - Aran Ryan uses this from the center position. He
takes two steps forward with his right hand raised, then glows red and lets
his hand fall down on you. Use a left jab as he moves toward you to stun him.

3. Taunt - Aran Ryan will use this in the center. Standard taunt. Jab him when
he glows for a star.

4. Left hook - He'll use this if he's standing to your right. He taps his
head twice, then glows red and moves in to hit you. Use a right hook at the
second head tap to stun him.

5. Counter uppercut. He uses this if you dodge, then hit him on your return.
Its basically a quick flash of red then a swift uppercut, that you should
quickly dodge again to avoid.

6. Headbutt - Used after the first knockdown. Aran Ryan heads to the ropes
and mounts on them, bouncing a few times. He then turns red, turns around,
and launches himself at you, inflicting heavy damage if it hits.

                                 Fight Strategy

Why Aran Ryan didn't fail his doping test is beyond me...its clear he's doing
speed. Anyway, you cannot simply dodge and counter against him, you'll only get
one hit in at best. I hope you practiced counterpunching, you need it to beat
him or at least knock him down within any reasonable amount of time. When you
counterpunch any of his punches (except the right hook), you'll be able to
combo punch him 7 times. (Luck of the Irish and all that. And if you're
wondering about the right hook, you get a star instead of comboing) Most of
his attacks are very easy to counter as they all have a big delay as a tell
except for the right hook.

The headbutt is the most difficult to time a counter for, but it can be done.
Use a jab right as he launches at you. Now that you know how to counter almost
everything he does, he should not be difficult to beat.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab him during his taunt.

2. Hit him with a left hook when he tries to punch you with his right hook.

3. Dodge and jab him once. Then dodge his counter uppercut and hit him again
quickly. This is much easier said than done, since you need really good timing
with your second dodge.

4. Block Aran Ryan's headbutt, then hit him with a hook. You can't just hold
down up for this, he'll break through your guard. You have to press up as he
flies towards you. Blocking will stun him for a second and let you hook him
for the star.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Land 7 star punches during the fight. - Self explanity. Earn 7 stars from
the various methods above, then unleash each one as you get it. (It should be
noted that it appears that Ryan takes extra damage from star punches, just like
he took bonus damage from Supers in SPO)

2. KO or TKO Aran Ryan without getting hit. - Easier said than done until you
become an expert at counterpunching and blocking the headbutt.

3. Find 4 different ways to earn stars. - See the section above.


==========================={ 2. Soda Popinski [xsp] }=========================

Location: Moscow, Russia
Age: 35
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 237 lbs.

Record: 33-2 (24 KOs)


Soda Pop aka. the only man in the universe to get drunk off of carbonated soda,
will DEFINITELY give you a run for your money.


1. Left Jab - This is telegraphed by a wooshing sound, a quick step back, and
a rapid turning red before Soda hits you. This all takes place in 1 second, so
you need to work on either dodging or counterpunching.

2. Uppercut - Soda ducks quickly to your left and unleashes an incredibly
powerful uppercut. This attack comes out EXTREMELY fast, and cannot be
counterpunched. Your only hope is to dodge to the side the uppercut comes

3. Drunken punch - This is slightly different from his jab as he takes a sharp
step to your right and then punches. On top of coming out really fast, its
uncounterable. Ducking is advised.

4. Drink - Every now and then, Soda Pop will raise a bottle, saying something
in Russian that roughly translates "To my health". If you allow him to drink
it, he'll recover 60% his stamina. Simply jab the hand the bottle is held in
and you'll get a star, as well as set him up for...

5. Furious Rush - Soda Pop uses this every time he gets up from a knockdown,
you knock a pop bottle out of his hands, or you hit him with a star punch.
Its basically 3-4 uppercuts (Its random) in rapid succession. You have about
1 1/2 seconds after returning from the last dodge to prepare to dodge the next
uppercut. Be sure to pause at the third because there's a chance he won't throw
a fourth. Leaves him open to a long combo afterwards. (Someone wrote me saying
to hit pause after the third, but this just meant to stay in the center for
a second, and listen for an audio cue which will tell if he's doing another
uppercut or not)

                                 Fight Strategy

To be honest this fight is where you'll likely lose for a long period of time
until your reflexes become honed to dodge his punches. He really is a very
simplistic fight that tests how much you've memorized his patterns at each
knockdown, and your ability to counterpunch his jab. Overall, this is easier
said than done, but once you learn to, the fight is not really hard at all.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Counterpunch his left jab with a right jab. Remember to be quick.

2. Hit the hand that's holding a soda bottle with a jab from the appropriate

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Never let Soda Pop drink from his bottle. - Not Difficult, Remember to jab
each time he holds his bottle out. Its a free star anyway.

2. Last a full round without losing a heart. - The easiest pattern to read is
his first, so as long as you don't knock him down, just follow the usual dodge
methods for the moves listed below and you'll be fine.

Left Jab x2
Right Uppercut x2
Left Jab x 2
Right Uppercut x2
Left Uppercut
Repeat from beginning.

For the record, dont try to hit him if you don't want to risk getting blocked
and losing a heart. You'll get this even if you lose.

3. TKO Soda Pop with at least 1:11 remaining on the clock in round 1 - This
is easily one of the 3 hardest challenges in the Contender versions of the
fights. Here's what you should do.

Counterpunch the first two jabs.
Dodge and combo the first uppercut. Use your star punch after the last hit.
Dodge and combo the second uppercut.
Counterpunch the next jab, then dodge and combo the second. Use the star punch
on the last hit of the combo and he should be knocked down with around 2:22 to

When he gets back up, dodge the furious rush and combo him. Knock the bottle
out of his hand and dodge the next furious rush (MAY do 4 uppercuts), then
counter his left jab and immediately use your star punch. That should be
knockdown 2 and you must have 1:46 left or you'll fail.

When he gets up again, dodge the uppercuts and combo him. He SHOULD hold
out another soda bottle, so hit it and dodge the next furious rush. If you
counterpunch his next left jab and use your star punch it should TKO him.

you must got a FULL round. Challenge 3 ends before Round 1 ends, thus isn't a
full round.


============================={ 3. Bald Bull [xbb] }===========================

"Achmed." (WHAT?! That's what it sounds like to me! <_< >_>)

Location: Istanbull, Turkey
Age: 34
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 298 lbs.

Record: 34-5 (27 KOs)


Bald Bull used to be rather intimidating on the NES...lets see what he does on
the new Punch-out!


1. Rolling Jabs - Quite simple. Bald Bull will roll his hands around in a
circle for a couple seconds, then turn red and throw a jab in the direction
he was rolling his hands. Not hard to avoid, and can't be blocked.

2. Quick Right Uppercut - Needless to say, Bald Bull quickly crouches down to
your right, turns red, and throws an uppercut. The animation for this is quite
fast so be ready to dodge. (Preferably to the left)

3. Pumping Fist Hook - Bald Bull pumps his right fist twice before throwing a
sharp hook. Tell is fairly obvious and the attack does come out quite fast.
Usually comes with the audio cue "Al ah!" 

4. Bull Charge - His signature attack. Bald Bull moves to the back of the ring,
and gradually superheats his body to OVER 9000 degrees!...no, but his body does
turn red from excess anger and rage. When he blows steam from his nostrils,
he'll rush towards you VERY fast. If this hits you, you'll be knocked down
regardless of your stamina. If you can hit him with a hook right before he
hits you, he'll go down regardless of his stamina.

5. Taunt - Read Stars section.

                                 Fight Strategy

The idea for winning this fight is either stopping the Bull Charge constantly,
or just dodging his attacks and outlasting him until you've either KOed or
TKOed him. There are multiple rather easy ways to earn stars, which will speed
up the process significantly once you get used to his pattern.

He tends to use rolling jabs 3 times in a row at the beginning, and lowers the
consecutive amount by 1 every time he's knocked down.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Hit him during a taunt when he flashes yellow. He only uses the taunt if
you get hit by his hook or uppercut multiple times and don't have any stars.

2. Jab him twice after he misses with his rolling jabs, then jab him a third
time as his face centers itself.

3. Jab him 4 times after he misses his uppercut, then jab him 2 more times as
his face centers itself.

4. Counterpunch his Pumping Fist Hook with a left hook. This has VERY strict
timing and is easily one of the most difficult stars to obtain.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Hit Bald Bull during his Bull Charge...with a star punch! - Believe it or
not, this is actually easier to time than a hook. Just use the punch as soon
as he finishes blowing steam from his nose.

