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Victory Quote FAQ by kobun20

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/16/2010


by #20


Table of Contents:

I. 	Introduction
	A. Version Updates
	B. Preface

II. 	Quotes by Character 
	Q. PTX-40A


III. Copyright & Contact Info


I. 	Introduction


A. Version Updates

v1.0 - 	First official release
v1.1 - 	Added updates log, fixed some unintentional typos, 
	other minor changes


B. Preface 

One of the coolest little details in any fighting game since 
Street Fighter II has been the victory quotes spoken by the 
characters. Initially there were only a few for each contender, 
spoken to any opponent no matter who they were. But as fighting 
games have matured, so too has the characters' ability to trash 
their fallen opponents. By my count, there are 885 separate 
victory quotes in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, 
including 209 random victory quotes and 676 character-specific 
taunts. That is a LOT of dialog for any fighting game, and in 
my estimate, very much worthy of its own reference FAQ. 
So here it is!

I've broken the quotes down like this: Every playable character 
has 8 random quotes that they will say upon defeating any 
opponent, and on top of that, they each have one specific quote 
that they will say only to one certain character. The winner 
will only use this special quote when the proper character is 
the primary opponent (in the first opposing character slot, and 
not the second). It doesn't matter what order the opponents 
are defeated in, only which one is selected first and second. I 
have yet to discover any kind of pattern that dictates whether 
you'll receive a character-specific or random quote, except that 
it seems far more likely to get a character-specific quote 
when your opponent is a giant.

In this guide, I've arranged the random quotes to be first, 
followed by the character specific quotes, in alphabetical order 
by the opponent. So if you want to find out what Saki says to 
Lightan (Gold or Silver, both use the same quotes), you can 
either find Saki's victory quotes section and scroll through the 
listings, or you can do a search for "Saki vs Gold Lightan" to 
get there directly. Or suppose you want to see what everyone 
says to Soki, you can perform a continuous search for 
"vs Kaijin no Soki" to find all the quotes said to him, one at
a time. The final boss has one victory quote that is the same 
to everyone. I've included that towards the end of the FAQ.

In some of the random quotes, the name of your partner or your 
primary opponent will be inserted in the text, personalizing it 
to your team or situation. Also, some symbols that aren't normal 
text are used. For these I've used the following notations:

[p] = the name of the character's partner
[o] = the name of the primary opponent
[h] = a heart symbol
[m] = a music note 

Some of the text includes typos or grammatical errors, but for 
the sake of accuracy I've preserved these exactly as they are. 
Take note that this FAQ was made from the US version of the 
game. It's possible that some of these errors were fixed in 
time for the European or Australian releases, but I don't 
currently have access to those for comparison. As you can 
imagine, it took me a lo-o-ong time to compile all these quotes, 
so I hope someone out there enjoys reading them all! 

Now, let's get on with it!


II. 	Quotes by Character 



You can talk the talk, 
but you can't walk the walk yet, loser!

Are you the real [o]?
I thought you were supposed to be top tier.

What, you weren't ready? 
Were you really that scared of me?

You shouldn't have held back, punk! 
Now you'll just be making excuses for losing!

Switching out with a partner... Hell yeah!
This is just like a real tag team match!

Damn, this is just like in the comic books.
Pat and Tom ain't gonna believe this...

A rematch? It ain't gonna do you any good. 
You'll just get beat down again.

Looks like you'll need to hit the gym again, 
that is, if you can get back to your world!

Alex vs Alex:
And the real deal gets the win! 
Sorry, but an imitator like you 
ain't got nothin' on me!

Alex vs Batsu:
Thought you could win on guts alone? 
You obviously didn't know 
who you were dealing with!

Alex vs Casshan:
I can read all of your moves, kid. 
You thought that helmet was gonna save you, huh? 
Thought wrong!

Alex vs Chun-Li:
Geez, I break through your guard 
and you just run away. 
You're a pain in the neck, lady!

Alex vs Doronjo:
Just stay on the ground, babe. 
I wasn't expecting much from you anyway.

Alex vs Frank West:
Cripes, you're one tough customer. 
Are all cameramen like you?

Alex vs Gold Lightan:
Gonna need to ice my hands 
after punching you so many times.
You made of steel or somethin'?

Alex vs Ippatsuman:
You've got the speed and the power, bro, 
but what you don't got is the discipline!

Alex vs Joe the Condor:
First things first, buddy. Line up your shot, 
then pull the trigger! You listenin' buddy?

Alex vs Jun the Swan:
Never would've imagined 
that some little girl would be so strong! 
The world's a big place, eh?

Alex vs Kaijin no Soki:
All that armor to eat attacks 
you could just dodge. 
You got your priorities mixed up, buddy.

Alex vs Karas:
... Dude, your mask is creeping me out.

Alex vs Ken the Eagle:
Ken the Eagle?
More like Ken the Beagle!

Alex vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Sorry, kid. Going easy on ya wouldn't make 
me much of a man, now would it?

Alex vs Morrigan:
You're one creepy lady, you know.
There ain't gonna be a second date, 
that's for sure!

Alex vs Polimar:
That was the roar of a hurricane? 
Sorry, but I ain't quakin' in my boots here.

Alex vs PTX-40A:
Those big guns of yours are strong, but slow. 
Too bad my fists are lightning fast!

Alex vs Roll: 
...This girl is like a hardware shop 
and an armory all rolled into one!

Alex vs Ryu:
Never thought I'd meet you here, Ryu. 
Guess I should be grateful 
for this opportunity!

Alex vs Saki:
Wait, this chick's defending peace on earth? 
Is this some kind of sick joke?

Alex vs Tekkaman:
You must be an outer space knight. 
Cuz that getup would never catch on 
in the Bronx!

Alex vs Tekkaman Blade: 
Seems you're a hardened fighter like me, 
but you ain't been tossed around like a 
ragdoll before eh?

Alex vs Viewtiful Joe: 
They may call you the hero, 
but they call me the winner. 
What do you think about that?

Alex vs Yatterman-1:
Hey, babies like you shouldn't be playing 
in the streets. Kids these days...

Alex vs Yatterman-2:
That's what happens when you try to 
fight a street fighter with weapons! 
You learn your lesson, kid?

Alex vs Zero:
Jeebus, I ain't never seen a weapon like 
that on the streets of Brooklyn!



There's only one rule to fighting:
the strong will win.

Whoa! Not bad, [o]! 
I really felt that last one!

You'll never be able to hold on to your 
principles if you're weak. If you don't like that, 
then get stronger and do something about it.

Did you see it!? That was our awesome 
team-up technique in action! 
"Not awesome" you say? Get out of my face!

You've got a good right hook there!

Keep on bringing it if you need to take 
your frustration out on something. I don't mind 
pounding on you guys until you get a clue.

I don't know anything about what it takes 
to be a hero, but since when has losing 
helped bring justice to the world?

I'm not worried about any challengers 
when I've got you around! 
Let's do this, [p]!

Batsu vs Alex:
Um... Um... I... don'toh... speaku Engrish! 
Sankyu! Good-bye!

Batsu vs Batsu:
So, ya think you're fightin' the good fight, eh? 
Put your punches where your mouth is 
and actually try to hit me!

Batsu vs Casshan: 
I... I can't take it anymore! 
I absolutely hate dogs! 
Sorry, but I've got to get out of here!

Batsu vs Chun-Li:
I've never seen such powerful kicks before. 
You only landed a few of them 
because I hadn't yet compensated for your speed.

Batsu vs Doronjo:
Bad guys sure like wearing 
skin-tight clothes, don't they? 
Not that I really pay attention.

Batsu vs Frank West:
What, are ya here to take our class pic? 
Ha! I'd like to see you walk through 
the front gate without getting beat down!

Batsu vs Gold Lightan:
I might be outclassed in terms of raw spirit, 
but I betcha don't have as much guts as I do!

Batsu vs Ippatsuman:
Shouldn't a grown man 
like you be embarassed to wear that?

Batsu vs Joe the Condor:
That cape's freakin' cool! Don't it get 
in the way though? Maybe I'll start 
wearing a trench coat...

Batsu vs Jun the Swan:
Leave it to a tactician to get caught up in the 
details. We could've had a better fight if you 
just came right at me from the beginning. 

Batsu vs Kaijin no Soki:
I've faced down opponents' swords before. 
Don't think you can scare me 
with your samurai act.

Batsu vs Karas:
You think you can take me with pathetic attacks 
like that!? You've got to put some heart and 
soul in your fighting if you want to beat me!

Batsu vs Ken the Eagle:
So what exactly does the Science Ninja do? 
Sit around all day and polish their helmets?

Batsu vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I've fought a lot of punks in my time, 
but none of 'em have ever brought 
a drill to a fight!

Batsu vs Morrigan:
I've only got room for guts and justice! 
I ain't got time for reading books 
or going to class!

Batsu vs Polimar:
So you're the protector of some city, huh? 
I guess that's like a local hero kind of thing?

Batsu vs PTX-40A:
Get down out of that machine 
and come and get knocked out like a man!

Batsu vs Roll:
Hey look... Um, I'm sorry. 
Just stop crying, OK?

Batsu vs Ryu:
That's the Shimazu-style karate, isn't it? 
Seems like everyone's using that these days.

Batsu vs Saki:
Whew! I knew if I just focused my body 
and soul, I could dodge your bullets! 
(Which, by the way, are totally unfair!)

Batsu vs Tekkaman:
With skills like that, 
I couldn't even trust you to protect my school, 
let alone Earth.

Batsu vs Tekkaman Blade:
Dang... You were all over the place! 
I guess you needed an outlet for all that stress.

Batsu vs Viewtiful Joe:
Your attacks suck because you put all 
your efforts into your costume. 
What are you, some kinda street performer?

Batsu vs Yatterman-1:
What kind of guy wears coveralls to a fight? 
You should've left them in the closet.

Batsu vs Yatterman-2:
It's good you got friends to help you out. 
My friends ain't too bad at fightin' either!

Batsu vs Zero:
That sword's like something outta a sci-fi flick! 
I have no idea how it works, 
but it's freakin' cool!



I am Neoroider Casshan! 
You have been warned!

These fists can demolish steel and shatter 
mountains. Even if you could block my punches, 
you would still lose!

Let's go, Friender! 
Our real enemy awaits!

Another enemy down!
Every victory brings me closer 
to the destruction of the Andro Army!

I warned you I wouldn't hold back. 
Now, out of our way!

If power is all you crave, 
then you would be better off aligning yourself 
with the Andro Army!

Be honest with me, [p]. 
Do you think I have 
what it takes to achieve my goals?

I have surpassed both life and death 
to create this indestructible body. Someone of 
your power level could never hope to hurt me!

Casshan vs Alex:
You may be able to read my moves, 
but I can still put you down 
before you have chance to react!

Casshan vs Batsu:
You shouldn't even try to ape my attacks. 
Your frail body could never execute them.

Casshan vs Casshan: 
Did you think I woul be deceived 
by such trickery? 
A fake like you could never hope to beat me!

Casshan vs Chun-Li:
You have good form, 
but all your techniques are meaningless 
before my power and armor!

Casshan vs Doronjo:
If I ever see you again, I will make sure 
you can never bother anyone ever again.

Casshan vs Frank West:
This are is too dangerous for ordinary citizens.
Come with me and I'll escort you to a safe zone.

Casshan vs Gold Lightan:
The bigger they are, 
the harder they fall before my fists!
Now get out of my way already!

Casshan vs Ippatsuman:
Your battle suit doesn't completely 
shield you from my attacks.
I know you can feel the shocks in your bones.

Casshan vs Joe the Condor:
You cannot beat a Neoroider like me 
with a trite weapon like that!

Casshan vs Jun the Swan:
If you're done jumping around like a rabbit, 
then move out of my way. 

Casshan vs Kaijin no Soki:
You have the power of a demon? 
I'd like to find out more, but as you are my enemy, 
I only have time to defeat you!

Casshan vs Karas:
You're all machine and no heart. 
Fighting you is like fighting a puppet!

Casshan vs Ken the Eagle:
I will not go as easy on you 
if you ever cross my path again.

Casshan vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Even when I can't get in close, 
Friender has my back! 
We will defeat you even if you try to run!

Casshan vs Morrigan:
You're not human!
What are you!?

Casshan vs Polimar:
Why do you scream like that? 
If you're trying to scare me, you've failed.

Casshan vs PTX-40A:
Your armor is so weak 
it's like smashing grapes with a hammer! 
That's why you lost this fight!

Casshan vs Roll:
Humans and robots... living together in peace? 
I'm not against it, 
but it's unlikely to happen.

Casshan vs Ryu:
I can't afford to lose even one fight.
The future of humanity rests on my shoulders!

Casshan vs Saki:
My technology represents the apex 
of human achievement!
A mere gun is not enough to stop me!

