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Game Script by Taidow

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/25/2009

SSS     OO   OO NN NN     NN   II   CC
SSS     OO   OO NN  NN    NN   II   CC
    SSS OO   OO NN     NN NN   II   CC
    SSS OO   OO NN      NNNN   II   CC
             d    BBBBBBBB   LL       AAAAAAAA  CCCCCC KK     KK
aaaa n n     d    BB     BB  LL       AAAAAAAA CCC     KK    KK
   a nn n  ddd    BB      BB LL       AA    AA CC      KK   KK
aaaa n  n d  d    BB     BB  LL       AA    AA CC      KK  KK
a  a n  n d  d    BB    BB   LL       AA    AA CC      KKKKK
aaaa n  n  ddd    BBBBBBB    LL       AAAAAAAA CC      KKKK
                  BBBBBBB    LL       AA    AA CC      KKKK
   t  h     ee    BB    BB   LL       AA    AA CC      KK KK
  ttt h    e  e   BB     BB  LL       AA    AA CC      KK  KK
   t  hhhh eeee   BB      BB LL       AA    AA CC      KK   KK
   t  h  h e      BB     BB  LLLLLLLL AA    AA CCC     KK    KK
    t h  h  eee   BBBBBBBBB  LLLLLLLL AA    AA  CCCCCC KK     KK

                       KK     KK NNN        NN IIIIII   GGGGGG  HH   HH TTTTTTT
                       KK    KK  NNNN       NN IIIIII  GG     G HH   HH TTTTTTT
                       KK   KK   NN NN      NN   II   GG        HH   HH   TTT
                       KK  KK    NN  NN     NN   II   GG        HH   HH   TTT
                       KKKKK     NN   NN    NN   II   GG        HH   HH   TTT
                       KKKK      NN    NN   NN   II   GG        HHHHHHH   TTT
                       KK KK     NN     NN  NN   II   GG   GGGG HH   HH   TTT
                       KK  KK    NN      NN NN   II   GG   G  G HH   HH   TTT
                       KK   KK   NN       NNNN   II   GG      G HH   HH   TTT
                       KK    KK  NN        NNN IIIIII  GG     G HH   HH   TTT
                       KK     KK NN         NN IIIIII   GGGGGG  HH   HH   TTT


Game: Sonic and the Black Knight
Platform: Wii
Version: 1.0
Author of Guide: Taidow
Last Updated: 11/30/12


A. Introduction [P01]

B. Story [P02]

C. Characters [P03]

	1. Sonic the Hedgehog [KOTW]

	2. Caliburn [SS]

	3. Merlina the Wizard [RW]

	4. King Arthur [KABK]

	5. Blacksmith [MTP]
	6. Nimue [LOTL]

	7. Sir Lancelot [KOTL]

	8. Sir Gawain [KOTS]

	9. Sir/Dame Percival [KOTG]

	10. Amy Rose [PPH]

D. Scene Titles [P04]

	1. Opening [ST01]

	2. Introduction [ST02]

	3. Merlina's Request [ST03]

	4. The Sacred Sword Caliburn [ST04]

	5. Search for the Lady of the Lake [ST05]

	6. To the Blacksmith [ST06]

	7. I'm the Blacksmith [ST07]

	8. Sir Lancelot Appears [ST08]

	9. Lady of the Lake [ST09]

	10. A Knight's Duty [ST10]

	11. Sir Gawain Appears [ST11]

	12. Gawain's Defeat [ST12]

	13. Knight's Lesson [ST13]

	14. Sir Percival Appears [ST14]

	15. Percival's Defeat [ST15]

	16. To King Arthur [ST16]

	17. The King's Battle [ST17]

	18. Glory of Victory [ST18]

	19. The New Reign [ST19]

	20. World Destruction [ST20]

	21. Oath-Bearing Knights [ST21]

	22. Barrier #1 [ST22]

	23. Barrier #2 [ST23]

	24. Barrier #3 [ST24]

	25. Into the Dark Hollow [ST25]

	26. The Dark Queen [ST26]

	27. Excalibur-Sonic [ST27]

	28. Denoument [ST28]

	29. Credits #1 [ST29]

	30. Threat to the Kingdom / The King's Peril (Credits #2) [ST30]

E. Version Updates [P05]

F. Legal Notices [P06]

G. Frequently Asked Questions [P07]

H. Special Thanks [P08]

I. Contact Info [P09]




Hi. This is my first FAQ ever. I thought it would be fun to make it be a Game 

Well Let's Go!




