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Guide and Walkthrough by gorgonseye

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/21/2010

                         Death Jr: Root of Evil
            "Are you embarrassed by the size of your evil?"


Version 1.01  Fixed minor mistakes. 2/7/10
Version 1.00  Full walkthrough with part locations. 1/21/10

Table of Contents

To jump to a section, just hit CTRL-F and type where you want to go.

1. Introduction....................................[DJR1]

   A. Controls.....................................[DJR1A]
   B. Melee Attacks................................[DJR1B]
   C. Weapons......................................[DJR1C]
   D. Modes........................................[DJR1D]
   E. Difficulty Modes.............................[DJR1E]

2. Walkthrough.....................................[DJR2]

   A. Episode 01: Morning Woods....................[DJR2A]
   B. Episode 02: The Root of Evil.................[DJR2B]
   C. Episode 03: Grave Mistake....................[DJR2C]
   D. Episode 04: Lost Toys........................[DJR2D]

   E. Boss Challenge: Billy Galaxy.................[DJR2E]

   F. Episode 05: The Rendezvous...................[DJR2F]
   G. Episode 06: The Sanctuary....................[DJR2G]
   H. Episode 07: Llama Farm.......................[DJR2H]
   I. Episode 08: Uncle Sam's Secret Syrup.........[DJR2I]
   J. Episode 09: Crash Landing....................[DJR2J]
   K. Episode 10: Trippin on Waffles...............[DJR2K]

   L. Boss Challenge: Louie the Llama..............[DJR2L]

   M. Episode 11: Saw Mill Showdown................[DJR2M]
   N. Episode 12: This Time It's Personal..........[DJR2N]
   O. Episode 13: Remember Where We Parked.........[2DJRO]
   P. Episode 14: Root It Out......................[DJR2P]
   Q. Episode 15: Come Soil Away...................[DJR2Q]
   R. Episode 16: Root of Evil.....................[DJR2R]

   S. Boss Challenge: Fits of Furi.................[DJR2S]

3. Addendum........................................[DJR3]

   A. Melee Attacks................................[DJR3A]
   B. Weapon Parts Locations.......................[DJR3B]
   D. Contact Information..........................[DJR3C]
   E. Copyright Information........................[DJR3D]

[DJR1] Introduction

Death Jr: Root of Evil is a platformer that came out for the Wii. You control
Death Jr., Pandora, or team up with a friend and play both as you battle your
way through 19 levels (16 episodes and 3 boss challenges).

[DJR1A] Controls

A: Jump
B: Melee Attack (Scythe for Death Jr., Bone Whip for Pandora)
Z: Hold Z and press B to use your Ranged Attack (Twin Guns for Death Jr.,
   Tommy Gun for Pandora at first - gain new weapons later).
C: Center the camera behind you.
-/+: Change the camera angle (-: looks left; +: looks right)
1: Option Screen
2: Status HUD
<--/--> (d-pad): Switch between your ranged weapons.

Hover Jump: Press and Hold A to jump and slowly descend.
Ledge Grab: Jump (A) and Press B near the edge to lift yourself up. You will
            need to combine this with the hover jump in later levels.
Zip Line: Jump (A) and Press B near a zip line to ride along it. (Rope Slide)
Rafter Transfer: Jump and hold A (or press B) to latch onto rafters that will
automatically jump after one swing.
Wall Jump: Jump on the side of a wall to jump again. Continue jumping from
wall to wall to get to the upper level (only certain areas-called the Chimney

[DJR1B] Melee Attacks

The basic melee attack is the scythe for Death Jr. and the bone whip for
Pandora. You can unlock special moves for your melee attacks by collecting
orbs: yellow orb (1), orange orb(10), yellow pod(50 yellow orbs). You will
easily gain all of the melee attacks by regularly playing through the game;
however, if you want to unlock them earlier, you can replay any episode you
have completed and the orbs you gain are cumulative.

There are 5 different special melee attacks you can earn for each Death Jr.
and Pandora (although titled differently, Death Jr. and Pandoras attacks are
basically the same). A detailed list of the special melee attacks is found
in the Addendum.

[DJR1C] Weapons

Throughout the game, you will pick up parts to make new weapons for yourself.
These offer a ranged or specialized attack to complement your melee attacks.
A more detailed list of the weapons, their parts and their locations is found
in the Addendum.

Death Jr
Twin Pistols (default)
Flaming TP Launcher
c4 Hamsters

Tommy Gun (default)
Freeze Gun
Shiny Sparklies


Rocket Launcher
Electric Gun
Proximity Gas Mine

[DJR1D] Modes

The Character select screen functions as 3 slave slots. You can choose to play
as Death Jr., Pandora, or you can play multiplayer with a friend. You can
also replay the cut-scenes from the game after you have beaten it once.

*Death Jr
*Multiplayer: Play with a friend as both Death Jr. and Pandora.
*Movies: Replay cut-scenes from the game, storyboards, etc.. Unlocked by
 beating the game once.

[DJR1E] Difficulty Modes

There are four difficulty modes:

Lively  (Easy)
Healthy (Normal)
Sickly  (Hard)
Deathly (Very Hard): Unlocked by beating the game once on any difficulty.

No matter what difficulty is chosen, the game uses the same number of enemies.
The major difference between the difficulty modes are that enemies are faster/
more aggressive, have more health and do more damage. In the lower difficulty
modes, you will never really have to worry about running out of ammo whereas
in deathly mode there are several sections where you will have to be smart
with your ammo usage. You do not receive anything for beating the game in
Deathly Mode.

[DJR2] Walkthrough (Normal Mode)


Although there are some obscure paths, for the most part this is a very linear
game. Collect the orbs in each episode to gain special melee attacks: yellow
orbs(1), orange orbs(10), yellow pods(50). There are many checkpoints in each
episode. If you die, you will restart at the last checkpoint (you will not
lose orbs you collected). You can go back and replay any episode that you
have completed (in case you missed a weapon part).

Glowing Pumpkins provide you with more health. Ammo boxes provide you with
more ammo. During Mini-Boss fights at end of the level/Boss Challenges, the
glowing pumpkins and ammo boxes will reappear after a set amount of time.

Death Jr.'s best all-purpose weapon is the TP Launcher.
Pandora's best all-purpose weapon is the Shiny Sparklies.

Enemies can be separated into several groups: melee attacker, ranged attacker,
melee and ranged attacker, tower (stationary unit with a ranged attack), and
explosive (will explode once it gets near you or hits you). One enemy, Pod
Plant, spawns other enemies. Very few enemies use both a melee and ranged
attack; however, those that do are usually the more powerful enemies.

*Destroy Towers/Pod Plants first from far away (use the rocket launcher or
other ranged explosives for the Pod Plants; most of the towers can be easily
destroyed with your default guns).

*Explosive enemies should be destroyed using your guns (default is fine; later
in the game the freeze gun/shiny sparklies also work well).

*The weakest enemies show up in the greatest number - the shotgun deals with
them quickly.

[DJR2A] Episode 01: Morning Woods

Episode Enemies
Mushroom Men
Plant Bats

This is a tutorial level where the game will explain the controls as you
encounter a need to use them. Start by just following the path and collecting
yellow orbs (when you get near they will be drawn towards you). Your first
encounter will be 4 Mushroom Men. Use your melee attacks to defeat them. You
will be in an open area with a ledge on your left.

First, go to your right and follow the path to a Yellow Pod. Destroy the
Yellow Pod to get 50 yellow orbs. Then go back and jump on the ledge to your
left, jump on the tree stump and jump to your left to get to your first
checkpoint. Whenever you die, you go back to the last checkpoint. You lose
anything you have collected between the checkpoint and your death.

Checkpoint 1

You will be instructed to kill all of the mushrooms on the next platform with
your ranged weapon. Use the hover jump (continue to hold A) to cross the gaps.
Your ranged weapon will automatically be empty to instruct you on breaking the
crates to find more ammo. Use your ranged weapon to dispatch the 6 plant bats.
When you jump towards a ledge/platform/etc. but you are not high enough, use
a Ledge Grab (press B near the edge to lift yourself up).

Checkpoint 2

As soon as you get to the checkpoint, turn around and use the ledge grab to
get up onto the ledge to your left (it is covered in moss). Hover jump across
the gap to get to 3 yellow pods. If you jump on the tree stump, you can hover
jump around to the hollow part of the tree for a fourth yellow pod. Go back
to the checkpoint to continue until you see a shining white object. That is a
portal. Enter it/Touch it to end the episode.

[DJRB] Episode 02: The Root of Evil

Follow the path until you come to a bunch of roots blocking your path. To
destroy the roots, you will have to defeat 10 enemies (mushrooms). Enemies
will come from behind you so keep moving and use the -/+ to rotate the camera
in order to see them following you and judge when to counter-attack. Once you
have finished, the root barrier will descend, follow the path until you come
to a bridge.

