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by Sonictrainer

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Item FAQ by Sonictrainer

Updated: 08/31/2011

Legal Stuff

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. No one is allowed to use this guide on their website or take info from this guide and place it in their own guide without my permission. If this rule is broken, it will be a violation of the copyright.

Copyright 2009 Ryan Spriggs

Special Thanks

  • Sonic Team- Making another fun and challenging game.
  • Incredibly Awesome people who helped me make this guide (>v<):
    • pokedude900, E-25, Shiver_The_Fox, Terron145, Cha0s C0ntrol, AngelTails, shadowjeric, Element_Seraph, RPG_Persona, Luminousblane, starshadow16, Raioneru-Sol, ZX 513, Korby900, gules222, cdjblue, sonicwiifan, zeroman17, NateMcCloud, redxorange, Emir_Parkreiner, Wraxend, UltraSonic1, Starrycal, NateMcCloud, mastergamer0001, redmega13, timmagicker, omnifang, and masteroflolkill
  • Others, who sent info after the guides release:
    • Real_Reptile, shadow_sonic111, spongesonic, Irimaru, romerodny, Morzal, HyperEmerald, and RasaiDeaar
  • Angnix-is allowed to use info from this guide in her Missions/Boss FAQ. Also helping each other with our FAQs
  • Viewers- Who I hope I as well other people hope was able to help (^v^)

Contact Info

Still trying to figure out:

  • if certain items are exclusive to certain levels and missions while others are random.
  • how to unlock the remaining gallery sections
  • the effects of some of the Equippable Items
  • IPs for some items

Please email me.

  • if you still have questions after reading this guide
  • if you notice errors or some corrections I need to make
  • if you find shortcuts or secrets that I missed
  • if you have comments or feedback
  • if you think I should add something to this guide
  • if you want to trade items (tell your FC and what you need. Mine is Ryan 1075-6449-1810)

at sonictrainer@live.com and put down your GameSpot/GameFAQs account name (if you have one), so that I can add you to the Special Thanks Section.

All contributions will be added to the Special Thanks Section.

If you have a GameSpot/GameFAQs account, you can also Message me on www.gamespot.com. Please dont send hate mail (-_-)*.