2. TKO or KO Bald Bull in round 1 - Learn to get stars using the method above
and this challenge is very easy.

3. Find 4 different ways to earn stars - See above. Again.


========================={ 4. Super Macho Man [xssm] }========================

"These glasses?! You can't afford THESE glasses!"

Location: Hollywood, CA
Age: 27
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 242 lbs.

Record: 35-1 (28 KOs)


Wanna put this pretty boy down? Then you've come to the right place.


1. Right Uppercut - A quick uppercut signified by SMM stepping to your left,
turning red, and saying "Crunch...Time". Dodge left if you don't like being

2. Left Uppercut - This is a delayed version of the right uppercut. Meaning
dodge right, but don't dodge immediately.

3. Taunt - He'll pose in the center and say "Photo op." Jab him when he turns
yellow. :o

4. Clothesline - He'll raise his left fist, shake it, then quickly spin around
before pausing in the center of the ring. If you get hit by this, you'll lose
around 2/3rds your stamina. You MUST duck this attack. (Only used after 1 KD)

5. Right Jab - Only used after knockdown one. He'll back off a step and say
"Pump it" then jab you. This is not counterable or blockable, but can be
ducked and dodged.

6. Triple Clothesline - Only used after knockdown #2. He does an enormous
pose that takes like 7 seconds "Super...Macho...MAAAAAN!". When his glasses
glow, he's about to throw 3 clotheslines in quick succession. Unlike the
single, this will knock you down instantly if you're hit by just one.

                                 Fight Strategy

SMM is probably the easiest fight in the World Circuit if you catch onto his
pattern quickly. He'll only use uppercuts at the beginning of the fight, so
learn to dodge them and combo upon them effectively. You can earn stars off
every uppercut. See below for details.

On the first knockdown, he'll start using clotheslines and his jab. His
first attack will always be a clothesline, so be prepared to duck. The
followup tends to be a jab, but is sometimes an uppercut depending on when
you knocked him down and the strength of the (star) punch used to knock him

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab his face during his taunt. Bonus if you knock out his gold tooth.

2. Dodge his right uppercut, then combo him with jabs. Hit him with 2 more
jabs as he centers himself (aka. delayed jabs) and you'll earn your star.

3. Dodge his left uppercut, then hit him with a delayed left hook about a
second after you recover from your dodge.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Super Macho Man and evade EVERY Clothesline attack - Not hard to
duck under single clotheslines. The triple does require fairly precise timing.

2. Find 3 Different Ways to earn Stars - See above.

3. Defeat Super Macho Man in Round 1. - The only way you're going to do this
is if you can earn stars at almost every opportunity, but otherwise is not
that hard since there's no counterpunching required.


==========================={ 5. Mr. Sandman [xms] }===========================

"Dreeeeamlaaaand. BOO!"

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 33
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 269 Lbs.

Record: 31-0 (31 KOs)


As you listen to the thunderous sound of his boots when he walks to the ring,
you'll be looking at his moveset that I'm about to put up.


1. Left Overhand - He simply raises his left arm, turns red, and brings it down
on you. There's no real tell for this, so be prepared for it at any time.

2. Right Delayed Overhand - He'll raise his right arm instead, say "Stand
Still", then quickly turn red and drop his arm.

3. Right quick jab -  Little to no tell for this. He simply steps to your left,
then throws a jab at your face. This can be countered with a left hook.

4. Delayed Left hook - He'll sharply step to your right, say "Night night!"
then let rip. Be sure to duck this. Only used after one knockdown.

5. Dreamland Express - Sandman takes a stem back and says "Dreamland" followed
by 3 quick and successive uppercuts. One wont kill you, but all three will.
He'll try to fake you out by saying "Boo!" up to twice before actually doing
the move, but they come at the same rhythm of the uppercuts.

                                 Fight Strategy

First of all, keep in mind that you can't combo him with jabs. You must open
with a jab, then use only hooks.

You'll likely lose a couple times at the start up, so I'll wait for that.

...30 minutes later...

Ok, have you noticed he always throws the EXACT same punch pattern at the
beginning? He'll always use 2 left overhands, then a delayed overhand, then
a left overhand, delayed, then a quick jab. If necessary after, he'll use
one more left overhand, then a delayed, then use the "Boo!" taunt.

His after knockdown has a pattern too, but like SMM where it starts depends
on when and how he was knocked down.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Use a right jab when he uses his left overhand. Remember it comes quick and
there's no real tell.

2. Use a left jab when he flashes red in his right delayed overhand.

3. Hit him with a left hook as he uses his right quick jab. The timing on this
is however, very difficult.

4. Counter punch his delayed left hook as he moves towards you with a right

5. Duck the delayed left hook, then hit him with a delayed hook right before
he recovers into his usual stance.

6. Punch his face immediately when he uses his "Boo!" taunt. Remember that
this taunt doesn't last nearly as long as his other taunts.

7. Dodge his Dreamland Express, then hit him with a hook.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Mr. Sandman and evade EVERY Dreamland Express - Work those left and
right d-pad buttons!

2. Find 7 different ways to earn stars - See above

3. Defeat Mr. Sandman and NEVER dodge, duck, or block. - Easily the single
hardest challenge in contender until you get his pattern down. You MUST
counterpunch almost every punch he throws and minimize his ability to hit you
until you knock him down twice. Its almost IMPOSSIBLE to counter his dreamland
express, so you'll have to take a knockdown every time he uses it. He'll use
a roughly random series of four or five punches after you get back up, followed
by another Dreamland Express. Counterpunch as best you can, and unleash your
star punches IMMEDIATELY. The faster you down him, the better.

1.1: Finally countered a hit of the dreamland express, do you don't HAVE to
take the knockdown, but since you have to counter every uppercut, you either
need very good timing, or you're likely going to get hit at least twice.


So thus, like any good champion, you must defend your title. Against EVERYONE.

Also as you already know their height weight etc...wont be listed anymore.

Instead you get a fancy new header for their movesets and any changed.

-------------------------( VI. Title Defense World B )------------------------

============================{ 1. Glass Joe 2 [ygj] }==========================

"Jviens te chercher!!"


1. Headgear - Yes. That's the item you get should you be absolutely horrible
and lose 100 times in Career mode. Unlike your reduced damage though, he's
completely immune to jabs. A star punch will temporarily knock his headgear
off, allowing you to jab him either 6 or 10 times. When his headgear turns
yellow, if you hook him, you'll get another star to repeat the process.

2. Left/Right Jab - Yes, he uses both. No, you cannot counterpunch them this
time due to the headgear immunity. However, you can block them and dodge them,
which leaves his gut open for punishment. He'll only use right jabs until the
first knockdown. He also sometimes hops left and right before throwing the jab
to attempt to throw your timing off.

3. Hook - Same as the first time. Still just as counterpunchable.

4. Delayed hook - HOWEVER, sometimes he delays his hook. He looks straight down
if he's going to delay it. The delay is roughly 2 seconds. However, when he
looks back up, the timing turns to roughly the hook timing, which means yes,
you can counterpunch it.

5. Taunt 1 - He'll tap his headgear with one of his hands. Hook him on the side
of the hand he's tapping the headgear with for a star.

6. Taunt 2 - At preset times in the fight, he'll step back and do his whole 
"Vive la France" taunt. Hook him as he steps back for the instant knockdown.

                                 Fight Strategy

First, Glass Joe ALWAYS starts with Taunt 1.

Glass Joe does not take much damage from hooks. Therefore, you must learn to
either hit his first taunt, or counterpunch his hook to get a star and start
comboing his head after using your star punch. The only major trouble you
should have is distinguishing between his hook and his delayed hook, but after
you can accomplish that...well...its just Glass Joe.

Enjoy his amusing knockdown animations.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. When he does Taunt 1, hook the exposed side of his gut.

2. Counterpunch his hook with a right hook.

3. Counterpunch his delayed hook with a right hook.

4. After you knock his headgear off, use a hook when his headgear turns yellow.

5. Use a hook when uses either jab.

6. Dodge an attack and combo him. Use a hook as he starts to reposition himself
towards the center.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Glass Joe and land EVERY punch. - This isn't NEARLY as easy as you
would think it sounds. There's a high chance that you'll miss a counterpunch
trying to get a star, or accidently throw a jab while his headgear is back on.

