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Reviewed: 04/28/08 | Updated: 04/29/08

Collect notes, chop wood, woo the ladies...

So Magical Melody is a GameCube game. Is the game overhauled to make use of the Wii's motion-sensor abilities? Not really. Are the graphics upgraded? No. Magical Melody is a straight GameCube-to-Wii port and thats that. Considering that the original game was never released in Europe, effectively rendering this a new title and a budget cost of 25 pounds, is it worth buying? Sort of.

Like all Harvest Moon games, its a addictive farming game you start a ranch. However, unlike previous installments of the series, you can choose land to farm, instead of farming your ancestial lands. You can build, grab more land, grow crops, chop wood, raise livestock, go fishing...literally, the possibilities are endless.

Before you arrived in Flower Bud Village, the Harvest Goddess turned to stone because no one believed in her. Your task is to collect 50 Musical Notes, by performing tasks related to...guess what, farming. But its not all work. There are many festivals scattered round the year, in which you can enter livestock and play mini-games, like tilling land or collecting ores.

But the main problem with this game is that it just leaves you in the village with absolutely no help at all. It doesn't have a tutorial to show you the ins and outs of growing crops, why not to work too just doesn't give you hand at all. You going to need a lot of patience to get addicted to it.

Also, the game hasn't been updated to meet the Wii's processing power. The graphics definitely needed updating, yet Rising Star did not at all do anything with it. Only one instance of motion control has been included-but basically is broken.


Cartoony style graphics still have a lack of detail but fortunately not grainy or glitchy.

SOUND: 9/10

A wide range of wonderful sounds. About four in the farming year. Oh...


The multiplayer is disappointing, considering this is where Harvest Moon normally shines. A drop-full of mini-games, of which some are lacklustre.


This game can last forever. But if the game is as average as this, that can be bad news.


+ Addictive, just like all Harvest Moons
+ Loads of stuff to do
+ Captures the series' spirit perfectly
- It's just a port of a GameCube game
- Very user-unfriendly

A poor effort. This could and should be better than it was. A new Harvest Moon, tailored for the Wii's motion-control abilities, is arriving soon in the UK (It's aldready out in Japan) and improves on this, visually and gameplay. Hold out for this.


Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (EU, 03/14/08)

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