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FAQ/Strategy Guide by yu_eriyama

Version: 0.7 | Updated: 04/12/09

Happy Dance Collection
Wii - Namco Bandai

Game Guide & Translation 
Version 0.7
Best View: Courier New 10

This game is really reallllllly funnnnnn~ @_@. I tell you, I never expect this
game to be this interesting, and even making guide for it ≧ω≦. Dancing with 
full of JPOP songs, dress up your cute boy (>ω<) and collecting fashion items.
This game is perfect! I take Namco as my 2nd fav Game-Developer because of 
this game (1st is still K^^^^^, sorry~). Anyway, if you have question, feel
free to email me, and I hope I can help. Happy Dancing~!
PS: Please forgive me if there's any mistakes here...


1.Game Play Introduction
2.Story Mode
3.Item List

%%%%%%%%     1. G A M E    P L A Y    I N T R O D U C T I O N       %%%%%%%%
|                  |   Story mode     |
|   1-2 player     |  for 1 player    |
|    FREE MODE     |__________________|
|      PLAY        |Mission | Battle  |
|                  | for 2p |   2p    |
|        |         |        | Change  |
|Tutorial|  Data   |Dress-up| Players |
Game play is easy to learn, even if you can’t read Japanese. You have to 
follow ALL tips on Tutorial to get successful play. 

Just remember these things when playing:

Always put your thumb on A, or right beside it. It looks easy, but many 
people forget to do this.

Watch how you point your remote, especially when "Looping".
When you loop like this (example) ∂ , do not keep your pointing remote to 
1 side only, like  ↑↑↑ ,but you have to rotate the remote ↑→↓←↑

If you feel like you always failed on same movement, mostly that means you 
move too fast. Always keep in mind that you need to dance according to the 
BEAT of the song (the star movement), not the vocal. 
Moving all your body also good idea since your body will dance up to beat
(hopefully) and it’s healthier ^_^
Try to memorize the song and its beat. It will help you A LOT when play the 
game without star signal. 

***Easy(?) method to get PERFECT dance:
-Play song "Sky High" and get score 90++
-Dance with all your body and sing together
-Watch Ai/Yuuki's hand (which is holding Wii remote), and think of it as
your mirror

%%%%%%%%                   2. S T O R Y    M O D E                  %%%%%%%%
Your name is Ai. You are normal 2nd grade Middle School student. And then, 
you have been asked to dance in a School Festival. Your debut starts here 
and finally you can become No.1 Japan Dancer or even more!

Check out your Dress-Up Window.
There are 6 type of items: 
I.   髪型 (Hair Style)
II.  洋服 (Outfit)
III. くつ (Shoes)
IV.  アクセサリ(頭)(Head Accessory)
V.   アクセサリ(顔)(Face Accessory)
VI.  髪色 (Hair Color)

This is how you display the items per page:
  Page 1     Page 2       Page 3       Page 4
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|
|A|B|C|D|  |M|N|O|P|  |Y |Z |AA|AB|  |AK| | | |
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|
|E|F|G|H|  |Q|R|S|T|  |AC|AD|AE|AF|  |  | | | |
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|
|I|J|K|L|  |U|V|W|X|  |AG|AH|AI|AJ|  |  | | | |
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|

How to read: 
“Keyword” sometimes helps you to choose costume to fit the stage. 
“Recommended” means items you HAVE to wear if you want to get FL(Fan-Letter).
“Combination” of the costumes and Accessories really help you to get 
              Gold trophy. Try your own combination to get perfect 100p
(I-II-III-IV-V-VI) means type of items (hair, dress, etc), 
(A-B-C-D-E-…-AK) means the item number, see Dress-up window. Please try your 
                 own combinations for extra !fun!
(p) means points 
(*)means using recommended item
“Gift” is an item you get if you pass- 
“Gold” trophy, or if you get- 
“FL” Fan-Letter
Rank 1 School Festival
Chapter 1-1 [学園祭、ファーストステージ]
Song: アジアの純真(Easy) 
Keyword: Genki, Happy
Recommended: IV-G (47p)
Best Combination: I-D  II-A  III-M  IV-*  V-C  VI-B  97p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 1-2 [学園祭、セカンドステージ]
Song: 愛唄(Easy)
Keyword: a bit mature, for senpai, graduated student
Recommended: IV-C (47p)
Best Combination: I-B  II-K  III-S  IV-*  V-E  VI-A  90p
Gift: 0

