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Guide and Walkthrough by Saint

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/25/2013

Order Up! FAQ 1.3/June 25, 2013
Author: saintly@innocent.com

  The FAQ is copyright 2008-2013, but 'Order Up!', 'Supervillain Studios' and
  all other trademarkeable names & copyrights are probably trademarked by
  their holders.  This FAQ is not officially endorsed or authorized by anyone.

    your strategies,
    comments on the various chefs,
    list of tips from the 'Chef Tips' line
    Gameplay tips not mentioned here,
    anything I missed

  Email these to the author.  It helps to include a subject line like
    'Re: Order Up! 1.3'
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QFX Contents:

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    Game Controls
    New in this FAQ
    Is this game like Cooking Mama?
    What's the difference between Normal and Hard mode?
    How do I add spices?
    Why can't I impress the Food Critic?
    What's Quick Mode?
    What do the restaurant names mean?
    What's the point of the Chef Tip Line (at the payphone)?
    Burger Face - Day 1
    Gravy Chug - Day 1-6
    El Fuego - Day 1-2+
    Stuffolini's - Day 1
    Chez Haute - Day 1
    Fortified Chef Challenge
    Expenses and Income by restaurant
    Likes, Dislikes and Attendance
    Listing, costs, analysis
    Prices, usage by restaurant
    Spice progression throughout the game
    Special Delivery
    Nugget takes a Nosedive
    Knife Sharpening
    Spice Chopping
    Carrot Slicing
    Health Inspector
    Rats in the Kitchen
    Sleeping Assistant
    Kitchen Fire
    General tips and gameplay
    Action descriptions
    Recipe steps & spice use by restaurant


  This is a Wii console game that uses the Wii's unique controller to simulate
  cooking actions.  You flip burgers by flipping over the Wiimote, dice onions
  by "chopping" downward very quickly, etc...

  On top of the basic cooking mechanics, Supervillain studios has layered a
  time-management game and a restaurant career mode where you can work your
  way up from a burger flipper to the owner of a fancy restaurant.  You can
  delegate cooking tasks to underling chefs, each of whom has unique

  The overall style of the game is fairly clever and witty.  There's lots of
  jokes and stereotypes about the restaurant business throughout the game.

  This game was favorably received, with a 76% metacritic score
  (metacritic.com).  Most complaints about the game are that it's too short;
  you can easily beat it in under 10 hours.

  Although the cooking aspect is similar to Cooking Mama, it's been simplified
  a lot and the focus is more on managing your time.

  The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQs:

  If you found it somewhere else, make sure to get the latest version before
  sending me any questions or comments.   Other sites are free to post it
  without asking me so long as:
    1) It's posted in it's entirety
    2) You don't charge people to see it

  Game Controls:
    [+] button -- Pause game, show the total cash you've earned at this
                  restaurant and how many stars it has.  You can end the
                  day immediately or quit the game from here.
    [-] button -- Open the spice menu when cooking an ingredient
    [1] button -- View the dining room while the button is held down

  New in this FAQ:
    1.1 - Clarifications, Fixed Stuffolini Recipes, Spice Progression
    1.0 - First version

QFF- Frequently asked Questions

 Q. Is this game like Cooking Mama?

 A. A little bit, the cooking part has been simplified a lot and instead
    there's a focus on time management and progressing through a storyline.

    I personally think Order Up! is a lot more fun.  It was scored about 15
    points more highly than Cooking Mama on Metacritic.com.  If all you're
    interested in is preparing dishes and going through lots of steps to
    make them, then you'd probably like Cooking Mama.  If you just want to
    play a fun game that has a slight cooking aspect, then try Order Up!.

 Q. What's the difference between Normal and Hard mode?

 A. In Hard mode, the progress bars will disappear from stove/grill items.
    You will have to go by the aroma lines to tell when something is done.

    This makes cooking for Dusty a lot harder.

    In Normal mode, the game pauses your cooking task when adding spices.
    Your assistants/oven/food processor will continue their tasks while
    paused though, making this a cheap trick to exploit.  In Hard mode,
    you'll continue cooking even while adding spices.

    [Thanks Matthew Crider!]

    Also, the final opponent in the Fortified Chef tournament will be harder.

 Q. How do I add spices?

 A. Press the [-] button.  Choose a spice category and then the spices.
    You must press the OK button on the left when you're done, otherwise
    it won't actually add anything.

 Q. Why can't I impress the Food Critic?

 A. In order to pass, you need to cook his food to 'Good' or 'Perfect',
    and it must be spiced appropriately.  He always orders a Chef's Special.

    Notice that one of the steps says 'Needs Spice'.  When you're doing
    that step, open the spice menu.  On the left side, it will show you
    what spices you need to add.  It will put a check mark through the spice
    when you've chosen the right one.  You may need to add more than one
    spice, and some spices may look similar to others.

    Adding the wrong spices or extra spices will cause you to fail.

 Q. What's Quick Mode?

 A. Quick mode lets you try out cooking for different restaurants.  It's
    played in Normal mode (with progress bars), but you have no spices
    and can't make any specials.

 Q. What do the restaurant names mean?

 A. El Fuego = "The Fire" (Spanish).

    Stuffolini's = A made-up Italian-sounding name.

    Chez Haute = "High Home" (French, literal)

    Restaurants (especially French ones) use Chez the way the Italians use
    Cafe.  It implies a home-like, friendly restaurant.  Since it can also
    mean 'Place', you could translate it as 'High Place', since the
    restaurant is up high on a building.

    Although 'Haute' literally means 'High', in culinary terms 'Haute
    Cuisine' is a term for fancy, elaborate food; usually prepared and
    presented artistically.

    So you can think of the name as sort of a double-meaning joke.

 Q. What's the point of the Chef Tip Line (at the payphone)?

 A. Nothing.  He offers no useful tips, but says about 10 different things.

QFW- Walkthrough

  From the opening screen, select 'New Game', then 'Normal' mode.  If you
  want to put on the paper hat that came with the game, you can do so now.

  Choose the gender of your chef.

 Burger Face - DAY 1

  Once you've confirmed your choice, you'll be dropped into your first
  cooking experience at Burger Face.

  Here, a Burger Face employee will explain the basic cooking mechanics.
  Follow along with the instructions to select items from the order ticket,
  drop them in the right places, and then perform the indicated actions to
  cook them.  If you get stuck or closed the instructions before reading
  them, refer to the cooking section of this FAQ.

 Gravy Chug - DAY 1

  After your first day, you'll find yourself stepping into your very own
  diner as it's head (and only) chef.  At the summary screen at the start
  of the day, you'll see your objectives:

    1. Clean up the restaurant
    2. Buy all 12 basic recipes
    3. Buy 4 "Chef's Special" recipes
    4. Earn 500 coins
    5. Impress the Food Critic

  The food critic will show up when you have the other 4 objectives met,
  but you can complete the other objectives out of order, if you like.

  You have 0 coins at the moment, so it seems like you can't buy anything.
  HOWEVER... place the Hand cursor over the newspaper boy as he rides
  past you, and press 'A' (you have a limited amount of time to do it).

