How do you change targets in multiplayer matches??

  1. It is not specified in the tutorial section. I'm having problems in fatal four way and triple threat matches.

    User Info: burter11

    burter11 - 11 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. On the control pad for the wii remote (Above the A Button on the Wii Remote), press left or right on that control pad and you will see your character change its head toward another opponent.

    User Info: redxslash

    redxslash - 11 years ago 2   0


  1. Easy, press the Control Pad left or right to target multiple opponents. If you want to make it easier you can also turn on the Targeting Indicators on the Options menu or on the pause screen.

    User Info: sangrenueva718

    sangrenueva718 - 11 years ago 1   0

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