How do I recruit the female character who runs around in the field?

  1. In hard mode there is a female character who appears outside of town in the field. She will only talk to you if you're playing multiplayer mode of the game. She requests to see your friends list. Where do I get the information needed to recruit her; is there a special code for the friendless people that play the game? To the best of my knowledge she is the only character that I have yet to recruit.

    User Info: BlueNote2

    BlueNote2 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You have to have an "extensive friend list" there are various reports as to how many people you need but it's between 5 and 7. once you have that many you must be playing multi-player and talk to her, then she'll join.

    User Info: adam270391

    adam270391 (Expert) - 11 years ago 0   0

Other Answers

  1. You could just get random friend codes off the forums then play multi-player to get her, either way you MUST play multi-player.

    User Info: adam270391

    adam270391 (Expert) - 11 years ago 0   0

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