(Taken from Intruction Booklet)

One day while Sonic is waiting for a potentially stressful encounter with Amy, 
he is summoned into the book of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table 
by Merlina, the Royal Wizard of Camelot. She is being hunted down by King 
Arthur himself and begs Sonic to help her save the fabled kingdom.

Out blue hero immidiately finds himself in the middle of the action where he 
is greetedby a not-so-noble looking knight. The once beloved ruler is now 
bewitched by the power
of the mighty Excalibur's scabbard, and as the Black Knight, he is spreading
terror throughout Camelot.

To defeat the evil king, Sonic will partner up with Caliburn, a sacred sword
with a proud manner. Sonic must learn to properly handle the blade as an 
honorable knight and prove he is worthy of challenging the great king.

Meeting familiar faces along the way, Sonic must defeat the evil Arthur and
ultimately find a way to restore Camelot.




1. Sonic the Hedgehog [KOTW]

Our 15-year-old super fast hero has arrived. He is summoned into the world of
King Arthurto defeat the Black Knight and restore peace to Camelot. In this 
game he wields Caliburn.

He will encounter many characters that will either support or harm him in his

He is known as the Knight of the Wind.

2. Caliburn [SS]

This arrogant talking sword is Sonic's companion in this game. He is smart and
He will teach Sonic what it takes to be a true knight.

3. Merlina the Wizard [RW]

She looks familiar somehow....have we seen her before?

Merlina bears a strong similarity with Shahra the Genie of the Ring from Sonic
and the Secret Rings.

Merlina summons Sonic to help her save the kingdom of Camelot. Just remember
this are not always what they seem. dun-dun-DUN.

4. King Arthur [KABK]

The once beloved king is now the Black Knight and is turning his kingdom 
upside down.

Sonic must find a way to defeat him and save the kingdom. He commands the 
Knights of the Underworld.

He wields his sword named Deathcalibur.

5. Blacksmith [MTP]

Hey, he looks like HIM!
Just like before, Tails plays the role of a storybook character. First Ali 
Baba and now the Blacksmith.

During Sonic's travels he will use him a lot.

6. Nimue [LOTL]

Hey, it's HER!
After making an absence in the Sonic and the Secret Rings story, Amy plays the
role of 
Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. 

She is the one who gave Excalibur's scabbard to King Arthur in the first 
place, and she will help our hero in defeating the evil king.

7. Sir Lancelot [KOTL]

Its the Ultimate Knight! Sir Shad...Lancelot.

Lancelot is just as stubborn as that black hedgehog and also just as 

Lancelot's loyalty to the king is second to none.

He is known as the Knight of the Lake, and he wields the sacred sword 

8. Sir Gawain [KOTS]

What a knucklehead! Yup. It's not Sinbad anymore. It's Sir Gawain. Knuckles
plays this 
role and it suits him quite nicely. 

Gawain handles twin swords and his strength is second to none.

He is known as the Knight of the Sun, and he wields the sacred sword Galatine.

9. Sir Percival [KOTG]

It should be Dame Percival but I guess Sonic Team messed up, and I'm calling
her Dame Percival so too bad.

Percival is hot and noble as Blaze the Cat. That's because that IS Blaze's
role here.

Percival is the only female knight. 

She is known as the Knight of the Grail and wields the sacred sword Laevatein.

10. Amy Rose [PPH]

Sonic's stalker lady. But why do I mention her? You'll see later.




[ST01] Opening

* Scene starts out with a crow flying away, and there is a girl running away.
Suddenly a dude on a horse goes flying to the sky and takes out his sword and
with the sword he summons many evil minions. They all surround her and she
bangs her staff on the ground and begins her incantation. *

MERLINA: Ifaras zaras yezaras,
	 Ifaris zaris yezarik
	 O brave knight, swift as the wind, heed my call.

