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Guide and Walkthrough by AJL16

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/14/2009

FAQ + Walkthrough for The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (Wii)
Version 1.1
Last Updated: January 13, 2009
Created by: Anthony L (AJL16)
Contact: infallibl3_ [at] hotmail [dot] com

For the time being, this guide is to be published only on the following:


Version History

January 13, 2009: Version 1.1. Updated with cheats, and more info on the
                  Immune to Stun bonus.

January 7, 2009: Version 1.0. Pretty much done everything.


01.  The Basics
     a. Introduction               [01a]
     b. Controls                   [01b]
     c. Items                      [01c]
     d. The Game Menu              [01d]
     e. The In-Game Pause Menu     [01e]

02.  Story Mode
     a. The Catacombs              [02a]
     b. Twilight Falls             [02b]
     c. Valley of Avalar           [02c]
     d. Dragon City                [02d]
     e. Attack of the Golem        [02e]
     f. Ruins of Warfang           [02f]
     g. The Dam                    [02g]
     h. The Destroyer              [02h]
     i. Burned Lands               [02i]
     j. Floating Islands           [02j]
     k. Malefor's Lair             [02k]

03.  Collectables
     a. Blue Crystals              [03a]
     b. Life Upgrade Crystals      [03b]
     c. Elemental Upgrade Crystals [03c]
     d. Armor Pieces               [03d]
     e. Elite Enemies              [03e]

04.  FAQs

05.  Final Remarks

/                                                                             \
                                01. THE BASICS

Introduction                                                              [01a] 

Hello! Welcome to my Walkthrough and FAQ. Let me start off by saying that this
is the first guide I've ever written, so please don't hesitate to e-mail me 
with suggestions and tips. With that said, I hope you enjoy it, and that any
problems or difficulties you have with this game are solved here.

To make things easier to peruse, I've used the infamous 'bracketed codes' in
the Table of Contents, as well as within the Walkthrough. See the Story Mode
section for more details.

Before getting into the game, here is what has happened since Eternal Night:
Spyro was fighting Cynder (a female, evil version of himself), when the two of
them were sealed in a crystal for three years. Now that they are out, Malefor
is wreaking havoc in the world. It is up to these two dragons to put aside
their differences and work together to stop Malefor and his malicious plans.

Controls                                                                  [01b]

This game uses both the Wii remote and the nunchuk.

WII REMOTE:                               NUNCHUK:

A: Jump                                   Control Stick: Move character 
A+A: Double Jump                          Twist nunchuk/Flick+Hold UP: Shield
A+A and hold A: Glide                     Control Stick + Flick FORWARD: Evade
A+A+A: Fly (press A to flap wings)        Z: Elemental Attack
B: Weak melee attack                      C: Second Elemental Attack (Level 2+)
Flick remote DOWN: Strong melee attack    C+Z: Fury mode (if meter is full)
A+B: Grab enemy/Action (when prompted)    Z while in Fury mode: Fury attack
D-pad: Move Camera
(+): Switch dragons
(-): Cycle between Elements
(1): Pause
(2): View Status/Objective(s)
Home: Wii Menu

Items                                                                     [01c]

Red Gems: Small red items obtained by attacking some enemies or breaking red
          crystals. Red gems restore your health.

Green Gems: Small green items obtained by attacking certain enemies or breaking
            green crystals. Green gems restore your mana, which is needed to
            perform Elemental attacks.

XP Gems: Small blue items obtained by defeating enemies, destroying various 
         breakable objects throughout the game, or by breaking blue crystals.
         XP Gems increase your total XP, which can be used to upgrade your

Red Crystals: Large red clusters found in various places in every level. The
              fuller the cluster, the more red gems it contains, which refill
              your health. Hit the crystals to release the gems. They will
              eventually restore themselves once used up.

Green Crystals: Large green clusters found in various places in every level. 
                Attacking these crystals releases green gems, which refill your
                mana. Once used up, more green gems will appear after a while.

Blue Crystals: Large blue clusters found throughout almost every level. Once 
               found, they will not restore themselves. Each blue crystal, once
               destroyed, rewards both dragons with 1,000 XP points.

Life Crystals: Large red crystals (distinct from the red gem-bearing ones)
               found in every level. Once broken, they will not reappear. 
               Collecting these will increase each dragon's total health.

Element Crystals: Large green crystals found in every level. Once broken, they
                  will not reappear. Collect these to increase each dragon's
                  total mana.

Chests: Found throughout the game, these chests contain pieces of armor.

Fury Gem: Although you don't physically collect these, you obtain one Fury Gem
          each time you upgrade an element to the next level. These gems will
          increase your Fury power.

Now, let's take a look at the main screen while playing:
                           |_____________________|  <-- Fury Meter
____ ____________                                               __________ ____
    |____________| <-- Spyro's Health     Cynder's Health -->  |__________|
    |____________                                               __________|
____|____________| <-- Spyro's Mana         Cynder's Mana -->  |__________|____
    __                                                                     __
   |__|   1234     <-- Spyro's XP             Cynder's XP -->      5678   |__|
 Spyro's                                                               Cynder's
 Element                                                                Element

   10     <-- Spyro's Combo                       Cynder's Combo -->    16
  Combo          Counter                              Counter          Combo

            Big Enemy/Ally Health -->   |________________________________|_____

The Game Menu                                                             [01d]

This menu can be accessed once you've selected "New Game" or selected a load 
file to play from. Some not-so-self explanatory options in this menu are:

1. Start/Continue Story Mode: This allows you to begin or resume the plot where 
you last left off. Once you defeat Malefor, this option will read 'Story Mode
Over' and can no longer be selected.

2. Chapter: This allows you to replay any level that you have already passed. If
you've missed a few collectables, or if you just want to play it again for the
fun of it, this option is what you want.

3. Bonus: Making certain progress in the game or meeting specific requirements
will unlock bonuses. Here they are:

   Spyro's Gallery: A slideshow of pictures of Spyro. Obtained by upgrading the
   Fire element to the max level (requires 70,500 XP in total).
   Cynder's Gallery: A slideshow of pictures of Cynder. Obtained by upgrading
   the Poison element to the max level (requires 68,500 XP in total).

   Alliance Gallery: A slideshow of pictures of your friends throughout the 
   game. Obtained by getting a 150 combo anytime during the game using either

   Enemies Gallery: A slideshow of all the enemies you had to face. Obtained by
   achieving 100/100 in your file.

   Scenery Gallery: A slideshow of all the levels you traversed. Obtained by
   reaching the Floating Islands (Automatically unlocked once you finish Burned

   Credits: Always available (no requirements needed to unlock).

4. Options: Language, Subtitles, Tutorial mode toggle, Sound options, etc.

The In-Game Pause Menu                                                    [01e]

While you are in Story mode or Chapter mode, you can press (1) to access the 
Pause Menu. The available options are:

1. Single/Two Player Toggle: Pretty self-explanatory.

2. Moves: A comprehensive list of all the possible moves and melee attacks,
most of which are combinations of A, B and Flick down. A must read when first

3. Armor: Shows all of the pieces of armor you have found so far, and lets you
pick which ones you want to use. For each dragon, there are three Helmets,
Tails and Bracers to collect (18 pieces total), and you can only equip one of
each at a given time. 

   *Note: Equip all three from the same column to harness new abilitites:

   All first column armor: Nuclear Hit (Spyro) or Poisonous Hit (Cynder). Your
   melee attacks will be powered up accordingly.

   All second column armor: Immune to Stun. With this activated, the larger
   enemies' attacks will no longer knock you backwards. Thanks to Keinji Fox
   for clarifying.

   All third column armor: Fury Breath unlocked. Toggle through your elements
   to find a new Fury element, and press Z to use the Fury Breath without
   having to enter Fury mode. It's extremely powerful, but it drains your mana
   VERY quickly, so use it wisely.

4. Elements: Here is where you view your current Elements' levels, and where 
you can upgrade them. Here is a list of all the Elements, their corresponding 
moves and how much XP is needed to upgrade:

   Fire: Dragon Fire (Z) and Comet Dash (C, at level 2+).
   7,000 for level 2, 26,500 for level 3, 70,500 for Max.

   Ice: Ice Spikes (Z) and Snow Storm (C, at level 2+).
   4,000 for level 2, 21,500 for level 3, 57,500 for Max.

   Earth: Boulder (Z) and Earth Missile (C, at level 2+).
   5,000 for level 2, 32,000 for level 3, 76,500 for Max.

   Electricity: Lightning Bolt (Z) and Electric Sphere (C, at level 2+).
   3,000 for level 2, 17,000 for level 3, 63,500 for Max.


   Poison: Venom (Z) and Scorpion Strike (C, at level 2+).
   7,000 for level 2, 25,500 for level 3, 68,500 for Max.

   Wind: Cyclone (Z) and Twister (C, at level 2+).
   3,000 for level 2, 18,000 for level 3, 63,500 for Max.

   Fear: Siren Scream (Z) and Phantom Fright (C, at level 2+).
   5,000 for level 2, 33,500 for level 3, 78,500 for Max.

   Shadow: Shadow Strike (Z) and Shadow Fire (C, at level 2+).
   4,000 for level 2, 20,000 for level 3, 57,500 for Max.

5. Options: The exact same as in the Game Menu.

6. Quit level: Brings you back to the Game Menu.

/                                                                             \
                                02. STORY MODE

Entering Story Mode begins the adventure of Spyro and Cynder. This next section
will (hopefully!) give you the tools you need to achieve 100% completion in the
game. I've written step-by-step instructions on how I navigated each level to
defeat every enemy and collect every item. Of course, the strategies I used may
not necessarily work the best, so if you find other methods that are more
effective, feel free to let me know, and you'll get credit for your discovery.

*NOTE: As you proceed through the walkthrough, when you reach a part of a level
where you can collect an item, you will see codes in square brackets like this:
[LL1]. To find more details on how to collect it, look for that code in the 
"Collectables" section, or type the code into the Ctrl + F search box (Command
+ F for Mac users).

Let the story begin!

The Catacombs                                                             [02a]

After the first cutscene, you'll face some Grublins. The only tricky part is 
that Spyro and Cynder are 'stuck' in the middle of the platform and can't 
venture too far (yet). These enemies are relatively simple to defeat using the 
melee attacks (strong or weak attacks). Remember to evade when they surround 
you (flick nunchuk while holding the nunchuk control stick in the direction 
you want to go). After you defeat the first wave, a second wave will come, 
where it is much of the same stuff needed to defeat them.

After the two sets of Grublins, the Golem will come out. You must remove the 
staple that is restricting your movement. To do so, press A+B together in the 
middle of the platform (if you're in the right place, the "A+B" instructions 
will appear on the screen), and flick the Wii remote up and down until it comes
off. If you don't do it fast enough, he will crush you, and you have to start 
over again. 

When you get the staple off, he will start attacking. You must dodge his 
pounding fist, and attack it when he lays it down. From the area where he rests
his hand (front-left corner of the platform), take a few steps backwards, and 
you should be able to avoid all of his hits. If not, stay in the back-left 
corner, and quickly come forward when he rests his hand in order to attack it 
(flick nunchuk while holding forward on the control stick). Hit him with a few 
fast attacks, and he'll throw out some life and XP crystals. Repeat, and you'll
come to a cutscene where we see a cheetah take out the Golem (temporarily). He
ad on over to where he is. He introduces himself as Hunter (a cheetah named 
Hunter, where have I seen that before...) and lets Spyro know what's happened 
since Eternal Night. Your new objective now is to Escape the Catacombs. 

