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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/08/08

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People!! (Wii Version)
Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints & Tips
4. Free Country USA
   4A. The Peoples
   4B. The Places
5. Hint-throughs
   5A. Part 1: Take a Really Cool Word, But Then Spell It All Wrong
   5B. Part 2: She Likes Cloth
   5C. Part 3: Jugga-jigga Wugga
6. Step-by-Step Walkthrough
   6A. Part 1: Take a Really Cool Word, But Then Spell It All Wrong
   6B. Part 2: She Likes Cloth
   6C. Part 3: Jugga-jigga Wugga
7. Collectibles
   7A. Limozeen Mini Glasses
   7B. Rare Band Posters
   7C. Game Manual Pages
   7D. Costume Pieces
   7E. Other List-Completers
8. Extras
   8A. Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey
9. Standard Guide Stuff
   9A. Legal
   9B. E-mail Guidelines
   9C. Credits
   9D. Version Updates
   9E. The Final Word


Hellooooooo, FC USA!  Are you ready to ROCK?!?!  Well, too bad, because I'm 
an electro fan.  Anyway, welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the third episode 
of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.  In addition to a usual 
walkthrough and notes about all the extras, I've also provided hint-throughs, 
giving you just a little push in the right direction, leaving you with some 
small sense of actually accomplishing something in the game.  That said, 
let's begin.

2. FAQ

Q: What is SBCG4AP?

A: An episodic series for the Wii and PC, featuring the characters from the 
 popular cartoon website: homestarrunner.net (it's dot com!)

Q: Do I need to be aware of the cartoons to play this game?

A: It would certainly help, but it's not required.  A basic knowledge of how 
 everybody does their thing should suffice, which I provide you.

Q: How can I get this game thingy?

A: If on the Wii, you need to be online and have access to the Shop Channel.  
 You can purchase this from the Shop Channel for 1000 points.  If you're 
 considerably less cool and have to stoop to getting it for the PC, simply go 
 to telltalegames.com and purchase and download from there.  Ask your parents' 
 permission.  Void where prohibited.

Q: I have a problem that seems to be specific to the PC version.  Can I ask 
 you about it?

A: I'd rather you didn't, since I certainly can't be crapped to pay for 
 this game twice.  I reserve that honor only for the highest in Videlectrix 


Here's all the simple information for simpletons.  First tip: your Wii-mote 
does NOT double as a floatation device.

3A. Controls =

Pointer: Used to manipulate the cursor on-screen.
A Button: Used to activate pointer where it's pointing.  Will be used to 
 walk towards stuff, manipulate stuff, talk to stuff, and mash stuff.
B Button: Used as a cancel button.  Also can be used during any dialogue 
 scene to skip it.  Warning: Skipping Strong Bad's awesome dialogue is 
 considered a crime in multiple states and territories.
- Button: Access the inventory in your pants.  Most people would say 
 "pockets".  I say "pants".
+ Button: Check your game status, which includes your handy map of FC USA 
 (self-drawn), your collected extra items (self-fulfilled), and your overall 
 stats of stuff you've done (self-loathing).
2 Button: During the basic run-around gameplay, you can use this to bring up 
 Photo Mode.  In Photo Mode, you can take snapshots to save to your Wii so 
 you can annoy people by sending them.


Movement: Click a spot anywhere in the field and the big SB will shuffle his 
 tape legs over there.  If you double click, Strong Bad will pick up the 
 pace a little.  Also, holding down the A button will make Strong Bad try to 
 follow your cursor as diligently as a one-legged puppy.

Interaction: Any time your cursor comes upon a "hot spot", you'll see a small 
 text blurb describing it.  Click on it and Strong Bad will walk over and 
 talk about it, to it, or try to do something with it.

Dialogue: Click on any of the famous h*r characters to begin negotiations.  
 Sometimes the conversation will be scripted and that'll be it.  Other times, 
 you'll be given a little dialogue window with topics to talk about.  
 Furthermore, you will sometimes be given a little be-halo'd SB, or a horn-ed 
 SB to select.  These can be used to vaguely compliment or rudely berate who 
 you're talking to, respectively.  Safe to say, it's always awesome to try 

Items: Once you snag and bag an item, it will be in your inventory.  You can 
 access that item by clicking on the inventory button at the upper-left 
 corner of the screen, or by pressing the - button.  Click on whatever item 
 you wish to play with, which will be attached to your cursor.  Then, click 
 on the object or person in the field you want to use it on for maximum 

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a game from the beginning.  Any autosave data you have from a 
 previous game will be erased, so be sure to log that.

Save/Load: You can pick any of the three files to save your current game to, 
 or you can load 'em up one of your previously saved games, including the 
 recent autosave.