* A portal opens and Sonic comes falling down along with two chili dogs.*

SONIC: Wwwwwooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
* He faceplants on the ground and quickly goes to catch his chili dogs.*

SONIC: Hey... Where am I?

MERLINA: Being from a distant world, please forgive my abrupt summons.

*Sonic starts to look around and eats one chili dog*

SONIC: Oh! I get it. No problem. I'm used to stuff like this.

*quickly takes out the enemies and catches his last chili dog.*
*A long pause occurs and Sonic is about to attack the Black Knight*

MERLINA: No! You mustn't! 

*Pulls Sonic back, and makes him drop his chili dog*
*Makes a small twister around them and Sonic sees his chili dog fly away*

SONIC: Nooooo!

*They disappear*
*The Black Knight flies up to a cliff and there are three knight kneeling
down to him*

ARTHUR: I shall give chase. 
	Spread out and go after them. Slay them on sight.

*He flies away and all three nod*

PERCIVAL: Let's go.

GAWAIN: Must we? She is the Royal Wizard after all.

LANCELOT: The King's orders are absolute, Gawain.

GAWAIN: I know, but...

PERCIVAL: Without loyalty to the king we are nothing. 

*Lancelot nods*
*Lancelot and Gawain start walking*

PERCIVAL: Still, the King...He has changed, and this kingdom...

[ST02] Introduction

SONIC: Why'd you stop me? I could have taken him down, no problem.

MERLINA: You do not understand. He cannot be wounded.

SONIC: How can that be?

MERLINA: He bears the scabbard of Excalibur.

SONIC: Hey wait a second...I think I've heard that name before? Ummm lemme

MERLINA: Excalibur is King Arthur's sword.

SONIC: Oh yeah right! So that means...

MERLINA: This is the land ruled by King Arthur.

SONIC: Woah, but was that really the King himself? He seemed way different in
       the stories.

MERLINA: Let us go. We can talk along the way. Let me introduce myself. I am
	 Merlina the Wizard.

SONIC: I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog.

[ST03] Merlina's Request

MERLINA: He was once a wise and just ruler. He was blessed with noble knights
	 and praised by all. However...

SONIC: ...he got a little sidetracked?

MERLINA: Yes. Nimue, the Lady of the Lake gave him Excalibur. He was bewitched
	 by the power of immortality its scabbard bestowed. He became immortal,
	 summoning legions from the Underworld. He is plunging his kingdom into a
	 world of horror and chaos.

SONIC: You mean like big old haunted house? Haha! This will be cool. It will
       be like Halloween all year long.

MERLINA: Maybe so, but I fear there will nobody left to enjoy it. We must act

SONIC: You mean take out King Arthur? What about the immortal thing?

MERLINA: Beyond this misty lake, sleeps a sacred sword. With that sword...

SONIC: Yeah, yeah, I'll go get it. Be back in a flash!

MELINA: Sonic wait! *Puts a gaunlet on his hand*

SONIC: *Whistles*

MERLINA: Good luck. 

[ST04] The Sacred Sword Caliburn

SONIC: This must be it.

MERLINA: Are you ready?

SONIC: Ready for what?

MERLINA: If you remove that sword and take out King Arthur with it, you shall
	 be known as the worst of knights, slayer of Kings.

SONIC: Guess I can't be the hero everytime.
*Pulls sword*

       The scared sword...

MERLINA: It goes by the name, Caliburn.

SONIC: It's kinda sorry looking.


Sonic: Woah! 

Caliburn: You are the chosen one? You are but a squire!

Sonic: Oh yeah!? Says you!

Merlina: The sword has a mind of its own. It selects its bearer.

SONIC: Yeah? It's got pretty smart mouth on it for a sword.

CALIBURN: Hmmp. The inpertinent one is you, knave. Brace yourself, for I will
	  train you until you are worthy.

*King Arthur appears*

SONIC: All right professor, work your magic!

[ST05] Search for the Lady of the Lake

SONIC: This could go on forever. You sure you are a scared sword?

CALIBURN: It is you sir, who lacks the proper fighting skills.

ARTHUR: Ha! A fool of a knight. Not even worth slaying.