Use jumping, gliding and flying to navigate across the platforms. Before you 
can make it to Hunter though, the Golem reappears and grabs the platform you're
on. When prompted, press A to stay on the platform and survive his attack. Save
your game now if you like. 

Glide down, and you will learn about Spyro and Cynder's elemental abilities, 
followed by 3 waves of Grublins. Use the green gems to fill up their mana, and 
use Elemental attacks if you want, or use melee attacks if you're more 
comfortable. A combination of the two is usually the optimal strategy (i.e. 
Spyro's lightning to paralyze them temporarily followed by a few weak attacks). 
Once defeated, jump up and use Spyro's flames to burn the vines away to permit 
access to the next area.

Upon entering this new room, you'll see a lever, Blue crystal [CB1] and an Orb.
Pull the lever down by approaching, pressing A+B when prompted, and flicking 
the Wii remote up and down. Grab the Orb now (A+B), and make your way up using 
the new platforms created by pulling the lever. Keep using the dragon that has 
the Orb to traverse the room, otherwise the Orb may fall. When you make it to 
the first area (with the Green crystals), you'll see a lightning bolt-shaped 
switch on the wall to the right. Have Spyro use lightning on it until new 
platforms are created. Make your way up now (don't fly; use double jump + glide
to get across the bigger gaps) using the dragon that has the Orb. Use B to put
the Orb onto the switch (that looks a dinner plate), and the door will open, 
exposing the big room ahead. Before heading there, grab the hidden Life crystal
[CL1] and then proceed.

When you first enter this new area, immediately drop down to the left, and pull
down the two-man (two-dragon?) lever to expose more vines. Head back to where 
you first came from in this room now, and drop down to the right this time 
(before dropping, approach the ledge and press down on the Wii remote D-pad to 
make sure you're not falling in the wrong place. Find a Blue crystal here 
[CB2], and drop down again while following the small platforms forward to find 
your first Elemental crystal [CE1]. 

Head back to the beginning of this room, and climb the vines up (press A+B to 
grab, don't hold). Then, do a double-jump and glide across to reach the next 
vine. Press A+B right when you get to the wall (it's tight, but you'll make 
it). Use another double jump-glide to reach the next vine and platform, and 
climb up to the square platform. You can get another Blue crystal from here 
[CB3], or continue on and get it later if you don't want to do that vine 
climbing again. 

Jump up to the vine from here, then use a couple of double jump-glide combos 
again to make it across and up. Grab the Blue crystal [CB4], then glide to the
next vine, where you'll find another Blue crystal [CB5]. Glide down to the 
right now, and we get another visit from the Golem (yay!) To pass this part, 
you must avoid his fist again while climbing the vines. With that said, grab 
onto the first vine, and you'll get instructions on how to jump from vine to 
vine. Seems easy enough, right? From the start here, the Golem's fist will 
always pound the right-hand side of the second vine. So, jump to the second 
vine, and stay to the leftmost side. As soon as he attacks, make your way right
and onto the platform for (temporary) safety.

Upon landing, stay as close to the edge as possible (far from the new vine), as
the Golem periodically attacks the middle of this platform. Wait for him to do 
so, then immediately run to the vine and grab on. Don't climb yet though; stay 
at the bottom. He will attack the second and third vine patches. As soon as he 
attacks, hold the nunchuk control stick up and press A repeatedly to jump from 
vine patch to vine patch and onto the next platform (this saves plenty time 
compared to jumping, pressing A+B to grab, going up, jumping again, etc.).

Grab onto the vine now, and look at where the Golem attacks. He only pounds the
very end area of the vine, where the next platform is, so you have space to 
line yourself up right to avoid getting hit. Before this though, there's a Blue
Crystal off to the left hand side [CB6]. Back on the vine now, head to the 
right hand side now, immediately beside the patch of vine that the Golem keeps 
pounding. Right after he attacks, climb right and jump to the platform. Next, 
it's another pseudo-cutscene, where you must press A when prompted to avoid 
death. His arm gets stuck and his hand falls off (ouch?), which he leaves 
behind. Attack the Dark Crystal that's now exposed on his hand to make the hand

Just a note for the future, these Dark Crystals are found in many places, and 
when you get near them, they drain your mana, so don't be surprised if you 
suddenly find that you can't use Elemental attacks during battles.

With the hand out of the way, jump to the next platform, and break another Blue
Crystal [CB7]. You can save the game here. Now, you can either go back and face
the Elite Enemy, or proceed with the level. If you're going back, two new Blue 
Crystals appear on the bottom level after fighting the Golem here [CB8].

Moving onto the next room, drop down, and look around to see the last Blue 
Crystal [CB10]. Go up the vine, and enter the next room. After seeing the horn,
turn around and, facing the stairs you just came from, look left to find a 
wheel. While trying to turn it though, 3 waves of Grublins come to attack. 
There's a Green Crystal in this room, so don't worry about using up your mana. 
Once you get rid of them, finish turning the wheel, and use Cynder's Wind 
attack to blow the horn and open the door. 

Before getting through though, the Golem is back and grabs Cynder. When 
prompted, *repeatedly* press B (not just once) to free her and escape. You've 
escaped the Catacombs, and you're done. You can save if you want here after the

Twilight Falls                                                            [02b]

Your mission in this level is to Reach the Enchated Forest. You begin by flying
with the river, landing near a save area. Grab the Blue crystal behind you 
[TB1], then approach the purple save area, where small enemies come out. Get 
rid of them, then you can save if you want. Grab the Blue crystal here [TB2], 
then fly up to the right. Defeat the enemies, and find a hidden Blue crystal 
that you can get from here [TB3]. Then, once you return here, follow the path 
to find another  Blue crystal [TB4], and another area (across the river) to 
glide down to on your left side. Once you do so, you are greeted by more 
enemies. After a couple of waves of small Grublins, a large foe will appear. 
Don't stay around him and constantly attack, because his sword attack isn't 
pretty. Hit him with a few fast melee attacks, then Evade. Repeat using either 
fast melee or elemental attacks until he falls. Don't try and rush this, 
because his attacks hurt. 

After defeating him, a Blue crystal emerges [TB5] and purple "action" fumes 
emerge beside a tree. Stand on the purple area now and you can push the tree 
down (A+B and Wii remote flicking). Before going up though, you can collect a 
few goodies here [TB6] [TE1] [TA1] [TE2]. Also, the Elite Enemy can be accessed
from here if you feel like fighting it (and there's Armor where the Elite Enemy
is [TA2]). 

Now make your way across the river using the tree trunk, and climb on the vine.
Follow their instructions on how to swing by switching to the dragon that is 
not climbing, holding A, and moving back and forth like a pendulum. Swing to 
the right to find a Life crystal [TL1], and swing to the left to proceed up the
vine. Remember to press A+B once you've swung right in front of another vine in
order to grab it. Then, switch to the dragon that was originally climbing, and 
have him/her let go (press A). Find another Blue crystal at the top here [TB7],
then press A+B to end the level.

Valley of Avalar                                                          [02c]

The level opens with the Cheetah Village being attacked, and you must defeat 
all the enemies before the 'life bar' of the village falls to zero. The first 
wave of Grublins isn't hard, but then larger dragons come into the mix as well.
A combination of elements and melee should do well here, such as Cynder's 
Poison to weaken them constantly, followed by fast attacks. 

Once you save the village, your new objective is to Find Meadow. Exit the 
immediate area of the Cheetah Village to find a Blue crystal [VB1], then make 
your way down to the island in front. Scan this island to find a Life crystal 
[VL1] and Blue crystal [VB2]. Stay to the right of this island and go all the 
way to the far end, where the waterfall is. See the opening there? Before going
in, look to the left to find vines. Climb up, and find a Blue crystal [VB3] and
armor [VA1]. Now, drop back down and fly through the opening to enter the cave.
Keep going, and you'll get to a mini-cutscene. You've found Meadow, but he's 
chained to the wall, and you must defeat several strong enemies to free him. 
The ax-wielding enemies aren't too hard to defeat; after a few weak attacks 
(evade evade evade!), Spyro's Earth attack (Jump + Z) knocks them down, and 
they are vulnerable to more melee attacks. They also throw out some mana 
crystals as you keep hitting them, so you can recharge a bit as well. There are
several waves of these enemies, mixed in with Grublins near the end, so fight 
cautiously to save life and mana.

Defeat them all to free Meadow, and he will explain how to get him out of the 
cave with his broken leg. Your new mission is to Find the Hermit, who will have
the key to the supply room, where the Orbs are that will help us access the 
raft to bring over to him. Before you leave this cave, though, a new chest 
appears for your taking [VA2].

Exit the cave now, and stick to your right hand side. Without jumping over the 
river to the next island, you'll notice some vines up to the right? There's an 
Elite Enemy there, a Blue crystal [VB4], as well as a Life crystal [VL2]. 
Regardless of whether you decided to fight the Enemy or not, make your way to 
the second island now (it has the red and green crystal right in the middle). 
Stick to the left hand side, and proceed until you see a wheel. When you 
approach it, some Grublins and dragons will attack. Get rid of them, then turn 
the wheel to pull the logs in (may not make sense now, but how is a raft 
supposed to get around them?). You can quickly grab the Blue crystal that is 
on the adjacent island [VB5], then come back to the wheel island.

Did you notice the Element Crystal and Blue crystal on tall platforms that you 
can't reach? Make your way on this island to the far right corner where the two
stone 'pillars' are, and fly to the next island in front of you. There should 
be a Blue crystal where you land [VB6]. Jump up the two grassy platforms, and 
keep going back. You should see a small platform and vines. While climbing the 
vines, stick to the left hand side. When you get to the very top, hold the 
control stick left and jump/fly. You should be able to reach a really tall 
platform now with a Blue crystal [VB7]. Now, you can fly to the tall platforms 
on the wheel island [VB8] [VE1]. On the pillar where VB8 is, face the area you 
just flew from. See the Blue crystal in the distance to the left? You can fly 
there now if you want another one [VB9]. On this same island, facing the river,
go to the right. You should see two raised platforms, separated by 'wall 
running rocks'. Make your way across here and up the vines to enter the 
waterfall. Follow the path to find an armor chest [VA3]. 

***Note: If you didn't collect any of the above and want to know where I'm 
navigating from right now, look up from the wheel island to find the large 
waterfall. Fly up there to the base of the waterfall to continue.***

Jump straight down where this chest is, and look to the right. You should see a
Blue crystal that you can grab [VB10]. From here, go straight, and stick to the
right hand side. Get rid of the Grublins here, and you should eventually see a 
closed door. This is the Supply Room you must eventually unlock. For now 
though, continue exploring this area. Since the thick trees here prevent you 
from going through, go backwards and do a 180 around the rock there to see the 
rest of this area. Keep going to find another wheel. Turn it, then look behind 
you to find a raised platform. Jump up here to find another Blue crystal 
[VB11]. Now, facing the wheel once again, head right. A Blue crystal is hidden 
off to the right where the trees clear a litte [VB12]. Stay on this area, and 
follow it forward. You'll eventually have to face some Grublins and another 
large enemy. Once again, Spyro's Earth jump works well (plus there are green 
crystals nearby). Once defeated, continue along this area to find another Blue 
Crystal [VB13].

Now, if you look up from here, you'll the raft hanging. Fly up to this new area
to find a save point, and two familiar switches, on which you must eventually 
place the Orbs on. Now, head to the left on this new island, jumping over the 
platforms and ignoring the vines for now. Along the way, there are 2 Blue 
Crystals [VB14] [VB15]. Eventually, you'll see another waterfall surrounded by 
2 Blue crystals [VB16] [VB17]. On the ground, look for the telltale 'purple 
smoke' in front of a rock with a paw print. Open the passageway as instructed 
(A+B) to enter a new area.