Settings: Tweak-a-the-game.  I will describe this, forthwith.

Quit It: Return to the Wii Menu, you quitter.

Preview: Check out a quick preview of the next action-isode.


Settings Menu -

Give Hints: You can set this for "Low", "Medium", or "High".  The higher you 
 set it, the quicker Strong Bad (or another nearby character) will 
 occasionally interject with a hint about what you're supposed to be doing 

Subtitles: With these on, you'll be able to see and read all The Cheat's 
 "mehs", and all of Pom-Pom's "bubbles".

Pop-up Text: This is the text that lets you know of a "hotspot".  You can 
 turn it off for a serious pixel-hunting challenge.

Music/Voice/Sounds: Adjust these sliders to adjust the relative volume of 
 the auditory stuff you will experience in the game.


Main Game Display -

The top of the screen contains all the buttons you'll ever need:

The three in the top left are the Inventory, Map (and status), and Photo 

The button in the top right scrolls up the Main Menu, which won't remove you 
from the action, but let you save, or tweak the settings if you wish.

3C. Hints & Tips =

Play the tutorial for a hold-your-hand look at how your average adventure 
game works.  If you're familiar with the concept, it's not really necessary, 
but there are some elements exclusive to this series you might want to know 
about.  I don't plan on providing a walkthrough for the tutorial, as they 
really do hold your hand, and it really is as uncomfortable as it sounds.

This is a point and click adventure, which automatically means one simple 
thing: point and click on EVERYTHING.  Hunt everywhere for "hotspots" to 
interact with, use every item on everything, talk to everyone about 

Remember, if you feel you're stuck in boring dialogue (rare as it occurs in 
this game), you can always mash B to skip to the next line.

Your map is a nice easy way to warp around town.  Although you can return to 
it by walking out of the current area by any stone-marked pathway, you can 
also use the + button or Map button in the upper-left part of the screen, 
select a spot, and immediately jump there.

And hey, even though it's not required to get through the game, going to 
homestarrunner.com and viewing some of the awesome cartoons they have there 
may give you some ideas, or at least clue you in on the habits of these weird 
animal peoples.


Heretofore is a quick rundown of the encountering encounters you can expect 
while traipsing about the game.

4A. The Peoples =

Strong Bad - "The Cheat, this is the greatest cartoon in the whole world!  
  Have a trophy!"
 Warrior, poet, wrestleman.  Strong Bad truly is the last great guy.  As the 
 most popular character on h*r, Strong Bad rules over his Internet-based 
 subjects with an iron fist, and a butterscotch tongue.  Can often be found 
 checking his e-mail and reasserting his status.

Homestar Runner - "Marzipan, you're so smart!"
 When there's a goal that needs surmounting, you go to Homestar Runner, 
 unless that goal involves intelligence, tact, ingenuity, memory, or 
 basically anything mental-related.  But, if you've got a race that needs 
 running, or a sport that needs playing, he'll be there, throwing his lack of 
 arms at the challenge.

Strong Sad - "Let me away from this boulder."
 Strong Bad's little brother, lifetime member and founder of the Dump Poets' 
 Society.  Always willing to put his best elephant foot forward, except on 
 days when he's feeling downtrodden, depressed, or decrepit, which is pretty 
 much all of them.

Strong Mad - "Did you just say parakeet?"
 This large square of a man is Strong Bad's older brother, who speaks more 
 through his actions than his words.  This is largely because he knows more 
 actions than words.  It is advised one not stand in his path, lest ye become 
 the path itself.

The Cheat - "Wee wee wee wee!  I'm the Cheat!"
 Part cheese, part anvil, all squeaky rodent thing, The Cheat is one fine-
 looking young man.  Living up to his name, including the integral article, 
 he's always looking to get an advantage in life, in any way possible.

Marzipan - "I needs to get me a new man."
 Marzipan is unique among all the characters for one very obvious reason: 
 she enjoys organic food.  This purple-dressed stick lady is fiercely 
 independent, or so she claims, and maintains a very consistent on/off-again 
 relationship with Homestar.

Pom-Pom - "Pan pan pan!"
 Homestar's main man is a Pom from the Isle of Pom.  Big, round, eloquent, 
 stylish, and with tons of lady friends, it's a bit of a mystery how he 
 fits into the h*r amalgam.  Former Strongest Man in the World after 
 abdicating his title.

Bubs - "You jumped over some of my buses!"
 The finest representation of capitalism in Free Country, USA, Bubs runs 
 the local concession stand, which supplies the populace with pretty much 
 everything they need except psychiatric help.  Also has knowledge of several 
 funky-fresh dance moves.