<Tip>: If the Mushroom Men are giving you trouble, you can Ledge Grab onto
some rocks near the path to give yourself a breather.

It does not matter whether you cross the bridge or descend to the water and
go left. There are yellow pods underneath the bridge and in the cave to the
left. Note: If you have been collecting all of the yellow orbs/destroying
all of the yellow pods, you should get your first special melee attack around
here. Moving forward, you will have to defeat 5 flying plant creatures to
destroy the next barrier. It is easier to use your gun to defeat them than to
try to melee attack them.

Checkpoint 1

After a cut-scene, you will have to defeat 10 monsters (6 Mushroom Men and 4
flying plant creatures) to destroy the root barrier. My advice is to
immediately backtrack. The Mushroom Men will follow you and will be easy to
pick off. Then use your guns to take out the flying plant creatures.

Checkpoint 2

You will come to a bridge on your left and a path down into a valley. There
are 4 yellow pods in the valley. Cross the bridge and walk to the glowing
spot to end this episode.

[DJR2C] Episode 03: Grave Mistake

After defeating 3 Mushroom Men at the start you will come to a point where you
can go left down a sloping path (to face 5 Mushroom Men and 2 flying plant
creatures). Instead of following the path, you can also use a Ledge Grab to
climb up and hover jump on top of the Trailer (where an additional 4 Mushroom
Men will be). Use the Zip Line to cross the gap and hit the Blue Robot to open
the barrier.

Checkpoint 1

You will be in a toy graveyard with a large tree in the middle. Defeat 6
Zombie Bears. There will be a large pit to your left and a path ahead of you.
You can hover jump onto a floating Jack-in-the-Box to cross the ravine or you
can follow the path ahead and use Zip Lines to end up on the other side (but
on top of the mountain). The Zip line route has multiple yellow pods. Either
way, you will have to defeat 10 Zombie Bears. 

<Tip> You can stay on the Jack-in-the-Box or on top of the mountain and use
your guns to defeat the Zombie Bears (or at least thin them out until you feel
comfortable melee attacking them).

Checkpoint 2

In the middle of the next area will be your first weapon part #Part 3.1# (the
actual part will be different depending upon whether you are using Death Jr.
or Pandora). After dispatching many Zombie Bears and continuing, you will
encounter a new enemy - 4 Rolling Skulls. This type of enemy will explode on
you or when it is defeated so it is best to destroy them with your guns. At
the end of the path, hit the Blue Robot to lower the barrier.

Note: At around this point, if you have been collecting all of the yellow orbs
you should get your second special melee attack.

Checkpoint 3

After facing 3 Zombie Rabbits (they throw bombs), you will get your second
weapon part #Part 3.2# in the middle of the area in a corner. Continue to
defeat 4 Zombie Rabbits and 2 Zombie Bears until you come to an area with 4
Blue Robots near 4 Toy Blocks. The puzzle is to hit each blue robot until each
corresponding toy block shows a skeleton key. Once all 4 toy blocks display
skeleton keys, the barrier will lower and you can continue.

<Tip> IF you get all of the blocks to display Death Jr., you will be rewarded
with a bunch of yellow orbs so do this before you lower the barrier.

Checkpoint 4

Mini-Boss: Spider-Doll. His basic attack is to charge at you (a part of him
will glow red as he charges). You can use your second special melee attack
to great effect here as it will knock him down. Once he is knocked down do not
charge in to get close to him as he will perform a spin attack as he gets up.

<Tip> Especially helpful in harder difficulties, you can use the Ledge Grab
to climb onto the giant toy blocks on the right-hand side of the area. From
here you are safe to plan your next attack or shoot him with a ranged attack.

Upon his death, the barrier will descend and there will be 3 Zombie Bunnies
on the toy block ledges to your left. Climb them to get to the next area.

Checkpoint 5

Jump onto the elevator. If you look behind you at the apex of the elevator,
you can hover jump across to get a weapon box; otherwise, just continue. Use
the Zip Line on your right to get next to the Blue Robot. Hit him to destroy
the barrier. Defeat 5 Zombie Bunnies and jump on the moving platforms to

Checkpoint 6

Jump onto the first 2 levitating platforms and then onto the ledge to your
left. Walk forward and jump onto the third and fourth levitating platforms.
You can jump across another levitating platform to get a yellow pod on the
other side, but the main path is to turn left and jump across 2 more
levitating platforms to get to the cave above the waterfall.

Checkpoint 7

Rubber Duckies will float down the stream. It is simple (and advisable) to
jump around and avoid them as they will explode when you are in their
proximity. In the next cave will be a Spider Doll who will come to attack you
and 2 Clown Statues on the opposite side. It is best to use your guns to
destroy the Clown Statues first and then fight the Spider Doll the same way
you did before. After his death will be another Spider Doll. Drop down into
the hole created by destroying the Clown Statues to continue.

<Tip> If the Spider Dolls fall into the hole created by destroying the Clown
Statues, they will automatically die. On harder difficulties, it is advisable
to just run around the hole and lure them to their death.

Checkpoint 8

In this tunnel will be 4 waves of 2 Zombie Bears each and a path on your right
that leads up out of the tunnel. Jump up the ledges and use the Zip Line to
cross to the next area. Jump down.

Checkpoint 9

Mini-Boss: Baby Burp-Up Doll Head. At the other side, the Baby Burp-Up Doll
Head will shoot lasers. At first, their is a barrier that offers some
protection but it will be destroyed. At the same time, little baby burp-up
dolls will charge at you and explode when they get near you. The best course
of action is to run as quickly as you can (jumping/avoiding the little dolls)
and go down into the small valley beneath the Baby Burp-Up Doll Head and
attack it from underneath (as it cannot hit you with its lasers, you only have
to avoid the little dolls).

<Tip> You can stand directly underneath the Baby Burp-Up Doll Head and
destroy it rather quickly with your second special melee attack. On harder
difficulties, you may have to stop your attacks to get more health (there are
3 glowing pumpkins in the valley).

After defeating the mini-boss, collect #Part 3.3# and cross the platforms to
end the episode.

[DJR2D] Episode 04: Lost Toys

Jump across the rafters to cross the gap (either hover jump to automatically
latch onto any rafters or press B to hook onto a rafter - you will jump off of
the rafter immediately after one full swing so either hold A to hover jump or
be prepared to press B again to swing on the next rafter). If you fall into
the gap, Baby Dolls will appear to attack you. Just retrace your steps to try

Once you cross the gap, defeat 2 Baby Dolls and jump across the moving
platforms to the next area. 6 Baby Dolls will attack you. Travel towards the
bridge where there will be 3 Baby Dolls and 2 Zombie Rabbits. Hit the lever
near the railroad tracks to cause the mine cart to move and then shoot the
mine cart when it nears the rock barrier to destroy it.

Checkpoint 1

Hit the lever and shoot the moving mine cart in mid-air when it launches near
the stalagtite. The explosion will cause the stalagtite to drop and become a
platform for you to jump on. Repeat this for another stalagtite and then look
right towards the wall to see #Part 4.1# on a platform that you can hover jump
to obtain it. 

Rafter Transfer to the other side where 2 Zombie Rabbits will
appear. Walk along the path to confront 3 Baby Dolls, 3 Zombie Bears, and 2
more Zombie Rabbits. Shoot the mine cart as it passes the Keep Out sign to
destroy the barrier to the mine entrance.

Checkpoint 2

Proceed into the tunnels to face 2 Zombie Bears and 3 Baby Dolls. An avalanche
will block your way forward. Turn and hit the Wheel (press B) to stop the
steam vent to open a new path. Turn right along the tracks while battling 4
Zombie Bears until you get to an open area with 1 Baby Doll and 3 Zombie
Rabbits. Jump onto a platform that moves out of the wall to get onto the ledge
and turn the Wheel to stop the steam blocking your next path.

Jump onto the moving platform and turn around to see another platform that
moves in and out of the wall above you. As it is coming out, jump and perform
a Ledge Grab to safely land on the platform and jump into the cave above. Turn
the Wheel to stop the steam in the next area. Jump back down to the first
moving platform to get to the next area. Note: The liquid below the first
moving plaftorm means instant death so be careful with your jumps.

Fight 2 Zombie Bears, 2 Zombie Rabbits, 2 Clown Statues, and 2 Baby Dolls.
Turn off the steam by turning the Wheel and head through the tunnel to get
#Part 4.2#. Shoot the mine cart to blow up the next barrier.

