• Online Multiplayer Challenges

    Complete the following challenges online to unlock the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aperture Sight for Gewehr 43Get 75 kills with the Gewehr 43
    Aperture Sight for M1A1 CarbineGet 75 kills with the M1A1 Carbine
    Aperture Sight for MP40Get 75 kills with the MP40
    Aperture Sight for PPSh-41Get 25 kills with the PPSh-41
    Aperture Sight for STG-44Get 75 kills with the STG-44
    Aperture Sight for SVT-40Get 75 kills with the SVT-40
    Aperture Sight for ThompsonGet 75 kills with the Thompson
    Aperture Sight for Type 100Get 25 kills with the Type 100
    Bayonet for ArisakaGet 75 kills with the Arisaka
    Bayonet for Kar98KGet 75 kills with the Kar98K
    Bayonet for M1 GarandGet 75 kills with the M1 Garand
    Bayonet for M1897 Trench GunGet 75 kills with the M1897 Trench Gun
    Bayonet for M1A1 CarbineGet 100 kills with the M1A1 Carbine
    Bayonet for Mosin-NagantGet 75 kills with the Mosin-Nagant
    Bayonet for SpringfieldGet 25 kills with the Springfield
    Bayonet for Type 99Get 75 kills with the Type 99
    Bipod for BARGet 25 kills with the BAR
    Bipod for Browning M1919Get 25 kills with the Browning M1919
    Bipod for DP-28Get 25 kills with the DP-28
    Bipod for FG42Get 25 kills with the FG42
    Bipod for MG42Get 25 kills with the MG42
    Bipod for Type 99Get 25 kills with the Type 99
    Box Magazine for M1A1 CarbineGet 150 kills with the M1A1 Carbine
    Dual Magazines for MP40Get 150 kills with the MP40
    Extended Clip for Type 100Get 25 kills with the Type 100
    Flash Hider for M1 GarandGet 25 kills with the M1 Garand
    Flash Hider for M1A1 CarbineGet 25 kills with the M1A1 Carbine
    Flash Hider for STG-44Get 25 kills with the STG-44
    Flash Hider for SVT-40Get 25 kills with the SVT-40
    Grip for Double Barreled ShotgunGet 25 kills with the Double Barreled Shotgun
    Grip for M1897 Trench GunGet 25 kills with the M1897 Trench Gun
    Rifle Grenade for ArisakaGet 150 kills with the Arisaka
    Rifle Grenade for Gewehr 43Get 150 kills with the Gewehr 43
    Rifle Grenade for Kar98KGet 150 kills with the Kar98K
    Rifle Grenade for M1 GarandGet 100 kills with the M1 Garand
    Rifle Grenade for Mosin-NagantGet 150 kills with the Mosin-Nagant
    Rifle Grenade for SpringfieldGet 75 kills with the Springfield
    Round Drum for PPSh-41Get 75 kills with the PPSh-41
    Round Drum for ThompsonGet 150 kills with the Thompson
    Sawed-Off ShotgunGet 75 kills with the Double Barreled Shotgun
    Sniper Scope for ArisakaGet 25 kills with the Arisaka
    Sniper Scope for Kar98KGet 25 kills with the Kar98K
    Sniper Scope for M1 GarandGet 150 kills with the M1 Garand
    Sniper Scope for Mosin-NagantGet 25 kills with the Mosin-Nagant
    Suppressor for Gewehr 43Get 25 kills with the Gewehr 43
    Suppressor for MP40Get 25 kills with the MP40
    Suppressor for ThompsonGet 25 kills with the Thompson
    Suppressor for Type 100Get 25 kills with the Type 100
    Telescopic Sight for FG42Get 75 kills with the FG42
    Telescopic Sight for STG-44Get 100 kills with the STG-44
    Telescopic Sight for SVT-40Get 150 kills with the SVT-40
    Telesopic Sight for Gewehr 43Get 100 kills with the Gewehr 43

    Contributed By: Stevewins123.

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  • Online Multiplayer Unlockables

    Reach the following ranks on Multiplayer to unlock the desired Multiplayer unlockable.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    .357 MagnumReach Level 49
    ArisakaReach Level 4
    BandolierReach Level 40
    BARReach Level 4
    Bomb SquadReach Level 16
    Bouncing Betty x2Reach level 24
    Browning M1919Reach Level 61
    CamoflaugeReach level 12
    Colt M1911Reach Level 3
    Custom Class Slot 10Reach Prestige Level 10
    Custom Class Slot 6Reach Prestige level 1
    Custom Class Slot 7Reach Prestige Level 2
    Custom Class Slot 8Reach Prestige Level 4
    Custom Class Slot 9Reach Presige Level 7
    Dead SlienceReach level 52
    Deep ImpactReach Rank 1
    Double TapReach Rank 36
    Double-Barreled ShotgunReach Level 29
    DP-28Reach Level 13
    Extreme ConditioningReach Rank 1
    FG-42Reach Level 45
    FireproofReach Level 48
    Gas MaskReach Level 2
    Gewher 47Reach Level 6
    Hardcore Team DeathmatchReach Rank 13
    JuggernautReach Level 4
    Kar98kReach Level 41
    M1 GarandReach Level 17
    M1A1 CarbineReach Level 65
    M2 FlamethrowerReach Level 65
    M9A1 Bazooka x2Reach Level 2
    MartydomReach Level 20
    MG-42Reach Level 33
    Mosin-NagantReach Level 21
    MP-40Reach Level 10
    OverkillReach Level 56
    PPSh 41Reach Level 53
    Prestige ModeReach Level 65
    Primary Grenades x2Reach Level 44
    PTRS 41Reach Level 57
    Second ChanceReach Level 9
    Sleight of HandReach Level 28
    SpringfieldReach Level 3
    STG-44Reach Level 37
    Tokarev TT38Reach Level 21
    Toss BackReach Level 6
    Trench GunReach Level 2
    Type 100Reach Level 25
    VeteranReach Rank 29
    Walther P38Reach Level 2

    Contributed By: lionheart079 and Anonymous.

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Easter Eggs

  • How to Get Ray Gun

    To get the ray gun you must play the mission "Little Resistance". When you get to the main laid on the mission, you will find 4 holes. The holes will be in a row and step in each of them from right to left. When you get to the last hole, 4 statues will come out of the ground. Each of the statues holds a ray gun for you to take.

    Contributed By: Game-faq101.

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