Coach Z - "A-one two.  Go rap song!"
 A well-past-his-prime athelete, old man Coach Z is a coach by day, and an 
 aspiring hip hop artist by night.  To accomplish both ends, he immerses 
 himself in the traditional hip hop lifestyle of sleeping in the locker 
 room, avoiding showers, and generally being a creepy old man.

The King of Town - "I can't believe I ate that whole pile of whatsit!"
 It's unknown whose authority actually pulls more weight, Coach Z's or the 
 KOT's.  Either way, neither pull much.  Maintaining a castle with several 
 loyal subjects, the King lords over not much more than his own appetite, but 
 believe you me that he lords over it enough for everybody.

The Poopsmith - "Oh yeah!"
 Gainfully employed by the KOT, it's easy to see why Poopsmith refuses to 
 speak what with the job he has.  In short: okay guy, crappy job.

Homsar - "Aaaaah!  I'm the make-money magnate!"
 Obviously the only one in town who knows what's going on.

4B. The Places =

The House of Strong -
 The starting point, or at least "central hub" of your adventures.  This is 
 totally where the action is.  A lovely three-level abode, the brothers 
 Strong all live here, and the Cheat spends most of his time here as well, 
 catering to the machinations of the patriarch.

The Field -
 A large field area, this scrolling zone houses several points of interest 
 for the interested pointer:
  Strong Badia - Strong Bad's personal abandoned field-kingdom, which he 
   tends to with a gracious hand.
  Bubs' Concession Stand - Your one-stop shop for goods, services, drinks, 
   snow cones, and other picture postcards.
  The Stick - A true monument to fortitude in the face of adversity, the 
   Stick tends to be a nice meet-up spot.
  Cool Car - This jaunty jalopy has moved about three inches in the last 
   seven years, but is still the hottest ride in town.
  Snap Snak - This space and time warping phenomenom recently popped up in 
   FCUSA, where those who choose to flaunt their fantastic physique get their 
   shot at the big time.
  The Whale - Nine seventeen.  Sever your leg please, sir.  It's the greatest 

Club Technochocolate -
 This pwawty cloughb is home to the freshest moves and the stalest drinks 
 to be found in Free Country USA.  You'll find Pom Pom spending his time, 

Marzipan's House -
 A tribute to all things organic, it's possible her house is made out of 
 recycled animal whatsit, but such rumors are unconfirmed.  What is confirmed 
 is that Marizpan keeps a clean domicile.

Coach Z's Locker Room -
 Abandon nose, all ye who enter.  There is many an unpleasant experience to 
 be had in this den of hygeine.  Coach Z is easily found haunting this area.

Stages -
 Once the eponymous band battle gets underway, each of the four acts will 
 have their own stage area for you to observe their musical prowess, or 
 lack thereof.


The purpose of this section is to give you juuust enough of a push in the 
right direction, so you can at least use a small portion of that crap-heap 
you call a brain.  They're set up in the style of UHS or "Invisihints", in 
the sense that you can get vague hints at first, then scroll down to get 
more specific hints.  You won't get walkthroughs here, so go to that section 
if you need them, cheater.

Also, I won't discuss things that have to do with the Extras in this section.
So, nothing about the Metal Detector, since that's only involved in digging 
up extra stuff.

5A. Part 1: Take a Really Cool Word, But Then Spell It All Wrong =

How do I get the Battle of the Bands underway?

- You need two things.  Bubs tells you what they are.

- You need celebrity judges, and security.


How do I get celebrity judges?

- Like with many things, Bubs has the answer.

- Check out the flyer on the Concession Stand.

- Who's more famous and celebritous than Limozeen?

- Of course, it's not as simple as just getting them on the phone.


How do I win the Limozeen contest?

- By making an awesome album cover.

- Making one out of thin air is not necessary.

- Strong Bad can find inspiration at home.

- He may have already created the best album cover ever already.

- Check Strong Sad's room to find one of Strong Sad's albums that Strong 
 Bad "improved" at a young age.


How do I recreate the album cover?

- There are several elements to the cover that you'll need to reproduce.

- There's a car, fire, a star, a dinosaur, and a blonde girl in a bikini 
 holding a sword.

- The car:

--- This is the base for your album cover.

--- Which is to say, everything is built around it.

--- The Gremlin in the Field should do just fine.

- The fire:

--- Well, looks like you're already set up with some oil leaked around the 
   car itself.

--- Now you need the ignition source.

--- The item for this is lying around your house.

--- Take the Lighter from Strong Bad's computer room.

- The star:

--- This shouldn't be hard if you have eyes.

--- It's in the Field.

--- Take the Starfish from the "Eat at Bubs'" sign.

- The dinosaur:

--- More simple searching is necessary.

--- You may not need a full scale model if you use the magic of forced 

--- Take Poodonkis from behind the left-hand closet door in Strong Mad's 

- The blonde holding a sword:

--- The sword shouldn't be hard to find.

