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    Endless Level FAQ/Walkthrough by Robot2600

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/14/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      /\/\   ___  __ _  __ _    /\/\   __ _ _ __    / _ \ 
     /    \ / _ \/ _` |/ _` |  /    \ / _` | '_ \  | (_) |
    / /\/\ \  __/ (_| | (_| | / /\/\ \ (_| | | | |  \__, |
    \/    \/\___|\__, |\__,_| \/    \/\__,_|_| |_|    /_/ 
    ...the Endless Attack FAQ
    version 1.1
    Mega Man 9 Endless Level FAQ/Walkthrough
    Written by Adam Maillet, aka Heronblade
    Visit 8-Bit City: 8bitcity.blogspot.com
    If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or want to say hello, you 
    can reach be at 8bitcity@gmail.com
    1. Introduction
    2. About the Endless Level
    3. About this Guide
    4. Levels
            -LEVEL 1:  Rock Beats Scissors
            -LEVEL 2:  Spark Tunnels: An Easy Level
            -LEVEL 3:  Heat Man Blocks
            -LEVEL 4:  Mega Man: Dr. Wily Stage 1
            -LEVEL 5:  Mega Man 2: Dr. Wily Stage 2
            -LEVEL 6:  Octopus Town, Are You Down?
            -LEVEL 7:  Spikes Were Everywhere! Also, Tentacles
            -LEVEL 8:  I Don't Believe In Global Warming
            -LEVEL 9:  Non-Descript Spike-Filled Corridor
            -LEVEL 10: Get Drilled By Fish
            -LEVEL 11: The Sniper Joe Prison
            -LEVEL 12: Dr. Wily's Swimming Pool
            -LEVEL 13: Green Spark Shockers And Stair Stompers
            -LEVEL 14: Jump Jump (Slide Slide)
            -LEVEL 15: They Had A Sale On Green Paint
            -LEVEL 16: Tower Climbing 101
            -LEVEL 17: Umbrella-Ella-Ella-Ellas
            -LEVEL 18: WHOOOOOOOOA!
            -LEVEL 19: Three Paths Diverged In The Sky And I...
            -LEVEL 20: A Frigid Prospective
            -LEVEL 21: Fire (Your Buster) And Ice
            -LEVEL 22: Alien Probes, LOL?
            -LEVEL 23: I'll Freaking Jump, I Sweat It!
            -LEVEL 24: Don't Slip!
            -LEVEL 25: Where Am I?
            -LEVEL 26: Elephants OMG
            -LEVEL 27: WARNING: Lasers Bad For Retinas
            -LEVEL 28: Popsicle Blocks
            -LEVEL 29: Marble Zone: Act 2
            -LEVEL 30: After All That Lava, I Could Use A Swim!
            -LEVEL 31: We All Died The First Time Here
            -LEVEL 32: Don't Stand So Close To Me
            -LEVEL 33: Watch That Last Step
            -LEVEL 34: Did M.C. Escher Work On This Game?
    5. Boss Levels
            -LEVEL 35: Plug Man
            -LEVEL 36: Splash Woman
            -LEVEL 37: Concrete Man
            -LEVEL 38: Jewel Man
            -LEVEL 39: Hornet Man
            -LEVEL 40: Galaxy Man
            -LEVEL 41: Magma Man
            -LEVEL 42: Tornado Man
    6. Strategies
    7. FAQs
    8. Special Thanks and Credits
    9. Copyright Information
    10. Coming Soon!
          ___ _   _ _____ ____   ___  ____  _   _  ____ _____ ___ ___  _   _ 
         |_ _| \ | |_   _|  _ \ / _ \|  _ \| | | |/ ___|_   _|_ _/ _ \| \ | |
          | ||  \| | | | | |_) | | | | | | | | | | |     | |  | | | | |  \| |
          | || |\  | | | |  _ <| |_| | |_| | |_| | |___  | |  | | |_| | |\  |
         |___|_| \_| |_| |_| \_\\___/|____/ \___/ \____| |_| |___\___/|_| \_|
    1. Introduction 
    Welcome to my guide. The endless level rocks, it's a great feature added to
    an already great game. 
    The endless level is DLC for Mega Man 9, and will cost you 300 
    Wii Points in America. I have divided the levels into tilesets, which you can 
    use to help locate a specific level. The tilesets are as follows:
    Grey and Red Blocks
    Green Blocks
    Orange Rocks
    Orange Blocks
    Blue Blocks
    Pink Blocks
    Note that some of the levels might fit into two categories, for example,
    there is an underwater stage with ice. Note that the "ice" tileset means 
    the levels with snowy walls. Secondary feature are also listed.