CALIBURN: You see, he thinks so too.

SONIC: Well its your fault. You're a sad excuse for a teacher.

*King Arthur Flies away*

MERLINA: For as long as he bears that scabbard, we may never be able to defeat
         King Arthur.

SONIC: So what are we gonna do?

CALIBURN: You must ask the scabbard's former owner how to hinder its power.

SONIC: And who would that be?

MERLINA: Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. The one I mentioned earlier.

SONIC: What are we waiting for? Let's go pay her a little visit.

CALIBURN: I fear it will not be as simple as that.

SONIC: Whadya mean?

CALIBURN: You shall for yourself. Onward my young knave.

SONIC: Stop calling me knave! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.

CALIBURN: Very well then, I shall call you Knave the Hedgehog.

SONIC: Whatever you oversized letter opener.

[ST06] To the Blacksmith

CALIBURN: Hmmm...I suppose something must be done about this.

SONIC: What're ya talking about?

CALIBURN: My edge has grown blunt. Being in that rock for so long has taken
	  its toll.

SONIC: Ha! Not the shapest tool in the shed, huh!

CALIBURN: That's because a gentleman shouldn't have such an edge.

SONIC: Gentleman? Who you calling "gentleman"?

CALIBURN: Seek out the blacksmith in the catle town. I must be presentable
	  when we meet the Lady of the Lake.

SONIC: What are you going to do Merlina?...
       Merlina? Hello?

*She picks up a flower*

MERLINA: Why do flowers bloom, known they are destined to wither? 


MERLINA: *Sighs* Their time of beauty is so short lived. 
	 Forgive me Sonic. But I will be recognized in town. I shall remain behind
	 in hiding.

SONIC: All right, then I guess its so long for now.

MERLINA: Yes...may your journey be safe. 

[ST07] I'm the Blacksmith

SONIC: Hey, Tails! Nah it can't be. This is the smithy right?

BLACKSMITH: It sure is! Welcome sir knight!

CALIBURN: He is no knight. At least not yet.

SONIC: Says you.

BLACKSMITH: What a magnificient sword! I've never seen one that talks before.

SONIC: Oh it talks all right.

*They go inside*

BLACKSMITH: I know a fine blade when I see it. I am a blacksmith afterall.

SONIC: Great. Think you can sharpen this dull piece of rust?

CALIBURN: Fool! It is you who is dull.

BLACKSMITH: Of course I could. Now what is the sword's name.

CALIBURN: Caliburn.

BLACKSMITH: Caliburn? Where have I heard that name before? 

SONIC: Sorry, but can you speed it up a bit. We're kinda on a hurry.

BLACKSMITH: Sure! Leave it to me!

[ST08] Sir Lancelot Appears

LANCELOT: I have found you, Apprentice Knight! Enemy of my King!

SONIC: Who the heck are you? Shadow?

LANCELOT: I am Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table. I challenge you to a duel!

SONIC: Some things never change.

CALIBURN: What do you mean by that?

SONIC: Oh nothing. Its just that he looks like trouble.

LANCELOT: What shall it be? Will you abandon your sword and flee?

SONIC: Sounds good to me!

CALIBURN: Fool! A knight never flees a foe.

LANCELOT: May I have your name, Apprentice Knight?

CALIBURN: He is Knave the Hedgehog, and he accepts your challenge.

SONIC: Hey, wait just a second.

LANCELOT: Very well then, brace yourself Knave the Hedgehog. 

[ST09] Lady of the Lake

SONIC: Wow! So he was one of the Knights of the Round Table? 

CALIBURN: The mightiest fo them all, and the one closest to King Arthur.
	  It was merely luck that allowed you to defeat him.

SONIC: If you say so.

CALIBURN: Why did you not deal him the final blow?


CALIBURN: Such sympathy is an insult to a knight.

SONIC: Hoho. What's the big deal? Besides I got this didn't I?

CALIBURN: That is Arondight, one of the scred swords of this land.
	  Take good care of it.

SONIC: No problem.

CALIBURN: We're here.

NIMUE: I've been aiting for you, knight from another world.

SONIC: Woah! *starts to run away*

CALIBURN: Fool. Where are you going? 