Casshan vs Tekkaman:
You're as powerful as a normal human can be. 
You're no match for a Neoroider like me.

Casshan vs Tekkaman Blade:
You've gained the enemy's power to defeat 
them... I can see in you a kindred spirit. 
I hope you find success in your war.

Casshan vs Viewtiful Joe:
Stop jumping around and wasting energy. 
If you want to fight, 
just attack me straight on!

Casshan vs Yatterman-1:
Do you even know what you're fighting for?
You can't hope to beat me 
if you don't train for it.

Casshan vs Yatterman-2:
I understand you want to be a hero and fight 
for what's right, but maybe you should consider 
the fact that you're holding back your partner.

Casshan vs Zero:
A world where humans and robots live in harmony?
I find that hard to believe...



You think you should have won that fight? 
Sorry, but you just don't have what it takes.

The history of Chinese martial arts shows that 
power and accuracy are borne through training, 
and every kick I land is proof this.

We work well together, [p].
Let's keep up this level of teamwork 
in every fight!

The reason you lost is quite simple:
you're weak!

You already know why you always lose.
The key to winning is 
to learn from your mistakes.

As you just learned, I'm not one to hold back. 
Even in the air 
I can still dance all over your face!

You're under arrest for interfering with official 
Interpol business and destruction of public 
property in front of an Interpol agent!

I remember the days when I was 
the only female fighter around. I'll have to 
train harder if I want to stay on top!

Chun-Li vs Alex:
I don't think putting "Real Street Fighter" 
on your resume is going to land 
you many interviews.

Chun-Li vs Batsu:
Even though you're young, you know justice is 
more than just protecting loved ones. It's about 
charging in, kicking butt, and taking names!

Chun-Li vs Casshan:
You're so consumed by vengeance
that you've lost sight of
what should be important to you.

Chun-Li vs Chun-Li:
After fighting you I can't but wonder...
Are my thighs really that thick?

Chun-Li vs Doronjo:
All of you are concealing illegal firearms, 
aren't you? If you confess now, 
maybe the judge will go easy on you!

Chun-Li vs Frank West:
You're pretty strong!
Are you really a journalist?
Show me your credentials!

Chun-Li vs Gold Lightan:
Your words are honorable, but your size 
doesn't exactly make this a fair fight. 
There's no honor in fighting dirty!

Chun-Li vs Ippatsuman:
Well, I'm done here. Huh? 
Weren't you gonna make a dramatic comeback? 
Guess that didn't happen.

Chun-Li vs Joe the Condor:
I don't care what secret ninja organization you 
belong to. Firing missiles here is dangerous. 
Does your boss know you're doing this?

Chun-Li vs Jun the Swan:
Those are the clothes you wear to work?
You poor thing. 
I thought you just had a weird fashion sense.

Chun-Li vs Kaijin no Soki:
Hey, you!
Don't you know it's dangerous to be walking 
around with two big swords like that!

Chun-Li vs Karas:
You're a suspicious looking character!
What's your name and address? 
Tell me before I arrest you!

Chun-Li vs Ken the Eagle:
The Science Ninja? 
Sorry, never heard of you. Are you guys 
a bird-watching club or something?

Chun-Li vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I've already landed 100 hard kicks in the time 
it takes you to get off just one little shot.

Chun-Li vs Morrigan:
Sorry, but life doesn't always go as we plan.
I'll teach you that lesson again... 
once you wake up!

Chun-Li vs Polimar:
That's the Hurricane Style, right?
I guess it's better for taunting 
than actual fighting.

Chun-Li vs PTX-40A:
Do you expect me to believe 
you have nothing to do with Shadaloo? 
Something doesn't add up here...

Chun-Li vs Roll:
One of the rules of fighting is 
to never underestimate your opponent. 
I should have remembered that...

Chun-Li vs Ryu:
You don't change, no matter how much time has passed. 
I really wish I had your dedication.

Chun-Li vs Saki:
What is the Japan Security Special Forces 
thinking trusting their country's defense 
to a girl like this?

Chun-Li vs Tekkaman: 
All you do is sit there waiting to attack. 
You're just begging me to attack you.

Chun-Li vs Tekkaman Blade:
You work with the Space Knights? I can't 
believe as a law enforcement agent there 
are still organizations I've never heard of...

Chun-Li vs Viewtiful Joe: 
You just don't stop running off 
at the mouth, do you? I think 
a couple of kicks to the face should shut you up.

Chun-Li vs Yatterman-1:
You look like a teenager!
What are you doing here? 
Shouldn't you be in school or something?

Chun-Li vs Yatterman-2:
A girl your age shouldn't be swinging around 
something so dangerous! I'm sorry, but 
I'm going to have to seize that baton!

Chun-Li vs Zero: 
You're got really great hair for a robot... 
What shampoo and conditioner do you use?



Ha-ha-ha! What's the matter? 
You don't like losing? Well, 
that's not my problem. [h]Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Marvelous, simply marvelous, [p]!
You have impressed me. 
That was pure genius. [h]

Victory is yours again, Doronjo!
It's just one win after another for us!

Awww, is it over already? 
That's no fun now! Come on! 
Let's go one more time!

With Tonzura's brawn, Boyacky's brains, 
[p]'s attacks, and my beauty, 
this all-new Dorombo Gang is unbeatable!

Yah-ha-ha! Hey [p]!
With you on our side we ain't never gonna lose!

Hee-hee! And the Dorombo Gang 
comes out on top again! 
That was some good fighting, [p]!

You thought you could beat us? 
How pathetic! 
I've never met someone as delusional as you!

Doronjo vs Alex:
Oooh! You are definitely my type of man! Of course, 
you could use a haircut. And a suit. If you bring me 
some flowers then I might just date you.

Doronjo vs Batsu:
Why are kids these days 
only interested in fighting for justice? 
It's enough to make me gag!

Doronjo vs Casshan:
I think that was completely fair. 
Why? Don't you? A win's a win! 
Now why don't you shut up and go home!

Doronjo vs Chun-Li:
As proven once again, 
the police are no match for the Dorombo Gang!

Doronjo vs Doronjo:
If you're going to dress up like me, 
then you'll have to pay me a licensing fee. 
You can't just imitate a celebrity for free!

Doronjo vs Frank West:
Make sure you capture my good side
-and they're all good! Maybe you 
could release a photo collection staring moi!

Doronjo vs Gold Lightan:
(Tsk! You two! Turn this lump 
of gold into as many gold bars 
as you can before he wakes up!)

Doronjo vs Ippatsuman:
Oooh... [h]The more I see of you, 
the more I like you. What a cruel fate 
to be forced to fight such a handsome man!

Doronjo vs Joe the Condor:
Don't look at me like that! 
You can make all the funny faces you want, 
but it won't change the fact that you lost!

Doronjo vs Jun the Swan:
Hah! Did you think a little duckling 
like you could actually beat the great 
and beautiful Doronjo!?

Doronjo vs Kaijin no Soki:
I don't care if you're the Blue Oni or the 
Black-and-Blue Oni or whatever! If will not 
stand for lip from anyone! Do you understand!?

Doronjo vs Karas:
Oh, how unsightly! [h] If you're truly 
this city's guardian, then maybe you should 
try guarding it. Just a thought, dear.

Doronjo vs Ken the Eagle:
Pathetic, just pathetic! 
Only one true beauty can achieve victory, 
and I am the very definition of true beauty!

Doronjo vs MegaMan Volnutt:
[h] Oh, my! What a handsome boy! [h]
I hope some day you can fight at my side.

Doronjo vs Morrigan:
H-H-H-H-Hey! There could be children 
watching this! You don't have a shred 
of decency, do you? Show some self-control!

Doronjo vs Polimar:
Turning into a drill is hardly a fair fight! 
I don't have time to waste 
on cheaters like you!

Doronjo vs PTX-40A:
Hmm... It's not moving. You two! 
Get rid of the pilot so we can add 
that robot to our collection!

Doronjo vs Roll:
Cleaning up is for the weak, 
not for the beautiful. Be a lamb and grab 
your mop. This place needs a good cleaning. [h]

Doronjo vs Ryu:
I cannot honestly believe someone 
as strong as you is so poor! 
C'est la vie, as they say!

Doronjo vs Saki:
How could someone as young as you even think 
you know how to protect the earth? I tell you, 
these young people and their "justice."

Doronjo vs Tekkaman:
You can claim to be a hero all you want. 
The only thing I hear from you is crying.

Doronjo vs Tekkaman Blade:
I just can't stand these dark, brooding men!
I hate them!

Doronjo vs Viewtiful Joe:
Aren't you a strange, twisted little man! 
I think I'll sell you to a carnival.

Doronjo vs Yatterman-1:
I'm so sorry, Yatterman, but this time 
I was really, really, really, really serious. 
Unlike you, I'm not here to play games!

Doronjo vs Yatterman-2:
So I put you down, and Yatterman before you. 
That means my gang's now the star of the show!

Doronjo vs Zero:
You just get on my nerves, you know that?
Just get away from me. You disgust me.



They say it takes all kinds. Well I 
guess it takes all kinds of heroes too.

What the hell is going on here?

Hey [p], when we get 
through this fight, I'll buy you a drink.

Sorry buddy, but I've gotta run.
I'll catch you later!

There's gotta be a scoop around here, 
and I'm gonna find it!

I'm freelance pal, that means I've gotta 
be ready for anything. Beams 
and missiles ain't gonna scare me.

First zombies and now these so-called heroes.
I'll show 'em what a hero is!

I think I've got the beginning 
of a great story here. It's all 
thanks to you, [p].

Frank West vs Alex:
Ouch, man... Yeah, you're a real fighter 
alright. Well, thanks for the lesson and 
pictures-I'm out of here!

Frank West vs Batsu:
Taiyo High School, huh? Didn't they have 
a lot of problems with fighting awhile ago?
How are things now?

Frank West vs Casshan:
You changed your whole body 
into a machine for revenge? 
That's prety hardcore kid.

Frank West vs Chun-Li:
So, are you supposed to be some kind of 
cop? Lady, I'd like to know what the heck 
is going on around here!

Frank West vs Doronjo:
You know, big robots and explosions are 
all well and good, but don't you think 
you're taking it a bit far?

Frank West vs Frank West:
Whoa, two of me!? That's a trip. 
I wonder if I could get a picture of 
me standing with myself...

Frank West vs Gold Lightan:
I think meeting you is the 
biggest scoop I've ever gotten!

Frank West vs Ippatsuman:
So you can fly with that thing huh? 
I guess you can take aerial photos 
all by yourself.

Frank West vs Joe the Condor:
Buddy, I don't know anything about 
protecting the world, but can't you
protect it without fighting me?

Frank West vs Jun the Swan:
Jun, give me the camera back! 
I told you I deleted the 
pictures of your underwear!

Frank West vs Kaijin no Soki:
Say, this is better then the katanas I'm 
used to. More durable, bigger swing... 
perfect for zombies.

Frank West vs Karas:
Let me get this straight, you're a 
security guard... So is that sword 
provided by your company?

Frank West vs Ken the Eagle:
So, you're a... ninja... scientist?
Huh. Sounds like something you'd read 
about in a cheap comic book.

Frank West vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I can't believe that there are kids out 
there using Gatling guns and drills like 
professionals. That's crazy!

Frank West vs Morrigan:
Believe me I'd love to spend some more 
time with you, but I've got work to do. 
Can I take a rain check?

Frank West vs Polimar:
Ow! Jeez... 
I never thought I'd end up getting smacked 
around by a hero...

Frank West vs PTX-40A:
Alright, we won. Now open that hatch 
and let me look for clues in the cockpit 
like you promised!

Frank West vs Roll:
Ah, the simple mop. Not a bad weapon. 
It will take out your basic zombie. 
Good durability. You could do worse.

Frank West vs Ryu:
I think I'll call this picture 
"Mysterious karate guy manipulating 
energy waves." What do you think?

Frank West vs Saki:
Fall back!? No way! If I don't follow 
the story, somebody's gonna scoop me!

Frank West vs Tekkaman:
So that's the "world's strongest lance," huh? 
Big deal, I'm freelance pal! Ha ha ha! 
... Get it?

Frank West vs Tekkaman Blade:
I don't know what happened to you, 
but you look like you've been through 
a lot pal. Good luck with your fight.

Frank West vs Viewtiful Joe:
You can slow down and speed up time!? 
Damn, if I could do that, I bet I could 
take even better pictures.

Frank West vs Yatterman-1:
I guess even kids can become heroes in Japan. 
That must be one crazy country.

Frank West vs Yatterman-2:
Now this is a nice baton! Good 
durability, easy to carry, high 
damage. Where'd you buy this?

Frank West vs Zero:
You're one fast robot! I could 
barely keep you in frame, even 
with my high-speed lens.



I've never faced an opponent 
as diminutive as you. 
That fight was actually quite draining.

Give up. 
There's no point in trying to fight me.