  He'll fall over, then take you to an easy mini-game that will let you
  earn 20 coins.  (See the Mini-Game section)

  If you missed the newspaper boy because he already rode past, just click
  on the 'Island' icon in the top-right corner, then click on 'Gravy Chug'
  to come back and try again.

  I'd suggest you use a couple of the coins you get to use the phone booth
  on your right and call the Delivery Guy.

  Pay the delivery guy and you'll hopefully get a "Special Ingredient" to
  use on your first day.  You can dramatically boost the cash you get to
  start with...

  Once inside, take order tickets and cook food as they showed you at Burger
  Face.  Each day, four tables of diners will come through your restaurant
  for you to cook for.

  Try to cook everything perfectly (this requires each step to be 'Perfect'
  as well).  This doubles the amount of money you get compared to a 'Good'
  dish.  Feel free to throw out anything that isn't Perfect and try again.

  Don't worry about customers leaving because you didn't get to them (it
  takes a very long time).  Try to practice getting all the dishes to finish
  at nearly the same time.  If you focus on completing one dish and then
  move on to the next, the first completed dish will get cold while you work
  on the second one.  A dish isn't "complete" till you've finished all it's
  steps though...  Try using these tricks:
    - leave the finished item on the table as long as you can
      (this doesn't work on the stove or grill, but items you've pulled
       from the fryer or oven can be left sitting there)
    - finish all but one item of each ticket, then go down the line and
      complete only the last steps
    - cook items simultaneously (leave a little bit of delay before you
      start a second item so you'll have time to flip/finish the first)

  You should end up with around a hundred coins at the end of the day.

 Gravy Chug - DAY 2

  Shove the newspaper guy again for another 20 coins.

  You should get the second row of menu items for free, along with an
  assistant chef: Crispin Brown

  If you give Crispin a "Fry" task, he'll do it perfectly for you.  If you
  give him anything else, he'll do a 'Good' job.  There's a few things you
  can't give him, but he's incredibly useful right now.

  Call the Delivery guy again, paying the 1 coin to spin the wheel.

  If you have over 50 extra coins, read the newspaper and pick 'Services',
  then pay to clean up your restaurant.

  Today, try to unload any 'Fry' tasks on Crispin.  If you mess up on a
  dish and get a 'Good' or lower rating, then give Crispin the rest of it
  since you won't get Perfect anyway.

 Gravy Chug - DAY 3

  Shove the newspaper guy, then answer the phone.  Follow the directions
  to go to the Market.

  There you'll meet the spice merchant and play his mini-game.  When you
  win, buy at least 5 (preferably 10) of table salt, brown sugar, onion
  powder, barbecue sauce and gravy.  If you have a bunch of cash, buy
  10 pepper as well.  You have no use for Malt Vinegar or Vegify at the

  When you get back, shove the newspaper guy again.

  Call for your delivery, then run the day just like Day 3.

 Gravy Chug - DAY 4

  Shove the newspaper guy.  Do this every day, every time you see him.

  Today you'll get a call to head to the market again where they'll be
  offering some Chef's Specials.

  Whenever someone buys a Chef Special, you get a bonus 10 coins.  The
  downside is, they require the use of Spices, and YOU have to cook them
  (not an assistant) to put it in.

  You have to eventually buy the first four Chef Specials for each
  location, and they are your biggest moneymakers, so buy as many as you
  can now.  Hopefully, you can buy the first three.

  Buy some pepper from the spice guy if you don't already have some.

  If you have extra money, hire Larry Cheezler from the newspaper menu.
  He will divert lots of customers to your specials, raking in the cash
  for you.

  Go back, shove newspaper guy, call delivery guy, etc...

 Gravy Chug - DAY 5

  With luck, you can buy your last special(s) today, and complete your "Earn
  500 coins" star.  Don't bother upgrading your Chef Knife or any of the
  equipment in the restaurant.

 Gravy Chug - DAY 6

  If you have four stars, the food critic will be showing up to grade you.
  DO NOT pay for the delivery guy today!  The food critic will be your
  only customer.

 El Fuego - DAY 1

  If you have enough money, buy the El Fuego restaurant and go there.

  Now your objectives are the same as at the diner, but you have to earn 750
  coins.  Your recipes and specials cost more, but you make twice as much
  from your patrons.

  Leave the first (50-coin) Chef Special to last, since you can't make it
  till after you complete all 5 stars anyway.

  You can hire 3 new chefs (note that the most you can have at one time is
  two, and your assistant chefs follow you from restaurant to restaurant).
  I'd recommend replacing one of your chefs with Hashi Ichiro as soon as you
  can.  You can probably get rid of Crispin (you can always re-hire him
  later) since there's not a lot of frying to do here.

  New spices and 4 new Chef Specials also became available when you got your
  5th star.  The new Chef Specials for the Gravy Chug are very expensive,
  use tons of spices (usually the more expensive 2-coin spices) and aren't
  necessary to have in order to move on.  If someone orders them, they pay
  off double (20 coins!), which also happens to be how much you get from a
  generic chef special at El Fuego.  Save your money for El Fuego.

 El Fuego - DAY 2+

  El Fuego has different recipes, cooking techniques and spices, but the
  gameplay is basically the same as at the Gravy Chug.  Just do what you
  did there till you've gotten all 5 stars and are ready to move on to

  There is NO grilling here, so don't hire Lunk Manhood.
  I'd also suggest not upgrading any equipment here either.

  The patron, Dusty Kiester, will show up here.  He's a pain in the neck
  to cook for, so you may want to just treat him like any other customer
  and not bother burning his food.

  After you buy Chef Specials here, don't forget to load up on the 2-coin
  spices as well (especially jalapeno, and cumin).

 Stuffolini's - DAY 1

  When you buy Stuffolini's, head back to the market to play the new
  spices mini-game.  Assuming you win, you'll unlock the 3-coin spices.

  Aside from needing 1250 coins for your fourth star (and Stuffolini's
  paying you triple what Gravy Chug did), it's mostly the same.

  One of the new Chefs you can hire (Cecil) is pretty good if you like
  to finish all your dishes Perfect (and why wouldn't you?).

  Since buying your fourth restaurant is pricey, and filling out its
  menu is even more pricey, you may be here a while.  It might be worth
  upgrading your equipment (though not your food processor: you still
  have no use for it)

 Chez Haute - DAY 1

  You can finally move up to Chez Haute, your finest restaurant.

  It's so fancy that two of it's dishes (three once you've completed it
  and bought the bonus chef specials) use the food processor!  It's
  still probably not worth upgrading though.

  If you're going for assistant chefs that are good at cooking food,
  you can replace Hashi Ichiro with Elita Von Snoot now.

 Fortified Chef Challenge

  With 5 stars at Chez Haute, you can challenge the Fortified Chef!

  Even though the manual says to stock up on spices before you go, ignore
  it- you have unlimited spices in the final rounds!

  You'll have to face off with your opponent in making 3 dishes, which are
  randomly chosen from every dish in the game.  Even so, it's probably not
  going to be too tough for you.



