Any tips for aeon users?

  1. I could use the help

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    gfreak32 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Here is a basic rundown:

    - His clock glows in three different colors: Blue, Green and Gold.
    - His clock changes color in the order mentioned above with time. After that, it stays in Gold. To get back to Blue, you have to get hit while using his Neutral Special move or use his Charged Special and then wait a little while.
    - The color of the watch changes what his Charged Special move is. Use it up, and the clock will restart the order. Blue sends out a huge laser, Green makes his sword do a guillotine on the opponent and Gold stops time if it reachs the opponent.

    That's just how he workd. As for combos:

    - Neutral Combo + Unblcokable Attack(needs to be well timed)
    - Directional Combo + Jump cancel + Aerial attack + Aerial Special.
    - Directional Combo + Jagged Earth Subweapon + Directional Combo + Jagged Earth.
    - Time-Stop(charged special with Gold watch) + Hyper Attack(this combo can be used after basically any other combo).
    - His Green and Blue specials are hard to combo with, but are great if you keep a distance and use them while the opponent approaches(works greatly with Green),

    If you are unfamiliar with terms I'm using, here's a rundown:

    - Neutral Combo/Special: Using his normal/special attacks without tilting the control stick.
    - Directional Combo: Using his normal attacks while tilting the control stick.
    - Charged Special: Use a special attack after holding down the special attack button for a specific period of time.
    - Unblockable attack: Attack while guarding.
    - Jump Cancel: Jump right after sending the opponent in the air(the game's tutorial explains this very well).
    - Aerial Attack/Special: Using his normal/special attacks in mid-air.

    That's about it.=)

    Please don't feel offended of you knew most of this already, I'm just making sure you have no doubts.

    User Info: The_ActRaiser

    The_ActRaiser - 10 years ago 0   0

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