How can i unlock the rest of the helicopters and replay campaign?

  1. This is for unlocking helicopters and replaying campaign missions. twinstriker - 13 years ago - report


  1. I know of two.
    But am in the process of creating an FAQ
    The Red Fox HS (Hot S**T)
    is unlocked by explodifying the building on the outskirts of the city (with the logo on top) in mission 9 of the campaign, incidentally, this HAS to be done during campaign, arcade won't cut it, it is not rendered.
    The Black Tiger FT (F*****G Treats)
    Is on mission 13, cast into the darkness, a building with the cat logo on top, on the beach JUST in front of where you start the mission, it's hard to miss, you can even abort the mission and start again with the new helicopter.
    As with the previous unlock, it has to be done during the campaign run through, it's just not there in arcade for some reason)

    This means that I have missed two, and have to play through searching extensively, and also if you miss one, you have to start the whole thing again.
    Luckily, this is a single afternoon game, so you're not loosing much time either.
    I'll post my FAQ when I know how, for some reason there isn't a 'submit' link :/
    Orca87 - 12 years ago - report 0   0
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