True friendship is born from the ashes of battle. 
There is no treasure greater than this!

I will protect this planet, 
and fight anyone who tries to hurt it!

My body is near impervious. 
Your attacks didn't even leave a scratch.

Above all else you must strive to protect those 
you care about. If you have the will, 
you can overcome an opponent of any size!

Please, you must calm down. 
I have something imortant to tell you.

You are a true warrior! 
I'm proud to say 
I was able to meet you in battle!

Gold Lightan vs Alex:
You threw me! You really threw me! 
Are you really human!?

Gold Lightan vs Batsu:
Your passion rivals the intensity 
of any star in the universe. 
I was almost hesitant to fight you...

Gold Lightan vs Casshan:
Exercise is the best way 
to shake off anger and sadness. 
I bet you feel much better now, right?

Gold Lightan vs Chun-Li:
Please don't tell your superiors about me. 
It would create an unnecessary panic 
if the world at large knew about me.

Gold Lightan vs Doronjo:
You forced me to stomp on you hard. 
Take that as a lesson 
and change your evil ways.

Gold Lightan vs Frank West:
How far do I have to back up before 
you can fit my whole body in the picture?

Gold Lightan vs Gold Lightan:
Are you one of us? 
What are you doing on this planet?

Gold Lightan vs Ippatsuman:
A-Are you OK? 
I thought I heard something snap!

Gold Lightan vs Joe the Condor:
You're a strange one... 
Why do you find it so difficult 
to get along with your friends?

Gold Lightan vs Jun the Swan:
Don't cry about it. You're pretty strong. 
Sometimes victory is just a matter of luck.

Gold Lightan vs Kaijin no Soki:
Do you mind if I borrow your sword? 
I got this itch on my back and I can't reach it!

Gold Lightan vs Karas:
You can put away your sword. 
I mean no harm to your city.

Gold Lightan vs Ken the Eagle:
I haven't exercised like that in a long time. 
I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

Gold Lightan vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I take it I'm not the first large-sized 
opponent you've fought. 
That was a pretty rough fight for me.

Gold Lightan vs Morrigan:
If you're looking for a distraction, 
I'll be happy to fight you anytime you want. 
I only ask that you stop hurting humans in return.

Gold Lightan vs Polimar:
What style of martial arts do I use? 
I don't follow a specific style. 
I just make it up as I fight.

Gold Lightan vs PTX-40A:
I knew I would lose if I let you get too far away.
That's why I had to end the fight 
as quickly as I could.

Gold Lightan vs Roll: 
You pack quite a punch for someone so small. 
I can't let my guard down with you.

Gold Lightan vs Ryu:
A human who can shoot beams from his hands 
and make whirlwinds with his feet! I'm quite 
shocked a human could become this strong.

Gold Lightan vs Saki:
Aren't you...? I see... 
You don't want to blow your cover. 
Good luck with your mission.

Gold Lightan vs Tekkaman:
If we had fought in space, 
you may have been the victor in our battle.

Gold Lightan vs Tekkaman Blade: 
I know life is tough, but if you don't cheer up, 
you'll chase away everyone who's close to you.

Gold Lightan vs Viewtiful Joe: 
Sorry, I fought you in my full size. 
Next time I'll shrink down to your size. 
Will that make things fair?

Gold Lightan vs Yatterman-1:
So you made this robot!? That's amazing! 
I should introduce you to my friend, Hiro. 
I'm sure you two would hit it off.

Gold Lightan vs Yatterman-2:
How can I prove to you there's no one 
controlling me!? I'm not working for those 
crooks! Do you understand what I'm saying?

Gold Lightan vs Zero:
I see you are a true warrior with an iron 
will and who is full of pride. I hope the next time 
we meet it's as friends and not enemies.



That was a terrific fight! 
I'm so glad you came!

Amazing teamwork there, [p]! 
I hope I can count on your help in future fights!

You ask why I fight? 
I fight to see evil vanquished and good rewarded! 
That is the proper order of things!

Evildoers beware! 
Ippatsuman and [p] will not rest 
till the world is safe from your kind!

If you expect to achieve victory, you must 
train tirelessly, analyze your opponent calmly, 
and always maintain a will to win!

I don't have time for this.
I know there are still important battles 
waiting for me!

Wait! I hear someone calling for Ippatsuman!
Whenever someone needs help, 
I will be there to save the day!

No matter how hard the fight is, 
I know victory is mine because I remain focused!

Ippatsuman vs Alex:
Not only are you level headed, but you have 
a heroic presence. I'm sure both of those things 
will make you a better fighter in the future!

Ippatsuman vs Batsu:
It's always refreshing to meet someone who has 
such a strong sense of justice. I'm glad 
to see the younger generation doing its part!

Ippatsuman vs Casshan:
If you don't let go of your anger, 
you're going to end up hurting 
the ones you love.

Ippatsuman vs Chun-Li:
I've heard of these famed "lightning kicks," 
but to see them in action has been amazing. 
I'll record them in my kung fu data base.

Ippatsuman vs Doronjo:
Oh, excuse me. 
The three of you remind me 
a lot of some people I know.

Ippatsuman vs Frank West:
You're really a cameraman!?
I thought you were some pro wrestler 
and that was just your gimmick.

Ippatsuman vs Gold Lightan:
It doesn't matter how big you are 
or how much power you have. 
Ippatsuman will still take you down!

Ippatsuman vs Ippatsuman:
That was a great workout! 
Don't take this the wrong way, but you put up 
a good fight for an old psychic robot.

Ippatsuman vs Joe the Condor:
Fighting is al about timing. If you use 
all your energy up in the first attack, 
you'll have nothing left to fight with.

Ippatsuman vs Jun the Swan:
I enjoyed fighting you. You've shown me 
how a calm, gentle style can overcome 
brute strength. Thank you!

Ippatsuman vs Kaijin no Soki:
You truly deserve the title of demon warrior, 
with the way you just charge into battle.

Ippatsuman vs Karas:
You are definitely strong! However, you had 
to give up some of your humanity to obtain 
that power, and that is what makes you weak.

Ippatsuman vs Ken the Eagle:
It's good to see young people such as yourself 
working to protect the world. Unfortunately 
for you, I can't afford to lose to anyone!

Ippatsuman vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Being hot headed doesn't suit you.

Ippatsuman vs Morrigan:
You're going to catch a cold running 
around so... so scantily clad. 
Don't you have a jacket or something?

Ippatsuman vs Polimar:
You're too impulsive to be a good fighter. 
Plan your attacks before charging in.

Ippatsuman vs PTX-40A:
I don't really understand what thermal energy 
is or how it powers your suit, 
but I'd really like to know more about it.

Ippatsuman vs Roll: 
You have a kind heart. 
I hope that you never meet anyone 
that would rob you of it!

Ippatsuman vs Ryu:
Spectacular fight! Just brilliant! 
I hope we can meet again once 
you become a real fighter!

Ippatsuman vs Saki:
Yes, a hero never gives up 
and is constantly focused on protecting others. 
You definitely have what it takes!

Ippatsuman vs Tekkaman:
From what I can see, your body can't handle 
the pressures of battle anymore. 
It's time to hang up that suit of armor.

Ippatsuman vs Tekkaman Blade: 
I don't know what's got you so distracted, 
but if you keep turning your back to me, 
you'll never win.

Ippatsuman vs Viewtiful Joe: 
You understan that a hero has to turn 
the tables on the bad guy in the end! 
I think you and I could become good friends.

Ippatsuman vs Yatterman-1:
I see that you know what it means to fight 
for what's right. As long as you stay 
on that path, you'll become even more powerful.

Ippatsuman vs Yatterman-2:
You're not a powerhouse, that's for sure. 
But your heart is in the right place, 
and that's a good start.

Ippatsuman vs Zero:
I can't understand how you manage to stay 
calm with all those crazy attacks. 
I honestly don't know if I could beat you again.



I am Science Ninja operative Joe the Condor. 
You would do well to remember the name 
of the man who beat you senseless.

Are you going to surrender quietly, 
or am I gonna have to punch you again?

Heh... I've got nothing nice to say 
to weaklings. Get out of my face 
before you get hurt.

I have no sympathy for losers. 
Instead of hating me, you should 
hate your own shortcomings.

The tragedy of all losers is that they 
think they were on the verge of victory.

You can't hold back in the middle of a fight. 
That's one of the rules of battle you need 
to remember, [p].

Heh... Target terminated. 
Proceeding to the next 
mission's coordinates.

My Bird Missile will hunt evil down and 
eradicate it here and everywhere!

Joe the Condor vs Alex:
Argh! My head's still spinning... I can't 
believe someone was able to grab me in the 
middle of a fight. I'm getting careless!

Joe the Condor vs Batsu:
I risk my life in battle every day. 
Your punches feel like you've never 
even hit someone before.

Joe the Condor vs Casshan:
Your body is near invulnerable, 
but your joints are weak. 
I won by aiming for them.

Joe the Condor vs Chun-Li:
What does Interpol want with me? 
I'll decide how much I'll hurt you 
based on your answer.

Joe the Condor vs Doronjo:
You don't seem to be interested in changing 
your evil ways. Maybe you didn't learn your 
lesson when I beat you the first time.

Joe the Condor vs Frank West:
Our activities are state secrets. 
I'm going to have to confiscate that film.

Joe the Condor vs Gold Lightan:
I realize you're a traveler from a distant 
planet, but you don't have to be shy. In fact, 
I brought a lot of hot lead to welcome you.

Joe the Condor vs Ippatsuman:
All you do is attack head on. All your movements 
are over exaggerated and easy to read. But you 
got spirit so I guess that's beter than nothing.

Joe the Condor vs Joe the Condor:
Get out of my sight! I'm not going to 
waste my time on a dirty, stinkin' fake!

Joe the Condor vs Jun the Swan:
Not bad, Jun. Be sure to keep up 
this intensity on our missions.

Joe the Condor vs Kaijin no Soki:
Don't bring a sword to a gun fight. 
I think you've learned your lesson, right?

Joe the Condor vs Karas:
I can throw these shuriken feathers at the 
speed of sound. Your attacks are as slow as 
molasses in winter. Fighting you is a cinch.

Joe the Condor vs Ken the Eagle:
Hey now... 
It looks to me like you've been 
slacking off, Ken.

Joe the Condor vs MegaMan Volnutt:
That wasn't bad per se... If we ever 
fight again, you might have chance 
if you start off serious. Maybe.

Joe the Condor vs Morrigan:
Sorry, Miss, but I don't believe in the occult. 
I'm not a fan of anything you can't shoot with 
a real gun.

Joe the Condor vs Polimar:
All you do is run your mouth, eh? I take 
it the Hurricane style is nothing more than 
prancing around and talking ad nauseum.

Joe the Condor vs PTX-40A:
Your firepower and mobility is most impressive. 
...I wonder what Dr. Nambu would make of it.

Joe the Condor vs Roll: 
You are... just... just all over the place. 
You've obviously never studied the rules 
of combat.

Joe the Condor vs Ryu:
Yes... You are strong... For an amateur. 
You don't have what it takes to fight a 
pro like me.

Joe the Condor vs Saki:
I've learned something today. It's not all 
about power. You need accuracy as well.

Joe the Condor vs Tekkaman:
You talk big saying you're Earth's protector and 
you're the pinnacle of modern science. But all 
that bragging means nothing when you get beat down!

Joe the Condor vs Tekkaman Blade: 
I don't care why you're fighting or 
why you think you should win. 
If you stand it my way, I will break you.

Joe the Condor vs Viewtiful Joe: 
For the love of... Do you ever 
stop talking!? This is a fight, 
not a circus! Who or what are you!?

Joe the Condor vs Yatterman-1:
Anyone who tries to stop us will be hurt. 
That policy extends to even kids like you.

Joe the Condor vs Yatterman-2:
You done playing superhero, little girl? 
You should go home before you get hurt.

Joe the Condor vs Zero:
You've got speed, I'll give you that. 
But your textbook fighting style isn't 
gonna work on the man who wrote the book!



Aren't you the strong one? 
Could I interest you 
in a full-time job protecting the planet?

It's in your best interest to give up now 
before you really get hurt.

Being the team's demolitions expert 
is more stressful than you know. 
Fights like these help me release that stress!

Yessss! That felt so good! 
A little bit of exercise is always good 
for a girl's complexion! [h]

That took longer than I had planned. 
OK, next fight I skip the reasoning 
and go straight for the fisticuffs!

You might find this surprising, 
but out of all the Science Ninja members, 
I enjoy fighting the least.

Umm... I hate to be the one to tell you this, 
but I really don't think fighting is your strong suit.

Don't mistake my Science Ninja-issued yo-yo 
for a simple toy. 
You'll be in for a rude awakening if you do!

Jun the Swan vs Alex:
Even if you can read all my moves, 
what's the point if you still end up losing?

