If the sprite limitations are supposed to limit to 3 colors why is mega man 5 colors?

  1. I've noticed that it's in every mega man game and I can't make too much sense of it.

    User Info: excavator9

    excavator9 - 9 years ago

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  1. Technically, on the NES, each sprite uses one of four palettes (three colours per palette) and can be up to 8x16 pixels in size. Mega Man is constructed using multiple sprites. They use two palettes: one for his body (blue, light blue, and black) and one for his face (peach, white, and black).

    So, they draw his head (without a face) and body using several sprites. On top of those sprites, they draw his face using a sprite or two. Thus, it looks like more than three colours, but they're actually layering multiple sprites with different palettes.

    For MM9 and 10, obviously, they don't have these hardware limitations. It's likely they just used a five-colour palette instead.

    User Info: Deasean

    Deasean - 9 years ago 2   0

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