Checkpoint 3

2 Army Men will rush at you. In the next area, defeat 3 Army Men and 2 Bionic
Men to open the barrier. In the next area, avoid ant hills - they shoot
exploding mines straight up when you get too close. At the end will be 6 Army
Men and a gap. Cross the gap by using your Rafter Transfer technique and
defeat 3 Army Men on the other side. Go towards the Jack-in-the-Box and
destroy the Machine Gun Tower from afar using your ranged weapons like the TP

Defeat 6 Army Men and jump on the ledges to your left to get #Part 4.3#. Ahead
will be 5 Army Men and 2 Machine Gun Towers (TP Launcher*). At the 2nd tower,
turn around and enter the tunnel with 6 Zombie Bears. Hit the Blue Robot at
the end to destroy the barrier to move onwards.

Checkpoint 4

Avoid the Ant hills while attacking 3 Bionic Men. Cross the bridge for another
Robot Puzzle. Hit the Blue Robots to change the Big Toy Blocks. Change them
all to the Death Jr. icon to get many yellow orbs and then change them all to
the skeleton key to create a path of blocks. Ledge Grab to climb the blocks
and you will enter a Cage Match.

Checkpoint 5

Mini-Boss: El Masked Hombre. He basically has a strong melee attack (he spins
around with his arms strethed out) and you want to avoid the glowing marks on
the ground that he makes. Keep moving out of his range and attack with your
guns: Death Jr.'s TP Launcher is very good; with Pandora, use your Freeze Gun
and then hit him twice with your 720 Incontinent Grandma melee attack. Rinse
and repeat to defeat him. Remember, there are 2 glowing pumpkins in the cage
with you (restore health) and they regenerate.

After defeating El Masked Hombre, cross the bridge to get #Part 4.4# and exit
the episode.

[DJR2E] Boss Challenge: Billy Galaxy

Stage Layout: You start in a toy arena. There are 2 paths up onto a ledge that
completely surrounds the arena. There is a health/ammo restore location on
one side, the other health restore is on the other side (all on ground floor).

Stage 1: Billy Galaxy will move towards you destroying all of the obstacles in
his way. His left arm is a sword which he will use when you are close (esp. if
you are on the upper ledge and close to him). His right arm alternates among
machine guns, mine launcher, and freedom rockets.

At the start, run past Billy Galaxy and up the path to the upper ledge that
juts into the arena (the other path doesn't jut into the arena). Attack him
with Rocket Launchers while moving to avoid machine gun attack. When he uses
the mine launcher just constantly move along the upper path. When he uses the
freedom rockets, just jump around to avoid them. If you get low on rockets,
drop down to get the ammo box. I usually just aim for his torso when he is
moving as it is easier to hit.

Stage 2: Once his health is almost depleted, he will shoot a purple laser grid
that constantly depletes your health. The best way to avoid it is to go down
into the arena (lower level) and get close to his treads. Just keep moving
around him, shooting rockets and restore health/ammo.

Once you have defeated him, get #Part BG# and exit the episode.

<Tip> On easier difficulties, his purple lasers will not cause you too much
trouble before you defeat him. On Deathly Mode, you will need to avoid them.

[DJR2F] Episode 05: The Rendezvous

Talk to Seep and he will open the Gate. The object of this short episode is
to collect the weapon pieces for the Shotgun.

Weapon Piece 1

Cross the bridge and defeat 5 Laser chickens. When you get close to them, they
jump up and shoot lasers onto the ground in close proximity so the best thing
to do is either shoot them from afar or hit them with your special melee
uppercut. After you defeat them, pick up #Part 5.1#.

Weapon Piece 2

Turn around to see the saws going across the bridge. Shoot the targets as they
cross the bridge. This is easy using your Tommy Gun/Twin Shooter. Once you
shoot them all (no time limit), the saws will stop so you can cross the bridge
and get #Part 5.2#.

Weapon Piece 3

The third task is to shoot all of the Mine Energy Pods. You start in the barn
area in between the mine area and the sawmill.

Barn: 1 straight ahead of you.
      1 up in the air to the left of the broken water chute (above the small
      1 below the satellite dish on the barn.

Sawmill: 1 on building above the closed gate.
         1 by the Water Barrel tower.

Mine: 1 to your left at the front of a building.
      1 behind the pick-up truck.
      1 to the right of the path the leads down to the water under the bridge.
      1 below the broken mine track on the other side of the entrance bridge.

After shooting all of the Mine Energy Pods, go past Seep to the Barn to get
#Part 5.3# and exit the episode.

[DJR2G] Episode 06: The Sanctuary

This is a really short episode that takes place in your barn headquarters. All
you have to do is head right and hit the twinkling switch twice to set the
satellite dish in position to open the exit. Aside from some yellow pods/orbs
and trap switches (activating saws) to play around with, there is one more
thing to get before exiting: #Part 6.1#.

#Part 6.1# can be located in two different places depending upon your
character. For Death Jr., it is located to the left of the ramp that leads to
the 2nd floor in a secret cubby hole nestled in that same ramp. For Pandora,
on the 2nd floor in the middle of some rafters that you have to Rafter
Transfer to cross.

[DJR2H] Episode 07: Llama Farm

You start in a small barnyard enclosure facing several Laser Chickens. Jump on
the large tree stump and then hover jump from hook to hook to hit the lever at
the end in order to open the barn door. Note: Unlike rafters, you will
continue to swing on hooks until you manually jump; Also, you must time your
jump - if you want to jump forward, you must jump when you are swinging
forward. Enter the barn and drop down.

Checkpoint 1

Use a ranged weapon, like the shotgun, to destroy the Robot Spiders. Note: It
is around this point that I earned the 3rd Special Melee Attack. There are 2
levers, one on the right side and one on the left side. Pull both and then
Ledge Grab onto the platform. Jump to the next platform and hover jump across
the hooks to the 3rd platform. Repeat this to get to a 4th platform where you
can pull a lever. Go through the newly opened path.

Checkpoint 2

There are 4 different levers in this room that open 4 doors.

1st Lever (right): 2 Robot Spiders
2nd Lever (right): 2 Robot Spiders, 1 Rolling Robot (like Rolling Skulls)
1st Lever (left) : 2 Robot Spiders
2nd Lever (left) : 1 Rolling Robot, 1 Lever.

Pull the lever (located in the area opened by pulling the 2nd lever on the
left) to open the door above you. Jump on the platform and then you will have
to Hover Jump across hooks as well as Rafter Jump across rafters to get to the
upper level. Note: You will need to hover jump to the last rafter; Also, it is
easier if you adjust your camera while you are swinging on the 2nd hook.

Checkpoint 3

Note: The lava is instant-death so do not touch it. Hover jump from side to
side until you get to the other side. In the Satellite Dish Room, you need to
destroy the Mine Energy Pods to destroy the vine barrier. 3 Mine Energy Pods
are to your left near the vine barrier. 1 is to your right up high. 1 is
directly across the room (initially blocked by the satellite dish) up high.

Checkpoint 4

In this area you will need to destroy 5 Mine Energy Pods to destroy the vine
barrier. 1 is across the room on the left near the vine barrier, 1 is across
the room to your right, and 3 are in an area below the tree limbs. Go to your
right and down the tree limb and destroy the 2 Robot Centipedes and 3 Mine
Energy Pods.

Once you get #Part 7.1# above the tree stump, many robot centipedes will warp
in to the area. On lower difficulty modes, you can melee attack them well but
on Deathly mode, you will want to use a ranged attack while constantly moving
out of the way.

Head back up the tree limb and across the room to your right and hover jump
across the gap to destroy the Robot Centipede and Mine Energy Pod. Travel to
the vine barrier and destroy the last Mine Energy Pod. In the tunnel there
will be 3 Rolling Robots to attack you.

Checkpoint 5

Head right and hover jump down to the platform with the dynamite (hit it to
make a stalagtite drop and form a platform). Continue on the path and hit
another dynamite stick. Jump across the platform to where you entered. Head
right and, this time, jump across the stalagtite to get to a cave with an
Alien Robot which uses a melee attack and explodes on death. Hover jump across
the hooks to the other side.

Checkpoint 6

In this room, you can flip the switches to turn the gas in each cylinder red
or green. If you turn them all red, you will have to fight 6 Cyborg Rats
(lure them into the hallway and use your shotgun to dispatch them). Turn them
all green to initiate a teleporter. You will teleport into a room that looks
the same and will be assaulted by 12 Cyborg Rats (use the shotgun). After you
defeat them, two doors will open. Go through the door where you see an
electrical charge and follow the path to get #Part 7.2#. Now head back and go
through the other door.

Checkpoint 7

Just an empty tunnel with ammo/health.

Checkpoint 8

As you enter the room and see the Robot Dog, immediately run to the left side
behind a barrier (the Robot Dog will not attack). When you are ready, move
from behind the barrier and use your rocket launcher to defeat him. Another
Robot Dog will appear so dispatch him the same way.

