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Guide and Walkthrough by LinkGanonSlayer

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 05/24/2008

By: LinkGanonSlayer

Version History

Version 1.02 - May 24, 2008
- Minor updates to legal and closing sections.

Version 1.01 - May 16, 2008
- Minor update to the legal section.

Version 1.0 - May 14, 2008
- The guide is now completed to the end of the game.

Version 0.7 - May 13, 2008
- The Guide is completed up until you open the second Chest of Memories.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Walkthrough
	i. Meeting Enril 
	ii. Slipstream
	iii. The First Memory Chest
	iv. The Second Memory Chest 
	v. The Third Memory Chest 
	vi. The Final Memory Chest
	vii. Magmok
IV. Legal Stuff
V. Contact Information
VI. Closing

I. Introduction

Hello, I'm LinkGanonSlayer and this is my FAQ/Walkthrough for the WiiWare game
LostWinds, available on the Wii Shop Channel for 1000 Points. LostWinds is a 
fairly short game (my playthrough while writing this guide was completed in 
3:22), but it's well worth what you'll be paying for it if you decide to 
give it a try.

II. Controls

LostWinds utilizes the Wii Remote and Nunchuk control scheme. Here are some
basic controls taken from the game itself.

Pointer- Point at screen to draw different winds and collect items
A Button- Cast Gust or Vortex/Select
B Trigger- Cast Slipstream/Cancel
Minus (-) Button- Get a hint from Enril
Plus (+) Button- Display the pause menu
Up or Down on Directional Pad- Zoom Camera in/out
Control Stick- Move Toku
Z Button- Perform action

III. Walkthrough

As of now, this is just a pure walkthrough to complete the game. LostWinds's 
single sidequest (Collecting Totem Poles) doesn't seem to have much of an out-
come anyway. Here are a few hints before we get started.

-If you're low on health, look for fruit. It completely restores your life.

-Move Enril (the pointer) over the small blue things that appear when you stir 
things up with the wind. If you die, these can be used to bring Toku back to
life if you frantically move the pointer over him.

-Most enemies can be defeated by slamming them into the ground.

-Rocks controlled by your wind can hurt if they happen to hit you.

-Damage caused by falling can be prevented by moving the pointer under Toku 
repeatedly before you hit the ground.

-Gust seems to work better if you draw straight lines.

-A second player can control a separate wind with another Wii Remote, sort of 
like Super Mario Galaxy's single player co-op.

i. Meeting Enril

You'll start in front of a large tree that reminds me of a Guardian Sapling 
from the game Okami. Move the pointer around Toku to wake him up, then start to
move right and you'll automatically climb up the ledges that are in your 
path until you reach the next screen.

Keep moving right until you reach the bridge. It'll break and you'll fall into 
a cave. Head right again and jump off the ledge. Get close to the small gem in 
the background and pick it up using the Z button. You've found Enril, and this
triggers a cut-scene.

Afterwards, you'll gain the power of =Gust=. You can use it with the A button 
and pointer. Play around with it a bit; it takes a little bit of practice to 
get used to.

Now, head right and gust up onto the platform. Blow the fruit down and eat it 
Z (it restores your health if it's lower than maximum. Gust right to the next 
two platforms, then left to the next two. Carefully gust left until you've 
reached the other side, then keep gusting left until you reach the "Poyak". It
will swallow you, then you can gust it to be launched upwards, where you can 
gust yourself onto the next platform.

Head up, gusting yourself to the platforms until you can go left again. When
you can, jump into the hole and wave the pointer across Toku to slow his fall.
If you mess up and get hurt, there's fruit at the bottom. Now, keep heading 
left to the next screen.

Keep moving left, then gust onto the pressure pad in front of the shrine. Gust
through the wind wheel at the top to trigger at cutscene and gain increased 
power for your gust technique. Now you can gust several times in the air in 
order to reach higher places. Gust back up to the right, then head back to the
previous screen.

Go right until you reach the area where you met Enril. A few enemies will be 
in the area now. To defeat these "Glorbs", just gust them into the air and
slam them back down with another gust. It's simple. After you've taken care 
of them, start heading right again, gusting up as you go, until you reach a 
small sapling. Splash it with water using gust and it will grow into a Poyak,
which you can use to reach the area above. Kill the Glorb, gust over the hole, 
then head out of the cave to the right!

ii. Slipstream

Now that you're out of the cave, start going right and speak to the people if 
you want, until you reach the next screen. Keep heading right here and you'll
find a "Melodia Statue" which you can use to save by pressing Z in front of it.