Upon entering this area, fly up and to the left to find vines. Jump, wall run 
and glide as needed to progress. Remember, when wall running, just press A+B 
once while the control stick is in the direction you want (don't hold A+B). 
When you make it to the part where you push the tree trunk, new vines will 
appear above you and below you, giving you a new place to start from if you 
fall now (so that you don't have to do that all over again). These brown vines 
you see disappear after a short time, so don't hang on them too long. After 
jumping to the next platform, you should be able to see an Element crystal if 
you look up [VE2]. Drop down and you will have to fight a lot of shadow 
enemies. Because of the large number of them, keep moving around and don't let 
them surround you. Using Poison or another element to continuously inflict 
damage is key here. Once they all fall, the Hermit comes out. Sparx takes the 
key from him, and your new objective is to Find the Supply Cave. 

Before you leave though, there's a save point, a Blue crystal [VB18] and armor 
[VA4] to collect. As you follow the river out of this area, stay to the right 
hand side, and you should see a small entrance in which there is a Blue crystal
[VB19]. Keep going in this cave to find a Life crystal [VL3].

Now, exit the Hermit area altogether. Once you're back in the main world, go 
straight to find an upright tree trunk with purple smoke at its base. Push it 
down, and then make your way back to the Supply Cave that we found earlier. To 
get there, fly to the right to that second wheel. Then keep going right a bit, 
and go around the rock to the path behind the trees. Once you open the cave, 
you will have access to the Orbs. Now, you can go on and get another Element 
crystal [VE3]. To get to the switches while holding an Orb, you must backtrack 
a bit to get across the river, thanks to your now hindered flying ability. 
Remember the 'wheel island'? Go back to there, and find a ramp where the wheel 
is that you can climb to to get to the right island. Then, traverse this area 
(using the downed tree trunk and the vines that you ignored previously) and put
 the first Orb in the switch. Now repeat, and the raft will fall. 

The next objective is to Bring the Raft to Meadow. To do so, have one dragon 
grab onto the raft (using A+B when prompted) and the other dragon flying 
against the current towards the cave where Meadow is. When you get to where the
first wheel is, enemies will come out and bring the logs back out. Get off the 
raft and kill them all. A little trick I noticed while fighting these enemies 
is that using Electricity will instantly disarm them, leaving them unable to 
attack for a while. They will eventually come back armed, but just use a quick 
zap again. Once they are all gone, turn the wheel again, then take the raft to 
Meadow. After the cutscene, Hunter will accompany you, and you can press A+B 
near him to end the level. 

Dragon City                                                               [02d]

After the opening cutscene, you will be in front of a burning building, and you
must douse the flames. First, eliminate the Grublins that come out. None of the
Elemental attacks will work to save the building, but don't fret; there is a 
way. From where you start (facing the building), turn around, and follow that 
pathway. Once you're in the square behind the buildings, you'll notice a wheel.
While turning it, you will be met with more enemies. The Grublins aren't too 
hard, but the tall ones can be a pain because when at a distance, they shoot 
arrows that can really frustrate you while trying to kill other enemies. I 
usually just zap them quickly with lightning to paralyze them, then get in a 
few weak attacks, and repeat. As you hit them more, they throw out mana 
crystals, and in this immediate vicinity you'll find red crystals, so don't 
worry too much about taking a few hits.

Once they're all gone, finish turning the wheel. The pool will fill with water,
 but the building takes more damage at the same time. Now, we've gotta find a 
way to get that water to the building. Before that though, you can quickly grab
the Element crystal here [DE1], and flame one of the three torches for the Life
Crystal [DL2]. 

Now, exit this area, and go straight past the pool into the next pathway. 
Follow it along, and go right in the new area with Grublins. Avoid them for 
now, and pull down the lever you see on the wall. The gate will drop, leaving 
you a hefty supply of buckets. At the same time though (coincidentally...), 
there will be another explosion in the building, leaving it very close to 
destruction. So, quickly pick up a bucket (A+B), fly over the pool to fill it 
up, and fly over to the building to put out part of the flame. If you're met 
with those tall enemies again, fly in a circle around them and not straight at 
them, because you will drop your bucket if hit with an arrow.

Once you take enough filled buckets to the building, the fire will go out, 
saving the moles. The celebration stops early though, because the war machines 
begin their attack on the city. However, there is no rush on getting to the 
battle, so take this time now to get the rest of the collectables from this 
area [DL1] [DB1] [DA1] [DB2] [DL2] [DB3]. Next, take the stairs up and lower 
the lever to enter the war.

Now, the battle starts. It requires a lot of patience and evading skills. The 
name of the game here is to keep the catapult alive, no matter the 
circumstance. If it falls, you lose and must start over again. Just a note 
before explaining the battle itself: you can repair the catapult at any time by
pressing A+B when prompted in the purple spot of the catapult (on the left hand
side) and flicking the Wii remote. Whenever you are fighting and the screen 
turns red, it means the catapult is taking heavy damage and must be repaired 
ASAP. Stop whatever you're doing and head over to it. 

First, you must get rid of as many of the Grublins as you can to prevent them 
from doing damage to the catapult. Whenever the mole needs to reload, go to the
lever behind him to do so. Eventually, you will need to destroy siege towers. 
They can be found on either of the two ledges to the left and right of the 
catapult. In order to destroy them, you need to attack the dark crystals on 
them. However, approaching these crystals will drain all of your mana. So, I 
suggest staying a good distance away, and killing all the enemies from there 
(they will come to you, don't worry). 

The heavily armed and armored enemies you meet here are a pain to get rid of, 
and they do quite a bit of damage. Again, take your time with these fights and 
evade as much as you need to; you can always repair the catapult an extra time 
if you take too long. His shield tends to block many elemental attacks, so try 
and get in a few quick melee attacks, then evade away before he can attack 
(those purple rocks he shoots out aren't pretty, so get away). Also, if you 
can, get rid of the other enemies first, espeically the tall ones that shoot 
arrows. If you find you're still taking a lot of hits, there are both red and 
green crystals at both tower locations, so you can fill up when needed. Once 
you get rid of the enemies, use melee attacks on the crystal to break the 

Then, you'll get to a part where the mole is blasted off of the catapult to the
far left hand side of the battle area. Go to him, and eliminate all the enemies
that surround him so that he can move. This will consist of 4 or 5 waves of 
enemies. Once he's back, it's much of the same tower destroying, repairing and 
reloading until you destroy everything. However, we're a tad too late on 
destroying the battering ram, since it lets in a huge green foe. A tower on the
left side of the battle area then falls, revealing stairs and a new pathway to 
follow. Before going there, though, pick up the collectables in this area [DB4]
[DE2] [DB5] [DL3].

Now make your way down this newly exposed area. There are a few more goodies in
here [DB6] [DB7] [DB8] [DA2], as well as a save point. Then, climb the vines by
this save point, and glide to another patch of vines. Once you climb over, you 
will have to battle the ogre-type monster. Before taking it on though, there's 
a hidden Blue crystal that you can first grab [DB9]. His attacks are powerful, 
but relatively easy to evade. I suggest taking this one slowly without using up
any mana because of what's to come. Hit him with a few melee attacks, then 
evade quickly as he raises his fists. If you need to refill, there are red and 
green crystals either off to the right hand corner, or on a high ledge on the 
right side where Hunter is. After defeating him, an armor chest appears [DA3].

Now, the flames that were sealing the door get extinguished, and enemies start 
coming in. It is your job to get rid of these enemies, re-seal the door and 
prevent more enemies from coming in in the meantime. The door itself has 3 
'stages': completely closed (where nothing can get in, and is not in danger of 
opening), ajar (slightly open but nothing can get in yet) and open (just enough
so that a few enemies can get in). When the door is ajar, you must get right in
the middle of the two halves to push it closed (look for the A+B prompt). When 
it is open, you must get in the middle of one of the two halves (again, look 
for the telltale purple smoke).

Getting the door closed the first time can be a bit of a pain because any 
attack from an enemy will release your hold on the door. Try to immobilize any 
nearby enemies (using Ice, Fear, Electricity or Earth), and use that precious 
time to push the door closed. Once you get it closed, flame one of the two 
torches (found on either side of the door), then stay near the middle of the 
door until it gets pushed ajar. Push it closed again, then flame the other 
torch and return to the middle of the door. Keep attacking the enemies, pushing
the door closed whenever needed. When the flames meet in the middle, the level 
is over.

Attack of the Golem                                                       [02e]

The level opens with you against rather menacing looking enemies, and the 
golem's tail. Whenever the golem attacks buildings, his tail will swing at you.
This first battle is actually not that hard, since there's a way to avoid his 
tail altogether. From the start, go off to the raised platform on the right - 
there's a Life crystal there [AL1]. The golem's tail cannot reach here, and the
other enemies come to you here. I used Poison on them when they came up to me, 
leaving them vulnerable to melee attacks. There are green crystals on the 
left-hand side if you need to recharge, as well as red crystals on the right 
hand side. After three waves, you can push the wall down where they came from. 
This initiates a cutscene (poor Cyril!) that reveals a new pathway and a save 

Make your way up the stairs, and you'll find an Elemental crystal [AE1]. Go to 
the middle of this room to start a battle with several of the enemies you faced
earlier. It starts out as you against two, then you fight three simultaneously,
and finally you have to fight four at once. When one dies, another takes its 
place. This goes on for quite a bit, so hang in there. If you want to play it 
safe, you can use Posion on them all at once and continuously evade, recharging
on green crystals as needed. Or, you could use try immobilizing them using 
certain elements (such as ice, fear, earth or electricity) then going in for 
some melee attacks. It is rather difficult to freeze all 4 at once for long 
enough to attack them, so this method may be a little more difficult. Once you 
manage to get rid of them all, you will enter another cutscene. Climb up the 
stairs to find a save point and some more armor [AA1].

Enter the next room now, and it's time to face the Golem. The building has many
levels - go to the second (Where his hands are). He uses his right hand to 
pound the ground, and his left one only attacks if you are very close to it. 
Basically, you must dodge his right hand as much as possible, and attack it 
when it rests on the ground. Dodging can be pretty tricky, mostly because his 
hand is so big. If you find yourself running low on health in the process, 
there are red crystals on the first floor off to the left. After you take out 
about a quarter of his health, he will put his head down temporarily. Climb the
vines on the right hand side and get up to the dark crystal on his neck, 
attacking it mercilessly. After quite a few hits, it will explode, and you will
enter another cutscene. If you couldn't destroy it in the time alloted, he will
regain half of his health and you will have to repeat the hand dodging sequence
to try again.

Now, go up a level where his hands are. This part is really, really tricky and 
can get pretty frustrating, mostly because the space you have to dodge is so 
little and his hand seems to know exactly what you're going to do next. This 
battle sequence consists of the golem pounding the floor where you are, then 
leaving it open for attack. He also pounds the walls if you're near them. He 
also shoots fire sometimes, knocking you off the platform so that you must fly 
back on. If you get too high, he will flame you downwards, and if you get too 
low, he will shoot missiles at you until you get back up. If possibly, stay in 
the very middle (near the gap between the two platforms), then evade to the 
other side when he raises his fist to attack, coming back over to attack it. 
Those red crystals are still there on the first floor, so use them if you need 
to. After getting his health down to half, you must climb up to the left side 
and attack his neck. You then enter another cutscene, must climb the vines on 
the exterior of the building to the right to get to the top level.