There are 4 levers on the ground floor, one near each corner, as well as
Robot Centipedes firing at you from the 2nd floor. You might find it easier
if you shoot the robot centipedes from the ground floor (they might fall to
the ground floor for an easy melee kill). Hit all 4 levers to activate a
teleporter to the 2nd floor.

Rafter Jump across the opposite side of the teleporter (on the 2nd floor) to
get #Part 7.3# (need to hover jump). Exit through the door on the 2nd level.

Checkpoint 9

In this room you must destroy the Mine Energy Pods. The first one is on your
left. Jump across the platforms and destroy the second one in the center of
the next room. Use your guns to destroy the third one on the ceiling of the
opposite side of the room (across the gap). Travel right along the path and
hover jump down to the path on the left.

Pull the lever and hover jump to the floating platform to destroy the fourth
mine energy pod (2 Cyborg Rats will appear on the platform). Jump back to the
original path, follow it, and destroy the fifth mine energy pod near the hook.
The last mine energy pod is below the vine barrier (2 Cyborg Rats will appear
near the exit).

Test Subject 51

Mini-Boss: Test Subject 51 - a giant Cyborg Rabbit that spits fire and causes
energy spikes to move along the ground when he pounds it with his paws. During
the fight, Cyborg Rats will continuously appear. Use your C4 Hamspters/Shiny
Sparklies against Test Subject 51 while continously jumping/strafing around
him. After defeating him, use the shotgun to dispatch remaining cyborg rats
and get #Part 7.4#. Exit the episode.

<Tip> Other weapons like the TP Launcher/Freeze gun are also useful here.

[DJR2I] Episode 08: Uncle Sam's Secret Syrup

Fight off 6-8 Cyborg Rats and then go through the rat hole. Note: Beware of
the destructible items that blow up (i.e. radioactive boxes).

Checkpoint 1

This section is mostly platforming. From here jump/hover jump/rafter jump
along each path. In the last room, you will want to hover jump from hook to
hook (adjust your camera while you are swinging on each hook).

Checkpoint 2

Take on 4 waves of enemies:
1: Bio-Suit Enemy and Robot Spider
2: Bio-Suit Enemy and 2 Robot Spiders
3: Bio-Suit Enemy and 3 Robot Spiders
4: 2 Bio-Suit Enemies

Follow the path to the health/ammo. Use rafter jump and hover jump to cross
the gap and you will face 3 Robot Centipedes. Note: There are destructible
gas canisters near them so you can just shoot that to defeat your enemy.
Follow the path to your right.

<Tip> For Bio-Suit Enemies, once you knock them down once, you can just keep
using a special melee attack like 720 Incontinent Grandma.

Checkpoint 3

At this point, you must hover jump across the gap and make sure to hover over
the steam rising up to give you some lift.

Tip: If you stop moving forward while on the steam, you will rise up higher
than if you keep moving forward. Sometimes, it will be better to stay on the
steam in order to cross a long gap.

Repeat with the next gap except this time use the steam to boost you to the
zip-line. Destroy the 4 Mine Energy Pods to open the barrier and drop into the
hole. There are 2 Robot Centipedes across the gap. Take them out and hover
jump to the opposite side using the steam. Note: At around this point you I
received the 4th special melee attack.

Jump to the ledge on your right: You will see platforms moving on the green
goo (instant death) towards you and then sinking. You will want to hover jump
from platform to platform and then jump onto the rock ledge to your left to
get #Part 8.1#. Resume jumping from platform to platform through the tunnel
until you reach safe ground.

Checkpoint 4

Drop down to a lower ledge and hover jump to a platform with a Robot Centipede.
Use the steam to hover jump across to another platform with a Robot Centipede.

Checkpoint 5

There will be 6 Robot Centipedes (use TP Launcher/C4 Hampsters/Shiny
Sparklies). Go up the path on your left and jump onto the next platform to get
some Biocide. Turn and hover jump across the hooks to the open pipe and press
B to inject the roots with the Biocide to make them whither. Jump down and
defeat 2 Cyborg Rats. Use the zip-line to cross to the other side.

Checkpoint 6

Drop down and take out 3-4 Rolling Robots. Note: You can Ledge Grab to get on
top of the clams to jump off of them. After you see the 1st clam, head left
down a path with 3 Cyborg Rats to get #Part 8.2#. Go back along the original
path and walk through the Huge Jaws when they are open (it will hurt if you
get chomped on).

Checkpoint 7

Go down the path or use the Ledge Grab to get on the upper level and follow
that path - either way you will face some Cyborg Rats and 2 Robot Centipedes.
Near the giant moving mantis head get #Part 8.3# and some Biocide. Follow the
path and use the Biocide to cause the vine barrier to whither. Touch the
crystal to teleport.

Checkpoint 8

Hit the lever to start the moving platforms. Hover jump across them to the
next path (the first one you jump to will be moving from your right to your

Hit the lever and many platforms will come together to form a set of stairs.
Jump from platform to platform to get up to the next landmass. Note: The
platforms will start moving back so you will want to keep moving, but they
do not move that quickly so avoid making a mistake by rushing. You are now
on the landmass with the exit.

Before leaving, hoverjump down to the landmass on your right with the giant
telescope. Follow the path around the telescope to get #Part 8.4#. Hover jump
back to the beginning and repeat the steps to get to the teleporter.

Checkpoint 9

Jump over the tram tracks and fight 3 waves of enemies:

1: 3 Bio-Suit Enemies
2: 1 Robot Spider and 1 Alien Robot
3: 1 Robot Spider and 1 Alien Robot

Mini-Boss: 2 Robotic Apes - They only use melee attacks but they can gang up
on you so your best strategy is to use ranged attacks. The Electric Gun is
pretty effective against them. If/When you are out of eletric gun ammo, a
combination of the freeze gun/rocket launcher works well. Once defeated, exit
the episode.

[DJR2J] Episode 09: Crash Landing

Drop down the zip-line to the crashed Subway Car. Turn right and jump to the
other side. Continue along the path, facing 2 Laser Chickens, to get
#Part 9.1#. Retrace your steps facing several more laser chickens. Enter the
subway car and turn right to jump on the broken pieces to get to the roof.
Hover jump over the hole and rafter jump to get to the other side.

Continue jumping along the path until you get to the open pipe and 2 laser
chickens. Enter the pipe and jump on the moving platform to get to the other
side where you face 4 laser chicken.  Hover jump down to the ground and then
Wall Jump on the opposite side to get up. Enter the pipe that opens.

Checkpoint 1

Follow the path fighting 4 laser chicken. Jump onto the moving platforms to
get to the upper level and use the zip-line to cross the chasm. Fight 4 more
laser chickens and use the street lamps to rafter transfer across. Walk up the
broken street and use the moving platforms to jump onto the platform above.
Hover jump across using the steam to the zip-line. Note: Make sure to get
onto the zip-line from your original jump; you cannot jump onto the zip-line
from the ground (you will have to jump down and start over).

Checkpoint 2

When you land at the entrance, many Zombie Drill Bears will run out to attack
you. Follow the red carpet to fight more Drill Bears and some Robot Llamas.
Wall jump up the red carpet path to face 4-5 Robot Llamas. Follow the colored
path and cross when the Jack-in-the-box faces are down (when they are up, they
block your path and can knock you off). Enter the multi-colored tunnel to the
Dining Room.

Checkpoint 3

Defeat 2 Laser Llamas. Go to the left side of the railing and hover jump off
to reach the wooden platform. Hover jump across the next 2 wooden platforms
to get the Biocide (if you fall off, you can get back up by walking through
the multi-colored tunnel and face a Platypus).

There will be 2 doors. The first door with a sign by it leads to a room with
2 Platypus and 1 laser llama. The other door will lead to the vine barrier.
Use the biocide to destroy the barrier. Defeat 2 Platypus and head past the

Checkpoint 4

Defeat the Robot Llama and hit B at the Height Requirement Sign to open the
way. Ledge grab up the blocks ahead of you, heading around the room to your
right to get to the next area. Enter the Aquarium and head inside the crack
in the hull of the ship. Wall jump up.

Jump onto the trap ledge (it will drop you if you stay on it) and rafter
transfer across to land on the flower tops. When you get to the 3rd flower,
turn right and jump onto the back of the ship to get #Part 9.2#. Jump back
onto the flower and jump across the trap ledges to the tire swing. Rafter
transfer across to the next tire swing and hover jump to the Aquarium exit.

Checkpoint 5

Shoot the target (twin pistols/tommy gun) and the platform will start moving.
Stand on it and jump through the hole in the wall on your left (Note: The
ball pit is instant death). Shoot 3 targets on the next wall and jump through
the hole on the right side. Shoot 5 targets on the next wall and jump through
the hole on the left side to reach the end of the ball pit.

