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Guide and Walkthrough by Monistic_Turtle

Version: 2.4 | Updated: 01/10/2009


     DDD	      (@_@)                
     DD  DD                                (>_<)        
     DD   DD                               
     DD  DD   OOOO   KKK   KK                              NN     NN
     DDDDD   OO  OO  KKK  KK                               NNNN   NN 
     DDD      OOOO   KKKKKK        AA      PPPPPP          NNNNNN NN          
                     KKKKKKK      AAAA     PP  PPP         NN NNNNNN 
                     KKK  KKK    AA  AA    PPPPPP   OOOO   NN   NNNN
        (^.^)        KKK   KKK  AAAAAAAA   PPP     OO  OO  NN    NNN
                               AAA    AAA  PPP      OOOO
     KK   KKK 								
     KK  KKK  /// NN   NN    GGGGGG   DDDD              MM      MM      
     KK KKK       NNN  NN   GGG       DDDDD            MMMM    MMMM    
     KK KKK   II  NN  NNN   GGG   GG  DDDDD  OO  OO  MM   MMMMM   MMM   
     KK  KKK  II  NN   NN    GGGGGGG  DDDD    OOOO  MM     MMM     MMM.....
     KK   KKK II                                                        


                           >> Dokapon Kingdom <<
                           >> Walkthrough/FAQ << 
                     >> Created by: Monistic_Turtle <<
                   >> E-mail: Knives72@hellokitty.com <<        *

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Table of Contents +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

         ~~Intro ..................................................... [INT56]
         ~~The Various Modes ......................................... [VAR89]
         ~~The Basics ................................................ [BAS21]

>>>        The Lists        <<<

   \\ Spaces // ...................................................... [SPA76]

   \\ Jobs // ........................................................ [JOB12]

   \\ Weapons // ..................................................... [WEA61]

   \\ Shields // ..................................................... [SHI30]

   \\ Magic // ....................................................... [MAG79]

   \\ Accessories // (under construction)  ........................... [ACC32]

>>>       Story Mode        <<< 

   \\ A Walkthrough of Story Mode // ................................. [STO47]
   \\ Favors // ...................................................... [FAV88]

>>>      Miscellaneous      <<< 

   \\ Special Event Characters and Their Functions // ................ [SPE53]
   \\ What Happens When You Destroy A Friend/AI In Combat // ......... [WHA39]

   \\ Special Events (and mini-games) // ............................. [WEE45]
   \\ Enemy Drops // (under construction) ............................ [ENE14]

   \\ Haircuts // .................................................... [HAI93]
   \\ Tips, Tricks, and More Information That You Require // ......... [TIP31]

   \\ Updates // ..................................................... [UPD29]

   \\ Credits // ..................................................... [CRE05]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Intro <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< INT56

	Welcome to my Dokapon Kingdom guide. Well... it's not so much a guide
as it is an extensive (subjective) series of lists, and a brief walkthrough of
the story mode. Dokapon Kingdom was crafted by the people over at Atlus and 
suffice to say, this isn't exactly the type of game they normally put out. 
Sure, it's got some offbeat humor and some nods to some of their more 
commercial games, but it's different... in a good way. ^.^ I admit, I don't 
normally buy games like this. I read some reviews and from what I gathered, 
Dokapon Kingdom was like throwing Mario Party and a random JRPG in a blender
and slapping a forty dollar price tag on it. But, seeing how I'm a slave to 
RPG gaming companies, I bought it a week after its release. But all in all, 
very good buy, it's great fun with friends or even by yourself. I took this 
game over to a friends house and threw it in and the four of us went at it 
for about.... 2 hours. One person got confused, one got bored and pissed, and
the other said it was "creative" but ultimately, it was too frusterating (Ok,
well it CAN be great fun with friends). So here I sit, going through the story
mode by myself, writing this FAQ for the five or six people who own this game.
^-^ But all kidding aside, I hope you enjoy this game, and maybe you'll have 
better luck finding friends who will enjoy it with you. On to the guide!

The Various Modes ...................................................... VAR89

	Once you select the Start option from the menu you'll have the choice 
of partaking in either the Story Mode, Normal Mode, or Battle Royale.  

>>        Story Mode         <<
    Story mode is a paradox. It says "story mode" but there seems to be a lack
of a coherent story. That sounds a little harsh, but keep in mind, this game 
was intended to be played as a party game. So, the story in story mode is 
rather... nonexsistent, kind of like dinosaurs on Noahs Ark. But that dosen't 
mean it's not fun. The story consists of doing odd jobs for the king and 
towards the end you save Dokapon from certain annihilation. But you probably 
already know the drill if you've played too many mediocre RPGs. Anyways, this 
mode can be played with friends which can be fun if they're willing to play 
through 100+ weeks of gameplay. If not, then just turn on a few AI's for a 
challenge and bear down for the long haul. 

I'll cover Story Mode more in-depth later on in the guide.

>>        Normal Mode        <<

    Here's a good mode to play with friends. It's basically the essence of 
Dokapon Kingdom. Set the number of weeks (each week equals seven turns) select
your classes, names, etc. and start up. The goal is to aquire the most money 
before your set number of weeks are up. Of course, there's many ways to attain
funds, but more on that later. 

>>       Battle Royale       <<

    In battle royale you'll be presented with a sub-menu after you select it. 
The three battle royale modes that are available are as follows,

        ~~Town Race: First to liberate a certain town specified by the King is
                     the winner. That's all there is to it, just find the town
                     the King wants liberated, try to beat everyone else to 
                     it, and defeat the monster there. 
        ~~Kill Race: Sounds pretty brutal, and subsequently... it is. The king
                     issues a decree that he wants people killed a certain 
                     number of times. So all you need to do is kill your 
                     friends as many times as needed and claim the glory. This
                     is a good mode if you want people throwing controllers at
                     you, or vice versa.
        ~~Shopping Race: This is a strange mode in my opinion. The King gives 
                         you a shopping list and you have to go out and scour
                         Dokapon for the items he wants. What a self-righteous
                         jerk. And yes the items seemed to be picked at   
        		 random, usually it's stuff like: Revivals, Super 
                         Spinners, Flash Bombs, whatever tickles the Kings 
                         fancy at the time.

The Basics ............................................................. BAS21

       Basics... well those are important, but I'm sure you at least figured 
out how to play the game before you turned to a guide, but I've been wrong 
before. First off, lets start with the control set up.

   |      ++ Field Controls for the Wii-mote ++   
   |  *First of all, turn your wii-mote sideways if you haven't already*
   |      ~~ Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to select things
   |      ~~ The 1 button cancels choices that you've made but aren't quite
   |         ready to commit to. It will also bring up info such as your 
   |         stats, current standings, towns, etc. but only after you've spun
   |         and are about to move. All that information can be found in the 
   |         Data option though. 
   |      ~~ The 2 button is your select button. Also, once you spin and are
   |         getting ready to move, you can press this button to bring up an 
   |         auto route. All this does is show you potential places you can 
   |         move to. If you get high numbers, do everyone else a favor and 
   |         use this option, it saves a lot of time.  
   |      ~~ Pressing A will let you look around the map at will, pressing A
   |         on Spaces will let you view their function. This is especially 
   |         useful on Weapon Spaces, Magic Spaces, or Item Spaces because you 
   |         can view their wares without actually entering the shop. 
   |      ~~ Pressing B brings up the world map. All the blue stars represent
   |         towns that need to be liberated, any red stars represent towns 
   |         you have already liberated.  
   |      ~~ The + and - buttons only really serve to cycle between your items 
   |         and field magic in your bag.  

   |      ++ Battle Controls for the Wii-Mote ++
   |      ~~  The d-pad becomes your battle options. When on offense you'll 
   |          have, 
   |                             Right = Attack
   |                             Up = Magic 
   |                             Left = Strike 
   |                             Down = Skill 
   |          When on defense you're options change and it will look something
   |          like this...
   |                             Right = Defend
   |                             Up = Magic Defense 
   |                             Left = Counter
   |                             Down = Give Up
   |  Ok, as long as we're on the subject of battles, an explanation is in 
   |  store. Battles play out like a game of rock paper scissors. The game 
   |  will explain it something like this...
   |                             Attack --> Defend
   |                             Magic --> Magic Defense
   |                             Strike --> Counter
   |    So what exactly does that mean you ask? Well it's simple really; lets
   |  say you select Attack, the best way to defend against Attack is to use
   |  Defend. You'll still take damage but the damage will be halved. And lets
   |  say your opponet selects Magic and you're lucky enough to press the UP 
   |  button and select your magic defense, (FYI you can replace your magic and
   |  magic defense skills at Magic Shops for a price) you'll perhaps lesson 
   |  the damage, or heal yourself, or seal their magic (it depends on what 
   |  you have equip at the time). And for Strike, well that's your big risk 
   |  attack, if you select Strike and your opponet does not select Counter 
   |  then you're probably going to inflict some massive damage, unless they 
   |  randomly dodge (it happens, and yes I know, it sucks). And if your 
   |  opponent selects Strike and you're lucky enough to select Counter then 
   |  you'll evade their attack and retaliate with a Counter that will inflict
   |  some massive damage. And last, you have Skills. Skills are dependent on
   |  what Job you are, you'll get a new Skill when you level up your Job to 
   |  level 2 and 4. Skills range from buffs, to healing, to potential instant
   |  kill skills. 
   |     On defense the Down button will be changed to the Give Up 
   |  option, and that's precisely what it sounds like. If you're confident 
   |  that the next blow the enemy will deal you will be fatal, go ahead and 
   |  give up. There's no shame in it ^.^ it's actually a strategic move when 
   |  the odds are against you. All that will happen is that you might lose an
   |  item or some money and you'll miss your next turn. That's a far cry 
   |  better then losing either all your money, a town, your weapon, etc. and 
   |  potentially being incapacitated for 3 turns.   
   |      ~~ During combat, the 1 button will bring up information on your
   |         current skills and magic that you have assigned to your 
   |         character. Good if you need a quick reference for what your 
   |         abilities do.
   |      ~~ The 2 button will bring up a list of what your enemy's attacks 
   |         and your selected defense will do. Some attacks might to mild 
   |         damage, some might kill you. This option is ONLY available after
   |         you've beaten an enemy at least once and then encounter it in 
   |         another battle. So no, you cannot use this for boss fights.

          Controls for the Gamecube contr.... ah, so lazy!

                           About local item value
     Local item value is determined by how many presents you forfeit to the 
King. You can either go directly to Dokapon Castle and give him the items or 
use the temples to deliver items for you. Either way, you might think "Well, 
what's the incentive? Every time I give the capitalist pig items he just grins 
and takes them. I don't even get rewarded!" Well the idea is that whoever ends
the game with the highest local item value will receive a bonus from the King
(Kind of like the bonus stars in Mario Party... actually, exactly like the 
bonus stars in Mario Party). The bonus is usually pretty nice, (I think 
something like 1,500,000) so level up your towns to level 3 and try to grab 
some of those castles. Because that's the main way of getting food and gems to 
give to the King and bring up your local item value. And if you're playing 
story mode, you can do favors for the King. These favors award you with absurd
amounts of LIV cash. 
     Oh, and one more thing, you can check what everyones value is by either 
pressing A on the Dokapon Castle Space and then pressing Right on the D-Pad, 
or by Pressing A on any Temple Space. 

                        What do all these stand for?

Ok, when you jump into battle, unless you have some general understanding of
how an RPG operates, you might not know what the AT, DF, SP, etc. stand for.
Well here you go. ^_^

  ~~HP: Stands for Hit Points, this is your health, once it reaches 0... you 
umm... die. But don't worry, you'll still be revived. @_@ It might as will be
said that determining on what animation you get after your death, you'll be 
revived in either 1, 2, or 3 turns. If you see a couple of miniture angels 
lift your corpse off the battle field you'll be revived in 1 turn. If you see
two little demons take your body below ground you'll be revived in 2 turns. 
And if you see that menacing (but hilarious) grim reaper take your body, 
you'll be revived in 3 turns.

  ~~AT: This is your Attack, The higher it is, the more damage you'll do to 
enemies. Buying new weapons raises your attack. As does leveling up, although 
that's kind of determined by what job you have and how you distribute points.
Anyways! >.<

  ~~DF: Defense, the higher it is, the less damage you take. Buying shields 
will raise your DF.

  ~~MG: Magic, this is your magic power AND defense. I ignored my MG stat at 
first because I was a theif and all my points were going to SP and AT... but 
little did I realize that enemies with a high MG stat could completely 
annihilate me with one spell. So, yeah there's nothing that can really boost 
this stat apart from leveling up and certain accessories.  

  ~~SP: This one had me a little bemused at first, it stands for Speed, not 
Special Points or Sex Pistols. Speed determines your evasion rate and your hit
percentage for both physical attacks and magic. So the higher this is, the 
less you will miss and the better chance you'll have of evading attacks.

  ~~And one thing that might need to be said about changing jobs; when you 
change your job at Dokapon Castle, you'll see some numbers and some icons next
to each of the jobs you can change to. The number on the left indicates how 
many items you can hold and the number on the right represents field magic 
capacity; they do not represent stats of any kind.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Lists +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Spaces ................................................................. SPA76

     Succeeding in Dokapon Kingdom relies heavily on what spaces you land on.
Some benefit you, others will have you cursing Fortuna for your bad luck. Of
course, normally when you spin you are required to move the specified number
of spaces. But there are items to help you land on desired spaces such as the
multiple Spinner items or the Crystals. 

    ~~Empty Space: You'll probably be landing on these spaces more then any 
other space. Landing on these spaces will either land you in a battle or grant
you the company of a special event character. Occasionally you'll land on an 
empty space that will paralyze you and make you stay there for an extra turn,
although this dosen't occur very frequently. Also, you can only battle other 
characters when the two of you are on the same empty space.

    ~~Item Space: Landing here will present you with a chance to aquire an 
item. The item you aquire will be chosen at random, the only way to circumvent
this is to have a skeleton key.
    ~~Magic Space: Again, same as with the item space, but you'll receive  
Field Magic instead of items. To use these, make sure you go into your bag and
press the + button. 

    ~~Town Space: The key to victory lies in these spaces. Monsters will be 
hovering over these spaces and its your job to defeat them and liberate the 
town. Remember you can check these monsters stats by using the A button and 
selecting their space. Also, once anyone has liberated a town, you have the 
option of going back to that town and "staying" there. All this does is heal 
you, but if you're staying at a rivals town, you'll have to pay a small fee to
sleep. If you own a town and stop by it again, the mayor there will ask you if
you'd like to invest in the town; if you do, you'll raise the towns level. 
Once a town hits level 3, its worth will double and they'll start producing 
items for you to take back to the king. Brown nose your way to victory! ^.^ 
Oh, and the max level any town can achieve is 6. And one more thing, if you 
stop in at a town that's NOT yours you'll have the option to Attack it. You'll
play the mayor in Roshambo (or rock, paper, scissors) and if you win you'll 
receive the towns current taxes. This does NOT mean you'll steal the town from
that character, but there are other ways to do that. ^_^

    ~~Bank Space: Landing on these will give you the opportunity to either
invest in one of your towns or collect taxes from a town. Also, if the town 
your collecting from is level 3 or higher you might see something next to the 
collection amount. That's an item that the town produces; you can either take
these to the king or sell them. 

    ~~Weapon Shop Space: Go here to buy new weapons and shields. Essential for
defeating higher level monsters. Also, if your low on cash you can take a 
chance and Attack "Hans the Arms Dealer". When you do this, Hans obviously 
takes offense (who wouldn't?) and you'll play rock, paper, scissors again. If 
you win, he'll give you his best weapon or shield. If you lose though, you'll
be considered a Wanted criminal. This entails not being able to enter shops or
towns and having a large bounty on your head for anyone who defeats you. And
this lasts for a full week. So... I'd only advise you do this if you're broke 
or in debt. 

    ~~Magic Shop Space: You can buy defensive, offensive, and field magic 
here. Selling items or attacking the merchants are always options, regardless
of the type of store it is.

