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Guide and Walkthrough by odino

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/01/2008

  #######X ############    ####   ######  x#####     # xX ##Xxx#x ####    x# 
 #xX   Xx#   x  #     Xx   #xx#   #x  ##  x##x Xx   x#XX#   Xx x#   #X#   ##
 xx    x##x  # X#   x x#  Xx  #   #          x  #   #   X   #X X#    #xx ## 
 xx         ## x#   xX #  #x x#   #         xxx #  xXxx #   X# X#x    #xX# 
 ##X##X     ##  #X  x# #  #x x#   #x#x      xxX #x #X x #  Xx   xX    xx  
   #######  XX  X#  x# #Xx#  X#   ##X ####   x# ## x# X #  # xxxxX     x X 
       x #  XX##x#  x#  x #  X#   #    #    xx#  X xX # #  Xx###x#    #XXXX 
x##x     X XX   X#  x#  ###  X#   #    #    xx#  #x#  # # Xx#   XX   ##  XX  
 #xXx  Xx# ##    #  x#  ##  xX#   #  xX#    XX#  ###  #x# #XX x XXX x#x  #XX 
 ######### ##    #x ##       ##   ######     ##       ### ##     ## ##    #####
              _____                                ____             
             / ____|                              / __ \            
            | (___   ___  __ _ ___  ___  _ __    | |  | |_ __   ___ 
             \___ \ / _ \/ _` / __|/ _ \| '_ \   | |  | | '_ \ / _ \
             ____) |  __/ (_| \__ \ (_) | | | |  | |__| | | | |  __/
            |_____/ \___|\__,_|___/\___/|_| |_|   \____/|_| |_|\___|

PC 2006-07

Version:        1.0     released on the 1st of August 2008
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Characters                                                |   G0300   |
| 04.) Walkthrough                                               |   G0400   |
|      Episode 1: Culture Shock                                  |   G0410   |
|      Episode 2: Situation: Comedy                              |   G0420   |
|      Episode 3: The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball            |   G0430   |
|      Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!                          |   G0440   |
|      Episode 5: Reality 2.0                                    |   G0450   |
|      Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon                        |   G0460   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |


01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to 'Sam & Max: Season One' for the PC, an adventure game collection
released by Telltale Games. The game was also released on the Wii in 2008, with
different controls and other obvious console-specific discrepancies.

I had originally published walkthroughs for each individual episode but by the
time they had released the entire season on CD format there were several
walkthroughs including some hint guides, which should be enough for anyone to
complete the game. With every episode the layout of the guides would stay the
same and what was missing instead was character info and something that would
cover the entire six episode arc. Including all this info in each of the six
walkthroughs felt too much of a filler and double dipping.

In case you are interested, the CD release is exactly the same as the
individual downloads (sometimes there were minor bug fixes along the way that
the online downloads were updated, you probably did not even take notice). The
CD has a basic auto-play and you will then still install selected episodes from
the menu. In other words, you may as well, copyright allowing, have burnt your
own CD with the online downloads. If you subscribed to the entire season with
Telltale you would have received a disk in the mail though, providing you live
in North America that is.

The overarching theme of this season is hypnosis.

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

The game is controlled with the mouse. Simply click on objects to interact with
them, the game will automatically choose the action whether it is to take, to
look, to talk or to use as applicable.

The cardboard box in the bottom left corner is your inventory, click on it to
open up a view with the rest of your items.

Several times you will find yourself driving in the car (Desoto). Click on the
road to move over to the sides. Use the icons to switch and the Office icon to
return to the main area of the game. While on the road you can also interact
with the icons on the left, depending on the situation.

The menu is at the top of the screen. Open it by either clicking on the small
cog or pressing ESC. There are four choices, Load/Save, Options, New Game or

The game also auto-saves each time you exit a building. You cannot die or get
stuck, there is always a way to advance in the story.

Note: The game is quite easy, and most fun is in exploring on your own. By
following the walkthrough you will miss out on plenty of humor and details the
game has to offer.

02.)                    CHARACTERS                                   G0300

 Sam is the leader of the duo, and tends to be the voice of reason.