--- Grab Strong Sad's Fake Sword from the bathroom.

--- Now, you just need a hot blonde.

--- No, not that one.

--- Who else has blonde hair?

--- Or... fur?

--- Give the Fake Sword to The Cheat, who's practicing at Marzipan's.

- Now, you just need to take a picture of your awesomeness.

- Take Strong Sad's Instant Camera from his room.


How do I get security for the Battle of the Bands?

- Well, Bubs starts by giving you the jacket.

- Show it around to everyone.

- Looks like the only one who's even mildly interested is Strong Sad.

- But he's only interested if he thinks "Security" is a band.

- What do other bands have that "Security" doesn't?

- The answer is, of course, viral marketing.

- Have you seen the fence in Strong Badia, yet?

- You need to get "Security"'s name on that fence.

- To paint it on there, you'll need a guide for painting it, as well as 
 something to paint with.

- The first part is easy, and is right next to Bubs'.

- What are these things usually painted with?

- Have you found any aerosol spray paint?

- Have you found ANYTHING aerosol?

- Check the fridge in the House of Strong.

- Use the Spray Cheese on the fence to get the word out about "Security".

- Now, give the jacket to Strong Sad and choose the "devil" comment.

5B. Part 2: She Likes Cloth =

How do I find bands for the Battle of the Bands?

- Ask around.

- There are three potential acts that you can find.

- The first should be very obvious, as you've seen them performing already.

- The second and third involve trips to areas you haven't been to, yet.

- The three acts are Cool Tapes (Marzipan, Strong Mad, and the Cheat), 
 Two-O Duo (Coach Z and Bubs), and Pomstar (Pom Pom and Homestar).


How do I get Coach Z out of his Locker Room?

- The Coach won't let you do anything to his stuff until he's left the area.

- This is something you need to do to get two of the bands going, so let's 
 take care of it, now.

- Ask Coach Z his about his prah-blems.

- Ugh.  Creepy to the max, but you have to help him.

- Perhaps some inspiration will help.

- Have you been to Marzipan's yet?

- Check out the desk by her answering machine.

- Nice glossies, but is a picture enough?

- Show it to Marzipan.

- Have her make it out to the Coach.

- Present the autograph to the Coach.  You've now liberated the Locker Room.


How do I get Cool Tapes into the Battle of the Bands?

- Talk to the bandleader about it.

- Seems she's already booked.

- You have to convince her to break the engagement.

- Not that it's easy to get Marzipan to give up on an endangered species.

- Perhaps you could convince her that the species isn't endangered.

- To get this going, you'll need to get Coach Z out of the locker room.  See 
 the previous section for that.

- So, have you seen any other bats at all?

- Strong Sad's room has a Bat Hutch.

- These guys aren't albino bats, though.

- Can you make them look albino?

- Have you searched Coach Z's Locker Room after getitng him out of there?

- Take the Bleach from the middle locker.

- You can't just use the Bleach on the Hutch, though.

- What is Bleach usually used on?

- Take both items to the washer.

- You can now give the Hutch to Marzipan and give her an Entry Form.


How do I get Two-O Duo into the Battle of the Bands?

- Have you got Coach Z out of the Locker Room? (see above)

- Talk to Bubs about his old band days.

- Seems he doesn't think the Coach has it in him anymore, and will give 
 you his album.

- Note what's written on the album.

- You have to get these three aspects going.

- Stealing stuff:

--- Well, there's one obvious object at the Stand.

--- It's well-protected, though.

--- Have you noticed you can interact once you get the alarm tripped?

--- There aren't many things you can do before Bubs shows up, though.

--- Experiment on things once you trip the alarm.

--- Click on the alarm itself once you trip it.

--- Now, to implicate the Coach.

--- Head over to Coach Z's Locker Room and toss the alarm in his office.

- TP-ing:

--- Well, TP should be easy to find.

--- Take some specially monogrammed TP from the Locker Room.

--- Now, just head to the Field and drape it on the Stick.

- Throwing rocks:

--- Well, Coach Z is over there at the moment, so that's one part done.

--- Suggest to him things he can do to win Marzipan's affection.

--- Throwing rocks is a good idea, but those pebbles just won't cut it.

--- Have you found any bigger rocks?

--- Like, right in Marzipan's yard?

--- Take the Zen Rock from her garden, then drop it amongst the aquarium 
   gravel.  Now, suggest Coach Z throw rocks again.

- With all three of those done, Bubs is convinced that the Coach is back in 
 the game.  Give him an Entry Form.


How do I get Pom-Pom and Homestar into the Battle of the Bands?

- Well, Homestar and Pom-Pom seem to be just about ready to get the music 

- But, Homestar needs some help auditioning for his main man.

