Wii Game Save File (North America)

  1. From Lord_Kagato (01/26/2010; 78KB) STKE - All characters Unlocked. Extra Movie Unlocked. Full Character Gallery. All Chun Li Costumes purchased.
  2. From MCDM (01/04/2014; 78KB) STKE - Everything unlocked, no WiFi data.

Wii Game Save File (Japan)

  1. From MetaDeDeDe (01/28/2021; 78KB) [STKJ] 100% complete. All characters and alternate costume colors unlocked along with the entire gallery. Ultimate All-Shooters unlocked. Maxed out Zenny. Everything is complete.

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

  1. From scotty74065 (02/05/2010; 16KB) STKP - All characters unlocked, extra game unlocked. Nothing bought, no WiFi data. Over 40,000,000 Zenys.

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