Jun the Swan vs Batsu:
You think it only takes guts to win? 
Someone needs a reality check.

Jun the Swan vs Casshan:
My, aren't you a hothead? 
That's never good for fighting. Would you like 
some herbal tea to calm your nerves?

Jun the Swan vs Chun-Li:
Sorry for toying with you like that. [h]

Jun the Swan vs Doronjo:
The three of you are just like
some stereotypical cartoon villains. 
What? No, I was not praising you!

Jun the Swan vs Frank West:
Um... No, I'm not going trick-or-treating. 
This is the uniform I wear when I'm on duty.

Jun the Swan vs Gold Lightan:
While I do like shiny things, 
you're just way too gaudy for me. 
I prefer simple, subdued designs in my jewelry.

Jun the Swan vs Ippatsuman:
A person's real power doesn't come 
from their speed or their strength. I thought 
you of all people would have known that.

Jun the Swan vs Joe the Condor:
There you are, Joe!
You should come back to HQ and apologize to Ken.

Jun the Swan vs Jun the Swan:
I really like that color scheme 
you got going there. 
Would you mind trading with me?

Jun the Swan vs Kaijin no Soki:
It's easy to fight someone if they keep 
charging at you head on. You need 
to change up your tactics once in awhile.

Jun the Swan vs Karas:
Your codename means "raven," doesn't it? 
Are you the secret sixth member of Science Ninja?

Jun the Swan vs Ken the Eagle:
Since you lost, 
does that make me the new team leader?

Jun the Swan vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I'll get straight to the point. You use 
a nice array of weapons, but I still beat you. 
Do you see what I'm trying to say?

Jun the Swan vs Morrigan:
I'm so sorry. I'd really love to stay and chat, 
but I'm in the middle of a mission. 
Maybe next time, OK?

Jun the Swan vs Polimar:
I know you're trying to go for a 
"wild-and-crazy" hero thing there, but all 
that screaming is just downright annoying.

Jun the Swan vs PTX-40A:
It's my job to destroy hazardous materials, 
and you, sir, are one giant, 
walking hazard!

Jun the Swan vs Roll: 
There, there. See? Everything's OK. 
Now tell Jun what's wrong. 
Did you lose your Mommy?

Jun the Swan vs Ryu:
I can tell you don't fight 
for justice or out of some obligation. 
There's a real purity in your devotion.

Jun the Swan vs Saki:
I think you and I could become great friends. 
We should hang out 
when we're both not on duty sometime.

Jun the Swan vs Tekkaman:
I'm really sorry about that. 
If I had been able to see your face, 
I might have been moved to go easy on you.

Jun the Swan vs Tekkaman Blade: 
I'm sure there's someone out there who is 
really worried about you. Perhaps you shouldn't 
push yourself in a fight you can't win.

Jun the Swan vs Viewtiful Joe: 
You're even more annoying than Jimmy! 
I'm sorry, but you'll have to excuse me.

Jun the Swan vs Yatterman-1:
It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, 
or if you're young or old: you can still 
fight for justice! Keep up the good fight!

Jun the Swan vs Yatterman-2:
That was a good fight. But since it's 
just us girls here, maybe we could swap 
stories about past boyfriends.

Jun the Swan vs Zero:
You're quite an enigma. 
Sometimes you appear cool, calm, and collected. 
Then all of a sudden you just go buck wild.



I am Soki-slayer of demons, 
destroyer of Darkness!
I am the Oni of the Ashes!

My techniques are unparalleled!
Whatever comes, Lamentation shall cut them down!

You made me use my Oni powers... 
What manner of being are you?

My apologies, but I don't have any time 
to waste playing with you.

Ha-ha, good work, [p]! I ask you to 
do the same during the next battle!

When my mind and body are one, 
cutting even the strongest steel is 
no different than slicing tofu!

The tempo of the fight was so tedious 
that I couldn't help 
but yawn while parrying your attacks.

I no longer have time for these games. 
You have no chance of winning a fight with me.

Kaijin no Soki vs Alex:
What is with barbarians like you 
who only use their fists? Why do I keep 
encountering warriors like you and Roberto?

Kaijin no Soki vs Batsu:
Seems like you've battled a swordsman before, 
and despite your age, you seemed awfully calm.

Kaijin no Soki vs Casshan:
You're a strong opponent 
for one so slight, Casshan.
Don't hold back!

Kaijin no Soki vs Chun-Li:
I knew it. 
Your fashion is popular nowadays, correct?

Kaijin no Soki vs Doronjo:
Not only are you a terrible fighter, 
those two goons with you are cowards!

Kaijin no Soki vs Frank West:
W-What in the world is that box! 
There is a miniature version of myself in there!

Kaijin no Soki vs Gold Lightan:
How could I behead the grea...
Wait, it seems I was mistaken.

Kaijin no Soki vs Ippatsuman:
Wearing that kimono lets you fly through 
the air? Shatter boulders? 
And deflect blades!? That is hardly fair.

Kaijin no Soki vs Joe the Condor:
I see you do what's necessary to combat evil... 
I can sympathize with your ordeal.

Kaijin no Soki vs Jun the Swan:
You call yourself a ninja, but you stand out 
far too much. Is your clothing not 
a hindrance to your work?

Kaijin no Soki va Karas:
My blood is boiling! 
Are you of demonic lineage!?

Kaijin no Soki vs Kaijin no Soki:
If you wish to become like me, 
then you must perfect your swordsmanship.

Kaijin no Soki vs Ken the Eagle:
I have no interest in making lofty statements. 
I don't care if you're an eagle or whatever you 
think you are. Stand in my way, and I'll cut you down!

Kaijin no Soki vs MegaMan Volnutt:
My predecessor went to battle 
with a weapon that could change shape. 
Is your arm that weapon?

Kaijin no Soki vs Morrigan:
I'm not very good around women 
such as yourself. You would do better 
to seek someone who is less virtuous than me.

Kaijin no Soki vs Polimar:
I was startled by having an illusion apear 
before me, but I knew it was a fake 
when the real you screamed.

Kaijin no Soki vs PTX-40A:
I... WIIIIIIIN! Owww! 
My hands still quaver with pain!

Kaijin no Soki vs Roll:
If only Jubei had your poise and charm.

Kaijin no Soki vs Ryu:
I recognize the look in your eyes, warrior. 
You are one who has discarded all hesitation 
and possesses the refined soul of a samurai.

Kaijin no Soki vs Saki:
Muskets such as yours were once feared, 
but now they are nothing more 
than light and noise.

Kaijin no Soki vs Tekkaman:
A magnificent body, a giant sword, 
and the ability to spin webs... 
Kabuki have become quite fascinating!

Kaijin no Soki vs Tekkaman Blade:
Your speed is amazing, despite the weight 
of your armor. Just what kind of strength 
do you possess!?

Kaijin no Soki vs Viewtiful Joe:
Try as I might, 
I cannot hate a talker like you...

Kaijin no Soki vs Yatterman-1:
How wonderous, an acrobat of justice! 
This era has shown me quite the number 
of curious performances!

Kaijin no Soki vs Yatterman-2:
You... You can manipulate lightning...?
For a second there I thought you were some 
sort of demon!

Kaijin no Soki vs Zero:
So, that is the sword used by samurai of your 
land. With something like that, a horde of 
demons would be tough to handle.



... Mission...
... Accomplished...

... This city... 
... You will not defile it...

... The city... 
... It's... It's getting bigger...

... ... ... As you wish... 
... Your wish is my command, Yurine...

... ... [p]... 
... Tell me... Why do you fight...?

... I... think I...
... I just recalled something...

... The duty of a Karas... 
... is to protect the city...

... Be gone...
... Go back to where you came from...

Karas vs Alex:
... Attempting to hurt a Karas... 
... It's the same as trying to hurt the city...

Karas vs Batsu:
... You are full of passion... 
... That is something a Karas lacks...

Karas vs Casshan:
... Why... Why do you deny your humanity...?

Karas vs Chun-Li:
... Fighting evil is the responsibility of a Karas...
... Do not involve yourself in this...

Karas vs Doronjo:
... I will put an end to you... 
... No longer will you spread filth and disease...

Karas vs Frank West:
...You have taken my picture... 
...It can only bring you unhappiness... 
...I will take it back now... 

Karas vs Gold Lightan:
... This city already has a protector... 
... Your assistance is not required...

Karas vs Ippatsuman:
... I am not here to talk... 
... Leave this city-now...!

Karas vs Joe the Condor:
...You are only dressed like a bird... 
...That is why you have no power...

Karas vs Jun the Swan:
... A Karas has his duty... 
... Nothing else matters...

Karas vs Kaijin no Soki:
... This man... is not completely human...!
... There is demon blood in his veins...!

Karas vs Karas:
... You are not this city's Karas...
... This is my city... Return to your own...

Karas vs Ken the Eagle:
... An eagle in the form of a man...?
... You will rue the day you met a Karas...

Karas vs MegaMan Volnutt:
... You ask me my reason for living...
... The city... The city is everything to me...

Karas vs Morrigan:
... Your presence bodes ill for this city... 
... I will see all demons destroyed...!

Karas vs Polimar:
... Your style of fighting... 
... It imparts too much damage to the city...!

Karas vs PTX-40A:
... Who would send a toy... to kill a Karas...?

Karas vs Roll: 
... A machine... with a heart...?
... What are humans doing to themselves...?

Karas vs Ryu:
... I feel a pleasant breeze... 
... emanating from your punches...

Karas vs Saki:
... Are you also one of this city's protectors...?

Karas vs Tekkaman:
... You say you protect the planet...
... Your power does not match your ambition...

Karas vs Tekkaman Blade: 
...I cannot imagine how you must feel...
...Having to hunt down your friends and family...

Karas vs Viewtiful Joe: 
... I have never seen a demon like this... 
... Evil can take assume many shapes...

Karas vs Yatterman-1:
... You are but a hatchling...
... Forget all this and return to your nest...

Karas vs Yatterman-2:
...You do not belong on the battlefield... 
...Leave now...

Karas vs Zero:
...Even if one is not human, if you have spirit...
...I guess one could still be powerful...



I always lead by example, 
and that's why I must win every fight.

You don't stand a chance 
of seeing these phantom eagle talons 
before they tear into you!

You should quit before you get hurt. 
No matter how many times you fight me, 
I'll always win.

The Science Ninja doesn't fight just 
for the sake of fighting. 
Now, if you'll excuse me...

All Science Ninja members plan for every fight, 
and that's why we always win!

Science Ninja is built 
upon the indestructible foundation 
of our teamwork!

Wherever evil lurks, we will root it out! 
That is the Science Ninja motto!

By the way, [p], I think you would 
make a great addition to the Science Ninja. 
What do you say to joining our fight against evil?

Ken the Eagle vs Alex:
We don't involve ourselves in street fights. 
Our duty is to keep the peace.

Ken the Eagle vs Batsu:
Your will power becomes... bullets? 
You make flame from your sense of justice...?
What manner of... science is this?

Ken the Eagle vs Casshan:
You have great power, 
but it's meaningless if you can't land a hit.

Ken the Eagle vs Chun-Li:
I had no idea Interpol had such 
powerful agents. Science Ninja cannot be 
remiss in its training!

Ken the Eagle vs Doronjo:
Even the three of you cannot defeat me. 
I will see that evil is beaten 
no matter the odds.

Ken the Eagle vs Frank West:
I see that you're a freelance journalist. 
I need you to get the word out about 
the evil that is Galactor.

Ken the Eagle vs Gold Lightan:
The Science Ninja has been trained 
to fight giant robots like you. I knew 
how to beat you before the fight even began.

Ken the Eagle vs Ippatsuman:
I can tell you don't take fighting seriously. 
All your enemies up 
until now must have been really lame.

Ken the Eagle vs Joe the Condor:
Joe! When I give an order, you listen! 
You are not to fire the Bird Missile 
without my express permission!

Ken the Eagle vs Jun the Swan:
I think that's enough training for one day. 
You're making improvements every time, Jun!

Ken the Eagle vs Kaijin no Soki:
You have to follow a predetermined arc 
to swing your katana. It's easy to read 
your moves when you telegraph them like that.

Ken the Eagle vs Karas:
No group affiliation, and no distinguishing 
team marks. You look like a technologically 
advanced warrior, just like my team and I...

Ken the Eagle vs Ken the Eagle:
You need to be stronger if you want the right 
to bear the name of Eagle.

Ken the Eagle vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I'll always be two steps ahead of you. 
Lay down your weapon and surrender!

Ken the Eagle vs Morrigan:
Your flirtations will not work 
on highly trained warriors like us, temptress! 
You will not hinder us on our mission!

Ken the Eagle vs Polimar:**
Hang up your lance. You talk a good game, 
but your training doesn't even begin 
to rival ours.

Ken the Eagle vs PTX-40A:
You should have brought a small army 
and not that bucket of bolts 
if you wanted to defeat us.