See #3 for the easiest way to accomplish this.

2. Hit 50 Jabs. - As you know, to hit jabs, you need to use a star punch to
knock his headgear off. You get roughly 6 hits per star punch, or 10 hits if
you use a 2 star punch. This count is cumulative throughout all rounds. When
you land a total of 50, Glass Joe will be instantly KOed regardless of his
current stamina.

3. Defeat Glass Joe using only 4 punches. - Get a star from his taunt, then
dodge his jab and counterpunch both of his hooks.  Dodge EVERY attack he does
until he moves into Taunt 2. The moment he finishes saying the word "France",
throw your Star Punch.


==========================={ 2. Von Kaiser 2 [yvk] }==========================



1. Left Jab - This is exactly the same as the first fight.

2. Right Hook - ALSO exactly the same as the first fight.

3. Left Hook - Same as the Right Hook, but delayed.

4. Right Jab - This has an odd audio cue and comes out rather fast. Cannot be

5. Spinning attack - This is used after every knockdown, and randomly after
the second knockdown. He'll move back, and scream something that sounds like
"ATTACKUUUUUU!" Then spin towards you either to your left or right then hit
you with all his power. This WILL knock you down. You have to dodge in the
opposite direction that he's on, and this does leave him open for punishment.

6. Fake Hooks - Done after the first knockdown. These have roughly the same
animation as his normal hooks, but he doesn't actually follow up.

                                 Fight Strategy

First of all, you'll notice that he no longer hides after every combo, and
you can't instanly knock him down if you use a star punch when he's stunned.

Von Kaiser takes a lot of getting use to to learn when he uses his fake hooks,
and how to counterpunch everything he has, but once you do he's probably one
of the easiest fights in Title Defense. In the event you're horrible at
countering, you can still dodge most of his attacks for a combo. You can hit
him up to twice afterwards with delayed jabs.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Counter his left jab with a right jab.

2. Counter his right hook with a left hook.

3. Counter his left hook with a right hook.

4. During his fake left hook, use a right hook when he finishes speaking.

5. During his fake right hook, use a left hook when he finishes speaking.

6. Use a star uppercut when he's in his main fighting stance and not using an
attack. He'll dodge to one side. Immediately hook that side.

7. Dodge an attack and combo him with jabs. After he attempts to recover to
the center, throw a jab. If timed right, he'll dodge it to a side. Immediately
hook that side.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Von Kaiser and never get hit by his spinning attack - Easy if you
pay attention.

2. Never dodge or duck one of Von Kaiser's fake hooks - This is not hard,
especially if you hook his fakes for stars, just be wary if he pulls a real
hook, as it may throw off your timing and make you lose your stars.

3. Find 7 different ways to earn stars - See above.


============================{ 3. Disco Kid 2 [ydk] }==========================



1. Taunt - Yeah, he still does it. Jab him the moment his teeth glow.

2. Left Hook - Same delay as before, except he says "Boxercise" as his audio
tell. You can still counterpunch it but you dont get a star just for that, and
the timing is very hard anyway.

3. Right Jab - Slightly different, in that he steps back enough so you can't
counterpunch it this time. Otherwise same timing. Dodge right to avoid.

4. Jumping Jack Fl...Hook - Depending on round number and times you've knocked
him down, he'll do jumping jacks and count up to 3, then unleash a number of
sharp right hooks. Duck all of them and feel free to unleash some major pain
on him afterwards.

5. Disco Flurry - Disco Kid spins his fists close to a chin, and says an audio
tell. He then flashes red and throws 3 unblockable jabs in quick succession.

6. Left Jab - Only done after the first knockdown. Kinda like the right jab,
he's too far back to counterpunch. Dodge and unleash your jabs upon his face.

                                 Fight Strategy

The key to fighting Disco Kid is to take advantage of his taunting that he does
every time he gets up and at the start of rounds for stars. What you should
learn from this fight is how to hit him on the rebound at the end of jabbing
combos. Dodge his jabs and the left hook and unleash 3-4 jabs on him. When he
rebounds towards the center, use a jab on the side he's on and you'll get a
star. Use 2 star punches instead of 3. He tends to go down slightly faster.

The hardest part is timing the dodge on his Disco Flurry. He seems to have
less of a delay before unleashing the move if his hands are to your right,
but you should try to dodge as he turns red.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab his taunt when his teeth shine. Can also use a delayed jab on his
rebounding side for another star.

2. Dodge his right jab, and unleash a 3 hit jab combo. Jab on the side he's
rebounding when he's close to the center again.

3. Counterpunch his left hook. Timing is VERY VERY strict. Jab him on the
rebound for a star.

4. Duck under his left hook. Use a 3-4 hit jab combo to throw him into a
rebound. Jab him when he's close to center again for a star.

5. Duck under his Jumping Jack Hook, then use a delayed hook after for a star.

6. After completely avoiding his Disco Flurry, use 7 jabs, then hit him with
an 8th jab on the rebound.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Disco Kid and evade EVERY Disco Flurry - Believe it or not, this
isn't as easy as you think, since he sometimes shortens the delay before
he actually performs the move.

2. Last a full round without getting hit - Exactly as it says. Like most
boxers, he follows a set pattern before the first knockdown.

Left Hook -> 2x Right jab -> Left hook -> Jumping Jack hook -> Taunt -> Repeat

Know how to dodge this without losing concentration and you'll get this
challenge easily.

3. Defeat Disco Kid in under 90 seconds - If you are not a master of earning
stars on Disco Kid, you'll never get this. I'll tell you how I got this.

Knockdown 1: Hit his taunt. Earn star using method 4, then use your star punch
This will knock him out of his usual pattern and make him follow up with
another left hook. Use method 4 to earn a star. He then uses a right jab, so
dodge and use method 2. Then unleash your star punch to knock him down.

Knockdown 2: Hit his taunt, then dodge his Disco Flurry. Use method 6 for a
star. He should follow up with a left hook or right jab, so dodge and use
the appropriate method for a star and unleash it for a knockdown.

Check your time. If you don't have at least 1:54 remaining, you will fail.

Knockdown 3: Hit his taunt, then use method 6 on his next Disco Flurry. He'll
follow up with either a 1 or 2 hook Jumping Jack Hook. Duck under it and
either use a delayed hook for a star, or jab combo him and hit him on the
rebound for your third star and unleash it for the final knockdown.

If all else fails, use a 3 star punch when he starts spinning his gloves
for the Disco Flurry after the first knockdown.

=========================={ 4. King Hippo 2 [ykh] }============================


1. Manhole Cover - This makes him utterly immune to belly hits while its on.
Read fight strategy for how to remove it.

2. Jabs - Same as the first fight, except you cannot block or counter them
this time.

3. Overhand Smash - King Hippo lifts up one arm and brings it down. Same as
fight 1, but after the manhole comes off, he sometimes won't have his mouth
open. If you try to jab him, he'll block and counter with a quick jab. If
his mouth is open well....

4. Delayed Jab - King Hippo pulls one arm to his stomach's side, then raises
it, then throws his jab. Again sometime he won't have his mouth open. To
successfully stun him, you have to jab him when his mouth is open, then throw
the alternating jab

5. Twin Smash Combo - Identical to the first, King Hippo will first attempt
to smash your side, so duck that. He'll then an overhead smash, which you
should dodge to either side. He'll start to raise back up and open his mouth
for a brief second, which you should take advantage of.

                                 Fight Strategy

First off you'll be wanting to knock off the manhole to have any hope of
even damaging him. He'll start with an overhand smash, so hit his open
mouth with a jaw. You'll notice the manhole leaning to the opposite
side you jabbed him with. Hit him with hooks from the same side as the hand
you jabbed with 3 times and you'll knock off a piece of tape.

Next you need to hit his mouth during the delayed jab. Remember you need to jab
with the other hand after. The manhole will lean according to the second jab.
Knock off the second piece of tape. He'll then do the smash combo, so duck
and dodge, then hit his open mouth, then the manhole 3 more times to expose
his belly. (and probably crush his toes)

Now you just fight him like the first fight with a few exceptions.

1. You can only stun him by jabbing when his mouth is open. If you attempt
to jab otherwise, he'll block and immediately throw an uncounterable and
unblockable jab.