    If a level is good to farm on, I have indicated it under the tileset.
    2. About the Endless Level
    The Endless Level (or Endless Attack as the game calls it) was released on 
    October 6th, 2008 for the Wii, at the price of 300 Wii Points. The level is 
    mostly an original creation for Mega Man 9, but some of the levels hearken 
    back to older Mega Man games. This mode is one of the major modes of gameplay
    within Mega Man 9, as the entire mode would constitute about 5-6 normal
    Mega Man boss levels. In this respect, it's an incredible bargain.
    The game is composed of 42 Levels (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?),
    and 8 of these levels are boss levels, the remaining 34 are standard,
    mostly original, creations.
    Each Level is divided into screens, between 3-6. Boss Levels are always 3
    screens, while the regular Levels are 4-6. You start at a Blue Door, and
    there is a Red Door at the end of the Level, which warps you to another
    random Level. 
    The order is random every time, which means that each game will be different!
    About every 30 screens you fight a boss. The boss will drop a large life
    pellet when they are destroyed.
    You start with all of your weapons 
    and full weapon energy/health, but you much collect power-ups dropped from
    enemies along the way. There are no 1-Ups, E-Tanks, M-Tanks, Eddies, etc.
    When you die, your score will be uploaded to the Top 10, if you've beaten
    someone else's record. You can only have 1 score on the Top 10. Unfortunately,
    you cannot view your own high score, but the game will let you know, when
    you die, if you beat your previous record.
    If you manage to defeat 8 bosses, the game will increase the damage that
    enemies do by 1 HP. If you defeat 8 more bosses, all enemies get their damage
    boosted by an additional 1 HP, and so forth. Eventually, you will die in a 
    single hit from anything... so good luck!
    3. About this Guide
    This guide was designed as a walkthrough and FAQ for the Endless Level. I
    use a mnemonic naming system to identify the levels, because there is no
    official name for them. Science has undeniably proven that interesting
    or different names and phrases can be more easily remembered than generic
    naming systems. I have, however, also included Level number to more
    easily classify the stage.
    I have listed the stages in order of Tileset.
                    _     _______     _______ _     ____  
                   | |   | ____\ \   / / ____| |   / ___| 
                   | |   |  _|  \ \ / /|  _| | |   \___ \ 
                   | |___| |___  \ V / | |___| |___ ___) |
                   |_____|_____|  \_/  |_____|_____|____/ 
    4. Levels
    Below is a full walkthrough (as well as hints and tips) 
    for each Level in the Endless Attack.
    LEVEL 1
    Tileset: Grey and Red, with ice
    There are some platforms and Metools. Use the Buster on the first screen (or 
    Rush Coil and skip it). Climb up the ladder. Use the Jewel Satellite for these 
    three Metools, or a Tornado Blow. The next screen has some Ice Blocks and 
    spikes... make SURE to use the Jewel Satellite before jumping across, or 
    Scissors will probably kick your ass. Then just hop across the platforms 
    killing the other scissors. Not the easiest screen, but be careful and you 
    should be okay.
    LEVEL 2
    Tileset: Grey and Red, with a green and black background
    This stage starts with a single platform with 2 Sparks on it, and you'll 
    fight 2 Spiders and a blue cannon. Take the top path, the others are dead 
    ends. Last screen has a Metool and Ground Spinner thing.
    LEVEL 3
    Tileset: Grey and Red, with a black background.
    If you are a sissy, use the Rush Jet. If you're not, then memorize the 
    pattern. There are 3 vertical jumps, memorize them and it's a cakewalk. The 
    trick is to look for the three blocks in a row at the end, over the pit, 
    after the third one, jump up to land on the next block. You'll notice this 
    same pattern right at the begging of the blocks. The second vertical jump is 
    right before the lava. That 1-Up will tempt you, but don't be greedy, Mega 
    Man, it's a Metool.
    LEVEL 4
    Tileset: Grey and Red, with a blue sky
    Ahhh, nostalgia. We remember this area. Buster blast the stompers, concrete 
    shot the lasers. For the third stomper, just let him jump over you when he 
    jumps down from the stairs.
    LEVEL 5
    Tileset: Underwater
    You'll know your here when you have to drop down a screen and are underwater. 