- Have you noticed all the stuff hanging around the club?

- Take the record and play it.

- You need to help Homestar with the food-related lyrics.

- What you need to do is click on an item in the area to complete his lyric 

- The first lyric rhymes with "sing".

- Click on the buffalo wings.

- The second lyric rhymes with "go".

- No, not "escargot".

- Click on the wine (merlot).

- The third lyric rhymes with "fails".

- Click on the escargot (plate of snails).

- The fourth lyric rhymes with "true".

- But... there's nothing left here that rhymes with that.

- Have you noticed the pot next to Pom-Pom?

- Do you have anything food-related to put in there?

- Use the Aerosol Cheese on the pot to make some fondue.

- And, that's a wrap.  Give Pom-Pom the Entry Form.

5C. Part 3: Jugga-jigga Wugga =

How do I win the Battle of the Bands?

- You have to sabotage the other three bands.

- And you have to get DöI popular.


How do I sabotage Cool Tapes?

- Ask around their stage for ideas.

- Talk to Limozeen about them.

- Seems they don't really think much of Marzipan's opinions.

- Perhaps if Marzipan could become even MORE opiniated.

- You need to get Marzipan to say bad stuff about Limozeen.

- This is done by showing her three items that convince her that Limozeen 
 is no good.

- Make sure you search around the stages for stuff you can pick up.

- First item:

--- Did you find the Billy Club?

--- It's at the Cool Tapes stage.

--- Have you noticed that the Drive-Thru Whale is at the Pomstar stage?

--- And that Limozeen's right next to them?

--- Hand Limozeen the Billy Club at that stage.

--- Now, snap a picture using the Instant Camera.

- Second item:

--- Notice the Bleach is still in your inventory.

--- Do you have anything you can use it on?

--- There's a pond at the Two-O Duo stage.

--- You can't just use the Bleach yourself.

--- Give it to Limozeen at that stage.

--- Now, take another picture.

- Third item:

--- Did you find the Limozeen Coloring Book?

--- Strong Bad has been looking for some paper (any kind) for a while now.

--- Because he hasn't drawn Teen Girl Squad for like two months.

--- Use the Coloring Book on the drawing table and Strong Bad will let his 
   artistic talents flow.

- Okay, now give all three items to Marzipan.

- ...at the Pomstar stage, where she's not busy.

- Now just sit back and watch the train wreck.


How do I sabotage Two-O Duo?

- Ask around the stage for ideas.

- Seems the lynchpin is Coach Z's dancing moves.

- Which seem to be triggered by the records that Bubs plays.

- Play around the with the records and note the order and what Coach Z does 
 with each one.

- The "Left" and "Right" ones move the Coach in that direction.  "Wiggle" 
 makes him wiggle, and "Punches" makes him punch.

- Unfortunately, you can't walk Coach Z off the stage.

- You might need some more records.

- Have you gone back to the House of Strong?

- Take the records from the living room.

- You now have another two records.  One causes Coach Z to turn to the right 
 90 degrees, the other causes him to move left.

- Remember that this band is still alive by the good graces of Bubs.

- You might need to antagonize that.

- You need to arrange the records to Coach Z walks up to Bubs and punches 
 him in the face.

- The correct order is one of the "Left"s, "The Three O'Clock Twist", the 
 other "Left", and "Roll Wit' Da Punches".


How do I sabotage Pomstar?

- Ask around the stage for ideas.

- Since when did Homestar get so good at lyrics?

- Wait a minute.  Did you notice anything weird when you talked to anyone?

- Talk to Pom-Pom.

- Did you notice those headphones on Homestar?

- Seems Pom-Pom has been feeding him lines.

- Also, talking to Strong Sad interferes with the transmission.

- Maybe you can do your own interfering.

- Have you noticed anything else interesting in the stage area?

- Like the Drive-Thru Whale?

- Maybe you can transmit the Whale's non-sensicalness to Homestar.

- Do you have the Hanger from Coach Z's Locker Room?

- Attach it to the Whale.

- It's not enough, though.

- Click on the Hanger to point it in a new direction.

- Experiment until you're pointed at Homestar.


Okay.  All three bands are sabotaged.  What about DöI?

- Well, Strong Bad's goal is to open the curtains to see the awesome emblem.

- So you need get up to the lever.

- You need to remove the fan from blowing you away, as well as the speaker 
 from the top of the stage.

- Is there anything you can do on the stage?

- Grab the German Hat from the hat rack.

- Give it to Homsar.

- Try using Homsar.

- This is controlled by where you point the Wii Remote.

- So, point it at the fuse box for the fan.

- Now, for the speaker.

- You need something to cut the rope holding it up.

- Like that lobster.

- You can't just take it, unfortunately.

