How can I beat Time Reaper with anyone in Brutal mode?

  1. I just can't get how to dodge the double lasers in Brutal Mode even if the character doesn't dive roll to evade his huge laser beam attack but everything else I know how to do. It seems almost impossible to do and not all the characters do a dive roll to dodge though.

    User Info: Castlevania_fan

    Castlevania_fan - 10 years ago

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  1. Everybody except Maria can easily evade through his lasers. Maria's evade doesn't move fast enough and travel enough to go through the laser. It can be done still, but requires very strict timing. It's better to jump in the air and use her charged special (Tidal Wave attack) for that extra boost in the air to jump over them.

    I heard her float would work too, but I have not tested this myself to make sure it's true. Anybody that can double jump can easily jump over the lasers as well. If you're playing as Dracula you can just float in air over the lasers and attack while floating. If you're Golem you have no other option but to evade through them.

    As for evading through the lasers, wait until you get close to the lasers, then evade into them to pass right through them. Golem and Shanoa shouldn't be holding the control stick (doing their roll after the initial evade) because only their initial evade gives them invulnerability.

    If there's anything else you may need help with check out the sticky topic in the message boards or the link here, or feel free to ask for more info.

    User Info: izzymc85

    izzymc85 (Expert) - 10 years ago 2   0


  1. Grant-He is Fast and Easy to put Combos to. When U R Free like when hes doing the Many Dark Balls, get to the Corner Right near TR and Attack useing the Knife Throwing move on him, wen he is about to use the 2Laser, u can easily dodge it by Evading Corner Right of the Stage (this Also works When he is doing his 2 Lazer & Skulls), wen far Jump And move the C-Stick/Swing Nunchuck to make an Air Evade. & Lastly, U R going to need some Hearts, When the Stage Darken, use the Knife Throwing Special, (Holding A twice as Long, then Pressing B) and when he's about to blow, use a sub-weapon to Cancel it.

    Wow, i should make an FAQ about this.

    User Info: SmashJCL

    SmashJCL - 10 years ago 0   0

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