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by Efaj

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Guide and Walkthrough by Efaj

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/11/2011

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5ds Wheelie Breakers (Wii) FAQ v1.1

By Efaj

darth_emmanuel_2 IN hotmail YouKnowWhatGoesHere com

Legal Stuff

Give me credit.




  • First version


  • Added the start of character unlockables and cup unlockables.
  • Some fixes.



Handle with care. This guide doesn't go into Story details AT ALL, but it does spoil the character rooster... which anyways you can see in the intro movie...

I will be referring to Duel Runners as D-Wheels, as it's the Japanese name, it sounds cooler, and is shorter.

Wheelie Breakers is the first Yu-Gi-Oh! Game to feature a racing mechanic. A racing mechanic was also added to Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2009 Stardust Accelerator, though, very less complex.

You DO NOT DUEL here. Instead, the winner is the first to complete the laps like your average racing game. You use your deck very much like power-ups in Mario Kart or Wipeout, though more like Wipeout, you have a life meter with you Life Points.

This game HAS local multiplayer with either Wii mote+Nunchuk or Wiimote+Classic Controller. It does NOT have Wi-Fi multiplayer.



Each character includes their own D-Wheel. You can only use your own in story mode, but it increases in performance through it having the stats of a top-tier one.

  • You: You start out with 15 different color schemes out of 45 for your character, number 15 being pretty much like Yusei. You can change your and your D-Wheel's name and color ANY time in the Options Menu,Edit Profile. Starting out with 1 scan slot, your D-Wheel will improve after stage 4 (to 3 slots) and before stage 8 (to 5 slots).
  • Hoodlum: A regular Satellite scum.
  • Leo|Lua|Rua: Luna's|Luca's|Ruka's twin brother. He uses Morphtronic monsters. His boss monster looks like a truck and fires a long ranged shot that explodes on impact with the ground. Can be hard to dodge if you are on a narrow stretch.
  • Facility Chief|Armstrong: The chief (or ex-chief) of a jail in Neo Domino City. His deck has several direct damage|Burn effects, and receiving an attack locks your hand for a while.
  • Officer Tetsu Trudge: A Security officer that dislikes Satellite residents. He has a tuner monster, the synchro Goyo Guardian boasting an attack of 2800, and a wall monster. Wall monsters leave "copies" of themselves to block you. Should you pass over one, you'll be slowed down and lose some Life Points.
  • Akiza|Aki: A signer part of the Arcadia Movement with psychic duelist abilities. Has the Black Rose Dragon.
  • Hunter Pace|Mukuro Enjo: A D-Wheeler that insists on fighting and defeating the king no matter what. His deck features burning effects
  • Greiger|Bommer: A tall D-Wheeler with muscles with the largest D-Wheel. His deck features burning effects.
  • Yusei Fudo: The protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5ds. A signer who values the bonds he has with... well everything... from cards to people. He owns the Stardust Dragon.
  • Security 1 and Security 2: 2 anonymous cops from Security.
  • Luna|Ruka|Luca: Leo's twin sister. A Signer who dislikes dueling. Her Sunlight Unicorn will heal after landing an attack.
  • Bolt Tanner: A former pro D-Wheeler. All his monsters hit hard.
  • Jack Atlas: The (former) King of Neo Domino City. He owns a unique D-Wheel, the Wheel of Fortune and the synchro monster Red Archfiend Dragon|Red Demon Dragon. He has lots of traps against monster attacks.
  • Randsborg: An armored knight in a motorcycle.
  • Lazar: A clown in a motorcycle.

Characters who don't have a D-Wheel in the show are labeled with Solid Vision in the results page.



This game has 2 modes: Normal and Survival. The difference comes when your Life Points reach 0. If it's Survival, you lose. If it's Normal, you halt completely, your D-Wheel spins around and you have to wait until your Life Points are refilled to be able to accelerate again.

You have 1 resource: Speed Counters|D-Counters. You can see them in the top right corner, it's the number (There's also a bar that shows your speed). Speed Counters are used to summon monsters(You can only have 1 monster summoned at a time, a new one releases the old one) and perform attacks, they are refilled simply by moving over time but also, all at once, by passing over an Action Point sphere.

Some monsters have better homing than others, and not all monsters have the same range: Stardust Dragon has one of the longest ranged attacks, while Sonic Chick has a med-short range attack.

Scattered across the track, there are 2 kinds of "power-ups": Spheres and Cards. You have to pick Cards to draw (if you have already 6 in your hand, you must use or discard one before) and Spheres instantly refill your Speed Counters to 12 (max 12) which is useful to throw a barrage of attacks at your opponent.

Should you run out of cards in your deck and hand, that's it. You can't refill your deck.


Controls | How to Play

Menu controls are the standard: A to confirm, B to cancel but it uses the D-Pad on the Wii mote to move the selection.