    ~~Item Shop Space: Buy items here, you'll get different items depending on
which item store you stop by (not that that needed to be said). 

    ~~Door Space: I don't really know what else to call them. "Door" spaces 
are spaces that resemble a door, these will take you to other areas; such as
the Spring Cave in northern Asiana.

    ~~Temple Space: At a temple you can heal status effects or give items to
the holy man to be shipped off to the King. A nice little addition to the 
giving option is that you can send items the king hates (such as black 
diamonds) and say they're from other characters, thus decreasing their local 
item value. And to think that you're carrying out this sacrilege from a temple
no less... heathens! ^.^

    ~~Castle Space: If you don't own it, all you can do here is sleep. But if
you procure a castle for yourself and stop by it later, you'll have the option
of sinking your finances into it. By investing enough money you might see your
castle producing better items to butter up the King with. 

    ~~Dokapon Castle Space: You'll probably be heading here quite often, 
especially if you're in story mode. Once you enter the Castle, the King will 
heal you and remove any status effects you might be afflicted with. Once 
that's taken care of you can either change your job, give the King a gift, or
change your hairstyle. Wondering what those numbers mean next to the jobs when
you go to change to a different one? I included that up in the basics section 
under the heading "What do these stand for?" 

    ~~Money Space: Pretty self-explanitory here, land on these and you'll spin
for a random amount of money.
     ~~Red Loot Space: A risky space for sure. Red Loot Spaces can be of great
benefit if you're lucky. Once you land on these you'll see the list of items 
and effects that are available. It will be chosen by random just like an item,
field magic, etc. space. The catch is, there's usually only 2 or 3 good items 
in the bunch. But these items or money incentives are usually very nice. So if
you want to take the risk of getting hit with status effects, losing money, 
etc. then go for it. FYI, these are good spaces to use skeleton keys on if you 
have any.

    ~~Locked Box Space: To open these you need to have a Magic Key. These can
be found on some item spaces, and from some item shops. Locked Box Spaces 
usually provide you with some nice equipment so try to keep at least 1 or 2 
Magic Keys on you whenever you can. You'll usually only find these spaces in 
seperate areas like The Daunting Mt. area or The Pyramid. 

    ~~Poison Swamp: Yeah... the name kind of implies what's going on here. If
you land on a poison swamp space you'll get poisoned (duh) and you'll enter a 
battle. If you've been poisoned before, you know it sucks. The only way to get
rid of it is to heal at a Temple/Dokapon Castle or use a Panacea. Or beat a 
friend/AI and give them your status effect (forgot about that one).

    ~~Collection Space: These are great, especially late in the game. Landing
on a Collection Space will award you with all of the tax money from every 
single town and castle you own. Which (provided you have a decent number of 
towns and/or castles) will net you some good money. Problem is, you don't see
these very often, and for some reason, they seem hard to land on. >.<

    ~~White Loot Space: You rarely see these, but when you do, you can expect
to get something nice from them. You'll get an item at random, and more often
then naught, it will be an excellent weapon, shield, accessory, etc. These are 
also good spaces to use Skeleton Keys on. 

    ~~Weapon Space, Shield Space, and Battle Magic Space: These are rarely 
seen in Dokapon Kingdom. You'll find them at the very beginning of story mode
and at a few choice spots in the optional dungeon areas. Basically the name 
says it all. Weapon Spaces dish out weapons, shield spaces equal shields, and
Battle Magic Spaces give you... you guessed it, battle magic. 

    ~~Dark Space: Those words, in that order, conjure up some horrid memories
for me. See, I played through story mode with two AI's and I was generally in 
first place for the majority of the game. But... whoever was in last place 
would almost always use their cheap bastard prowess and mosey on over to the 
Dark Space. After about 3 or 4 times of this I was quite beside myself with 
frustration. Ok, there are no Dark Spaces... it's a singular space, but the 
guy who controls it (Weber) loves to hand out Contracts to those in last 
place. Contracts allow this person to warp instantly to the Dark Space, 
*sigh*. Anyways, the Dark Space is the great equilizer basically. If you're in
last place, have little to no money, very few towns, etc. etc. (basically just
sucking ^.^) then you can head to the Dark Space and choose to relinquish all 
your money, items, field magic, and towns for the "powers of darkness". 
      If you want to know exactly what happens when you access this space,
jump on down to the Jobs section [JOB12] and look for the Darkling Job at the 
end of the list.

    ~~Warp Space: As far as I know, there's only one of these, and it can be 
found in the Spring Cave. The Spring Cave is in northern Asiana. The warp 
space basically lets you warp to any available Temple or Dokapon Castle. It's
a nice way to get around quickly if you don't have any Guided Warp items.

Jobs ................................................................... JOB12 

    Jobs, jobs are actually more similar then you'd think. Basically each job 
has six things that vary: 
First off, when you level up with a particular job, depending on what you 
have, the points you receive will be distributed off to whatever attributes 
that certain job excels in. Such as, a magician excels in Magic, so most of 
your points will go to magic. Of course you get 2 points that you can invest 
to your liking. 

Battle Skills are just that, skills you obtain that are specifically for use 
in combat. You'll get a starter skill, (charge) and then at level 2 and 4, 
you'll get other skills. And don't think that if you replace a skill that it's
gone forever. If you're working on a new job, skills that you've already 
learned with a previous job will randomly pop up after battle and give you the
option of changing to them. It's called Skillget... clever. >.< 

Field Skills: Each job will have a field skill that is exclusive to that job. 
For example, the Warrior has War Cry which will randomly increase his/her 
attack on the field. Most of the field skills are great, and some are 
exceedingly cheap (Holy Aura comes to mind \_/). 

Bag Capacity: The amount of items and field magic each job can carry varies as
well. That's what those numbers stand for when your changing jobs. 

Class Mastery: After you master a certain job you'll be given a point to a 
certain stat each subsequent time you level up. Such as AT +1 or SP +1, So the 
more jobs you master the faster your stats will rise. 

Finally, appearance... well duh, you look different (wow I'm typing way too 
much here).


 ++ Leveling Up:  AT +2 __ DF +1 __ HP +10

 ++ Bag Slots:    Item = 6 __ Field Magic = 4

 ++ Mastery:      AT +1


 ++ Ok!! Important Disclaimer: EVERY Job comes with the Skill "Charge"  So I'm
    not going to restate it everytime for every Job, I know your probably just
    incredibly distraught over this right? ^-^

 ++ Level 2 Skill:  Muscle - Inceases AT and DF by 50%

 ++ Level 4 Skill:  Overload - Increases AT by 200%, although if this skill 
                    fails, you'll have your AT halved. Risky skill but if 
                    you're fortunate enough to get the boost, it will make 
                    your battles much easier.

 ** Field Skill:    War Cry - This skill will randomly up your AT at the 
                    beginning of your turn.


 ++ Leveling Up:  MG +2 __ SP +1 __ HP +10

 ++ Bag Slots:    Item = 6 __ Field Magic = 10

 ++ Mastery:      MG +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill:  Meditate - Doubles MG

 ++ Level 4 Skill:  Restrict - Seals battle commands. Basically this skill 
                    will seal an enemy/other characters battle inputs such as
                    the Strike option or even their Attack. What battle 
                    commands it seals is completely random. sorry ;_;

 ** Field Skill:    Mage Combo - Allows you to use two field magics in one 
                    turn. And yes these must be used before you decide to use
                    your spinner and move.


 ++ Leveling Up:  AT +1 __ SP +2 __ HP +10

 ++ Bag Slots:    Item = 8 __ Field Magic = 6

 ++ Mastery:      SP +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill:  Steal - Steals items and field magic from enemies or other
                    players. No, you can't abscound with weapons or shields 
                    (although that would be great ^.^) 

 ++ Level 4 Skill:  Escape - Allows you to escape from battles with no 
                    penalties. This is actually one of the better skills in 
                    the game in my opinion. It sucks having to "give up" and 
                    then missing a turn and losing an item, money, whatever.
                    But with this skill you can just scoot out of a fight with
                    no repercussions. Hurray for cowardice! I mean strategy!

 ** Field Skill:    Pickpocket - Lets you steal an item from any character on 
                    the field that you pass by. Yeah... it's kind of cheap 
                    that only the thief can do this. You can steal items and 
                    field magic from anyone you walk by. 


 ** How to Unlock: Just master any one of the three starting Jobs.

 ++ Leveling Up:   DF +1 __ MG +1 __ HP +20

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 6 __ Field Magic = 8

 ++ Mastery:       DF +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Heal - Heals all your HP. 

 ++ Level 4 Skill: Prayer - Heals up to 50% of your HP and can cures some 
                   status ailments. I'd personally stick with the "Heal" skill
                   unless you find yourself under the influence of status 
                   effects constantly. 

 ** Field Skill:   Holy Aura - Randomly heals upwards of 50% of your HP. This 
                   seems to activate constantly when it's your friend or AI, 
                   and yes, it's extremely annoying. But when you're a cleric,
                   you'll love it. ^-^  


 ** How to Unlock: Master the Warrior and Magician jobs.

 ++ Leveling Up:   AT +2 __ MG +2

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 8 __ Field Magic = 8

 ++ Mastery:       AT +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Chakra - Increases your AT and MG by 50% *yawn* 

 ++ Level 4 Skill: Pierce - This skill is great, use it on one turn, and then 
                   on the next you can attack an enemy without having to worry
                   about their defense halving your damage percentage. This is 
                   a nice skill to use against cheap bastards like Rico Jr. 
                   whom you can never use strike against (unless you just love 
                   seeing that counter animation). 

 ** Field Skill:   Barrier - Allows you to occasionally counter field magic. 
                   You won't just dodge it, you'll reflect it back onto the 
                   caster. And your counter rate (in my experience) seems 
                   unusually high. So this is a tremendous field skill if your
                   opponents just love spamming field magic. 


 ** How to Unlock: Master the Magician and Theif Jobs 

 ++ Leveling Up:   DF +1 __ MG +2 __ SP +1

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 6 __ Field Magic = 10

 ++ Mastery:       MG +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Alchemy - Arguably, the best way to obtain money in the 
                   game. Alchemy will let you profit from inflicting damage or
                   receiving damage. Use the skill and then on your next turn, 
                   inflict as much damage as possible. The damage you inflict 
                   will be multiplied by 640 - 645 (credit goes to 
                   KainVermillion for those numbers) and then whatever that 
                   number is will be transformed into money. So if you go back 
                   to say... Asiana and fight a level 1 enemy when your level 
                   40 you'll be making around 300,000 per fight with the 
                   Alchemy skill. Of course there are variables (like 
                   equipment, stats, etc.) but generally speaking, you'll be 
                   netting a lot of extra spending cash. ^-^

 ++ Level 4 Skill: Debug - Reduces an enemies HP to 1; although, it seems to 
                   miss quite often. Except if this works on the last boss in
                   story mode, things would go much easier... but that's just 
                   speculation, if someone wants to confirm this for me, that
                   would be terrific. 

 ** Field Skill:   Duplicate - This skill will randomly replicate any item or
                   field magic you have in your inventory. It's a decent skill 
                   but when your Alchemist starts churning out item after item
                   after item and congesting your bag... it sort of sucks.


 ** How to Unlock: Master the Warrior and Thief Jobs

 ++ Leveling Up:   AT +2 __ SP +2

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 10 __ Field Magic = 6

 ++ Mastery:       SP +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Sneak Hit - Knocks 50% of the enemies HP off, or can 
                   potentially kill them instantly. Nice skill, and the 
                   likelyhood of an instant kill occuring is higher then you'd
 ++ Level 4 Skill: Decoy - Creates a... decoy that will allow you to avoid 
                   physical and magic attacks 50% of the time. Not really 
                   worth spending a turn using this IMO; unless you're in for 
                   a long fight I suppose.

 ** Field Skill:   Item Combo - Lets you use two items per turn. For being a 
                   ninja, that seems like an incompatible skill. How about 
                   caltrops or flaming shurikens... I'm just saying. >.<


 ** How to Unlock: Master the Cleric job. 

 ++ Leveling Up:   AT +1 __ DF +1 __ HP +20

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 8 __ Field Magic = 6

 ++ Mastery:       HP +10


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Soul Fire - Increases your AT by 50% after every round. And
                   yes, this will just keep upping your AT without you having 
                   to recast it every round. If you're in for an exceedingly 
                   long battle, this skill is a plus. But, who are we kidding, 
                   battles in this game usually last a total of 1 or 2 turns.

 ++ Level 4 Skill: Afterburn - Raises all your stats by 50% with the side 
                   effect of your HP being halved after battle. Side effect
                   aside, this skill increases everything by 50%, so yeah... 
                   it's worth it if you have a challenging enemy.

 ** Field Skill:   Fire Up - When your HP starts to decline, your other stats 
                   will rise. I don't know about you, but I hate running 
                   around with low HP. I'd rather be covered in bees and tied
                   to a washing machine. Yeah, I stick by that analogy. 


 ** How to Unlock: The easiest method (that I know of) to aquire the Show 
                   Ticket needed to unlock the Acrobat is to go to the Casino
                   and bet 5,000 dollars. If you get either three coins in a 
                   row or three blue/red cherries in a row, then so far so 
                   good. After that, if the little bar at the top lands on 
                   "Great" then you'll most likely get the show ticket. It 
                   took me about 2 weeks of trying to get it. I know some 
                   people are extremely lucky and get it on there first try, 
                   and others spend weeks and weeks trying to obtain it. It's 
                   just chance, sorry about that. >_<

 ++ Leveling Up:   AT +1 __ DF +1 __ SP +1 __ HP +10
 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 6 __ Field Magic = 6

 ++ Mastery:       HP +10


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Play Dumb - This skill will nullify magic attacks for a 
                   few turns. Although it does fail on occassion. 

 ++ Level 4 Skill: ???? - Your skill slot will become a different skill 
                   randomly. There's no method to this, the game picks skills
                   indiscriminately for you to have each battle. The range is
                   anything from skills you've learned, enemy skills, skills 
                   you haven't learned... just about any skill you can think 
                   of will be at your disposal. Sounds good in theory, but 
                   absolutely unreliable.

 ++ Field Skill:   Play Dead - Apparently you have a 50% chance of being 
                   revived when you die. When you're revived you'll have 50% 
                   of your HP restored (just like with a Revival). I've never 
                   had this happen to me, but then again I never actually died
                   while I was a Acrobat so, that's kind of a mute point. 

                               ~~Robo Knight~~

 ** How to Unlock: Obtain a Lost Technology item from the Sunken Shrine area.
                   These items can be found on item spaces and white loot 
                   spaces in the Sunken Shrine. The best spot I've found is to
                   take the path to the B2F that is directly south of your 
                   starting point. There's two white loot spaces to your left
                   down here and an item space in close proximity to those. 
                   You must also master the Alchemist and Monk jobs.

 ++ Leveling Up:   AT +1 __ DF +2 __ SP +1

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 10 __ Field Magic = 8
 ++ Mastery:       DF +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Copy - You can copy the enemies stats if they're higher 
                   then your own. Although, considering how long it takes to 
                   get the Robo Knight, you might not have too many enemies 
                   whose stats are higher then your own. 

 ++ Level 4 Skill: Harden - Similar to the the Acrobats "Play Dumb" skill but
                   instead of nullifying magic attacks, it cancels out 
                   physical attacks. Again, it doesn't always work. 
 ** Field Skill:   GOTO - This is a wonderful skill; when on the field it 
                   randomly activates and will allow you to move anywhere from
                   0 to 6 spaces. It's basically a multi-crystal that 
                   activates on its own volition. 


 ** How to Unlock: Obtain a Hero License from the Castle in the Clouds. To get 
                   to the Castle in the Sky, first you have to defeat Rico Jr. 
                   in battle. He occasionally drops an item called Angel  
                   Wings; you'll need to take these to the 3F of Daunting Mt. 
                   and head to the door space in the far north of this area. 
                   Once there, your character will use the Angel Wings and 
                   you'll gain access to the Castle. The Hero License can be 
                   found in any of the white loot spaces up here. You must 
                   also master the Acrobat, Spellsword, and Ninja jobs.