<Tip> Start shooting the targets on the next wall before you jump through the
hole to make it easier.

You are now in another ball pit room with many different moving platforms. You
need to hit the 10 targets in the room to open the exit door. Note: 2 targets
are on the wall that you enter from so you will have to turn around to shoot
them. Take your time and it should be easy.

Checkpoint 6

Dispatch 2 Laser Llamas. In the next room are 4 Laser Llamas and 4 Drill Bears.
Follow the red carpet to the pinball room which is an interesting puzzle.

In the pinball room, the pinballs will follow you around like heat-seeking
bombs (they explode on contact/in your vicinity). The object of the puzzle is
to hit all the shining cards scattered around the pinball machine. There are
2 immediately below you (to your left and right, under the opening to the
pinball room). Head along the wall to your left to hit 2 more and there will
be 2 along the back wall. Head back along the right wall for 1 on the side
of the ramp and then go up the ramp to get 1 more. Hover jump at the edge of
the rap to get #Part 9.3#. The final 2 cards are in the middle of the pinball
machine. After hitting all of them, head to the back of the pinball machine
and enter the ball slot to exit the room. Note: The ball shooter and all of
the other moving parts on the pinball machine will hurt you.

Checkpoint 7

Drop down and dispatch 4 Marionettes. Head to your left and keep moving as the
pirate ship in the display will fire at you and 4 Punch & Judy dolls will
attack. Past the pirate ship display is another central display with a
pirate ship on the far right side. Stay near the bleachers and pop out to
get the pirate ship to fire while you get back behind the safety of the
bleachers. Then jump onto the bleachers and head backwards to perform a
ledge grab on your right.

Turn around and hover jump onto the top of the display with the single pirate
ship. Then jump onto the central display and head right. Hover jump on top of
the display with the Bear and then hover jump to the top of the final central
display. Ledge grab to the top and follow the red carpet. Note: If you fall
down you will face more Punch & Judy Dolls and more Marionettes.

<Tip> Especially on deathly difficulty, it is best to get on top of the
displays and stay on the upper level.

Checkpoint 8

Jump on the red sofas and then down to the stage. You will face 2 Marionettes
(1 on each balcony) and 3 Robot Llamas at first. On the left balcony with one
of the marionettes is #Part 9.4#. After 3 Robot Llamas, a curtain will be
lifted and you will face 4 Laser Llamas. After defeating them a final curtain
will be lifted and you will face 3 Robot Rangers.

Step on the metal platform at the back of the stage to descend to the next

Checkpoint 9

Ledge grab up the shelf and jump through the open window on the door. Jump
along the boxes/shelves to jump through the open window on the next set of
doors and onto a box. Jump onto the gray ramp and exit.

[DJR2K] Episode 10: Trippin on Waffles

Go forward and hover jump onto the door of the oven once it opens. Shoot the
turkey in the pan to quelch the flames. Jump onto the first cutting board and
then turn right and jump onto a moving waffle iron. Jump onto another moving
waffle iron to get to a wooden board next to a stove. Hover jump across the
rings attached to the pots to get to the other side and #Part 10.1#.

Backtrack and jump onto the next open oven door, shooting the turkey and
defeating 1 Spider Eyeball. For the turkey, just use your default weapon.

Checkpoint 1

Go through the opening to the Birthday Cake room. Drop down to your right and
jump onto the handle of the pot. Hover jump to the next handle when the mixer
is in the bowl. Repeat this with the next pot and jump onto the birthday cake.
Ledge grab up the cake to the top layer to jump onto the table.

Cross the 3 pots on the table following the same method and jump down onto the
next table. Wall jump up the edges of two boxes to get on top.

Checkpoint 2

From the tallest box, hover jump down to your left to get #Part 10.2#. Defeat
2 Mouth Spiders and 3 Burnt Marshmellow-men when the microwave door opens. Go
into the microwave and jump up through a hole in its side.

Checkpoint 3

Destroy the wall with the vines. Cross the deep fryer by jumping on the
nuggets as they rise (their position is always the same: right - middle -
right). From the 3rd nugget, make sure that you hover jump and then use the
Ledge Grab technique on the wall of the deep fryer to make it safely to the
other side. You will then face 6 Spider Eyeballs (2 at a time). Cross the next
deep fryer the same way (except all of the nuggets are positioned in the
center and you do not need to Ledge Grab at the end).

Checkpoint 4

Destroy the metal grating, walk along the vent, and destroy the fan at the
end. Jump from battery to battery to avoid the electricity coming from the
plug. In the next vent you have to get past 3 spinning fans when they slow
down. You will face 2 Robot Centipedes, 2 Rolling Junk Balls and 3 Burnt

Checkpoint 5

Go up the winding ramp and use the zip-line to cross to the other side. Rafter
jump across 3 poles and hover jump using the 3 steam vents to cross the large
gap. To cross the next gap you must hover jump across the hooks when the fans
have stopped spinning. Defeat 3 Burnt Marshmellow-men in the vent.

Checkpoint 6

Use the cartons and jars to jump up to the upper level (the 1st jar requires
a Ledge Grab). Note: It is around here where you can get the 4th special melee
move. Head towards the back and to the right - behind the milk carton, jump up
onto a tall jar using Ledge Grab and use the zip line to get to the middle
level. Continue jumping up using the winding path of jars/boxes.

Checkpoint 7

When you land on the floor, the light bulb will explode freeing 2 Rolling Junk
Balls and 2 Spider Eyeballs to attack you. Before entering the destroyed
lightbulb socket, turn and use the zip-line to cross the gap to the other side
in order to get #Part 10.3#. Retrace your steps to enter the broken lightbulb
socket. Jump up the foodstuffs and onto the top shelf of the freezer. Hover
jump across using the hooks. Cross the ice mashers by jumping on top of them
when they hit the floor.

Checkpoint 8

When you come to the edge of the tunnel, the floor of the next area is instant
death. Hover jump using the hook to the right side. Defeat 3 Rolling Junk Balls
and hit the wheel to drain the gunk. Drop down and enter the pipe tunnel.
Defeat 3 Robot Centipedes and enter the next tunnel.

Checkpoint 9

Drop down into the sink. Jump onto the bowl and head up the spoon. Rafter jump
across the utensils. Jump onto the deep fryers and drop down to get
#Part 10.4#. Destroy the metal grate on the floor and drop down.

Checkpoint 10

Drop down the holes in each grate when the fans stop spinning. Go through the
pipe to end the episode.

[DJR2L] Boss Challenge: Louie the Llama

Part 1: During this part, Louie hurls loogies at you. Hide behind one of the
3 trucks and it will catch the lugie. Pull the lever to catapult them back
at Louie and he will destroy the truck. Repeat this for the other 2 trucks to
destroy Louie's carb shield. Note: The trucks are evenly spread - one on the
left, center, and right.

Part 2: Louie shoots lasers from his eyes and electricity from his hands when
you get close to him. Stick to the sides to avoid the lasers and jump around
to avoid the electricity charges. He goes down pretty easily with the rocket
launcher and other explosives. Once defeated, get #Part LL# and exit.

[DJR2M] Episode 11: Saw Mill Showdown

The goal is to turn each of 3 satellite dishes so they face opposite the wall
nearest to them. There are 2 satellite dishes on the ground floor and 1 on the
upper floor. This time, however, you will face multiple waves of enemies as
you accomplish your goal (paper bag heads, robot centipedes, and flying plant
bats). You can pull the levers to activate the saws in order to help destroy
the enemies as you are accomplishing your goal.

#Part 11.1# can be located in two different places depending upon your
character. For Pandora, it is located to the left of the ramp that leads to
the 2nd floor in a secret cubby hole nestled in that same ramp. For Death Jr.,
on the 2nd floor in the middle of some rafters that you have to Rafter
Transfer to cross. These are the same locations as in episode 6 - simply
switched for each character.

Exit through the trap door in the center of the ground floor after you have
turned each satellite dish.

[DJR2N] Episode 12: This Time It's Personal

Go through the mine tunnel until you reach a dead end. Defeat the Pod Plant
quickly to destroy the vine barrier and then dispatch the Paper Bag Heads.
You will face 1 Tree Creature. Pull the lever and shoot the mine cart to blow
the barrier up. Follow the tunnel to the mine exit and drop down into the
water below.

As you head up out of the water up the path, head left behind some trees to
get #Part 12.1#. Go past the enemies to destroy the 2 Pod Plants on the right
side. Head far left of the vine barrier to find and defeat the last Pod Plant
to destroy the vine barrier. Eliminate the remaining enemies (tree creatures,
plant bats, flying plant creatures, rolling haystacks). Go through the open

Checkpoint 1

Defeat 1 Pod Plant to the right of the gate entrance and 1 to the left. Defeat
the 3rd Pod Plant beyond the bridge guarded by Robot Centipedes. Go past the
saw blades and exit.

