How do I get past finall trip through ice mountain?

  1. The door to the end of ice mountain won't open for me, during the final trip through. I found 3 "magic" boxes, what am I missing? It shouldn't be that hard. The walkthroughs tell you to just go through it....

    User Info: wii_amatuer

    wii_amatuer - 11 years ago


  1. I assume you are on ice mountain 2. Go up to the top, past the 3 red switches. There will be a frozen lake with two sahagrin inside. Kill them, and then look into the water, there will be two switches underwater. Memorize where these switches are. Then freeze the water. Move the two stone blocks on top of them, then unfreeze the water. The blocks will drop down, hitting the switches, and opening the path to the locked door, which you should have the key for.

    User Info: elacher

    elacher - 10 years ago 0   0

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