 ++ Leveling Up:   AT +1 __ DF +1 __ MG +1 __ SP +1

 ++ Bag Slots:     Item = 12 __ Field Magic = 12

 ++ Mastery:       AT +1


 ++ Level 2 Skill: Glory - Forces monsters (other then bosses) to Give Up. 
                   It should be noted that Glory will net you the enemies 
                   weakest item they have. For instance, if I use Glory on an 
                   Iron Golem, I will get his Deathblock, not the Mecha Guard.

 ++ Level 4 Skill: Guard - Raises random stats by 50%. Yeah, you never really 
                   know which ones. Considering the superb Glory skill, I was 
                   expecting some kind of ultimate skill for the Hero's level
                   4. But I guess that's exactly what they expect you to 
                   think. @_@     

 ** Field Skill:   Full Combo - Allows you to use a field magic and an item in
                   the same turn. I guess the Hero isn't the Renaissance Man I
                   thought he was going to be. Well, perhaps some people think
                   this skill's the bees knees,I guess I'm just not one of 


  ** How to Unlock: Take the Dokapon Orb (obtained from a locked box space in
                    Tower of Rabble) to the Casino in Casino Cave. Once you 
                    do, Green Jr. will challenge you to a bout with Compache. 
                    If you defeat Compache (who is level 99) you'll be 
                    rewarded with the Sphere of Self-Loathing. Take this to 
                    the Dark Space and Weber will award you with the Darkling
                    Job permanently. You can then access it from Dokapon 
                    Castle at your leisure... lol. Just in case you haven't
                    figured it out, it's a lie! It's all lies! ^.^ sorry.
                    In actuality, this Job is only avalible to someone who is 
                    in last place, has a bat over their head, and accesses the
                    Dark Space in east Asiana. It only lasts for 2 weeks.

  ++ Ok, the Darkling job sucks, no really, I absolutely hate this job. 
     Primarily because whoever accesses it can destroy all the progress anyone
     else has made in the game. Here's a list of things the Darkling job can 

  1. In exchange for all your towns, money, items, and field magic you'll be 
     granted the ultimate cheapness. First of all, your weapon, shield, magic
     skill, and accesssory will change. They'll look something like this...
                  ~~Weapon = Demon Sword |AT +333|
                  ~~Shield = Demon Shield |DF +333|
                  ~~Offensive Magic = Giga Blaze (strongest fire magic)  
                  ~~Defensive Magic = Super Bounce (Reflects spells back
                                      at caster at 4x their original strength.
                  ~~Skill = Delete (This will destroy your oponnents 
                            inventory, equipment, or finances).
                  ~~Accessory = Overlord Crown (Insane stat boosts, and grants
                                you the ability to summon monsters to towns
                                just by landing on them. *sigh*      
  2. Second, your spinners will now range from either 2 to 5 spinners at all
     times. Making your pursuit of "equalizing" the rankings that much easier.
  3. You cannot enter any normal battles anymore, but you can confront other
     players on the field. When you do this, their Give Up option will be 
     rendered useless. So basically, they're screwed. When you win, you'll 
     have the option of throwing away either a peice of equipment, all their 
     cash, all of their field magic/items, or a town. 

  4. When you land in a town, (as you might already know) you'll summon a 
     monster there AND you'll get experience points. These will be distributed
     upon winning your first battle after you've transformed back to your 
     normal job. 

  5. Oh yeah, there's still more lol. You'll also be granted the "Dark Arts".
     These are skills that are exclusive to the Darkling job. The P next to 
     the numbers stands for Points; you get points by spinning a special 
     spinner before you move. The point values can range all the way from 5 to
     200 points. And you can save them over the course of two weeks if you're
     aiming for a certain Dark Art. Anyways, the skills are as follows... 

 | Trap Summon:        10P - Sets traps on eight locations on the map.
 | Item Stopper:       20P - Seals all players' items and field magic.
 | Caltrops:           30P - Gives all players footsores.
 | Banker Strike:      40P - Closes all loot and bank spaces.
 | Worker Strike:      40P - Closes all building spaces.
 | Market Crash:       60P - Takes half of everyones money and throws it away.
 | Naptime:            60P - Makes everyone fall asleep.
 | Day Off:            70P - Closes all loot, bank, and building spaces.
 | Come Here:          100P - Summons everyone to the Darklings space.
 | Local Assualt:      120P - Summons monsters to all towns on chosen 
 |                            continent.
 | Ill Cartographo:    120P - Turns all empty spaces on the map into Doom 
 |                            Spaces, this makes anyone who lands on them 
 |                            fight the Darkling.
 | Castle Panic:       160P - Takes a random castle owned by another player.
 | Global Assualt:     200P - Summons monsters to all towns on all accessible
 |                            continents.

   My god, after reading through this list you can see what I'm talking about.
Global Assualt is by far the worst thing about Dokapon Kingdom. I was facing 
off against two AI's and I was at the very end of the game, chapter 8 had just
begun. And then, one of them goes over and uses the Dark Space. They save up 
a weeks worth of points and then unleash Global Assualt. All the progess I had
made, all my towns were gone! Such a thing shouldn't even exist lol. Anyways,
I just have a personal vendetta against this job (as you can tell >.<), but if  
you enjoy it, and are in last place, go ahead and use it. 

Disclaimer: Monistic_Turtle is not responsible for any maiming, choking, or 
            any other forms of assualt one is to receive from friends upon 
            using the Darkling Job.

Weapons ................................................................ WEA61

      The majority of your weapons can be bought from the Weapon Stores. Of 
course there's a few that must be obtained through alternative means. And yes
I'm sure you can find a certain weapon through a method not listed here. But 
I'll try to provide the easiest way to procure these weapons and I'll list any 
alternative methods that I know of. If I forget or haven't found a certain 
method then feel free to e-mail me. Anyways, on to the list! 

     FYI: Gutz the Blacksmith can potentially create most of the weapons and
shields in the game. He'll randomly pop up on an empty space and ask if you'd
like for him to craft you a weapon for a (usually staggering) fee. Granted, 
sometimes he does fail, but when he crafts you a new weapon/shield it will be
better then the one you have. So, I'm not going to list him as an option for 
procuring new weapons, because... that's just way too much typing. 

 |         *                  *                *                  *
 |  1. Knife: |AT +4| Obtained from Weapon Store in Asiana or from a weapon 
 |            space at the beginning area in story mode.
 |  2. Dagger: |AT +8| Obtained from Weapon Store in Asiana or from a weapon
 |             space at the beginning area in story mode.
 |  3. Longsword: |AT +12| Buy at the Weapon Store in Asiana or from a weapon 
 |                space at the beginning area in story mode.
 |  4. Hand Axe: |AT +16| Buy from Weapon Store in Asiana.
 |  5. Rapier: |AT +20| Buy from Weapon Store in Asiana.
 |  6. Spear: |AT +24| Buy from Weapon Store in Asiana.
 |  7. Brass Knuckle: |AT +28| Buy from Weapon Store in Halstatt.   
 |  8. Fairy Wand |AT +32| Random drop from a Magician. Magicians can be found
 |                in Halstatt. Also, you can aquire this weapon on the red 
 |                loot space in Asiana. It's two spaces down from the town of 
 |                Moriah. 
 |  9. Gladius: |AT +34| Buy from Weapon Store in Halstatt. Also available 
 |              at a Red Loot space, which is located south of the town Moriah
 |              on the Asiana continent.
 | 10. Dragon Guandao: |AT +38| Available at Weapon Store in both Halstatt and
 |                     Clovis.
 | 11. Mace: |AT +40| Buy from Weapon Store in Halstatt or Clovis.
 | 12. Smith's Hammer: |AT +45| Buy from Weapon Store in Halstatt pr Clovis.
 | 13. Sleep Bow: |AT + 48| Found in Casino Cave. It's in a locked box space 
 |                just to the right of the Casino Space.
 | 14. Sabre: |AT +50| Available at Weapon Store in Clovis.
 | 15. Crimson Wand: |AT +52| Buy from Weapon Store in Clovis.
 | 16. Trident: |AT +56| Buy from Weapon Store in Clovis.
 | 17. Battlefist: |AT +60| Available at both the Weapon Store in the Lava 
 |                 Cave and the weapon store in Llano.
 | 18. Dream Rod: |AT +62| Found in a locked box space in the Lava Cave. From 
 |                the starting position, take the B2F path in the North West 
 |                corner. In the next area, take either path to get down to 
 |                the B3F. The locked box space you are looking for is 
 |                actually invisible, so a good way to make sure you hit the 
 |                space is to use a "Spinner" Item or a Multi-Crystal. The 
 |                space is located right below the empty space that is to the
 |                left of the money space in the far right-hand corner. I hope
 |                that didn't sound too confusing. >.<  
 | 19. Pistol Crossbow: |AT +66| Buy from either the Weapon Store in the Lava
 |                      Cave or the weapon store in Llano.
 | 20. Scimitar: |AT +68| Buy from Weapon Store in Llano.
 | 21. Silver Sword: |AT +70| Found in the Lost Forest on an invisible locked
 |                   box space. Assume that you're entering from the North 
 |                   Entrance; the space is to your right on a small mound of 
 |                   earth. Make sure you have a Magic Key.
 | 22. Battleaxe: |AT +72| Buy from Weapon Store in Llano.
 | 23. Thunder Blade: |AT +76| Buy from Weapon Store in Llano.
 | 24. Poison Fist: |AT +78|  You can find this weapon on a red loot space in 
 |                  the Lava Cave. Take the north west passage to the B2F and 
 |                  head down to B3F. The red loot space down here might 
 |                  produce it for you. Also, I've been informed this weapon 
 |                  can potentially pop up on a weapon space in the Castle in 
 |                  the Sky area.
 | 25. Long Spear: |AT +80| Buy from Weapon Store in Llano.
 | 26. Ichimonji Katana: |AT +82| Buy from Weapon Store on Daunting Mountain 
 |                       (The store is on floor 3, in the north west corner).
 | 27. Crossbow: |AT +84| Buy from Weapon Store on Daunting Mountain.
 | 28. Chi Knuckle: |AT +86| Found at an invisible white loot space on Floor 2
 |                  of the Daunting Mountain (potentially). White loot spaces
 |                  and red loot spaces have a variety of options. So it is
 |                  "possible" to obtain this weapon from this space, but not
 |                  guaranteed. Once you reach floor 2 on Daunting Mt., head 
 |                  to the right. Look for the empty space that is 5 spaces 
 |                  from the floor 2 starting location, way over there to the
 |                  right. The invisible white loot space is to the right of 
 |                  that empty space. 
 | 29. Warhammer: |AT +88| Buy from Weapon Store on Daunting Mountain.
 | 30. Cyber Saber: |AT +92| Buy from Weapon Store on Daunting Mountain.
 | 31. Estoc: |AT +94| Buy from Weapon Store in Aphrike.
 | 32. Longbow: |AT +96| Buy from Weapon Store in Aphrike.
 | 33. Flambard: |AT +98|  Found on a red loot space in the Sunken Shrine. 
 | 34. Crimson Candle: |AT +100| I found this weapon on the red loot space in 
 |                    Gunnbjorn (the snow covered continent) and it seems to 
 |                    pop up there quite frequently. 
 | 35. Dokaqon Sword: |AT +102| You can either win this from the Casino in the
 |                    Casino Cave or you can find it in a white loot space on
 |                    the B2F of the Pyramid. At the Casino, it's in the 
 |                    50,000 catagory. In the Pyramid you'll need to take the
 |                    left branch from the starting position to B2F. From 
 |                    there, go ahead and press A to scan around this area. 
 |                    You should see a total of 4 white loot spaces. Most of 
 |                    these will have the Dokaqon Sword on occassion. I found
 |                    mine on the white loot space just to the left of the 
 |                    ancient tablet the King wants destroyed. 
 | 36. Repeater: |AT +104| Buy from the Weapon Store Aphrike or Underground 
 |               Passage.
 | 37. Thunder Axe: |AT +106| The only method in which I've acquired this 
 |                  weapon so far is from a random drop by a Cyclops. These 
 |                  enemies can be found in Flinders.
 | 38. Knitten Mitten: |AT +108| Buy from Weapon Shop in Aphrike or 
 |                     Underground Passage.
 | 39. Exorcism Spear |AT +110| You can find this at a red loot space in the 
 |                    Sunken Shrine area. Chances seem better at the red loot
 |                    space in the south west B2F location. This weapon can 
 |                    also be found on some of the white loot spaces in the 
 |                    B2F of the Pyramid on the south east side. 
 | 40. Shamshir: |AT +112| Buy from Weapon Store in Underground Passage.
 | 41. Dancing Blade: |AT +114| This can be obtained at the red loot space in 
 |                    Llano. I'm not currently aware of any other means of 
 |                    obtaining this weapon.
 |                    Note: This weapon will randomly activate Stike even if
 |                    you didn't choose it. 
 | 42. Great Axe: |AT +116| Buy from Weapon Store in Underground Passage.
 | 43. Elven Bow: |AT +118| You can win this item at the Casino in Casino Cave
 |                under the 200,000 option. Or you can just use a magic key on
 |                the locked box space in the Underground Passage that is just
 |                to the right of the item shop down here. It's only about 2 
 |                spaces away from the shop. 
 | 44. Maul: |AT +122| Buy from Weapon Store in either the Underground Passage
 |           or in Flinders.
 | 45. Combat Knife: |AT +126| Buy from Weapon Store in Underground Passage or
 |                   Flinders.
 | 46. Greatsword: | AT +130| Buy from Weapon Store in Flinders.
 | 47. Arbalest: |AT +134| Buy from Weapon Store in Flinders.
 | 48. Partisan: |AT +140| Buy from Weapon Store in Flinders or the weapon 
 |               store in the Tower of Rabble. 
 | 49. Halbred: |AT +146| Buy from Weapon Store in Flinders or the weapon 
 |              store in the Tower of Rabble.
 | 50. Deadly Dagger: |AT +152| You can find this at the final Weapon Store 
 |                    that is located on the 3F of the Tower of Rabble. You 
 |                    can get there by first, from the starting point, head 
 |                    either to the north west passage that takes you to 2F, 
 |                    or the south east path that leads to the same area. Once
 |                    here, you'll have to look very closely for a F3 door 
 |                    space that is in the far north east corner of this area.
 |                    Take that and the Weapon store is at the very end of the
 |                    corridor on this floor.                            
 | 51. Rune Staff: |AT +158| You can actually find this a little early in the
 |                 game by using the Red Loot space in the Underground 
 |                 Passage. The only problem is that it's pretty rare that 
 |                 this item even shows up on this space, but it is possible.
 |                 Regardless, you can also buy this at the Weapon Store in 
 |                 the Tower of Rabble. 
 | 52. Drill Lance: |AT +164| You can buy this from the Weapon Store in the 
 |                  Tower of Rabble. 
 | 53. Toy Hammer: |AT + 166| Located in the Tower of Rabble on the 2F, two 
 |                 spaces away from the Magic Shop up here. To get here, take
 |                 either the north west or south east passage from the 1F 
 |                 down to the 2F. Now look for the Magic Shop and to the left
 |                 of it, up a small flight of stairs, you should see a locked
 |                 item box. 
 |                 Note: The Toy Hammer has the added bonus of creating random 
 |                 sound effects when you hit people with it. Wooo! ^.^
 | 54. Dragonslayer: |AT +172| Buy from the Weapon Store in the Tower of 
 |                   Rabble. I believe this is the best weapon you can buy 
 |                   from a shop. depressing ;_; 
 | 55. Dark Sword: |AT +177| Located in the Tower of Rabble on the 2F. Take 
 |                either the north west or south east passage to the 2F and 
 |                then look over to the far right of this area. You should see
 |                a locked box space on the narrow walkway. It's 2 spaces down
 |                from the 3F space that leads to the weapon shop. 
 |                Note: The Dark Sword will keep you in a state of perpetual 
 |                curse. It never goes away unless you cure yourself, and even
 |                then, the next time you enter a battle, you'll be cursed 
 |                again. So even though this weapon boosts your HP by 440, ask
 |                yourself, is it really worth it?   
 | 56. Soul Eater: |AT +182| This weapon can be found in the Tower of Rabble 
 |                on the 3F where Overlord Rico is in a locked box on the left
 |                side. To get there, from the beginning of the Tower, head to
 |                the 2F space right next to the Item Shop. Now just follow 
 |                this small area to the 3F passage. Once here you should see 
 |                a locked box on the right and one on the left. The Soul 
 |                Eater is in the locked box on the left side. 
 |                Note: This sword saps your health every time you decide to 
 |                use it. A powerful sword, but at a cost. Why is there always
 |                one of these health sapping weapons in nearly every RPG?
 | 57. Aura Knuckle: |AT + 186| The best place to obtain this is at the Castle
 |                   in the Clouds. To get to the Castle, you need to defeat
 |                   Rico Jr. in a battle and hope that he drops the item 
 |                   called Angel Wings. Once you have the item, head up to 
 |                   the very top of the Daunting Mountain. When you land on 
 |                   the door space on the 3F you'll be transported to the 
 |                   Castle. Make sure you have a Magic Key and you should see
 |                   only one locked box space up here which is sandwiched 
 |                   between two white loot spaces; it holds the Aura Knuckle.
 |                   It's absurd how early you can get this weapon, provided
 |                   you have the Angel Wings and make the effort to climb the
 |                   mountain. But there is one other way I've seen that you 
 |                   can obtain it. And that's at the Red Loot Space in 
 |                   Flinders that will rarely have the Aura Knuckle. 
 | 58. Underworld Staff: |AT +192| I've seen this at the Red Loot Space in 
 |                       Flinders and you can also obtain it from the Lich in
 |                       the Tower of Rabble as a random drop. Although if he
 |                       gives up, you're more then likely going to get it.
 | 59. Divine Fist: |AT +200| You can get this weapon from an Arch Demon found
 |                  in the Underworld. Again, if the enemy gives up, you'll 
 |                  get this weapon without having to worry about any 
 |                  arbitrary drop percentage factors.                        
 | 60. No-Recoil Cannon: |AT +205| The only places I've seen this weapon are 
 |                       on the red loot space in Flinders and on the 
 |                       invisible red loot space in the first area of the 
 |                       Underworld. That space is way over in the lower right
 |                       hand corner (The space right next to the locked box
 |                       space with the Great Tempest in it). There's probably
 |                       an easier way to get this weapon, but I haven't 
 |                       found it yet. Just a little annotation about this 
 |                       weapon; it's amazing lol, amazing in the sense that 
 |                       there's no other weapon quite like it. Just use the
 |                       Strike attack with the Robo-Knight and you'll know 
 |                       what I mean. Freakin' hilarious. ^.^
 | 61. Great Tempest: |AT +215| Found in the Underworld, 1F, on an invisible
 |                    locked box space. The space is over in the bottom right
 |                    hand corner. There are two invisible spaces over here, 
 |                    the one furthest to the right is the one you want. 
 |                    Note: The Great Tempest will randomly do extra damage
 |                    and bring down the DF (I think) of an enemy. Just use a
 |                    normal attack and if you're lucky, you'll see your 
 |                    normal damage and then a flash of light or something hit
 |                    the enemy for extra damage and if that still hasn't 
 |                    destroyed them, they'll be inflicted with the DF down 
 |                    status effect... exceedingly cheap, but funny to watch.
 | 62. Dokapon Sword: |AT +225| You can either get this from the 500,000 
 |                    dollar prize category at the Casino or you can just find
 |                    the locked box space that holds it. The locked box space
 |                    is in the final area of the Underworld. Just keep 
 |                    following the linear path from the Underworld starting 
 |                    position until you arrive in a small area (Overlord Rico
 |                    will be here if you're in story mode). You should see a 
 |                    locked box space on the right and on the left. The sword
 |                    is in the one on the left. Oh yeah, I forgot that you 
 |                    can also obtain this from a hidden red loot space in the
 |                    same area. There are 4 of these hidden red loot spaces 
 |                    over on the right, on some floating land masses.  
 | 63. Flare Lance: |AT +230| Obtained via a random drop by a Pazuzu. These 
 |                  guys can be found in the 2F of the Underworld. 
 |                  Note: The Flare Lance has an additional attack that
 |                  randomly activates after you've used "Attack" on an enemy.
 |                  You'll get a little fire blast that will damage the enemy
 |                  again after the inital damage from your first attack.
 | 64. Nihilist Sword: |AT +240| This sword can be obtained be defeating the 
 |                     Demon's Guard boss on the 2F of the Underworld. If 
 |                     you're in story mode, you're required to beat him 
 |                     anyways so you should get this sword regardless (I'm 
 |                     not exactly sure how this works in normal mode). 
 |                     Demon's Guard is at the space with the tablet in front
 |                     of it at the very end of the 2F in the Underworld.
 | 65. Draco Blade: |AT +333| Well, you can't actually GET this sword, rather
 |                  it's the sword you have when you're in Darkling Mode. 
 |                  Sorry about that >_< Update to this: actually, I've heard
 |                  from various sources that this weapon can be acquired if 
 |                  you can kill a Darkling, so umm good luck with that. ^.^
 | 66. Chevalier: |AT +160| This weapon also raises your HP by 150 and your 
 |                DF/MG/SP by 30. I've never actually acquired this weapon 
 |                myself but a source (Master Poker) tells me that you can 
 |                acquire this weapon from Rico Jr. as a random drop. It's an 
 |                exceedingly rare drop and I can attest to that. Rico Jr. 
 |                will pop up in random fights and in story mode there is one 
 |                scheduled fight with him. 
 | 67. Punisher |AT +300| The locked box space you find this sword on can be 
 |              a little elusive. The Punisher is located in the final area of
 |              the Underworld (where Overlord Rico is if you're in story 
 |              mode). The locked box space you want is invisible and it's 
 |              right behind Rico on a chunk of land by a door. To get there
 |              you have to cross the floating land masses on the right, there
 |              are four of them, and each has an invisible red loot space on 
 |              it. So you can either stand on the locked box space on the
 |              right and spin a five. Or you could also stand on the white 
 |              loot space and spin a 6 or stand on the item space and spin a 
 |              6. Regardless of which way you do it, they all lead to the 
 |              same space.
 |         *                   *               *                      *