[DJR2O] Episode 13: Remember Where We Parked

Head straight and jump up the chunks of street to detonate the TNT and open a
hole in the wall. Hover jump using the hook to go through the hole or defeat
the 2 Robot Centipedes on the ground and Ledge Grab through the hole.

Checkpoint 1

Defeat 2 Ice Cream Men and then 3 more as you enter the next area. Shoot the
Mine Energy Pod on top of the crushed cars (to the right of the yellow punch
buggy). Use the trash can to Ledge Grab onto the left ledge. Destroy the 2nd
Mine Energy Pod and then 2 more Ice Cream Men on the ground to your left.

Jump on the first row of flags (they act like a zip-line), jump on the 2nd
row of flags and then jump onto the ledge in the middle. Destroy 2 Mine Energy
Pods to your left and right to undo the vine barrier. Drop down and destroy
all of the Red-Eyed Rats.

<Tip> A combination of freezing/Melee attacks works well against the Ice Cream

Checkpoint 2

There will be 3 Ice Cream Men on your way up the winding ramp. When you come
to the glass doors, turn left and jump up the winding path until you can pull
a lever. Jump on top of the Jeep and hover jump using the hooks to the ledge
ahead of you. Hover jump to the ledge below you and to your right. Pull the
2nd lever.

Rafter jump using the pole and then hover jump to the next ledge to pull the
3rd lever. Repeat this to get past the next 2 ledges and the 4th lever. Go
through the open glass doors.

Checkpoint 3

Defeat the Mall Cop Monster (C4 hampsters or an equivalent weapon).

Checkpoint 4

Go upstairs and defeat the 3 Plant Launchers using rocket launchers or the
TP Launcher.

Checkpoint 5

Destroy the lock on the glass doors. Defeat 2 boy and 2 girl mannequins and
then destroy the presents blocking your path. Eliminate 4 Rebel mannequins
accompanied by 4 Boy and 6 Girl Mannequins. There will be more rebel
mannequins on the upper level.

Tip: Use ranged attacks to destroy the rebel mannequins or knock them down
from the upper level or they will prevent you from jumping up to the upper

Ledge grab up the statue near the mini-waterfall fountain and to the next
statue to jump onto the upper level. Hover jump to the tall statue in the
center of the room while ledge grabbing to get on top. Hover jump to the grey
ledge, the next statue and to the next area.

Checkpoint 6

Defeat 2 Ice cream Men and follow the path to a large room with 3 more Ice
Cream Men. Ledge grab on top of the 2 rooftops at the end of the court and
hover jump using the hooks to get to the upper level. Follow the path to your
left (3 Ice Cream Men) and jump to the next platform.

Hover jump across the 4 rotating platforms to get to the other side. Pull the
fire alarm to extinguish the fire barrier on the opposite side. Jump back to
that side and defeat 2 more Ice Cream Men.

Checkpoint 7

Shoot the lock off the glass door and defeat 4 boy/girl mannequins. Head left
to get #Part 13.1#. Shoot the all 6 locks on the next glass door.

Checkpoint 8

Shoot 6 locks on the door and defeat 3 Ice Cream Men and 2 Mall Cop Monsters.
Go up the stairs on your left and shoot 1 Plant Launcher. Rafter transfer
across the poles to the other side. Continue until you can jump onto the
moving platform.

Continue jumping up the moving platforms until you can jump onto the highest
level (3 Ice Cream Men). Go to the vine barrier and drop down to your right.
Jump across the rotating platforms to get the Biocide. Go back to the vine
barrier and use the biocide to destroy it.

Checkpoint 9

Move forward on the left side past the 1st moving plant limb. Destroy the Mine
Energy Pod on the far left wall, the one on the back wall, the one hanging
from the upper level on the right and the one on the right wall.

Go forward and destroy the Potted Plant Monster. Shoot the Mine Energy Pod on
the left wall, one on the upper level right side, 1 on the right wall nearby,
one on the right wall far away, one on the back wall behind the moving chinese
food carton, and one behind the moving plant limb at the far end.

Turn around, defeat the 2 Potted Plant Monsters and head back to the Food Court
entrance. Shoot the Mine Energy Pod on top of the Food Court Entrance, behind
the moving chinese food carton. Ledge grab up, jump onto the chinese food
carton and jump your way around the upper level. Turn right and shoot the Mine
Energy Pod on the upper level, right-side platform. Hover jump to the left
side and rafter transfer across the poles. Shoot the final Mine Energy Pod on
the opposite side. Jump on the chinese food carton to where the vine barrier

Checkpoint 10

Defeat a bunch of Mop Bins and head up the escalator. Go left to destroy 3
Potted Plant Monsters and then head back and destroy the lock on the glass
door to your right. There will be multiple boy/girl mannequins in this room.
Hop behind the counter to get #Part 13.2#. Shoot the lock off the door and
exit. Head down the ramp to defeat 1 more Potted Plant Monster.

Checkpoint 11

In this area you will need to destroy the 4 Mine Energy Pods (3 surround the
middle topiary, 1 will be behind you when you turn around.

There will be 3 Plant Launches on the bottom level (1 mid-right, 2 on left)
and multiple plant dragons. As soon as you destroy the plant launchers, jump
on top of the first hedge row on a bush (a safe spot from the infinite
respawining plant dragons). From here, destroy the Mine Energy Pods and exit.
Note: There will be 2 more Plant Launchers on the upper level.

[DJR2P] Episode 14: Root It Out

Descend into the tunnel and face 6 Blue Demons. At the end of the 2nd tunnel
you will face 2 Plant Chimeras and more Blue Demons. Go the right side of the
cavern and drop down onto a ledge to get Biocide. Use it to destroy the vine
barrier on the left side of the cavern.

Checkpoint 1

Defeat 2 Potted Plant Monsters. Jump onto a newly formed moving platform and
onto the ledge to your right. Use the zip-line to cross to the other side.
Shoot the Tree Creature on the other side. Shoot the Mine Energy Pod on the
opposite wall, then use the hover jump and hook to cross the gap.

Turn and dispatch the Tree Creature on the opposite side and shoot the Mine
Energy Pod on the wall nearby. Hover jump over to get #Part 14.1#. Turn and
shoot 2 Mine Energy Pods on a tree root across the gap. There is one more Mine
Energy Pod but you cannot shoot it from here. Drop down onto one of the moving
platforms and turn right to shoot the Mine Energy Pod as you near the vine
barrier. After destroying the vine barrier, jump off quickly before the
platform descends into the lava.

Checkpoint 2

Face 2 Blue Demons and jump onto the path on your right and destroy 3 Rolling
Rock Balls, 3 Blue Demons. Turn to your left as you travel the path to take
out 1 Plant Launcher as it appears. Jump down to face more blue demons.

Jump down and turn around to destroy the Mine Energy Pod and 1 Plant Launcher.
Before you jump across the next gap, turn left to destroy another Mine Energy
Pod on the wall to the left of the Plant Launcher. 3 Rolling Rock Balls come.
As you walk in the tunnel, look right at the purple crystals to see one more
Mine Energy Pod to destroy.

Checkpoint 3

Shoot the Mine Energy Pod on the opposite side of the room to destroy the vine
barrier. Defeat 2 Blue Demons and 2 Flying Plant Chimeras. Jump to the next
section and use the zip-line. Jump down into the Gas Caverns.

Checkpoint 4

Face several Blue Demons and, from atop the ledge, shoot 2 Pod Plants from
relative safety (blue demons can get up there). Finish off more enemies and
then drop down and jump beyond the steam to the next path.

Checkpoint 5

Use the zip-lines to travel. On the 4th zip-line, you need to jump off before
it ends. Now jump on the 5th zip-line and you must jump from here to the 6th
zip-line and then onto the moving platform. Jump to the next cave and defeat
7 Blue Demons to destroy the vine barrier. Go to the edge...

Checkpoint 6

Hover jump using the steam to keep you afloat and lift you up to get to the
other side of the cavern. Note: You will need to retain some height so as you
go over the steam stay there for a couple of seconds to receive more lift.

Checkpoint 7

Face your first Gargoyle followed by 2 Blue Demons and another Gargoyle. Go
down the path and destroy a Gargoyle Statue. Come out upon an open area where
enemies appear (6 Blue Demons, 2 Potted Plant Monsters, 1 Gargoyle). Destroy
3 Mine Energy Pods on the opposite side. There will be 1 more Mine Energy Pod
by the one on the far right. From there, turn left and you will see the last
Mine Energy Pod. Destroy it to open the vine barrier behind and above you.

