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Item Duplication FAQ by Boldrin

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/18/09

        \ \ \      \ \ \     Rune Factory Frontier     / / /      / / /
        / / /      / / /   Item Duplication Mini-FAQ   \ \ \ V1.0 \ \ \
                        |  \ Authored  by  Boldrin /  |
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) ) - - - - - - - - - - -    How to Duplicate Items     - - - - - - - - - - ( (
First off, before we discuss the method, let's state what all requirements you
will need. Firstly, you'll need to be able to beat the Green Ruins Boss. It is
recommended that you do any Item Duplication you want in the game, prior to
beating the main boss of the game, because this will increase the difficulty
level of all other bosses in the game, including the Green Ruins Boss. The
other requirement, is EITHER a pet monster, OR a Fire Rod. And of course, the
final requirement, is the item you want to duplicate. However, based on how
the glitch works, it only will work for Consumable Items. These are:

- Grown Crops              (Tomatoes, Carrots, Golden Turnips, etc.)
- Grasses                  (Weeds, Mushrooms, White Grass, Black Grass, etc.)
- Grown Flowers            (Blue Roses, Emery Flowers, etc.)
- Cooked Meals             (Shrimp Sashimi, Pumpkin Tart, Royal Curry, etc.)
- Consumable Ingrediants   (Rice, Wine, Cooking Oil, etc.)
- Medicine                 (Energy Drink, Cold Medicine, Formuade, etc.)
- Permanant Stat Increase  (Intelligence Pills, Water Element, etc.)

Examples of items this won't work for: Fish, Ores, Crystals, Runeys, 
                                       Equipment, Monster Drops.

Because of the nature of this game, I'm sure you can see how this can be abused
pretty badly to ruin your game save. I would suggest refraining yourself from
doing the following:

1.) Duplicating stacks of 99 high selling items (Emery Flowers).
2.) Maxing stats at a very low level (Level 60).

Here's what I suggest using this for:

1.) Max your stats/affinity when you're level 90+.
    (Only need 8 Little Crystals as opposed to somewhere near 400)
2.) Duplicating hard to find Level 10 Ingrediants
    (ex: Rice/Flour/Chocolate/Wine/Cherries/Oranges/Chestnuts/Apples)
3.) Saving yourself the time of making food/medicine.
    (ex: Keep a stack of 99 Formuade/Energy Drink S around at all times)

Doing this will not only make your game more enjoyable, it will speed up your
game as a matter of convenience, not full blown cheating.

The Method
1.) Save your game prior, since this is easy to mess-up.
2.) Go into your menu, and move to the "Custom" tab.
3.) Place the item you want to duplicate into one of the D-Pad shortcuts.
4.) The more you put into the shortcut, the more will be duplicated
    (ex: 1 will become 2, 20 will become 40, 99 will become 198)
5.) Bring your PET OR FIRE ROD to the boss of Green Ruins.
6.) Weaken the boss until they are within one hit of death.

Now, dependant on whether you brought:

Fire Rod 
7.) Stand near the entrance to the boss fight, and wait for the chicken boss 
to run back to the center. Shoot your fire rod, and right before the fire 
blast connects with him, use the item from your D-Pad shortcut (start eating).
(Keep reading the numbered instructions!)

Pet Monster
7.) Stand near the boss, and wait for your pet to attack the boss. Right 
before the pet's attack connects, use the item from your D-Pad shortcut 
(start eating).

The Method (Continued)
8.) During the death animation, you will see Raguna standing somewhere in the
    area. If you see the item in his hands, you have successfully duped.
9.) Once the animation finishes, DO NOT exit the area until you complete step
    10. Doing so, will make you lose not only the duplicated item, but the
    original stack as well.
10.) Go into your menu, and take the item both out of your hands, and also out
     of your Custom Menu.
11.) Now exit the dungeon, and check to make sure you have the item still. If
     so, great, feel free to dupe some more, or go save and do something else.

Youtube Videos
I've taken the liberty to record the method here with a Pet Monster: 
Here's a video using the fire rod (not mine):

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credit for someone else's hard work, give credit where credit is due.

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Copyright 2009

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