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FAQ by Kazerei

Version: 1 | Updated: 02/22/09

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip FAQ
For the Nintendo Wii
Copyright (c) 2009 Vivian Lam

 S h a u n                ___
 __    __    __   _      / _ \   _
|  |  |  |  |  | | |    / / \ \ | |
|  |  |  |  |  | | |___ \_\_/_/_| |_   ___
|  |  |  |  |  | | / _ \  | | |_   _| / _ \
|  |  |  |  |  | |  / \ \ | |   | |  / /_\ \
|  |  |  |  |  | | |  | | | |   | | |  ____/   __________________________
 \  \/ /\ \/  /  | |  | | | |   | |_ \ \___   |  _  _  _  _   ___ _   _  |
  \___/  \___/   |_|  |_| |_|    \__| \___/   | |_|| ||_|| \   | |_|||_| |
                                              | | \|_|| ||_/   | | \||   |
                   S n o w b o a r d i n g    |__________________________|


Introduction         [INTR]

Characters           [CHAR]
   How To Unlock
   Character Teams
Controls             [CTRL]
   Wii Remote
   Balance Board

Trick List           [TRCK]

Gameplay             [GPLY]
   Gameplay Elements
   Single Player
   Co-op Mode
   Event types

Miscellaneous        [MISC]
   100% Completion
   Song List

Conclusion           [CNCL]

*** INTRODUCTION ***                                                    [INTR]

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip is a Wii-exclusive game that features
compatibility with the Wii Fit Balance Board. It is completely different
from the Shaun White Snowboarding games for the PS3 and Xbox 360. If you
don't have a Balance Board, there is also a wiimote-only control scheme.

The premise of the game is that you and your friends are trying to meet up
with Shaun White, who doesn't seem to stay in one place for long enough.
So you embark on a road trip that takes you to different countries where you
meet new friends along the way. Eventually you reunite with Shaun White, and
the credits roll.

The single player game is fairly short, maybe 10 hours, but there is lots
more to do after that. You could spend another 10 hours completing every
last goal in the game and collecting all the momentos.

Multiplayer is also pretty fun, though you can't use two Balance Boards
simultaneously. In order to unlock more events in multiplayer, you have to
play through Co-op mode, which is explained briefly in this FAQ.

*** CHARACTERS ***                                                      [CHAR]

You have to pick two characters: a rider and a cameraman. The rider is the
character you control, and the cameraman can give you a special boost once
you fill your Respect meter.


  Speed  how fast a rider can snowboard
   Jump  how high a rider can jump
   Grip  how tightly a rider can turn
Landing  how sensitive a rider's balance is when grinding and landing
   Mass  how much a rider's inertia is maintained after being hit

Gordon    3    1    1    1    1   Speed Boost     increase speed by 1
Jasmine   1    3    1    1    1   Jump Boost      increase jump by 1
Zaz       1    1    2    2    1   Trick Boost     increase points by 10%
Alex      1    2    2    1    1   Grip Boost      increase grip by 1
Francois  2    1    1    2    1   Confusion Power inverts opponents controls
Sunny     1    2    1    2    1   Balance Boost   increasing landing by 1
John      2    1    1    1    2   Mass Boost      increase mass by 1
Michael   1    1    2    1    2   Blind Power     flashes opponents screens
Shaun     2    2    2    3    2   ---             ---


Gordon    ---
Jasmine   ---
Zaz       Complete the final event in Canada and unlock Chile
Alex      Complete the final event in Chile and unlock Switzerland
Francois  Complete the final event in Switz and unlock Japan
Sunny     Complete the final event in Japan and unlock USA
John      Complete Chief's Ride at Big Elk Trail in Canada (Extra goal)
Michael   Complete Riding Wild at the Railroad in United States (Extral goal)
Shaun     Complete the final event in USA and unlock the World

Gordon    ---
Jasmine   ---
Zaz       Score silver medals in Chile
Alex      Score silver medals in United States
Francois  Score silver medals in Switzerland
Sunny     Score silver medals in Japan
John      Score silver medals in Canada
Michael   ---
Shaun     Score silver medals in all events


Personally, I find about half the cast to be pretty useless. Perhaps because
there's not alot of gameplay variety: you either want to race well, or do
tricks well. Anyway, here are my rider/cameraman picks, from worst to best.