- Talk to the KoT and he'll knock the lobster out of the tub.

- Now, take it and use the lobster on the rope.

- Sadly, now you have a bat fog in your way.

- There's got to be some way to remove them.

- What's left on stage?

- Take the tub with butter in it.

- Pour it in the fog machine.


Okay, Cheaty McFailatGames, it seems you need it all spelled out for you, 
so here's the walkthrough, from beginning to the bitter end of this 
particular episode.  I'll also bring up a few points about the Extras, but I 
won't go through them here.  That's later.

6A. Part 1: Take a Really Cool Word, But Then Spell It All Wrong =

House of Strong

You'll begin by playing Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey.  Uh oh.  Looks like 
we need to fix ye olde Fun Machine.  Just so you know, in addition to the 
Fun Machine, you also have a Microphone in your inventory, which you can 
use in certain places to make cardboard boxes appear.  Anyway, go upstairs 
and talk to Strong Mad and Strong Sad and you'll learn about Strong Sad's bats 
and Strong Mad's membership in the band Cool Tapes (which will put Marzipan's 
house on your map).  There are several items to be found here, but some 
can't be grabbed, yet, and others you don't need at the moment, so just 
head on out.

The Field (Bubs' Concession Stand)

As with the first episode, you can make a circuit of the Field to put all 
points of interest on your map.  So, talk to Bubs and you'll start up this 
whole "Battle of the Bands" thing.  First things you need are corporate 
sponsors and security.

For the security, Bubs gives you a Jacket, and take the Stencil next to his 
stand.  Also, head back to the House of Strong, go to the fridge, and take 
the Aerosol Cheese.  Now, go to Marzipan's house and talk to Strong Sad 
about his new vocation as a rock journalist.  Show him the Jacket, and use 
the "devil" comment to convince him it's for a band, but he's never heard of 
them.  To make them "heard of", you need to get the word out.  Head to the 
Field, specifically Strong Badia.  Note all the band names on the fence.  
Use the Stencil and Aerosol Cheese on the fence to tag it, then go back and 
give Strong Sad the Jacket to convince him into "Security".

For the celebrity judges, snag the flyer on Bubs' Stand.  No one's more 
celebrity than Limozeen!  You need to create an awesome album cover to 
win the contest.  First, you need to head to Marzipan's house to see that 
your brothers are now there (if you haven't already).  Now, you can go back to 
Strong Mad's room to find an Old Record that has your inspiration.  You need 
several elements to create this.  Take the Lighter from the computer room, the 
Instant Camera from Strong Sad's room, the Fake Sword from the bathroom, and 
Poodonkis the stuffed dino from Strong Mad's room (behind the left closet 
door).  You also need a hot blonde to pose in a bikini.  Giving the Fake 
Sword to Marzipan is no good, so give it to the Cheat.  Now, head over to the 
Cool Car in the Field.  Light the oil slick on fire, place the Starfish on 
the car, and place Poodonkis near it so he looks real big.  Now, take the 
picture.  Style!  Take the picture to your mailbox and you'll get your 

6B. Part 2: She Likes Cloth =

Now, you need to collect three bands to perform in the Battle Royale of the 
Bands.  You'll also have access to Coach Z's Locker Room and Club 

Coach Z's Locker Room

First thing, head to Coach Z's.  Ugh.  He's hung up over Marzipan, and you 
can't do anything while he's there with his stuff.  Head over to Marzipan's.  
Her glossies have arrived (next to her answering machine), so grab one and 
hand it to her to have her make it out to Coach Z.  Give Coach Z the Signed 
Glossy and he'll head over to her house.

Cool Tapes

Head over to Marzipan's and talk to her.  She won't break her other 
engagement for the albino bat, so you're just going to have to convince her 
that the albino bats aren't endangered.  You need two things for this.  First, 
grab the Bleach from the middle locker in the Locker Room, then grab the 
Bat Hutch in Strong Sad's room.  Now, place both in the washing machine and 
use it to make sort-of albino bats.  Now, take them to Marzipan and she'll 
sign on once you give her an Entry Form.

Two-O Duo

Talk to Bubs about his old group.  He'll mention that Coach Z lost the flava 
of the band.  Well, you just need to get him back in, whether he wants to 
or not.  Go the Locker Room and take a roll of Toliet Paper (and the Hanger, 
while you're here).  Now, use the T.P. on the Stick in the Field.  One down.  
Next, click on the record at the Concession Stand to activate the alarm, 
then swipe the alarm itself.  Deposit the alarm in Coach Z's office in the 
Locker Room for part two.  Finally, head over to Marzipan's.  Take the Zen 
Rock out of her garden and place it with the gravel nearby.  Talk to Coach 
Z about throwing rocks at Marzipan's window.  This will get Bubs sufficiently 
impressed in the old man to get the group back together.  Give him an Entry 


Okay, the objective here is to get Homestar to successfully audition for 
Pom-Pom.  Take the record on the far right table and use it on the turntable.  
You need to help Homestar with the lyrics by clicking on the right food 
item before he finishes the bar.  First, click on the buffalo wings.  Next, 
the wine bottle.  Third, the plate of snails.  Lastly, use the Aerosol 
Cheese on the slow cooker and click the resulting fondue.  Give Pom-Pom an 
Entry Form.