 Each restaurant location follows a similar format.  First you'll purchase
 it, then you'll be able to move in and start cooking.  Each starts out
 with 1 row of menu items containing 3 recipes.  Three more rows are
 available for purchase.  Each row you buy also allows you to buy the
 matching Chef Special from the black market.  People who buy a Chef's
 Special will pay you a bonus tip.

 Optional Chef Specials always require spices that won't be available
 till after you get that restaurant to 5 stars.  Sometimes they require
 spices that won't be available till several restaurants later.

 If you know what spices to add to what steps, you can get all the chef
 specials for free!  Instead of paying to learn them, just wait till the
 customer orders the regular version of the dish, then add the spices to
 turn it into a chef special.  The customer won't pay more for it, but
 you'll have learned that special for free!
 [Tip thanks to Starrunr & Matthew Crider]

 Each location also starts off with a nearby phone booth (used mostly to
 call the delivery guy) and a newspaper boy who will deliver the paper.

 The newspaper he leaves behind can be clicked on; this will let you buy
 upgraded equipment and clean up the restaurant (needed to get 1 of the
 stars for that restaurant).  You can also hire assistant chefs from it.

 If you shove the newspaper boy by clicking 'A' on him, you'll play a
 mini-game that gives a different amount of cash depending on your location.

 In order, the restaurants are:
   Gravy Chug (GC)   - A traditional diner (think "Denny's")
   El Fuego (EF)     - A mexican restaurant
   Stuffolini's (ST) - An italian restaurant
   Chez Haute (CH)   - "Haute Cuisine", elaborate chef creations

 Your goal is to work the restaurant up from 0 to 5 stars.  You get a star
 for each of these goals:
   1. Clean up the restaurant (buy this service from the newspaper)
   2. Purchase all 12 basic recipes (buy from the menu board out front)
   3. Purchase all 4 Chef Specials (buy from the Black Market)
   4. Earn a certain amount of cash (varies by location, see chart)
   5. Impress the Food Critic (He'll appear automatically the day after you
      get 4 stars- if you fail to impress him, you can call him again from
      the payphone)

  The more stars your restaurant has, the more people per table will
  show up.  With 0-1 stars, you'll get your regulars + 1 other person.
  Each star after that will tend to bring in 1 more person per table to a
  max of 4.  A 5-star restaurant will see mostly full tables.

  EXPENSES                         GC      EF      ST      CH
  Purchase Restaurant             FREE     200     500    1000
  Clean Up                          50     100     150     200
  Upgrade Chef Knife                50     100     200     400
  Speed up Equipment               100     200     400     800
  Speed up Oven                     50     100     150     200
  Speed up Food Processor           25(1)   50(1)   75(1)  100
  Basic Recipe 4-6                FREE      25      50     100
  Basic Recipe 7-9                  25      50     100     200
  Basic Recipe 10-12                50     100     200     400
  Chef Special #1                 FREE      50(2)  100     150
  Chef Special #2                   50     100     175     250
  Chef Special #3                   75     150     250     350
  Chef Special #4                  100     200     325     450
  Optional Chef Special #5         150     275     425     600
  Optional Chef Special #6         200     350     525     750
  Optional Chef Special #7         250     425     625     900
  Optional Chef Special #8         300     500     725    1050
  Patron Spice Hint                  1       3       5      10
  Delivery Spin                      1       5      10      25(3)

  TOTAL: Buy Completion Reqs.      350     975    1850    3100
  TOTAL: Buy Everything           1475    2975    4975    8100

  Cash Reqd. for 4th Star          500     750    1250    2500

  INCOME                            GC      EF      ST      CH
  Best Basic Tip                    12      24      36      48
  Patron Spice Bonus                 5      10      15      20
  Delivery Ingredient Bonus          5      10      15      20
  Chef Special Bonus                10      20      30      40
  Optional Chef Special Bonus       20      40      60      80
  Nugget Minigame "Perfect" Award   20      40      80     160

   (1) Buying the upgraded food processor is useless here, since no recipes
       make use of it
   (2) Although you can buy this Chef Special, you can't make it till after
       you complete the restaurant
   (3) Delivery spins at Chez Haute are very unreliable, as little as a 25%
       rate of winning anything

QFP- PATRONS ("Regulars")

  You'll be seeing some people repeatedly visit your restaurants.  These
  people have names and their own likes and dislikes.  There will always
  be one of them at every table.

  If you add the spice they like to their food, they'll give you the "Spice
  Bonus" in addition to their tip.  If you give them the spice they hate,
  they and their whole table will leave without paying you anything.  For
  everyone except Russel, the Count and Dusty, you only need to add their
  spice to any one ingredient.

  These regular patrons will never order Chef Specials, but the other
  people they bring in might.  Non-named generic patrons have no special

  The regular's ticket will always be the one on the far left.  If you
  forget what kind of spice they like, you can pay coins (amount varies by
  location) to get a reminder.

  PATRON                LIKES(1)          HATES          GC  EF  ST  CH
  Salty Sam             Table Salt        Spicy           Y   -   -   -
  Jimbo Jambo           Gravy             Salty           Y   -   -   -
  Tex Porterhouse       BBQ Sauce         Vegify          Y   Y   -   -
  Sweet Tooth           Sugar             Sour            Y   Y   -   -
  Hootenanny Pete       Onion Powder      Gravy           Y   Y   Y   Y
  Dusty Kiester         BURNT food(2)     RARE meat       -   Y   Y   -
  Maria Papita Rosita   Pepper            Sweet(4)        -   Y   Y   -
  Sally Bitters         Malt Vinegar      Sweet           -   -   Y   Y
  Count Von Steakula    RARE meat(3)      Garlic          -   -   Y   Y
  Russel Sprouts        VEGIFIED meat(5)  NON-VEG. meat   -   -   -   Y

   (1) If they like a particular spice, they actually like that entire
       category.  Example, Maria likes Pepper (spicy), so she'd also take
       Jalapenos, Garlic or Mustard Powder.  However, she wouldn't give
       you any more of a tip for a more expensive spice.
   (2) For Dusty, cook any grilled/fried/stove items till they're over
       halfway into the final red box (almost at the flame icon).  You
       can still flip/stir stove food so that it doesn't burn that way.

       On hard mode, you just have to guess when it's done.  You can try
       to wait till your assistants have complained a few times about an
       imminent fire.
   (3) For the Count, remove any grilled/fried/stove items as soon as you
       put them on.  Don't even flip his burgers.
   (4) Maria should supposedly hate Aromatic food (there's never a tip that
       tells you what she hates, but if you add Sugar to her food, she'll
       leave a nasty comment about how much she hates Aromatic spices)
   (5) Every meat step in Rusell's food must be vegified!  Even if you
       vegify it in one step and cook it in the next.  Failing to do so
       will make his table leave without paying.

QFA- Assistant Chefs

  Three assistant chefs will be available for you to hire in the beginning.
  One will join you for free, then you can hire more as you get the money.

  You can have a max of two assistants, and they are not limited to the
  location where you bought them.  If you go to another location, the
  assistants will come with you.

  If you try to hire a 3rd one, you'll be asked to fire one of your existing
  assistants.  You can always hire them back if you need them later.  Each
  one has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Aside from the cash it takes
  to hire them, they don't take a cut of your daily pay.