 Max is a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing" who is rather hyper and violent in his
 approach to problem solving, tending to only look out for himself, but always
 loyal to Sam.

Jimmy "Two-Teeth"
 The rat that lives and runs various shady businesses out of his hole in Sam
 and Max's office.

 Bosco owns and runs "Bosco's Inconvenience", a small store at the end of the
 Sam & Max's block. Bosco is extremely paranoid of everyone and everything,
 although he places a certain degree of trust in Sam and Max.

Sybil Pandemik
 The owner of the store on the corner across from Sam and Max's office. A
 "short attention spanned careerist", Sybil changes professions with alarming
 frequency. Her more recent jobs include interior decorator, taxidermist,
 tattooist, psychotherapist, tabloid journalist, professional witness, dating
 service, carbon-dating service, beta tester, and Queen of Canada.

The Soda Poppers
 Three ex-child stars from the 1970s TV series "Soda Jerks", the vertically-
 challenged triplets Whizzer, Peepers, and Specs are still familiar icons in
 the modern world.

Hugh Bliss
 An eerily cheerful magician who is trying to sell books on "Prismatology", his
 feel-good self-help system based on the colors of the rainbow.

Agent Superball
 Introduced as an agent of the U.S. Secret Service in episode 4, Superball
 earned his nickname for his proficiency as a bouncer, and can be found
 guarding various doors around the White House.

Abraham Lincoln
 The Statue of the Lincoln Memorial brought to life, he plans to become
 President of the United States...again.

 Host of the ever-popular TV show, Myra!

04.)                    WALKTHROUGH                                  G0400

                        Episode 1:                                   G0410
                        Culture Shock

The former child stars of the Soda Poppers TV show are wreaking havoc all over
the neighborhood! But this is no ordinary tale of child stars gone awry.
There's a dark force behind the Poppers' baffling antics. Using only their wits
and a slew of heavy household objects, it's up to Sam & Max to save the day!

Walk right and take the BOWLING BALL. Open the closet and pull out your BIG
GUN from the inventory. Shoot the PILE O'CHEESE. Take the PILOE O'CHEESE with
holes in them and then place the SWISS CHEESE on the rat hole. You'll talk to
the rat.
Switch to Max and pick any option, resulting in a headache for the rat.
Switch to Sam and say:
- Got a headache, eh?
Switch to Max and say:
- I'll hang you out to dry.
Take the BOXING GLOVE at the window and exit the office.

Walk left and take the SPRAY PAINT can from the car parked behind the Desoto.
At the front of your office, spray the graffiti so that Specs runs over and
complaints. Enter your office.

Look out of the window and throw the BOWLING BALL on Specs' head. Leave the

Drive off in the Desoto.
- Let's go pull over random motorists.
Your break isn't working so you need to ram into another car when you see it.
Once that is accomplished you will tail it. Select the gun and shoot on of the
taillights. Then switch to the megaphone and shout:
- Pull over.
When the person asks what's wrong, reply with:
- Hideously broken taillight.
You'll get a BAG OF MONEY. Click on the office icon to return there.

Enter Bosco's Inconvenience on the right side of the street. 

Office Area:
You will automatically talk to Bosco.
- What Munchkin terrorist?
- I think we got it.
- We wanna buy something.
- What've you got?
- Okay, what's behind the counter?
- Give us the tear gas.
Take the SLICE O'CHEESE on the table. Enter the bathroom on the left side of
the store. When Whizzer runs into it after Max, quickly put the SLICE O'CHEESE
into Whizzer's Crate. Leave this store and enter Sybil's on the left side of
the street.

End the conversation, then use the TEAR GAS LAUNCHER on Peepers, then use the
BOXING GLOVE on him. Open the closet on the right. After the conversation,
exit Sybil's.

Talk to Specs who is still unconscious in front of your office building, he
will give you some information. Next return to Bosco's Inconvenience.

Speak with Whizzer lying on the floor. He will dash off.

During the chase, avoid the crates thrown out of the van as they will slow you
down. Don't drive behind it and instead find a gap in the creates to get close
fast. When you get close enough, switch to the gun at which point the crates
won't hit you anymore. Shoot out a tire to end the chase.