SONIC: But that's!

CALIBURN: You are being rude to the Lady of the Lake. Bow your head.

NIMUE: I think I know why you are here. It's about Excalibur isn't it?

SONIC: Yeah that's right. You don't waste any time lady. 

*grabs her behind her head to her shoulder*

CALIBURN: Show some respect. *Sonic backs off*

NIMUE: I'll tell you how to hinder the scabbard's power of immortality.
       I'm the one who gave it to him, so its kinda my fault, you see.
       But still...

SONIC: Still What?

NIMUE: Who ever defeats King Arthur and takes his scabbard might end up 
       turning out the same way right? 


NIMUE: So...I have three tests for you. Would you like to hear them? 

SONIC: Sure. Fire Away. 

NIMUE: First, free the innocents from King Arthur's dungeon. 
       Second, offer compassion to those in need.
       Third, defeat King Arthur's Knights of the Underworld.
       You have three days. Good luck.

SONIC: I get it. She's only going to tell the secret to a true knight.

CALIBURN: Are you up to the task? This will not be easy. 

Sonic: Ha! I'm the world's fastest hedgehog. Check it out!
       You will be calling me "Sir" before you know it.

[ST10] A Knight's Duty

CALIBURN: It's close, but it seems you somehow made it.

SONIC: Too easy! Piece of Cake.

CALIBURN: Don't let it go to your head, fool!

*Sonic Stops*

CALIBURN: What's wrong?

KID: WAAAA! *cries* 

SONIC: Hey! What's the matter? Are you lost or something?

KID: A great bid dragon attacked my village.

SONIC: A dragon?

KID: It took my mommy and my daddy and everybody away. *cries*

SONIC: You know where the dragon is kid?

KID: It's in the big cave, at the bottom of that mountain. 

SONIC: All right. I'm on it.

CALIBURN: Wait, don't tell me you're going off to slay a dragon now.

SONIC: Yes. We are.

CALIBURN: What of the Lady's tests? You'll never make it in time.

SONIC: Yeah...maybe...but I play by my own rules. Remember that.

CALIBURN: You fool!

SONIC: Hang in there kiddo. I'll get your folks back. 

[ST11] Sir Gawain Appears

SONIC: I don't suppose you are going to let me by?
       Ha! You look just like this knucklehead I know.

GAWAIN: Ho! You dare mock Sir Gawain, Knight of the Round Table? An act most
        unwise my friend.

SONIC: Wait. I'm not trying to pick a fight with you. I was heading to a cave
       to save some people from a dragon.

GAWAIN: HAhh! You cannot fool me with your lies! No doubt you are after the
        dragon's treasure.

SONIC: Oh man. You sound just like that knucklehead too.

GAWAIN: You have defied King Arthur. This place shall be your grave.

[ST12] Gawain's Defeat

GAWAIN: To lose to a mere apprentice. I have been disgraced. Only death can
        remove this stain upon my honor. 

*Sonic takes the sword away*

SONIC: Give me a break. What's up with all this drama?

GAWAIN: Silence. Silence I say! A knight that fails their king is unfit
        to live!

SONIC: Isn't there more to being a knight than serving a king?


SONIC: I'm out of here. People to save, you know?

[ST13] Knight's Lesson

CALIBURN: The appointed time has passed.

SONIC: Yeah. Don't remind me.

*they see the kid again*

SONIC: You've been waiting here the whole time? Sorry about that. 
       Good news, everyone's safe. 

KID: Thank you, and sorry about tricking you.

Sonic: Huh?

*Kid turns into Nimue*

NIMUE: You have shown courage, strength, and compassion. 

SONIC: Huh? Then...

NUMIE: I shall show you how to blunt the power of Excalibur, because you are
       a true knight.


*Scene changes*

SONIC: I see. So I have to defeat all the Knights of the Round Table, and
       collect the sacred swords? 

*Pulls out two*

NIMUE: Yes. The three sacred swords combined with your Caliburn should 
       disspell the power of immortality that protects him. 

SONIC: Sounds like a walk in the park!

CALIBURN: We'll see about that.

SONIC: Hey, come on! Isn't about time you gave me a little credit? 

