Mii mask?

  1. I have the ds version and i want to know haw to get the mii mask I know you can only get the mii mask in the wii version but can you trade it over? And how do i get it in the wii version and how do i choose what mii is on the mask? because i was thinking of renting the wii version to get the mii mask of my naruto mii so i could trade it to the ds.

    User Info: pikachu848

    pikachu848 - 11 years ago
  2. The material aren't THAT hard to obtain either.
    -Secret scroll 1x (libray)
    -Big One-eye 2x (Ice Mountain)
    -Executioner's mask 1x (library)
    If you do go to the Custom Fabrication, you will be spending some time at the library.

    User Info: Tri_shadow

    Tri_shadow - 11 years ago

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  1. Yeah, you can trade the mii mask over to the DS Version, I believe you must connect the two version locally, when you do you just remove the mask from the character's inventory on the Wii version and pass it over to your DS character to hold on to it than save, I'm assuming it a helmet if so than the method above should work I'm not too sure since I don't have a mii mask yet plus I don't have the DS Version so I can't try it out for myself.

    User Info: Serbine

    Serbine - 11 years ago 2   0


  1. I am just wondering how to unlock the option to put on mii masks on the wii version of ffcc echoes of time because i want to put on my itachi mii does anyone know how.

    User Info: sz92543

    sz92543 - 11 years ago 1   2
  2. Yes. Very Hard Mode shop for 5,000 gil ;)

    User Info: lennytv

    lennytv - 11 years ago 0   1
  3. Which shop the one on the left or right when you come in to the town.

    User Info: sz92543

    sz92543 - 11 years ago 0   1
  4. Do you have to unlock hard mode.

    User Info: sz92543

    sz92543 - 11 years ago 0   1
  5. Quite obviously, you need to have unlocked hard mode to unlock very hard mode.

    User Info: orinationx2

    orinationx2 - 11 years ago 0   1
  6. @SZ92: You get the Impersonator's Mask(Mii Mask)when you defeat the final boss on Normal that how I got it.

    User Info: Serbine

    Serbine - 11 years ago 0   1
  7. Also you can buy the Impersonator's Mask on Normal at Custom Fabrication for 1,250 gils so that would be more wiser to do then buying it on Very Hard.

    User Info: Serbine

    Serbine - 11 years ago 0   1

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