CBrake or ReverseY
Control StickSteer D-WheelLeft Analog
D-pad L or RSelect cardR
D-Pad UpUse cardA
D-Pad DownDiscardZR
AAttack with monsterX
Shake WiimoteDrive backwardsL
BRear view (Hold it)ZL

You can only discard if you have 6 cards in your hand. Drive backwards is used to target opponents behind you with your monster attacks.


Deck Building

Decks start at 15 but can have more. You can only have a card with the same name 3 times in your deck. Synchros are summoned like a normal monster, and there is no need for tributes|release for high level monsters (You'll just need more speed counters)



Monsters have different types here:

  • Effect: They have different effects, you have to read each to know how they work.
  • Synchro: If you summon one over a Tuner, it will cost you less counters. They may also have effects.
  • Tuner: They reduce the summoning cost of Synchro Monsters when you already have a tuner summoned and are going to replace it with a Synchro. For example, Junk Synchron will reduce their cost by 3 counters.
  • Normal: They have no effect, but they use to be cheaper and better at pure attacking.
By Attack type

Glossary: Homing refers to the ability of a shot to change direction after being shot. Targeting refers to the ability of a monster/shot to go towards the opponent when being shot, if the opponent moves, or there is a turn, it would therefore miss.

  • Projectile: Most monsters belong to this type. Their attack is launched in the direction you are currently looking, and each monster has different degrees of targeting, homing, and size. Usually, more costly attacks will be better in all three (i.e. Sonic Chick fires 3 really small shots that don't target at all nor home, while Stardust will fire one large shot that will target precisely and have a good homing)
  • Wall: This are defensive monsters. Usually with low attack and higher defenses, they focus on helping you keep your position. They work by leaving behind a sort of copy of themselves that will stay in place, therefore, they have 0 targeting and 0 homing. When an opponent passes through them, that's what counts as an attack, they will receive damage, and some effects may activate (like Gate Blocker that reduces speed)
  • Blast: The least common type, Leo's Gadget Hauler belongs here. It has minimal targeting and no homing, but, when it hits, whether it's an opponent, a wall, or the road, it will make a blast that will damage everyone that touches it. It will even last some time in that area.


Card Scanning

You can increase the specs of every D-Wheel by scanning cards. To do so, go to Tune-Up mode and onto the D-Wheel you want to tune. Now select a card to increase it's stats: Monster for better top speed, Magic for acceleration, and Traps for handling.


General Tips

  1. Sonic Chick.... ALWAYS HAVE IT. I cleared Story mode the first time SO many times thanks to it. I had 2 in the deck and had it as Destiny Draw. If your opponent summons a tough monster, Sonic Chick time. They won't release it to summon a weaker monster to destroy your Chick, so you get a perfect Wall. You can even try to attack if you are close enough and destroy their monster.
  2. Cards to draw cards: Cards that draw 1 card are BAD. Never use them if that's their only effect. In normal yugioh, they are useful because your deck is of 40 cards, so it helps to thin, but here your deck can already be way small, and you actually need cards to be able to use throughout all the race (small decks can't spam cards). Exception to this is Shift Down as it has no hard requisite unlike Treasure Map, and allows you to draw 2 cards.
  3. Yami + Level Down?! + Rush Recklessly = WIN! = Dark Level Rush Combo : This is how you can beat your Story Mode the first time easily (hey, but don't limit yourself to just that, it can even give you wins in other modes). You must ready your hand to have 1xYami, 1xLevel Down and the most Rush Recklessly you can have. You use this combo when you are in second place near the end of the final lap, to know the timing, you have to learn how long rush recklessly lasts and the distance your D-Wheel does in that time. Start out by using Yami and Level Down?! (if you are worse than second place, use Level Down until only the first place is in front of you) in that order to severely hamper your opponent (I recommend you also have Sonic Chick as monster to protect yourself against attacks. Having High LP is also recommended, so don't be afraid of getting hit in the earlier laps if that means you'll reach this point with high LP after spinning out). Then Rush Recklessly. If you have several Rushes, then you can start the combo from earlier, it doesn't matter if Yami and Level Down run out, as Rush will keep your advantage. Time it so that you pass the finish line as Rush runs out, or so as to minimize the time without Rush. If you activate Rush too late, you won't be able to gain as much distance from the 1st place, maybe even not being able to pass him. Later in the game, replace Rush with Rising Air Current
  4. Burn Decks: They can be the solution to several of your problems. Quickly finish a survival race in a cup with one, or even beat Jack easily (as he can easily protect against lots of attacks, but no effect damage). The Chief(Mass Driver, Restructer Revolution), Trudge(Sonic Buster) and Pace give you easy cards to build it.