    Oh, and did I mention the spikes? Yes, I'm pretty sure I did. Short hop or 
    just run off the edge, fall down to the left on the second screen, then stay 
    in the middle of the third screen. After the platforms fall to right, or get 
    exploded by 2 spike balls. We remember this area.
    LEVEL 6
    Tileset: Underwater
    When you start this stage you will see no spikes, drill fish are waiting to 
    spawn as soon as you move left. There are octopi sitting on pillars, use the 
    Mega Buster or Laser Trident to take them out. Be careful of the spikes on 
    the ceiling, and for a few more Drill Fish, but overall this section is 
    pretty easy. The last screen has some spikes on it, you can just walk to the 
    left, without jumping, and survive.
    LEVEL 7
    Tileset: Underwater
    This level starts with you on a platform and another platform under you with 
    spikes to each side. Don't be fooled, just hold right and you should make 
    it without hitting the spikes. Get rid of the mines (BHB or Buster + Dodge, 
    personally I find it easy to dodge these two, so save your BHB). You can 
    trick the second mine if you shoot it and fall down in between the pillars. 
    Kill the Octopus and proceed through the M jump with spikes EVERYWHERE! Not 
    too hard, take out the Octopi, and don't jump over the little pit, just walk 
    to the right, with the Trident equipped and blast the second Octopus. Careful 
    jump the 3-Spike pit, Rush Jet if you don't feel up to it, but a short hop 
    will do.
    LEVEL 8
    Tileset: Underwater, with ice floors
    Drill fish will spawn as soon as you walk to the right. Take the ladder up. 
    Shoot the mine, but don't jump over the wall and he will kill himself. Take 
    the ladder, and kill both of these mines with a single, well-placed BHB. Go 
    up again. These mines won't hurt you, up and through the door. Watch out for 
    more Drill Fish. this level is a lot like "DON'T SLIP" except this one has 
    water and different enemies.
    LEVEL 9
    Tileset: Underwater, with orange rocks at the beginning
    Fall down and stay in the middle-ish avoid the spikes, it's nothing too 
    sinister. Avoid the Drill Fish, or farm them. Take it slow and short-hop 
    to avoid the spikes. Moving on...
    LEVEL 10
    Tileset: Underwater
    You start in between 2 ladders. Take either one, watch out for Drill Fish. 
    Wait until the Floor Runner passes you, then go up the ladder. Climb the 
    stairs, and jump back into the water, you'll have to jump over the Floor 
    Runners, and it can be tough not to get hit. Drill Fish are everywhere, don't 
    bother farming, this level is a pain. At the end, it's worth it to use the 
    Rush Jet to get to the door.
    LEVEL 11
    Tileset: Underwater, then lavender blocks with a black background
    You start underwater with 3 Mines on the screen. Quickly ignore them and take 
    the ladder. On the next screen, you'll have to kill these guys. Take the 
    first out with a BHB, then shoot the other ones, and dodge them, making them 
    explode.You can trick the top one, if you jump, shoot, then fall back down to 
    the bottom. Just jump out of the water, ignoring the mines. You don't have to 
    kill the Sniper Joes, just time your climb. After the ladder, careful of the 
    Shield Flyers, but there isn't a lot of challenge here.
    LEVEL 12
    Tileset: Underwater, with green and yellow blocks
    This screen starts with a big hole filled with water, and half of the screen 
    normal air. Watch out for the Drill Fish, or farm them. There is a Sniper Joe 
    as well. At the end, shoot the mines, then jump out fo the water until you 
    clear the entire left side, then quickly jump up the ladder. Take the right 
    ladder, watch out for Drill Fish, and get the hell out of here.
    LEVEL 13
    Tileset: Green, with a blue background
    There are three floating platforms, and two have sparks on them. Take the 
    ladder in the upper right, use the Jewel Satellite if you are low on life. The 
    second screen has a ton of ladders and sparks, the Jewel Satellite is, again, 
    a good choice to use in this room. Climb up the ladder and use the Rush Coil 
    to jump onto the first pillar, then jump to the second, then the ladder. Or 
    you can go down the ladders and climb up on the left. Shoot the Stomper on 
    the stairs with the Plug Ball, six hits for an easy kill. The others you can 
    kill with the Buster. They will chase you, so give yourself plenty of room 
    to kill 'em before you drop down a level.