Shields ................................................................ SHI30

   Again, same disclaimer as with the weapons; most shields can be bought from
weapon stores. And most shields can (in theory) be created by Gutz. While this
list is not the conclusive, end all means of acquiring shields, it serves the
purpose to provide you with at least one way of getting these shields. As I 
mentioned in the Weapon list, there are various ways to get weapons. These are
just the methods in which I acquired them. Feel free to e-mail me with any 
alternative means you find, I'll greatly appreciate it and include you in the 
credits. Recognition! ^.^ 

FYI: Just so everyone knows, the "Underground Passage" is the cave that 
connects the Aphrike continent with the Flinders continent.

 |          *               *               *                   *
 | 1. Wooden Shield: |DF +3| Buy from Weapon Shop in Asiana or obtain from a 
 |                   shield space in the beginning area of story mode.  
 | 2. Leather Shield: |DF +5| Buy from Weapon Shop in Asiana or obtain from a 
 |                    shield space in the beginning area of story mode.
 | 3. Buckler: |DF +9| Buy from the Weapon Shop in Asiana or obtain from a 
 |             shield space in the beginning area of story mode.
 | 4. Bronze Shield: |DF +14| Buy from either the Weapon Store in Asiana or
 |                   the weapon store in Halstatt.
 | 5. Lead Shield: |DF +18| Buy from the Weapon Store in either Halstatt or 
 |                 Clovis. 
 | 6. Wabbit Shield: |DF +20| Wabbit's drop these Shields. Although it seems
 |                   that the likelyhood of this is relatively rare, it 
 |                   happens. Wabbits show up when there is a "Wabbit
 |                   Explosion", this event will last for a week, and many of
 |                   your battles will be with Wabbits for this week. And in
 |                   story mode you'll get a favor from the king to track down
 |                   a wabbit and kill it for him. Other then those two events
 |                   your not going to see any wabbits. I've also seen this 
 |                   shield on the shield space at the Castle in the Sky. 
 |                   Note: The Wabbit shield may have a low DF stat but it ups
 |                   your other stats significantly. If you can stomach a low
 |                   DF then you'll probably enjoy this shield.  
 | 7. Scale Shield: |DF +27| Buy from the Weapon Store in Halstatt or from the
 |                  weapon store in Clovis.
 | 8. Copper Shield: |DF +33| Buy from Weapon Store in Clovis.
 | 9. Solider Shield: |DF +39| Buy from the Weapon Store in the Lava Cave. To
 |                    get to this shop, from the Lava Cave starting position,
 |                    take the B2F path that is directly north from where you 
 |                    are. Actually you can take the south east path and the 
 |                    north east path and end up in the same area. Anyways,
 |                    keep following any one of these paths down and you'll 
 |                    find it. 
 | 10. Furry Shield: |DF +45| Buy from Weapon Store in Lava Cave or buy it at
 |                    the Weapon Store in Llano.
 | 11. Iron Shield: |DF +51| Buy from the Weapon Store in Llano.
 | 12. Shinobi Shield: |DF +57| The easiest way to get this shield is to bring
 |                     a magic key with you down to the B3F of the Lava Cave 
 |                     and open the locked box space that contains it. From 
 |                     the lava cave starting position, you can take any path
 |                     EXCEPT the northwest path, and you'll end up in the B3F
 |                     that you want. There's a locked box space in the lower 
 |                     left hand corner. That's the space you want. You can 
 |                     also acquire this from the 5,000 dollar prize list in 
 |                     the Casino, but that's a chore.
 | 13. Large Shield: |DF +63| Buy from Weapon Store in either Llano or from 
 |                    the weapon store on the 3F of Daunting Mountain.
 | 14. Steel Shield: |DF +69| Buy from the Weapon Store on Daunting Mountain.
 | 15. Warrior Shield: |DF +75| You can find this shield in a locked box space
 |                     in the Lost Forest. For all practical purposes, lets 
 |                     say you're entering the forest from the Clovis 
 |                     entrance. From here, the locked box space is 9 spaces 
 |                     away on the west side of the forest.
 | 16. Knight Shield: |DF +83| You can either buy this from the Weapon Store 
 |                    on Daunting Mountain or the store in Aphrike.
 | 17. Black Shield: |DF +91| I obtained this weapon via a random drop from a 
 |                   Bone Knight. These enemies can be found in the Pyramid.
 | 18. Paladin Shield: |DF +99| I got this shield from the shield space at the
 |                     Castle in the Sky. If you don't know how to get to the 
 |                     Castle, look at Weapon #57 (Aura Knuckle) in my weapons
 |                     section, it explains how to get there. Also, the Dark 
 |                     Knights in Llano will, on occasion, drop this weapon. 
 | 19. Silver Shield: |DF +107| Buy from the Weapon Store in Aphrike.
 | 20. Mirror Shield: |DF +115| Found on an invisible locked box space on the 
 |                    3F of Daunting Mountain. Head up the Daunting Mountain 
 |                    and when you get to the 3F, over to the right, you 
 |                    should see a door space at the very top, the empty space
 |                    right below it has two invisible spaces to the right of
 |                    it. The invisible space on your far right has the Mirror
 |                    Shield. 
 |                    Note: The Mirror Shield can potentially reflect magic 
 |                    attacks, although I've never had this happen to me, 
 |                    apparently it can.   
 | 21. Binder: |DF +123| I found this on the white loot space just to the left
 |             of the locked box space in the Castle in the Clouds. I'm pretty
 |             certain that the shield space up here also contains the Binder.
 |             Again, if you don't know how to get to the castle, look at 
 |             Weapon #57 in my weapons section for directions. Also, you can 
 |             aquire this weapon from the red loot space on Gunnbjorn.
 |             Note: This weapon will randomly damage characters who try to 
 |             attack you. It does do a lot of damage and can really save you 
 |             in dicey situations. It seems to only activate if you defend 
 |             when your enemy attacks.
 | 22. Shell Shield: |DF +131| Buy from the Weapon Store in Aphrike or from 
 |                   the weapon store in the Underground Passage.
 | 23. Golden Shield: |DF +139| Found in the Pyramid in a locked box space on
 |                    the B2F. To get here, from the Pyramid starting 
 |                    location, take the B2F in the far south east corner. 
 |                    There's a locked box space to the north in this room,
 |                    and it contains the Golden Shield.
 | 24. Dokaqon Shield: |DF +148| You can win this shield from the Casino in 
 |                     the 50,000 dollar category, or you can get this from 
 |                     multiple white loot spaces in the Pyramid. Once you
 |                     arrive in the Pyramid, take the B2F door in the south
 |                     west area. From there, you should have access to 4
 |                     different white loot spaces. Most of these 4 spaces 
 |                     will occasionally produce the shield.
 | 25. Ragnarok Shield: |DF +156| You can find this on the shield space in the 
 |                      Castle in Clouds or you can just buy it from either 
 |                      the weapon store in the Underground Passage or
 |                      Flinders.
 | 26. Moon Shield: |DF +164| This can be found in a locked box space inside 
 |                  the Underground Passage. It's the locked box space closest
 |                  to the North Exit, to the right of the item shop but not 
 |                  the space that's only 2 spaces away from the item shop.
 | 27. Tower Shield: |DF +174| Can be purchased from the Weapon Store in the 
 |                   Underground Passage or from the Store in Flinders.
 | 28. Girly Shield: |DF +184| Can either be won at the Casino in the 200,000
 |                   dollar price range. Or defeat a Succubus and hope that it
 |                   drops one for you. These enemies can be found in the 
 |                   Castle in the Clouds. I'm not currently aware of any 
 |                   other areas you can find a Succubus, sorry. ;_;
 | 29. Dural Shield: |DF +194| Buy from the weapon store in either Flinders or
 |                   the Tower of Rabble. 
 | 30. Metal Guard: |DF +204| You can find this shield via a random drop from
 |                  a Golem or you can also find this on the red loot space in
 |                  the Underground Passage.
 |                  Note: Apparently this shield will "shoot lasers" at 
 |                  enemies if you're lucky (I haven't seen it happen yet). It
 |                  works the same way as the Binder Shield, if an enemy does
 |                  a normal attack and you defend, your shield might counter 
 |                  them and they'll end up with damage instead of you.
 | 31. Sun Shield: |DF +214| In the Tower of Rabble, 3F, in a locked box 
 |                 space. To get there, from the 1F, take either the south
 |                 east path or the north west path to the 2F. From here, take
 |                 the path leading to the 3F that's over in the south west 
 |                 corner. The Sun Shield is down here in the locked box 
 |                 space at the end of the path. 
 | 32. Cursed Shield: |DF +224| This can be found in the Tower Rabble on the 
 |                    3F where Overlord Rico is found during story mode. From
 |                    the 1F, take the 2F path that is right next to the Item
 |                    Shop. Follow this linear path to the 3F door, and you'll
 |                    end up in a small area with two locked boxes, once on 
 |                    right and one on the left. The Cursed Shield is in the 
 |                    locked box to your right. 
 |                    Note: Just like the Sould Eater, this shield saps your
 |                    health every time you defend with it *sigh*. Such as 
 |                    waste of a sweet looking shield.
 | 33. Hero Shield: |DF +236| Buy from Weapon Store in the Tower of Rabble. 
 |                  To get here, from the 1F, take either the south east path
 |                  or north west path to the 2F. Now, you have to look very 
 |                  closely in the upper right hand corner (north east) and 
 |                  you should see a door leading to the 3F. Take that down 
 |                  and the weapon store is down here at the end of a long 
 |                  corridor. 
 | 34. Mecha Guard: |DF +248| Obtained from a random drop by the Iron Golem. 
 |                  Iron Golems can be found on the 2F of the Underworld.
 | 35. Aura Shield: |DF +260| Buy from Weapon Store in the Tower of Rabble. 
 | 36. Athena's Shield: |DF +270| I found this at an invisible locked box 
 |                      space in the Underworld. The space is located on the 
 |                      1F at the small outcropping at the bottom of the area.
 |                      So head south from the entrance and locate yourself in
 |                      the middle of the area and head down. You should spot 
 |                      the space once you get the right number to land on it.
 | 37. Dragon Shield: |DF +282| I've seen this at the red loot space in 
 |                    Flinders but a better method for obtaining this would be
 |                    to kill a Tiamat. They're located in the Underworld. 
 |                    They randomly drop these, or give them to you if they 
 |                    decide to Give Up. 
 | 38. Dark Shield: |DF +292|  Found on an invisible red loot space in the
 |                  first section of the Underworld. Just look towards the 
 |                  south east corner, the Great Tempest weapon is in an 
 |                  invisible locked box space right next to the red loot  
 |                  space.
 | 39. Dokapon Shield: |DF +310| This can either be obtained from the 500,000
 |                     dollar prize category in the Casino, or you can get it
 |                     from a locked box space on the last section in the 
 |                     Underworld. The latter method is quite a bit easier, 
 |                     imo. To get there, just follow the paths towards 
 |                     Overlord Rico (if in story mode) and in the last area 
 |                     you should see two locked box spaces, one on the left,
 |                     and one on the right. The one on the right holds the 
 |                     Dokapon Shield.  
 | 40. Demon Shield: |DF +333| You can get this shield when you're in Darkling
 |                   Mode. And if you manage to defeat a Darkling, you can 
 |                   rob them and take this shield. There are various ways to 
 |                   beat one... or you could just cheat and have your friend 
 |                   (or yourself) lose on purpose.                      
 |         *                 *                  *                  *

Magic .................................................................. MAG79

   95% of all your magic spells can be bought at shops. In fact, I can only 
think of one magic spell that can't be purchased at a convential magic store.
There are both defensive and offensive spells, and most magic stores will have
at least four of each. And one other thing, since magics vary somewhat in  
terms of functionality, I'll put in descriptions of what each one does.