6C. Part 3: Jugga-jigga Wugga =

All right!  Rock and roll time!  Of course, Strong Bad put together his 
own awesome band for the occasion.  Pick any name you want that sounds 
great.  Now, the point is to win the contest, so sabotage the other three 
groups and get DöI to the top of the charts!

Cool Tapes

First, Marzipan's group.  The thing Limozeen seems to not like about the 
band is Marzipan and her opinions.  The challenge is to make her more 
opiniated by not liking Limozeen.  First, go to the DöI stage and grab the 
Coloring Book next to Limozeen.  Go back to the House of Strong and use the 
Book on the drawing table to add Teen Girl Squad fun to it.  Next, go to 
the Two-O Duo Stage.  Use the Bleach on Limozeen and then take a picture of 
them with the Instant Camera.  Lastly, go to the Cool Tapes stage, and take 
Billy Club near Strong Sad.  Go to the Pomstar stage and give the club to 
Limozeen there and take a picture making it look like they're beating up the 
whale.  Give all three of these to Marzipan (at Pomstar's stage) and then 
watch her crash and burn.

Two-O Duo

The trick to the appeal of this group is Coach Z's dancing.  This dancing 
is enabled by Bubs' record selections.  Note the box near his scratch table.  
The order the records are in dictate which songs are played, and what Coach 
Z does on stage.  You can't properly sabotage them with just these, though.  
Head back to the House of Strong and take the records near the Luxa Lounger.  
Go back to the stage and set the records, front to back, in the following 
order: one of the "Left"s, "The Three O'Clock Twist", the other "Left", and 
"Roll Wit' Da Punches".  Oh, the violence.


What's this?  Homestar speaking articulately?  This can't be for real, and 
it isn't.  Talking to Pom-Pom (and Strong Sad) will note that Pom-Pom is 
actually feeding Homestar lines through his radio.  What you need to do is 
give Homestar some new lines.  Take the Hanger (the one you got in Coach Z's 
Locker Room) and stick it in the Drive-Thru Whale.  Now, point the antenna 
until Homestar's the one receiving the signal.  Oh, the weird talking.


All right!  With everyone conveniently sucking all at once, it's time for 
your band to take this contest home!  Mash the button to find out that your 
prop releasing isn't going so well.  Okay.  Snag the German hat near Homsar, 
then use it on him.  Now you have to guide Homsar into the fuse box for the 
fan that's blocking your progress.  Click on Homsar and you can control him 
using the Wii Remote pointer.  Point him into the fuse box to smash it.  
Next, the speaker.  Talk to the King of Town and he'll knock the lobster out 
of the nearby tub.  Grab the Lobster and use it on the rope in the back of 
the stage.  Now, you can climb up the ladder and across to the lever to 
throw it.  Last thing is to take the tub of butter and use it on the smoke 
machine.  Aaaaand you're done!  Rock on!


In this section is a list of all the stuff only nerdcore nerdulars care 
about.  All that extra crap that gets piled on for the sole purpose of 
squeezing that last drop of fun out of the game.

7A. Limozeen Mini Glasses =

1. In the Luxa Lounger in the House of Strong.

2. Use the Microphone while standing outside the House of Strong.

3. Use the metal detector just to the right of Marzipan's Zen Garden.

4. Once you bleach the pond at the Two-O Duo stage, click on any dead fish.

7B. Rare Band Posters =

1. Use the metal detector just to the right of Bubs' Concession Stand.

2. Inside the left-hand locker in the Locker Room.

3. Use the Microphone at Club Technochocolate.

4. Use the metal detector to the right of the DoI banner.

7C. Game Manual Pages =

1. Use the lightswitch in the computer room in the House of Strong.

2. Use the Microphone while at the Cool Tapes stage.

3. Use the metal detector next to the pond at the Two-O-Duo stage.

4. During Extended Play, go to Club Technochocolate and use the "Doin' the 
 Wigglie" record on the turntable.

7D. Costume Pieces =

Sloshy Shirt - In the basement of the House of Strong, use the Microphone 
 next to the washing machine.

Leopard Pants - In the couch in the basement of the House of Strong.

Chain Boots - Use the metal detector just south of the small white 
 fence in the Field.