    LEVEL 14
    Tileset: Green, with a blue background
    You start on a platform with a ladder leading down to another platform, with 
    a Ground Runner on it. Fall either way, but hug the center wall or you'll 
    asplode on some spikes. The Ground Runners can be a pain, but careful jumping 
    can easily avoid them.
    LEVEL 15
    Tileset: Green, with a black background
    You'll see a spark and a Mine Cart on the first and second screen. Use Rush 
    Coil to get to the ladder, and use it again on the second screen... and the 
    third screen (ignore the Wall Shooter, or BHB him). Ignore the spark on the 
    next screen. Take out the wall shooter, and go up the ladder on the right. 
    You can ignore the Sniper Joes and Shield Flyer, or take 'em out, your choice.
    LEVEL 16
    Tileset: Green with orange highlights, with a green background
    The door is above spikes, so jump to the right and start climbing! Farm the 
    Teles (spinning cylinders), and keep climbing. BHB the Sniper Joe and avoid 
    the sparks, or Jewel Satellite and reflect his shots back at him, and kill 
    the sparks. Keep climbing, you'll see Up-And-Down platforms. When you get to 
    the last screen you can farm the Teles, but you'll need Hornets, a BHB, or a 
    Tornado Blow to kill the Sniper Joe.
    LEVEL 17
    Tileset: Green with orange highlights, with a green background
    A Cannon and Floor Runner, take out the cannon and jump down, but hold right. 
    Forget the spark and take out the Shield Bot with your Trident. The third 
    Umbrella spawn point is actually a grabber, so watch out! Jump over the Floor 
    Runners and into the door. Don't be stupid around the spikes.
    LEVEL 18
    Tileset: Green with orange highlights, with a blue background
    The first screen has no enemies, but it does have a spike pit. No biggy. 
    However, after the spike pit, there is a Claw Grabber, so avoid it at all 
    costs, or get caught and try to jump, see if I care. There is another grabber 
    on the platform made up of 5 big columns, but it's actually easier to let him 
    grab you, the next jumps aren't that tough, just jumping up columns.  You 
    can get by the hard jumps with Rush, which isn't a bad idea at all. Just take 
    it slow.
    LEVEL 19
    Tileset: Green blocks and blue sky
    You have a choice of top, middle, or bottom right from the start. Use your 
    Jewel Satellite and kill all the cannon fodder on this screen (you'll probably 
    fill your J. Sat. back up by the end. Take the middle path off the screen... 
    or die.
    LEVEL 20
    Tileset: Ice, with snowy walls
    Starts with an icy floor and a ladder in the bottom right. Fall down the 
    ladder, but hold left to avoid the spikes. Take out the Metools and Flying 
    Shield Monster. Fall down the ladder and blast the two Red Cannons to bits. 
    Fight the Cannons on top of the ice pillars, don't slip! and then jump across 
    the single blocks, avoiding the Stompers.
    LEVEL 21
    Tileset: Ice, with snowy walls
    When you start, you'll be able to see 4 spikes off to the right, and some ice 
    platforms. Take the top path, and beware a Shield Flyer. Stay above the 
    spikes to destroy the Cannon without putting yourself in danger. If you get 
    nervous, use BHBs on the following cannons, and watch out for another Shield 
    Flyer. One or two of the jumps are tricky, but don't be afraid to wimp out 
    and use Rush once or twice.
    LEVEL 22
    Tileset: Orange rocks, black background
    Rocks, UFOs, and Up-Down platforms make this stage pretty distinctive.  Equip 
    the Jewel Satellite and run/jump. across the level. Farm the UFOs on the 
    bottom of the second rock section if you need energy and power, but watch 
    out for the Anti Mega Men on the top section. Easy, easy, easy.
    LEVEL 23
    Tileset: Orange rocks, black and green background.
    This screen starts with 3 "Up" platforms and one "down" platform, as well as 
    your daily dose of deadly spikes. Short hop your way to the ladder, or Rush 
    Jet across. You'll fall onto an ice platform, jump across into pit, and don't 
    be afraid to use a Tornado Blow to take out the Wall Shooters in here, they 
    can easily knock you into the spikes (ask me how I know...). The next screen 
    has three Jewel Shooters and a back-and-forth icy-velvet-rope-at-the-bank 
    thing going on. The next screen can be trick, you can dodge all these guys, 
    or take 'em out with BHBs, a Tornado Blow, or the Mega Buster. You're call. 
    When you go down the ladder, just fall, you'll land right on the door.
    LEVEL 24
    Tileset: Orange rocks with ice floors. 