  All assistants will at least cook any assigned ingredient to 'Good'.  Some
  can cook certain items perfectly.  Only the Santos will add spices to a
  dish, even if it's otherwise cooked well (So even though Ichiro can carve
  perfectly, he'll cost you the Chef's Special bonus if you ask him to carve
  the meat for Encrusted Prime Rib since he won't add the spices to it).

    Hiring cost: 25, available at start (Will join you for free on Day 2)
    Pro: Can perfectly cook any frying task (does not include Saute)
    Con: There's not many frying tasks after the first restaurant

    It's hard to beat Free, and he's very helpful at the first restaurant.

    Hiring cost: 25, available at start
    Pro: Patrons take longer to become angry (this is a passive effect,
      you won't see him juggle or do anything out in the dining room)
    Con: Can't cook anything perfectly

    Very annoying sounding.  Occasionally pies himself in the face when
    he doesn't have anything to do.

    Hiring cost: 50, available at start
    Pro: Nearly all guests except for regulars will order specials
    Con: Can't cook anything perfectly

    Larry is an interesting choice, especially if you have lots of specials.
    He can bring in lots of cash for you, but he's just dead weight in the
    kitchen.  When I get 4 patrons at a time, sometimes I'll pick a dish to
    sacrifice and let Larry cook it all.  It means losing half the tip, but
    I'll be done with the table faster.  Larry's one of the few assistants
    that eventually pays for himself.

    Hiring cost: 50, available after 5th star at Gravy Chug
    Pro: Perfectly cooks any Grilled items
    Con: There's NO grilling at El Fuego and very little at Stuffolini's

    Definitely don't hire him when he becomes available, unless you're still
    playing the Gravy Chug a lot.  He's helpful at Chez Haute, but useless
    till then.

    Hiring cost: 100, available after 5th star at Gravy Chug
    Pro: Perfectly Slices, Carves, Cuts, Chops, Dices
    Con: Eventually overshadowed by Elita Von Snoot

    He's one of my favorite assistants at this point in the game.  There's
    quite a lot of work that he can knock out Perfectly.  As a bonus, he's
    very impressed with himself and tells you how awesome he is at every

    Hiring cost: 150, available after 5th star at Gravy Chug
    Pro: Adds spices to food that needs it (including patron orders).  This
         does not use up your spice supply.
    Con: Only cooks food to "Good", costing you half the basic tip.

    Chef Special food can be annoying (especially at the final restaurant
    where everyone and their brother orders Volcanic Island).  It's also
    a pain to cook for Dusty, especially in Hard Mode.  Since he can only
    cook food to "Good", you lose a little tip money.  If he cooks for a
    patron, you end up losing 1-4 coins since the Spice Bonus doesn't
    quite cover the lost cash.  If he cooks a chef special, you end up
    making money in the long run.  Since he doesn't use up your own spices,
    he eventually makes his hiring cost back.

    Hiring cost: 100, available after 5th star at El Fuego
    Pro: Acts as a 2nd oven
    Con: Cooks everything (except Baking) to Good.
         Possily the most useless chef.

    The manual and his interview implies that he can cook anything made out
    of dough originally.  However, he can't make pizza, boil pasta or
    spread sandwiches.  If he can cook anything perfectly, I haven't found
    it yet.  His only benefit is that you can use him to Bake instead of
    the oven.  He's not any faster, but you can have 2 baked items waiting
    to come out at once.  This isn't very helpful.

    As a bonus, he sounds like Strong Sad from HomeStarrunr.com.

    Hiring cost: 200, available after 5th star at El Fuego
    Pro: Cooks EVERYTHING handed to him perfectly
    Con: Takes about 50% longer to cook than any other chef

    Since time isn't much of a concern, Cecil is really great at helping you
    cook everything perfectly.  He can't bake, make pizza, spread butter or
    add spices to anything, but he can do just about everything else.

    Hiring cost: 300, available after 5th star at El Fuego
    Pro: Makes your other assistant cook faster
    Con: Can't cook anything better than "Good"

    Again, since time isn't much of a concern, his special benefit isn't very
    helpful.  If you want to get done with your days in a hurry, pair this
    guy up with Dash McCracken.

    Hiring cost: 250, available after 5th star at Stuffolini's
    Pro: Twice as fast as most chefs
    Con: Can't cook anything better than "Good"

    He's really, really fast.  If you're trying to get done quicker, or you
    are willing to sacrifice some meals, he'll crank them out in a hurry.

    Hiring cost: 500, available after 5th star at Stuffolini's
    Pro: Perfectly cooks any stove or knife-related task
    Con: Sounds so helpful and friendly she's a bit annoying

    She can do everything Ichiro does AND boil/saute on the stove perfectly.
    This does not include frying or grilling.  If you put her together with
    Cecil, you have the widest variety of perfectly-cookable stuff.

    Hiring cost: 1000, available after 5th star at Stuffolini's
    Pro: Never falls asleep, about 50% faster than most chefs
    Con: Can't cook anything better than "Good"

    I definitely don't think he's worth 1000 coins.  I would probably have
    switched his hiring cost with Elita if I was designing the game.

QFS- Spices

  On your 3rd day at the Gravy Chug, you'll get a call to go to the Farmer's
  Market and visit the Spice merchant.  Master Miyoda will make you go through
  a mini-game to get access to them (and another mini-game to get access to
  the top two rows of spices)

  To add spice(s) to a recipe, press the [-] button.  The spice menu will come
  up... click on the type of spice, then select the spice you need.  You can
  only add 1 spice of each type to any individual step.  When you've selected
  all the spices you want to add, click the OK button on the left.  If you
  selected one you don't want, you can choose 'None' to cancel it.  Spice
  Selection pauses cooking in Normal mode, but not in Hard!

  If the recipe step is marked 'Needs Spice', the spices will be pictured on
  the left, and they'll be checked off when you select that spice to add.  If
  you don't see the check box, you added the wrong one.  Some spices (Balsamic
  Vinegar, Hoisin and BBQ sauce) look very similar.  Salt and Pepper are only
  slightly different colors in the base part of the picture.  You can (and
  must) add several types of spice at once for some steps.

  Patrons who want special spices won't tell you in the ingredients list, you
  just have to know to add it.

  All Chef Specials are based on regular, non-special items.  To make them
  special, you add spices at certain stages.  The order ticket for the special
  vs. non-special item looks exactly the same, except that the Chef's Special
  ingredient stages will be marked with 'Needs Spice'.  When you've added all
  the spice the dish needs, a cloud will appear with the name of the Chef
  Special dish.

    A customer wants Cinnamon Pancakes.  Cinnamon Pancakes are just regular
    pancakes with Cinnamon added during cooking.  The order ticket will just
    say "Pancakes", but each cooking step will say "Needs Spice".

    As you're cooking each, press [-].  A picture of Cinnamon appears in the
    top-left corner.  When you add Cinnamon from the 'Sweet' column, a check
    box appears through the picture of the Cinnamon.

    When you say 'OK' to add it for the fourth time (on the last pancake), a
    cloud appears and says "Cinnamon Pancakes".