Headband - Use the Microphone near the brick wall in the Field.


Limozeen Shirt - Get max Awesomeness

Yellow Creature Shirt - Walk off the right edge of the photo booth three 
 times to get underneath, then walk under the doorway to automatically be 
 wearing this shirt (Strong Bad will probably mention something about his 

7E. Other List-Completers =

Strong Bad Abuse

- Click on the microwave in the House of Strong.

- Click on the Lappy's plug.

- Give the Fake Sword to Marzipan at her house.

- Talk to Strong Sad while he's on security for Cool Tapes or Pom-Star.

- Use the Bleach directly on the pond (at Two-O Duo's stage).


Musical Moments

- At Marzipan's house, give Strong Mad an Entry Form.

- At Marzipan's house, give The Cheat an Entry Form.

- At Marzipan's house, give The Cheat an Entry Form a second time.

- While Coach Z is outside Marzipan's, talk to him and suggest "Boom Box".

- During Extended Play, go to Club Technochocolate and use the "Slide Right" 
 record on the turntable.

- During Extended Play, go to Club Technochocolate and use the "Doin' the 
 Wigglie" record on the turntable twice.

- During Extended Play, go to Strong Badia, and talk to Strong Sad.


Expressions of Affection

- At the start of the game, talk to Strong Sad twice about the bats.

- Give Bubs the Fun Machine.

- While Coach Z is in the Locker Room, talk to him about Marzipan twice.

- Give Marzipan a Glossy and ask her to make it out to Strong Bad.

- Give Marzipan a Glossy and ask her to make it out to Coach Z.

- While Coach Z is outside Marzipan's, talk to him and suggest "Poetry".

- At the Two-O Duo stage, talk to Limozeen about Two-O Duo (before 
 sabotaging them).

- At the Pomstar stage, talk to the Drive-Thru Whale twice (before 
 sabotaging them).  This also works if the hanger's inserted and not pointing 
 at anything.

- This one's a little convoluted.  Sabotage PomStar and Two-o Duo.  Next, 
 give both the whale and pond photos to Marzipan.  Now, turn your hint level 
 to "High" (in Options) and wait around the Two-O Duo stage until Strong Bad 
 talks about a Teen Girl Squad hint.

- During Extended Play, go to the Locker Room and talk to Coach Z.


Here's all the really fun stuff that Strong Bad does when he says he's 
doing something constructive.

8A. Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey =

This is only playable on Extended Play, naturally, since the whole point of 
the episode was fixing the Fun Machine.  Anyway, this game is very similar 
to the smash Atari hit: Defender.

The objective is to both shoot down your foes while resucing Babeliens from 
the city below.

Controls (hold Wii Remote horizontally): 

Control Pad Up/Down: Move your spaceship
Control Pad Right: Fire your laser
1 Button: Use smart bomb
2 Button: Use tractor beam

The game is set up as a series of levels.  Each level, you have to rescue a 
specific number of Babeliens to progress.  As you fly, you'll notice the 
Babeliens on the ground.  Press 2 as you fly over them to tractor them up.  
Of course, it's not nearly just that simple, because there are Nebulons 
looking to snag the Babeliens, which will reduce your score if they take them 
off-screen, so shoot them before they can do so.  If you shoot a Babelien 
while in the clutches of Nebulon, you won't get any points, but you won't 
lose any either.

Furthermore, there are other dangers, such as Flying Vees that sit stationary 
in the air.  These cannot be shot down, so you have to fly around them.  
Also, a missile-firing ship can show up to blast you from the right side of 
the screen, so gun him down before you get hit.  If you get trapped, each 
life has two smart bombs which will clear the screen of enemies.

The required score needed to fully show your awesomeness is 45,000.

9A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2008 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the Strong Bad guides, but, trying 
to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites that I 

9B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines:

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with the Strong Bad game.  I don't want 
spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  I also don't really care too much 
to discuss the h*r site itself through e-mail.  Compliment me on the FAQ all 
you want, though.
- Make sure you say "Episode Three" at one point in your e-mail.  I plan to 
have FAQs for each episode, so make sure you tell me which one you're talking 
about, since I can't always figure the question out without specifying 
what game you're asking about.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll be baleeted.

9C. Credits =

The Brothers Chaps for their whimsical and hilarious group of characters.

Telltale Games, for giving a franchise like this the proper game it 
deserves, with all the humor and setting intact.

CJayC, SBAllen, and all webmasters, for having this on their sites.

9D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 11/8/08 - A little late on this one, but I just became an 
 uncle, so I was kinda tied up and busy for a while.  Thanks for waiting!

9E. The Final Word =

Thank you!  Good night!  GameFAQs crowds are the best crowds!  We love ya!

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