Ken the Eagle vs Roll: 
There's something about you 
that's a bit... off.

Ken the Eagle vs Ryu:
I'm the fastest member of my team, and you 
could still keep up with me! You've forced me 
to reevaluate my opinion of street fighters!

Ken the Eagle vs Saki:
You have unparalleled aim! 
Who knew the Japan Security Special Forces had 
such a high-caliber sniper in their employ!

Ken the Eagle vs Tekkaman:**
I've never seen armor like yours before. 
I'll just take a piece for Dr. Nambu to examine.

Ken the Eagle vs Tekkaman Blade: 
You appear to carry a great weight 
on your shoulders. Have you tried 
talking to your friends about it?

Ken the Eagle vs Viewtiful Joe: 
No more playing superhero for you. 
Go home before you hurt yourself.

Ken the Eagle vs Yatterman-1:
You use some strange weapons... 
You'd probably get along well 
with my teammate, Jimmy.

Ken the Eagle vs Yatterman-2:
I know that in your heart you yearn 
for world peace, but you'll need 
more training to help bring that about.

Ken the Eagle vs Zero:
That was a good match. I can trust you 
to fight to bring peace to the world, 
just like I'm trying to do!

**Because Tekkaman is more famous for his lance than his armor, 
and Polimar has no lance at all but his armor is renown for its 
unique alloy, it's possible these lines were swapped within the 
game by some developer error.



I analyze every possibility, 
and I never give up. 
That's the way I live my life as a digger!

Wow, that's powerful! 
Roll, did you upgrade my Mega Buster 
without telling me?

Uh oh. 
Roll is going to get really mad at me 
if I don't start conserving ammo...

I'm really sorry, but I can't afford to lose. 
If I don't go home and get back to digging, 
we'll go bankrupt!

There's no reason for us to fight! 
Please, just stay down on the ground!

All these people are so powerful even 
without equipping any special parts! 
This is some crazy world I'm stuck in...

Are you OK, [p]? 
Why don't you take it easy, 
and leave the next fight to me!

Only a few bumps and scrapes, 
and I barely wased any ammo. 
A perfect win for keeping expenses down!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Alex:
Physical blows sting way more 
than bullets and lasers... 
Ow, ow, ow!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Batsu:
I don't know if you'd call it 
courage or whatnot. I just know 
that I refuse to lose in a fight!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Casshan:
You look so sad... 
Just what is it that you're fighting for?

MegaMan Volnutt vs Chun-Li:
I can't believe there's someone that can fight 
so well without any weapon attachments at all. 
I am impressed. 

MegaMan Volnutt vs Doronjo:
Hmm, the Bonne family were actually more 
of a challenge than you...

MegaMan Volnutt vs Frank West:
Are you here to take pictures of the dig? 
How are you gonna do that when you're 
sleeping on ground?

MegaMan Volnutt vs Gold Lightan:
I have a lot of experience in fighting 
big robots. I know where their blind spots are 
and how to take advantage of them!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Ippatsuman:
There are still a lot of things 
that I want to do with my life. 
I can't waste time fighting you!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Joe the Condor:
Th-Those are some powerful missiles... 
If I used something like that at my dig sites, 
I'd bury myself in rubble for sure.

MegaMan Volnutt vs Jun the Swan:
I have an assortment of special weapons 
for almost every possible situation. 
They make for a good fight, don't they?

MegaMan Volnutt vs Kaijin no Soki
Do you even know 
why you draw your sword for battle?

MegaMan Volnutt vs Karas:
Anything in my line of fire will be shot. 
A fight is no place for going easy on someone.

MegaMan Volnutt vs Ken the Eagle:
My reasons for fighting aren't 
as noble as yours,
but... I just can't afford to lose.

MegaMan Volnutt vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Thanks to Roll's constant maintenance, 
my weapons pack that much 
more punch than yours!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Morigan:
Stop messing around with me, OK!?

MegaMan Volnutt vs Polimar:
My armor was just tough enough 
to get me through that! 
I better thank Roll when I see her.

MegaMan Volnutt vs PTX-40A:
I knew my armor would hold up 
as long as I avoided any direct hits. 
I never give up!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Roll:
Huh? Oh, sorry. 
I got startled because you remind me 
of someone who is very special to me.

MegaMan Volnutt vs Ryu:
What an amazing experience... 
Would you please fight me again!?

MegaMan Volnutt vs Saki:
You'd make a great digger 
with skills like that!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Tekkaman:
At first, I thought that was just a regular 
old spear, but boy is that thing sharp! 
A hit from that could slice me in two!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Tekkaman Blade:
Wow... Armor that doesn't even dent 
when shot. Maybe I outta get something 
like that...

MegaMan Volnutt vs Viewtiful Joe:
You kind of remind me of Data 
with how energetic and rambunctious you are.

MegaMan Volnutt vs Yatterman-1:
That robot has the bite to back up his bark! 
I guess the world is filled with all kinds 
of powerful robots!

MegaMan Volnutt vs Yatterman-2:
Heh... So you're like pretty good with 
machines, eh? I think you and Roll 
would get along really well.

MegaMan Volnutt vs Zero:
So you're looking for someone who looks 
like me? Of course I accept your apology. 
I'm sorry I couldn't help you out.



Don't tremble in fear.
Release your power and let the darkness seep in!

Come at me together or one at a time. 
It doesn't matter. 
I will still suck your life from you.

I don't really care about what's 
"good" and what's "bad." 
I only care about enjoying myself. 

I've taken a slight liking to you I believe.

What I want is your soul, 
burning with the passion of a thousand lovers. 
Diamonds are for tawdry beings. 

If you want to do it, you should do it. 
There's no crime in doing something 
that feels good, is there?

How does it feel to fall down? 
Does it feel as good as you thought it would?

I think we are in for one 
enchanted evening, [p]. Shall we go?

Morrigan vs Alex:
It's wrong to hold back.
Shall I stand still 
so you can hit me with a real punch?

Morrigan vs Batsu:
I want to see your tears 
and hear your shouts of anger! 
Everything that is yours, I will make mine!

Morrigan vs Casshan:
Oooh... I wouldn't move if I were you. 
It's so difficult trying to find the balance 
between pleasure and pain.

Morrigan vs Chun-Li:
Come sink down with me 
under a sea of pleasures. I'll show you 
a world without anger or sadness...

Morrigan vs Doronjo: 
You look like a girl who knows 
what a good time is. 
Care to join me in the world of nightmares?

Morrigan vs Frank West:
Why use a lens to take me in? Come over 
here and I'll show you something that you 
could never hope to capture on film.

Morrigan vs Gold Lightan:
I find the discrepancy 
between your physical size 
and your ambitions to be so disappointing.

Morrigan vs Ippatsuman:
I'd like to see you shed that crude exterior 
so I can get to know the real you.

Morrigan vs Joe the Condor:
Ooh, I can see frustration pent up in your eyes. 
It gives me chills. Don't stop... Keep 
staring at me with those big, angry eyes...

Morrigan vs Jun the Swan:
Do you even know anything 
about pleasures of the world of darkness? 
Very well. Let me show you.

Morrigan vs Kaijin no Soki:
I have no problem if your dreams are 
the only thing that keeps you going. 
As long as you're never bored...

Morrigan vs Karas:
What? You don't want me 
to see what's inside that armor? 
That just makes me want to try harder.

Morrigan vs Ken the Eagle:
It must feel great a relief to see yourself stripped 
of all your beliefs. It's like peeling off layer 
after layer of skin.

Morrigan vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Do you see how quickly your hopes 
and dreams can be shattered 
by one such as me?

Morrigan vs Morrigan:
It's just attack after attack with you. 
It makes a girl want to find someone else 
to have fun with.

Morrigan vs Polimar:
Please, enough of all this boring talk. 
Why don't you just focus 
on what makes you feel good?

Morrigan vs PTX-40A:
How can you sleep in an iron cage like that? 
My body would do a better job 
of keeping you warm. 

Morrigan vs Roll:
You're a tad young to have fun with, dear. 
I'll check on you again once 
you're more developed.

Morrigan vs Ryu:
Don't you want to lie down and go to sleep? 
You must be oh so tired 
from your endless travels.

Morrigan vs Saki: 
Taking something from someone is another way 
to show you love them. Now, aim that gun 
at my heart and pull the trigger.

Morrigan vs Tekkaman:
You are quite the tenacious one.
It's a good thing we have all night 
for you to expend your energy.

Morrigan vs Tekkaman Blade:
I can rid you of your human woes. 
Allow me to strip you of all your pain.

Morrigan vs Viewtiful Joe: 
I had such high hopes for you, 
especially after Alastor's words of praise.

Morrigan vs Yatterman-1:
If you're done playing hero now, 
maybe I can show you 
how to really have a good time.

Morrigan vs Yatterman-2:
Such a pure and innocent child... Would you like 
a little taste of the dark side? Just one little 
scratch and you'll be in a world of pleasure.

Morrigan vs Zero:
Release all the passion you've jailed 
inside yourself. Lay your inner workings 
bare before me...



My fists are like spears of justice! 
I fight for truth and justice!
I am Hurricane Polimar!


I betcha couldn't even see my fists 
slice through the wind! 
That is the power of the Hurricane Style!

Now you know 
you can never defeat the invincible 
Hurricane Polimar!

I will personally defeat all the evil in the world! 

There's no chance of you winning 
if you can't tell which is the real Polimar!

Time to find the next challenge, 
[p]! There is no one 
that can stand up to our combined strength!

Ya-haa! You may be dressed like a hero, 
but I know evil when I see it! 
I will not be deceived!

Polimar vs Alex:
Hit before you're grabbed!
Kick before your opponent tries to throw you! 
Those are the rules I fight and live by!

Polimar vs Batsu:
I believe you and I are alike in many ways. 
Keep up the good fight--for justice!

Polimar vs Casshan:
(That reminds me... 
I wonder if my boss is remembering 
to feed Danshaku while I'm away...)

Polimar vs Chun-Li:
Whadya mean you've never heard 
of Hurricane Polimar!? I'm the protector 
of Washinkyo! That's so bogus!

Polimar vs Doronjo:
I'll be sure to remember the Dorombo Gang... 
as the most incompetent criminals 
in the history of the world!

Polimar vs Frank West:
Sorry but I need to confirm you aren't 
planning on using that camera for evil!

Polimar vs Gold Lightan:
People who fight for justice don't do whatever 
they want. They exhibit self control. A big, flashy, 
gold-plated truck grill like you is not a hero!

Polimar vs Ippatsuman:
I was able to hit you about a million times 
before you even got off one punch!

Polimar vs Joe the Condor:
I honestly thought you were a villain. 
I had no idea you are in some top-secret 
organization. My mistake.

Polimar vs Jun the Swan:
You need to be strong if you want 
to fight for justice! 
That's the first thing they teach you!

Polimar vs Kaijin no Soki:
I'm impressed that you were able to injure me, 
the great Hurricane Polimar! 
Not bad... for an evil samurai thief!

Polimar vs Karas:
Black armor! Flashing eyes! 
And never shouting out your own name! 
Are you sure you're not a vilain?

Polimar vs Ken the Eagle:
People like you are all talk when it comes 
to justice. It would be better 
if the world never knew you!

Polimar vs MegaMan Volnutt:
If you were a real man 
you wouldn't rely only on your weapons; 
you'd learn how to use your fists!

Polimar vs Morrigan:
I don't care if you're a woman or some pixie! 
All evil will be punished equally 
by these fists of justice!

Polimar vs Polimar:
You'll never deceive anyone using my name! 
You're an evil imposter, 
and I will see that you are arrested!

Polimar vs PTX-40A:
That heavy industrial polimar suit is no match 
for mine! And did you actually think you could 
hit me with lead bullets? Get real!

Polimar vs Roll: 
How can a little girl fight on this level!? 
She must be receiving help 
from some great evil!

Polimar vs Ryu:
My fists pack the real power of a hurricane. 
Your Hurricane Kick packs all the power 
of a mouse sneezing!

Polimar vs Saki:
It doesn't matter who you are or how you do it. 
You should fight for what's right 
in your own way!

Polimar vs Tekkaman:
Once I got in close, it was all over for you! 
Did you really think that metal toothpick 
could frighten me away!?

Polimar vs Tekkaman Blade: 
No matter what kinds of laser beams you 
bring to the fight, I will dodge them all! 
That's the Hurricane Style!

Polimar vs Viewtiful Joe: 
I'm so used to fighting weird guys like you! 
I can see you for what you really are! 
Come and bring it anytime! Hyaagh!

Polimar vs Yatterman-1:
Transformation is just one of my many 
abilities! If you think that's unfair, then you 
should stop using robots to fight your battles!

Polimar vs Yatterman-2:
I hope people don't think I started hitting 
a girl for no reason. I think I should be 
getting home now. 