Chapter 1-3 [学園祭、ラストステージ……!?]
Song A: シューティング☆スター(normal)
Keyword: Star
Recommended: IV-H
Best Combination: I-D  II-W  III-S  IV-*  V-C  VI-B  96p
                  I-H  II-G  III-M  IV-*  V-B  VI-B  97p
Song B: チャンス(Easy)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: IV-C (47p)
Best Combination: I-D  II-K  III-S  IV-*  V-E  VI-B  95p
                  I-B  II-K  III-S  IV-*  V-C  VI-B  90p
Song C: キューティーハニー(Easy)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-Y
Best Combination: I-G  II-*  III-P  IV-AE  V-C  VI-G  100p
Gift: II-V (FL)

Rank 2 Audition
Chapter 2-1 [オーディション、アニメイベント!]
Song: プリキュア5、スマイルgogo!(Easy)
Keyword: Kakkoi
Recommended: II-B (59p)
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-B  IV-G  V-C  VI-A  89p  
Gift: III-Y (Gold)

Chapter 2-2 [オーディション、PVダンサー!]
Song: KISSして(Easy)
Keyword: Kakkoi, pants
Recommended: II-E (57p)
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-F  IV-G  V-C  VI-A  93p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 2-3 [オーディション、CMダンサー!]
Song: ここにいるよfeat.青山テルマ(Easy)
Keyword: Simple, unique   
Recommended: II-L (56p)
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-F  IV-G  V-C  VI-A  92p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 2-4 [有名会社のオーディション!?]
Song A: イケナイ太陽(Easy)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-C (56p)
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-B  IV-N  V-F  VI-B  85p  
Song B: ChooChooTRAIN(Easy)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-L (56p)
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-F  IV-G  V-C  VI-B  92p  
Song C: ハッピー☆彡(Easy)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-B
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-B  IV-H  V-C  VI-B  89p  
Gift: II-AH (FL), III-V (Gold)

Rank 3 Newcomer Debut
Chapter 3-1 [カフェでイベント、こどもとダンス!]
Song:  Together(Easy)
Keyword: Childish, Genki, Fun, Girlish
Recommended: II-I (58p)
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-F  IV-N  V-E  VI-B  95p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 3-2 [ゆうえんちで、赤ちゃんとダンス!]
Song: ハグしちゃお(Easy)
Keyword: Very girlish, childish 
Recommended: II-D (59p)
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-H  IV-N  V-C  VI-A  97p  
Gift: II-H

Chapter 3-3 [カフェでイベント、みんなでダンス!]
Song: 夏祭り(Easy)
Keyword: Bear Kigurumi 
Recommended: Bear Set (95p)
Best Combination: ~  
Gift: 0

Chapter 3-4 [ゆうえんちで、ママさんたちとダンス!]
Song: LOVEマシーン(Easy)
Keyword: Motherly, Mature 
Recommended: II-F (56p)
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-B  IV-N  V-E  VI-A  95p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 3-5 [アイが主役のイベント!?]
Song A: プリキュア5、フル・スロットルGOGO!(Easy)
Keyword: Genki
Recommended: II-F (56p)
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-B  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  89p  
Song B: アンパンマンのマーチ(Normal)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: Bear Set
Best Combination: ~
Song C: チャンス!(Normal)
Keyword: Flashy, Flower
Recommended: II-S
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-B  IV-G  V-C  VI-B  92p  
Gift: II-AG (FL)

Rank 4 CM Works
Chapter 4-1 [ジーンズのCMさつえい!]
Song: 気分上々↑↑(Easy)
Keyword: Casual Jeans Brand, Genki
Recommended: II-J
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-F  IV-G  V-O  VI-B  92p  
Gift: II-W (Gold)

Chapter 4-2 [スイーツのCMさつえい!]
Song: 羞恥心(Normal)
Keyword: Chocolate package: Dark Blue, Sweet
Recommended: II-H (58p)
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-F  IV-G  V-C  VI-A  94p  
Gift: I-L (Gold)

Chapter 4-3 [ジュースのCMさつえい!]
Song: アジアの純真(Normal)
Keyword: Juice, Children, Butterfly
Recommended: II-X (58p)
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-S  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  95p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 4-4 [ざっしおCMさつえい!]
Song: 青い珊瑚礁Rock'nRouge夏の思い出赤いスイートピー(Normal)
Keyword: Magazine
Recommended: II-J (56p)
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-S  IV-G  V-O  VI-B  95p  
Gift: III-X (Gold)

Chapter 4-5 [ゆうえんちのCMさつえい!]
Song: プリキュア5、スマイルgogo!(Normal)
Keyword: Medatsu, Fun, Happy, Amusement Park
Recommended: II-S
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-B  IV-G  V-E  VI-B  98p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 4-6 [有名じょゆうのおしごとを……!?]
Song A: ここにいるよfeat.青山テルマ(Normal)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-J
Best Combination: I-I  II-*  III-F  IV-G  V-C  VI-B  92p  
Song B: 夏祭り(Normal)
Keyword: Summer Fairy, Water Fireworks
Recommended: II-D, III-H (69p)
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-*  IV-N  V-F  VI-B  88p  
Song C: POP STAR(Easy)
Keyword: Caf?, Red Berry, White Cheese Mousse
Recommended: II-K
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-S  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  96p  
                  I-D  II-W  III-S  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  87p  
Gift: II-Q (FL), VI-F (Gold)

