How do I beat time reaper with death on brutal?

  1. It seems impossible to kill this boss?
    1.I know all of his attacks.
    2.His flying skulls are annoying.
    3.In the last life bar he gets really angry he does double lasers really fast.skulls are in the area cant evade cuz the skulls will attack cant even get away then your dead.any strategy with death?.

    (Warning if you verses this boss on brutal you will get really angry you will waste a huge lot of time and you will die and die again.

    User Info: xxmarakaixx

    xxmarakaixx - 9 years ago


  1. It is really anoying to die over and over...anyway try to cover from the skulls or use the evasion, I play with the gamecube controller so the moment I use a special attack (A+B) without pointing anywher with the control stick, death throws his sythe, it is really a distance great attack to avoid timereaper's attacks also for the lasers, double jump to avoid them then look for you chance to attack
    hope this helps!

    User Info: Twilightmstr

    Twilightmstr - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. Stay close to time reaper or real far at the end; the skulls don't attack when your a distance apart they just float. Evade the beams when they come close to you and if the skulls attack block them and quickly evade the beam. I did this with all characters and it worked.

    User Info: more87

    more87 - 8 years ago 0   0
  3. I know its four years later, but I just got this game (cheap ;)) and Death is actually the first character I was able to beat Brutal mode with. My secret: HE CAN FLY!! This is like Golem's roll/dodge, which consumes your magic bar, but when the Time Reaper uses the lasers, just double jump and hold the dodge button when in the air (I'm using a gamecube controller, so hold the yellow stick) and you can fly right over them! I used the move where he throws the two purple sickles otherwise. Cheap, but effective. The BIG blue skulls are what gave me the most trouble...But I think if you stay all the way back in the center, and dodge through the lasers, they won't get you. Hope this helps!!

    User Info: caminopreacher

    caminopreacher - 7 years ago 0   0

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