Now he gets serious - he uses both hands! I found this part to be a little bit 
easier than the previous one, since there is much more room to dodge, and his 
attacks are more predictable. One important thing to note in this part: His 
fist pounding attack generate a small sphere around them for a couple of 
seconds, and you will take damage if you fly in too early to attack. You will 
eventually get a feel for the proper timing, but just make sure you wait a bit 
before attacking. 

The trick to this part is to watch for his double-fist attack: he only uses it 
in the very middle of the room, and he leaves it there for a bit, allowing you 
to attack it. When he uses this attack, quickly get to his hands after the 
damage sphere goes away, and take a few swipes at it before evading backwards -
he follows the rest by swinging his fists towards the wall in one direction, so
don't stick around too long. When he attacks using individual fists, stay as 
far back as you can and off to one corner, coming back out when he uses the 

When he throws out XP crystals, run up to him and press A+B to initiate a 
button-pressing cutscene. Watch the action, and press the correct button when 
prompted. When it says to press B, you must once again hit B many times 
repeatedly. If successful, you will expose the dark crystal on its head. If you
 press a wrong button, you must repeat the fist attack sequence with half of 
his life back.

Now, this last part consists of a lot of dodging. His hands attack, and he 
shoots fire rocks out of his head. His fists attack specific places, so I 
suggest staying in the back-left corner of the room at all times, evading to 
the other corner only when he uses his fire rock attack (when he 'winds up' 
without using his hands). The rocks that shoot out with his fist attacks don't 
home in on you, so you can stay in the corner. When he 'winds up' for his 
double-fist attack, stay in the corner to avoid the damage sphere, then go in 
to attack. After taking out all of his health, you will enter another 
button-pressing cutscene, successful completion of which will defeat the golem,
ending the level.

Ruins of Warfang                                                          [02f]

To pass this level, you must find the 4 keys to place into the dragon statues 
that will open the gates. One key can be obtained from each 'sector' of the 
level. There are two sectors on each side of the dragon statues, one upper 
level and one lower level. You cannot access the upper levels until you get the
key from the respective lower levels. Before you start key hunting though, 
there are two Blue crystals directly behind you [RB1] [RB2]. Now, for the rest 
of this level's walkthrough, I will refer to each sector by its relative 
orientation while you're at the save point facing the dragon statues. Every 
time you receive a key, a vortex will appear to take you back to the beginning,
and one of the dragon statues will glow red, letting you place the key inside.
Each time you take place a lower-level key into the dragon statue, a new vortex
 will appear to take you to the corresponding upper level.

Lower left sector: From the first platform, fly over to the vines on your left,
picking up the Blue crystal along the way [RB3]. Climb up, and look forward to 
see a ledge you can fly to. Before getting there though, there's a Blue crystal
waiting for you if you drop down to the right [RB4]. Now fly to the ledge. If 
you want some collectables, there are 3 Blue crystals in total to collect if 
you climb the vines that are on your rightmost side [RB5] [RB6] [RB7]. Once 
you're back at this ledge, climb one of the other two vine patches, and you 
will have to face some shadow skeleton monsters. Combining elements with melee 
will do the trick the best, just be sure to evade sometimes since they could 
surround you. Once defeated, look to the left for an Elemental crystal [RE1].

Now fly off to the right at the end of this ledge, ignoring the wall with the 
vines (for now). If you look down from here, you can see a chest [RA1]. Now fly
to the last platform to fight a big green monster (like the one in the end of 
Dragon City). I personally used Fury attacks on him since I had been keeping a 
full meter for a long time and figured I should eventually use it, but 
combining any upgraded elemental attacks with melee will do the trick, so long 
as you continuously evade his attacks. Once he's down, 2 torches will appear 
that will uncover four more torches on the vine wall that we previously 
ignored. Use Cynder now to climb these vines and get in the very centre of the 
wall. Now switch to Spyro, and hold A, swinging the nunchuk back and forth. 
When he does a full revolution around Cynder, have him use his flame to light 
all four torches. I found that you don't have to be perfectly over the torch 
and it will still light. Lighting all the torches will lower the wall where the
 first two torches were, allowing you to grab the key and enter the vortex.

*Note: Once you take the key to the statue, an Elite Enemy will appear here if 
you return to this spot.*

Upper left sector: Start off by heading over to the first purple gate you see. 
Remember these? Use Shadow to climb under, then pull the lever. This will lower
the giant key. Get back under the gate, then have Cynder climb the vines and 
grab onto the handle at the bottom of the big key. Now, switch to Spyro, and 
use his lightning attack on the appropriate switch (you should recognize it 
from the Catacombs). Once the columns are pushed back all the way, have Spyro 
fly towards them quickly while Cynder is still holding on. This will push the 
key in that direction until it fits into the giant lock (quite creative, I must
say). This will lower the wall to allow you to take the key. Also note that 
there are two collectables that can be obtained from this sector whenever you 
want to grab them [RL1] [RE2].

Lower right sector: Fly down and to the right, collecting the Blue crystal 
before landing on the platform [RB9]. Now, once on this first area, go to the 
right to find a wheel. While turning it, shadow skeletons will come out. Defeat
them, then finish turning the wheel to lower a raft. If you're looking for 
collectables, you can grab 2 Blue crystals now before doing anything else 
[RB10] [RB11]. Now, go back to where you first glided to, and go to the far 
left side to uncover Orbs. Grab one, and go back to the raft, holding on with 
A+B. Like before, have the other dragon fly in the direction to travel in. 
While flying past the moveable wall, some skeletons will pull the lever, 
pushing the wall out and in your way. You must defeat these enemies (make sure 
you leave the Orb in the raft!) in order to bring the wall back in via the 

Get back in the raft and get to the next area. There's a whole crowd of shadow 
skeletons that will attack. I suggest fighting these enemies in the far right 
side so that you'll be beside a green crystal the whole time, in case you need 
to refill your mana. Once they're all down, collect the Life crystal [RL2] and 
Blue crystal [RB12]. Now, bring the Orb right in front of the two tuning forks 
and drop it. The forks "react to loud noises", so use Cynder's Scream (Fear 
element) to turn them. Then, fly over (without the Orb!) to the other island, 
and turn those two forks to complete the bridge. Now fly back to the Orb, and 
use the bridge to take it to the Orb switch. This uncovers the key, but another
green monster takes it. Defeat it to get the key.

Upper right sector: Take the vortex up, and defeat the skeletons. Climb up the 
ledges on the left to reach some vines. Have Cynder climb the vines. When in 
the middle or at the bottom of the top patch, jump and wall run to the right to
reach the next patch. Now switch to Spyro and swing while using Earth to break 
the wall. Now, climb the vines quickly by using jumps when you're in front of 
the following patch (instead of grabbing on, jumping, grabbing again, etc). 
Once you get up to the next platform, you'll find an Elemental crystal [RE3]. 
Drop down to the right, and fight the skeletons. look to the left to get some 
armor [RA2]. Now have Cynder climb the vines until she's hanging upside down in
front of the wall to be broken. Use Earth again while swinging to break the 
wall and proceed. In this new area, collect the Blue crystal [RB13], and the 
hidden Life crystal [RL3], then fight the last set of skeletons. Take the key 
back to the statue to end the level.

The Dam                                                                   [02g]

From the beginning, head to the far right. You can take out the dragons that 
initially chase you if you'd like, but it's not that important. Now go forward 
when you've gone as far right as you can, and you'll see a purple gate. Use 
Shadow to get under it and lower the lever. Inside is an Orb that you must take
with you. Climb the vines on the left of this gate with an Orb, and carefully 
climb, glide and wall run to the adjacent patches (don't fly, or else you won't
make it). Once you make your way all the way to the top of the final patch, 
jump down to your left to find an Orb switch. Placing the Orb here will unlock 
the wooden peg, and you will simultaneously be greeted by more dragon enemies. 
Since you only face 2 at a time, I found a combination of elemental attacks 
with melee attacks once they are immobilized to be the most efficient in 
getting rid of them. With the enemies out of the way, have one of your dragons 
hold onto the peg where it says to (A+B), and have the other fly outwards so as
to pull the peg out. Eventally, you will raise the water level once. At this 
water level, you can now grab the Blue crystal between the two pegs [DaB1].

Now, grab another Orb from the same place, but this time you can jump down and 
fly. It's okay that you're just barely hovering over the water. Go all the way 
around to the left of where the second peg is, and you'll see vines that are 
low enough for you to grab. Climb them, and jump/glide/wall run to the adjacent
patches, climbing up until you reach the second Orb switch. Place the Orb into
the switch, and now you'll have to face more dragons. Since you now have to 
face 4 at once, I found using only immobilizing elemental attacks worked really
well in the beginning, resorting to melee attacks only when I was sure they 
were all immobilized or when it was only down to 1 or 2 enemies. Remember that 
your partner will be attacking them as well, so just focus on hitting them with
something like Ice or Electricity.

If you're trying to get all the collectables, do NOT pull the peg out just yet.
Fly off to the left, and you'll see an Elemental crystal [DaE1] and Life 
Crystal [DaL1] that you must get now; if you raise the water level a second 
time, it will become too high to reach them. Now fly back and pull out the 
wooden peg to bring the water up again. It's still not high enough to do 
anything to the Destroyer, so you must find a way to get to the very top of the
Dam. Before heading out of this area though, there's a piece of armor that you 
can now reach at this water level [DaA1]. Now, go to the wall in between the 
areas with the two pegs, and fly up to get inside the building, turning the 
wheel to ascend upwards. There's a reason why the trip is so long; there are 2 
very well hidden Blue crystals along the way [DaB2] [DaB3]. Once you're up, 
climb to the left to find a save point.

Now head to the right, to get back outside. You'll now have to face a nasty 
scorpion-looking monster accompanied by two of those tall arrow-shooting 
enemies. This battle can get frustrating because your best attempts at dodging 
the big guy could end up with you getting constantly hit by projectiles from 
the other guys, and vice versa. Focus on getting rid of the smaller guys first 
by hitting them with elemental attacks and evading constantly. Don't use melee 
attacks yet, since you will be a prime target for the big guy's club. Use 
Poison or Fire to do the most damage without having to combine with melee 
attacks. Once the smaller guys are down, tackle the big guy. Now you can 
combine immobilizing elements with melee. Using Ice to slow him down works 
really well, because even when he 'winds up' for a club-swinging attack, you 
have enough time to get in a few swipes. When he falls, the path to you right 
will open, and a chest will appear [DaA2].

As you go down the next corridor and enter the next room, more enemies will 
attack. Use Lightning to disarm and paralyze them, and go in for some melee 
attacks. Once they're all down, collect the Life crystal [DaL2], and then climb
the boxes and vines on your right to find an Orb. Take it, and drop down again,
climbing the vines on the left. Ignore the path on the left for now, and jump 
to the right. Some enemies will come out that you must face. Drop the Orb, and 
take them out. I found Ice + melee worked really well, but whatever you like 
should be okay since there's only two of them. Take the Orb again, and climb 
the vines on the wall here. In order to traverse the patches here, you'll have 
to master wall running. Remember to jump in the direction you want to go, press
A+B once quickly (don't hold it) while still holding the control stick where 
you want to go, then press A+B when you're in front of the next patch of vines.
Once you're up to the top, grab the Blue crystal [DaB4], and place the Orb into
one of the two switches.