At the new location, take a form from the ADMISSION FORMS on the left side of
the ticket booth. Drive back to the office.
- Let's head back to the office.

Office Area:
Talk to Sybil at her office by giving her the SYMPTOMS FORM. Sam will mention
three symptoms, they differ in every game you play. They are
1. Obsession with...
2. Violent reaction to...
3. Desire to...

Talk to Sybil and choose one of the test for each symptom. You need to match
your symptoms to the answers for her to note it down and diagnose you

Inkblot Test
There are five questions with four different answers. Each question has an
answer that will relate to your symptom so choose accordingly.






Free Association Test
Sybil will mention a word and await your reaction. If the word is part of your
symptom, pull out the BIG GUN and attempt to shoot Sybil. If not, reply with
an answer and she will continue with the next one. For example, 'Violent
reaction to hair dressing' could be the word 'comb', but there are several
other words that also relate to hair dressing you can react violently to.

Dream Analysis Test
Sam's dream takes place in his office. You need to find items related to your
symptom. For example, 'Marry your Mom' would be the Wedding Cake and 'You'.

The items in the room, with four selection each, are:

* a Camera
* Lottery Tickets
* a Parking Meter
* nothing

* a Toilet Brush
* a Tattoo
* a Diploma
* nothing

 <Donut Box>
* a Birthday Cake
* a Wedding Cake
* a Fruitcake
* a Cheesecake

* Needles
* Mney
* Soda Can
* Leaf

 <Water Cooler>
* a Rat
* a Gun
* a Magazine
* nothing

* Max (Peer)
* Bosco (Dad)
* You (Mom)
* Me

Exit Sybil's and drive the Desoto to Culture's "Home" for Former Child Stars.

Culture's "Home" for Former Child Stars:
Insert the SYMPTOMS FORM into the Form Reader at the ticket booth. Enter the
gate on the right.

While Sam is walking around delivering videos, take the CHEESE lying on the
table. You'll be knocked out.

In the dream sequence, turn off the light with the Switch near the door. Grab
the COAT HANGER from the TV and then pull out the BIG GUN and shoot the
One-Way Sign near the door. Place Max's HEAD on the Brady Culture that took
over his body. On the right side, either open the door or wait for the rat to
do it, then use the BICYCLE PUMP to get rid of the final Brady Culture in your

End the conversation, exit the store and enter your office.

Office Area:
Take the COAT HANGER like you did in your dream, then leave again. (This was
not here before so you had to come back to the office once more)

Talk to Sybil in her office.
- Can you help me?

At Bosco's Inconvenience, give him the HELMET DIAGRAM and the COAT HANGER for
the device. Exit the store and drive to Brady in the Desoto.

Pass through the gate on the right. Talk to the Soda Poppers.
- Become...Brady Culture!
Speak with the Soda Poppers again.
- Worship...me!
Talk to the Soda Poppers one last time.
- Attack...me!

                        Episode 2:                                   G0420
                        Situation: Comedy

Talk show host Myra Stump has gone berzerk! Sam & Max head down to the WARP TV
studio to find out why she's holding her audience hostage. But getting onto
Myra's stage isn't going to be easy. First the Freelance Police will have to
prove they're worthy of fifteen minutes of fame.

Office Area:
Switch on the TV to see Myra! It's not necessary to do so but a nice
introduction to the show nevertheless. Leave the office after you are done
exploring it for funny jokes.

Talk to Bosco, or simply end the conversation straight away. Then attempt to
grab the shaving cream on the right table. Leave the store and enter the
- After those rats!

During the chase sequence, pull out the gun and shoot beside their little car
to make them move right or left. When you see the construction area in the
center appear in the background, time it so they steer into the open manhole.
They will not drive in the dead center by themselves, so you really need to
make them move over the middle line when the manhole is coming up. It's quite
easy really. Max will automatically get the shaving cream.

Re-enter the Desoto and drive to the TV station.

TV Station:
The TV set is pretty small and easy to maneuver through. Nevertheless here is
a small chart so I do not need to tell you how to get around each time.