Rank 5 TV Works
Chapter 5-1 [有名音楽番組しゅつえん!]
Song: キューティーハニー(Normal)
Keyword: All Girls, Kirakira
Recommended: II-B, IV-AC
Best Combination: I-G  II-*  III-P  IV-*  V-C  VI-B  99p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 5-2 [トツゼン!?ゲリラライブ!]
Song: POP STAR(Normal)
Keyword: Oshare Girl
Recommended: II-R
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-G  IV-AA  V-B  VI-B  96p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 5-3 [ダンスのお姉さんのおしごと!?]
Song: アンパンマンのマーチ(Normal)
Keyword: Panda Set
Recommended: Panda Set (95)
Best Combination: ~  
Gift: 0

Chapter 5-4 [ドラマのオープニングさつえい!]
Song: KISSして(Normal)
Keyword: Pure, Gentle, Drama School
Recommended: II-W
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-C  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  93p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 5-5 [朝から生放送のさつえい!]
Song: ハッピー☆彡(Normal)
Keyword: Children, Waking up, morning, genki
Recommended: II-M
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-P  IV-P  V-C  VI-B  94p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 5-6 [有名カントクからのオファー!?]
Song A: LOVEマシーン(Normal)
Keyword: Kakkoi, Street 
Recommended: I-I, II-H
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-F  IV-T  V-C  VI-B  95p  
Song B: 愛唄(Normal)
Keyword: Girl on caf? at midday?  
Recommended: I-H, II-K, V-H
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-S  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  96p  
Song C: 世には花・夢に星(Normal)
Keyword: Mature  
Recommended: II-P
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-C  IV-T  V-C  VI-B  91p  
Gift: 0

Rank 6 National Tour
Chapter 6-1 [全国ツアー☆東エリア]
Song: 羞恥心(Normal)
Keyword: Genki, Sporty, Active
Recommended: I-G, II-M
Best Combination: I-*  II-Y  III-P  IV-AE  V-C  VI-F  100p
                  I-*  II-*  III-P  IV-AE  V-C  VI-B  100p    
Gift: II-AC (Gold)

Chapter 6-2 [全国ツアー☆南エリア]
Song: プリキュア5、フル・スロットルGOGO!(Normal)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-D, III-H, IV-B
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-F  VI-B  89p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 6-3 [全国ツアー☆北エリア]
Song: イケナイ太陽(Normal)
Keyword: Oshare
Recommended: II-P, III-C, IV-H
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-H  VI-B  92p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 6-4 [全国ツアー☆西エリア]
Song: ChooChooTRAIN(Normal)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-Y, III-P
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-*  IV-AE  V-C  VI-F  95p  
                  I-G  II-*  III-*  IV-AE  V-C  VI-#  100p  
Gift: III-U

Chapter 6-5 [全国ツアー☆中央エリア]
Song: 青い珊瑚礁 Rock'nRouge夏の扉 赤いスイートピー(Normal)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-AA, III-R
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-*  IV-AG  V-C  VI-B  89p  
                  I-F  II-*  III-*  IV-AG  V-E  VI-D  100p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 6-6 [ラストライブ☆めざせ日本一!!!]
Song A: チャンス!(Normal)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-N, III-M
Best Combination: I-B  II-*  III-*  IV-N  V-C  VI-B  100p 
Song B: 気分上々↑↑(Normal)
Keyword: Gorgeous 
Recommended: I-C, II-R, III-G
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-H  V-C  VI-B  100p
Song C: 世には花・夢に星(Normal)
Keyword: Mature
Recommended: II-V, III-O, IV-AD
Best Combination: ~
Gift: II-U (FL)

Rank 7 World Debut
Chapter 7-1 [メリミューズランドのCM!]
Song: ブランニューハート(Normal)
Keyword: Theme Park, Blue-Red-White
Recommended: II-S, III-B, IV-F
Best Combination: I-F  II-S  III-B  IV-C  V-F  VI-B  86p  
                  I-F  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-C  VI-D  97p  
Gift: III-Z (Gold), II-AD (FL)