Now, facing the Orb switches, fly to the left. Don't land on the very first 
platform you see; instead, land where the Orb is (you'll eventually see it if 
you fly steadily downwards). Before grabbing it though, get a couple more 
collectables from this area [DaB5] [DaE2]. Now take the Orb, and climb the 
vines. There's an Elite Enemy here. If you want to face him, drop the Orb and 
go for it. If not, fly to the right to drop down and climb the vines as you did
for the first Orb. If you do defeat it, there's another patch of vines behind 
it that will take you to the Orb switch as well. Once you get the second Orb to
its switch, the peg will be fully unlocked. The enemies that come out here can 
be defeated the same way as before (quick zap of lightning to disarm and freeze
them, then use melee). Pull the peg out to end the level.

The Destroyer                                                             [02h]

The goal of this level is to find and destroy 12 dark crystals found throughout
the Destroyer. Some of them are difficult to find, so I'll try my best to 
navigate you through the level. First off, land on the ledge in front of you 
and nab the Blue crystal [DeB1]. Now, make your make up to the next ledge, but 
stay as far away from the dark crystal as you can, since you may want to use 
elemental attacks on the enemies that are here. These two enemies are a real 
annoyance, since you hardly have any room to dodge them, and they like to shoot
arrows and purple rocks at you. Do your best to attack them quickly using 
immobilizing elements and melee attacks. If the dark crystals stole all of your
mana, then you must resort to using iron scale when they attack, then using 
melee attacks after. Once they're gone, attack the dark crystal until it 
explodes (1/12). 

Next, go to the rightmost edge of this set of ledges, and drop down. If you 
look behind you, you should see a hidden Life crystal [DeL1]. From this ledge 
on the side with the crystal, fly down and around the Destroyer to find a 
second dark crystal nearby (2/12). Now, do a 180 and fly in this opposite 
direction. You should see a stream of lava flowing downwards. Look to the left 
of this stream, and you should see another dark crystal on its body (3/12). 
After destroying this crystal, turn right around again, and you should see a 
climbable wall right in front of you. Climb it to find some armor [DeA1]. From 
this chest, look all the way down and to your left to find a low-level ledge 
with green and red crystals. From this ledge, look to the right around its leg 
for another dark crystal (4/12). Now fly all the way around this piece of the 
Destroyer to find 2 blue crystals on another low ledge [DeB2] [DeB3].

Go back to the green and red crystal to recharge. Now that you're full, you can
take on some enemies. Make your way back to the spot where you found the third 
dark crystal (right before finding the climbable wall with the armor). Facing 
the Destroyer from here, fly up and to the right. Follow it around to find a 
new set of platforms on which you will have to fight several enemies. (I 
realize it may have saved some time to get this crystal immediately after the 
third one, but your mana would have empty). 

Once again, I recommend equipping all of Cynder's first column of armor to have
her poisonous hit, and playing as Spyro. This battle has an added annoyance, in
that the fire streams that shoot up from the ground will damage you if you 
touch them, so you're a little more restricted in your evading abilities. Like 
before, use lightning to disarm the enemies, and then unleash a few melee 
attacks. After defeating a couple of them, some of those arrow-shooting enemies
will come out. Stick to the same strategy, and you should eventually get rid of
them. Find a blue crystal on a low ledge here [DeB4], and then fly up to the 
dark crystal to destroy it (5/12). From this crystal, fly up and to the right 
to find another blue crystal [DeB5].

Now, fly back to where you found the armor (up the climbable wall), and look 
straight and left from the chest to see another dark crystal. To reach it, you 
must fly up from behind the island, relative to where you are right now (6/12).
Now, a new crystal appears on that low-level platform where you found dark 
crystal #4. Go down there (turn around from where the crystal is and drop 
straight down), and you will have to face several more enemies. I don't know if
this was a glitch for me, but when I landed right beside the green crystal, the
enemies did not approach nor attack me. In fact, from the green crystal, I took
a few steps forward and still nothing. So I used Poison continuously on the two
enemies in front without having them fight back! Once they were gone, I had to 
step forward some more to reach the others, then they began attacking. But with
those first two out of the way, the rest were much easier. Using the same 
paralyze/melee combination should make quick work of them (remember to stay 
away from the dark crystal). 

Once they're all down, destroy the crystal (7/12). This will cause a piece of 
the Destroyer to fall off, revealing ladders and a save point. Use the red 
crystals to recharge your health if necessary, but don't bother with the green 
crystals since there is another dark crystal nearby. Now climb the ladders to 
enter a new area of the level. From here, fly straight up to find another dark 
crystal (8/12). Continue to fly up from here to find more ladders, leading to 
an Elemental crystal [DeE1]. There are more small ladders here, and if you 
climb them, you will get to another Life crystal [DeL2]. Drop back down to 
where the Elemental crystal was, and look around to find the hole that shoots 
lava horizontally. Fly to the ledge just past this hole, and find some armor on
a ledge down below [DeA2]. Now, instead of climbing the ladder to get back up, 
fly in other direction, around the Destroyer's body. You should eventually see 
a series of ledges and ladders that you must climb (while avoiding the lava) to
find another dark crystal (9/12).

Now, fly around the body again until you see the area that just opened up. The 
dark crystal is right in front of a series of lava-shooting holes. They erupt 
in sequential order, so hover on top of where the dark crystal is, and attack 
it once the flames of this last one go out. If it's not destroyed by the time 
the third volcano goes off, fly up again and hover until the lava is gone. 
Destroy it (10/12) to uncover another area that you must fly to. From where you
landed after destroying the tenth crystal, the new ledge is right in front of 
you. Defeat the enemies to reveal a save point. Just a note: if you've found 
all of the armor in this walkthrough up to now, you should be able to unlock 
Spyro's nuclear hit (all the first column of armor), which should make this 
battle a little easier, especially if combined with Cynder's posion hit. From 
the save point, climb the ladders and jump off to the right to find another 
blue crystal [DeB6].

Next, fly around the Destroyer again and back to where you destroyed the eighth
crystal. From here, fly upwards until you reach a grassy area. You will now 
have to face more enemies. The first wave is much of the same as what you've 
seen before, but in the following wave, there are two stronger enemies that 
can't be disarmed so easily. Focus on getting rid of the smaller guys first, 
then tackling the big guys with frequent mana recharging and evading. As soon 
as the larger enemies came out, I used Earth smash attacks to knock them down, 
then used melee attacks. They will eventually fall, revealing a save point. 
From the green crystal, walk a few steps forward towards the save point, then 
fly up and to the left to locate another dark crystal (11/12). Don't go into 
the new tunnel just yet, though. Head to the save point, and look forward to 
find blue crystals that you must wall run to get to [DeB7] [DeB8]. Now you can 
enter that tunnel, and save your game at the save point within this new area. 
Just past this save point, you'll see an Elemental crystal [DeE2]. Keep 
following this path to enter the final 'battle'.

To destroy the final crystal, you must follow the vortex path while dodging the
rock pillars and lava. Once you get to the middle, don't go straight for the 
heart just yet. Watch the pattern with which lava encompasses the heart, and go
in as soon as it goes away. Keep attacking the heart until you see and hear a 
noise like an explosion. This sound means that lava is coming up again, so fly 
back and wait for the lava to subside before attacking again. Once you destroy 
a piece of the heart, you will be forced through another vortex where you must 
dodge more hazards until you reach the heart again. The lava pattern is 
different this time, so be wary of that. Again, attack when the lava is down, 
and fly back when you hear it coming again. Take off another piece of the heart
to repeat the process once more. In the third attempt, you will finally 
uncover the actual crystal (12/12). Destroy it to end the level.

Burned Lands                                                              [02i]

After watching the cutscene that unveils a surprising twist of events, you'll
enter the Burned Lands. This level is full of lava geysers, so do your best to 
avoid them at all times. Make your way forward, and you will eventually have to
face some Grublins. Once you defeat them, keep going forward, and you'll see a
save point. However, as you approach, rocks block the path and you must face
stronger enemies. Like before, Electricity will disarm them, then you can 
quickly go in for some melee attacks. After a while, an even bigger enemy comes
in. Focus on just dodging this guy while taking out the smaller ones first. 
Your lightning bolt will still disarm this really big enemy, just it will take
a longer amount of time. I recommend continuously disarming him and attacking
once he tries to retreat or pick up his weapon again. Also, if you're running
low on anything, simply fly around this battle area (since it's a large
square) and keep refilling your health and mana while avoiding the enemies.

Once all the enemies are gone, the path will clear again. Head to where the
save point is now. Follow this path, and then rocks will block you again. The
two enemies that you must face should be cake now. Once again, electricity + 
melee saves mana and renders them unable to use strong attacks. Your new
mission is to Reach the Volcano.

From the ledge you're on now, if you fly to the left, you will seqeuentially
find several hidden collectables, including an Elite Enemy (the defeat of which
gives you a life crystal [BL1]), an elemental crystal [BE1], and a piece of 
armor [BA1]. Then, return to the ledge you were first on, and look slightly to
the left and fly down to a new platform that contains a life crystal [BL2] and
three blue crystals [BB1] [BB2] [BB3]. Following this island will make more 
enemies appear. Be careful, as there are now two of the large purple scorpions.
Once you eliminate them all, look for a blue crystal on your right hand side 
[BB4]. Jump to the small island with two red crystals, and now fly to the left,
along the lava river.

Land on the very first platform you see, and turn to the right to see a hidden 
platform, where you must fight for a piece of armor [BA2]. Now make your way
forward in this new area of the level, keeping an eye out for an elemental
crystal on your right hand side [BE2]. Land on the low-level platform and
defeat all the enemies. Now, look for the purple smoke underneath the rock, and
push the rock down to reveal more vines. Climb the vines in a zig-zag pattern
to avoid the lava, and you'll make it to the save point. Next, get to the
bridge, but before going past it, there is a hidden elemental crystal down to 
your left [BE3].

Now make your way across the narrow bridge, collecting the two blue crystals 
[BB5] [BB6]. Glide across the gap, and grab onto the vines while in the air, 
then climb up to face two enormous bear-like monsters. This battle can be
frustrating because there are two of them. If you just want to get it over
with, use Fury mode if your meter is full. If not, try using immobilizing
elements mixed with melee attacks. If they wind up for a jump and pound attack,
evade to the sides. If they wind up for a 'floor sweep' attack, jump and glide
away if you can. Focus on attacking the same one over and over until it's gone
to reduce the amount of time you must be up against two at once. These enemies
require a LOT of hits to take them down, so be patient. The only chance you get
to recharge your health or mana are the few crystals they throw out as you hit
them, so try to be as defensive and conservative as you can. You can build
up a massive combo if you zap one with lightning, dish out a few hits, zap it 
again when it starts to move around again, and repeat. This will hopefully fill
up your Fury meter, to quickly finish off the battle. When you get rid of them,
two more blue crystals appear out of the ground, in addition to the others that
are already on this island. Collect them all [BB7] [BB8] [BB9] [BB10], then 
follow the narrow pathway forward to end the level.

Floating Islands                                                          [02j]

Your mission in this level is to flame all 8 torches found throughout the
islands. The first two are right in front of you when you start (2/8), then
three enemies come out. These guys are really lame because of their rock 
spewing attack, so just keep your distance when they use it. I'm still a fan of
the 'paralysis + melee' combination, but these guys aren't too tough, so 
whatever works for you should be perfectly fine. Defeating them all releases a 
blue crystal from the ground [FB1]. There is another blue crystal on top of the
building in front of you as well [FB2].

Now, from the save point, look forward and slightly to your left, and glide to
the island in front of you (it has red, green and blue crystals). Collect the
blue crystal [FB3], and proceed to the left side of this island. Look to the 
left, and you should see some more islands closeby. Fly to the leftmost one to
collect a blue crystal [FB4], then proceed one island over to find a torch
covered in a dark crystal. Break the crystal and flame the torch (3/8). Now
proceed one island over island again to the multi-leveled building. Get rid of 
the Grublins, and find a total of 5 blue crystals and a life crystal on this 
island [FB5] [FB6] [FB7] [FB8] [FB9] [FL1].