For Racing
   * Gordon / Alex
   * Shaun / Gordon

For Tricks
   * Jasmine / Zaz
   * Zaz / Jasmine
   * Sunny / Zaz
   * Shaun / Zaz

Shaun is clearly the best rider in every way. Even for racing. While Gordon
wins on the straight-aways, Shaun wins on the turns, and generally that
works out in Shaun's favour. You will probably want to use Shaun for
everything once you unlocked him, with either Gordon or Zaz as cameraman.

*** CONTROLS ***                                                        [CTRL]


     (1)  Next song
     (2)  Pause menu
 (D-pad)  Activate cameraman's special ability


      twist  Turn
   flick up  Jump
    pull up  Brake
        (A)  Tuck (increases speed, decreases turning)
   turn+(B)  Carve (increases turning, decreases speed)

      twist  Spin trick
      flick  Flip trick
      (A/B)  Grab trick, modify spin or flip trick

      twist  Stay balanced
      flick  Jump off
flick+(A/B)  Grind trick


rear heel/toe  Turn
    pump legs  Jump
    rear foot  Brake
   front foot  Tuck (increases speed, decreases turning)
     turn+(B)  Carve (increases turning, decreases speed)

      feet together heel/toe  Spin trick
      feet opposite heel/toe  Flip trick
                       (A/B)  Grab trick, modify spin or flip trick

      feet together heel/toe  Stay balanced
                   pump legs  Jump off
feet opposite heel/toe+(A/B)  Grind trick

*** TRICK LIST ***                                                      [TRCK]

Disclaimer: the trick values listed below are just for comparison. There are
a few other variables involved in calculating points, such as number of
rotations (during a spin trick), how well balanced you are (during a grind
trick), etc.

You should notice that for spins and flips, holding A+B is better than
holding B, which is better than holding A, which is better than holding
nothing. Though more advanced tricks may be more difficult to land.


     Grabs  hold down A/B button(s)
     Spins  hold down A/B button(s) and rotate the wiimote
     Flips  hit A/B button(s) and flick the wiimote
Grindspins  hit A button and flick the wiimote
    Grinds  hold down B button and flick the wiimote (keep holding B!)

<=  forward direction  (in regular stance, twist/flick left)
                       (in goofy stance, twist/flick right)
=>  backward direction (vice versa)
<<  left direction     (regardless of stance)
>>  right direction    (regardless of stance)
/\  upward direction   (pitch wiimote up)
\/  downward direction (pitch wiimote down)

 x  means the point value will multiply while holding the trick



  Mute               A     --  10x
  Stalefish          B     --  10x
  Rocket            A+B    --  15x



  Front Side Spin   ---    <=  20x
  Back Side Spin    ---    =>  20x

  Melon              A     <=  30x
  Indy               A     =>  30x
  Swiss Cheese       B     <=  40x
  Japan              B     =>  40x
  Truck Driver      A+B    <=  50x
  Gorilla           A+B    =>  50x

  Nose Grab          A     /\  40x
  Tail Grab          A     \/  40x
  Crail              B     /\  50x
  Seat Belt          B     \/  50x
  Double Tail Grab  A+B    /\  60x
  Spaghetti         A+B    \/  60x



  Shikkan Flip      ---    <=  100
  Back Side Misty   ---    =>  100

  Front Side Rodeo   A     <=  175
  Back Side Rodeo    A     =>  175
  One Foot Grab      B     <<  330
  Barrel             B     >>  330
  Flying Squirrel   A+B    <<  500
  Misty Flip        A+B    >>  500