Jump on the hill, ledge grab, and hook jump to the newly opened cave. Now
platforms will appear and disappear. Wait until the platform appears near the
cave entrance and jump on them to get to the other side of the stone columns.
Note: The 3rd platform appears to your right so you might need to rotate your

Jump past the stone columns and destroy 2 Gargoyle Statues and 2 Fling Plant
Chimeras. Move into the River Styx and defeat 3 more Flying Plant Chimeras.

Checkpoint 8

Destroy 4 Pod Plants in the next area to open the vine barrier (use Rocket
Launcher & TP Launcher to destroy these first while avoiding the little
enemies). Drop down to the exit area.

Checkpoint 9

Destroy 3 Gargoyle Statues - start with the one on the left and go around the
arena. After destroying the last one, look in the corner to get #Part 14.2#.
Exit the episode.

[DJR2Q] Episode 15: Come Soil Away

Travel along the path facing a couple of blue demons until a larger group of
blue demons arrive (use the shotgun for crowd control). Once in the stream,
pull the lever to raise the bridge and follow the stream to force a bunch of
blue demons to appear, fall off the ledges and attack you. Ledge grab onto the
raised pillar and jump along the upper level to get to the cave entrance.

Checkpoint 1

6 Rolling Stone Balls will attack (use the freeze gun/shiny sparklies). Once
at the ruins, you have to pull 4 levers. One is in the ruins to your left, one
is in the ruins to your right, and one is in front of the dais that holds the
ruins on the right and one is on a wall behind the ruins on the right.

Once you pull a lever, you will face a wave of enemies (blue demons/gargoyles).
After pulling all of the levers, wall jump onto the plateau with a crack in
it. Jump from pillar to pillar and then use the zip-line to reach the next

Checkpoint 2

Hover jump and ledge grab onto the moving platform in the center of the area.
Once on one, jump counter-clockwise onto the platforms (the opposite direction
that they are heading) to finally hover jump onto a ledge. Jump from zip-line
to zip-line and hover jump using the steam to reach the next ledge.

Checkpoint 3

Hover jump using steam to get to the ledge on your right. There are 2 parallel
sets of hooks where flame is alternating between each side. You want to swing
from hook to hook, alternating sides until you reach the opposite side. Turn
left and rafter transfer from pole to pole once the 1st set of flames stop.

Get #Part 15.1# and pull the lever. Retrace your steps and hover jump using
the steam to reach the next area.

Checkpoint 4

6 Rolling Stone Balls will attack. Continue to the ancient city and fight 1
Benetaur. 3 more Benetaurs will attack after the 1st one goes down. Then
destroy the 3 Mine Energy Pods (1 on left side, 2 on right side) to destroy
the vine barrier. Go upstairs to the left and hover jump across the poles to
the other side. Jump across the platforms and descend the stairwell.

Checkpoint 5

Continue along the path and hover jump on the steam to reach the cave on your
left to get #Part 15.2#. Continue on the path to face 2 Burrowing Plants and
9 Rolling Stone Balls.

<Tip> Using your flamethrower or ice is a great weapon against the burrowing

Checkpoint 6

At the River of Fire you will need to destroy 5 Pod Plants - all of them will
be on the lower path but the last 3 will only be visible after you destroy
the first 2.

You must destroy the first 2 Pod Plants and enemies to get 2 more to appear.
Destroy those 2 to get the final Pod Plant to appear; destroy that to open
the vine barrier. Defeat the rest of the enemies to continue. Go back and
use the steam to get onto the ledge on your right side. Follow the path to
reach the zip-line.

<Tip> Use shiny sparklies/TP Launcher to destroy the first 2 Pod Plants from
the upper level ridge on the right. Use your default gun to shoot the chimeras
and your flamethrower/icer against the burrowing plants. Repeat this until you
have destroyed the 5 Pod Plants.

Checkpoint 7

Jump from platform to platform to reach the ledge on your left (5 Blue Demons).
Jump onto the 1st raising platform when it appears and continue to jump along
the other raising platforms to reach the next area. Hover jump across the
upper ledges...

Checkpoint 8

To exit the area, you must defeat 25 enemies to destroy the vine barrier.
Wave: Benetaur, Gargoyles, Flying Plant Chimeras, Potted Plant Monsters, and
Burrowing Plant Monsters.
Wave: Blue demons, 3 Benetaurs.

The strategy is to keep mobile. Head towards one side taking out enemies and
then defend your position. It can be difficult to choose certain weapons for
each enemy but, especially in Deathly Mode, it helps alot. Use your default
guns/shotgun against the chimeras, TP Launcher/Shiny Sparklies against the
Potted Plant Monsters, flamethrower/icer against burrowing plants, and 
Proximity Mine/Rocket Launcher against Benetaurs. Once you have defeated them
all, jump onto the central platform and exit.

[DJR2R] Episode 16: Root of Evil

Destroy the 2 Mine Energy Pods on the left and right side of the vine barrier
to open the path. Dispatch 2 Tree Creatures and 1 Dead Tree Monster. Continue
to the next area to face 2 Dead Tree Monsters and 1 Tree Creature. Destroy the
4 Mine Energy Pods on the wall to lower the vine barrier.

Checkpoint 1

Jump up to the ledge on your right using the steam. Destroy the Tree Creature
across the gap and use the zip-line (you must jump off of it before it ends to
get onto the ledge on the opposite side). Destroy the Mine Energy Pods on the
opposite side to lower the vine barrier.

Checkpoint 2

Jump across the floating platforms as they appear to get to the platform on
the lava (it will then start to move). Destroy the Mine Energy Pods with your
guns to lower the vine barriers before you get to them (they will knock you
off of the platform into the lava).

There are 4 sections:
1: The Mine Energy Pod will be on your right.
2: 1 Mine Energy Pod will be on your left, 1 on your right.
3. 2 Mine Energy Pods will be on your left, 1 on your right.
4: 2 Mine Energy Pods will be on your left, 1 on your right.

After passing through the 4th barrier, when the platform is about to fall off,
hover jump to the tree limb and onto the next platform. Jump to the platform
on your left and destroy the Tree Creature before hover jumping to the other

Checkpoint 3

Keep jumping onto stone platforms (they will start to move after you land on
them). Jump down onto the circular rock and it will take you along a lava path.
Jump onto the stairs at the end.

Face 1 Tree Creature, 4 Dead Tree Monsters, and 3 Gargoyle Statues. Cross the
wooden bridge into the statue's mouth.

Checkpoint 4

Drop down the stairs and go forward to your left to destroy the Pod Plant and
then destroy all of the flying plant chimeras.

Checkpoint 5

Jump along the path, climb up the moss-covered stairs, and jump down to the
ledge below. Wall jump up the middle of the rock and hover jump down to the
next ledge. Wall jump up and face 2 Root Spiders. Wall jump up the next wall
(this one can be tricky due to the angle. If you have trouble, adjust your
camera so that it faces the wall to accomplish this one).

Checkpoint 6

Follow the path while wall-jumping up when necessary.

Checkpoint 7

Go to the edge and wait for the platform to appear. After jumping on it, the
next one appears to your right (you might find it helpful to quickly adjust
your camera to your right for this part), the 3rd one appears to your right,
and the other platforms follow along the wall to the next path.

Go past the saws and hover jump from zip-line to zip-line to the next path.
Walk past the saw area (just wait for the saws to pass you) and drop down to
the next path.

Checkpoint 8

There are many Dead Tree Monsters and Potted Plant Monsters here. After
defeating them, drop down to the next area.

Checkpoint 9

Hover jump using the steam to cross the gaps and fight Mushroom Men. Hover
jump using the steam to get onto the ledge on your right to get the Biocide.
Hover jump to the path below and to the right using the steam to give you a
lift. Defeat 7 Rolling Wire Balls and use the biocide to destroy the vine
barrier. Hover jump using the steam to cross the next gap.

Checkpoint 10

Defeat Mushroom Men, 1 Root Spider, and 2 Tree Creatures.

Checkpoint 11

There is 1 Tree Creature across from the lava. Jump on the left ledge and
follow the path. Jump to the right ledge and hover jump using the hook to get
across and face 1 Tree Creature. Hover jump on the left ledge and use the
zip-line to cross (make sure to hover jump onto the ground before the zip-line
ends). Fight flying plant creatures and potted plant monsters.

Walk up on the mushroom tops and hover jump using the hooks to get to the
next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 12

Jump onto the path and fight 2 Big Centipedes, Mushroom Men, and 1 Root

Checkpoint 13

Jump onto the mossy tree limbs. Destroy 3 flying plant bats (use the ledge
grab to get onto the last mossy tree limb). Use the steam to get onto the
next mossy tree limb.

Shoot the other flying plant bats and jump to the next mossy tree limb until
you jump down into the tunnel.