2. Don't try to block his normal jabs. You can't anymore.

From Zoma 121

10 second knockdown strategy:
1. Get 2 stars off the taunt.
2. Immediately throw a left jab. This causes him to immediately do a Boxercise
3. Dodge the hook and do the fast dodge and counter for a star.
4. Hit him with the 3 star punch for an instant knockdown at about the 10 or 11 
second mark, depending on your timing. I think a 3 star punch when he rebounds
from a countered star is always an instant knockdown.

(The above method is considered cheese and should not be used unless you are
doing challenges in exhibition mode, or absolutely cannot win. Win the fight
the way it was meant to be fought first.)

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. When King Hippo raises his arm for the overhand smash and his mouth does
NOT open, use a hook on the side of the raised arm and you'll earn a star.

2. When King Hippo starts to raise one arm for his delayed jab and his mouth
does not open, wait until he raises it higher, then hook the side the arm is
on for a star.

3. When King Hippo moves forward for his Twin Smash after he turns red, use
a hook and you'll earn a star.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Knock off King Hippo's Manhole Cover in under 30 seconds - Easy if you
expose the cover the first chance you get every time you knock a piece of tape

2. Defeat King Hippo without being knocked down. - If you've got his pattern
down well, you can probably make it without even being hit.

3. Hit King Hippo with a 3 star punch while his pants are down - Check star
methods above then stun him. To be honest its roughly a minute between chances
to make stars to dodge every chance and make your hook counters count. Remember
to use your punch IMMEDIATELY after you jab his open mouth, because if you hit
his stomach after then unleash it, his pants will no longer be down.


If you thought defending against the old Minor Circuit was hard...wait until
you see the old Major Circuit.


-------------------------( VII. Title Defense World A )-----------------------

==========================={ 1. Piston Hondo 2 [yph] }========================

"Ichi, Ni, San, Go, Roku..."


1. Taunt - Yes, he still bows. However, after a knockdown, he will no longer
flash yellow, so don't attempt to hit him.

2. Left Jab - Still double winks, but is no longer counterpunchable. Dodging
and punching will result in only one hit. Blocking is advised as you get 
3 hits. (Exception listed in star punches)

3. Quick Right Uppercut - Self explanitory, He'll duck to your left then
attack fast. Dodge and counter with jabs.

4. Left Uppercut - Same as the quick right, but delayed. The delay isn't very
noticeable however, so you could dodge immediately, then follow up.

5. Delayed Right Uppercut - Same as the quick again, but this has a 2 second
delay before he actually throws his punch.

6. Right Hook - Sometimes he'll step back to your left and flash red before
throwing a hook instead of an uppercut. This should be ducked.

7. Hondo Rush (v2) - This is essentially the same as before, but the more
you knock him down, the more jabs he'll throw (up to 8). Remember to refresh
your block after every jab. (He'll sometimes throw in a winking left jab)

He'll follow up with an uppercut which may or may not be faked to the other
side, so wait until he turns red to dodge it.

8. Fakeout Uppercut - After he's knocked down he'll occasionally switch sides
when moving into an uppercut position. This also enabled him to delay his right
uppercut, so watch for him to either give an audio cue or for him to turn red
before you dodge.

                                 Fight Strategy

The important thing to notice is that you'll have very few star opportunities
the fight, so you have to learn to combo him on the rebound, which adds up to
two punches. When you get a knockdown, devote yourself for one fight to
learning how he uses his fakeout uppercuts, once you learn how to dodge them,
he'll become a lot easier for you.

As for the Hondo Rush, if you know how to hit him with your hook before he
throws punches, please do so. It will at least earn you a star, though with
better timing he'll go down instantly. If your timing is well, bad, you're
better off blocking his entire flurry. Its 3 punches before you knock him down,
with 7 after the first knockdown and 8 after the second.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab him if he glows yellow when he taunts you.

2. Try to use a right jab when his eyebrow twitches for his left jab. He'll
dodge and attack you anyway. Quickly block that and jab him for a star.

3. When he does a delayed uppercut, dodge it. Hit him with a delayed hook
about 2 seconds later for a star.

4. Hit him with a hook after he does his fourth hop before he executes the
Hondo Rush.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Knock down Pison Hondo in under 1:00 - That's 1 minute if you don't
understand an analog clock. If you're able to follow up your combos with
delayed jabs you should be able to knock him down with 10 seconds to spare.

2. Block 44 Jabs - Self explanitory. The game will play the sound file that
sounds like you earned a star when you block the 44th jab.

3. Defeat Piston Hondo without losing a heart - I cannot begin to explain how
much of a pain this is to accomplish without exceptional dodging and timing.

Of course you realize that you cannot do any of the following

3a. Cannot get hit.
3b. Cannot block a punch *cough Hondo Rush cough*.
3c. Cannot get a punch blocked.

This will of course require masterful dodging and knowing when to hit your
delayed jabs for combos. Also you MUST master countering the Hondo Rush with
a hook. (Whether it be for a star or instant knockdown)


==========================={ 2. Bear Hugger 2 [ybh] }=========================

"Catch and Release!"


1. Right Overhand - Brings his arm up and brings it down relatively fast. Same
as the first fight.

2. "Hat Trick!" - This is essentially his taunt. He lifts his hat and shows a
squirrel. He'll flash gold for your free star, just jab him. It'll also stun
him for one hit. He will NEVER use this if you already have a star.

3. Left Hook - Same as fight one. Sharp steps to your right, waits a second,
then throws a powerful hook.

4. Bear Hug - Same as the first fight. If you dont have the timing down,
remember to duck it. This move can and WILL be faked after the first knockdown.

5. Delayed Right Overhand - Rarely seen before knockdown 1. Essentially the
same as the right overhand, but the squirrel will pop out. This delays the move
by about 2 seconds, but counter timing is still roughly the same (around when
he starts swinging down)

6. Delayed Left Hook - Pretty much the same as the left hook, but once again
the squirrel pops out and the move is delayed by roughly 2 seconds.

7. Catch and Release - This move is essentially a delayed Bear Hug. Its also
much more difficult to counter. This move will be faked after the second

                                 Fight Strategy

This fight essentially plays like the first except with occasional punch
delays. You need to recognize the squirrel when it comes out to know when to
dodge later (or counter should you choose to)

The Bear Hug and Catch and Release are easily his most dangerous moves, and
if you don't have the counter timing down, should be ducked at all costs.
After 1 or 2 knockdowns, the Bear Hug and C&R respectively will be faked,
as signified by the squirrel's appearance. Jab the squirrel at the time Bear
Hugger would normally be re-centered on the screen and you'll get a free star.

Overall as long as you know how to dodge and recognize the fake dangerous
moves, you'll be fine.

It should be noted that any 3 star punch used while Bear Hugger is stunned
will result in an instant knockdown. He MUST be stunned, or he will evade your
star punch quite easily.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Counter punch his right overhand (or delayed), with a left jab as he starts
the actual punch motion

2. Counter punch his left hook (or delayed) with a right hook as he starts the
punch motion.

3. Jab him when he uses his "Hat Trick" taunt.

4. Use a left jab when he looks down at you during the Bear Hug attack.

5. Use a left jab right as he begins to attack during the Catch and Release.

6. During either of the above two attack's fake version, punch the squirrel
with a jab when Bear Hugger is centered on the screen. (Its a small window)

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Land a 1, 2, and 3 star punch on Bear Hugger - Not difficult. Its best to
just let him hit you with his first attack. He almost always follows it with
the hat trick taunt, so hit him and use your star punch immediately. Then,
merely counterpunch from that point on and use the various methods above to
get more stars.

2. Defeat Bear Hugger and NEVER duck under a fake Bear Hug - As long as you
can dodge just by the red flash, you'll know which Bear Hugs are fake and which

3. Defeat Bear Hugger and NEVER duck. - Now THIS in the other hand, is much
more difficult, since you'll need to learn how to counterpunch both the Bear
Hug AND the Catch and Release. Until you've able to subconsciously remember
the timing for countering these (Especially the latter), you'll likely be
knocked down at least once or twice, or worse, TKOed.


==========================={ 3. Great Tiger 2 [ygt] }=========================



1. Left Jab - Used when the jewel on his forehead blinks red. This is easily
counterpunched up until the second knockdown, when he tends to disappear. This
takes out the counterpunch motion.

2. Left Uppercut - Used when his jewel blinks blue. He ducks sharply to your
right, then delivers a sharp uppercut. This MUST be dodged right.