Head right again and you'll find an old man named Deo. Speak with him for a 
cutscene. Afterwards, head right to the next screen. Keep moving right and 
gust up to the remains of what seems to be a broken stairway, then gust up and
right to the next platform. Keep heading right and you'll reach a man. Talk to
him, the gust over his ruined shop and keep going right. Keep moving right 
until you can gust up and to the left, and do so. Now, keep gusting up and left
until you reach a man with a telescope who is standing in front of a windmill.
This is Notea. Speak with him for a cutscene. 

Afterwards, head back to where Deo is, talk to him, then keep moving left to 
the screen that you exited the cave into. Here, stick to the lower path all the
way to the next screen. Keep left and gust across the chasm. This is where you
fell into the cave at the beginning of the game, so try not to fall in. On the 
next screen, keep moving left until you reach a save point, then gust onto the
tree branches to the left and on to the other side. When you can't go any 
further right, start gusting up and left again. Soon, you'll reach another 

Head left and you'll meet a new type of enemy. They look kind of like birds I 
guess. Slam them down, gust them up, and slam them down again to turn them into
a regular glorb, which is easily taken care of. When you've beaten them, go 
left to the next screen.

Keep left and you'll reach a spherical rock. Gust it down and to the right, and
keep it with you. When you reach a hole covered with vines, use gust on the 
torch to burn said vines. Take the rock down the hole with you and then gust it
over the platform to the left. Follow it then gust it onto the pressure pad to
open the door. Finally, powerslash...err, gust the red vine thing and quickly 
gust up and left to the next screen.

Jump down and activate the shrine to gain the power of =Slipstream=. Now, using 
the B button, you can create set paths for wind, fire, water, and other things.
Gust up and left, then draw a Slipstream line from the torch to the vines, thus
clearing the path and allowing you to move forward. Pick up the plant, then 
gust off to the right before drawing a Slipstream line from the plant to the
far right ledge, allowing you to exit the way you came in.

Head right to meet a new enemy, who spawns glorbs. To beat it, draw a slip-
stream line of fire to it, grab it by holding Z, then gust upwards to pull it 
out. After that, Slipstream burn the vines to the right and head that way. 

Gust the smoldering torch to activate it, then burn the vines. Keep moving 
right until you reach two torches. Draw a slipstream line from the burning one 
to the inactive one, then use the now lit torch to burn the vines to the right. 
Here, burn the Poyak to make a seed, and pick up the seed with Z. Head back 
left until you reach some brown soil that you can plant the seed in. Do so with 
Z, then slipstream water from the left onto it to grow a Poyak. Use this Poyak 
to gust up, then head right past the three glorbs until you can fall down. When 
in view of a lit torch, slipstream fire to the inactive torches until you have 
one that can reach the vines on the top right. Head that way and exit the cave.

Activate the smoldering torch, burn the vines, then head right and save. Go
to the top right of this area and burn the vines, then head right. Use the 
plant to float down, then go right to the next screen. Now, head back to where 
Notea was.

iii. The First Memory Chest

Notea isn't here, but you get a hint as to where he is at. Just keep moving 
right until you reach a new screen. Once here, go down at the first opportunity
and save when you reach the bottom. Head right and you'll find Notea here. 
Speak to him, then use slipstream fire to light the wood on the ground and then
the torch above the door to the right. Once it opens, head right to enter yet
another cave. 

In here, keep heading right until you reach a rock. Gust it along with you, and
now head down and to the left until you reach a pressure pad, which you should 
place the rock onto. Once the door opens, head left.

After a cutscene, head left and use slipstream fire to light the two unlit 
torches. When a chest appears, hold Z and gust upwards to open it. After another
cutscene, head back to the right.

Keep heading right, and gust yourself into the mushrooms to bounce up until you 
can head left again. Move left until you can exit the cave. From here, go back 
to where Deo is.

iv. The Second Memory Chest

Once you reach him, speak to Deo for a cutscene. Then, head left to the next 
screen and take the top left exit of this screen. Now, fall down to the left 
and slipstream burn the vines to the right. Head right, into the old mines.

Here, gust to the right until you reach a small switch on the ground. Hold Z
and gust upwards to activate it, then head down, start the smoldering torch, 
and use it to burn the vines to the left. 

Continue down, ignoring the pressure pad, until you reach a save point and a 
rock. Save if you want, then gust the rock back up to the pressure pad and head
through the door to the left when it opens.