++ Also note that in order for Defensive magic to work, your enemy has to cast
an offensive spell when you use your defensive spell. Just like with Strike 
and Counter. If you use your defensive magic and they do attack or strike or 
use a skill, it's not going to do anything. 
      O = Offensive
      D = Defensive 

 |                        ++ Magic Store in Asiana ++          
 | O: Pickpocket - Steals 1/4 of opponents money.  
 | O: Swap - Swap HP with your enemy.
 | O: Drain - Drains HP from enemy and uses it to heal yourself.
 | O: Scorch - A basic spell that damages with fire. 
 | D: M Guard - Slightly reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
 | D: SP Charge - Slightly reduces magic damage and increases your SP.
 | D: DF Charge - Slightly reduces magic damage and increases your DF.
 | D: Refresh - Slightly reduces magic damage and heals you for a low amount 
 |              of HP.

 |                      ++ Magic Store in Hallstatt ++
 | O: Drain - Drains HP from enemy and uses it to heal yourself.
 | O: Scorch - A basic spell that damages with fire. 
 | O: Chill - A basic spell that damages with ice.
 | O: Zap - A basic spell that damages with lightning.
 | D: M Guard - Slightly reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
 | D: SP Charge - Slightly reduces magic damage and increases your SP.
 | D: DF Charge - Slightly reduces magic damage and increases your DF.
 | D: MG Charge - Reduces damage and raises MG.

 |                    ++ Magic Store in Casino Cave ++
 | O: Scorch - A basic spell that damages with fire. 
 | O: Zap - A basic spell that damages with lightning.
 | O: Mirror Image - Creates a mirror image of yourself to attack your 
 |                   opponent.
 | O: Blind - Blinds your opponent and reduces their chance of landing 
 |            attacks.
 | D: M Guard - Slightly reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
 | D: MG Charge - Reduces damage and raises MG.
 | D: AT Charge - Slightly reduces damage and increases your AT.
 | D: Seal Magic - Slightly reduces damage and seals offensive magic.

 |                      ++ Magic Store in Clovis ++
 | O: Zap - A basic spell that damages with lightning.
 | O: Gust - A basic spell that damages with wind.
 | O: Mirror Image - Creates a mirror image of yourself to attack your 
 |                   opponent.
 | O: Scorcher - An improved version of Scorch that creates a firey explosion.
 | D: M Guard - Slightly reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
 | D: Refresh - Slightly reduces magic damage and heals you for a low amount 
 |              of HP.
 | D: Seal Magic - Slightly reduces damage and seals offensive magic.
 | D: Super Cure - Reduces damage and cures status ailments. 

 |                     ++ Magic Store in Lava Cave ++ 
 |   (to get here, take the north west path on the first floor and follow
 |                         that down to the B3F)
 | O: Drain - Drains HP from enemy and uses it to heal yourself.
 | O: Mirror Image - Creates a mirror image of yourself to attack your 
 |                   opponent.
 | O: Curse - Curses the target to randomly attack oneself. 
 | O: Teleport - Lets you quickly appear close to your foe and attack! 
 |               Exclamation!
 | D: M Guard - Slightly reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
 | D: Refresh - Slightly reduces magic damage and heals you for a low amount 
 |              of HP.
 | D: Seal Magic - Slightly reduces damage and seals offensive magic.
 | D: M Guard+ - Reduces damage taken from spells by a fair amount.

 |                  ++ Magic Store in Daunting Mountain ++  
 | O: Scorcher - An improved version of Scorch that creates a firey explosion.
 | O: Chiller - Creates chunks of ice that fall on your enemy.
 | O: Zapper - Casts multiple lightning bolts to strike your enemy.
 | O: Guster - Creates a gust of wind to slice at your opponents.
 | D: M Guard - Slightly reduces the damage inflicted by magic.
 | D: Refresh - Slightly reduces magic damage and heals you for a low amount 
 |              of HP.
 | D: Refresh+ - Slightly reduces damage and recovers a lot of HP.
 | D: M Guard+ - Reduces damage taken by spells by a fair amount.

 |                     ++ Magic Store in Aphrike ++
 | O: Teleport - Lets you quickly appear close to your foe and attack!
 | O: Scorcher - An improved version of Scorch that creates a firey explosion.
 | O: Zapper - Casts multiple lightning bolts to strike your enemy.
 | O: Banish - If successful, this spell will kill your enemy instantly, but
 |              your HP will drop to 1. (honestly, it's not worth it) ^.^
 | D: Seal Magic - Slightly reduces damage and seals offensive magic.
 | D: Super Cure - Reduces damage and cures status ailments. 
 | D: Refresh+ - Slightly reduces damage and recovers a lot of HP.
 | D: M Guard DX - Drastically reduces damage taken from magic spells.

 |                 ++ Magic Store in Underground Passage ++
 | O: Drain - Drains HP from enemy and uses it to heal yourself.
 | O: Mirror Image - Creates a mirror image of yourself to attack your 
 |                   opponent.
 | O: Curse - Curses the target to randomly attack oneself.
 | O: Ice Barrage - Congures a massive blizzard that does lots of damage.
 | D: M Guard+ - Reduces damage taken by spells by a fair amount.
 | D: M Guard DX - Drastically reduces damage taken from magic spells.
 | D: Shock - Reduces damage and paralyzes the oppponent, preventing them from 
 |            moving.
 | D: Charm - Reduces damage and charms the opponent, sealing their attack and
 |            counter commands. (I personally love this one)

 |                      ++ Magic Store in Flinders ++
 | O: Sleepy - Puts your opponent to sleep to prevent them from attacking. 
 | O: Giga Blaze - The strongest fire magic. It does an amazing amount of 
 |                 damage. (or so they say)
 | O: Banish - If successful, this spell will kill your enemy instantly, but
 |              your HP will drop to 1. 
 | O: Lectro Beam - Summons a thunderstorm to assualt your foe with powerful 
 |                  lightning bolts. 
 | D: Seal Magic+ - Reduces damage and seals offensive and defensive magic.  
 | D: Refresh DX - Reduces damage and recovers all your HP. 
 | D: M Guard DX - Drastically reduces damage taken from magic spells.
 | D: Mirror - Reduces damage and reflects half the damage back to the enemy.
 |             Cancels effects too. (I'm assuming this means status effects)

 |                ++ Magic Store in The Tower of Rabble ++
 | O: Giga Blaze - The strongest fire magic. It does an amazing amount of 
 |                 damage.
 | O: F5 Storm - Blows away your opponent with a tremendous tornado!
 | O: Aurora - Damages your opponent with holy light.
 | O: Rust - Breaks your opponent's equipment. Has no effect on monsters.
 | D: Refresh DX - Reduces damage and seals offensive and defensive magic.
 | D: Charge All - Reduces damage and raises your AT, DF, MG, SP, and HP.
 | D: Charm - Reduces damage and charms the opponent, sealing their attack and
 |            counter commands. 
 | D: Bounce - Send the opponent's magic right back at them.

         Magic that cannot be bought in a store
    Only one, and that's the Super Bounce. The only place I've seen it is at 
the Casino under the 500,000 dollar prize catagory. I haven't actually aquired
it myself but it's basically the Bounce Magic except that when it reflects 
magic, it increases the damage by 4x the original value. It's certainly a 
tremendous defensive magic spell, but it might take a lot of toil at the 
Casino to get it; well, I suppose that's your call ultimately.

Accessories ............................................................ ACC32

   ... under construction

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Story Mode <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A Walkthrough of Story Mode ............................................ STO47
     Apart from the King giving you ultimatums, story mode plays almost 
exactly like normal mode. Each chapter takes place on a certain continent, and
until you complete the objectives, other continents will be blocked off (by a
Spartan warrior no less). Anyways, without further ado (pardon the cliche)...

 -- Objectves: First off, at the start of every Chapter, the objective is to
defeat the Big Bosses. Those are the Lucifer looking, red demon enemies that 
will usually be spamming field magic, stealing money, putting up road blocks, 
doing just about anything spiteful that you can imagine. These guys are
usually a bit more difficult then the regular monsters that occupy towns, but
upon defeating the Big Bosses you will be rewarded with a substantial monetary
gain. After you've defeated as many Big Bosses as you need, (the # increases 
as the story progresses) the King will make you go on some innocuous errand 
and whomever completes it gets the deed to the castle on that continent. 

 -- Castles: Castles are worth double the ammount of the highest grossing town
on that continent. For example: Let's say that Moniah on the contient of 
Asiana is worth 260000 and that's the highest paying town in that area. Now, 
whoever gets Khan Castle (the Castle in Asiana) will get double the worth of 
Moniah, so they would be receiving 520000. And yes, if you raise the worth of
that highest grossing town then that will figure into the worth of your 
Castle. Anyways, I'm sure you'll figure that out as you play, onwards!

      |  ++ Chapter 1 ++  |

  -- At the start of Chapter 1, you'll be placed in a little area that has a 
     lot of weapon spaces, money spaces, battle magic spaces, etc. This area 
     will not be seen again once you hit the "door" space at the very north of
     this section. I would say, spend as much time here, getting some weapons, 
     shields, whatever before you head out. But there is a time limit for 
     staying here (I think 3 weeks) and whoever exits the area first gets a 
     little bit more of a bonus then say the person who exits last. The 
     bonuses are as follows.  
                      ++ 1st person to exit: 8 stat points to allocate however
                                             you see fit. 
                      ++ 2nd person to exit: 6 stat points for your character.
                      ++ 3rd person to exit: 5 stat points.
                      ++ 4th person to exit: 4 stat points.

  One more thing to add to this, if you spend 2 weeks in the beginning area, 
the King will warp you out. I'm pretty sure if you get warped out, you'll 
receive 4 stat points regardless. 

  Anyways, once you exit the starting area, you won't have the option of 
coming back to it (not that that really matters). And even if you don't land 
on any of the weapon spaces, shield spaces, etc. the King will still provide 
you with some start up equipment. Anyways, now the game really begins.

Your first objective is to defeat all the Big Bosses, if you're not sure what
they are, I outlined that above in the Objectives blurb. 

       ++ Also! if you want to check the current objective, before you spin,
          select the Data option, then select Settings, and finally select the
          Objective option.   

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +
  ** Big Boss #1: 50,000 

  ** Big Boss #2: 75,000


   You only need to defeat two big bosses before the King summons you and 
informs you to hunt down the Wise Grandma. 
        Objective: Cash ate a poisoned donut! Find the Wise Grandma and   
                             get the antidote from her.                   
   The self-proclaimed "Wise Grandma" will appear on a random empty space on 
the continent of Asiana. The first player to land on her space, get the 
antidote, and take it back to Dokapon Castle will be rewarded with the deed to
Khan's Castle. Once this happens, chapter 1 will come to a close. 


    -- Favors: The King will probably ask you (sometime during chapter 1) to 
do a favor for him. The first favor he wants done is to pick up a food item
from a town of his choosing and bring it back to him. Favors will only turn up
once someone has completed the current favor. So favors aren't limited to
certain chapters, you might not get favor #2 until chapter 8 if noone has any
interest in completing them; hell, you might not even get past favor #1. With 
that said, yes they are optional and only serve the purpose of increasing your
Local Item Value. Anyways, I made a seperate section for the favors if you're

      |  ++ Chapter 2 ++  |

  -- The Case of the Demon Prince and the Missing Piggy Bank (the only chapter
     title I bothered to write down). First line of business... defeat 2 Big 
  -- Tips and Advice: Remember to keep buying new weapons (provided you have 
     the cash). And even if you're completly broke, you can still "Attack" 
     stores for a chance to take their wares. The Attack option pits you 
     against the store owner in a game of Roshambo (rock, paper, scissors). If
     you win at say... the weapon store, Hans will give you either his best 
     shield or weapon for free. If you lose, you'll be "Wanted" and any player
     who defeats you wins the large bounty that is on your head. You also 
     cannot enter towns, and this all lasts for a week. So it's a judgement 
     call on your behalf. 
     Also, if you didn't already know this, if you beat an another player who 
     is a higher level then you, you will automatically be leveled up to match
     their level. For instance, if you defeat a level 12 opponent while you 
     are level 8, you'll be leveled up to 12 in that one fight. If you need 
     some quick levels, you might want to give this a go.  

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +

  ** Big Boss #1: 135,000

  ** Big Boss #2: 135,000 


    The King summons you once again and informs you that Rico Jr. has stolen
Princess Penny's piggy bank (tragedy strikes!). Rico Jr. will then show up on
a random empty space located in either of the two continents you have access 

      Objective: Find Rico Jr. and get Princess Penny's piggy bank back! 
   Rico Jr. will pop up on an empty space somewhere in either the Asiana or 
Halstatt continent. Whoever arrives on that space will enter a scene with some
sparse dialouge. You don't have to fight Rico Jr. (not yet anyways) instead, 
you'll be put up against your Clonus. This is basically Shadow Link, he or she
will have the same stats as you do. So you can't rely on overpowering your 
Clonus, instead I'd advise using a good Skill if you have any, and you might
want to refrain from using Strikes unless you're feeling lucky. A lot of this 
battle has to do with drawing the right battle cards at the beginning of the 
battle, sorry... >.< Anyways, once you defeat your Clonus, you'll get the 
piggy bank back and must deliver it to Dokapon Castle (make sure not to let 
anyone steal it on your way over there!). The reward will be the deed to Rhine


      |  ++ Chapter 3 ++  |

  -- Special Delivery, a Shopping Brawl. Once you venture onto the new 
     continent of Clovis you might see the unabashed eyesore that is the Lava
     Cave. This area is completely optional, but if you do decide to explore
     it, there are some nice weapons, items, etc. tucked away inside of locked
     box spaces. The item store in Clovis now carries Magic Keys and you'll 
     need these to access locked boxes. So, if you want to take a break from 
     liberating towns, then give the Lava Cave a shot.

  -- Apart from the optional Lava Cave, it's basically the same scenario.