                                                   WNGtbaMillionaire  -  Myra!
Lobby / Embarrassing Idol  -  Midnight Cowboys  -  Cooking Without Looking

Talk to the director on the right.
- What are you doing here?
- We'd like to audition.
Use the shaving cream on Sam, then the tear gas gun on Max. When done, enter
the Midtown Cowboys sitcom door on the right side of the room.

Midtown Cowboys:
The director will talk to you again.
- Let's start taping.
Take the lampshade behind you and place it on the cow. Featherly will ask
about it.
- Our chef.
Pick up the plate from the table on the right and walk behind the cow. Use
the plate on the cowpie it made. Featherly will ask you again.
- Moo Goo Gai Pan, a delicious food.
After the conversation with the director, leave the set via the right door.

Cooking Without Looking:
Step behind and counter and use one of the items on it. When the show has
started, choose to bake 'A Cake'. Pick any ingredients you like, then 'Cook
It!'. You will automatically get the cake.

Embarrassing Idol:
Watch the performance. After the scene, walk right and take the lyrics from
atop of the apple crate.

Who's Never Going To Be A Millionaire:
You will automatically speak to Hugh Bliss.
- Show us a magic trick.
- Green.
- Can we get a photo with you?
- See you, Hugh!

Interact with the left podium to play the game. Answer anything to lose. But
now you can place Peeper's Lyrics into the card slot on the right podium and
try again. Answer 'No' to win the game. Leave the studio entirely by leaving
the Embarrassing Idol on the left side, what was formerly the Lobby.

Office Area:
Sybil's office is just across from where you park the Desoto. Give her the
Photo with Hugh Bliss so she starts printing a new issue of the newspaper.

Outside the store, grab the latest issue of 'Alien Love Triangle Times'.
Inside, hand over the Food Stamps to Bosco.
- Give use the Voice Modulator.
Walk left and use the condiments on the baked Cake. Drive back to the TV
studio in the Desoto.

Embarrassing Idol:
Hand over the Cake to Whizzer on the judge's panel. After he is gone, walk over
to the microphone and use the Voice Modulator on Sam himself. Sing into the
microphone to start the show. Pick any lines to win the contents and a new
recording contract.

Open the door to the set on the right of the 'Millionaire' game show.
- Can we come in?
- Can we be guests on your show?
- We have a recording contract.
- We have a clip of our sitcom.
- We're on the cover of a tabloid.

On the couch you will be interviewed by Myra.
- I'd rather relive my Embarrassing Idol glory.
Afterwards use the Voice Modulator on Sam again, then use the banjo before
the effect wears off. Interrupt Myra.
- About that picture in the "Times"...
- There was someone else involved!
- Bassy the Cow!

                        Episode 3:                                   G0430
                        The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball

The commissioner is looking into an underground operation at the Ted E. Bear
Mafia-Free Playland and Casino, but the mole he sent in has suddenly gone
quiet. To find the mole, Sam & Max must infiltrate the operation and become
members of the Toy Mafia themselves.

Office Area:
Pick up the Ace of Spades where you saw it land near the rat hole. Leave the
office after checking out all the funny stuff as usual.

Drive the Desoto to the casino.

Ted E. Bear's Mafia-Free Playland and Casino:
Lovey Bear will give you some free tokens to play the machines. End the

Throw the Ace of Spades at the clown's nose above the entrance.

Turn your attention to the Wack Da Ratz game in the back. Your aim is to shoot
20 orange rats and not the yellow ones. It's quite easy to accomplish this. You
receive a magnet as price.

Talk to the dealer at the poker table. You will also meet Leonard Steakcharmer
who offers you to play Indian poker. Accept to start playing. During the game,
bet so you win against him, do not fold. You receive his 10 million tokens.

Leave the casino.

Bosco's Inconvenience:
Talking to Bosco, tell him you want to buy something and ask what he has got to
offer. Pick the listening device ("bug") for 10 million. Return to the casino.

Ted E. Bear's Mafia-Free Playland and Casino:
Use the bug on the guard near the back room. Insert a token in the one-armed
bandit and the pit boss will show up. Retrieve the bug and attempt to enter the
back room. Give the guard the correct password ("Leave the gun. Take the

The mobsters give you three things to do in order to join their ranks. Ask
about each of them and then leave the casino.