  Sato               B     >>  330  halfpipe, replaces Barrel
  M Chuck           A+B    <<  500  halfpipe, replaces Flying Squirrel
  Monkey Twist      A+B    >>  500  halfpipe, replaces Misty Flip



  50/50             ---    --  25x  board aligned with rail
  Front Side Slide  ---    --  25x  board horizontal, back faces forward
  Back Side Slide   ---    --  25x  board horizontal, front faces forward

  MJ                 B     =>  40x  from 50/50 Slide
  JC                 B     <=  40x  from 50/50 Slide

  Nose Slide         B     =>  40x  from FS Slide or BS Slide
  Tail Slide         B     <=  40x  from FS Slide or BS Slide

  Front Side Spin    A     =>  50   switch between BS Slide, 50/50, FS Slide
  Back Side Spin     A     <=  50   switch between FS Slide, 50/50, BS Slide

*** GAMEPLAY ***                                                        [GPLY]


Respect Meter
   * Fill the Respect meter by doing tricks, collecting Crowns, or
     passing through slalom gates (if available)
   * When the meter is full, activate your cameraman's ability with the D-pad
   * After being activated, the meter will deplete gradually

Point Multiplier
   * Start the multiplier by pulling off two consecutive tricks
   * You will be given 8 seconds to pull off another trick
   * Continue chaining tricks and the multiplier will increase
   * The maximum multiplier value is 3.0x
   * The multiplier is applied to the preceding string of trick points
     upon landing properly
   * The multiplier will be reset if you fall or land poorly

Landing Bonus
   * Align your board to your direction of travel before landing
   * The preceding string of trick points is increased by 10%

Jump Bonus
   * Jump off near the lip of a kicker
   * The height of your jump will increase noticeably

Time Bonus
   * Pass through the slalom gates in racing events
   * Adds 1 second to the countdown clock, and gives you Respect


   * There are five countries
   * Each country has four mountains
        * The first three mountains have two events
        * The fourth mountain has one event
   * Each event has a Dare Goal and a Respect Goal
        * Complete the Dare Goal to get a ticket
        * Complete the Respect Goal to get a momento piece
   * At first, only one mountain in will be available
   * Collect tickets from Dare Goals to unlock new mountains
   * Complete a country's final mountain event to unlock a new country
   * When you complete the final mountain's event in the final country, you
     will unlock a new set of Extra Respect goals, one for each mountain


   * There are five countries
   * Each country has four mountains
   * Each mountain has bronze, silver, and gold medal goals, scaled by the
     number of players
   * All four mountains will be available in a country
   * Collect all bronze medals in a country to unlock a new country
   * Collect all silver medals in a country to unlock a new character


     Downhill  race against the clock
       Slalom  race against the clock, with slalom gates
Boarder Cross  race against other riders
      Big Air  mostly ramps for air tricks
     Rail Jam  mostly rails for grind tricks
  Slope Style  mix of ramps and rails
 Back Country  mix of ramps and rails, disorganized placement
    Half Pipe  self-explanatory




   * Get the Multiplier up ASAP by chaining together different tricks
        * Do tricks that are fast, but may have low point values
        * Make sure you hold a trick long enough for it to be counted
   * Try to max out the Multiplier within the first 3 to 4 ramps/rails
   * When the Multiplier is maxed out, do tricks that are slow, but have
     high point values
   * Keep the Multiplier maxed by landing properly and tricking on every
     ramp/rail you come across
   * To land properly, align your board with the direction you're traveling,
     not really with the direction of the slope

   * Some of the mountains are quite expansive; do a few "reconnaissance"
     runs and follow the left and right boundaries of the run
        * Figure out a nice route; some have more airs, some have more grinds
        * Some routes are not very visible compared to the main route