  An analysis of the spice use is presented below.
  For each spice, the amount used in regular recipes, optional recipes and by
  random patrons at each restaurant are displayed, along with the total used
  throughout the game.

  As an example, the entry for "Pepper" says it's used in 2 recipes at the
  Gravy Chug, 1 optional recipe at the Gravy Chug, 1 patron at El Fuego and
  Stuffolini's (Maria) and it's generally used at all restaurants throughout
  the game.

  GC = Gravy Chug, EF = El Fuego, ST = Stuffolini's, CH = Chez Haute
  (The number under this column shows how many times the spice is used in
   the first four chef specials)

  P = This column shows how many times the spice is used by a patron
  O = This column shows how many times the spice is used in Optional recipes

  SPICE          TYPE     COST   GC P O   EF P O   ST P O   CH P O    TOTAL
  Pepper         Spicy     1(1)   2 . 1    1 1 1    . 1 1    1 . .       9
  Jalapeno       Spicy     2      . . 2    2 . 1    . . .    1 . .       6
  Garlic         Spicy     3      . . .    1 . 1    3 . 4    3 . 3      15
  Mustard Pwd.   Spicy     4      . . 1    . . .    . . 1    1 . .       3

  Table Salt     Salty     1      . 1 .    4 . 1    3 . 3    2 . 1      15
  Lemon Salt     Salty     2      . . .    . . 1    . . .    . . 2       3
  Kal. Olives    Salty     3      . . .    . . 1    . . 1    . . .       1
  Capers         Salty     4      . . .    . . .    . . 1    . . 1       2

  Brown Sugar    Sweet     1      . 1 .    . 1 .    . . .    . . .       2
  Cinnamon       Sweet     2      . . 4    . . 1    . . .    . . .       5
  Tomatoes       Sweet     3      . . .    . . 1    1 . 1    . . .       3
  Hoisin Sauce   Sweet     4      . . .    . . .    . . .    2 . .       2

  Malt Vinegar   Sour      1      . . .    . . .    . 1 .    . 1 .       2
  Lemon Juice    Sour      2      . . .    . . 1    . . 1    . . 1       3
  Bals. Vinegar  Sour      3      . . .    . . .    . . .    . . .       0
  Orange Zest    Sour      4      . . .    . . .    . . .    2 . .       2

  Onion Powder   Aromatic  1      2 1 .    1 1 .    2 1 .    1 1 1      11
  Cumin          Aromatic  2      . . 2    3 . .    . . 1    . . .       6
  Basil          Aromatic  3      . . .    . . .    3 . 3    . . .       6
  Rosemary       Aromatic  4      . . .    . . 1    . . 1    2 . 3       7

  BBQ Sauce      Other     1      1 1 .    . 1 .    1 . .    . . .       4
  Vegify         Other     1      . . .    . . 1    . . 1    . 1 .       3
  Gravy          Other     1      . 1 .    . . .    . . .    . . .       1

   (1) 1-coin spices are available after the 2nd day at the Gravy Chug.
       Each new rank will become available after you get the 5th star at the
       first three restaurant.

  Interesting notes:
    - Gravy is never used again after the Gravy Chug
    - Balsamic Vinegar is completely useless
    - Garlic, Table Salt and Onion Powder are the most used spices

  Spice Progression throughout the game:
    - As soon as spices become available at Gravy Chug:
      Buy: Table Salt, Brown Sugar, Onion Powder, BBQ Sauce, Gravy

    - After buying Chef Specials at Gravy Chug
      Buy: Pepper, Table Salt, Brown Sugar, Onion Powder, BBQ Sauce, Gravy

    - IF you buy the optional recipes at Gravy Chug:
      Buy: Pepper, Jalapeno, *Mustard Powder, Table Salt, Brown Sugar,
           Cinnamon, Onion Powder, Cumin, BBQ Sauce, Gravy

           * Won't be available till after you get 5-star at Stuffolini's

    - When first moving to El Fuego
      Buy: Pepper, Brown Sugar, Onion Powder, BBQ Sauce

    - After buying Chef Specials at El Fuego
      Buy: Pepper, Jalapeno, Salt, Brown Sugar, Onion Powder, Cumin,
           BBQ Sauce

    - IF you buy the optional recipes at El Fuego
      Buy: Pepper, Jalapeno, Garlic, Salt, Olives, Brown Sugar, Tomatoes,
           Lemon Juice, Onion Powder, Cumin, *Rosemary, BBQ Sauce, Vegify

           * Won't be available till after you get 5-star at Stuffolini's

    - When first moving to Stuffolini's
      Buy: Pepper, Salt, Malt Vinegar, Onion Powder, Cumin,

    - After buying Chef Specials at Stuffolini's
      Buy: Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Tomatoes, Malt Vinegar, Onion Powder,
           Basil, BBQ Sauce

    - IF you buy the optional recipes at Stuffolini's
      Buy: Pepper, Garlic, Mustard Powder, Salt, Olives, Capers, Tomatoes,
           Malt Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Onion Powder, Cumin, Basil, Rosemary,
           BBQ Sauce, Vegify

    - When first moving to Chez Haute
      Buy: Malt Vinegar, Onion Powder, Vegify

    - After buying Chef Specials at Chez Haute
      Buy: Pepper, Jalapeno, Garlic, Mustard Powder, Salt, Hoisin,
           Malt Vinegar, Orange Zest, Onion Powder, Rosemary, Vegify

    - IF you buy the optional recipes at Chez Haute
      Buy: Pepper, Jalapeno, Garlic, Mustard Powder, Salt, Lemon Salt,
           Capers, Hoisin, Malt Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Orange Zest,
           Onion Powder, Rosemary, Vegify

QFG- Mini-Games

  Although you can think of cooking as series of mini-games, there are a
  bunch of non-cooking mini-games that you can play for extra coins or other
  advantages.  This section lists how to play them.

  SPECIAL DELIVERY (Ned's Tasty Bits)
    Access by:
      Spend 1 coin at the payphone to call Delivery Guy, pay an amount
      (varies by location) to spin the wheel.  If you lose (or get a bad
      reward) you can leave the location and come back for another shot.

      If all three jackpot wheels line up on the same symbol, you win
      that ingredient for the rest of the day.  If that ingredient is
      used in a recipe, you get a bonus (equal to the Patron's spice bonus)
      from the person that ate it.  This is in addition to Chef's Special
      and regular tips.  Although it's possible to not win anything or
      win a crappy ingredient, this doesn't happen often till you get to
      the final restaurant.  Then the winning rate drops to 25% or so.

      Possible results:

      Imported Beef: Affects most meat (beef, lamb, veal, etc..)
      Organic Vegetables: Affects all vegetables (this is probably the
        best result, since nearly every recipe at every restaurant uses
        the dish)
      Fresh Fish: Affects fish and Calamari
      Free-Range Chicken: Also affects duck
      Exotic Cheese: Helps a lot at Stuffolini
      Absolutely Nothing: Doesn't come up often till Chez Haute

    You don't have to do anything special to use the Reward ingredients,
    they'll be automatically used.  You'll notice 'Ingredient Bonus' pop up
    when customers tip you after getting their food.