Chapter 7-2 [リズミックスターに出演!]
Song: キューティーハニー(Normal)
Keyword: Punk
Recommended: II-U
Best Combination: I-G  II-Y  III-V  IV-AE  V-C  VI-F  88p  
                  I-C  II-*  III-G  IV-AE  V-C  VI-F  ??p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 7-3 [プレアリーズのモデル!]
Song: POP STAR(Normal)
Keyword: Branded, Mature
Recommended: I-H, II-Z, III-Q, IV-P
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-C  VI-B  97p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 7-4 [トップアイドルのイメージダンサー!]
Song: 気分上々↑↑(Normal)
Keyword: Branded, Sport
Recommended: II-T, V-B
Best Combination: I-C  II-*  III-G  IV-P  V-*  VI-B  100p  
                  I-I  II-*  III-G  IV-T  V-*  VI-F  100p  
Gift: IV-AJ (Gold)

Chapter 7-5 [シーアライラのCMさつえい!]
Song: ハッピー☆彡(Normal)
Keyword: Lemon Yellow, Princess
Recommended: II-Q, III-N, IV-AB
Best Combination: I-B  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-B  VI-B  95p  
                  I-H  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-B  VI-B  100p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 7-6 [世界一のタレントって……!?]
Song A: GO MY WAY!!(Normal)
Keyword: Alice, Cat, Genki
Recommended: I-G, II-C, III-P, IV-U
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-C  VI-B  96p  
Song B: Choo Choo TRAIN(Normal)
Keyword: Love
Recommended: I-E, II-T, V-B
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-G  IV-O  V-*  VI-B  100p  
Song C: 愛唄(No-arrow)
Keyword: Love Song
Recommended: II-G
Best Combination: I-D  II-*  III-M  IV-AA  V-B  VI-B  98p  
Gift: 0

Rank 8 World Tour
Chapter 8-1 [世界ツアー☆ユーロピア大陸]
Song: プリキュア5、スマイルgogo!(No-arrow)
Keyword: Young, Cute
Recommended: I-F, II-F, III-B
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-AE  V-C  VI-B  94p  
Gift: VI-G (Gold)

Chapter 8-2 [世界ツアー☆アメリア大陸]
Song: チャンス!(No-arrow)
Keyword: Ballet, Cute
Recommended: Pink Ribbon Set
Best Combination: I-B  II-AA  III-R  IV-AG  V-C  VI-B  100p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 8-3 [世界ツアー☆エイジャ大陸]
Song: アジアの純真(No-arrow)
Keyword: China, Cute
Recommended: China Set
Best Combination: I-J  II-AB  III-T  IV-AE  V-F  VI-B  100p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 8-4 [世界ツアー☆オーディ大陸]
Song: KISSして(No-arrow)
Keyword: Young Girls
Recommended: Devilish Set (II-AE, III-V, IV-AJ)
Best Combination: I-G  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-D  VI-E  100p  
Gift: II-AI (FL)

Chapter 8-5 [世界ツアー☆アフェリー大陸]
Song: Together(No-arrow)
Keyword: Blue, Casual, Genki
Recommended: II-O, III-S
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-*  IV-N  V-C  VI-G  100p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 8-6 [世界一の座をかけて……!!!]
Song A: ブランニューハート(No-arrow)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: I-D, II-N, III-M, IV-AA
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-G  VI-C  100p  
Song B: ここにいるよfeat.青山テルマ(No-arrow)
Keyword: Cool
Recommended: II-Z, III-Q, IV-AF
Best Combination: I-E  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-B  VI-D  100p  
Song C: イケナイ太陽(No-arrow)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: I-G, II-U
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-S  IV-AE  V-C  VI-D  100p  
Gift: IV-AI (Gold)

Rank 9 ???
Chapter 9-1 [宇宙人もお祭りダイスキ!]
Song: 夏祭り(Mirror)
Keyword: Matsuri, Summer???, Santa
Recommended: II-AC, IV-AH
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-B  IV-*  V-E  VI-E  100p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 9-2 [宇宙のダンス番組!]
Song: 羞恥心(No-arrow)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-V, III-O, IV-Z, V-C
Best Combination: I-E  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-*  VI-D  100p  
Gift: VI-H (Gold)

Chapter 9-3 [宇宙人もカワイイもの好き!?]
Song: ハッピー☆彡(Mirror)
Keyword: Cute, Angel
Recommended: Angel Set (II-AD, III-U, IV-AI)
Best Combination: I-H  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-G  VI-D  95p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 9-4 [宇宙の結婚式!]
Song: 気分上々↑↑(No-arrow)
Keyword: Wedding
Recommended: II-AF, III-W, IV-AK
Best Combination: I-B  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-C  VI-D  95p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 9-5 [宇宙の子供たちへ!]
Song: プリキュア5、フル・スロットルGOGO!(Mirror)
Keyword: Rabbit
Recommended: I-K, II-AG, III-X
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-J  V-C  VI-H  98p  
Gift: 0