    Fight the Sniper Joes, avoid the pits with spikes, climb up the ladder at the 
    end. Take out the balloons, keep climbing up. This level is a lot like the 
    underwater level with ice floors "I DON'T BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING", in 
    fact, it's identical aside from the lack of water and a different enemy 
    layout. Kill the Sniper Joes, and, CAREFULLY, head to the door, DON'T SLIP!
    LEVEL 25
    Tileset: Orange blocks, with green highlights, with a blue background.
    The level starts with a ladder and a Metool, with a Green Cannon not too far 
    to the right. Get on the top path, killing Metools along the way, and take 
    out the Sniper Joe at the end (use the Jewel Satellite if you are low on 
    health). To get to the ladder, use Rush Coil (or Jet, or a C. Shot, or even 
    a T. Blow if you have to). Climb up the ladder and fight a couple of Spiders. 
    Up another ladder. Jewel Satellite to kill the two sparks, or Rush Jet across.
    LEVEL 26
    Tileset: Orange blocks, with green highlights, with a green background.
    You start in the air, by a chain-link fence. Go right and kill the regular 
    Elephant. The next Elephant bounces his ball, but if you stand on the floor 
    seem right by his ball, you won't get hit when he bounces it. The third 
    screen has Anti-Mega Men, so get to that ladder quickly! You can jump from 
    one ladder to the next, but it can be VERY difficult. Just use the Rush Jet, 
    or Concrete Shot if you feel dangerous and simply hate having a lot of weapon 
    energy. Kill the plants (splurge on a Tornado Blow if you want) or farm them.
    LEVEL 27
    Tileset: Blue blocks, red and black background.
    The screen starts with an irregular tunnel dropping down to the left, with a 
    Ground Spinner and a Metool. The next screen has another Ground Spinner and 
    Metool. Keep falling until you get to the bottom, and take out the Metool, 
    then equip your Concrete Shot. You have to be a little over 2 blocks away for 
    the C. Shot to hit the laser beam. If you happen to get hit, use the 
    invincibility frames to your advantage, and run though the next beam if you 
    can. For the big beam, fall down, shoot a C. Shot, and take the bottom path. 
    Jump to the platform, or use Rush Coil if you want to play it safe.
    LEVEL 28
    Tileset: Blue blocks, with ice and snowy walls and blue sky.
    You'll start with spikes everywhere and a ladder on the left. Take it. You'll 
    reach a platforming hell area with spikes, Flower Pots shooting Flowers at 
    you and Birds dropping Rocks. Fun. Use the Jewel Shield as much as you need 
    to, then on the next screen with a ladder, farm it back from the Bird and 
    his Rocks. Then fall down, right after the first single block, and land on 
    the door.
    LEVEL 29
    Tileset: Blue blocks with purple background, and lava
    Jump across and avoid the Flame Thrower Shield Bots. Ignore the Fire Worm, 
    and fall down the first pit. Hug the left wall, and when you land quickly 
    jump over the Worm before he pops up and fall down the next pit. The next 
    jump is a doozey, but easily doable. The faint of heart should use Rush Jet.
    LEVEL 30
    Tileset: Blue blocks, with lava, underwater.
    Make your way right, and watch out for the 2 Flame Thrower Shield monsters. 
    Jump into the water: next screen, move to the right, next screen hold left so 
    you don't fall in the spikes. Take out the octopi, go up, up the mountain 
    ahead and into the door.
    LEVEL 31
    Tileset: Pink with blue background
    No enemies on the first screen, so fall down the hole and hug the right wall. 
    The spikes get you? No? Good, keep moving to the right, you can run by all 
    of the Plant Robots, BUT!!!! as soon as you climb the set of stairs, slow 
    down and edge forward to avoid a very tricky Claw Grabber. You can jump 
    all of these pits, but just run at the end to avoid the spikes and get to 
    the door. Don't jump or you could poke an eye out.
    LEVEL 32
    Tileset: Pink
    This level starts with two ladders and a Blue Stomper on the ground, quickly 
    drop down and start firing at him, then climb up the ladder. Jump across the 
    columns and grab the ladder. If you miss the ladder you can jump out over the 
    pit, turn, and summon Rush right where you were standing. No worries, climb 
    up. Take out the Blue Stomper, climb up and go right. Keep moving, don't 
    stop moving and you'll be fine. Fall down, and you'll be in for a serious 
    LEVEL 33
    Tileset: Pink, with ice
    The second screen looks like Flash Man's battle arena, and you'll have to 
    kill a Sniper Joe and a Jewel Shooter. The Jewel Satellite is a decent choice 
    here, reflect the machine gun bullets back at him, or use the Laser Trident. 