On the far edge of the bottom level of this island (where you found the blue
crystal), look forward to find another small island. Fly there to face an enemy
and light another torch (4/8). It is now time to explore the lower elevations
of this level. Go the left side of the island, and fall all the way down to the
lowest possible point. You should see what looks like a piece of a building
right in front of you. Land on the grass of this island and collect the blue
crystal [FB10] while defeating the enemies. Now, facing the archways of this
islands, look forward to find an even smaller islands with only 2 of these
archways. Fly there to collect another blue crystal [FB11].

From here, look to your right to find a save point on another island. Fly here,
and find two blue crystals [FB12] [FB13], as well as another torch covered in
a dark crystal (5/8). From where you flamed the torch, fly forward and upward 
to the next island over. You will have to face more enemies here, but make sure
you break the 'leash' before anything else, since it functions like the staple
from the Catacombs. Once victorious, flame the torch (6/8).

Now, follow the slope of this island upward, and fly forward to the next
island. At the top of the piece of rock is another torch (7/8). From the ledge
that contains the torch, turn around and look up. You should be able to see a 
blue crystal on the neighbouring island. Fly there, and collect the blue
crystal [FB14]. Then fly to the top of this island to flame the last torch 
(8/8). The door in the beginning of the level will now open.

Before going back there, however, look around for an adjacent island that
contains red and green crystals, as well as some Grublins. Fly here, and locate
a hidden elemental crystal [FE1]. Furthermore, an Elite Enemy will now appear.
Fight it if you want, then head back to the beginning of the level, into the
now open door. You will have to face two waves of the rock spewing enemies,
then another of those big bear-like monsters. The first thing you should do 
though is look for the small towers that shoot out the restraining devices.
Getting rid of those will make sure you don't restrict your ability to dodge
and evade. The same strategies apply as before, just stay cautious since there
are quite a few strong enemies to face. 

Once you defeat the big guy, a pathway opens up ahead. Collect the blue crystal
here first [FB15], then climb the vines. Don't go straight into the vortex yet.
Instead, fly up to the building on your right to find a blue crystal [FB16]. In
front of you now, you'll see a two-storey building. Glide to the top storey to
find a blue crystal [FB17] and a life crystal [FL2]. Drop down one level to
find another blue crystal [FB18]. Drop down to the bottom to fight another
elite enemy. After that is all said and done, climb back up the vines and
through the vortex to end the level.

Malefor's Lair                                                            [02k]

Whew, we've finally hit the big boss. This guy has a lot of tricks up his
sleeve, and it will more than likely take several tries to defeat him. 

If it helps, I will tell you my personal strategy: don't use elements. I
equipped my armor to allow Nuclear Hit and Poisonous Hit. I found that weak
melee attacks dealt enough damage at one time to warrant saving my mana. If
you've found either dragon's complete third column of armor, equip it once
Malefor is at about half life, and use Fury Breath to make quicker work of him.
If it's Cynder's Fury Breath, when you go back to Poisonous Hit, her mana will
regenerate anyway. Again, e-mail me if you have a strategy that you'd like to
share. I'm sure many frustrated players will want to know.

After the first cutscene, you will have the first round against him. He has a 
number of different attacks, but they aren't too difficult to dodge from a 
distance. The hard part is attacking him, since he likes to take swipes at you
when you get close to him. Try flying around him, avoiding his purple energy 
beams and rock spitting. I recommend saving your Fury power for now.

Once you take out almost all of his health, he will throw out a few red 
crystals (literally a few). Then, you will enter another button pressing 
cutscene. This first one isn't hard, so stay focused throughout, or else he'll
get some of his health back and you'll have to fight this first wave again.

Then a strange cutscene plays, in which Spyro and Cynder fly into the distance
(for a LONG time...I thought my game froze for a bit). Now, you face Malefor in
the air. He has most of the same attacks, just he shoots out more rocks, so
keep dodging while approaching him. If you did well in the first round and have
health to spare, then hang onto your Fury power for now. If your health is
lower than half, unleash the Fury on him. It's tough, but after a few tries,
you should get a hang of how he attacks, which should help dictate your attack
strategy. After depleting his health, you will have another button pressing
cutscene to get through. Tip: press the prompted buttons quickly. I lost focus
for a second and pressed B a tiny bit later than usual, and had to repeat this
second round.

Then, after another "Err, did my game freeze?" cutscene, Malefor will surround
himself in a pink bubble that is impervious to melee and elemental attacks.
However, when you take a few swipes at him, your Fury meter goes up rather 
quickly. Keep hitting him with whatever you can, and watch your Fury meter fill
up in no time at all. Now equip any Fury armor you have, and get into Fury
mode. You will break his shield, and if your Fury power is really strong (i.e. 
most of the armor and a few Fury Gems), you will dish out a lot of damage. Now,
when you get his health down to zero (well, almost), you will have one last 
button pressing cutscene. One small note about this one: make sure you flick 
the Wii remote down a few times when prompted, not just once.

After claiming victory in this third round, you're done! Congratulations! 
Enjoy the final cutscene (quite an interesting ending I must say...) and the 

                               END OF STORY MODE


/                                                                             \
                               03. COLLECTABLES

In order to achieve 100% completion of the game, you must collect every hidden 
item. These items are: Blue crystals, Life crystals, Elemental crystals, Armor 
Pieces, and Elite Enemies. Each section's items are sorted by level, and by the
relative order you can collect them (usually from the beginning of the level to
the end).

***Note: If you've come from the Story Mode section of this walkthrough, search
for the specific item's code that you need. 

Blue crystals                                                             [03a]


CB1: The first thing you'll see upon entering the Orb room. You can't miss it.

CB2: From the entrance to the large, outside area (after the Orb room), drop 
down to the right.

CB3: After two sets of double jumps and glides onto vines, you'll be in the 
area with a small square platform. On this platform, while facing the new vine,
before jumping up to it, glide to the right to land on a platform with the 

CB4: Along the way of gliding/climbing vines, you'll climb up to a platform 
where the next vine is off to the right. Instead, double jump forward to get 
the Crystal. You should be able to have seen from where you glided from.

CB5: From the platform below CB4, glide to the next vine, and climb up. Nothing
hidden about this one. 

CB6: While fighting the Golem on the large patch of vines (the one before 
getting to the cutscene of his hand falling off), instead of going up and right
to the platform, follow the vines to the left.

CB7: After defeating the Golem at the waterfall, jump to the next platform, and
it's right in front of you beside the game save area.

CB8: From the platform with the save game area on it (right after the 
waterfall), drop straight down to the bottom floor. It's tucked up right 
against the wall. 

CB9: From CB8, take a few steps backwards, and you'll see another Crystal.

CB10: In the room after the save area by the waterfall, look around the lowest 
floor there to find the Crystal.

Twilight Falls

TB1: Immediately after flying with the river, turn around from where you land.

TB2: After defeating the very first set of enemies, jump up from where the save
point is.

TB3: Gliding up from TB2, go to the right, where the 3 red crystals and green 
crystal are. Jump up to the platform, and fly up the curving water stream. 
You'll eventually come to the Crystal.

TB4: After flying up from TB2, follow the path to find a set of vines. Burn 
them to uncover a Blue crystal.

TB5: After defeating the big enemy proceeding the two waves of small enemies, 
this crystal will emerge from the ground.

TB6: In the same area as TB4, look around to find this crystal. Pretty 

TB7: After climbing and swinging on the vines, this Crystal is off to the right
of where Hunter is, right before ending the level.

Valley of Avalar

VB1: After saving the Cheetah Village, go just past the fencing and, without 
crossing the river, look all the way to the right. It's in the corner, tucked 
up in front of the fence.

VB2: On the first island after the Cheetah Village, stay to the right and 
follow the edge of this island. It's behind a tree.

VB3: From VB2 and facing the waterfall opening to the cave, look left. Climb 
the vines here and locate the crystal at the far end of this area.

VB4: On the platform where the Elite Enemy is (see the Elite Enemies section on
how to reach this area). 

VB5: Facing the wheel on the second island, fly to the island in front of you, 
and go all the way to the left.

VB6: From the 'wheel island', go to the far-right edge, and fly to the adjacent
island. It should be the first thing you see.

VB7: From where you landed to get VB6, jump over the two platforms, and go 
straight to find vines on the wall. Climb to the left, and jump at the very 
top, flying to the left. Land on this tall platform to find the crystal.

VB8: From the tall platform where VB7 is, look to the 'wheel island', and you 
should see this crystal on another tall platform. Fly from here to get it.

VB9: From where you landed to get VB6, head left on this island. You should see
the crystal in the distance up the hill.

VB10: On this same area where VB9 is, go to the right (of where VB9 is facing 
the river) where the waterfall is. You should see the crystal in front of some 
trees. You can squeeze in between the trees and the wall here (over the rocks) 
to get it.

VB11: In the area with the second wheel, look behind where the wheel is. The 
crystal is on a raised platform. You can also see this crystal on your left 
when you approach the Supply Room.

VB12: Heading right of the wheel, look for a small clearance on your right hand
side (free of trees). The crystal is hidden behind a bush.

VB13: From the second wheel, head all the way to the right of this island. The 
crystal's at the farthest corner of this island.

VB14: On your way to the Hermit waterfall from the Orb switches/raft, you'll 
see a green crystal after the vines. Look to your right of this crystal, and 
it's tucked up in a corner. Easy to miss.

VB15: Found on the island where the raft is hanging from. It's about halfway 
between the Orb switches and the waterfall where the Hermit is.

VB16: As you approach the waterfall containing the 'Hermit cave'.

VB17: On the opposite side of the waterfall as VB16.

VB18: Within the Hermit area, on the ground where you fight the shadow enemies.

VB19: From the entrance to the area where the Hermit is, instead of flying up 
and left to the vines, follow the river to the right, and you should see a 
small entrance. The crystal is there right when you enter.

Dragon City

DB1: After saving the burning building, fly to the top of it to find a crystal.

DB2: In the room with the buckets, find this crystal at the foot of the stairs 
right beside the gate that holds DL2.

DB3: From DB2, climb the stairs.

DB4: After (or during) the catapult battle, go back towards the stairs you came
from, and you should see this crystal. It is the crystal that you see in the 
cutscene leading up to the battle.

DB5: In the area where you had to reload the catapult.

DB6: After the catapult battle, go down the new slope, and fall straight down. 
You should see it behind you and can reach it by climbing the vines.

DB7: From DB6, climb the vines to the next story to find another crystal.

DB8: In the same room as DB6 and DB7, it's in the niche between the save point 
and the vines.

DB9: In the room where you fight the ogre-looking monster, go up the stairs on 
your left side. Use Shadow to get through the purple gate.

Ruins of Warfang

RB1: From the beginning of the level, follow the pathway backwards to find this

RB2: Right behind RB1.

RB3: In the lower left sector, it's on a small platform as you fly towards the 
very first patch of vines.

RB4: In the lower left sector, this crystal is to the left of the very first 
patch of vines. You can either fly to it directly, or drop straight down to the
left after climbing this first patch of vines.

RB5: In the lower left sector, after climbing the first patch of vines, fly 
down and look to your right for a small ledge containing this crystal.

RB6: In the lower left sector, from the ledge you fly to after climbing the 
first patch of vines, climb the vines furthest to the right to find this 

RB7: From RB6, fly up to the next platform and follow the pathway right to the 

RB8: On your way back from getting RB7, look down to see this crystal on a 

RB9: From the beginning of the level, as you fly to the lower right sector, 
stay low and you'll see a small platform with this crystal.