<Tip> If you are out of default gun ammo, use your electric gun.

Checkpoint 14

Fill up your health and ammo.

Checkpoint 15

Jump up to the path and exit into the cocoon.

[DJR2S] Boss Challenge: Fits of Furi

Use the zip-line to get to the boss fight.

Part 1: Furi throws fireballs (3 at a time). Aim at the Pods hanging in a
semi-circle around her pit. After destroying a pod, Furi will spew bile. The
best method is to go around and use your twin pistols/tommy gun to destroy the
pods (if you are fast enough, you can interrupt her spewing bile by destroying
the next pod quick enough; however, that means she will spew bile twice in a
row so it is best to do this method on the final 3 pods so you will not have
to re-load). There are health/ammo crates on small hills on the far left and
far right of the map.

<Tip> In Deathly Mode, it is easiest to just take one pod out at a time and
then running to the nearest health refill as she spews her bile.

Part 2: After destroying her pods, Furi summons a lot of creatures while she
throws fireballs (if you hit her with your weapon). The best method to beat
this part is stay on one side and destroy all of the creatures but 1 or 2 (if
you destroy them all, she will just summon more) and then attacking her. You
can best avoid her fireball attacks if you are up close and then strafe jump
while she is attacking. Pound away at her, especially with the rocket launcher
or TP Launcher.

<Tip> In Deathly Mode, as soon as it starts, head towards one of the
health/ammo refill points and destroy enemies as they come towards you. Most
of the enemies will attack although one (the tree creature on the opposite
side) will not come over. Leave that creature as killing all of them will
make Furi summon all of the creatures back. Take it slow and steady - try not
to do too much - and you will be victorious.

Beating the game once unlocks Deathly Difficulty Mode as well as the movies
and story boards.

[DJR3] Addendum

[DJR3A] Melee Attacks

You can obtain special moves for your melee weapon by collecting orbs. There
are 5 different special moves for both Death Jr. and Pandora (although titled
differently, they are the same moves). The left-hand side of the chart will
show Death Jr.'s special attacks while the right-hand side of the chart will
show Pandora's special attacks.

Death Jr                             Pandora

|Title: Particularly Small Ham      |Title: After School Special             |
|Cost: 1,000                        |Cost: 1,000                             |
|D: A 360 spin attack that keeps    |D: A swing followed by a 360 spin       |
|your enemies at bay.               |attack.                                 |
|Controls: Swing the wii-mote left  |Controls: Swing the wii-mote left       |
|Title: Safety First                |Title: 720 Incontinent Grandma          |
|Cost: 3,000                        |Cost: 3,000                             |
|D: A lunging uppercut, sure to     |D: Reverse Triple Back Flip with room   |
|knockback nearly every foe.        |for dessert.                            |
|Controls: Swing the wii-mote up    |Controls: Swing the wii-mote up         |
|Title: Nimble Monkey Bone          |Title: Band Cramp                       |
|Cost: 10,000                       |Cost: 10,000                            |
|D: A shockwave smackdown that hits |D: Increased 360 range from the After   |
|all monsters around you.           |School Special, this attack also causes |
|                                   |dizziness and nausea after a meal.      |
|Controls: B + B + swing the        |Controls: B + B + swing the             |
|          wii-mote left            |          wii-mote left                 |
|Title: Bag O' Ninjas               |Title: Tofu Lunchbox                    |
|Cost: 15,000                       |Cost: 15,000                            |
|D: A dizzying somersaulting        |D: Cutting 'em down at close range.     |
|assault,capable of hitting distant |Shoot 'em down at far range. It's all   |
|assailants.                        |the same to the tofu lunchbox.          |
|Controls: B + B + swing the        |Controls: B + B + swing the             |
|          wii-mote up              |          wii-mote up                   |
|Title: Grounded Goofy Foot         |Title: Childhood Issues                 |
|Cost: 25,000                       |Cost: 25,000                            |
|D: Achieve great heights while your|D: A powerful shockwave that damages and|
|enemies are thrown back from the   |knocks back the baddies. Warning:       |
|concussive blast of your Goofy Foot|Protective head gear recommended.       |
|Controls: Run straight + shake     |Controls: Run straight + shake          |
|     nunchuk + swing wii-mote down |     nunchuk + swing wii-mote down      |

[DJR3B] Weapon Parts Locations

You can use Cntrl-F4 to find the exact location of parts in the walkthrough by
searching the number Ex. #Part 3.1# where 3 means it can be found in the third
episode and 1 means that it is the 1st part you can get. The only exceptions
are the items obtained after a Boss Challenge which will simply have the
initials of the Boss (ex. #Part BC#). The left-hand side of the chart will
show Death Jr.'s weapons and parts while the right-hand side of the chart will
show Pandora's weapons and parts. The last four weapons: rocket launcher,
shotgun, electric gun, and proximity mine are the same for both Death Jr. and

Death Jr                                Pandora

|Twin Pistols (Default Gun)            |Tommy Gun (Default Gun)              |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Anti-Gravity Grease       #Part 4.3#  |Crass Bass Fishin Reel   #Part 4.3#  |
|Sub-Sonic Back Massager   #Part 7.4#  |Juiced Up Knee Brace     #Part 7.4#  |
|TP Launcher                           |Freeze Gun                           |
|KidBig Backhoe Arm        #Part 3.1#  |Zero Pulp Fruit Juicer   #Part 3.1#  |
|Heavy Duty Toilet Paper   #Part 3.2#  |Mega Mouth Caulk Gun     #Part 3.2#  |
|PyroTech Lighter Fluid    #Part 3.3#  |360v Air Compressor      #Part 3.3#  |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Quick Fire 'Propane Torch  #Part BG#  |Showa Powa Nozzle         #Part BG#  |
|Multi-Roll Quick Loader   #Part 8.2#  |Flash Re-Hydrator        #Part 8.2#  |
|C4 Hamsters                           |Shiny Sparklies                      |
|Ultra Unstable C4         #Part 7.1#  |Spitney Brears mp3 Track #Part 7.1#  |
|Rapid Breed Hamster       #Part 7.2#  |Retro Phonograph         #Part 7.2#  |
|Stick It! Duck Tape       #Part 7.3#  |Goo Glue Bubble Gum      #Part 7.3#  |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Zip Pop Hamster Ball     #Part 10.4#  |1960's TV Tube          #Part 10.4#  |
|Hoppin Mad' Espresso     #Part 13.2#  |Rock God Amplifier      #Part 13.1#  |
|Icer                                  |Flamethrower
|nOzone Fire Extinguisher  #Part 9.1#  |10k psi Tea Kettle       #Part 9.1#  |
|Happy Homemaker Blender   #Part 9.3#  |McScorchin's Bag Pipes   #Part 9.3#  |
|1,000,000 btu A-C Unit    #Part 9.4#  |Vor-Tech Handmixer       #Part 9.4#  |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Jug of Antifreeze        #Part 13.1#  |Georgia Forecam Grill   #Part 13.2#  |
|Deathlon Ice Trays       #Part 15.2#  |BuPane Soldering Iron   #Part 15.2#  |
|                               Rocket Launcher                              |
|R-Force CPU Fan           #Part 4.1#                                        |
|Ultra Duty Heat Gun       #Part 4.2#                                        |
|Apollo 1000 Driver        #Part 4.4#                                        |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Mag-Snore Pipe Fitting    #Part 6.1#                                        |
|Black Hole Wet-Vac         #Part LL#                                        |
|                                  Shotgun                                   |
|Rusting 1964 Hubcap       #Part 5.1#                                        |
|Cordless Steel Shredder   #Part 5.2#                                        |
|Titanium Exhaust Muffler  #Part 5.3#                                        |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Pneumatic Tube Driver     #Part 9.2#                                        |
|Chocolate Bar            #Part 11.1#                                        |
|                                Electric Gun                                |
|Big Rig Jumper Cables     #Part 8.1#                                        |
|21v Car Battery           #Part 8.3#                                        |
|Cordless Plasma Cutter    #Part 8.4#                                        |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Sonic Tuning Fork        #Part 12.1#                                        |
|Meal-matic Food Chopper  #Part 14.1#                                        |
|                                Proximity Mine                              |
|Hyper Manure             #Part 10.1#                                        |
|ADD Motion Alarm         #Part 10.2#                                        |
|Stick to Death Glue      #Part 10.3#                                        |
|                                Upgrade Parts                               |
|Spray-A-Way Sprinkler    #Part 14.2#                                        |
|Urban Paint Brush        #Part 15.1#                                        |

[DJR3C] Contact Information

If there are any errors or if you have any extra information, contact me at

[DJR3D] Copyright Information

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This specific compilation of information, as a whole, is Copyright JMT 2010.
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