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +

  ** Big Boss #1: 225,000

  ** Big Boss #2: 235,000
  ** Big Boss #3: 240,000


    After you defeat the 3 big bosses, the King issues a decree that whoever 
brings him 5 items will be rewarded with the next Castle. 

                  Objective: Find 5 items for the indolent King

    Yes, the five items you must find are completely random for each play 
through of story mode. I've had Panaceas and Vanishes on my two runs which are
easy enough to find. Although I've heard of such bizarre requests as Roadblock
Rocks, which are a little bit harder to come across. Some people get stuck in
this chapter due to what the King requests. But remember that there is an item
shop in the Lava Cave which holds some items that might not be available in 
the item shops on the normal map (at this point). Also, if you didn't already 
know this, you can go to your "View" option before you spin and scan around 
the map. Once you start scanning, you can stop on any weapon/magic/item shop 
and press the A button to check their wares. This is a extremely useful tool 
for finding exactly which item shop you need to head to. Although you're 
actually going to have to enter the lava cave to check the item shop there. 
>_< So the goal here is to play the role of delivery boy and hunt down these 5
items and shuttle them back to the King. Annoying, I know. But whoever 
completes this task first will be rewarded with the title to Yukon Castle. 

  ++ Extra Note on this item hunt: I recently was playing through story mode 
with some friends and we received the dreeded Roadblock Rock as the item of 
choice. It seems people have a hard time finding this one, and that's 
understandable (I did to). This item can actually be bought at the Item Shop 
in the Casino Cave. Yeah I know what you're thinking, "there's actually an 
item store there?" My sentiments exactly. ^-^


      |  ++ Chapter 4 ++  |

  -- If you made the effort of taking the 5 items to the King, you have a long
     ways to travel in order to get to the next continent. In order to get to 
     the next the continent of Llano, you have to first pass through the Lost 
     Forest. Once you're through there, you'll be in Llano and it's business 
     like usual. Oh, and one more thing, if you find yourself stuck way back 
     in Asiana, you can use the Warp space inside of the Spring Cave. Select
     Rio Temple from the menu and you'll be instantly transported to the 
     temple in Llano. If you have a guided warp, it does the same thing. 

  -- One other point of interest in Llano is the Daunting Mountain. This is 
     another optional area with some nice weapons, items, etc. to add to your
     inventory. Although I'd hold off on visiting this area at the moment, 
     you'll see why later.

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +
  ** Big Boss #1: 290,000
  ** Big Boss #2: 300,000

  ** Big Boss #3: 305,000


         Oh darn and blast, Pennys been kidnapped! Shocking, seeing how 
there's absolutely no security at Dokapon Castle. But regardless of that, Rico
Jr. has abscounded with Penny, it's your job to battle him and save the 

                          Objective: Rescue Princess Penny!

       In my experience, Rico Jr. always shows up in the Casino Cave. In case 
you don't know exactly where that is, it's on the continent of Halstatt. Once
you make it into the cave, Rico will be occuping an empty space, it's business
like usual in that you must land directly on that space. Once you do, you'll 
enter a battle with Rico Jr. 

      The thing with Rico Jr. is that, in a sense, he levels up with you. 
Meaning that, it's not exactly conducive for you to be leveling up like mad in
order to beat him. He'll always be about the same level as you, regardless of 
what you are. So... with that said, the one thing I can't stress enough when 
fighting him is DO NOT USE STRIKE! for some reason, Rico Jr. is programmed to 
always do Counter when you use Strike. I don't exactly understand the logic 
behind that but eh... Other then that, Rico Jr. likes to use his normal attack
for most of the battle, but if you deplete his HP far enough he more then 
likely will use Strike for his last turn. I've caught him with a counter on
numerous occasions, but it's not a guarantee (what fight is?). Anyways, don't
forget to use your skill if it's a useful one, and good luck. ^-^ After you 
beat Rico Jr. you have to escort Penny back to the King. Whoever does this 
task will be rewarded with the deed to Cusco Castle.   

   ++ Note: Whenever you beat Rico Jr. you have a chance of receiving the 
      Angel Wings from him. This is the item you need to get to the Castle in 
      the Clouds on top of Daunting Mountain. But even if you didn't get the 
      wings, or you lost them somehow, don't worry about it. Rico Jr. will now
      pop up in random fights, thus giving you additional opportunities to 
      acquire the Angel Wings.  


      |  ++ Chapter 5 ++  |

  -- Most of this chapter will take place on the small, snow covered continent 
     of Gunnbjorn. This area consists of 4 towns, a temple, and a castle. So 
     liberating towns in this section is usually a quick process; although 
     there are quite a few empty spaces with the paralyze effect on them. 
     Anyways, now the big monster quota is up to four, woo!

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +
  ** Big Boss #1: 455,000 
  ** Big Boss #2: 455,000
  ** Big Boss #3: 460,000

  ** Big Boss #4: 460,000


      After the big boss massacre, the King will be fretting over a ring. 
He starts talking about proving ones royal lineage and sends you out to find 
his Royal Ring.

                       Objective: Find the Kings Royal Ring! 

     The King sends you on yet another obscure errand. Apparently a monster
has stolen the royal ring and it's your job to find and defeat this monster. 
The King will tell you where the monster is located, and yes the area is 
completely random. Go to whatever area the King instructs you to go to and 
start landing on empty spaces. On average it seems that by about the third or
fourth fight you'll encounter a high level enemy. Usually the enemy will be a 
much higher level then the average monster level in that area, so it can be 
a fairly onerous battle if your stats are low. Anyways, once you defeat this 
monster, you'll get the ring. Now all you have to do is taxi it back to 
Dokapon Castle and claim your reward; the reward is the deed to Strom Castle.


      |  ++ Chapter 6 ++  |

  -- Chapter 6 is pretty straight forward, the objective the King gives you is
     fairly simple and there aren't too many suprises. Although, there is one
     issue that needs to be adressed. Starting with this chapter, you will
     probably start seeing enemies with skills capable of breaking your 
     weapons. Yes I know it's exceedingly frustrating when your weapon or 
     shield breaks mid-battle. But, there's not really anything you can do
     about it, sorry. ;_; Anyways, the continent you are looking for is called
     Aphrike and it's located just a few spaces away from Dokapon Castle. It's
     the large desert continent with the Pyramid on it.

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +
  ** Big Boss #1: 525,000 
  ** Big Boss #2: 530,000
  ** Big Boss #3: 530,000

  ** Big Boss #4: 530,000


      Once the big bosses have been vanquished, the King will call your 
attention to an artifact located within the Pyramid. There's some noise about
his legitamacy as King being uprooted due to this tablet, and it's your job 
to find the Demolition Man and bring him to the Pyramid to destroy the tablet.
Woo! political cover-ups abound!

        Objective: Find the Demolition Man, take him to the Pyramid, and 
                            destroy the Ancient Artifact.

   The Demolition Man will pop up on an empty space somewhere in Aphrike. Once
you land on the space he's occupying, you need to escort him over to the 
Pyramid. Once inside, head to the left and enter the B2F exit in the south 
east corner. Once you're down here, keep following the path north, and then 
head right when you get to the fork. The tablet is right up there, past the 
line of trap spaces, betwixt two white loot spaces. After the tablet is 
destroyed the King will award you with the title to Kalar Castle.


      |  ++ Chapter 7 ++  |

  -- You're almost there! this is the last continent of the game. Not the last
     chapter, but the last area to aquire towns in. Anyways, you should know 
     the drill by now. 

                        ~~ Objective: Defeat the Big Bosses ~~ 

 +  Cash prize for defeating Big Bosses. +
  ** Big Boss #1: 610,000 
  ** Big Boss #2: 615,000
  ** Big Boss #3: 620,000

  ** Big Boss #4: 620,000


     After that's done, Overlord Rico will arrive on the scene. Famous last 
words, "So, he wants all the dirt?" lol well at least the King has that 
tremendous beard going for him. Anyways, Overlord Rico appears in the Tower of
Rabble (nice little play on words) and it's your job to stop him. 

         Objective: Go to the Tower of Rabble and confront Overlord Rico

    The Tower of Rabble is in the northern section of Flinders. Before you 
head off there, I'd advise you to buy some crystals and spinners from the item
shop. This is partly due to the fact that it's actually rather difficult to
land on the Tower of Rabble space (well at least for me it was). Once you're 
inside the Tower, if you want to head right to Rico, take the 2F space that's
right next to the item shop in this first area. And just keep following this 
path to the 3F where you'll find him waiting. If you think you need some 
better weapons and shields, there is a very nice weapon store in the tower. To
get there, take either the south east or the north west 2F door. Next, take 
the hard to spot 3F door space in the north east corner of the 2F area. From
there, just follow the path to the store. There are also some nice locked box
spaces in the Tower, so if you have some magic keys on you, then don't
hesitate to open them. 

    Ok, as for Overlord Rico... he has a weapon breaking skill called 
Strikeout. It seems (in my experience) that he uses this more often if you are
using skills. Strikeout has a 50% accuracy rating so... if you see this 
happening you should start praying to Fortuna because it's nearly impossible 
to evade this. Anyways, just like with Rico Jr. do not use Strike at any 
time. Pierce seems to be a good Skill for this battle, but like I said before
if you use skills, he might start using Strikeout a lot. In the end, it's not
a terribly difficult fight, and Overlord Rico will not level up with you like
Rico Jr. does, so if you need to level up some or buy better weapons/shields 
before you fight him, then do so and it will probably make the fight much 
easier. Once you defeat him, he whines about not being able to use his powers
to their full extent and scampers off. For your efforts, the King will reward
you with the deed to Bathur Castle. 


      |  ++ Chapter 8 ++  |

  -- See you in Heck kids! lol hurray for E10+ ratings. Well, you've finally 
     arrived at the last chapter. It seems Overlord Rico has retreated to the 
     Underworld, but he's still reeking havoc on Dokapon. There are no big 
     bosses to attend to in this chapter, so your prime objective is to head
     to the Underworld and defeat Rico. It also seems that the location for
     the Overworld is completely random, I've had it pop up in Asiana and 

  -- Before you head off to the Underworld I'd advise you to at least be level
     60 or so. I'd also suggest that you invest in a few Magic Keys and 
     possibly some spinners if you have room in your bag. A decent weapon and
     shield are also suggested. Anyways, when you think you're ready, head
     over to the Underworld.   

        Objective: Travel through the Underworld and defeat Overlord Rico!

    First off, you'll notice that once you land on the Underworld space you'll
be required to have a Passport in order to enter. The cost for the Passport is
1/4 of your towns. That sounds a little steep, but it seems that the towns 
that you lose are your least profiting towns, so it's not that bad. Once you 
enter the Underworld, you'll have a large area full of empty spaces spread out
before you. If you scan around the area, you should see some blue flames 
occupying some of these spaces. In order to progress to the next area, you 
must engage one of these blue flames which will throw you into a battle 
against a clonus. The key here is to fight YOUR clonus, if you encounter 
someone else's clonus... well I guess you could be nice and fight it for them,
or you could give up. 

A neat little trick to finding your clonus is to have a field magic with you 
and then target each clonus. Don't cast it but select them and look for the
percentage rate at which your field magic will hit them. The key here is to 
find the clonus with the 60% rating, that one will be the one you want. 

Anyways, a clonus will have the same stats as you do, 
and yes you can use Strike on them, but be careful with that. Once you defeat
your Clonus you can head for the 2F exit over in the upper right hand corner, 
or you can stick around here and obtain some nice stuff from a few invisible 
locked box spaces. FYI, there's a really nice accessory called the Dokapon 
Crown on an invisible space near the middle of this section on a small empty
mound of earth. It's a little hard to spot, but it's one of the best
accessories in the game IMO. 

    The 2F consists of a pretty linear path and some tough enemies that drop 
some nice weapons/shields. But other then that, your main goal in here is to 
follow the path to the end and fight the boss on the last space. The boss here
is called the Demon's Guard and honestly, he's not all that hard. Just go 
about this battle like you would any other. For your efforts, you'll be 
rewarded with the Nihilist Sword.

    In the last section, you'll have some nice weapon and shield options if 
you have any magic keys left. There's also a secret locked box space right 
behind Rico that holds a very powerful sword (check the weapons section for
more info). Anyways, when you're ready, go and engage Rico for the final 

        ++ Overlord Rico ++

  It took me a few tries to figure out the do's and don'ts of fighting Rico.
First off, don't use Strike at all, and second, using skills seems to be 
counter productive against this guy. I was using the Afterburn skill but as 
soon as I'd use it, Rico would start using Strikeout every turn and eventually
he'd break my weapon, thus confirming my death. So, it seems like the best 
course of action is to stick to your Attack and Magic commands. Rico will 
normally do defend and attack on his turns, so if you're feeling lucky, go 
ahead and throw in some magic here and there. And one more note, when Rico 
gets low on HP he'll probably use Strike if you still have a decent amount of
HP left. So just be aware of that and don't be afraid to use counter if you
feel he's about to use his strike at the end. 

    Once you defeat Rico, you'll notice that any towns that are still 
occupied by monsters will now be given to you. A nice little bonus for beating
the game I suppose. ^_^ Now all the players will approach the King to receive
the results. There are some additional, bonus cash prizes, so without further 
                       ==      Bonus Cash!      ==    
  The amount of money you receive for each of these varies based on various
  factors that I'm not even going to begin to guess at. I used to think it was
  a fixed number at first but... nope. 

    ~~ Most Big Monsters Defeated

    ~~ The Person Who Saved the Most Towns

    ~~ Who The King Likes the Best 
      (The person with the highest Local Item Value)
    ~~ The Person Who Died the Most


   After this is over, the King announces who took 1st, 2nd, etc. and the game
will come to a close. The endings pretty standard if you beat the game with a
male character, but if you beat the game with a female... well let's just say
that some pretty interesting revelations about the King and Penny come to the
surface. ^.^ Honestly though the ending you get for beating it with a female
character is pretty amusing, probably not enough of an incentive to play
through the game again if you missed it, but still... it's pretty great lol. 

Well that's it, congrats!

Favors ................................................................. FAV88

    Favors only apply to story mode. During chapter 1 the King will ask you to
carry out the first favor for him. Needless to say, in order to progess to the
next favor you must complete the current favor on hand.  There are a total of 
six favors and most of them consist of hunting down objects and delivering 
them to Dokapon Castle. All that favors do is increase your Local Item Value 
(LIV), so when you see the King award you with a ton of extra bonus cash, that
money dosen't go directly to you. Instead, it goes into a seperate account
that will net you some bonus cash if you end the game with the highest LIV. 
This money never figures into your rankings, and you'll never receive any of 
this money for spending purposes. But... if you want that bonus reward at the
end of the game, doing these favors are the easiest way to acheive that. 

                              ~~ Favor #1 ~~

     ~~ Deliver some food to the King. The King will ask you to find a 
specific food item at a specific town. If you own this town, you need to raise
the town level to 3 and wait for them to produce the food you're looking for.
If you don't own the town, you can still steal the food item from it by 
attacking the town (of course the town still has to be level 3). Either way, 
once you have the food the King wants, deliver it to Dokapon Castle and you'll
receive your reward.
                                       ++ Reward: 180,000 to LIV ++

                              ~~ Favor #2 ~~

     ~~ Hunting Wabbits. Is it wabbit season already? ^.^ The King offends 
some animal rights activists and sends you on a mission to hunt down a wabbit
for him. The King will tell you at which location the wabbit he's looking for
can be found (it seems to be random). And it's your job to go to that area and
kill it. To do this, go to the specified area and start entering battles. 
Eventually you should encounter a wabbit, and they can actually be rather 
tricky to defeat. Wabbits will always use counter if you use strike so don't 
use it! They also love to use the "escape" skill that they have. This is 
exceptionally annoying since there's nothing you can really do about it. Use
your attacks and magic and hope that you either kill him in one move or he 
doesn't run in the first round. After you've defeated the wabbit, take it back
to Dokapon Castle for the reward.