Chapter 9-6 [目指せ!宇宙のスーパースター!]
Song A: GO MY WAY!!(Mirror)
Keyword: ~
Recommended: II-M, III-J, IV-D, V-G
Best Combination: I-C  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-*  VI-D  100p  
Song B: POP STAR(Mirror)
Keyword: Angel
Recommended: II-AD, III-U, IV-AI
Best Combination: I-F  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-G  VI-H  100p  
Song C: 世には花・夢に星(No-arrow)
Keyword: Gorgeous 
Recommended: I-D, II-AF, III-W, IV-AK, V-F
Best Combination: I-*  II-*  III-*  IV-*  V-*  VI-E  100p  
Gift: II-AE (FL)

%%%%%%%%                     3. I T E M    L I S T                  %%%%%%%%
Ai’s Item List
This is how you display the items per page:
  Page 1     Page 2       Page 3       Page 4
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|
|A|B|C|D|  |M|N|O|P|  |Y |Z |AA|AB|  |AK| | | |
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|
|E|F|G|H|  |Q|R|S|T|  |AC|AD|AE|AF|  |  | | | |
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|
|I|J|K|L|  |U|V|W|X|  |AG|AH|AI|AJ|  |  | | | |
|-------|  |-------|  |-----------|  |--------|


I-A セミロングボブ Semi Long Bob
Silky semi long bob with sharp front-hair as accent
*Obtainable from: Auto 

I-B パーティ☆ウェーブ Party☆Wave
Curling outside, tied high on back gorgeously
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

I-C ワンサイドポニー One-side Pony
Shaggy wild Pony Tail. Tied high on one side for flashy look
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

I-D ゆるふわおじょうパーマ Airy Princess Perm
Straight with Airy Wave cut. Sweet & girlish hair style
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

I-E さらさらツインテール Silky Twin-tail
Looks suit with glasses?! Semi long low Twin tail
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

I-F たて巻きツインテール Roll-Up Twin-tail
Big roll-up on right & left, very cute!
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

I-G 外ハネショート Flip-out Short 
Li-ght Flip-out short hair, full of spirit!
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

I-H ロングストレート! Long Straight!
With asymmetry front hair, silky straight!
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

I-I ショートヘア Short Hair
A boyish short. Calm look is the point
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

I-J ぽんぽんチャイナ Bon Bon China
Feels like Chinese already! Dumpling Hair
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

I-K ピンクうさ吉-頭-  Pink Rabbit Head
*Obtainable from: Chapter 5-3 (Gold)

I-L ねむねむオレンジクマ-頭- Sleepy Orange Bear Head
*Obtainable from: Chapter 4-2 (Gold)

I-M あんぐりパンダ-頭- Angler Panda Head
*Obtainable from: Chapter 5-5 (Gold)


II-A スター学園制服女子 Star Academy Girl Uniform
Star Academy Uniform design. Stripe ribbon with tartan check skirt made the 
students look adult.
*Obtainable from: Auto

II-B ピンクグリッターセパレート Pink Glitter Separate
‘Lame’ pink tank & short pants. With gold rhinestone on neck as accent makes 
it perfect!
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

II-C ウルトラマリンアシンメトリー Ultramarine Asymmetry
Satin dress with waving asymmetry frill outside.Looks cool with silver accent!
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

II-D ブルーレスポワール Blue ‘Lesvial’   
Lovely camisole dress with blue and sky color contrast. White hem lace is 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

II-E ファーつきブルーニットコート Knit Coat with Blue Fur Coat
Gentle pink knit. With rich long fur coat as emphasis point. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

II-F イブニングバイオレット Evening Violet
Raised velours giving full impressions. White fur + gold accent = perfect 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

II-G フルーティチェリーT Fruity Cherry T-shirt
Full of energy yellow T-shirt with lady-like gingham check skirt give it 
feminine impression.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

II-H スポーティーブルーパーカー Sporty Blue Parker
Mannish blue parker. Mini denim with rhinestone make it looks cute.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 3-2

II-I 小花がらスクエアチュニック Square Tunic with Flowers 
Happy printed flowers makes fresh looks, combined with denim stylishly. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

II-J グリーンインパクトロゴT Green Impact Logo T-shirt
T-shirt with impact logo. Stretch denim made it looks sporty. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

II-K ホワイトニットデニム White Knitted Denim
Super girlish ‘mokomoko’ knit. Red muffler for draw attention.  
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

II-L ライトブルーアンサンブル Light Blue Ensemble 
Sky blue parker with refreshing logo. At the same time, the border shirt give
individuality emphasis. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

II-M ジュエリーラメガーネット Jewelry ‘Lame’ Garnet
Impressive red ‘lame’ and black ‘lame’ contrast. Neck ribbon set make it 
looks fashionable ☆
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

II-N フェミニンレースフリル Feminine Lace Frill  
A lovely one-piece with lots of feminine lace to wear on extraordinary date.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

II-O ロンドンストライプマリン London Marine Stripe
Refreshing looks stripe one-piece. Short denim jacket makes it looks cute and
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