Polimar vs Zero:
Your swordsmanship is impressive, but 
it's still nothing compared to the 
Hurricane Style!


Q. PTX-40A

You would not last a second on E.D.N.III.
If an Akrid didn't have you for lunch, you'd die 
from exposure to the frigid temperatures. 

I only sustained superficial damage 
in that fight. In fact, I could probably 
take care of it with just a new coat of paint.

This is a perfectly balanced VS. You can't 
even begin to compare to its weight, firepower, 
and mobility. That's why you lost. 

Were those warning shots you fired?
If you want me to surrender, 
than it's your job to make me!

This VS wasn't made to fight humans. 
However, the fact that I don't hold back 
is why everyone loves to fight me.

You really surprised me. 
I was not expecting someone 
to be able to go toe-to-toe with me.

I've never faced a virtually unarmed enemy 
who was so powerful!

Um... I guess you should be happy 
I didn't completely vaporize you.

PTX-40A vs Alex:
Never thought I'd meet a person 
that could throw Ivan here. 
I don't know whether I should laugh or cry...

PTX-40A vs Batsu:
I've never faced an enemy 
that had such desire to fight! 
I felt your eyes piercing my armor!

PTX-40A vs Casshan:
You're tougher than you look! 
But to be fair, I am a pretty big target 
so you should be able to hit me at least once.

PTX-40A vs Chun-Li:
How did you manage to dent my armor 
by just kicking it? 
I know Akrid that aren't even that powerful!

PTX-40A vs Doronjo:
OK... Here's the deal. You and those 
other morons have three seconds to disappear 
before I unleash a hailstorm of war!

PTX-40A vs Frank West:
You're covering a story? I don't care if you 
follow me around, but you're gonna have to 
dress warmly. You got your own VS?

PTX-40A vs Gold Lightan:
You sure can take a hit, 
and you take a lot of them 
because there's so much of you to hit.

PTX-40A vs Ippatsuman:
You have no chance of snatching a victory 
from the jaws of defeat. 
Lay down your weapons and surrender!

PTX-40A vs Joe the Condor:
So whatcha gonna do? You gonna get out my 
way or you wanna go another round?

PTX-40A vs Jun the Swan: 
Just surrender peacefully. 
I don't like to get rough with unarmed women.

PTX-40A vs Kaijin no Soki:
Tactics are not your strong suit. 
What were you thinking bringing a couple 
of metal sticks to fight me?

PTX-40A vs Karas:
Ha! I bet you didn't expect my armor 
to be as agile as yours!

PTX-40A vs Ken the Eagle:
I don't even have bother aiming to hit you!

PTX-40A vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I get it now. 
You charge up energy in that hand cannon before 
you release it. That's quite a fancy toy.

PTX-40A vs Morrigan:
I detect multiple life 
form readings inside you!
Whatever you are, you aren't human.

PTX-40A vs Polimar:
... Can you not shout so much? 
My external mics are really sensitive. 
I think you blew out an eardrum.

PTX-40A vs PTX-40A:
We have the same machine, 
but I think we both know 
which of us is the better pilot!

PTX-40A vs Roll:
Strange weapons...
I thought you were just bringing 
out cleaning equipment...

PTX-40A vs Ryu:
No, no, no. 
I don't care how much training you have. 
No one can deflect bullets and dodge missiles!

PTX-40A vs Saki:
You took out my joint servos! 
You're a crack shot kid, no doubt about that!

PTX-40A vs Tekkaman:
I didn't expect you be so well-armed. 
Your armor isn't that much different 
from my VS in practice.

PTX-40A vs Tekkaman Blade:
Your armor is made of an unknown substance. 
I might get a good price for it.

PTX-40A vs Viewtiful Joe:
I gave up trying to target you and just shoot 
as many projectiles at you as I had. 
You can see why people think I'm so logical.

PTX-40A vs Yatterman-1:
You're such an easy target 
with all those crazy clothes. 
You're just begging to get shot.

PTX-40A vs Yatterman-2:
That little toy of yours couldn't 
even tickle Ivan here.

PTX-40A vs Zero:
I've already calculated every move you could 
possibly make. The only thing you can do is 
surrender immediately.



Where... am I? 
I was just in the middle of cleaning the lab...

I've got to figure out a way 
to get back to the lab by the end of the day. 
Tomorrow is garbage day!

I'll just have to give it my all 
since my brother isn't here to give me a hand!

Excuse me, [p]. 
Could you please pass me that bucket?

It makes sense to split up the work 
when there's two of us! [h]

Darn it, you got my dress all dirty! 
I can't believe you!

Come on, I didn't hit you that hard! 
Quit faking it!

We totally mopped the floor with them! [h]

Roll vs Alex:
You're strong and cool-looking. 
You remind me of Hard Man more than Guts Man.

Roll vs Batsu:
What is it that keeps me going? 
Hmm...Well, I really enjoy 
cleaning Dr. Light's study!

Roll vs Casshan:
Please come and visit the lab sometime! 
My brother and Rush would be thrilled 
to meet you two!

Roll vs Chun-Li:
Wow... [h]
What a mature, strong woman! 
You're an inspiration!

Roll vs Doronjo:
It's not only dangerous for you to smoke, 
but it affects others as well! 
Just say no!

Roll vs Frank West:
You say I need to fight more and clean 
less so you can take a good picture... 
Sorry, but cleaning is what I do best!

Roll vs Gold Lightan:
Your joints are all rusted and grimed up. 
Would you like me to clean them out for you?

Roll vs Ippatsuman:
I can't believe how strong you are! 
If I had strength like that, 
I could clean out the storeroom all by myself!

Roll vs Joe the Condor:
I got water all inside your helmet!
I-I'm sorry...

Roll vs Jun the Swan:
Wow! Your outfit is so cute! [h]
I'd love to have one like that!

Roll vs Kaijin no Soki:
Wow! You've kept that armor in such good 
condition! It must be really difficult 
to get your hands on such an antique. [h]

Roll vs Karas:
Wait... That's not a suit your wearing, is it? 
It looks like its made out 
of biological components or something!

Roll vs Ken the Eagle:
Oh no, your cape is all in tatters! 
I can fix--Wait... 
It's supposed to be like that?

Roll vs MegaMan Volnutt:
You really remind me of my brother...

Roll vs Morrigan:
You shouldn't sit on bats! 
That's animal cruelty!

Roll vs Polimar:
So your clothes come out from your helmet?
Are you able to wash them that way?

Roll vs PTX-40A:
Darn it. You just kept on shooting, 
didn't you? You should at least pick up 
the shells and try to clean up a bit!

Roll vs Roll:
We look just like sisters!

Roll vs Ryu:
Um, your clothes are all torn up and frayed. 
Should I mend them for you?

Roll vs Saki:
It must be so nice to have a battle suit 
and a big gun like that. Maybe I should ask 
Dr. Light if he could make some for me!

Roll vs Tekkaman:
Your clothes are very interesting! 
Red and white is a lucky combination!

Roll vs Tekkaman Blade:
Did you see how I made your armor 
clean and shiny while we were fighting?

Roll vs Viewtiful Joe:
I've never seen a Quick Man cosplay before!

Roll vs Yatterman-1:
Wow, what a huge dog! 
Um, do you think he would mind 
giving me a ride?

Roll vs Yatterman-2:
Your clothes all inside out! What!?
They're reversible!? It takes all kinds 
I guess...

Roll vs Zero:
You're pretty strong! You might 
even be able to beat my brother!



Even after a thousand battles, 
I'm still far from being the perfect fighter.

I'm still not good enough...
I need to keep improving!

Fear not, [o], 
I won't forget the battle we fought here today.

Get up and fight me again!
You still have some fight left in you!
I can see it!

Where one goes isn't important.
What matters is following your own path!

With [p] covering me,
we'll show everyone our true power!

If you keep repeating your mistakes,
you will not get anywhere.

That was the first time 
I've ever seen that kind of attack!
This world always has something to surprise me.

Ryu vs Alex:
Accept this fight for what it was.
The important thing is that you have no regrets.

Ryu vs Batsu:
Getting ahead doesn't come 
by charging in headfirst.
Focus your thoughts, then attack!

Ryu vs Casshan:
Half a step can be the difference between
victory and defeat.
Today, victory is mine.

Ryu vs Chun-Li:
As always, your technique is stunning.
I'm glad you're continuing your training.

Ryu vs Doronjo:
A real warrior fights on equal ground, 
not by outnumbering their opponent.

Ryu vs Frank West:
You've taught me a valuable lesson. I've met 
hundreds of the world's best fighters, but this is 
the first time I've met one that's a cameraman!

Ryu vs Gold Lightan:
You're a giant... Even the Russian wrestlers
I've fought in the past can't compare to you!

Ryu vs Ippatsuman:
You've got quite the nice punch. 
I'm sure we'll battle again soon enough.

Ryu vs Joe the Condor:
Your punches blur past with rage.
But you cannot extinguish my flame 
with such a punch!

Ryu vs Jun the Swan:
Why do you attack from a distance? 
I don't mask my intentions, 
so come at me head on!

Ryu vs Kaijin no Soki:
Your blade is as sharp as my fist is strong.
We are true equals in power!

Ryu vs Karas:
I'm in no rush for this fight to end.
If we continue, 
I believe we'll find our answers.

Ryu vs Ken the Eagle:
As I expected, 
the famed Ken the Eagle's attacks are 
relentless and powerful.

Ryu vs MegaMan Volnutt:
If you give up now, then you're finished.
Could you be satisfied with yourself then?

Ryu vs Morrigan:
Whenever I feel that my soul cannot be shaken, 
someone like you appears to prove me wrong.

Ryu vs Polimar:
Even the most violent of maelstroms weaken.
Thankfully, it was worth it to be patient.

Ryu vs PTX-40A:
My fists have been honed to perfection.
Your shattered steel plates are proof of this!

Ryu vs Roll:
No need to lose heart.
You too are a great fighter.

Ryu vs Ryu:
I can't let my guard down against an opponent 
who knows me inside and out!

Ryu vs Saki:
I hope this fight has reminded you 
what you are fighting for. 
Thank me by returning to your own path!

Ryu vs Tekkaman:
You can have a rematch any time. 
What, in space? I'd be honored to!

Ryu vs Tekkaman Blade:
Your strength... I sense an unrelenting 
weight bearing down on you.

Ryu vs Viewtiful Joe:
You won't defeat me with those weak punches,
even if you hit me ten thousand times!

Ryu vs Yatterman-1:
Now that we know each other's true power, 
we can start fighting for real!

Ryu vs Yatterman-2:
I like how you try every attack you know.
You'll become a better fighter once you 
get more fights under your belt.

Ryu vs Zero:
If I had let up for just one second, 
I would have lost... My journey to be 
the greatest warrior is still not complete...



No need to worry!
The Earth Defense Squad is on the job!

I love the starry skies! I'll protect them, 
even if it means my life!

My heart swells with emotion 
at just the thought of being able to 
fight along your side, [p]!

Civilians, please take cover!

I'll continue sweeping the area for enemies. 
[p], please provide me with backup!

I made a promise to make it back in one piece! 
I won't lose now!

Huh... Huh... I live to fight another day!

Agh! My rifle's busted!?
I wonder if I can get it fixed in time 
for the next fight...

Saki vs Alex:
Huh, I won...?
Wow, I guess that little bit 
of close-quarter combat practice paid off!

Saki vs Batsu:
I was going all out from the start! No one 
will beat me when it comes to heart!

Saki vs Casshan:
If you're only here to exact revenge then... 
Well, I'm going to stop you!

Saki vs Chun-Li:
Gosh, you are just so calm and beautiful!
One day I hope I can be half the woman you are!

Saki vs Doronjo: 
You've got some real talent there, 
so why do you need 
to use dirty tactics to win!?

Saki vs Frank West:
This is no place for civillians!
I request that you do not take my photo!

Saki vs Gold Lightan:
When you have time, come visit 
Rainbow Village! There are lots of great 
people there who would love to meet you!

Saki vs Ippatsuman:
Don't ya feel kinda lonely, fighting by yourself? 
I wish had... Er... Never mind!

Saki vs Joe the Condor:
Teamwork is of the utmost imortance! 
How about trusting in your teammate 
more often?

Saki vs Jun the Swan:
Thanks! I really learned a lot 
from sparring with the Science Ninja!

Saki vs Kaijin no Soki:
This match is mine! 
Now drop the weapon!

Saki vs Karas:
Whew! That fight was way too fast paced. 
I was running out of breath there!

Saki vs Ken the Eagle:
You're not only decisive, 
but also brimming with self-confidence! 
I'd have no qualms following you into battle!

Saki vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Even the best snipers miss once in a while. 
It's making sure the next shot is a hit that counts!

Saki vs Morrigan:
If you're really that bored, 
you should consider joining us 
on the Earth Defense Squad?