RB10: In the lower right sector, look down and to the right of where the wheel 

RB11: In the lower right sector, this ledge is underneath the wall that comes 
in and out.

RB12: On the island with the first set of tuning forks, fly down in about the 
middle of the island.

RB13: In the last room of the upper right sector, look for this crystal in a 
niche on the left.

The Dam

DaB1: After raising the water level once, fly along the wall between the two 
areas where the pegs are. Look down near the base of the water to find it. This
is the crystal you saw when you first started the level, but was too high to 

DaB2: When you take the wheel-powered elevator, about halfway up there's a 
small niche. Jump in to find this crystal.

DaB3: Right beside DaB2.

DaB4: On the very top floor, look to the left of where you landed after 
climbing all of the vines.

DaB5: On the ledge that holds the second Orb and hidden Elemental crystal 
(underneath where the Elite Enemy is). You could see this crystal when you 
were climbing the vines with the first Orb (on the left-hand side).

The Destroyer

DeB1: On the ledge right in front of where you begin the level.

DeB2: Go to the platform that is at the lowest elevation in the entire level 
(it has a green and red crystal on it), and fly around the Destroyer's leg to 
find this crystal on a small ledge on the opposite side.

DeB3: Right beside DeB2.

DeB4: In the right-side area where you must fight several enemies before flying
up and destroying the crystal, look down and to the right of where you fought 
the enemies. If you are following the walkthrough for the level, it's crystal 

DeB5: After destorying the dark crystal from DeB4 (5/12), fly up and to the 
right to find it on a rock.

DeB6: After destorying the tenth crystal, climb the ladders by the save point 
to reach this crystal on a ledge.

DeB7: Fly all the way up to the area that looks like city ruins. Turn around to
find 2 blue crystals on a distant ledge. You can't fly there, so you must wall 

DeB8: See DeB7.

Burned Lands

BB1: Past the first save point, cross the river of lava down to the next piece
of land, and find this crystal in the middle of the island you just landed on.

BB2: On the same island as BB1, search on the right side (assuming you landed
here from the beginning of the level).

BB3: On the same island as BB1 and BB2, search on the left side, near the
beginning of the island.

BB4: On the same island as BB3, search to the right near the end of the island
after defeating the enemies.

Floating Islands

FB1: From where you start, defeat the three enemies, and this crystal will

FB2: Located on top of the main building at the beginning of the level. Fly up
there from around the save point, since the cyclone winds may pose a difficulty
in getting up there.

FB3: From the island you start on, this crystal is on the island directly in
front of the save point.

FB4: From FB3, look to the left to find this crystal on a small on top of a

FB5: On the island with the multi-level building (near FB4), go to the far end
of the bottom grassy level.

FB6: On the same island as FB5, fly up to the next highest level.

FB7: Fly up from FB6.

FB8: Search the same building as FB7.

FB9: At the top of the building from FB8, beside a life crystal. 

FB10: From the small island that houses torch 4/8 (the small island immediately
after the multi-level building near the beginning), jump all the way down to 
the left to find this crystal on the first island you see.

FB11: Found on a small island right beside the one that housed FB10.

FB12: On the island that contains the save point, it's found on the grassy
lower level.

FB13: On the same island as FB12, it's right beside the torch.

FB14: On the island that houses torch 8/8, look on the bottom level.

FB15: After opening the big door and facing all of the monsters, look to the
left of the vines to see this crystal on a ledge.

FB16: After climbing the vines, before going into the vortex in front of you,
fly up to the building on your right to find this crystal.

FB17: From FB16, glide to the top storey of the building in front of you to
find this crystal.

FB18: From FB17, go down one level to find this crystal on the edge.

Life Upgrade Crystals                                                     [03b]


CL1: From the platform with the switch to place the Orb, go one platform back.
Then fly left towards the wall. Keep flying along the wall, and you'll see the 

Twilight Falls

TL1: On the vines, go as far up as you can on the first patch, then have the 
other dragon swing to the right and grab onto that patch of vines. The crystal 
is in this niche.

Valley of Avalar

VL1: On the first island after the Cheetah Village, this crystal is in the 
middle, by the large tree.

VL2: On the land where the Elite Enemy is (see the Elite Enemy section on how 
to access this place), go to the very back where the red and green crystals are
and look left. Fly over the chasm to get to this Crystal.

VL3: In the small cave within the Hermit area (where VB18 is), keep going 
straight and follow the path to the very end.

Dragon City

DL1: Right beside the burning building, you'll see a purple gate, behind which 
is this crystal. To get to it, you must use Cynder's Shadow attack (Z and move 
forward). Once in, you can lower the lever and obtain this crystal.

DL2: You must flame the three torches in the first half of this map:

Torch #1: In the area with the wheel to fill the pool, look for vines on the 
opposite end of the room of the wheel. Climb it to find a horn, which can be 
played (using Wind) to open the wall to expose a torch.

Torch #2: On top of the building adjacent to the one that was burning (see 

Torch #3: Up the stairs of where the crystal is held (where DB3 is), the torch 
is off on a ledge.

This will lower the gate found in the room with the buckets, by the stairs.

DL3: In the catapult battle area, it's on the left side, where you had to 
destroy siege towers.

Attack of the Golem

AL1: In the very first area, go to the ledge on the right.

Ruins of Warfang

RL1: In the upper left sector, pound the second wooden floor covering (near the
giant key) to fall down into a narrow passageway with an incoming hazard. In 
order to survive, you need to use Cynder's Shadow to get past each purple gate,
lowering the lever as you do so to let Spyro through. After two of these, you 
can turn the corner where a Life crystal awaits. Fly out of the waterfall and 
you'll be back in the lower-left sector. Take the vortex back to the beginning 
and back to the upper-left sector if you need to return there.

RL2: On the island where you take the raft, this crystal is behind vines that 
must be flamed.

RL3: At the very end of the upper-right sector, jump off of the platform near
where you fight the shadow enemies, and fly down. Look below for a small niche
that houses this crystal.

The Dam

DaL1: After raising the water level once, look for the purple gate to the left 
of the leftmost wooden peg. It's inside here.

DaL2: After defeating the big scorpion enemy, go into the next room on the 
right. It's behind a Shadow gate.

The Destroyer

DeL1: On a small ledge below the first dark crystal and blue crystal.

DeL2: After destroying the eighth crystal and obtaining the Elemental crystal 
(see DeE1), climb the new ladders to find this crystal on your right.

Burned Lands

BL1: Defeat the Elite Enemy, and this crystal will appear.

BL2: Once you first reach the river of lava (after the cutscene that sets your
current mission to Reach the Volcano), look down and left to find this crystal
on the next platform.

Floating Islands

FL1: On the island near the beginning with the multi-level building, find this
crystal at the very top beside a blue crystal.

FL2: After climbing the vines near the end of the level, instead of jumping
into the vortex in front of you, fly up to the building on your right, and
glide to the top level of the building you see in front of you. The crystal is
on the far end of this part of the building.

Elemental Upgrade Crystals                                                [03c]


CE1: In the large, outside area after the Orb room, fly to the rightmost side 
(drop to the right of the vines) and lower your altitude a bit to see the 
crystal on a distant platform.

Twilight Falls

TE1: After gliding down to the area where you knock down the tree, look near 
the Green and Red Crystals to find this one (it's right beside TB5).

TE2: From the area where TE1 is, look along the rear wall there for platforms 
that you can climb up. Enter the cave to find this crystal (as well as the 
vortex to the Elite Enemy).

Valley of Avalar

VE1: This Crystal is on a tall platform right beside VB8. Fly to this platform 
using the tall pillar from the adjacent island (where VB7 is).

VE2: In the Hermit area, before dropping down to fight the shadow enemies, 
climb the vines, and look left. The crystal is on a ledge right beside some 
brown vines that disappear extremely quickly upon touching them. From the vines
you're on, wall run to the brown vines, grab them then immediately jump off to 
the ledge.

VE3: Take an Orb from the Supply Cave, and then make your way back to the vines
you used to get to the tall platforms on 'wheel island' (see VB7). When at the 
top here, instead of flying to the left, jump to the right onto the other patch
of vines. Then, press A to jump up to the vines hanging off the horizontal 
wall, and you will climb upside down. Follow this, and dismount to find an Orb 
switch that will open the door to this crystal.

Dragon City

DE1: Found in an alcove right beside the wheel used to fill the pool.

DE2: In the catapult battle area, it's on the right side, where you had to 
destroy siege towers.

Attack of the Golem

AE1: After reaching the first save point, go up the stairs, and it's tucked in 
on the left side.

Ruins of Warfang

RE1: In the lower left sector, on the ledge where you defeated the shadow 
skeletons, look for this crystal behind vines that must be burned.

RE2: In the upper left sector, it's behind a Shadow gate on the platform where 
the key is.

RE3: In the upper right sector, it's on the platform after crossing the mini 
vine patches (after breaking the first wall).

The Dam

DaE1: After raising the water level once, look for this small platform to the 
left of the leftmost wooden peg.

DaE2: On the ledge that has an Orb and Blue crystal on it, look for the orange 
breakable rocks. Climb up the vines as Cynder until you are right above the 
blocked archway, then do an 'Earth swing' as Spyro to break it.

The Destroyer

DeE1: After destorying the first 7 crystals, enter the new area of the level. 
Fly straight up from where the eighth crystal is to find this crystal on a 

DeE2: After destroying the first 11 crystals, head inside the tunnel that opens
up, and find this crystal just past the save point. You can't miss it.

Burned Lands

BE1: After the 'Reach the Volcano' cutscene (past the first save point), fly to
the left from the ledge you're on, past the area with the Elite Enemy. You'll
eventually get to a small platform with a large enemy on it. Defeat it, and the
crystal will emerge from the ground.

BE2: Upon entering the second half of the level (following the lava river),
keep flying straight, and this crystal will be on a small ledge on your right

BE3: After climbing the vines and passing the save point, jump and fly down to
your left when you are right beside the first blue crystal on the bridge. To 
return to where you were quickly, look to your left while on your way back,
and use the small vines there to return to the save point.

Floating Islands

FE1: From the island that houses torch 8/8, look around for a barren-looking
island that contains nothing but red and green crystals. Fly around this island
to find a small ledge behind it that contains this crystal.

Armor Pieces                                                              [03d]

Twilight Falls

TA1: In the area where you knock down the tree, look around for vines that you 
must burn. Follow this path after getting rid of the vines to find the chest 
(Spyro's first Tail - Increased Attack Speed).

TA2: After riding the cyclone to the Elite Enemy, look around the small area. 
The chest is at the "rear" of the island, away from the red and green crystals 
(Cynder's second Bracers - Regenerating Health).

Valley of Avalar

VA1: To the left of the waterfall opening to the cave where Meadow is, climb 
the vines, and find this chest off to the left in this area (Cynder's first 
Bracers - Regenerating Mana).

VA2: After finding Meadow and defeating the enemies, this chest appears right 
behind him (Cynder's second Tail - Wounds Attacking Enemies).

VA3: From the wheel island, go to the far-right side. Fly up to the adjacent 
land where the rightmostmini-waterfalls are, and keep going right to find 2 
platforms. Jump up to the rightmost one, and either wall-run or fly to the 
next. Then climb the vines to enter a pathway inside the waterfall with a chest
(Spyro's second Helmet - Increased Defense).