In this room, head down and activate the shrine like the other two you've 
already gained powers from. After a short cutscene, you'll gain the power of
=Vortex=. Gust a circle around things to keep them afloat in the air, then
gust them in a direction to send them flying with great force, to break down
wooden doors and other things.

Head left and gust this strange ball near to the large crystal, then create a 
Vortex around the ball. It will resonate with the crystal, causing it to 
shatter and allowing you to continue left. There's a door here with a small 
crystal in it. Do the same thing, cause the ball to resonate with the crystal
to open the door and open the path to the next room.

Here, there's a new enemy. A sort of...enemy crab. To be declared victor of 
this crab battle, gust it up into the air, then use a Vortex on it, followed by
a swift gust into the ground, which will change it into a couple of Glorbs.

After that, head left, and eat the fruit if you need to. Then, cast a Vortex 
on to the rock and gust it downward into the cracked floor below. If done 
correctly, the floor will shatter. Head down now, and take the rock that you
pass with you. Take care of the bird enemies and bring either the fruit or 
the rock with you. Strangely, the fruit can actually take down the wooden
door ahead with the same type of Vortex move that you've been using on crabs
and crack floors. Kind of weird if you ask me. Anyway, after you've Vortexed 
the door down, head right into the next room.

Jump down the hole in the floor and head right. Use the crab enemy (or the
fruit) to blast the wooden door down with a vortex. Head up, and use the fruit
to vortex the door down. Step on the pressure pad to the right, then gust the 
Resonance Ball down the trap door that opens. Head left, then down and to the
right and take the fruit with you to break down another wooden door. You could
go down and bounce the rock up for use with breaking the door but why, when

Anyway, head past the door and start moving up until you can go left to a 
pull-switch activate it (Z and gust upwards), then retrieve the Resonance Ball
and start heading up with it. Use it to break the crystal on the right (the 
room past the left one contains a totem if you need to know) then head right to 
the next room.

Kill the Glorbs, then use the Resonance Ball to break the crystals blocking 
your path. Keep it with you and head right, save, then use the ball to open
the Crystal door. Afterwards, head right to the next room.

Pull the switch and head down. Use the crab enemy to break the wall to the 
right, then keep going right and step on to the right pressure pad. Slipstream
burn the Poyak, then gust the seed upwards and to the left, above the other
trap door. Then, step on the left pressure pad and the seed should fall down
to you. Take it along and head back left.

When you can, gust up and to the right and keep going up until you reach a bit
of soil, where you should plant the seed. Use it to gust yourself up and to the
right, where you should head into the next room. --->

Start the smoldering torch and use it to burn the Poyak. Take it up with you 
and plant it in the bit of soil to the left, then use the new Poyak to gust up
to the Resonance ball. Take it back down where you burned the first Poyak, then 
head right and use the ball to break the wooden wall with a Vortex. Use the
Poyak here to gust it over the wall, then head over it yourself. Shatter the
crystal using the resonance ball here, then head right and when you reach a 
dead end (watch for the crab), start Slipstream burning the torches until you
can reach the plant on the left with a flame. Take the seed and take it 
where it can reach sunlight (the first patch of soil you burned a Poyak at in
this room). Pick up the new plant, and use a combination of Slipstream and gust
to reach the area in the top right. Head right here, and use three well timed
gusts to the right to get across and head right into the next room.

Here, head all the way down to the pressure pad, lighting the torches along 
the way using Slipstream fire. Gust the rock onto the pad after stepping on it 
to open then door, then head through the open door. Use one of your lit torches
to burn the vines with Slipstream flame, then head left into the next room.

In here, head left then up and to the right to enter a different point in the 
same room as before. Gust across to the pull-switch, activate it, then head 
down into the trap door that it opened. Leave the plant at first, and head
right. This new enemy can steal the flower from you, so you should defeat it 
first. To do so, gust over it, and when it tries to bite you, cast a vortex 
around it then gust it into the ground. Kill the resulting glorbs, then go back
to the plant and use it to slipstream up and to the right.

Finally, the second chest. Hold Z and gust upwards to open it. Afterwards, head
right to wind up in the same room where the first chest was opened. From here, 
just exit the cave like last time and head back to Deo!

v. The Third Memory Chest

Once you reach Deo, speak with him. He'll tell you the locations of the last 
two chests. After a bad pun, you'll recieve the =Jumbrella Cape=. You can use
it with Z to slow your descent as you gust around. You can also use it with
Slipstream, similarly like the plants you've used earlier.