3. Right Uppercut - Used when his jewel blinks green. This is a delayed version
of the left uppercut.

4. Blinking Jewel Combo - He flies up in the air and his jewel blinks out a
series of up to 4 colors (Depending on knockdowns). You must dodge according
to these patterns in quick succession to avoid damage. Do note you can punch
him after a dodge, but doing so causes the next motion to come out immediately
(even if it would otherwise be delayed). Think of it like Simon. :o

5. Mirage Dance - Great Tiger creates a Cyclone around the ring and flies into
the back screaming "Salazaaaaaaar!". He then creates clones two at a time that
rush you. One is more solid than the other, and that's the way you should dodge
(Or heaven forbid you have the timing, hit him with a hook). He'll do this 3-5
times depending on how many times he's been knocked down, then come at you
with a tornado spin punch, which you should immediately duck. He'll then
become dizzy and open to attacking.

6. Twin punch - Used when his jewel blinks white (Only after 1st knockdown).
Basically brings both his hands back and then after blinking red, smashes
them down in your face. You MUST duck to avoid.

                                 Fight Strategy

The key to finishing this fight quickly is to earn stars as usual. However,
its very unlikely to pick up the necessary reflexes to do so until after you
finish Title Defense, so you'll likely just want to dodge except for his jab
before the second knockdown.

Great Tiger CAN be knocked down in one attack during his Mirage Dance if you
have a star and can keep it through the dance. After it finishes, just punch
him once and unleash the power!

It should be noted that regardless of how good you are at counterpunching,
after the second knockdown, Great Tiger will momentarily disappear before
attacking. This removes the necessary points during attacks where you can get
a star. However at that point, GT will be doing his Mirage Dance MUCH more

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. When his jewel blinks red, use a right jab immediately when he turns red.
(Should be when his left hand is held out, but before he punches) This is still
possible after knockdown 2, but he disappears for 7/10ths of a second, making
the counter window MUCH shorter, so you're better off dodging or blocking.

2. When his jewel blinks blue, use a right hook as he starts to move into
position for his left uppercut. After knockdown 2, this is impossible.

3. When his jewel blinks green, use a left hook as he starts to move into
position for his right uppercut. After knockdown 2, this is impossible.

4. During his Blinking Jewel Combo, dodge every attack and use a jab after
every attack. You'll get a star once you hit after his last attack.

5. When his jewel blinks white, hit him with a jab just after he turns red.
The timing on this is much more strict.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Discover the one-hit knockdown - See fight strategy section.

2. Defeat Great Tiger and evade EVERY Blinking Jewel Combo - This is actually
quite easy when you try to get stars from it as long as you can remember the
order the attacks come in.

3. Put him down...Defeat Great Tiger in round one! - There's a simple way to
go about doing this...and pretty much the ONLY way.

Counter his first 2 red blinks with right jabs, then get a star from his blue
blink. Dodge out of his green blink, then hit him once and use your star punch
which should not send him straight to the Mirage Dance. Now dodge the blue
blink uppercut but don't hit him yet. Go through the blinking jewel combo and
get a star from it, then counter the next two red blinks with jabs again to
get 3 stars. This should send him into Mirage Dance. You must hook him all 3
times that he tries to attack you. Duck him when the cyclone ends, and when
he gets dizzy, throw one jab, then use your 3 star punch. He will be instantly


==========================={ 4. Don Flamenco 2 [ydf] }========================

*Insert joke about BlackRose here*


1. Left Hook - Pretty much same as before. Always says "Ole" before it.

2. Quick Uppercut - Also the same. Used whenever he says "Toro!"

3. Delayed Uppercut - ALSO the same. He uses this whenever he says "Carmen, Mi

4. Left Backhand - Unlike most of his moves, there's no audio cue for this,
but it has an obvious visual cue of him stepping to your right with his
back facing the left.

5. Right Backhand - Same as the above, except he steps to the left.

6. Left Jab - Like the first fight, Don holds his hands up to your right, claps
twice, then throws a quick jab.

6. Rose Flurry - Instead of all coming from the left this time, he'll clap his
hands facing either left or right up to 5 times. (depends on knockdowns and/or
luck). You must then dodge all of his hooks (You have the option to duck all of
them, or dodge in the directional order that he clapped his hands. Ducking will
get you attacked at the end, but dodging will get you a star opportunity)

7. Super Uppercut - Only used once Don's Toupee is knocked off. Basically his
delayed uppercut, but more powerful and you can't really combo off it. Usually
a very obvious audio cue like "Minna Minna!"

                                 Fight Strategy

Essentially, this is the exact same as his first fight. You still have to throw
a punch every time he taunts to make him attack except for the Rose Flurry.
Speaking of those hooks, you can't just dodge left for them all anymore, as
sometimes he'll launch left hooks as well. Most people just duck this attack
and attempts to dodge the attack that follows, usually one of his uppercuts.

He gains two backhands for this fight. Neither of which are very dangerous, but
they can't be counterpunched and must be dodged a certain way.

Like last fight as well, once you knock him down twice, around half health,
his toupee will come off. This will send him into a pseudo berserker mode
until the next round where you can't get true combos on him. On the bright
side at least you don't have to put up with his annoying taunting.

The infinite combo I mentioned for the first fight is gone. There IS a new
combo, but I recommend you play the fight the way it was meant to be played
the first time, and I'll mention it at the exhibition section.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Use a right hook when he attacks using his left hook. Please note that the
timing for this is MUCH more strict than the first fight, and you're likely
to just knock him out of the way.

2. Use a left hook when he uses his quick uppercut. Like before, the timing is
much more strict.

3. Use a left hook when he uses his delayed uppercut. Once again, strict

4. Dodge every hook in his Rose Flurry. Dodge means left or right, not duck.
You must not get hit by any punch. Afterwards, he'll tire out, meaning free

5. When he does two claps to use his left jab, use a right jab. The timing
is so strict that he's likely going to hit you anyway, so just dodge.

6. Use a left hook when he moves forward for his super uppercut. Once again,
I don't recommend actually doing this.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Don Flamenco, and after you knock his toupee off, NEVER get hit.
Quite honestly, you're incredibly likely to not memorize the pattern and
should just attempt what I write at #3 to get this easily.

2. Defeat Don Flamenco and never get hit by the Rose Flurry. - If you could
dodge it in his first fight, you can do it here. The only difference is that
you need to alternate the sides you dodge occasionally. Just pay attention to
the directions his hands face when he claps.

3. Knock down Don Flamenco in under 40 seconds - Easily the hardest challenge.
This is next to impossible if you go for stars (which itself is next to
impossible), so here's his new infinite. If done perfectly he'll go down in 30
seconds, but if you miss you have some leeway to mix in a second infinite.

Dodge his first attack and combo him with jabs (Such as left jab, right jab,
left jab, right jab) After the fourth jab, he'll get knocked left. Hit him
with a left hook, which will knock him right for a right jab. He'll get
knocked left. DO NOT use a left hook. Instead use a left jab, then follow
with a right hook, and another left jab. Switch back to right jab, left hook,
right jab. Keep alternating between these sets on the second jab of each, and
he'll go down in no time.

When his toupee is knocked off, basically treat the first jab you deal to him
as the first jab of the infinite.


Ready to take on the best of the best one more time? You bet you are!
*Drags you towards your Wii-mote as you attempt to run away crying*


-------------------------( VIII. Title Defense World S )----------------------

============================{ 1. Aran Ryan 2 [yar] }==========================

"Me sister hits harder than you, boy!"


1. Right Overhand - Same as first fight. Refer to it for how to counter.

2. Right Hook - Same as the first fight as well.

3. Left Hook - Same as the first fight as well.

4. Headbutt - He now uses this at regular intervals before the first knockdown,
but otherwise also the same as the first fight.

5. Counter (Headbutt) - Used if you counterpunch either the overhand or the
left hook. He grunts, takes a step back, and headbutts you. Easy to dodge and
follow up with 7 jabs.

6. Counter (Left Elbow) - Has a random chance to be used if you counter the
overhand or left hook.  This has a delay, unlike the headbutt and right elbow,
so time your dodge well.

7. Counter (Right Elbow) - Like the above two moves, used if you counterpunch
either the overhand or the left hook. This comes out the fastest of the three
counters and you likely won't react in time if you expect the other two.

8. Secondary Counter (Uppercut) - After you land your seventh jab in a combo,
he'll move to the opposite side of your last jab and quickly follow up with
an uppercut, which should be promptly dodged.

