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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 01/10/04 ChandooG 0.0 282K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 04/19/03 CrankyMonkey675 91K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 12/28/11 cvxfreak 3.3 192K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 09/08/03 Desert eagle 1.8 215K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 10/04/03 DjSiXpAcK14 2.1 213K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 04/15/03 Kodos86 1.0 68K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 06/02/04 kylohk 1.5 201K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 06/07/03 Minesweeper 1.5 211K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 10/19/05 Muchitsujo 1.1 278K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 03/19/03 Myke Final 127K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 07/11/03 punishment 01 2.5 143K
FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 03/15/03 RipperRoo9 3.01 85K
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough (GC) 11/24/02 JTrost 12K
FAQ (GC) 11/21/02 JTrost 1.7 27K

Demo FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (GC) 09/20/03 cvxfreak 0.4 27K

Maps and Charts

Dam Power Solution (GC) 3/16/03 N_freak 13K
Facility Basement Map (GC) 12/4/17 DEngel 15K
Factory Map (GC) 12/4/17 DEngel 11K
Laboratory Map (GC) 12/4/17 DEngel 19K
Train Map (GC) 12/4/17 DEngel 15K
Training Facility Map (GC) 12/4/17 DEngel 29K
Treatment Plant Map (GC) 12/4/17 DEngel 25K

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