II-P グリーンフルーイド Green Fluid
A dress which is looks like flowing like fluid. Plus ‘lame’ pants to 
emphasize its aura.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

II-Q イエローフォークロアシフォン Yellow Fork-lore Chiffon  
Softly made forklore with thick belt for fashionable looks!
*Obtainable from: Chapter 4-6 (FL)

II-R ゴールドディアードロック Gold ??? Rock
Black impact jacket with sexy golden neck one-piece. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

II-S スパニッシュパニエ Spanish Panie
Cute Panie skirt with big dots and 3 layers of frills. The point is gerbera 
flowers on chest and hip side.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

II-T パープルヒップホップパーカー Purple Hip Hop Parker  
Purple military parker. Looks cool full of energy with belly button out.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

II-U ガーリーハードパンク Gurley Hard Punk
Hard looks jacket with leg cover skirt. The point is red check and black 
laced hem.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 6-6 (FL)

II-V アクセつきベロアシャツワンピ ‘Acce’ Velour Shirt One Piece
Chic and elegant shirt one-piece. Belt on hip makes it looks original with 
great impact.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 1-3 (FL)

II-W クラシカルドットプレッピー Classical Dot Preppie
A Lady-look classic ambience floating skirt and shirt with ribbon.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 4-1 (Gold)

II-X ピンクパピヨンクルーネック Pink Papiyon Culneck 
Fashionably T-shirt with butterfly printed out. Looks more girlish with 
off-white lace skirt♪
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

II-Y クリスタルスパンコール Crystal Spangle
Spangle clothes which shines exactly fit on stage. If you dance gorgeously, 
it will surely draw everyone’s attentions. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

II-Z モノトーンジャケット Monotone Jacket
Gold is accent for black and white coordination. It’s stylishly cool.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

II-AA ピンクエトワール Pink Etoile
Etoile means ‘STAR’ in France, it’s a proof of top-dancer! Pink frill for 
absolute cute.
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

II-AB コバルトブルーサテンチャイナ Cobalt Blue Satin China
Beautiful cobalt blue mini china dress. Gold embroidery and deep slit for 
sexy and elegant look. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

II-AC クリスマススノーサンタ Christmas Snow Santa
Santa dress with white warm fur. It protects us from cold while we give the 
*Obtainable from: Chapter 6-1 (Gold)

II-ADドリーミィエンジェル Dreamy Angel
Charming Angel dress with rainbow color. With puff sleeve and lovely ribbon 
*Obtainable from: Chapter 7-1 (FL)

II-AE ピンクハートデビル Pink Heart Devil
Cute little-devil dress with big heart. Looks fashionable with black enamel 
and pink piping. 
*Obtainable from: Chapter 9-6 (FL) 

II-AF ハッピーウェディングプリンセス Happy Wedding Princess
Bright white wedding gown every girl longing for! Lace with roses on chest is 
a must. 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 9

II-AG ピンクうさ吉 Pink Rabbit
It’s a cute pink rabbit costume. Dancing wearing this will attract everyone.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 3-5 (FL)

II-AH ねむねむオレンジクマ Sleepy Orange Bear
It’s a cute Orange Bear costume. Dancing wearing this will attract everyone.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 2-4 (FL)

II-AI あんぐりパンダ Anguri Panda
It’s a cute Panda costume. Dancing wearing this will attract everyone.
*Obtainable from: Chapter 8-4 (FL)


III-A スター学園指定ローファー Star Academy Shoes Design
*Obtainable from: Auto

III-B ホワイトスターブーツ White Star Boots
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

III-C シルバーオープントゥサンダル Silver Open Sandals
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

III-D コーラルピンクスニーカー Coral Pink Sneakers 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

III-E スカイウォッシュスニーカー Sky Wash Sneakers 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

III-F アクアブルースニーカー Aqua Blue Sneakers
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

III-G レギンスロックブーティ Leggings Rock Booties
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

III-H レスポワールダンスシューズ ‘Lesvial’Dance Shoes  
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 3

III-I ブラックあみあげブーツ High Laced Black Boots
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

III-J ホワイトあみあげブーツ High Laced White Boots
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

III-K ハードレザーウェスタンブーツ Hard Leather Western Boots
*Obtainable from: Chapter 5-3 (FL)

III-L ブラックくしゅくしゅブーツ Black Kushukushu Boots
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

III-M フェミニンウェッジソール Feminine Wedge Sole
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

III-N ハネつきフォークロアサンダル Fork-lore Sandals 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

III-O アクセつきベロアブーツ ‘Acce’ Velour Boots
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

III-P シルバークリスタルブーツ Silver Crystal Boots
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

III-Q ニーハイブラック Knee-high Black
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