Saki vs Polimar:
Engage them at your own pace, 
then defeat them with well-placed attacks...
Got it! Now, where's my notepad...

Saki vs PTX-40A:
Hey, your knee joints need some maintenance! 
Shoddy equipment can cost you 
your life out in the field!

Saki vs Roll:
Wow, you're way more powerful than you look!

Saki vs Ryu:
Wow!? You're definitely a pro fighter!
Can you teach me a thing 
or two about footwork!?

Saki vs Saki:
We might have the same equipment, 
but you fail for not being able to work well 
with your partner!

Saki vs Tekkaman:
Wow, your battle suit is super strong, 
and the design is so cool! Hey, they wouldn't 
have that in a size 4, would they?

Saki vs Tekkaman Blade:
Let's work our hardest to 
protect Earth from danger!

Saki vs Viewtiful Joe:
Alright, perfect! 
All that skeet shooting practice 
didn't go to waste after all!

Saki vs Yatterman-1:
I gotta give you credit, Yatterman. 
You're younger than I am, 
but you're already fighting the good fight!

Saki vs Yatterman-2:
Oh my gosh, your clothes are soooo cute! 
I wonder if I can pull of that kind of outfit...

Saki vs Zero:
...That's the Procyon-style energy 
compression technique that has yet to be... 
...Eh!? N-N-Never mind!



We are the Space Knights! 
Throughout the universe we fight 
for justice and protect the weak!

Yaaarrgh! Bring it on! 
Tekkaman is here to put you in your place!

If only for the sake of my late father, 
I cannot lose!

Don't take it personally! 
I'm fighting for the very future of Earth itself!

I'll only stop 
when I no longer have any fight left in me!

Let's go, Pegas! 
The future of humanity rests on our shoulders!

You're a powerful fighter, [p]! 
There's no doubt you would be great 
at fighting off alien invaders.

I hate to admit it, 
but you're a strong one, [o]. 
You actually gave me a run for my money.

Tekkaman vs Alex:
With a body that tough, 
you could take over as the next Tekkaman... 
or maybe not.

Tekkaman vs Batsu:
You need to stop deluding yourself. 
The sum of all your fights can't even begin 
to compare to just one of my battles.

Tekkaman vs Casshan:
You remind me of how I used to be. 
If you let yourself be consumed by vengeance, 
you won't be able to protect humanity.

Tekkaman vs Chun-Li:
Did you say you were an officer of the law? 
If I see anything suspicious, I'll let you know!

Tekkaman vs Doronjo:
The three of you are not as bad as you appear. 
What do you say to changing your ways?

Tekkaman vs Frank West:
It's good to have a healthy curiosity. But if 
you keep sticking your neck into dangerous 
places, you're gonna get yourself hurt.

Tekkaman vs Gold Lightan:
You underestimated the Space Knights! 
Once I knocked you off balance, 
your defenses fell apart.

Tekkaman vs Ippatsuman:
I've never witnessed such conviction backed 
by true power! 
Such strong opponents are a rarity indeed!

Tekkaman vs Joe the Condor:
A leader does need to be calm under pressure, 
but he should also have a passion to inspire his 
team. You should learn to respect your leader.

Tekkaman vs Jun the Swan:
Next time you should bring 
your teammates to the fight!

Tekkaman vs Kaijin no Soki:
That was a great fight. You certainly know 
how to use a sword. Your form is impeccable. 
I hope we can fight again Mr. Space Samurai.

Tekkaman vs Karas:
For what purpose do you wield your blade?

Tekkaman vs Ken the Eagle:
Your moves are so quick. 
I can't even follow you with my eyes. 
Are you, too, from the planet Sanno?

Tekkaman vs MegaMan Volnutt:
It doesn't matter how many weapons you have, 
the Tek Lancer will still take you down!

Tekkaman vs Morrigan:
Sorry, lady, but I'm on a mission for humanity. 
I don't have time for you or your temptations.

Tekkaman vs Polimar:
Washinkyo? Did you have a representative 
at the International Space Summit?
Did you run security?

Tekkaman vs PTX-40A:
Technology that old doesn't stand a chance 
against Tekkaman and Pegas!

Tekkaman vs Roll: 
When one masters a weapon, a person's 
potential increases accordingly. That being said, 
that broom is deadly in your hands.

Tekkaman vs Ryu:
The power you have is beyond any normal human! 
Tell me, are your clothes and headband 
a new type of Tek Set System!?

Tekkaman vs Saki:
I can tell you would do anything 
to protect the earth.
I'm counting on you!

Tekkaman vs Tekkaman:
A calm spirit is required to access the true 
power of Tekkaman. Even in the midst of battle, 
you must still appreciate the beauty of the universe.

Tekkaman vs Tekkaman Blade: 
I understand having one's family taken like that 
would fill you with hatred for those that did it. 
But a heart filled with hate won't make you stronger.

Tekkaman vs Viewtiful Joe: 
You've impressed me with your passion 
and sense of duty. Why don't you sit 
this one out and let me protect humanity?

Tekkaman vs Yatterman-1:
I don't concern myself with your weak attacks. 
I patiently look for an opening 
before swinging my blade!

Tekkaman vs Yatterman-2:
You are lacking in power... You could 
use some real training... Ah, never 
mind. Just fight the way you want to fight.

Tekkaman vs Zero:
Your offensive abilities are good, 
but you have no defense.



I'm insulted that you think such weak 
attacks could hurt a Tekkaman Blade.

I'll never give up on my mission. 
Now, get outta my way!

I will not be stopped by anyone until 
I have put an end to the Radam!

I've dedicated my existence to defeat the 
Radam. They took my family and my life from 
me. I will not rest until they are defeated.

My hatred and anger for the Radam is 
the only thing that fuels me!

All I ask is that you don't hold me back 
in the next fight. Got it, [p]?

Is that all you're gonna give it, [p]?
I think I'll just go it alone. I don't want 
you to throw away your life so recklessly.

I still won even without out your help, 
[p]. I guess I should thank you 
for the moral support...

Tekkaman Blade vs Alex:
I've never been a big fan of grappling...
That's why I had to end that fight 
as soon as possible.

Tekkaman Blade vs Batsu:
There's nothing wrong with coming straight 
at a person in a fight, but it does make 
you easy to counter.

Tekkaman Blade vs Casshan:
You got yourself a good friend there, 
but Pegas here is much more powerful.

Tekkaman Blade vs Chun-Li:
Those are some amazing leg muscles. What do you 
do to work them out? Oh... Sorry. I didn't 
know you were self-conscious about them.

Tekkaman Blade vs Doronjo:
I don't believe you guys. The Radam are attempting 
to conquer the land that holds the treasure 
you're after and you still want to fight me!?

Tekkaman Blade vs Frank West:
I don't do interviews. Do me a favor 
and never speak to me again.

Tekkaman Blade vs Gold Lightan:
I thought you'd have all kinds of secret 
weapons up in there, but you're just a 
street brawler without any skills.

Tekkaman Blade vs Ippatsuman:
If you spend the whole fight looking to make 
a comeback, well, you're just gonna wind up 
getting hurt. Or worse...

Tekkaman Blade vs Joe the Condor:
Your experiences mirror my own, 
but that doesn't make us friends.

Tekkaman Blade vs Jun the Swan:
You remind me of a lady friend I know... 
The two of you need to stop acting so 
tomboyish all the time.

Tekkaman Blade vs Kaijin no Soki:
Your soul is given over to evil. That path 
is one all humans fear to tread... 
I fear that it might be my destiny...

Tekkaman Blade vs Karas:
The weight of your mission and my mission 
are quite different. That's why I'm the 
stronger one.

Tekkaman Blade vs Ken the Eagle:
So you guys are ninjas who use science?
I don't get it. What exactly are you trying 
to accomplish?

Tekkaman Blade vs MegaMan Volnutt:
I held back because I thought you were a kid... 
It's a good thing for you that I did.

Tekkaman Blade vs Morrigan:
I'll admit, you are very attractive... 
But so what?

Tekkaman Blade vs Polimar:
You've also got a time limit for the 
duration of your transformed state.

Tekkaman Blade vs PTX-40A:
You had me fooled. I thought you were 
a souped-up version of Pegas, but 
you're really controlled by a human pilot.

Tekkaman Blade vs Roll: 
What are you doing here? Are you fighting 
just for kicks? Move, girl. I have important 
things to do.

Tekkaman Blade vs Ryu:
You're good. You're strong. But my strength is 
fortified by my hate, and that's why I can 
beat you.

Tekkaman Blade vs Saki:
Wow, I'm amazed you've been able to do your 
job. That carefree attitude is not gonna help 
you protect Earth.

Tekkaman Blade vs Tekkaman:
So your tekset is made by humans. 
That's nice, but it won't to squat
against the Radam.

Tekkaman Blade vs Tekkaman Blade: 
A phony like you doesn't stand a chance against 
the real deal. My hatred for the Radam makes 
me stronger than you could ever hope to be!

Tekkaman Blade vs Viewtiful Joe: 
You are pretty ridiculous. I don't think 
someone as chuckleheaded as you could 
ever beat me.

Tekkaman Blade vs Yatterman-1:
I don't want to get down on you for loving 
justice so much. It's just that's not what 
makes a person strong...

Tekkaman Blade vs Yatterman-2:
I don't think fighting is your thing. 
Maybe a job in customer services 
or something would be better.

Tekkaman Blade vs Zero:
You can't hope to beat me 
without a proper plan of attack.



Yeeeeeah, baby! 
It's so viewtiful!

I'm hot, I'm cool, I'm groovy! 
Who's the most viewtiful hero around? 
That's right, yours truly!

C'mon, [p], say it with me! 

"With a last-minute turnaround, 
the hero gets the girl and saves the day!"
That's the way all stories should end!

Sorry, [o]! The moment you became 
the enemy of Viewtiful Joe was the moment 
fate decided that you would lose!

Awesome, I am simply too awesome! 
Today, I'm spittin' hot fire!

No one can stop Viewtiful Joe! 
Well... Except for Silvia, maybe...

Oh darn, my bad! Hang on for a sec. 
You think I can have a do over? We gotta have 
a cooler ending than that! Pretty please?

Viewtiful Joe vs Alex:
Hey, hey, you big slowpoke! 
You can't block what you can't keep up with!

Viewtiful Joe vs Batsu:
Puh-lease! Hot-tempered guys like you are just 
so passe! You're gonna have to be hot and 
cool like me, if you wanna stay in fashion!

Viewtiful Joe vs Casshan:
"If Casshan can't do it, who can?" 
Are you kidding me? That's an easy one! 
The answer is yours truly, Viewtiful Joe!

Viewtiful Joe vs Chun-Li:
I didn't think the headline 
"Hero Gets Whooped by Woman" would excite 
the fans, so I had to go all out! Sorry, lady!

Viewtiful Joe vs Doronjo:
Too bad, lady! You got the looks, 
the smarts, and the toughness, 
but I got the win!

Viewtiful Joe vs Frank West:
You... A hero...? I don't think
you really belong here, do you?

Viewtiful Joe vs Gold Lightan:
Thanks for the fight, Lightan! 
Six Majin would definitely wanna learn some 
of your brutal moves!

Viewtiful Joe vs Ippatsuman:
Some day we gotta team up dude. 
You and I could take on the whole world!

Viewtiful Joe vs Joe the Condor:
That was one red hot rumble! But you know, 
you don't gotta hit me so hard!

Viewtiful Joe vs Jun the Swan:
Wooow[m] A perfect mix of shy and sexy! 
You're really something! (Man, Silvia could 
learn a thing or two from her...)

Viewtiful Joe vs Kaijin no Soki:
Um, dude... Here's some advice. It may happen 
in the movies, but that blonde hair 
and huge sword doesn't really scream "samurai"!

Viewtiful Joe vs Karas:
I only got one thing to say to ya, bub. Speed 
alone won't satisfy the crowd! If you wanna 
be a hero, you're gonna need some personality!

Viewtiful Joe vs Ken the Eagle:
Hey, if you guys have an opening, ring me up! 
Whether it's a horned owl, a swallow or heck, 
even a condor, I'd fit the bill!

Viewtiful Joe vs MegaMan Volnutt:
Man, you got so many awesome attachments! 
I'm kinda envious that you got all 
those cool weapons...

Viewtiful Joe vs Morrigan:
Sorry lady, but I've got too many older, 
bat-guano crazy women in my life as it is!

Viewtiful Joe vs Polimar:
Whoa, the real Polimar!? H-O-T! 
Hey, hey, can you sign my helmet!? 
Make it out to "Joe, my No. 1 fan"!

Viewtiful Joe vs PTX-40A:
...Hey, you promised! 
You said you'd let me ride in that big robot! 
And I wanna get my picture taken too!

Viewtiful Joe vs Roll:
A cute robot girl that's also a maid? 
You know, there is such a thing as overkill.