9. Glove on a Rope - Every once in a while (Usually when he reaches 30%
stamina) he'll pull out a glove with a rope attached and start swinging it
around. Just watch at first, He'll perform 2 to 4 motions in a row, either
a wide circular swing or just a downward string. After the last motion, he'll
flash red and actually attack you. Remember the pattern he used, and duck where
he used a circular swing, and sidestep the downward swing. If you avoid every
attack, he'll grab his head, giving you a free combo and star.

10. Last Ditch Effort - When Aran Ryan runs out of stamina, he'll do his old
knockdown animation, except slower, and pull out his glove on a rope. He'll
lazily do a delayed wide spin and fall down. Duck this!

1.1 addition: If your last stamina draining hit on him was a hook, he'll use
the vertical swing instead, so step left or right instead.

                                 Fight Strategy

This fight is almost EXACTLY like the first fight except for his glove on a
rope, and the fact that counterpunching will lead into a dodgable countermove
of his before you can 7 hit combo him.

Read the Glove on a Rope part of the moveset and you should know all you need
to really beat him.

In the event that you're desperate for a KO, there's some extreme cheese that
if you use a star punch on his last ditch effort as soon as the purple glove
appears, he'll be instantly KOed.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Counterpunch his right hook with a left hook. You should know how to do this
from the first fight.

2. Block his headbutt the second he starts flying toward you, then punch him.
This refers to the headbutt where he steps on the ropes then jumps at you.

3. After a 7 hit combo, immediately dodge the opposite way of your last jab.
He'll throw an uppercut that will miss. Throw another jab at him immediately
as you center yourself.

4. If you dodge all attacks from the Glove on a Rope, after the 7th hit of the
subsequent combo, you'll earn a star.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Defeat Aran Ryan...by TKO - As I'm pretty sure you know what this means, you
must knock him down 3 times in the same round. I strongly suggest you do this
in round 2, since if you knock him down at least twice each round, there's a
chance he won't get up the second time you knock him down in round 3.

2. Earn a star from EVERY one of his rope attacks and still win - As long as
you know how to dodge the attack, you'll be fine.

3. Defeat Aran Ryan in the 7th minute of the match - Damn Irish and their lucky
sevens... Anyway, the you need to KO him when the clock reads between 3:00 and
2:00 of round 3. The only real way to accomplish this is to either knock him
down twice with a 3 star punch in rounds 1 and 2, and do it again in the first
minute of round 3, or get a star and use it when he's in the process of being
knocked down in round 3.

Or if you like extreme cheese, leave him with low stamina at the end of round
2 with 3 stars, then do one combo to end it at the start of round 3. Use your
star punch when he pulls out the rope glove as he falls down.


=========================={ 2. Soda Popinski 2 [ysp] }=========================

I don't know how to say, spell, or pronounce anything related to Russia, so
in chraracter. *glug glug glug*


1. Left Jab - Same as his first fight, but comes out faster, so good luck
countering it.

2. Right Uppercut - Comes out faster than the first fight, and you'll have
minimal reaction time unless you know its coming.

3. Left Uppercut - Same as the right uppercut. It can be dodged using the same

4. Drunken Left Jab - He takes a more sharp step to the side before hitting
you with this jab. Comes out almost as fast as the normal left jab, but cannot
be countered. Cannot be dodged to your right.

5. Drunken Right Jab - See above, but hits to your left. Cannot be dodged to
your left.

6. Furious Rush - Just like the first fight, he'll only use this when you
knock him down, hit him with a star uppercut, or knock a soda bottle out of
his hands when he taunts you with one. Same as the first fight, but can perform
up to 6 uppercuts.

7. Bottle Taunt - Same as first fight.

                                 Fight Strategy

Soda Popinski limits your ability to counter him by 2 punches + how many times
you've dodged him in a row without getting hit. So in essence, the more you
dodge, the easier he is to defeat.

Of course, given how fast his punches come out, this is easier said than done.

For the first round however, he does follow an INCREDIBLY predictable pattern,
which will be outlined in the Exhibition challenges.

One final warning: SKIP THE BETWEEN-ROUND TAUNTS. He WILL drink during them,
and he WILL recover more stamina the longer you stay there.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab the Soda Bottle out of his hand as he tries to drink.

2. Use a right jab as he uses his normal left jab. Its not particularly hard
to hit him during it. However, the correct timing for a star is VERY hard to
hit, and you'll likely end up just not being able to combo correctly.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Land a 15 jab combo - As mentioned in Fight Strategy, Soda Pop follows a
VERY obvious pattern in round 1, so long as you never knock the bottle out of
his hand. Here's the pattern for the first knockdown.

Left Jab x2 -> Right Uppercut x2 -> Left Drunken Jab -> Left Jab -> Drink.
Left Jab x2 -> Right Uppercut x2. If you never get hit, he'll be down by the
first Left Uppercut on that line. (You should be able to do 10 hit combos)

After he gets up, he'll do a Furious Rush, using either 3 or 4 uppercuts.
After you combo him (should be 11 hit), He'll drink. Allow him to, he'll
then follow up with... Left Jab (12 hits) -> Left Uppercut (13 hits), then
a right uppercut (14 hits, should be knockdown 2)

He'll get up again and do a 5 or 6 uppercut Furious Rush. Dodge all the hits
and your combo on him should be 15 hits. From here, the strategy branches off.

2. Break his bottle, Defeat Soda Pop in round 1 - If you go this route, you're
going going to want to do the method for the first challenge. After your 15 hit
combo, he'll hold out a bottle. Hit it, and dodge his next Furious Rush. Your
next combo will TKO him. Star Punch KO animation bonus if you wish.

3. Let Soda Pop drink as much as he wants, and still win - You're either going
to have to really get your timing down for using star method 2, or time your
dodges and ducks incredibly well, because his pattern after the 15 jab combo
if you DON'T hit his bottle is: Left Jab -> Drink -> Left Jab x2. You'll likely
be pressing for time and you likely won't completely drain his stamina before
round 2 (You'll get REALLY close though.) All you have to do to win at this
point is knock him down twice in round 2 or 3. This is easier said than done,
since you STILL can't knock the bottle out of his hands. In the event you can't
accomplish that, you can still win by decision as long as you knock him out at
least 3 times and don't let him knock you down more than twice.


==========================={ 3. Bald Bull 2 [ybb] }===========================

"Garbage garbage garbage!" (Once again, this is what it sounds like he's
saying, and probably ISN'T what he actually says)


1. Delayed Right Hook - As per last fight, is delegraphed by a double fist
pump then a sharp hook.

2. Right Uppercut - Not really telegraphed, he steps slightly to your left,
flashes red, then throws an uppercut. Very fast execution. Dodge left.

3. Rolling Right Jab - This comes out a LOT quicker than the last fight. Since
Bald Bull alternates 3 jabs, if you know this one is coming, dodge immediately.

4. Rolling Left Jab - This comes out around a second slower than his right jab.

5. Delayed Rolling Left Jab - Only done after one knockdown. This comes out 2
seconds slower than the undelayed left jab.

6. Delayed Left Hook - Only used after one knockdown. Bald Bull raises his left
arm. After around 2-3 seconds it will turn red, at which point ducking is
advised to avoid some serious pain.

7. Bull Charge - Used when a certain amount of time remains in each round. Its
roughly the same as his contender fight, except the time he takes to charge is

8. Normal Knockdown Immunity - As the name suggests, Bald Bull cannot be
knocked down by normal punches, even from the bull charge. You must deplete
his stamina with a star punch to score a knockdown.

                                 Fight Strategy

As mentioned above, Bald Bull must be knocked down with a star punch, otherwise
he'll revive himself with 25% stamina.

He does follow a fairly predictable pattern before his first knockdown, and has
predictable patterns if you drain his stamina without using a star punch. I do
advise you to use the exhibition practice dummy against him. He is EASILY one
of the toughest opponents in the game and has a case for being the hardest.

Just to help, because I would like you to find out most patterns on your own
first, here's his first pattern before a knockdown. (I'll list them by the
number i've given them in the moveset)

1 -> 2 (x2) -> 3 -> 4 -> 3 -> 2 -> 4 -> 3 -> 4 -> 2 -> Repeat from beginning.