III-R エトワールリボントゥ Etoile Ribbon Toe
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

III-S サマーデニムリボンサンダル Summer Denim Ribbon Sandals
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 2

III-T コバルトブルーパンプス Cobalt Blue Pumps
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 8

III-U ドリーミィリボントゥ Dreamy Ribbon
*Obtainable from: Chapter 6-4  (Gold)

III-V ハートデビルブーツ Heart Devil Boots
*Obtainable from: Chapter 2-4  (Gold)

III-W プリンセスレースミュール Princess Lace Muhl 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 9

III-X ピンクうさ吉-足- Pink Rabbit Feet
*Obtainable from: Chapter 4-4 (Gold)

III-Y ねむねむオレンジクマ-足- Sleepy Orange Bear Feet
*Obtainable from: Chapter 2-1 (Gold)

III-Z あんぐりパンダ-足- Angler Panda Feet
*Obtainable from: Chapter 7-1 (Gold)

***IV. Accessory (Head)***

IV-A つけない None
*Obtainable from: Auto

IV-B ブルーフラワーフェザーピン Blue Flower Feather Pin
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-C ピンクフラワーフェザーピン Pink Flower Feather Pin
*Obtainable from: Auto

IV-D オレンジフラワーフェザーピン Orange Flower Feather Pin
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

IV-E グリーンフラワーフェザーピン Green Flower Feather Pin 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-F レッドフラワーフェザーピン Red Flower Feather Pin
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 8

IV-G シルバースターピン Silver Star Pin
*Obtainable from: Auto

IV-H ゴールドスターピン Gold Star Pin
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

IV-I ブルースターピン Blue Star Pin
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-J ポンポンホワイトニットぼう Pompon White Knit Hat 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

IV-K ポンポンブラックニットぼう Pompon Black Knit Hat  
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

IV-L ポンポンブラウンニットぼう Pompon Brown Knit Hat 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 8

IV-M ポンポンブルーニットぼう Pompon Blue Knit Hat 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-N シルバーハートカチューシャ Silver Heart Headband
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

IV-O ゴールドハートカチューシャ Gold Heart Headband
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-P ホワイトヘッドサングラス White Head Sunglasses
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-Q ゼブラがらヘッドサングラス Zebra Pattern Head Sunglasses  
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-R ハートがらヘッドサングラス Heart Pattern Head Sunglasses
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

IV-S レッドヘッドサングラス Red Head Sunglasses
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 8

IV-T ブラックヘッドサングラス Black Head Sunglasses
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

IV-U 茶トラがらネコ耳 Brown Tiger Pattern Cat-ears
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

IV-V ゼブラがらネコ耳 Zebra Pattern Cat-ears
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-W ヒョウがらネコ耳 Leopard Pattern Cat-ears
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-X ナチュラルストローハット Natural Straw Hat
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

IV-Y ホワイトストローハット White Straw Hat
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-Z レザーウェスタンハット Leather Western Hat
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 8

IV-AA フェミニンレースフラワー Feminine Lace Flower
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-AB イエローフォークロアバンド Yellow Forklore Hair band
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-AC ピンクグリッターインカム Pink Glitter Income 
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-AD ゴールドスターヘアピンセット Gold Star Hairpin Set
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-AE シルバークリスタルインカム Silver Crystal Income
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-AF クールブラック中折れハット Cool Black Felt Hat
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-AG エトワールピンクリボン Etoile Pink Ribbon
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

IV-AH ポンポンサンタぼう Pompon Santa Hat
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

IV-AI エンジェルニンプス Angel Nips
*Obtainable from: Chapter 8-6 (Gold)

IV-AJ ハートデビルホーン Heart Devil Horn
*Obtainable from: Chapter 7-4 (Gold)

IV-AK プリンセスウェディングベール Princess Wedding Veil
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 9

***V. Accessory (Face)***
!All obtainable from SHOP!

V-A つけない None
V-B ゴールドサークルイヤリング Gold Circle Earrings
V-C シルバーサークルイヤリング Silver Circle Earrings
V-D ピンクサークルイヤリング Pink Circle Earrings
V-E ピンクフラワーイヤリング Pink Flower Earrings
V-F  ブルーフラワーイヤリング Blue Flower Earrings
V-G イエローフラワーイヤリング Yellow Flower Earrings 
V-H レッドスクエアメガネ Red Square Glasses
V-I ヒョウがらスクエアメガネ Leopard Pattern Square Glasses
V-J ブルースクエアメガネ Blue Square Glasses
V-K ブラックスクエアメガネ Black Square Glasses
V-L ホワイトスクエアメガネ White Square Glasses
V-M ブラウンサークルサングラス Brown Circle Sunglasses
V-N 牛がらサークルサングラス Cow Pattern Circle Sunglasses
V-O レッドサークルサングラス Red Circle Sunglasses
V-P ブルーサークルサングラス Blue Circle Sunglasses
V-Q イエローサークルサングラス Yellow Circle Sunglasses