Story Mode

Clear Story mode before anything else. It unlocks you extra cards, D-Wheels, and improves the performance of yours, making it easier to complete the other mode. Clearing it a second time unlocks some extra chars and stage select, and is slightly different than the first time, and every stage unlocks you other new cards.

You can only use your own D-Wheel in Story Mode. Complete each stage for more cards, some require up to 10 completions like Akiza for Black Rose Dragon (though you'll actually unlock it after doing so AND beating platinum cup)

Stage 1

VS Hoodlum in Satellite

This is a simple race, if you don't win it, that's because you haven't completely learned the basics, so it's good to repeat it. Remember to scan a card to improve your D-Wheel.

Unlocks Hoodlum and his D-Wheel and Skull Collector. It's a nice card with cheap and high attack and a nice effect (Destroys a spell card from opponent hand when his attack connects and has 2000 Atk) Only prob, it's 0 Defense, but if you can summon it and attack quickly, you can destroy your opponent's monster before it attacks and keep him controlled that way. It has short range but a nice targetting.


Stage 2

VS Leo in Bay City

When he has his morphtronic celfon, try to destroy it. You can use Junk Warrior at this point. Do this to force him to use his truck monster. Once that's out, change to Sonic Chick and ready yourself to perform the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips.

Unlocks Leo and his D-Wheel, and Morphtronic Celfon. It allows you to draw a card when it's destroyed.


Stage 3

VS Armstrong|Facility Chief in Facility

Beware, when his dragon hits you, your hand will be locked. He can also destroy cards in your hand, so from this point on, it's useful to have 2 Sonic Chicks. Summon Chick when you see his dragon out. If it's not, you can try to harass him with Junk Warrior. Set up to perform the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips.

Unlocks Facility Chief|Armstrong and his D-Wheel


Stage 4

VS Trudge in Pipeline

When Goyo is out, Sonic Chick time. Don't destroy it, he won't switch to a weaker monster, so you'll be immune to attacks. Prepare to perform the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips and win.

He is your first opponent with a Wall type monster. Their attacks leave an obstacle behind that will hit you and slow you down if you crash against it.

Unlocks Trudge and his D-wheel


Stage 5

VS Aki in City Midtown

Your D-Wheel just got improved. Go and scan 2 additional cards onto it.

This stage can be a pain. First it's hard to make the turns at this point, so you may want to improve acceleration (or handling if you feel it helps you) a bit. And she also has a wall to make things worse. Her Black Rose Dragon has incredible aim and homing, so your best defense will be Sonic Chick if it comes. Don't worry about being second place through out the race... just be ready to perform the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips at the end and claim victory.

Unlocks Aki and her D-Wheel and Wall of Ivy. You may want to buy it, as it will be your first wall monster and it will help you in the Bronze Cup which you'll probably spend in First Place


Stage 6

vs Hunter Pace|Mukuro Enjo in City Bay Area - R

He can burn, but all in all he should be no problem at this point. Just keep up what you've been doing and perform the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips. If you invested a lot in acceleration or handling for last race, you may want to switch to top speed some for this race.

Unlocks Hunter Pace and his D-Wheel and Burning Skull Head, which gives a 200 burn to ALL opponents. May be nice in the Cups.


Stage 7

vs Grieger|Bommer in City - Suburbs

Beware his massive D-Wheel. Fortunately, this track is wide so it shouldn't bother you much. He also has a lot of burn, but, there's nothing you can do at this point against it, so just eat it and try not to get attacked. You may use Sonic Chick to be defensive, but because of his size you can be more offensive with Junk Warrior as it will be easy to hit him since this track also has several straight stretches.

Unlocks Grieger and Summon Reactor - SK. It heals you a bit when your opponent summons a monster


Stage 8

vs Yusei Fudo in Duel Stadium

Welcome to the smallest track. It also has the highest concentration of power-ups so be ready for a race with lots of cards involved. This is it, the final stage of Story Mode. Beware, as he has Magic Cylinder which will negate your attack and return it and also Stardust dragon, so you may want to evade attacking and just stick to Sonic Chick and the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips.

With your D-Wheel at it's max, scan the extra 2 cards.

Unlocks Yusei and his D-Wheel, new colors for your D-Wheel and clothes, and Stardust Dragon for 10,000. It has incredible range, aiming and homing, and protects your set cards from destruction.


Stage 1b

vs Security in Satellite

Should be a breeze, especially with your maxed D-Wheel. Remember to scan all 5 cards if you haven't.

Unlocks Security 1 and Security 2 and D-Wheel.


Stage 5b

vs Luna in City Midtown

She has ample Life Point recovery, so you may not be able to make her spin even once and his Sunlight Unicorn can attack quickly, even destroying your Junk Warrior or Stardust Dragon before they can attack (while healing her even more) so if you don't control her from early on, it may be best to stick to Sonic Chick and the Dark Level Rush Combo from General Tips though by this point it's not as effective.

