Where can I find (overboosts items)?

  1. Anyone know the names and lvs of the overboost items?

    User Info: jormungandr300

    jormungandr300 - 11 years ago


  1. I don't think there are overboost items but you can upgrade armour/weapon to get overboost by adding gems to it that promote overboost. You want to to know how to add gems to items go to the right shop in the town and click customize and you can add gems

    User Info: upokluv

    upokluv - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. If you're talking about light-blue gems, which raise the max level an item can reach, you'll find the first few from boss-fights about midway through the story on normal mode. You'll need a couple of those before you can get the ultimate overboost light blue gem, Ryoko, which is made from an impersonator's mask generated into jewels at level 20 (but you won't get that 'till you finish normal mode's final boss or the library's optional final boss).

    The other overboost that you 'might' be talking about is green gems, which when equipped on an item that you have equipped will allow you to create a stronger character. Stronger character meaning: More HP, ATT, DEF, MATT, MDEF, MP, ext. Green Gems (at least the good ones) don't show up 'till hard mode as scratch card rewards. Check out the Hidden Item FAQ here on Gamefaqs for info on which scratch cards give green gems and where to find them. Remember, you can't get most of the good ones 'till hard mode, and it's still a random chance that the correct card will come out for you to even scratch.

    If this isn't the "Overboosts items" you're talking about, please clarify.

    User Info: VanillaChai

    VanillaChai - 11 years ago 0   0

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