***VI. Hair Color***

VI-A ナチュラルブラウン Natural Brown
*Obtainable from: Auto

VI-B ミルクチョコレート Milk Choco Red
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 4

VI-C オレンジティー Orange Tea
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 6

VI-D シャインゴールド Shine Gold
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 7

VI-E ミッドナイトブラック Midnight Black
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 5

VI-F ラベンダーパープル Lavender Purple
*Obtainable from: Chapter 4-6 (Gold)

VI-G アクアマリン Aquamarine
*Obtainable from: Chapter 8-1 (Gold)

VI-H ハニーピーチ Honey Peach
*Obtainable from: Chapter 9-2 (Gold)

VI-I カメリアレッド Camellia Red
*Obtainable from: Shop Rank 8

%%%%%%%%           4. Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)               %%%%%%%%
Q: Will it be English Version for this game?
A: No, I doubt it. Since all of the songs are Jpop. Even if Namco Bandai 
will change all the songs into English, the game (story, visual art, 
fashion, sprites, etc) will still looks purely Japanese. It will look 
unbalanced. Also, I think Namco Bandai made Wii Cheer for USA market

Q: I always miss when… 
-waving or circling
A: try to start moving your hand after the arrow change color into PINK

A: mostly when doing zigzag, you need to point up. But sometime, you need 
to move, change pointing to the side. So, you need to look carefully into 
Ai/Yuuki’s hand when she/he doing it. Do not rush! You have to zig and zag 
it very very up to the rhythm of the song.

A: Contrary to zigzag, most looping needs you to circling and pointing to 
every ways. When it goes up, POINT up. When it goes down, POINT down. 
Try to rotate from your shoulder, not from elbow

-the big star, confusing heart, etc
A: these should be easy, just don’t do it too fast and exact to the rhythm. 
Do not point to the monitor. 

-pointing to the monitor
A: Maybe you are too close or too far from monitor. Actually what you need 
to point is not the monitor, but the wii sensor, so try point on that.

A: Don't cheating (posing before time). If you want to prepare the pose
before the signal turns Pink, then OK, you can do that. But try to shake
Wii Remote a bit when it turns Pink.

Q: Should I shake hard the Wii remote (like I did on Wii Cheer)?
A: No, don’t do that. Contrary to Wii Cheer, Happy Dance C. is extremely 
sensitive. Do not shake it especially when it is slow song. Shaking is not 
recommended when you do the: Looping, waving, raising up/down, and Poses. 
But you must Shake it a bit when you running around. 

Q: I ALWAYS failed on every moves! Are you sure the game’s direction sensor
is right, or is it poorly made? 
A: The game is very sensitive. You have to at least memorize the song to 
dance perfectly. The rhythm of every moves never same. Sometime it slow, 
and the next one is very fast. And the vocal might confuses you to get the 
right start. Try to start moving when the star sparkles, or the arrows turn
Pink. And you have to stop or shake or point the remote EXACTLY to the 
beat. I recommend you to dance with all your body. At least let your feet 
to tap the beat.
Q: How can I unlock all Ai’s Costumes & Accessories?
A: Finish the Story and get all Gold Trophy and Fan Letters

Q: How can I unlock all Yuuki’s Costumes & Accessories?
A: Finish the Mission for 2 players and get all Gold Trophy there

Q: What...Mirror mode???
A: Change the remote into your left hand. It's easier than you think

Q: What?! No-Arrow mode???
A: If you don't remember, don't panic. Watch closely the dancer's hand
and before you know it, you can mimic the dance and even better than with
Arrow. Trust me. What, you can't? Watch more closely, watch.. watch...

Q: I can change the Title Screen Wallpaper?
A: Yes, simply pointing to STAR icon on the up side of the Title screen

Q: Can I play the Mission (for 2 players) alone?
A: Actually… yes. It is intended for you to play it with your friend or… 
(ahem..) your BF. But I understand why your BF don’t want to accompany you… 
so you can tied 2 wii remotes into one (I’m doing it too LOL) with a soft 
belt or handkerchief or something, and voila! You can play & finished the 
mission… Alone T_T…


%%%%%%%%                      5. H I S T O R Y                      %%%%%%%%
2009-04-12   version 0.7   -New Guide
                           -Story Mode (Fin)
                           -Ai's Item List (Fin)

%%%%%%%%                      6. C R E D I T S                      %%%%%%%%
-Namco Bandai team for making the game (make it PLUS if there's a sequel)
-Nintendo Wii for this amazing inovation
-My Miis, Friends & my family, always "supporting" me…
-Thank you for everyone who supporting me
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders    

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