   * The goal requirements are easier when you choose the Balance Board than
     when you choose the wiimote as the control scheme
        * If you're using the wiimote and having trouble with an event,
          try the Balance Board if you have one

Downhill / Slalom / Boarder Cross
   * Stay tucked on the straight-aways, but un-tuck on a turn if you need to
        * If you tuck during a turn, riders with poor Grip will drift outwards
          into a wide turn; an un-tucked, sharper turn would've been better
        * If your rider has good Grip, you can get away with staying tucked
          on some turns
   * Jumps and grinds will slow you down, but Crowns are useful for filling
     your Respect meter, so there's a trade-off
        * But if you're airbourne and have some time, do spin tricks to fill
          your Respect meter a bit
   * Avoid running into obstacles (eg: trees) and other riders
        * You can jump over fences and sometimes grass

   * For Slalom events, passing through slalom gates is VERY IMPORTANT
        * Not only does it increase the countdown clock, it also fills
          your Respect meter
        * Still pretty important for Boarder Cross events

Big Air

   * Increase your multiplier by spamming the Spin tricks
   * When your multiplier is maxed, do Flip tricks

   * Use rails to keep your multiplier going
Rail Jam

   * Increase your multiplier by spamming the Grindspin tricks
   * When your multiplier is maxed, do advanced Grinds
   * Take advantage of ramps and do air tricks, then land on rails if possible
   * When there are a few adjacent rails, jump between them to keep grinding
     for as long as possible

   * Jump off the end of a rail to get a decent amount of air time

Slope Style / Back Country

   * You can get more points from airs than from grinds, so pick ramps
     over rails whenever you can
   * The strategy is similar to Big Air events, you just do more grinding
     in between

Half Pipe

   * To land properly, generally the board needs to point diagonally
   * The strategy is similar to Big Air events

*** MISCELLANEOUS ***                                                   [MISC]


The single player game has 89 different goals, and is worth 77.5% in total.
All types of goals (Dare, Respect, Extra) are of equal value.

The coop game has 60 different medals, and is worth 22.5% in total.
All types of medals (gold, silver, bronze) are of equal value.
Getting a gold medal means you also got the silver and bronze medals in
that event.

         Dare goals  35
      Respect goals  34
Extra Respect goals  20

         CO-OP MODE (22.5%)
        Gold medals  20
      Silver medals  20
      Bronze medals  20


ARTIST                       SONG

Anti-Flag                    Press Corpse
Audioslave                   Gasoline
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Weapon of Choice
Blue Oyster Cult             Don't Fear the Reaper
Bob Dylan                    Someday Baby
Collective Soul              Counting the Days
Corrosion of Conformity      Clean My Wounds
The Draytones                Keep Loving Me
The Dykeenies                Waiting for Go
Faithless                    We Come 1
Heart                        Barracuda
illScarlett                  The Fashion (Do or Die)
Incubus                      Anna Molly
Jefferson Airplane           White Rabbit
Johnny Cash                  Ring of Fire
Kasabian                     Reason is Treason
Kasabian                     Stuntman
Metallica                    Jump in the Fire
Metro Station                Control
Modest Mouse                 Dashboard
The Mooney Suzuki            Alive and Amplified
Overseer                     Stompbox
Run-D.M.C.                   Rock Box
Sloan                        Ill Placed Trust
Speedway                     Save Yourself
Sweet                        Ballroom Blitz
Three Days Grace             Animal I Have Become
The Trews                    Every Inambition
Wild Cherry                  Play That Funky Music

*** CONCLUSION ***                                                      [CNCL]

I decided not to write a full walkthrough since this game is fairly easy,
and I'm sure people can figure out optimal routes for each mountain. But
hopefully this FAQ has helped a bit. If you are stuck on a specific goal,
feel free to email me at vivianlam@gmail.com

I had alot of fun with Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii, and I look
forward to a new iteration in the series. Hopefully the next game will have
greater depth and challenge, so I'll have more to write about! :)

                                                                   end of file

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