Office Area:
Sybil's office is just across from where you park the Desoto. Take the coffee
cup from her desk and leave again, walking to the other side of the road to
the store.

Talk to Bosco, shout "Look, it's the Toy Mafia!" to distract him. Now place the
magnet from earlier on the anti-delivery camera on the left.

Use the coffee cup on the condiments further left in the store. It will be
filled with ketchup.

Place the Teddy Bear Box on the sales table on the right for the first task to
be done as pointed out by the mafioso outside.

You will find Leonard here. During the conversation, switch to Max and ask him
"Hey, is that a cup gun?".

When he is all tied up, ask the questions with Sam and continue with Max. Here
is a chart of the correct combinations:

"Yo' mama's so"...
| fat...      | she has more folds than an origami accordion!                 |
| perky...    | the only time she's low is at a limbo content!                |
| puncual...  | she showed up early for her own funeral!                      |
| radiant...  | if she fell in nuclear waste, no would would notice!          |
| thrifty...  | she brings coupons to the penny arcade!                       |
| vulgar...   | her mouth makes a longshoreman blush!                         |
After any five he will break and tell you where to find the sandwich. If you
make a mistake simply retry or pick another. Leave the office and return to
Sybil's to complete the third task.

Office Area:
Give Sybil back her cup. Pull out your Big Gun and shoot her to complete all

Return to the casino once more.

Ted E. Bear's Mafia-Free Playland and Casino:
Insert the bandit arm on the one-armed bandit and insert another token.

After the scene you have a small chase sequence. Pull out the gun and shoot the
sign above the road when you get close so it falls behind your car and the
pursuers will crash into it.

Back at the casino, enter the sinister door on the right side.

Toy Factory:
When you regain control, pull out the cap gun and shoot Max with it.

After this, walk left and take the screwdriver from the workbench. Use it on
the one-armed bandit to get the voice box. Throw the voice box into the hopper
in the back of the room. Pick up the Altered Teddy Bear and use in on Harry.
Finally, pull the lever like Max did a few moments ago where Harry is now.

                        Episode 4:                                   G0440
                        Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Sam and Max must investigate the top man himself, the President of the United
States, who has been passing inane mandates such as required hugs. Not only
must the two take down the President, they may have to install their own man in
his place, though Abe Lincoln may have a word or two about that.

The White House:
Pick up the BOXING GLOVE near the pool. Look at the phone to the right of the
main doors. Take the Desoto to the office.

Office Area:
Go towards the back of the parked cars to look at the posters. When one falls
down, get it. Go east on the road until you see Hugh. Talk to him.
- How about a magic trick.
After he has vanished, pick up the FREE HOME DELIVERY SIGN at the shop.

Up in the office, call 'The White House'. When Agent Superball answers the
- Hello. Please Hold.
Take the Desoto back to The White House.

The White House:
Enter the building. Talk to the President:
- Interpreter?
- Who are you meeting with today?
- We're ready to interpret.
- We'll be back.

Attempt to enter the War Room to get booted out. Return inside and talk to the
- We're ready to interpret.
- What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?
- Which way is the War Room?

Use the boxing glove on the president. After the scene, return to the office.

Walk right and look at the cue cards twice to change them to the 'Two Wrongs
don't make a right'. Talk to Abe to start a discussion.
- Let's talk about issues.
- Where do you stand on religion and schools?

Place the 'Free Home Delivery' poster on the cue cards. Talk to Abe again.
- How do you plan to solve the problems of toxic waste?

Place the 'Give Me All You Got' poster on the cue cards. Talk to Abe once more.
- How would you describe your tax plan?

Use the organic listening device on Abe. Afterwards, pick it back up. Also

Office Area:
Enter Sybil's and put the campaign flyer in the dating service box. Go up to
your office and use the organic listening device on the phone. Call 'Sybil'.
- I, Abraham Lincoln, am that man.
- This is a date that will be remembered for centuries...
- I stand here at the steps of the White House.
- The time to act is now.

Return to Sybil's and talk to her.
- How does Carbon-dating work?