    Next screen has a Stomper, use Plug Ball or the Buster. Careful of your 
    momentum on the next screen, you could die before you can do anything. Jump 
    across, or Rush Jet, and climb the ladder all the way to the top. Blast the 
    Jewel Shooters and then jump to the door. If you fall... well, it's better 
    just not to fall, trust me.
    LEVEL 34
    Tileset: Pink, with a blue background
    You start at the base of a big staircase. Take it to the ladder, and blast 
    the Flower Pot along the way. Climb the next stair case, and kill the flower 
    pots. Farm 'em if you need to. If you are low on health, definitely use a 
    Jewel Satellite to farm. The last staircase has some sparks on it, go ahead 
    and use the Jewel Satellite again, you'll need it. Clear off all the sparks 
    to, hopefully, get your energy back.
          ____   ___  ____ ____    _     _______     _______ _     ____  
         | __ ) / _ \/ ___/ ___|  | |   | ____\ \   / / ____| |   / ___| 
         |  _ \| | | \___ \___ \  | |   |  _|  \ \ / /|  _| | |   \___ \ 
         | |_) | |_| |___) |__) | | |___| |___  \ V / | |___| |___ ___) |
         |____/ \___/|____/____/  |_____|_____|  \_/  |_____|_____|____/ 
    5. Boss Levels
    Knowing which boss you are going up against can be a very useful tool. 
    Luckily, the bosses are easily identifiable before entering the chamber.
    LEVEL 35
    Plug Man
    You'll know you are fighting Plug Man when you see the 2 Tetris T-Blocks
    outside of his room (the same platforms that are in his arena).
    Level 36
    Splash Woman
    She's easy to notice, because she is the only boss in an underwater arena.
    LEVEL 37
    Concrete Man
    While the outside of his boss room is non-descript, you can tell it's 
    him because the floor is a few blocks higher than it normally is. Also 
    the blocks are blue and grey, with a + pattern on them.
    LEVEL 38
    Jewel Man
    Outside of his arena blocks hang down irregularly, like stalactites.
    LEVEL 39
    Hornet Man
    The waiting room for Hornet Man's area looks like an upside down "V"
    LEVEL 40
    Galaxy Man
    His arena has 2 steps leading up to it. The steps are only 1 blocks high,
    but several blocks wide.
    LEVEL 41
    Magma Man
    Magma Man resides up a set of stairs, the are one block high and 2 blocks
    LEVEL 42
    Tornado Man
    To reach Tornado Man's arena, you must first climb a ladder. 
    6. Strategy
    The most important thing to remember is that this is not a race. It is not
    a time attack, rather, it is an endurance test. Therefore, you should play
    conservatively, and refill your weapon energy and health and every convenient
    farming opportunity.
    Don't freak out if you get to a boss and don't have any of its weakness
    weapon. A cool head always (sometimes) prevails. On the same note, make
    sure some weapons are always full before other. Jewel Satellite should always
    be as full as possible, because you need all of it in case you fight Plug
    Man, as well as Tornado Blow.
    However, don't be a weapon miser. You have your weapons, so use them! Learn 
    balance, and you'll go further!
    Don't touch the spikes.
    7. FAQs
    Q: Can I view my high score?
    A: Unfortunately, no, not at this time.
    Q: You misspelled something, have something wrong, etc.
    A: Email me the mistake and I'll not only fix it, but add you to the credits!
    Got a question? Email 8bitcity@gmail.com
    8. Special Thanks and Credits
    -Capcom, for making such a great game, and especially for including such an
    interesting gameplay mode.
    -GameFAQs.com for hosting this guide.
    -N64Mario, Stevolution, and the Mega Man 9 message board for helping with
    a few details.
    -Another thanks to N64Mario for his awesome Youtube videos of the Endless 
    Level. You can view his videos here:
    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kxkSMHGol4&feature=related
    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFSXRbppXsU&feature=related
    9. Copyright Information
    Copyright 2008 Adam Maillet
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    The following sites are allowed to use my guide:
    If you would like to use my guide on your site, email me at
    and I will most likely say yes and add your site to the above list.
    10. COMING SOON!
    -Boss Strategies
    -High Scores
    ...and more!
    Visit my blog at 8bitcity.blogspot.com

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