How do I beat level six Tank?

  1. I run out of missles and get killed before the tank has any significant damage. Is there a reprovisioning station or repair station on this level? Lawrence_E - 12 years ago - report
  2. I tried every sort of tactic! How didi you manage to do it ? shooting to which side of the tank ? pinturicchio4 - 9 years ago - report


  1. It took me a lot of tries to figure this out also, but what I mainly used for this level were my machine guns. They seemed more effective, though I did use my missiles while I was approaching the tanks. While I was shooting a target I would often get a missile lock on me and what I did was just yank my nunchuk to the left/right which would quickly more the helicopter left/right making the missile miss me. I would get hit less and wouldn't really have to move my helicopter as much. -- hope this helps. aggiegrl87 - 12 years ago - report 0   0
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