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Reviewed: 01/05/09

Unleash your inner beast...yeah right.

Wii owners, we've gotten the short end of the stick with many spin-off titles, while the 360 and PS3 get great games(Soulcalibur Legends anyone?). But not here. From what I've read/heard, the 360 game has terrible controls, camera...everything but the graphics, which far-surpass the Wii's. Now, onto the game.

Let's start out with the graphics: No complaint here...some of the best I've ever even seen the Wii put out(let's face it, the Wii isn't exactly top-notch in the graphics department). The Werehog looks a bit too detailed, like drawing fur on your skin with a Sharpie, but they're still pretty good. The environments are well-detailed, and the visuals are quite nice. I'd give the graphics a 8/10, because I'm pretty sure they could have been better.

Sound/Music: Nice. They've replaced the pop/rock from previous games with orchestrated music that is fast paced for the day stages, and slow for the night ones. However...every time you fight scores of repetitive enemies that really have no imagination put into them, music plays that doesn't really fit a fight...and it's the same no matter where you are. The only fighting music that seems to fit is when you're fighting a miniboss. It's epic, it's awesome, it's better than the boss music, which sounds like a ripoff of Donkey Kong. All in all, the sound is pretty good, but I kept hoping for a theme as good as the Sonic Adventure series'. 9/10

This is the part I've been dreading...Gameplay: Ok, let's start out with the good, the day stages. They're fast-paced, colorful...and a lot better than the Adventure games. So, you start out with the camera behind Sonic, like in Secret Rings, except this time you get to control his forward movement. The camera here is alright, but couldn't they make it just a bit farther away from the hedgehog? Anyways, after a while the camera shifts to a side view, and you're treated to a side scrolling level reminiscent of the blue blur's Genesis games. These stages are almost worth sitting through the night levels to get to them. Speaking of the night levels, Sonic turns into a "Werehog" and runs through stages beating up enemies...repetitive ones. The combat eventually gets tedious, and if you use the Wiimote/Nunchuck(which are really unresponsive), you'll be swinging your arms again and again, which will get tiring. The platforming is bad, the camera is nonexistent, and you'll be begging for these levels to be over. A 4/10, all because of the Werehog.

Story: The plot in this game is pretty complicated, as Eggman takes control of yet another ancient creature's power to control the world. So, Sonic must travel the globe, and stop Eggman. After traveling through 7 day stages and god-only-knows how many night ones, you finally reach the end, only to have Eggman come in with this menacing robot. Sonic then beats the robot, and You fall farther, where you fight Dark Gaia. Once you beat it, I'm guessing peace is restored, and blah blah blah. 3/10, because, let's face it, Sega need to get back to basics, and just stick to the plot of the old games, with only Sonic as a playable character.

The core of my frustration with this game comes mainly from the werehog levels, but also from some of the bosses. The final fight with Dr. Robotnik was odd, as I had no idea how to hurt him at first. After a while, I finally figured it out, and the battle became incredibly easy. Eventually, I get dumped into a Rockem Sockem Robots style fight with Dark Gaia. After 20 or so tries, I finally am able to beat him, using the only opening you get(his double punch) to attack. The battle went painfully slow, and after the fight, I controlled Sonic as he made his way over to the beast's eyes and rammed into them. After that, I had to fight Dark whatever as Super Sonic. This was odd, as after I destroyed two parts of Diablo's purple cousin, I could not lock on to destroy any more. The main downfall was, that when I was hit with 15 rings left, I died. I guess this is like the Sonic Adventure 2 Super Sonic, where you run out of rings. Could have told me that, Sega. So.. I have yet to beat the game, and I doubt I ever will.

Yes, I know this review was poorly written, so sue me. When Sega finally makes a game about the Blue Hedgehog and nothing else, let me know.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Sonic Unleashed (US, 11/18/08)

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