Clavats or Selkies?

  1. I'm stuck and don't know which one I should choose?

    User Info: Midnaria

    Midnaria - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well it's all about what you think is easier to control.
    I chose clavat because that's what I was in the first CC, and also because i like the average characters. Though clavats are mostly about defense which plays a huge part when you get to the harder difficulties, they also excel in every other stat. One of their last abilities they obtain (don't want to spoil) is by far the best out of the other races in my opinion. Their main weapon, the sword is possibly the best controlled weapon in the game. Hard to explain but basically it's just really smooth to use instead of having a long pause after one or two chained attacks like most of the other weapons. I just enjoyed knowing i didn't expect any flaws while leveling a clavat, and i didn't. I choose this one.

    Selkies on the other hand are all about movement. Though I didn't level a selkie myself i've noticed a lot of downers playing with selkies online. They're not that great in the magic department. Casting anything with them cost quite a bit of mp not to mention certain smash attacks they have with a couple weapons cost quite a bit as well. My biggest disappointment about selkies is that they can only lock two magic rings. I don't wanna experience not being able to make -aja spells by myself >_< Though like I said they're more about physical qualities. They're good with critical hits and can deal massive damage with multiple shooting with bows. They move pretty easily and the BIGGEST thing i see people enjoying about selkies is that they can double jump. I admit I would really like to enjoy the relief of having a double jump considering many times there's many parts in the game where you find yourself going mad at the fact of jumping to your death or risking messing up a huge puzzle and having to do it over because you can't jump that far.. But, honestly, I don't believe the fact that you can double jump and shoot more arrows than usual really overpower the flaws. With enough practice you don't really have a need for either. I'm sure there's more detailed qualities about selkie's, i just haven't seen or experienced them if there are any.

    But like i said, it's all about what you like. These are just some ideas to think about when choosing. If you like playing it safe and leaning more towards magic I'd say choose clavat.
    Though if you like doing loads of damage and being pretty quick in escaping or just moving about then go with selkie. You can always just try both and see which you like more, and if that doesn't work, there's always two more races to choose from :P Good luck.

    User Info: dourid

    dourid - 11 years ago 0   0

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