                                 ++ Reward: A little over 300,000 to LIV ++    
                                            (sorry I forgot the exact number)

                              ~~ Favor #3 ~~

     ~~ The Dokapon Museum needs a new attraction. Seeing the Kings dialouge 
is both painful and relatively amusing. In the midst of his ebonic fueled 
sermon, the King will inform you that ne needs a rare lizard from the Lava
Cave to add to his failing museum. To find this lizard, head to the Lava Cave
that is located on the continent of Clovis. Once you enter the cave, take any
path you want except the north west path. Once you get to the B3F, you should
notice a red tree of sorts a few spaces down from the weapon store. All you 
need to do is land on the empty space right in front of the tree and you'll 
automatically receive the lizard. Now you have to trek all the way back to 
Dokapon Castle for the reward. 

                                      ++ Reward: 720,000 to LIV ++ 

                              ~~ Favor #4 ~~

     ~~ Find a rare flower for Penny. The King wants you to hike up the 
Daunting Mountain and find a flower for him to give to Penny as a birthday
present. Wow, nothing like having lackeys do all the work for him. First, you
need to head to the Daunting Mt. located in Llano. Once you're on the mountain
you need to start looking for an empty space that has a ring of white flowers 
surrounding it. It could be on any floor, so keep an eye out for it. Once you 
spot the space, land on it, and you'll receive the flower. Take it all the way 
back to the King and he'll add a nice boost to your LIV.

                                      ++ Reward: 2,060,000 to LIV ++

                              ~~ Favor #5 ~~

     ~~ The King never got around to neutering his dog Cash and now Cash wants
a mate. The King assigns you the task of looking for a suitable mate for Cash. 
Basically what you have to do is visit random castles and collect pictures of 
various female dogs. The problem with this favor is that you never know which
dog cash will be interested in. You just have to visit a few castles and hope 
that you have the right picture. Once you have the pictures you must deliver
them to Dokapon Castle. If you have the correct one, you'll be rewarded by the
King for your efforts. I can see how this favor can be a very long, onerous 
ordeal. As for me, I visited 3 castles, got the pictures (all in fairly close 
proximity to one another) and delivered them to Dokapon Castle. One of those 
happened to be the right pic so really, you don't need to collect every 
picture from every castle. Just stop by a few and hope that one of them is the 

                                 ++ Reward: Upper 2,000,000 range ++
                                    (sorry, forgot to record this one as well)

                              ~~ Favor #6 ~~

     ~~ This is the last favor, and instead of an item hunt, you actually have
to fight a boss of sorts. The King will receive a letter from Wallace, a 
lesser demon who enjoys taunting the King apparently. The King sends you out 
to confront Wallce and defeat him in combat. I'm fairly certain Wallace will 
pop up in a random location, but I only did this favor once and for me, he 
appeared in the Sunken Shrine. Regardless of where he is, all you need to do
is travel to that location and fight him. Again, it seems like you cannot use
strike against him, but other then that, he's not terribly difficult. Once you
defeat Wallace the King will grant you a staggering amount of money to be put
into your LIV.  

                                      ++ Reward: 3,540,000 to LIV ++

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Miscellaneous  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Special Event Characters and Their Functions ........................... SPE53
    Whenever you land on an empty space, there is a chance that you will 
encounter a special event character. Most of these characters have both 
positive and negative outcomes determined by factors out of your immediate 
control. Yeah, it boils down to dumb luck again. >.< Although, some of the 
characters are absolute goods and cannot screw you over in any way. Anyways, 
the character events are symbolized by an exclamation (!) mark appearing over
your head when you land on an empty space.

     == Roche ==
  ~~ You'll probably encounter this character the most frequently. Roche is a
     little girl in a pink bear costume? I'm not exactly sure what it is, but 
     whenever you see her she'll challenge you to a game of Roshambo (rock, 
     paper, scissors). If you lose she'll steal some of your cash, if you win 
     you'll get some money. Well, you'll only get money if someone has lost to
     her already. Roche basically accumulates money from characters that she 
     beats and whoever beats her first gets that money she's been banking. One
     more thing about Roche is that if you're in debt and you LOSE, she will 
     actually wave your debt and put you back at 0. 

    == Beggar Man ==

  ~~ For a beggar, the Beggar Man is quite the capitalist. When you see this 
     guy, he'll begin by asking for a sum of money (and usually a high one at 
     that). You can either decide to donate some cash to him or just take off.
     Here are the outcomes for both choices.

         ++ If you decide to pay him he'll either A. Disappear and take your 
            money with him or B. Transform into the Goddess of Generosity and
            give you a pretty nice item.

         ++ If you choose to not pay him he'll either A. Disappear with no 
            harm, no foul on your behalf or B. Transform into the Goddess,
            accuse you of being a greedy bastard and nail you with a status 
   ~~ Really, it's up to you what you want to do, if he's asking for way more 
      cash then you want to relenquish, then just pass him up. Even if you do
      get hit with a status ailment, it's usually a smaller price to pay then 
      the monetary amount he asks for. And the items you get for being 
      generous are good... but not great.

    == Risque the Bandit ==

  ~~ Risque pops up quite frequently as well, and this is generally a good 
     thing for the person who stumbles upon him. Risque will first ask you if
     you'd like for him to steal either an item, money, or a peice of 
     equipment from a rival character. If you don't want to, just say no and
     he'll just take off looking rather despondant. ;_; But if you say yes, 
     he'll let you pick the character you wish to rob from. Of course he 
     charges you for his services (hey, bandits have to make money to). 
     Pilfering an item is the cheapest, stealing money is next, and taking a 
     peice of equipment is the most pricey. Of course he could fail and then 
     you're out some cash, but if you feel like the risk is worth it, then by
     all means, go for it. Risques rate at which he steals items/money/weapons
     is dependent upon your characters current level, their spot in the 
     rankings (1st, 2nd, etc.) and what you choose to steal. Items being the 
     easiest things to pilfer and weapons being the hardest. But he usually 
     requests a small amount of money for his services, so IMO, it's 
     definitely worth it. 

    == Dr. Exiles ==

  ~~ This guy almost qualifies as an absolute evil. This shady looking guy is 
     most likely a self-proclaimed Dr. who had an internship with Reinaldo 
     Silvestre. Anyways, all Dr. Exiles does is take around 300,000 dollars 
     from you and split. Ocassionally, he will heal you, but considering the
     price he charges for his services... it's a blatent scam. ^.^

    == Leane the Village Girl ==   

  ~~ Besides being adorable, Leane is an absolute good. She provides you with
     the option of taking a food item to a certain town for a monetary reward.
     You can decline her offer but nothing negative can come from agreeing to
     taxi an item around for her. Leane will give you a random food item and 
     tell which town it needs to be delivered to. You can check the name of 
     the town any time by going into your bag and highlighting the item she
     gave you. The name of the town will be in the food item description. Now 
     if you take too long to get the item to the specified town, you will 
     either be rewarded less, or get nothing at all. The faster you deliver 
     it, the more cash you get. Usually the reward is quite nice, sometimes
     around 250,000 to 300,000. So, make sure you do these when you get the 

    == Mitch Digger ==

  ~~ "Hey I'm Mitch, Mitch Digger". ^-^ Stupid mole, you'll be suprised at how
      often you fail at his little spinner game. Basically when you see Mitch,
      he'll give you the option of giving him some cash to drill a hot spring
      in a random town that you own. Sometimes he'll even offer to drill near 
      a group of towns you own. The amount of money he asks for is usually 
      pretty reasonable, but the likelihood of him succeding is quite slim. If
      you give him money, he'll say that if his spinner lands on a certain 
      group of numbers, you win. More often then naught he'll have 2,3,4,5,6 
      as winning numbers and he'll constantly land on 0 or 1! It's absurd how
      often this happens, lol (I think Mitch rigs his game).  

    == Weber the Trickster ==
  ~~ Ah Weber, as creppy as a drunk uncle winking at you from across the room.
     You'll immediately notice this guys voice and either be disturbed by it
     or love it (or maybe a mixture of both). Anyways, this guy has four items
     that you run the risk of getting. Only one of them is technically a 
     "good" thing, although that's a matter of perspective. He'll give you one
     of these four things.

        A. Contract - You'll only get this if you're in last place, and it 
           lets you warp directly to the Dark Space. This could be a good
           thing if you've been itching to use the Darkling job. But even if
           you don't want to become a Darkling, you can just use it as a warp 
           item that will put you close the Dokapon Castle. 

        B. Blackmail - This devious little item acts as a game of hot potato 
           between characters. If you have a blackmail you can either give up
           half of your cash to pass it to another character or hold on to it 
           and die after a random amount of turns. You never know when the 
           Blackmail will activate and kill you. So, you can take a risk and 
           hold on to it for a few turns and force it on another person when 
           you think it's about to activate. 
        C. Big Bug - This is probably one of the worst things you can get from
           Weber. The Big Bug will be dropped into your item bag and will eat
           all your items and field magic. The only way to get rid of it is to
           let it eat all your items/field magics or just sell them all. Once
           you have nothing left, it disappears. 

        D. Nitroglycerin - I haven't seen this one very often, but it makes 
           your battles a little more interesting (for lack of a better word).
           If you have a Nitroglycerin, whenever you get hit in battle you run
           the risk of the Nitroglycerin exploding and causing massive damage
           to you. It seems like it will always leave you with 1 HP after it 
           explodes so it's not like an instant death or anything.

  ~~ Apart from the Contract, these items are here to annoy and frusterate;
     expecially the Big Bug. Try working really hard to get a Hero's Liscense
     and a Showticket just to have it sucked away by this bug. *sigh* 

    == Robo-Agent ==

  ~~ When you encounter the Robo-Agent, you'll have the option to spend a 
     large sum of money in order to hire this guy to assassinate a rival 
     character. If you have a grudge or a personal vendetta towards someone,
     this is a pretty effective way to get him/her killed. If you choose to 
     hire Robo-Agent, he'll turn into Robo-Sassin and set out on his mission
     of hate. Whomever you pick will then be targeted but... they'll only 
     encounter Robo-Sassin if they land on an empty space. His services last
     for one week, so if the person he's out to kill uses Vanishes or can 
     obstain from landing on an empty space for a week, then they should be 
     safe. I don't think it's actually possible to kill the Sassin but... 
     Robo-Sassin will sometimes (although rare) approach the character he's
     supposed to kill and give them the option of either giving him a lot of 
     they're money or fighting him. If they choose to pay him, he'll turn 
     right around and target the person who hired him! So much for being 
     reliable. >_<

    == Gutz the Blacksmith ==

  ~~ Gutz is a wandering blacksmith who can forge you some nice weapons or 
     shields for a price. If you choose to pay Gutz for his services he'll 
     either fail and walk away or make you a new weapon/shield. The weapon or
     shield you get will always be better then the one you have. But Gutz is 
     pricey and you do run the risk of him failing and you being out a lot of
     cash, so I guess it's just a judgement call. 

    == Kira the Merchant ==

  ~~ Kira is basically a drifting item peddler. The items she carries however
     are usually very rare and usually cannot be bought at your conventional
     item store. You can also sell items or Attack her if you want. And 
     there's nothing negative about her; unless you attack her and lose I 
     suppose. Anyways, Kira also will randomly sell Fasion Mags which give you
     access to different hair styles. These are pretty rare but they only cost
     100 gold. 

    == Tax Collector Musashi ==  

  ~~ I absolutely love this guys Boston accent, makes me laugh everytime. ^_^
     Musashi is a stork (I think) who will ask if you'd like him to collect 
     taxes from all your towns and deliver the money to you. Seeing Musashi is 
     always a good thing, but you don't get all the money he brings back. 
     Before he leaves, he'll take a cut of the money he procures for you. 
     I've seen him take anywhere from 30 to 70%, but either way, you're still
     making money. It's as if he's taxing your taxes, kind of like the IRS.

    == Alien Abduction ==

  ~~ While this is not really a character per say, it still functions on the 
     same premise. When this event happens, a UFO will swoop by, abduct you, 
     and take off. You'll have to wait until your next turn to see the outcome
     of the abduction. On your next turn, you'll return with either a +1 boost
     to all your stats or a -1 decline to all your stats. Although, I have 
     seen +2 and -2 stat increases and decreases, although this is exceedingly

What Happens When You Destroy a Friend/AI in Combat .................... WHA39  

    Or, pretentiously long title for an FAQ sub-catagory. This is pretty 
simple, once you kill one of your friends or CPU's in combat you'll be given a
list of choices as to what you'd like to do to them. So for the sake of 
creating more lists then necessary, here's a list of the options.

                                ~~ Rob ~~

    You'll probably be doing this the most, once you decide to Rob someone 
you'll be given 5 sub-categories to determine what you want to rob from them.
Although, if your opponent gives up, then there will be only 3 and the amount
you can rob is also lessened. So this first category is only pertinent if you
have killed your opponent.
            ++ Rob options if you've killed the other person ++

  ~~ Money: Take all their money. And yes it does go directly to your on-hand
            cash total. This is pretty harsh, especially if they've been 
            saving a lot of on-hand money.

  ~~ Equipment: Take a peice of equipment. You can choose from their weapon,
                shield, accessory, defensive magic, or offensive magic. 

  ~~ Items: Take all their items. 

  ~~ Field Magic: Take all their field magic.

  ~~ Town: Take one of their towns. The town you take automatically becomes 
           yours, it does not get re-occupied by a monster or become an 
           unclaimed town.
                 ++ Rob options if your opponent gives up ++

  ~~ Money: Take half of their cash. 

  ~~ Items: Take 3 items from their inventory.

  ~~ Field Magic: Take 3 Field Magics.

                                  ~~ Give ~~

     Next we have the Give option, this had me a little bewildered at first. 
But I eventually figured out that in order to use this option you have to 
qualify for a few pre-requisites. 

  ~~ Force your status effects on your opponent: If you have any status 
     ailments on your person, you can pass them on to your friend/AI. How 
     lovely of you. 

  ~~ Force Debt: If you're in the red, you can shovel off your financial 
     burden to your opponent.

  ~~ Force opponent to take cursed items: This is only applicable if you have
     items such as blackmails, big bugs, or nytroglycerin.

                                  ~~ Prank ~~

     If you're feeling altruistic you can elect to prank your humbled foe by
either changing their name, hairstyle, or drawing on their face. Although 
there is an option of nailing them with 2 random status effects, but this is 
only applicable if your facing an AI. 

  ~~ Name: Change their name. This is personally my favorite prank, it gives
     you creative liberty and it's hilarious (provided you come up with a good
     name change). 

  ~~ Hairstyle: Your opponents hairstyle is changed to one of the... less then
     flatering hairstyles. Actually I think there are only 3 hairstyles that 
     your opponent can get, there's either: Baldy, Sir Francis, or Poo. 

  ~~ Graffiti: Draw on their face. Ok you don't get to actually DRAW on their 
     face, this isn't Okami or anything. A random bunch of skribbles and marks
     will be placed on your opponents face.

                                 ~~ Forgive ~~

     Well, you forgive them and let them go. Only do this if you fear that the
person you've just killed will physically harm you if you do anything other
then let them slide. Or you're just nice to a fault I suppose.

Special Events (and mini-games) ........................................ WEE45

    At the beginning of every week there's a chance that a special event will
occur. These events can be either beneficial or qutie detrimental to your

    FYI: I've also included Green Jr's mini-game events that also occur at 
         the beginning of the week. Since they are a little different then the
         other special events, I put them at the bottom of this list in a 


  ~~ Harvest Festival: When this happens, random towns are picked and whoever 
     owns those towns will be rewarded with some money. Needless to say, the 
     more towns you own, the higher the chance of you being rewarded. 


  ~~ Paid Holiday: All shops close for a week. Yeah, this event sucks, and if 
     you're one of those people who fill their bag with spinners... well I 
     hope you stocked up the week before. ^-^ Although it only lasts a week, 
     so it's not as bad as it could be. 


  ~~ Paid Vacation: The towns people go on a vacation, meaning towns will not 
     be accessible for one week. This also means that you cannot liberate 
     towns for the week that the Paid Vacation event is happening. 