The White House:
In the office, look at the President Discretionary Budget Book and tick
'Sybil Pandemik's Office'.

Office Area:
Enter Sybil's and take the CARBON-14 DATING DEVICE. Enter Bosco's Inconvenience
on the right side of the street and stop talking to him. Use the carbon-14
dating device on the weenies next to the counter.

The White House:
Look at the President Discretionary Budget Book and tick 'Bosco's Inconvenience

Office Area:
Enter Bosco's store again and talk to him for the truth serum.

The White House:
Give the truth serum to Whizzers standing in the office. Take the red ribbon
from the desk. Look at the large calendar, pick up the post-it and place it on
the 26th. Give the ribbon to the secret agent guarding the War Room and talk to
- Take a Vacation.
Enter the War Room. Walk over to the targeting computer and press the Next
icon until they talk about Bosco's store. It may display the wrong picture so
don't be fooled, this may be fixed in an updated version of the game.
Nevertheless, return to Bosco once you know there is a beacon installed.

Office Area:
In the store, look at the sale sign next to the door and then pick up the
beacon behind it. Take the Desoto to chase after Lincoln.

Select the beacon icon and throw it on Abe's back. Return to the White House.

The White House:
Inside the War Room, use the targeting computer and press the red fire button.

                        Episode 5:                                   G0450
                        Reality 2.0

People are being hypnotized by the Internet craze, causing systems around the
world to go haywire. Sam and Max must find a way to enter the virtual world and
track down the heart of the Internet herself to pull the plug on her

Office Area:
Leave the office and walk right to Bosco's Inconvenience store. Speak to Jimmy
on the table.
- What's for sale?
- What have you got in stock?
- How much for that cannon?
Attempt to pick up the cannon. When you get back up, quickly click on Jimmy
before he moves out of the way. If you miss this, simply restart by touching
the cannon.

Leave the store and go to the other end of the road. Enter Sybil's and use the
rat cannon on her.
- Reality 2.0?
- Who are you working for?
- The cops moved next door?

Enter the building on the right, formerly Lefty's.
- Why'd you hypnotize Sybil?
- Did you say the Internet?
- Where is the Internet?
- Let's try this new reality.

Return to Sybil's and place the computer chip into the VR goggles.

Reality 2.0:
Outside, go to where Lefty's was in the normal world. At the corner you will
interact with the Jack in the Box. Enter the control room and press the button
on the music machine (right). Place the computer bug on the machine second from
the right. Back outside you can now pick up the JACK IN THE BOX.

Re-enter Sybil's and enter the door on the right to find a GOLD COIN. Return to
the control room and take the computer bug. Place it on the phone. Walk right
to where the office entrance is, return to reality and enter the building. Use
the goggles again and enter the rat hole on the right to 'find' another GOLD
COIN. Backtrack to the control room and exchange the computer bug so it's on
the arcade machine. Press the button on the music machine again before you

Outside, jump up to get the THREE GOLD COINS in the air. Walk right and talk to
the Internet Wizard.
- How about a magic trick.
Enter Brosco's and talk to him.
- We wanna buy something.
With the long sword in hand, go further left and use the sludgie machine at the
spawn point. Use the long sword on the menacing blue slime.
* Attack with Item -> Long Sword

Return to the left side of the street and jump up to the +2 Sword on Sybil's
roof. Use the blue slime on it. Jump back down and use a sword on Auntie Biotic.
* Defend with Item -> Jack in the Box
* Attack with Item -> +2 Sword

Enter Bosco's and hit him with the +2 Sword. Return to reality.

Office Area:
Talk to Bosco in this store.
- We wanna buy something.
- What've you got?
- How much for the biological weapon?
- Why is your money on the Internet?
- How do we pay you online?
- What's your bank account password?
- Look behind you!
While he is looking, take the BINOCULARS off the counter. Use them on Bosco. If
you were too slow, talk to him again and tell him to look behind. Otherwise
use the goggles again.

Reality 2.0:

Go over to your Desoto and use the rainbow car paint kit on it. Select:
Front  - Blue
Middle - Red
Back   - Purple
Note: the game might not display the colors.
Drive the Desoto to Bancolavadero.com.