Viewtiful Joe vs Ryu:
Hey... Hey... You're pretty beastly! 
Y-You sure you're human?

Viewtiful Joe vs Saki:
Wait, you're really part 
of the Earth Defense Squad!?
I thought you were just cosplaying!

Viewtiful Joe vs Tekkaman:
Y-Y-You're Tekkaman!? Really!? Sweet! 
I see you all the time when they show reruns!

Viewtiful Joe vs Tekkaman Blade:
Hey hey, don't look so glum, chum!
You tried to finish me off with that Voltekka 
beam and... Wait up. Did I just lose?

Viewtiful Joe vs Yatterman-1:
You're a hero of justice, 
but your lines are lame! 
But you did make a pretty good entrance!

Viewtiful Joe vs Yatterman-2:
Now that's how a heroine's gotta be! Maybe you 
and Sylvia can swap places? ...No? Dang.

Viewtiful Joe vs Viewtiful Joe:
Whoa, it's a fake me! 
But yo, the level of detail is off the charts!
I guess imitation IS flattery.

Viewtiful Joe vs Zero:
Haha! And a new rival enters the ring! Your 
buddy X is gonna be green with envy, dude!



Victory Pose Time! 
Yatter! Yatter! Yatterman!

What a waste of time! 
You might as well not even show up 
if you can't even fight!

Whether I'm blocking or punching, 
I'm always using all of my power! 
That's the Yatterman way!

Evil will find no place to hide in a world 
with Yatterman and Yatter-[p]!

Nice going, Yatter-[p]! 
What? You mean you want me 
to stop calling you that? Why?

Victory Pose! Yatter! 
Yatt...er... You don't seem to be happy 
to be doing the Victory Pose, [p].

That wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be. 
How 'bout we try to be 
a little more carefree, eh?

Great job there, Yatter-Wan! 
You deserve an oil snack for that!

Yatterman-1 vs Alex:
Man almighty! You are diesel! 
Can I touch your bicep?

Yatterman-1 vs Batsu:
You're so keyed up! 
I like it! 
That's how ya do it!

Yatterman-1 vs Casshan:
When I get in close like that, 
I just unleash the ole Kendamagic. 
You'll be feeling it in the morning.

Yatterman-1 vs Chun-Li:
Why'd you hafta kick so hard? 
You can tone it down for a bit, can't ya?

Yatterman-1 vs Doronjo:
Fancy meeting ya here, Doronjo! 
I kinda wish I didn't... but, well, whatever.

Yatterman-1 vs Frank West:
That is a really cool digital camera! 
Can I see it? No? It's for work only? 
Why do you gotta be such a downer?

Yatterman-1 vs Gold Lightan:
I've fought so many crazy, 
messed-up robots in my time, that fighting 
a ginormous lighter ain't no biggie.

Yatterman-1 vs Ippatsuman:
I think that's enough for today. 
I don't want to get this handsome face dirty.

Yatterman-1 vs Joe the Condor:
That's a pretty nifty weapon you got there. 
Mind if I try it out? No? Oh, OK...

Yatterman-1 vs Jun the Swan:
You're fast, I'll give you that. 
But if you telegraph your attacks like that, 
of course I'm gonna dodge them.

Yatterman-1 vs Kaijin no Soki:
What!? You're using a real sword!? I thought 
it was some kind of toy! And here I was 
just takin' it easy the whole time! Yikes!

Yatterman-1 vs Karas:
I didn't notice it earlier, 
but that armor has got lots of gimmicks! 
Can I get one ya think?

Yatterman-1 vs Ken the Eagle:
That's what you get for judging someone 
by their looks, Birdy Man! 
Lucky for you I was holding back!

Yatterman-1 vs MegaMan Volnutt:
So, like, you got a different weapon for every 
attack or something? Pfft... All I need is 
my Kendamagic and I'm good to go.

Yatterman-1 vs Morrigan:
I've seen enough sexy villainesses in my time 
to know what to expect from you! By the way, 
you're way hotter than Doronjo, I gotta say.

Yatterman-1 vs Polimar:
Ummm... That's not what I would call justice. 
You're a bit narrow minded, ain't ya?

Yatterman-1 vs PTX-40A:
Pretty versatile for a robot. I gotta say though, 
your design is pretty old school. You gotta jazz 
that thing up, maybe turn it into an animal...

Yatterman-1 vs Roll: 
Hey, if ya got any free time, 
why don't you come over to my place. 
And don't forget your cleaning supplies! OK?

Yatterman-1 vs Ryu:
Wow! That was a rockin' good time! 
Don't hold back the next time we fight, OK?

Yatterman-1 vs Saki:
I can tell by the look in your eyes 
that you've been in some pretty rough scrapes.

Yatterman-1 vs Tekkaman:
Looooo-ser! Looooo-ser! 
Hey, don't get angry at me! 
Take it out on those alien baddies you fight!

Yatterman-1 vs Tekkaman Blade: 
Hey if you got something buggin' you, 
I could give you some advice!

Yatterman-1 vs Viewtiful Joe: 
When it comes to speed, coolness factor, 
and random craziness, 
I've gotcha beat every time!

Yatterman-1 vs Yatterman-1:
You're getting a little carried away, ain't ya? 
No way are you good Yatterman material!

Yatterman-1 vs Yatterman-2:
Ow-ow-ow! Why in the world are you 
attacking me, Ai-chan!? The enemy's 
over there! See!?

Yatterman-1 vs Zero:
So you're saying you come from a world 
filled with robots like you? That's so cool! 
You gotta take me!



Whenever you're in trouble, just call 
Yatterman and I'll be there![m]

I did it! I won! 
I hope Gan-chan was watching me...

That was pretty tough... 
Without Gan-chan by my side 
I just can't seem to find my rhythm.

Did you underestimate me because 
I'm a girl? Well, too bad for you!

Wow! You're pretty strong there, 
[p]. I'll take back some of 
the things I said about you!

Thanks for getting my back, [p]. 
We'll have no problems fighting together!

OK, [p]. It's time to do our 
victory pose! Yatter! Yatter! Yatterman!

Evil will find no place to hide in a world 
with Yatterman around! OK?

Yatterman-2 vs Alex:
Wow, you got overalls too! 
What kind of business is your family in?

Yatterman-2 vs Batsu:
I can tell that you got 
a real sense of justice! 
Hey, any interest in becoming Yatterman-3?

Yatterman-2 vs Casshan:
Wow! So you're like an android or 
something? I gotta tell Gan-chan 
all about you!

Yatterman-2 vs Chun-Li:
Wow, you are so cool! I'm jealous! 
You're my new hero!

Yatterman-2 vs Doronjo:
That Dorombo Gang never learns 
from their mistakes. Here they 
are again up to no good!

Yatterman-2 vs Frank West:
If you just stand around and take pictures 
all day, of course I'm gonna beat you!

Yatterman-2 vs Gold Lightan:
You're a good robot, aren't ya? 
Sorry about hitting you like that... 
You're not hurt are you?

Yatterman-2 vs Ippatsuman:
So I'm, like, your spiritual predecessor? 
For real? Then why do you have to attack 
me for no reason?

Yatterman-2 vs Joe the Condor:
You looked so angry and your clothes are 
kinda sucky. I thought you were part of 
the Dorombo Gang. You're not though, right?

Yatterman-2 vs Jun the Swan:
That costume is so sweet! 
Can I try it on? Please?

Yatterman-2 vs Kaijin no Soki:
I had no idea swords could conduct electricity 
like that... Sorry about that...

Yatterman-2 vs Karas:
I don't want to do anything ba to your city. 
I'm just chasing after the Dorombo Gang. 
Mind letting me through?

Yatterman-2 vs Ken the Eagle:
We both have to protect the earth, 
so never stop training!

Yatterman-2 vs MegaMan Volnutt:
You are just so cute and polite![m] 
Maybe we can, like, spar again sometime.

Yatterman-2 vs Morrigan:
I know I won the fight and all, but I feel like 
I lost out to you as a woman. Why is that?

Yatterman-2 vs Polimar:
I didn't know you could change into a drill! 
Wow! You almost hurt me there!

Yatterman-2 vs PTX-40A:
Oops! I thought you were just a robot... 
I had no idea someone was in there... 
Are you mad?

Yatterman-2 vs Roll: 
So you're like really goo at cleaning 
and stuff? Maybe you can show me how?

Yatterman-2 vs Ryu:
Wow, you're one tough cookie! 
Good thing I brought my A-game 
or I would've been done for!

Yatterman-2 vs Saki:
Wow! You got someone you're in love with too? 
Let's go over there so I can hear all about it!

Yatterman-2 vs Tekkaman:
Hey, hey, hey! Shouldn't swing around something 
so big and dangerous like that! You could break 
something and then how would you feel?

Yatterman-2 vs Tekkaman Blade: 
I was all scared of you at first, 
but I don't think you're a bad guy... 
Maybe I shouldn't have beat you...

Yatterman-2 vs Viewtiful Joe: 
When you said you liked movies, I thought you 
meant watching them, not fighting like you're 
in one. Not bad bananas!

Yatterman-2 vs Yatterman-1:
Gan-chan, wake up, will ya!? 
This is no time to be sleeping...

Yatterman-2 vs Yatterman-2:
I'm Gan-chan's real girlfriend, not a 
fake floozy like you! I'm also the real 

Yatterman-2 vs Zero:
Ooh... I didn't mean to bust you up like that. 
Don't worry, I'll fix you up in a jiffy!



The key to victory is understanding 
your enemy's strengths and weaknesses.

That was pathetic... 
Returning to base!

You're so slow that I can read 
every single one of your moves...

Are you OK, [p]?
You should stay behind me next time.

You did alright, [p].

Nice work, [p]! 
Let's keep this up on the next mission!

Mission completed. Send me 
the coordinates for my next target.

Checkmate. You're all out of moves.

Zero vs Alex:
I must get stronger... 
I'm sorry, but you're going 
to have to let me pass.

Zero vs Batsu:
Haven't you ever heard of the phrase, 
"The best offense is a good defense"?
You'll never win without a sound defense.

Zero vs Casshan:
What's the point of being invulnerable if you 
are just going to lose over and over again?

Zero vs Chun-Li:
Your kicks are impressive for a human. 
I'd probably lose a couple of parts if 
you were to land one on me.

Zero vs Doronjo:
Did you think that I would fall for your 
goofy act and let my guard down? I've 
been in this business far too long for that.

Zero vs Frank West:
You have more to you than I thought, 
but humans do have their limits.

Zero vs Gold Lightan:
Is that all you've got? 
Maybe if you applied yourself a bit 
more you would have had a chance...

Zero vs Ippatsuman:
If only I could be fooled by such 
mundane and readable attacks... 

Zero vs Joe the Condor:
Does that little gun of yours make you 
feel big? Did you think you could touch 
me with that?

Zero vs Jun the Swan:
I can see that you are very skilled with 
that weapon, but all your practice has 
gone to waste if you can't hit anyone.

Zero vs Kaijin no Soki:
Did you know that diving into a fight 
recklessly actually makes it easier for 
your opponent to deal with you?

Zero vs Karas:
I've already fully analyzed your style with 
that blade. Your chance of ever defeating me 
is now zero percent.

Zero vs Ken the Eagle:
Science Ninja... 
Are you advertising for some kind 
of children's toys or something?

Zero vs MegaMan Volnutt:
You remind me so much of X... 
What Hunter unit are you in?

Zero vs Morrigan:
I won't be seduced by you, demon. 
I have friends I need to get back to.

Zero vs Polimar:
Wait, your body isn't mechanical? 
Then how are you able to transform like that?

Zero vs PTX-40A:
A large body has its shortcomings in battle. 
At your size you're basically dead on sight 
in a close combat fight.

Zero vs Roll:
What are you doing here? You're just 
a housekeeping Reploid... You should get 
home immediately before you malfunction.

Zero vs Ryu:
Your skills are quite impressive... 
But I didn't earn the title of 
Rank SA Hunter for no reason.

Zero vs Saki:
Using the most powerful weapon you can 
find won't necessarily lead you to victory.
You should use a weapon that suits you.

Zero vs Tekkaman:
Your blows are just as powerful as mine... 
It doesn't matter how much you focus 
on the fight, someone still loses.

Zero vs Tekkaman Blade:
You've got the moves, but you move too much.

Zero vs Viewtiful Joe:
So annoying... 
Why don't you try being an actor or 
something if you want so much attention?

Zero vs Yatterman-1:
That's right, you've lost. 
Where's that goofy smile now?

Zero vs Yatterman-2:
I can tell that you've trained very hard 
with that weapon. The electricity it emits 
tickles a bit.

Zero vs Zero:
You've got some nerve copying my form. 
But is there anything else in that tin can 
other than nerve?





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are the respective properties of Capcom and Tatsunoko Pro. 
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