Why cant play with my Character in W/C.?

  1. I cant play with my Character in W/C.
    Hes created is that why??

    User Info: Ryder626

    Ryder626 - 11 years ago


  1. No it's not because he's created its because when you made your clothing for your cas you picke the wwe logo and used one odf those so if you take it of you'll be good for somereasons you just can't have that on online play

    User Info: bobnicksir17189

    bobnicksir17189 - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. You can use Created wrestlers online. However, if you use certain logos and tattoos (usually a message will pop-up saying you will not be able to use them online if you add tattoos/logos) for your created wrestler, you will not be able to use them online. But if you remove them, problem solved.

    User Info: KnightRay_X

    KnightRay_X - 10 years ago 0   0

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