VA4: After defeating the shadow enemies in the Hermit area, climb up to the 
save point. Fly into the small alcove where the Hermit is to find the chest 
(Spyro's third Bracers - Increased Fury Power).

Dragon City

DA1: Find a purple gate on top of the building adjacent to the one that was 
burning. You can get there either using the vines on the left hand side of the 
building itself, or flying there from the top of the burning building. Use 
Shadow to get through the gate, then lower the lever to open the chest 
(Cynder's first Tail - Increased Attack Speed).

DA2: After the catapult battle, go into the next room. It's in the niche 
between the save point and the vines, with DB8 (Spyro's first Helmet - 
Increased Melee Attack Damage).
DA3: After defeating the ogre-looking monster, this chest appears in the middle
of the room (Cynder's third Helmet - Increased Chance to Combo).

Attack of the Golem

AA1: At the second save point, look to the left to find the chest (Cynder's 
first Helmet - Increased Elemental Attack Damage).

Ruins of Warfang

RA1: In the lower-left sector, look down and right from the platform 
immediately after the wall with the 'swing-flame torches' (Cynder's second 
Helmet - Increased Defense).

RA2: In the area where you must break down the second wall, drop down and look 
for flameable vines on the left side. Get rid of the vines, then use Earth 
(jump + Z) to break the floor (Spyro's second Bracers - Regenerating Health).

The Dam

DaA1: After raising the water level twice, look for a stone column to the right
of the rightmost wooden peg area. Climb the vines to reach the chest (Spyro's 
second Tail - Wounds Attacking Enemies).

DaA2: After taking the elevator up, defeat the big enemy in the next room to 
have this chest appear (Cynder's third Bracers - Increased Fury Power).

The Destroyer

DeA1: In the area of the first few dark crystals that are found attached to its
body (without a ledge to climb to), look for a small hanging piece of land with
orange patches that you can climb (Spyro's third Tail - Increased Fury 

DeA2: Upon entering the new area of the level and destorying the eighth 
crystal, instead of flying to the ladders on your right, go up and to the left 
to the ledge beside the horizontal lava-spewing hole. From here, fly down to 
locate this chest (Spyro's first Bracers - Increased Chance to Disarm).

Burned Lands

BA1: After the 'Reach the Volcano' cutscene, fly to the left and follow the 
lava river all the way to the end. Defeat all of the enemies, and this chest 
will appear (Spyro's third Helmet - Increased Chance to Combo).

BA2: After flying along the lava river to enter the next area of the level,
land on the very first platform, and jump to the hidden platform on the right.
Defeat all of the enemies and break the dark crystal to uncover a chest 
(Cynder's third Tail - Increased Fury Duration).

Elite Enemies                                                             [03e]

These guys are really tough. Don't be discouraged if you can't defeat them on 
your first run through the level. I would suggest playing through the Story 
Mode and gaining more Experience Points along the way, then going back to these
enemies in Chapter Mode once you've upgraded your Elements to at least level 2 
and you've extended your Life and Mana bars by at least one or two.

General Strategy: You must first remove their armor helmets in order for any 
other attacks to inflict any damage. To do so, look at the colour of the 
helmet, then use the element that corresponds to that colour to remove it. For 
example, if the helmet looks black, you need Cynder's Shadow attacks to remove 
it. If it doesn't seem to work, try other Elements that could match. For 
example, one of the enemies' helmets was green, but Poison wasn't working, 
while Earth did the job. I'm not sure if this was a case of Poison doing most 
of the damage and Earth finishing it off, or if Poison was outright useless. 

Once the helmet is off, keep attacking them using whatever you can while 
dodging their attacks. Since these enemies will take many, many tries usually, 
you'll eventually remember what their attacks are and how to avoid them. 
Regardless though, always attack a few times then evade (flick the nunchuk). 
Don't hang around them for too long because their attacks REALLY hurt. You 
could also save the Elite Enemies until your Fury meter is full. Then, once 
removing their helmet, use your Fury attacks on them (if you have any of the 
Fury-enhancing armor, equip it before going into Fury Mode). Good luck! 


After defeating the Golem at the waterfall, drop all the way down to the bottom
floor, and, staying along the wall with the waterfall, head left. Once he comes
out, approach him quickly while evading, because his shovel emits a purple 
electricity beam that really does damage. Try to get his helmet off ASAP, then 
continue attacking and evading until he's out. This battle is harder because 
there aren't any Green or Red Crystals nearby to refill yourself while 
fighting, so you may need to rely more on Melee or Fury attacks more. If you 
find yourself unable to beat this one, then save it until you've obtained more 
armor and upgrades.

Twilight Falls

Before crossing the river using the tree trunk you pushed down, go the opposite
way on this island to find platforms you can climb up. Enter the cave and fly 
into the cyclone/vortex to go to a small island with the enemy. There are red 
and green crystals here, so if you can dodge well enough, you can use your 
elemental attacks more liberally, and recharge during the battle. Fury does a 
lot of damage quickly, but (not surprisingly) it drains your mana the fastest. 
Keep attacking and evading until you finish him off. To go back, jump and fly 
down where the armor chest is. 

Valley of Avalar

On the first island after the Cheetah Village, go straight, and when you get to
the edge (facing the next island in front), make a right. You should eventually
see vines on the wall to the right if you look up. Climb up these vines and use
wall running to get to the land above where this Enemy is. It's much of the 
same here...its attacks hurt a LOT, and you must dodge and evade like never 
before. One good thing about this battle is that there is a platform at the 
back of the 'battle ground' with a green crystal, so if you use up all your 
mana, you can fly up here and recharge for a bit before going back down for 
more. If you've found Cynder's Regenerating Health armor (from Twilight Falls),
use it while you're up here so you can recharge both health and mana.

Ruins of Warfang

After obtaining the key in the lower-left sector and placing it into its 
statue, return to where this key was to fight the Elite Enemy. It's a bigger, 
more powerful version of the green monster you just fought. No real tricks or 
strategies here: dodge, dodge, dodge, knock its helmet off then attack. Once 
again, I recommend fighting this battle when your Fury meter is full. It's just
so much faster this way.

The Dam

Drop directly down one level from where the two Orb switches are to find this 
enemy. This battle can get pretty frustrating because the red and green 
crystals they supply you with are really small, which means you have to 
conserve as much as possible (or use the appropriate Regenerating armor!). I 
highly, highly recommend using Fury mode (with any Fury armor you have) once 
you get its helmet off. Doing so will take off more than half of his life. 
Then, use immobilizing elements (like Ice or Electricity) to freeze him 
momentarily, in which time you can use some quick melee attacks. If you've 
found all of Cynder's first column of armor, equip them while you use Spyro's 
elements, so that while you freeze it, Cynder's poisonous hit will inflict more

Burned Lands

When you get to the ledge before crossing the river of lava for the first time
(after seeing the Reach the Volcano cutscene), look up and to the right to see
a ledge with red crystals. Land here and follow the path in to face this enemy.
Basically, this guy can kill you in 2 or 3 hits, so this may take a few tries.
I'm not sure if this works universally, but when I fought this enemy, he was 
wearing a Fear helmet, yet I still managed to disarm him using Wind while he 
was still armored. Regardless, there are no green crystals nearby, and the
nearest red crystals are still pretty far, so really take your time here
dodging all the time and getting in a few elemental hits at a time until you
knock its helmet off. Then go into Fury mode (with Fury armor equipped) to 
finish him off.

Floating Islands

#1: After lighting all of the torches, return to the island that contains the
level's second save point. Fly behind the archways to find this enemy. Since
you're in the air for this fight, there is plenty of room to dodge and evade. 
This enemy is relatively easy to defeat, so I suggest saving your Fury power
for the second elite enemy in this level.

#2: Once you defeat the very last set of enemies in this level, before climbing
the vines, look to the right of this wall, and glide down to the lowest level
of the island to have the enemy appear. This enemy is basically a larger 
version of the rock spewing enemies found throughout this level. Once again, I 
recommend letting loose with Fury power once you get his helmet off.  There's
nothing really special about this elite enemy; just dodge like usual and attack
occasionally. Since he is so large, it's not as easy to immobilize him using 
elements, so you may need to refill your mana on the island you came from. 

/                                                                             \
                                   04. FAQs

Q: I'm missing [insert collectable] in [insert chapter name].

A: Head to the Collectables section of this guide (use the appropriate code
search) to see the list of all collectables. If you've already read it and
still can't find it, send me an e-mail and I'll try to help. Be sure to provide
as much detail as you can (i.e. which ones you've already found on that level,
where you looked, etc.).

Q: How can I get my Fury meter full quickly?

A: You need to build up a high combo in order for your Fury meter to fill up
faster. If you have the 'Increased Chance to Combo' armor, use it. Also, using
Cynder's Twister (Wind + C) around a lot of enemies will make your combo soar.
Just make sure your mana is full before using it.

Q: I can't find the Hermit. Where do I go?

A: As you progress through the Valley, stay on the left hand side. Look for the
waterfall surrounded by 2 blue crystals. Enter the cave here, and climb the 
vines that are straight and to your left. Continue to wall run and vine climb 
to reach him.

Q: Where are the Orbs that I need to bring to the raft?

A: The Supply Cave that has the Orbs is found in the middle-ish of the level. 
After you get the key from the Hermit, exit the waterfall and look up and to 
the right for a giant windmill. Follow it to find the cave.

Q: I can't get the Orbs over the river to the raft.

A: There is a small ramp that you need to take to cross the river. To get to
it, go backwards from where you took the Orbs, and look for the ramp on the
island where the first wheel is that you turned. Now make your way along this
side of the level to the raft.

Q: I'm stuck at the end of Dragon City. How do I end the level?

A: After you kill the big green monster, you have to flame the torches on
either side of the door, and keep pushing the door closed whenever enemies push
it open. After the two sides of fire come together, the level will end.

Q: I'm missing a key from the Ruins. How do I get it?

A: Search this guide for "02f", and read the Ruins walkthrough.

Q: I'm missing a dark crystal on the Destroyer. Where can I find it?

A: Search "02h" in this guide to see where the 12 crystals are. The first 6 can
be obtained in any order, but the last six can only be obtained in the order I

Q: Man, some of the enemies are tough. Are there any cheats for this game?

A: As it turns out, yes there are. Big thanks to the folks at www.cheatcc.com 
for these. For all of these cheats, enter the Pause menu while in your game
(press 1). While HOLDING the Z button, move the nunchuk control stick in the
following directions:

   Infinite Health: Right, right, down, down, left.

   Infinite Mana and Breath: Up, right, up, left, down.

   Max XP: Up, left, left, down, up.

   All Elemental Upgrades: Left, up, down, up, right.

If you enter the codes correctly, you will hear a distinct sound.

*NOTE: You must re-enter these codes every time you enter a new level.

Err...I feel obliged to go cliche here and say that you should at least try and
beat the game once without cheats. I did it, so it's not impossible. And plus,
I find that it makes cheating afterwards so much more fun.

Any other questions? Feel free to send me an e-mail.

/                                                                             \
                               05. FINAL REMARKS

Well, there it is. I hope it helped and that you enjoyed the game as much as I
did. If you have any questions or comments about the guide at all, even
spelling or formatting issues (please let me know of any), I'll take any
e-mails you want to send, with due credit for any help you offer.

Thanks to:

Keinji Fox - For some points of clarification.

Cheat Code Central - For providing the cheats that I wish I had while fighting 

Nintendo - For all things video games. From NES to Wii, thank you. 

Insomniac Games - For introducing the world to Spyro the Dragon.

You - For taking the time to read this guide and for sharing the love of Spyro.

Copyright (c) 2009 AJL16.

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