After that, head left to the next screen. Keep heading left, and bring a rock
along with you when you pass one. When you reach the entrance to Wither Falls,
you'll have to Vortex it open using the rock. When it's open, head left to the
next screen.

Continue left over the fixed bridge to the next screen. Head up and left and 
use the same cave entrance as you did to enter the Slipstream dungeon earlier.

Right as you enter, Slipstream cape your way upwards through the small hole. 
Move left a bit, then bounce on the mushroom upwards and start cape-streaming
your way up, following the right wall. When you reach the top, take out the 
enemies and head right to the next screen.

Keep heading right. Yeah, that's the chest already. That was a lot shorter than
the path to the second chest, huh? Anyway, once you open it, exit the cave the
way you came in and head back to Deo. Already.

vi. The Final Memory Chest

Speak with Deo, then head right to the next screen. Keep going right, up the 
broken stairway. When you pass the ruined herb shop, head down and to the left
and bring along the rock on the ground as you stick to the bottom path and
go right again. Use Vortex along with the rock to break down the wooden 
barrier, then enter the Abandoned Village to the right.

Here, head right and pick up the plant if you want. Keep moving right while
going down, and when you reach a dead end, use the plant or cape along with 
slipstream to make your way up, past the enemy that can eat Toku, then
up and to the left past the crab enemy. Now, gust off the edge, then guide Toku
(using the cape) with slipstream around the protruding edges and up to land on
a backwards L shaped platform. This might take a few times to get right, so
don't worry if you fall. 

From here, gust up and to the right, then keep heading right to enter a new 
room. Head right, then down past the glorb spawning enemy and crystal until you 
reach a rock and a wooden barrier at the bottom. Use Vortex and the rock to 
break the barrier, then head right until you reach a pull-switch and a crab 
enemy. Pull the switch, then head right again until you reach another wooden
barrier. Use Vortex with either the crab enemy or a REGULAR GLORB to break the 
barrier, then head back left a bit until you can go up and to the right.

Keep moving up, and stay in view of the right wall until you can see a 
Resonance ball along with a smoldering torch. Gust the torch, then use Vortex
on the ball to break the cracked floor below it. Then, slipstream burn the 
vines below and gust the Resonance ball down the hole.

Head back to the wooden barrier that you broke on the bottom right. Step on the
pressure pad to the right, then gust the Resonance ball through the now open
door. Go up to it, and take it with you up and to the left. Pass the group of 
enemies, the use the Resonance ball along with vortex to break this wooden 
barrier. Then, take it along down and to the left, until you reach the crystal.
Use Vortex on the ball in the air near the crystal, the path to the final chest
will be shattered open. Open the final chest to release Deo's last hidden 
memory. Then head right, then up and to the left back the the previous screen.

Go left until you can fall down, then exit the Abandoned Village to the left 
and return to Deo.

vii. Magmok

Speak with Deo for a cutscene. Then...


This guy has two basic attacks. First, he'll usually slam one of his hands into
the ground. When he does, draw a line of slipstream fire to the glob of glorbs
on the top of his hand, then jump on top of it, press Z, and gust upwards to
pull it out. Repeat this for both hands. Be sure to take care of the glorb that
flies out of the glob first; it can stop you from pulling it up. His second 
attack is to stick his head out and make glorbs fall on the ground. Use this
opportunity to slam him with a Vortex using the rock that's on the ground. Once
you've taken care of the hands and hit him in the head with a Vortexed rock 
twice, he'll fall over and reveal a glob on the back of his neck. Slipstream it
with fire, then pull it up to completely defeat him!

Well, you didn't really defeat him, but you did remove him from the control of
those Glorbs. Afterwards, he'll return Deo's power and after a cutscene...

To be continued...

So yeah, that's the end. Hopefully, the next installment will be released soon.

Congratulations, you've beaten LostWinds! 

V. Legal Stuff

This entire document is (C) 2008 LinkGanonSlayer. All trademarks are property 
of their respective owners. This may be not be reproduced under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any 
web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

The following websites have permission to use this FAQ.


V. Contact Information

If you see a mistake in the guide, want to add to it, or want to use it on your
site, email me at kefka_xvi@yahoo.com. Be sure to include "LostWinds FAQ" or 
something in the subject line.

VI. Closing

As of now, the guide is complete. Thanks for using it, and I hope it helped you
get through the game. I won't be posting the locations of the "Melodia Idols" 
here, as they can be found on another guide located on the FAQs section of
LostWinds's GameFAQs page. So, bye, and thanks for using this guide!


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