Bald Bull will ALWAYS bull charge at 1:30 remaining in round 1 unless he's in
the middle of doing another move, in which case he'll bull charge immediately

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Use a left hook as he uses his delayed right hook. The timing is again,
right after his second fist pump, but as before, you're more likely to either
get blocked or miss and get hit anyway.

2. Dodge his right uppercut and execute a 5 jab combo. Hit him with a delayed
jab, then a second delayed jab as his chin is pointing in a diagonal direction.
This is fairly hard to time.

3. Use a left jab or hook as he uses his right uppercut. I heavily advise
AGAINST doing this, the timing for this is so improbable you're likely going
to get hit trying this unless you KNOW he's going to use this move.

4. Dodge either of his rolling jabs, use a jab, then use a delayed jab as
his chin is pointing diagonally.

5. Counter his Bull Charge with a hook.

6. Duck under his delayed left hook, then use a 4 jab combo. Use a delayed
jab, then another delayed jab.

7. Jab him during his taunt which is either 1 or 2 moves after you use a
normal punch to deplete his stamina.

8. Use a right hook as he starts to move toward you during his delayed left

9. As he starts up his super delayed rolling left jab, use a hook around a
second in, but before he raises his hands and turns red.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Execute three 3 star punches during the fight - As long as you can memorize
his stamina recovery pattern, getting 3 stars is a cinch. Trying to get stars
from his OTHER moves however, can be a pain.

2. Don't deal or take ANY damage in round one and still win - Look at the
pattern I have in the fight strategy. When he does the bull rush, dodge it four
times to force him into his next move, which will immediately be the next move
after the move before the charge.  Once round 2 starts, just fight as you
normally would.

3. Defeat Bald Bull within 100 seconds. For those that are time inept, this
means before 1:20 on the fight clock. The only possible way to do this is to
utilize his one hit knockdown, which is use a star punch immediately when he
starts to recover his depleted stamina meter. (I.E. after the camera zooms out
from the close up). All you have to do is hit him with a 3 star punch at that
precise moment. You'll have to stop the bull charge to accomplish this, but it
shouldn't be too hard. You'll need to save up 2 more stars before you counter
it though, so use one of the above various methods.

As an alternative if you're feeling brave, you can use a 3 star punch to
actually counter the bull charge again. I've never done it on his TD, as
despite reports of still having the slow motion effect, he still moves on my
copy at normal speed and thus slaughters me.


========================={ 4. Super Macho Man 2 [ysmm] }=======================

"Release the...BOGUS!"


1. Taunt 1 - He'll say Flex it and glow yellow for a bried second. Jab for your

2. Right Uppercut - Ducks to your left, says "Hang" and uppercuts you "10!".
this comes out rather quick.

3. Left Uppercut - He ducks to your right, grunts, then uppercuts you 1 1/2
seconds later. Delayed enough to be significantly slower than the right upper.

4. Clothesline - As per the first fight, cued when he shakes his left glove,
then spins around. Must duck to avoid.

5. Taunt 2 - After the first knockdown, he'll use this in place of Taunt 1. He
poses and the camera moves in as he says "Work it!" Use a right hook as he
flexes his wrists for a star.

6. Spinning Left Uppercut - He steps to your right, says "Release the beast!"
then moves in towards you and hits you really hard. This is only a tiny bit
slower than his normal right uppercut, so dodge right immediately as you hear
his audio tell.

7. Spinning Right Uppercut - He steps to your left, pauses for a good 1 1/2
seconds, then says "Wipeout!" and moves in towards you and hits you. The dodge
timing on this is roughly the same as his normal left uppercut.

8. Taunt 3 - Super Macho man will pose after his second knockdown in a round
and say "Feel the Burn!" To get a star on this taunt, you have to use a hook
when he raises his arms when he says Feel, but before he lowers them after
saying "The".

9. Right Jab - Otherwise known as "Flex it!", he takes a step back then
immediately steps forward to hit you. Cannot dodge left.

10. Triple Clothesline - No fancy shades. Get ready after SMM finishes saying
his name. He will glow red then throw 3 clotheslines, each one coming out
slightly faster than the last, so you need to duck the first one early to have
any hope of ducking the third. You will be KOed regardless of stamina if you
get hit by ANY of these, but he's open to a large combo if you dodge them all.

                                 Fight Strategy

Super Macho Man always follows a set pattern at the begining of the fight which
will make your first knockdown easy. He always taunts at the start (and every
time he gets back up and the start of every round), then throws a right
uppercut, followed by 2 lefts, then 2 more rights, then a clothesline. This
cycle repeats until he's downed.

He switches taunts at every knockdown and resets to Taunt 1 at the start of
a new round.

It is worth noting that you can combo him with at least 2 delayed jabs after
every move of his, and 3 after his spinning uppercuts and triple clothesline.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. Jab his face during his first taunt when he flashes yellow.

2. Dodge his right uppercut, then use a four jab combo, followed by 2 delayed
jabs. The second will get you a star.

3. Dodge his left uppercut, then used a delayed hook a second after you return
from your dodge.

4. Use a right hook during his second taunt when he turns to look at you.

5. Use a hook during his third taunt when he lifts his arms up, but before he
lowers them again.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. Discover 5 different ways to earn stars - See above.

2. TKO Super Macho Man in round 1 and NEVER earn a star - This is kind of tough
if you haven't memorized his pattern. If you want a full combo on his right
uppercut, instead of the second delayed jab, use a hook instead. When trying
to get this challenge, you'll likely spend 4 or 5 retries learning his patterns
after every knockdown. This will be posted at a later time, because I prefer
you earn it instead of using an easy well known method.

3. Defeat Super Macho Man in under 2 minutes - This is essentially like the
above challenge, except get and abuse star punches. Even if you counter every
attack perfectly, you'll likely only have 1 or 2 spare seconds remaining.


==========================={ 5. Mr. Sandman 2 [yms] }=========================

"Oh...you've gotta be kiddin..."


1. Sonic Uppercuts - Exactly how it sounds. However, it has an obvious
tell of Sandman blinking in the direction he's going to swing at you from.
Dodge to that side and jab him once. You only have time for one. This is done
at the following points in the match - At the start of every round, every time
he gets up from a knockdown, every time you get up from a knockdown. Each time
he uses this move, he performs one more uppercut than the previous usage. He
starts at 2 uppercuts. Up until he uses 5, they always perfectly alternate, but
after that he'll throw two consecutive from one side at either uppercut 3 and 4
or 4 and 5.

2. Left Overhand - Exactly the same as his first fight, but comes out a bit

3. Left Hook - Still has the "Night Night" tell so you know when to duck it.

4. Right Overhand - Still as delayed as ever, he does bring it down faster
though, so dodge a bit sooner than you normally would.

5. Right Jab - Again a relic of his first fight, steps to your left then jabs

6. Dreamland Express - Not difficult to avoid if you fought him in contender
and lost a lot trying to learn how to avoid. He STILL sometimes says "Boo!"
before actually attacking, but attempt to hit him at your own risk, as he might
dodge. Each uppercut does 1/2 your stamina in damage, and he throws three.

7. Counter Hook - He uses this if you attempt to use a star punch as he gets
ready for the Dreamland Express. He says "My Turn!" then rushes towards you
from your right. This cannot be countered and should be ducked.

8. Berserker Rage - ??? (Read Fight Strategy)

                                 Fight Strategy

The single most important thing to keep in mind is to NEVER get hit by either
his winking uppercuts or the Dreamland Express. If you can do that, you should
survive long enough to knock him down a couple times, since you know how to
dodge most of his attacks from his contender version.

Be especially wary if you knock him down twice in one round or once in the
third round. He will enter the Berserker Rage then, which is essentially
endless winking punches. He will throw 3 alternating uppercuts, then back off
to breathe, then throw 3 more alternating uppercuts, pause, throw 2 more
uppercuts (starting from the side of his last uppercut), back off to breathe,
then restart from the beginning of the last step. If you evade EVERY punch he
throws (He should throw 14) he will enter an endless stun, so feel free to
thrash your new punching bag.

Also, remember that after jabbing him, you can only follow up with hooks.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. When he uses one of his winking uppercuts, quickly jab the side of the eye
that winks before he uses the uppercut.

2. Use a right jab as he uses his left overhand. The timing for this is VERY

3. Use a right jab as he uses his left hook. You should throw it after he
says the second "night".

4. Use a left jab as he uses his right overhand. You should throw it as he says
the word "Still".

5. Use a left jab right after he turns red when he uses his right jab.

6. Hit him as he says "Boo!" before the Dreamland Express.

7. Merely for show. If you manage to evade every punch of his berserker rage,
you'll get stars randomly as you combo him afterwards.