    Access by:
      Click 'A' on the newspaper boy as he rides past you.  There's a limited
      opportunity to do it when he gets close to you and before he tosses out
      his paper.  If you miss or want to do the game again, you can leave the
      location and come back.

    The Game:
      Cars will drive by and toss out bundles of newspapers, 7 at a time.
      You can click 'B' on them before they hit the ground to destroy them.
      There is no penalty for mashing B like mad.

      Each paper you hit in a row gives you 1 more point than the one before
      it.  Points don't seem to matter though, but letting papers hit the
      ground does.  A new set of 7 is launched as soon as you clear the last
      one, so if you are really fast, you can shoot down 105 and if you wait
      till the last second to zap them, you can get by with as few as 70.
      The reward is the same either way.

      If you complete it perfectly, you get a large amount of cash that
      varies by location.  If you let a bunch of papers hit the ground you
      get nothing.

    Access by:
      Using your knife a lot at a restaurant without upgrading it.

    The Game:
      You'll have to tilt your knife to the left (into the Green zone) and
      press down to sharpen.  Hold it steady at that angle till the knife
      fills up with color.  Then tilt it to the right and repeat.

      You can keep cooking.  If you're very slow, it's possible that patrons
      will get mad at you.

    Access by:
      Going to the spice market on Day 3 at Gravy Chug (you'll be forced to
      do it).  After you've played it, you can repeat it every day by
      clicking the pepper on the table left of Master Miyoda.

    The Game:
      Move the wiimote in the displayed gesture.  You don't have to press
      any buttons.

      If you're too far from the screen, the Wiimote may not be very
      sensitive.  Hold very still before and after the motion (it may take a
      second or two after you finish moving for it to register- if you move
      during that time you'll probably fail that gesture).

      Cash.  10 coins or so for a perfect 10 out of 10.  [Thanks Dawn Chia!]

    Access by:
      Going to the spice market after you've gotten the 5th star at El Fuego.
      You can repeat it every day after that by clicking the knife on the
      right of Master Miyoda.

    The Game:
      Sharply "chop" downward with the Wiimote when you think the knife is
      over the middle of the carrot.

      50 coins for a perfect 10 out of 10, + bonus coins for any extra.  You
      can get more than 60 coins this way.

    Access by:
      Randomly appears at the start of some days when you enter the

    The Game:
      Move the sponge all over each plate quickly to clean them up.  You
      don't have to press any buttons.  The wiimote makes squeaky noises
      when you do this.

      You have to clean 10 in a time frame so long that you have to be
      really, really slow (or trying to lose) to fail.

      Nothing if you win.  If you fail, your store is shut down for the day
      and you have to repeat the game the next day.  Any special delivery you
      may have won is lost.

      It's possible you might lose some cash, but I'm still testing this.

     Access by:
       Randomly occurs, though you can supposedly make it happen more often
       by trashing lots of ingredients.

     The Game:
       Move over and press 'B' to stun rats.  You have to zap 15 of them in
       a limited time frame.

       Nothing if you win.  If you fail, your store immediately closes and
       all patrons leave.  The next day, you'll get the Health Inspector.

     Access by:
       Randomly occurs even if you don't use your assistants, though you can
       make it happen more often by using one a lot.  If they fall asleep
       it will be halfway through the day.  A second one may fall asleep
       after the 3rd table as well.

     The Game:
       Wave the wiimote from left-to-right or up-and-down as indicated VERY
       QUICKLY to wake the assistant.

       Nothing if you win.  If you fail, that assistant will be gone for the
       rest of the day, but return the next day.

     Access by:
       Letting a food item burn on the grill/fryer/stove.  Either the top
       or bottom indicator must get all the way to the Flame icon.  The
       indicators move slower when they get to the last red square.

     The Game:
       Aim at the fire, press and hold B.  It helps to start from one side
       and work your way to the other.  When the extinguisher runs out,
       shake the wiimote till it's full again, then continue to aim at the
       fire while holding B.

       If you win, then only that ingredient you were working with is lost.
       If you lose, the sprinklers come on and your restaurant is shut down
       for the rest of the day.

QFC- Cooking

  Each day, you'll get four tables of customers.  At the start of a new
  restaurant, you'll probably only get 1 customer per table (always one of
  your regulars).  As you approach 5 stars, you'll eventually get 3 and 4
  per table.

  Click tables in the order they came in to work on their order.  You cook
  for one table at a time, and they never order more than 1 course or drinks
  of any sort, apparently.

  Each table slowly grows more unhappy the longer they sit and wait for their
  food.  This doesn't seem to have any game effect.  Tips in the game say
  that they'll eventually walk out, but testing in both Normal and Hard mode
  shows that it takes a really, really long time (assuming they do it at all).
  I've tried to ignore the first table to come in, taking care of all three
  other tables ahead of them, then making them wait a few minutes after that
  to take their order...  they had a red 'Angry' face, but never left and
  didn't leave a smaller tip.

  In theory, they will eventually leave, but I've made one table that
  came in at the beginning wait till last to be served (they had a red "angry
  face"), but they still didn't leave.  It didn't affect the tip they left
  either.  They didn't leave in Hard mode either.

  Once you've gotten the order, a bunch of tickets appear at the top of the
  screen above the stove.  The leftmost one is from a regular patron, and
  will need either a special spice or some special handling.  The others are
  from the patron's friends.

  Try to delegate cooking tasks to assistants and cook the various orders in
  such a way that they all finish about the same time.  If one order finishes
  early and sits there a long time, it will get cold and your tip will be

  Although you can't normally let stove/grill items sit there after they're
  done, if you give them to assistants you can let it sit on the assistant
  after they complete it.

  If you cook every step perfectly AND deliver it fresh and hot, you'll get
  the "Best Tip" amount listed in the restaurant chart (12, 24, 36 and 48
  coins depending on the restaurant).

  If it's cooked "Good", you'll get half that.  "OK" is 1/4 of that.

  If it's been allowed to cool about halfway, you get 2/3 of the adjusted
  amount, or 1/3 if it's very cold.

  So the difference between a Perfect, Hot dish at the final restaurant and
  an OK, cold dish is 45 coins (48 for Perfect+Hot or 3 for Good+Cold).

  If an item says "Spice Needed", you need to either cook it yourself or have
  The Santos cook it.  You'll need to press [-] while cooking to bring up the
  spice menu and add the spice(s) it says to use.

  If you cook a Chef's Special, you get a bonus amount of cash on top of the
  regular tip.  If you used an ingredient that you got from the Special
  Delivery guy, you get another bonus amount.  So, the most you can get for
  a single table is:

    "Regular": 48(Perfect+Hot) + 20(spice bonus) + 20(ingredient)  =  88
    3x Guests: 48(Perfect+Hot) + 80(chef special) + 20(ingredient) = 148
      Total: 88 + 148x3 = 532 coins for a single table!

  You can make a non-special into a special by adding the right spices at
  the right time, but this will not get you a Chef Special bonus if the
  guest didn't order it.

  Each food order has 3-4 steps (usually 4).  Each step might make use of the
  stove, grill, fryer or cutting board and may need to be handled differently.

