Aquaducts help?

  1. Im in the aquaducts near the beginning of the game.
    theres a room you have to drag a box across three moving platforms; anyways above where the box starts is a platform in order to reach it you need to drop an item from your inventory onto the box and then jump up onto the platform.
    ontop of the platform is a black and white box with an eye on it
    and below the platform is a glowing image with a similar patern on it, i cant seem to move the block but i assume that putting the box on the pattern will do something. so eithar how can i move the box or is that something that will happen later on?

    User Info: androshalforc

    androshalforc - 11 years ago


  1. The block with the eye has nothing to do with the puzzle. after you get to a part in a game, if you touch it, it moves and you can get treasure. And HINT, HINT you can carry the boxes

    User Info: upokluv

    upokluv - 11 years ago 0   0

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