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. TKO Mr. Sandman in Round 1 - He does follow a distinct pattern before his
first knockdown as usual, and you're likely going to need it if you're going to
attempt this challenge and number 3.

2 wink punches -> 2 left overhands -> left hook -> right overhand -> right jab.

He then uses the Dreamland Express, assuming you haven't knocked him down by
then, but its likely that you will once you dodge and combo this.

Once he gets up, counter his wink punches (at least two of them), he'll use the
right jab again followed by another dreamland express.

Now, once he gets up from his second knockdown, you can either dodge all of his
berserker rage, or you can counterpunch his first three wink uppercuts for 3
stars, which will instantly floor him if you use the star punch immediately
after getting the third star.

2. Survive a potential KO or TKO punch and still win the fight - You know by
reading the controls that if you press 1 and 2 (or shaking the wiimote and
nunchuk like an idiot) rapidly as you enter your KO animation, you might be
able to survive and revive yourself with 1/4th your stamina? This is how you
accomplish this, and its recommended you do so during his berserker rage.

3. Knock Mr. Sandman down in 33 seconds - Read challenge 1 for his first seven
punches. You're going to need to hit at least five of those for stars. How I
did this was...

Counterpunch his first two wink jabs for 2 stars. Counterpunch his first left
overhand for a third star and unleash it IMMEDIATELY after you get it, or he'll
evade. He'll immediately use his second left overhand, so try to get another
star, but you likely won't. You then need to get stars off his next 3 punches,
the left hook, the right overhand, and the right jab. Unleash the star punch
as soon as you get it from the jab and he should go down at 30 seconds.


-----------------------------( IX. Mac's Last Stand )--------------------------

After defeating Title Defense Sandman, you unlock this mode. You'll fight a
random, unknown Title Defense opponent one at a time until you suffer three
losses, at which point Little Mac will retire, and Career will be forever
locked on your current profile. There ARE some bonuses to this mode.

If you win ten fights (Do NOT have to be consecutive), you will unlock Champion
mode for Exhibition. What this does is essentially give every opponent the
ability to knock you down in one hit (with ONE exception, and no, its not Glass
Joe). It also removes the red flashes from their tells.

Also, sooner or later in Mac's Last Stand, you'll encounter this character!

==========================={ 1. Donkey Kong [snc] }============================



1. Taunts - To be blunt, there are 5 variations.

- Taunt 1 - He'll make a cooing motion, go "oooheeeee eee eee" then wink.

- Taunt 2 - He'll raise his right arm up to his armpit, then move his head
upward and sniff it (EWWWW)

- Taunt 3 - He'll move his head towards you, then make a kissing motion.

- Taunt 4 - He'll step back and do a little dance, moving left, right, left.

- Taunt 5 - He'll lick his glove, move it over the top of his head, then smile.

2. Attacks - The stuff he actually hits you with.

- Left Overhand - Self explanitory. This is like Sandman's, only you can't
counterpunch it.

- Left Hook - He only uses this if you fail to hit him during his second taunt.
Quite obvious, can't be countered, and should be dodged left.

- Double Pound - He usually uses this as a counter if you attempt to hit him
during taunts 3, 4, and 5...and sometimes 1 past the second knockdown. The
first pound usually comes opposite of the jabbed direction unless you tried to
hit early, in which case it'll come out in the same direction of your hit.

- Flying Double Pound - Only used after moving to the back of the ring and
jumping around after 2 or 3 taunts. He'll pound his chest if he uses this
(otherwise he'll just roll forward). He leaps forward and brings both fists
down in the center, so you should sidestep to avoid. Sometimes after the first
knockdown he'll follow up with...

- Double Side Smash - Only seen after the first knockdown, sometimes in counter
combos or after the flying attacks. He'll open both arms wide and crash them
towards the center. This sometimes CAN be ducked but in most cases cannot be
avoided by any means. However, unlike most of his attacks, you CAN counter
this, and are advised to do so.

- Delayed Right Overhand - Self-explanitory. Resembles Sandman's, only without
the audio cue and cannot be countered.

- Wide (Flying) Double Pound - Sometimes done in combos after the second
knockdown and sometimes used in his leaping combos. This is essentially the
same as his double pound, except his fists land left and right of center, so
to avoid, simply stand still.

- Rolling Error - Sometimes when rolling forward, his Tie will fly up and
smack his face. Free star.

                                 Fight Strategy

Donkey Kong makes for an incredibly tough opponent if you don't know how to
deal with him. If you try to hit his taunts, its he'll throw various counter
attacks, as well as throw counter combos after being knocked down once, which
DO have a random order.

If you never attack his taunts, you'll only ever see his two overhands, and
his flying attacks and rolls, but its unlikely you'll win by anything but
decision like that. Overall, there's only three taunts you should consider
attacking. Taunt 1 (Hit right after his wink), Taunt 2 (Hard to get a star for,
but only ever counters it with a left hook), and Taunt 4 (Hit him as he moves
left the second time).

Note that if you dodge a counter you'll get up to 8 hits (depends on how many
moves used in a combo), plus a delayed hit. If you wait for a taunt to end and
dodge that attack, you'll only get one hit.

Essential to doing challenges is his one hit knockdown, which you must land
a star punch as he leaps towards you during one of his flying attacks, or
starts rolling towards you.

                                 Obtaining Stars

1. During taunt 1, use a jab after he winks. Its a short window.

2. During taunt 2, use a right jab right when he turns his head upwards.
3. During taunt 3, use a left jab immediately as he begins the taunt animation
(the entire animation, not the kiss part). This is VERY difficult to time and
late in the fight will likely get you comboed to death.

4. Use a jab right when either when his roll reaches you or when he's about to
actually hit you in his leaping attack.

5. Use a jab when his tie flies into his face during his botched roll.

6. During taunt 4, use a jab when he steps to your left the second time.

7. During taunt 5, use a jab right when he smiles after licking his hair back.
REALLY hard to time, and WILL get you comboed to death if you attempt it and

                              Exhibition Challenges

1. KO or TKO Donkey Kong without ducking - Self explanitory, but hard to TKO
or KO him in the first place. As a note you don't have to duck for ANY of his
attacks except for his double side smash, and that can be countered right
before he hits anyway.

2. KO or TKO Donkey Kong without stunning him - Easy to describe but hard to
actually put into concept. A stun counts as opening him up to any combo
opportunity. This means you cannot attack him after attacking during a taunt
and dodging the attack(s) that follow, so unless you're good at earning stars
off taunts, just wait it out. Also ill advised is countering his flying attack
after a knockdown, as it sometimes stuns him, otherwise just use the one hit
knockdown 3 times in a round.

3. Defeat Donkey Kong in 150 seconds - Ugh, this is a pain. You're going to
have to either get 3 one hit knockdowns in the first round, or drain his second
stamina bar while having a star and use it at the start of round 3 during his
initial leap attack.

However, the second method requires you to minimize the time you can't attack
after you dodge him, as even a near perfect run could cause you to be three
tenths of a second too late.


-------------------------------( X. Legal Stuff )------------------------------

I have various methods of being contacted for direct help or if you don't
understand something written in my guide.

1. AIM - Kirogoeth (I am almost NEVER on AIM these days)

2. MSN - Check my e-mail below.

3. E-mail - I can be reached at windy-kun(at)hotmail(dot)com.

If you use e-mail, use the following tags in your subject for what you need.

[Clarify] - Need me to be more specific about a part of the guide?
[Addition] - Found something I don't have in my guide (I.E. unknown star or
one-hit knockdown cheese)?
[Host] - Use this if you want to request permission for your website to host
my guide. I DO have permission blacklists.

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================================{ Thank You's }================================

NINTENDO - For first creating Punch-out arcade and then porting it to the NES.

Next Level Games - For developing this game, and doing a hell of a job with it.

greenmike and Mingy Jongo - For listing countless ways to find certain stars.

SBAllen - For hosting this FAQ.

Readers of this FAQ - Hey, if I helped you, it makes me happy.

Zoma121 - Various TD Disco Kid methods to win quickly.

Kenneth Jordan - Finding multiple stars for TD Piston Honda.

KefkaMayDie - Finding a star on TD King Hippo.

Kristiine - You have a purpose :o.

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