CALIBURN: The remaining knight, Percival, is the Knight of the Grail. 
	  She is as strong as she is noble. One mistake could be your last.

SONIC: Don't worry. I've got one of the great sacred swords. 

CALIBURN: Of course...it's about time you figured that out.

SONIC: I'm going to make this look easy. She won't know what hit her. 
       I've gotten pretty used to you too.

CALIBURN: THat is exactly what I told you not to do. 

NIMUE: Fare thee well brave knight, chosen one of Caliburn.   

[ST14] Sir Percival Appears

PERCIVAL: I am Sir Percival, Knight of the Round Table, servant of 
          King Arthur. State your name and your master sir. 

SONIC: I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog. I have no master, except the wind
       that blows free.

PERCIVAL: Very well, Sonic, Knight of the Wind prepare for battle.

SONIC: Bring it on!

[ST15] Percival'S Defeat

PERCIVAL: Well done Sir Sonic. 

*backs away, and pruposely falls off cliff*

SONIC: Percival!

*catches her and hangs from Caliburn*

SONIC: Yikes.
       Phew. That was close.

PERCIVAL: Why? Why did you...

SONIC: I guess you can say whim is my other master.

CALIBURN: Save the hugs and kisses for later. 

*Percival blushes*

SONIC: What? You jealous or something?

CALIBURN: For a knave such as you? Ridiculous.

SONIC: Enough of that knave stuff already.

CALIBURN: Hmm. Actually.

SONIC: Yes? 

CALIBURN: Sonic the Hedgehog, you have mastered the code of chivalry. 
          From this day forwarth, you shall be Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind.

SONIC: Hehe. 

[ST16] To King Arthur

*Merlina appears out of a small tornado*

SONIC: Merlina.

MERLINA: I saw all that transpired through my reflecting pool.
	 I have no words to thank you for all you have done. 

SONIC: Yeah, but its not over yet. 

CALIBURN: Sir Sonic is right. We must still defeat King Arthur. 

MERLINA: The King is on an island known as Avalon. 
	 You have become a fine knight. 

SONIC: Oh, cut it out. Anyways, I guess I'll go end this thing then.

MERLINA: Good luck, Sir Sonic. I'll await you at Castle Camelot.

[ST17] The King's Battle

SONIC: I'm Sonic the Hedgehog, Knight of the Wind. 
       Let's settle things once and for all King Arthur. 

ARTHUR: It seems your impersonation of a knight has improved somewhat.

SONIC: I have you to thank for that. 

ARTHUR: Then let us have another look at that unsightly swordsmanship.

SONIC: You're going to be sorry you asked.
       This is it, old pal

CALIBURN: Indeed. Give it everything you have. Only then will you prevail.

SONIC: Then bring it on King Arthur.

[ST18] Glory of Victory

ARTHUR: Hahaha! I am immortal, you cannot defeat me. 

*scabbard glows*

CALIBURN: Now Sonic...the three sacred swords!

SONIC: Got it!

*forms a traingle with them surrounding King Arthur*

ARTHUR: How can thsi be? 

*Sonic slashes him and he falls down*

ARTHUR: Noooooooo!

SONIC: Yes! I did it!

[ST19] The New Reign

*Sonic holds up sword*
*King Arthur dissolves into dark matter*
*Excalibur's scabbard is left behind*

SONIC: What the...?

*Scene change*

*Percival, Gawain, and Lancelot have Merlina surrounded at Castle Camelot*

LANCELOT: We have orders from the king, have you any last words?

MERLINA: Your king was nothing more then an illusion my grandfather
         conjoured up.

PERCIVAL: You've better start explaining Merlina.

SONIC: Meeerrrliinnnaaa!

*Sonic drops from the sky*

GAWAIN: You! How did come by that scabbard? Where is the King?

PERICAL: *holds back Gawain* Wait.

SONIC: This is all he left after he disappered in a puff of smoke. 
       Just like one of the Knights of the Underworld.

MERLINA: There was never any King Arthur.


MERLINA: Well done and thank you Sonic. *Takes scabbard*
	 With this scabbard I can erase my grandfather's biggest mistake.

SONIC: What?

MERLINA: I shall make this kingdom eternal.