  If you mess up a step, you can throw it in the trash and redo it.  Only
  pizza and spreading butter will have to be repeated if you toss out a
  later step in the process.  Everything else will allow you to re-do just
  that one step you tossed out.

  Below is a list of the various types of actions you'll need to perform.
  In the next section is the full list of recipes per restaurant.

  BAKE (anything)
    Drag it to the oven or Dough Boy.  It will always cook perfectly, and can
    be left in the oven till you're ready to take it out.

    Drag it to the food processor.  It will always cook perfectly and can be
    left in the food processor till you need it.

  BOIL/COOK (chili, pasta)
    There are two indicators on the progress bar.  The one at the top
    represents how close to burning the food you are (you can reset it to
    'cold' by stirring in a circle), the one at the bottom represents how
    cooked the ingredient is.  You don't have to get the top one into the
    green area, just the bottom one.

    On most boiling steps you can let it sit and come back to occasionally
    stir it; giving it a quick stir is enough to reset the top 'burning'
    indicator back to the beginning.  On others, like chili and pasta,
    the top indicator will only go down slowly as you stir.  To get them
    to reset all the way you have to stir them a lot.

  CARVE (meat)
    Hold B, but move in and out in VERY LARGE motions, not short fast ones.
    If it's not registering, you may need to sit closer to the screen.

  CHOP (chicken)
    Hold B and wildly wave the wiimote around.

  DICE (meat, onions, tomatoes, other vegetables)
    Hold B, then as quickly as you can wave the wiimote up and down.

  DREDGE (meat, chile, fish)
    Hold B, then rapidly twist the wiimote from side to side as if you were
    twirling a doorknob.

    Hold B and DO NOT LET GO!  Move in the indicated directions.  It seems
    this motion isn't picked up very well, so this can be frustrating.  I
    usually delegate it to Cecil.  In the recipe list, the directions to
    fold are indicated (U = Up, D = Down, L = Left, R = Right)

    If you trash this step, you don't have to redo any other steps in order
    to retry folding it.

  FRY (french fries, chicken, fish sticks, other stuff...)
    Although the frying progress bar has two arrows, they both move at the
    same time.  You have to hold B and thrust down to drop the food into
    the fryer, then hold B and thrust up to pull it out when it's done.

    You can't grab it straight out of the fryer without pulling it out

    Note that once you pull it out, you can leave it there till you're
    ready to put it into the dish.

  GRATE (cheese)
    Hold B, then as quickly as you can wave the wiimote up and down.

  GRILL/COOK (hamburger patties, vegetables, filets, eggs, pancakes)
    Most grill items require cooking on two sides.  In Normal mode, you'll
    see two arrows on the progress bar.  One is on top, the other on the
    bottom.  You let the item cook on one side, moving the arrow toward the
    center.  When it gets there, you flip it over to cook the other side.

    Hold B and twist the wiimote to flip.

    Some items (eggs, pancakes) cook faster than others.  Pancakes are a
    little tricky; the aroma lines will appear before it's really perfect.
    On Hard mode, you need to give them an extra second or so after that.

  LEAF (lettuce only)
    Press B to grab the lettuce, then quickly wave the wiimote from side
    to side while keeping it parallel to the floor.  Don't let go of B!

  MASH (guacamole)
    Hold B, then as quickly as you can wave the wiimote up and down.

  MASH (potatoes, on stove)
    Hold B, then as quickly as you can wave the wiimote up and down.

    The top indicator tells you how close to burning the food you are.  The
    bottom one is how close to being done you are.  When the top indicator
    gets close to the right, hold B and jerk upward to flip the item.  This
    will reset the top indicator to the far left.

    Grab the ingredient when the bottom indicator is in the middle.  You
    don't need the top indicator to be there too.

  SLICE (tomato, calamari, lamb, vegetables)
    This step isn't timed.  Instead, each slice should be straight down
    with the Wiimote parallel to the floor (not twisted to either side).

    Press B in the air above the vegetable, then press down in a series
    of sharp strokes.

    Each slice is given a rating, and all must be perfect for this step
    to be Perfect.

  SPREAD (bread, pizza)
    Hold B, then try to cover as much of the bread as possible as quickly
    as you can.

  SPREAD (butter, before saute)
    Hold B, then tilt the wiimote in different directions.  Try to get the
    butter to cover a lot of the pan.  None of your assistants can do this
    step, nor can they do the saute step after this.

  STEAM/BOIL (Tamales)
    Like boil, but this time there's a cover on the item.  You don't have
    to do anything but wait for this one to finish.  It doesn't require
    stirring.  In addition to Aroma lines, the pot lid will make noise to
    tell you it's done.

  TOSS (cheese onto pizza)
    Hold B, then wave the wiimote up and down quickly.

  TOSS (pepperoni onto pizza)
    Hold B, then press A to drop pepperoni onto pizza.  Try to spread them
    out evenly.  This is very hard to do and unfortunately you can't unload
    this task on an assistant.

QFR- Recipes

  Recipes are listed in the order they appear in the menu.
  If a recipe uses an ingredient for a step, it's listed below the step's
  name.  Example:
  Means: This step is boiling (on a stove) and you need to add Salt.

  * Recipes are Chef's Specials
  ** Recipes are Optional Chef's Specials

  Chef Specials list in parentheses below what dish they're based on.

  GRAVY CHUG              STEP 1       STEP 2       STEP 3       STEP 4
  Hamburger & Fries       Cook(Grill)  Slice        Leaf         Fry
  Ham & Cheese Omelette   Dice         Grate        Spread       Fry
  Mac & Cheese            Boil         Grate        Cook(Boil)
  Fried Chicken           Dredge       Fry          Fry
  Cold Sandwich           Spread       Carve        Leaf         Slice
  Chili con Carne         Slice        Saute        Cook(Boil)
  Pancakes                Cook(Grill)  Cook(Grill)  Cook(Grill)  Cook(Grill)
  Fish Sticks             Dredge       Fry          Fry
  Roast Chicken           Chop         Slice        Slice        Bake
  *Black Pepper Chicken   Dredge       Fry          Fry
  (Fried Chicken)                      -Pepper
  *BBQ Burger             Cook(Grill)  Slice        Leaf         Fry
  (Hamburger & Fries)     -BBQ Sauce
  *Spicy Mac & Cheese     Boil         Grate        Cook(Boil)
  (Mac & Cheese)                                    -Pepper
  *Onion Burger           Cook(Grill)  Slice        Leaf         Fry
  (Hamburger & Fries)     -Onion Pwd.
  **Jalapeno Burger       Cook(Grill)  Slice        Leaf         Fry
  (Hamburger & Fries)     -Jalapeno
  **TexMex Omelette       Dice         Grate        Spread       Fry
  (Ham&Cheese Omelette)                                          -Mustard
  **Cinnamon Pancakes     Cook(Grill)  Cook(Grill)  Cook(Grill)  Cook(Grill)
  (Pancakes)              -Cinnamon    -Cinnamon    -Cinnamon    -Cinnamon
  **5-Alarm Chili         Slice        Saute        Cook(Boil)
  (Chili con Carne)       -Jalapeno                 -Pepper

