How do I beat (ninth boss in library second time)?

  1. I'm a litlly how do i beat the ninth boss in the library second time he has insane magic attack and as a litlly i have very low magic defense any help?

    User Info: Jmar192

    Jmar192 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. it took me (a clavant lvl 99) and 3 other people (over wi-fi) 8-10 attempts to kill this thing 3 of us had 999 hp and one seemed to have max atk another had ragnarok (best sword) I think this is harder than the final boss.

    one big thing to remember if you jump onto the small base around the bottom of the boss it will cast meteoraga which will kill you instantly.

    1. the red crystals use "ara" magic (fira, blizara, thunara) but if you kill them they'll just come back
    2. around the bas of the boss there are a lot of rock-like spikes if you destroy all of them then the bosses chest opens that's his weak-spot.
    3. while its chest is open the crystals very rarely return. so.. destroy all the rocks except one then kill the crystals ( as a lilty 1 combo should kill a crystal) the second the last crystal dies destroy the rock.
    4. jump onto the base and attack the chest you should get rid of around a third to a half of its hp
    5. repeat steps 2-4 if it only has a small amount of hp left then just attack its base NEVER jump onto the base unless its chest is open.
    6. you can't solo this without having higher-than-normal stats (by using growth gems) so use a team of 4 (either over wi-fi or just use 4 characters from the guild)
    7. if all else fails get someone with a high-stats character to help (there are plenty offering help on the forums)

    User Info: adam270391

    adam270391 (Expert) - 11 years ago 0   0

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