*Her hair turns longer and a blast of energy occurs*

CALIBURN: Sonic, get back!

[ST20] World Destruction

No Dialouge here.

*A vortex with black lightning appears above Avalaon, and all four knights
 escape Castle Camelot*

*Sonic leads, Lancelot is skating behing him, Gawain is running, and Percival
 is hopping.*

[ST21] Knights Oaths

*All watching from away*

LANCELOT: So it was all part of Merlina's plot.

PERCIVAL: It keeps spreading.

LANECOT: It's only a matter of time before the kingdom is consumed.

GAWAIN: Gah! The Knights of the Round Table...must we simply stand and watch
        our kingdom's ruin!?

PERCIVAL: Gawain...

SONIC: What? Are you gonna give up just like that? Is that the best that 
       chivalry of yours can do? 

GAWAIN: How dare you!

SONIC: Listen, it's like I said before. Isn't there to being a knight
       than serving a king?

*Nimue appears from a portal on the ground*

NIMUE: Sir Sonic is right, and there is still time if you act now.

*Portal shows map with four blinking dots*

NIMUE: Use the scared swords to form a barrier around the castle.

*Sonic throws their three swords to the ground*
*They pick up their swords*

PERCIVAL: For the kingdom and its people!

*Raise all three swords*

LANCELOT and GAWAIN: For the kingdom and its people!

SONIC: I'm counting on you.

PERCIVAL: Sir Sonic, what will you do?

SONIC: Once the barrier's up I'll look for a chance to jump in.

PERCIVAL: Surely you jest!

SONIC: Nah. It's just how I roll.

PERCIVAL: Fare thee well. We too shall fulfill our appointed task.

[ST22] Barrier #1

*Lancelot arrives at a stone pillar*

LANCELOT: This must be a barrier stone.

*Smashes sword into the stone*
*The stone wall depicts some sort of writing*

LANCELOT: "This stone is what part of the wind that sealeth the Dark Hollow"
	  Dark Hollow? What is Merlina up to now?

[ST23] Barrier #2

*Gawain arrives at a stone pillar*

GAWAIN: Here it is.

*Smashes swords into the stone*
*The stone wall depicts some sort of writing*

GAWAIN: "When the sacred sword pierces stone so shall return the power."
	What of Excalibur, the greatest of all the sacred swords?
	The King wore its scabbard but I never saw the sword itself.

[ST24] Barrier #3

*Percival arrives at a stone pillar*

PERCIVAL: This must be it.

*Smashes swords into the stone*
*The stone wall depicts some sort of writing*

Percival: Our fate is now in your hands Sir Sonic.

[ST25] Dark Hollow

*Percival arrives at a stone pillar*

SONIC: This must be it.

*Smashes swords into the stone*
*The stone wall depicts some sort of writing*

CALIBURN: Now Sonic! 

SONIC: Here goes!

*scene changes*
*Nimue is watching a map with the barrier up and teh Dark Hollow spreading*

NIMUE: Oh no! The barrier is too weak.

*Scene change*

SONIC: Now's the time.


SONIC: Here we go!

*Runs toward the Hollow.*

[ST26] The Dark Queen

*MErlina, the Dark Queen is sitting on a throne*

MERLINA: I've been expecting you.

SONIC: Just one question before we settle this. Why'd you do it? 
       Weren't we trying to save this kingdom from the Underworld?

MERLINA: This kingdom will fail one way or another. Such is its fate. 


MERLINA: Do you know what is to become of this kingdom? 

SONIC: Beats me.

*Merlina starts to walk forward*

MERLINA: Lancelot and Gawain's rift shall doom the Round Table. 
         Arthur is struck down by his son Mordred and departs for Avalon.

Sonic: Hmmm.

MERLINA: This was to be our ideal world, but it will not last. 
         King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will end in ruin.
	 The King Arthur my grandfather Merlin created led to nothing but mistakes,
         but I can succeed with the power of the scabbard, creating a
         kingdom that never ends.

*Uses a small portal to summon a flower.*

*Shows a flashback of the "To the Blacksmith" scene with Merlina picking up
 the same flower*

SONIC: What good is a world that goes on forever!?