If you have selected the correct colors then you should get through the
firewall. At the bank, unlock Bosco's account with the password BOSCO. Next you
need to shift money around the chart so $1m are in Bosco's account. For this to
happen you need to click on the 'Cook the books" icon so the arrows turn
around. To get things started make sure the arrow about Bosco's account will
flow down into it. You can already get small chunks this way. Next get the ones
on the right and left of his account emptied and the money not flowing down to
them. They are dead-ends. Now keep on shifting the money down the chart and
eventually everything will have sickered through. You cannot unlock the top
account and it is not necessary either.

Return to reality.

Office Area:
Talk to Bosco in his store to get the bio weapon. Use the goggles one final

Reality 2.0:
Walk over to the left where you had defeated Auntie Biotic. Place the computer
disease into the mailbox.

Reality 1.5:
Follow these commands, read the text to know what is going on.
Get -> Respect for living things.
Go -> Go East.
Get -> Get Bosco's.
Go -> Go West.
Go -> Go Northwest.
Use -> Use Bosco's -> Use Bosco's with nauseating lake.
Go -> Go Southwest
Go -> Go Down.
Use -> Use Bosco's -> Use Bosco's with Corporate Presence.
Get -> Get Respect for the living things.
Go - Go up.
Use -> Use Respect for the living things -> Use respect for living things with

                        Episode 6:                                   G0460
                        Bright Side of the Moon

Sam and Max must go to the moon in order to save the entire world from hypnotic

Walk into the souvenir shop and interact with the Spoon Bending Display. Give
it to Max. Walk right and talk to Superball.
- What are you doing here?
- Let's try Spectrum Analysis.
- So long.

Drive the Desoto to Earth.

Enter the office and take the COAT HANGER antenna. Leave the office and walk
right down the road to Bosco's Inconvenience. Stop talking to him and place the
unicorn in the microwave on the left. Drive back to the moon.

Place the Display Case under the Rocket Engine of the lunar lander. Use the
coat hanger on the Lander Door. Take the SPOON BENDING TALISMAN. Drive back to
the Earth.

Walk right a bit and use the Spoon Bending Talisman on the bent parking meter.

Give the unicorn to Superball.

Blister of Tranquility:
After the scene, talk to Lincoln nearby.
- What's your problem?
- So, why are you upset?
- We'll help you with Sybil.
- Just relax, baby.
- Lady, you're a stone cold fox!
- Play some one-on-one love hockey.

Use the Gastrokinesis Talisman on Max.

Go left to the four computers and talk to them.
- What are you doing here?
- Let's try that videogame.
Purposely lose the game, you will have to make it really easy for the computer
to win.

Walk right and talk to Philo Pennyworth.

Enter the rainbow elevator in the center. Use the Lead Vision Talisman on the
intimidating door, then the Spoon Bending Talisman on the sconce above the red
button. After the scene, leave the room.

Back down, use the Spoon Bending Talisman on the large spork on the left side
of the room. Walk over to the red Max and when he stands on the bug roller
coaster cart, pull out your big gun to shoot the green button in front of it to
get the hand back.

Leave this place and return to the Earth.

Return to the office. Use the Gastrokinesis Talisman on Leonard in the closet.

Enter Sybil's and give her the Deed to the United States.

Go over to Bosco's Inconvenience. Use the Magician's Hat and then give Jimmy to
the Gluttoneous Max. Use the Magician's hat again to get the stomach back. Give
Bosco the One Hundred Trillion Dollars.
- Give use the Earthquake Maker.

Use the Earthquake Maker Control. Interact with the Slothful Max to get the
tail back. Enter the Blister of Tranquility and ride the rainbow elevator back

Inner Sanctum:
Use the Spoon Bending Talisman on the spoon above, holding the Magician's
Talisman. Use this Magician's Talisman.

Use the Magician's Talisman. Use the Saw on anything but the box.

Use the Magician's Talisman.

Use the Magician's Talisman. Walk away a bit.

Use the Magician's Talisman. Walk away a bit.

Use the Magician's Talisman. Use the Saw on the Lunar Lander.

Use the Magician's Talisman. Use the Key on the Lunar Lander.


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