Can you do special attacks not including soul surge?

  1. If you can do more special moves, please tell me!

    User Info: robbyfooey

    robbyfooey - 11 years ago


  1. There is a "stab" maneuver in which sonic simply does just that; to do it , just swing while holding forward. It's actually pretty useful...

    User Info: TheInvisibleSun

    TheInvisibleSun - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. There is a stab. when standing still, start to go forward and then after like a step, swing your sword and you will lunge. Also, when standing still, if you step backwards then attack, you do an aerial sword attack. There is one last one, but it involves soul surge. Go into midair and target an enemy with soul surge, but instead of swinging the Wii remote, swing the nunchuck. You will kick the enemy and stun them, but not kill them. Meanwhile, you will fly backwards. When you stop flying back, swing the wii remote and you will finish the enemy off. I think this is called a speed attack, and even though it is essentially a long soul surge, it looks really cool and it may be worth more points. and once you use characters besides sonic, these special attacks are different. for example, when sonic does a lunge, he just stabs forward. when percival does the same attack, a flame comes out of her sword and damages enemies in the distance. im not sure if this counts as a special attack, but if you have one of lancelots better weapons, when you swing your sword normally, a small "bullet" of energy comes out to hurt enemies farther away. also, with lancelots soul surge, if you are using his final sword, instead of simply slashing you create a dome of energy that takes out several opponents with one hit. finally, its kinda a special move, when gawain does a jump dash, if you hold A in midair, you can actually fly. it wears off, but if you time it right, you can stay in the air for almost a full minute without landing.

    so, the short answer is yes, there are special moves besides soul surge :)

    User Info: rocksword777

    rocksword777 - 9 years ago 0   0

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