MELRINA: My sorrow an its ruin runs deeper than the depths of the Underworld.
         Do you not understand? 

SONIC: No, and I don't wanna!

*Charges at Merlina but Merlina uses a force field to repel Sonic*

SONIC: ugh!

MERLINA: Your efforts are futile.

*Sonic charges again but with a series of rapid slashes. 
 He is repelled once again*

SONIC: No way. 

*A dark creature with many tentacles forms behind Merlina*

CALIBURN: *raises Sonic's hand and guards him* Sonic!

SONIC: Caliburn.

CALIBURN: Fool! A knight but always be on his guard!

*Merlina's creature slashes Caliburn in half*

SONIC: Noo!!!! *Charges at Merlina*

*Sonic is hit back*

*Sonic charges once again and is hit back*

MERLINA: It is time to end this.

*Sonic screams*

*Sonic is rapidly thrashed by the tentacles*

*Nimue, Percival, Lancelot, and Gawian are watching form a portal above*

PERCIVAL: Sir Sonic, you've done enough.

*Sonic gets back up*

LANCELOT: No Sonic! There is no point in continuing.

SONIC: A knight never flees his foe, right?

*Sonic is hit one again*

GAWAIN: You fool! This no longer has anything to do with chivalry.
        Get out of there! Run!

SONIC: It was never about chivalry for me.
       I've just got to do what I've got to do.


*A golden light appears from the portal*

NIMUE: The long lost light of the scared sword. Quick! Your swords!

*The three scared swords are tossed in the light*

*The light travels to Sonic*

[ST27] Excalibur-Sonic

A cool transformation sequence.

*Sonic gains a golden armor and a red cape.*

*Caliburn is reborn and transforms*

SONIC: Woah!

NIMUE: That's the greatest of the sacred swords, Excalibur.

SONIC: Ha! Let's do this!

*Charges forward*

[ST28] Denoument

SONIC: Merlina...every world has its end. I know thats kinda sad,
       but thats why we've got to live life to its fullest in the 
       time we have. *Gives a flower to her* At least that's what I figure.

MERLINA: *holds flower close* Grandfather...

*Caliburn, Nimue, Percival, Gawain, and Lancelot get closer*

PERCIVAL: Well done Sir Sonic. 

SONIC: Thanks to you guys.

CALIBURN: You can say that again.

GAWAIN: To think King Arthur was but an illusion.

LANCELOT: the Knights of the Round Table must now disband.

CALIBURN: What foolishness is this?

NIMUE: I'll say.

PERCIVAL: Hmmm, what are yo saying?

CALIBURN: Have you forgotten who I am? I am the sacred sword Calibur.
          I am who decides who is worthy of the crown.

*Lancelot, Gawain and Percival stare shockingly at Sonic. Nimue smiles at Sonic*

GAWAIN: So then...YOU?

LANCELOT, GAWAIN, and PERCIVAL: You are the one and true King Arthur!?

SONIC: Who me?

*All three bow down to him*

SONIC: huh? Hey cut that out!

[ST29] Credits #1

"The credits played when the Knight's Tale was cleared. 
 Thanks for playing this far! Keep on going"

You guys don't think I'll post the credits do you?

[ST30] Threat to the Kingdom / The king's Peril (Credits #2)

"The credits played once the Knight's Quest has been cleared. 
 The hero doesn't stand a chance against her..."

You guys don't think I'll post the credits do you?

But who is her? Remember the Character list?

*Begin flashback to various points in the game.*

SONIC: So yeah, that's what happened.
       To think, I was called in to be part of the tale of King Arthur. 
       But I've gotta tell you. It was no picnic.

AMY: Aren't you forgetting something?

SONIC: What? All the action? All the excitement down to the wire?

AMY: Hmmpt.

SONIC: But man who would have thought I was the real King Arthur. Heh.

AMY: That's the lamest excuse EVER! You just forgot about our date.

SONIC: No, no! It's true I tell ya! Yikes! No! Amy! 
       Wait! Put down that hammer!

AMY: Hey! You get back here Sonic! SONIC!

*Book closes*
*King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table changes to 
 Sonic and the Black Knight*



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