  EL FUEGO                STEP 1       STEP 2       STEP 3       STEP 4
  Tacos                   Saute        Leaf         Dice         Grate
  Huevos Rancheros        Cook(Grill)  Grill        Grate        Slice
  Guacamole               Mash         Dice         Dice
  Burritos                Saute        Cook         Grate        Fold(URL)
  Nachos                  Saute        Dice         Grate        Bake
  Carne Asada             Saute        Dice         Dice         Saute
  Chimichangas            Saute        Cook         Grate        Fry
  Tortilla Soup           Saute        Dice         Dice         Cook(Boil)
  Fajitas                 Saute        Slice        Slice        Saute
  Enchiladas              Saute        Grate        Bake
  Chile Relleno           Dredge       Fry          Dice         Grate
  Tamale                  Saute        Slice        Fold(LRUD)   Steam
  *Garlic Tacos           Saute        Leaf         Dice         Grate
  (Tacos)                 -Garlic
  *Carne Encebollata      Saute        Dice         Dice         Saute
  (Carne Asada)           -Pepper
  *Burrito Sonora         Saute        Cook         Grate        Fold(URL)
  (Burritos)              -Jalapeno
  *Chimichangas Chile     Saute        Cook         Grate        Fry
  (Chimichangas)          -Jalapeno
  **Medit. Nachos         Saute        Dice         Grate        Bake
  (Nachos)                -Jalapeno
  **Fajitas sin Carne     Saute        Slice        Slice        Saute
  (Fajitas)               -Garlic
                          -Lem. Salt
                          -Lem. Juice
  **Enchila. Aromatico    Saute        Grate        Bake
  (Enchiladas)            -Salt
  **Sweet Tamale          Saute        Slice        Fold(LRUD)   Steam
  (Tamale)                -Tomatoes

  STUFFOLINI'S            STEP 1       STEP 2       STEP 3       STEP 4
  Bruschetta              Spread       Dice         Grate        Bake
  Spaghetti w/ Meatballs  Boil         Cook(Boil)   Saute        Grate
  Roast Chicken           Chop         Slice        Slice        Bake
  Gnocchi                 Dice         Boil         Saute        Grate
  Antipasto               Dice         Grate        Slice        Boil
  Ravioli                 Saute        Cut          Boil         Cook(Boil)
  Pizza                   Spread       Toss         Toss         Bake
  Italian Wedding Soup    Dice         Boil         Saute        Cook(Boil)
  Risotto                 Spread       Saute        Cook(Boil)
  Chicken Parmesan        Cook         Dredge       Fry          Bake
  Calamari                Slice        Fry          Cook         Boil
  Pasta Carbonara         Dice         Saute        Boil         Grate
  *Spaghetti Pomadoralls  Boil         Cook(Boil)   Saute        Grate
  (Spaghetti w/Meatballs)              -Tomatoes    -Garlic
                                       -Basil       -Onion
  *Ravioli w/ Basil       Saute        Cut          Boil         Cook(Boil)
  (Ravioli)                                         -Salt        -Garlic
  *Zappa Italiana         Dice         Boil         Saute        Cook(Boil)
  (Italian Weddg. Soup)                -Salt                     -Garlic
  *Carbonara Yeehaw       Dice         Saute        Boil         Grate
  (Pasta Carbonara)                    -Onion       -Salt
                                       -BBQ Sauce
  **Herbal Chicken        Cook         Dredge       Fry          Bake
  (Chicken Parmesan)      -Mustard                  -Lem. Juice
                          -Basil                    -Garlic
  **Calamari Portabello   Slice        Fry          Cook         Boil
  (Calamari)                           -Rosemary                 -Garlic
                                       -Salt                     -Capers
  **Sweet Gnocchi         Dice         Boil         Saute        Grate
  (Gnocchi)                            -Salt        -Garlic
  **Spaghetti Veggie      Boil         Cook(Boil)   Saute        Grate
  (Spaghetti w/Meatballs) -Salt        -Garlic      -Pepper
                                       -Basil       -Cumin

  CHEZ HAUTE              STEP 1       STEP 2       STEP 3       STEP 4
  Ceviche Tivives         Dice         Dice         Dice         Dice
  Veal Stew               Dice         Spread       Saute        Cook
  Roast Duck              Chop         Slice        Slice        Bake
  Filet Mignon            Grill        Slice        Dice         Saute
  Beef Stroganoff         Spread       Saute        Cook         Cook
  Shrimp Tempura          Dredge       Fry          Saute        Boil
  Swordfish               Filet        Grill        Grill        Boil
  Chicken Liver Mousse    Dice         Spread       Saute        Blend
  Lamb Kabobs             Leaf         Slice        Slice        Grill
  Albacore                Filet        Dice         Slice
  Prime Rib               Carve        Grill        Mash         Mix
  Surf and Turf           Boil         Grill        Boil         Saute
  *Aromatic Beef          Grill        Slice        Dice         Saute
  (Filet Mignon)          -Hoisin                                -Onion
                          -Rosemary                              -Salt
  *Volcanic Island        Boil         Grill        Boil         Saute
  (Surf and Turf)         -Jalapeno    -Salt        -Pepper      -Garlic
                          -Or. Zest    -Mustard
  *Peking Duck            Chop         Slice        Slice        Bake
  (Roast Duck)            -Garlic
                          -Or. Zest
  *Crusted Prime Rib      Carve        Grill        Mash         Mix
  (Prime Rib)             -Garlic
  **Floral Pate           Dice         Spread       Saute        Blend
  (Chicken Liver Mousse)                            -Garlic
                                                    -Lem. Salt
                                                    -Lem. Juice
  **Bf&Caper Stroganoff   Spread       Saute        Cook         Cook
  (Beef Stroganoff)                                 -Capers
  **Veal Brassica         Dice         Spread       Saute        Cook
  (Veal Stew)                                                    -Garlic
  **Herb Swordfish        Filet        Grill        Grill        Boil
  (Swordfish)                          -Garlic
                                       -Lem. Salt

QFM Miscellaneous

 - You can turn a regular order into a Chef Special by adding the right
   spices at the right step.  This won't earn you any extra money from the
   patron BUT if you didn't already buy that special, it will now be on
   your list.  This can save you a bunch of money at later restaurants!

   Example: If someone orders Roast Duck, you can add Garlic, Hoisin and
   Orange Zest at the first 'Chop' stage and it will pop up as 'Peking Duck'.

   [Tip thanks to Starrunr & Matthew Crider]

 - You can use the payphone to call the Food Critic even if you've already
   impressed him and gotten your fifth star.  You get nothing if you win,
   but neither can you lose the star he gave you.

 - Instead of paying coins to learn a patron's spice preference, you can
   click on their face and they'll usually tell you.


  DookieWookie - For getting me into this game and helping me verify and test
    lots of stuff.

  Starrunr - Submitted the trick about getting the chef specials for free!

  Matthew Crider - Pointed out that the game doesn't pause when adding spices
    on Hard mode, also submitted the trick about getting the chef specials
    without paying for them.

  Dawn Chia - Corrected how much cash you get for playing the spice chopping

  Darkling - Corrections to several Stuffolini recipes and general fixes

  Your name could be here if you contribute to this FAQ!

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