  ~~ Strike: All towns and shops will close for one week. This basically means
     you won't be making too much progress when this event occurs. Although 
     you could take this time to visit a dungeon or do some favors if you're 
     in story mode. 


  ~~ Drought: All your tax money disappears. This event doesn't discriminate
     and effects every character. All that happens is that all the tax money 
     in all your towns is wiped clean. Although more tax money will generate
     given time, so IMO it's not that bad.


  ~~ Bargin Sales: All shops will have a 40% discount on their wares. This is
     great time to go and buy some expensive weapons/shields/magics. Once
     again, this event lasts for a week.


  ~~ Thief!!: The "thief for equality" (who's identity is shrouded in mystery)
     will steal cash from random towns owned by the other characters and 
     give that money to the person standing in last place.


  ~~ Epidemic: When an epidemic strikes, the townspeople need your help (in 
     the form of monetary assests). You must donate money to your ailing towns
     to quell the epidemic. So obviously the more towns you have, the more 
     you're going to shell out. 


  ~~ Abnormous Disaster: Probably one of the worst things that can happen as
     far as special events go. During the disaster all the towns on a random 
     continent will go down one level, lose all tax money, and you must pay 
     more money on top of that to make up for their financial lose. Of course
     if you don't own any towns on that specific continent then this won't 
     affect you. 


  ~~ Chimpys Loose!: If you've ever seen the movie "Outbreak" you might have 
     an idea what's going on here. Rampant, disease ridden monkeys will be 
     occupying many of the empty spaces for one week. If you encounter a chimp
     you'll notice that they have very low stats except for their speed. But 
     the main goal of the chimpys is to inflict you with Z Plauge. All they
     need to do to inflict this is to attack you. The only thing that seems to
     cure Z Plauge is the Miracle Serum, which (for reasons unbeknown) the 
     chimpys actually have. Oh, and visiting the castle also works. Z Plauge 
     is like an amped up poison, it sucks your health away every turn and can
     actually kill you (unlike poison). Another interesting aspect of Z Plauge
     is that if you  pass by a rival character while you're afflicted with it, 
     you'll infect them with it.  


  ~~ Wabbit Explosion: Another interesting week long event that has wabbits 
     occupying many of the empty spaces. Wabbits do not have fixed levels and
     will usually be about one or two levels higher then you. They are quite
     difficult to defeat since they auto-counter and they love to use the 
     escape skill. If you do manage to defeat one, you get some decent exp. 
     and money and you run the chance of obtaining the Wabbit Shield or a 
     fashion mag that can only be obtained from the Wabbits.


  ~~ Hairstyle Fasion Show: I've only seen this happen twice, but it's  
     probably one of the more amusing events. At the beginning of the week,
     Karlie the Stylist and the King will announce a hairstyle "theme" and 
     you have one week to get a hairstyle that you think will fit the theme.
     Whoever wins the little hairstyle contest at the end of the week gets 
     some extra cash. If you're wondering where to get the different 
     hairstyles, most of them can be obtained from Kira the Merchant who will 
     pop up randomly on empty spaces. 


  ~~ Wallace is Here!: Ok, I have seen this happen one time so needless to 
     say, this is extremely rare. When this happens, a little purple demon 
     named Wallace will pop up in a random town and take it over. It's your 
     job to go defeat him before he jumps to another town. If you just leave 
     him alone he'll just keep taking over towns (as far as I know). But 
     Wallace is actually quite a challenge, so good luck defeating him. And 
     yes... he does have auto-counter. ;_; 

                          >>  Green Jr's mini-games <<


  ~~ XIII: When this occurs, Green Jr. will show up with his flexing men 
     sidekicks and have everyone participate in a little card game. All that
     this game consists of is blind luck. There are 13 cards, 12 of them have
     demon faces and one has an angel face. The goal is to find the angel 
     face. The person who does, gets a lot of cash but that money comes from 
     the other players, thus upping the stakes a little. 


  ~~ Dokapon Cards: Another card game but in this one you are trying to flip
     over pairs of cards. This should be a pretty familiar memory game to you
     but it does have a little added twist. If you are unfortunate enough to 
     turn over a bomb card, cards that are in close proximity to it will 
     explode and any point values on those cards will become null and void. So 
     if I had a pair and someone flipped over a bomb card next to at least one
     of those cards in the pair, I'd lose those points. The prize is more 
     money and a chance at some nice weapons, shields, magic, or items.


  ~~ Coliseum Battle: Green Jr. will drag everyone over to the coliseum 
     located in northern Asiana. All this does is pit you against your friends
     or CPU in combat. But... there is the issue of Compache that needs to be
     addressed. Compache is like Green Jr's hired muscle, the guy is near 
     impossible to defeat. In fact, I've never defeated him myself so I don't
     even know what you win if you beat everyone at the Coliseum. But not to 
     worry, even if you die in the Coliseum battles, you'll all just end up 
     outside the Coliseum on your next turn. And if you ended up using a 
     revive or a deathblock during battle, you'll still have them after 
     Compache destroys you. ^-^ Honestly though, if anyone has ever beaten 
     this guy I'll... put your name in a special "I defeated Compache!" 
     section or something lol.  


  If there are any special events I missed, just tell me and I'll be sure to
include them in an update.

Enemy Drops ............................................................ ENE14

   ... under construction 

Haircuts ............................................................... HAI93

   Well, I actually have a lot of work to do here so I'll just give you what I 
have so far. Anytime you visit the castle, you have the option of changing
your hairstyle by having Karlie the Stylist cut it for you. There are only 
three alternative hairstyles at the beginning of the game. So you may be 
asking yourself, "What's the point to this?" well... really there is none, 
apart from the hairstyle fashion shows (which are extremely rare anyways). So
I guess it's just there to provide you with some options if you get bored of 
your hairstyle and want something a little more... absurd. Anyways, most of 
your haircuts are obtained from Kira the Merchant, so I'm assuming that any 
Fasion Mags I don't have can be obtained from Kira. 


   1. Afro: (male only) - Get Fasion Mag #1 from Kira. Kira is a special event
                          character that will pop up on empty spaces at random
                          times. She'll sell you the Mag for 100 gold. 

   2. ????????

   3. Punk: (male only) - N/A

   4. Punk: (female only) - N/A

   5. Horror: (male only) - N/A

   6. Horror: (female only) - N/A

   7. ????????  
   8. ????????

   9. Samurai: (male only) - Obtain Fashion Mag #3 from Kira

   10. Geisha: (female only) - Obtain Fashion Mag #3 from Kira     
   11. Pompadour: (male only) - N/A

   12. Pigtails: (female only) - N/A

   13. ????????

   14. ????????

   15. ????????

   16. ????????

   17. ????????
   18. ????????

   19. Ducky: (male only) - Obtain Fashion Mag #7 from Kira

   20. Ducky: (female only) - Obtain Fashion Mag #7 from Kira

   21. Wabbit: (male only) - Fashion Mag #8 is obtained via a random drop by a
                             Wabbit. Wabbits only show up during the Wabbit 
                             Explosion event or during a favor for the King in
                             story mode.   
   22. Wabbit: (female only) - Fashion Mag #8, obtained from a Wabbit (same as 

   23. Baldy: (male only) - This style (and the next two) are prank hairstyles
                            that are passed to you by a rival character who 
                            defeats you in battle and decides to change your
                            hairstyle. They can also happen when you are 
                            killed by any other means.   

   24. Baldy: (female only) - Prank hairstyle.

   25. Francis X: (male only) - Prank hairstyle
   26. Francis X: (female only) - Prank hairstyle.

   27. Poo: (male only) - Prank hairstyle. AKA softserve ice cream haircut, 
                          hey, that's what it looks like to me! @_@

   28. Poo: (female only) - Prank hairstyle.

  I'm assuming Fasion Mag #1 (for females) and Fashion Mag 4,5, and 6 can be 
bought from Kira, although I could be wrong. If you've found any of these and
would like to e-mail with their location, I'd be very grateful. ^_^

Tips, Tricks, and More Information That You Require .................... TIP31

  This list of FAQ's, tricks, etc. is basically compiled from the gamefaqs
Dokapon Kingdom message board, and also from a few e-mails I've received. So 
I'll try to list everything in a coherent order... but I'm not making any 
promises. ^.^

   | Can you defeat a Darkling? | 

   ++ In a word... yes. Although it's not particularly easy by any means, 
      there are various methods through which you can legitimately defeat a 
      character who has changed into a Darkling. I say legitimately because 
      what's stopping you from playing a game by yourself with you controlling
      all the characters? Then it's a breeze to kill one in battle if you make
      the Darkling constantly use strike and your other character use counter.
      But where's the fun in that? Anyways here's some methods that can 
      potentially work. [credit goes to MasterPoker for this list]

      >> 1. Use a magic medicine, have some deathblocks and revives stocked 
            up, and make sure you have some nice skills that will hopefully 
            keep you alive. Some skills that will work here are Decoy, Play 
            Dead (the acrobats field skill) or a Harden+Bounce combo.

      >> 2. A plethora of Deathblocks and one of the following skills: Debug,
            Soul Fire, Copy, or even the ????? skill the Acrobat has. And no, 
            the ninja's Sneak Hit will not work on the Darkling... sorry. >.<
            Although if you can get Copy to work or Debug, I'd assume those 
            would be your most promising choices. 
      >> 3. A combo of Bounce or Super Bounce and the Binder shield. The only
            potential hazard with this is if the Darkling chooses to use 
            Delete. If you're facing one of your friends as a Darkling, then
            they'll probably just end up casting Delete until they break your

      >> 4. Death Call field magic. Field magic has only a 20% chance of 
            connecting with a Darkling but I was actually fortunate enough to
            have Death Call connect. As soon as it connected I ran to the 
            Spring Cave and hid, but for some odd reason, after about 4 days
            the Darkling had shaken the Death Call without killing me. I think
            this is due to the fact that he landed on a city with a monster 
            already on it and healed himself. This in turn also remedied the 
            Death Call effect I had placed on him. So this might not be the 
            best choice, but I suppose if you were really lucky, this might 

      >> 5. Deadly Dagger. It's a weapon with an instant kill effect on it. I
            don't actually know if this will kill a Darkling but... it just 

   | I'm so poor! How do I make money fast? |

   ++ Well there are a variety of methods to do this but... the tried and true
formula for making absurd amounts of on hand cash requires an Alchemist and 
hopefully the Magic Medicine item. 

    You'll need to first get the Alchemist job and level the job up to level
2; once that happens, you'll obtain the Alchemy skill. Now, in order to get 
Alchemy to work you need to get into a battle and use the skill. On your next 
turn, try to inflict as much damage as possible to the enemy. After you've 
beaten the enemy you'll net lots of extra cash thanks to Alchemy. Also, the 
higher the level of the enemies you're fighting directly correlates to how 
much extra money you make. 

The Alchemist also has a superb field skill 
called Duplicate. This skill will randomly duplicate any items or field magic
you have on hand. A way to capitalize on this is to find the item called Magic
Medicine. These are rather rare though, but they seem to pop up on item spaces
more frequently in Flinders or the Tower of Rabble. Magic Medicines sell for 
half of your current on hand cash, so if you've saved up a million dollars 
will Alchemy, then just sell a Magic Medicine for 500,000. And with 
Duplicate you might be churning out Magic Medicines at the rate of 2 per week
(if you're lucky). Regardless, even if you don't get any Magic Medicines, 
Alchemy by itself is still more then enough to net you some easy money. 

   | Tricks and other random information |

   ++ There's a small island with a tree on it just south east of Llano (the
      large continent in the south west corner) that has a little easter egg
      on it. Press view and look for this island, once you locate it, go ahead
      and press the 2 button on it. All this does is show you the credits and 
      a little message from Atlus. This is one of the few (perhaps only) 
      easter eggs/secrets in Dokapon Kingom. 

   ++ This next one is a personal observation, and purely subjective. It seems
      to me that the world map is modeled after planet earth. Even the 
      inhabitants of each continent fall in line with cultural stereotypes. 
      The "North American, Europian, Australian" sections all have those 
      chubby, wealthy old white men. The Asian section has an Asian sterotype 
      complete with fumanshu and robe. And so on and so forth, perhaps this 
      was evident to everyone upon opening up the world map for the first time
      or maybe I'm just completely insane and there's no correlation in the 

   ++ If you want to gain levels very quickly try defeating one of your 
      higher level friends or CPU in a battle. If the character you defeat is
      say... 8 levels higher then you, you'll gain 8 levels. So basically 
      whatever level the character you defeat is, is the level you'll be when
      you win. Pretty nice huh? 

   ++ Spinners, you should always have plenty of spinners in your bag. It's  
      sort of a tenet of Dokapon Kingdom that you always keep a stock of 
      spinners on your person.

   ++ Characters controlled by a CPU are suckers when it comes to Strike. Use
      it at the beginning of the battle and 9 times out of 10 they'll just do 
      defend. If you use it when your HP is low, they're more likely to 
      counter though.

   ++ Use the item "Vanish" to prevent yourself from being brutally murdered 
      by a Darkling. Vanishes can be found at most Item Stores.

   Well, that's all I have for now. If you have any other info. that seems 
relevent to this section, go ahead and e-mail me. 
Updates ................................................................ UPD29

    ~~Version 2.0: Yeah, I've got a lot of work to do, but my philosophy is 
                   that I figure you're better off with a limited guide right
                   now then you are with nothing at all (Apart from 
                   KainVermillions Class Guide). So yes I do plan on finishing
                   this, but extensive lists like Enemy Drops might not come 
                   to fruition (just based on the fact that I only have drops 
                   for about 40 enemies and about 76 more to go). But, it is
                   what is is... and if you want to contribute something (I
                   definitely need all the help I can get) I'll  give credit 
                   where it's due. 

    ~~Version 2.1: Added 4 more weapons, 3 shields, and the magic shop lists.
                   Tried to replicate a Pavlov experiment with my cat, got
                   bored, went to bed. 

    ~~Version 2.2: Made a few minor adjusments, added a few more 
                   weapons/shields, put in story mode walkthrough and the 
                   favors section. Also, added some very informative 
                   contributors to the credits section. Thanks for all the 
                   helpful e-mails! ^.^ 

    ~~Version 2.3: Wow sorry, I've been extremely lazy as of late. Well, not
                   so much lazy as busy with preparing for finals, work, 
                   practicing for my classical guitar gig, and playing Kingdom
                   Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. That last one dosen't really
                   count but... it is sucking up a lot of time lol. Curse you 
                   Kingdom Hearts for being so addicting! Anyways, all I've 
                   really added in this update is a few more minor adjusments,
                   the special character section, and that long titled 

    ~~Version 2.4: I'm calling this done for now, I never really obtained 
                   enough conclusive evidence for the Accessories so I'll 
                   probably get to work on that if I decide to add another 
                   update. And the Enemy drops?... well... I never obtained 
                   enough info. for that, sorry >_< (I might add it in later
                   though). Again, thanks for all the help, and while I know
                   Dokapon Kingdom might not be the most commercial/mainstream
                   affair, I figured it still needs an FAQ no? Anyways, 
                   goodbye for now. ^.^

    ~~E-mail me at: Knives72@hellokitty.com 

Credits ................................................................ CRE05

-- Atlus: For the obvious.
-- xmangaboyx981 for the Fairy Wand locus.
-- MasterPoker for various weapon locations and more indispensable Dokapon 
   knowledge then I'd know what to do with. 
-- Kroptik for reaffirming Silver Sword location. 
-- Elm for Exorcism Spear and Flambard locations.
-- Krazplay for his weapon/shield lists.    
-- Mr. Roark for many corrections/suggestions.  
-- Jazer and Kevin Rice for the Poison Fist location
-- GOT YA Jazer for being a douche. ^.^ j/k 
-- FattyWhale for the Dark Shield location.     
-- The Flying Spaghetti Monster for touching me with his noodly appendage.
-- I also thank pirates and grog and wenches. 

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