Unlocks Luna and her D-Wheel and Sunlight Unicorn, a 1800 ATK monster that gives 500 LP when it's attack connects.


Stage 8b

vs Jack Atlas in Duel Stadium

Get ready for the final race of story mode, and one of the hardest as Jack has high top speed and ample cards to stop your attacks. You will need an aggressive strategy against him, and it's recommended you have Stardust Dragon already as Jack can easily get far enough from you that only Stardust will hit him.

Don't miss any power-up, and keep firing with Stardust at all times. Remember to fire before picking a sphere so you throw 2 attack in a row, and when passing near the starting line, always go through the "pit" area so you can fire away around 3 shots. Expect to barely hit him, as he will constantly summon new monsters and is armed with Mirror Force and several traps to negate your attacks.

Now, you'll unlock a stage select from the Story mode stages and Jack Atlas and his D-wheel.


Extra Story Mode Unlockables

After you have cleared Story Mode twice, here are the cards you can unlock if you keep on beating stages:


1st time is done on the first story mode run

  • x2 Paralizing Potion
  • x3 Dragged Down into the Grave


1st and 2nd times are done while clearing story mode twice.

  • x3 Stumbling
  • x4 Morphtransition
  • x5 Fighting Spirit
  • x6 ---


1st and 2nd times are done while clearing story mode twice.

  • x3 Mass Driver
  • x4 Iron Chain Snake
  • x5 Restructer Revolution
  • x6 Harpie's Feather Duster
  • x7 Reload
  • x8 --- Facility Chief Armstrong complete


1st and 2nd times are done while clearing story mode twice.

  • x3 Jutte
  • x4 Solemn Judgment
  • x5 Graceful Dice
  • x6 Sonic Buster
  • x7 Gate Blocker
  • x8 --- Security Tetsu Trudge complete


1st time is done during the second story mode run.

  • x2 Treasure Map
  • x3 Goblin Secret Remedy


1st time is done during the second story mode run.

  • x2 Burning Land


1st and 2nd times are done while clearing story mode twice.

  • x3 Terraforming


1st time is done during the first story mode run.

  • x1 Stardust Dragon
  • x2 Magic Cylinder
  • x3 Srap-Iron Scarecrow
  • x4 Barrel Behind the Door
  • x5 Magic Jammer
  • x6 Shift Down
  • x7 Slip Stream
  • x8 Speed Warrior
  • x9 Graceful Charity
  • x10 Super Rejuvenation, Curse of Aging AND Synchro Strike


1st time is done during the second story mode run.

  • x2 Remove Trap



You'll unlock the remaining stuff here, doing the 4 Cups: Bronze Cup, Silver Cup, Gold Cup and Platinum Cup. This includes Red Archfiend Dragon and Black Rose Dragon, both which will need you to unlock all cards from Jack and Akiza respectively. Cups will also give you the recipes for each character's decks, and some have more than 1. Note that you still need to buy the cards you miss to use them.

Beating a cup with first place on EVERY race will unlock new cloth and D-Wheel colours.

Ideally, you'll want to unlock all story mode cards first, so you are fully armed AND you only have to clear each cup once.

  • Bronze: You'll get extra rewards from clearing Hoodlum, Security and Leo.
  • Silver: You'll get extra rewards from clearing Chief and Trudge.
  • Gold: You'll get extra rewards from clearing Jack.
  • Platinum: You'll get extra rewards from clearing Akiza|Aki

For the races with Survival rules, use a burn deck: (This deck can be improved a lot, but this will likely be the easiest cards you can get quickly)

  • x3 Mass Driver
  • x3 Burning Skull Head
  • x1 Goyo Guardian/Stardust Dragon or the highest ATK monster you can get. Set as Destiny Draw
  • x3 Restructer Revolution
  • x3 Sonic Buster
  • x3 Sparks

Your only problem will likely be Luna, but if you stay away from the action, the other competitors will "help" weaken her.



This will get you:

  • Character Design (Perfect Score, 1st place in all races)
  • D-Wheel Design (Perfect Score, 1st place in all races)



This will get you:

  • Goyo Guardian Needs Security Tetsu Trudge complete.
  • Trudge's Deck Recipe
  • Security 2's Recipe
  • Iron Chain Dragon Needs Facility Chief Armstrong complete.
  • Facility Chief's Recipe
  • Character Design (Perfect Score, 1st place in all races)
  • D-Wheel Design (Perfect Score, 1st place in all races)



This will get you:

  • Red Dragon Archfiend Needs Jack Atlas complete.
  • Jack's Recipe Type B



This will get you:



My little brother for playing while I was making this, further advancing it's speed of development.