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Walkthrough by sang_de_boeuf

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/30/2009

Tomb Raider Underworld
Wii Edition

Walk-Through by sang_de_boeuf

Version 2.0 - FINAL
Jan 2009

Version History

1.1 - first release on gamefaqs.com
1.2 - basic edits; clarified content, but no new info
1.21 - updated copyright/public posting notice
1.3 - Mediterranean Sea treasure updates; more basic edits

2.0 - FINAL VERSION; all treasures added; added notes on minor shortcut in
Stage 3b; added info on the Thailand Switch Glitch;  expanded notes on
shortcuts in Stage 6b; made a few more basic edits and did some clean-up

Table of Contents

Walkthrough Introduction...............WI
General Bugs and Glitches..............GBG
Thailand Switch Glitch.................TSG
Treasures and Pickups..................TP
Game Introduction......................GI

Stage 1:  No Illusions.................1NI

Stage 2a: Path to Avalon...............2aPA
Stage 2a Treasure Locations (2/7)......2aT1, 2aT2
Stage 2b: Niflheim.....................2bN
Stage 2c: Norse Connection.............2cNC
Stage 2c Treasure Locations (5/7)......2cT1, 2cT2, 2cT3, 2cT4, 2cT5
Stage 2d: God of Thunder...............2dGT

Stage 3a: Remnants.....................3aR
Stage 3a Treasure Locations (2/3)......3aT1, 3aT2
Stage 3b: Bhogavati....................3bB
Stage 3c: The Ancient World............3cAW
Stage 3c Treasure Locations (1/3)......3cT1
Stage 3d: Puppet No Longer.............3dPNL

Stage 4a: Protected by the Dead........4aPD
Stage 4a Treasure Locations (7/7)......4aT1, 4aT2, 4aT3, 4aT4, 4aT5, 4aT6

Stage 5a: The Unnamed Days.............5aUD
Stage 5b: Xibalba......................5bX
Stage 5b Treasure Locations (1/10).....5bT1
Stage 5c: The Unnamed Days.............5cUD
Stage 5d: Land of the Dead.............5dLD
Stage 5d Treasure Locations (9/10).....5dT1, 5dT2, 5dT3, 5dT4, 5dT5, 5dT6
.......................................5dT7, 5dT8, 5dT9

Stage 6a: Gate of the Dead.............6aGD
Stage 6b: Valhalla.....................6bV
Stage 6b Treasure Locations (1/1)......6bT1

Stage 7a: Rituals Old..................7aRO

Stage 8a: Helheim......................8aH
Stage 8a Treasure Locations (4/7)......8aT1, 8aT2, 8aT3, 8aT4
Stage 8b: Yggdrasil....................8bY
Stage 8b Treasure Locations (3/7)......8bT1, 8bT2, 8bT3
Stage 8c: Out of Time..................8cOT

****** Walkthrough Introduction (WI) ******

This is just your basic walkthrough for the Tomb Raider Underworld, Wii
Edition game; where to go and how to solve the puzzles once you're there. The
Wii game is considerably different from the PS3/XBox360/PC editions of Tomb
Raider Underworld. If you are playing on a PC or on a console other than the
Wii, I do not recommend using this walkthrough. 

This guide does not cover every jump, unless the jump is a specific key to
solving a puzzle. It does not cover basic controls - the game manual and
in-game tutorial do a good job of that. It does not cover the storyline or
the content of the cutscenes.

v2.0 of this guide is the final version. However, if you find any glaring
errors or have something sigificant to add, please do email me. It might be
worth one more go-around! sang-de-boeuf@cox.net.

Now, a few brief words about the game, itself. This Tomb Raider plays more
like Ico or Myst. It's more puzzle with most of the threats removed. It does
have some very artistic scenes and scenery. Remember to enjoy that when getting
bugged by all the bugs.

****** General Bugs and Glitches (GBG) ******

This game is riddled with them. Peruse the game boards to find discussions on
them. There is a bug that will prevent you from continuing your game
without returning to an earlier saved game. Some folks have also reported their
games just freezing up. I did hit the Thailand Switch Glitch, and I ran into a
ton of the annoying little bugs, like the number of treasures not updating,
stage names not updating in saves, graphical flickers during gameplay, and
buggy controls. Check out the boards if you have any questions about these
bugs. They are fairly well documented already. 

****** Thailand Switch Glitch (TSG) ******

Since I ran into the Thailand Switch Glitch, myself, I can give you a little
information on the topic. First, you can go here to download a saved game that
will drop you off at the checkpoint right before you open the door to the area
where your switch was missing (but of course, with this save, the switch will
be there!):


You'll need an SD card to transfer the information from the site to your Wii.
The download comes in a zipped folder containing the fixed save game file and
a readme file. The readme file contains instructions for uploading the fix, but
I found it did not work that way for me. I did not have to manually copy the
file from the SD card to the Wii HD. After much confusion on my part, and some
fancy file swapping between my Wii and my computer, I found that the file
seemed to transfer automatically. Have no idea how. But most importantly, in
the end, it does work.

You should note that using this fix will bring your treasure tallies from the
Mediterranean Sea and Coastal Thailand levels both down to 0.

You can also try replaying the level using a previous save game. See (TSG1)
and (TSG2) in this guide for some basic information on using an earlier save
game to try and reset the Thailand switch glitch. 

Note that the first two times I played this game, I ran through it largely in
the order of events as I have them written up in this FAQ. I have seen a post
on the gamefaqs TRU Wii board by Yami_Link3500 which outlines a specific order
in which to go through this level to avoid the Thailand Switch Glitch, and
perhaps that is the best way to get through this level. Fact is, I don't know
what causes the glitch in the first place, so I don't really know if going
through the level in a specific order of actions really can guarantee you won't
encounter the glitch.

****** Treasures and Pickups (TP) ******

GUNS AND AMMO: This is an odd Tomb Raider game. No version of this game for
any console has weapon or ammo pickups. You are assigned weapons at the start
of each stage and are given ammo and a set number of grenades. As far as I can
tell, the ammo for the pistols are unlimited. The other guns, I'm not entirely
sure. I never came even close to worrying about how much ammo I had on hand.
There just aren't that many enemies. Frankly, all you need are your pistols.

HEALTH PACKS: The Wii version of the game also has removed all health pack
pick ups. You quickly heal on your own. This cuts out quite a bit of
challenge to the game. At several points, you can avoid trying to figure out
the safe path down a cliff or off some blocks; you can easily jump at least one
level down without dying, and given just a few moments, you'll be completely
healed from your daring leap.

TREASURES: The Wii version has also dramatically cut the number of treasures
for you to find. Xbox360, PS3 and PC games have almost 30 treasures per level.
The most the Wii has on a single level is 10. To add insult to injury, the
treasures they have left in the game are almost all lying flat out in the open,
providing little or no challenge to finding them. I'd love to meet the guy who
decided how to handle the treasures in the Wii version, and ask him, "what the
heck were you thinking??"

A quick thank you to tourist, Yurikoff, Tatyana, and Ivan for helping me
document all the treasures. Each of their contributions is noted at the
appropriate treasure.

Now, because the Wii version removed well over half of the pickups but did NOT
change the layout of the game, you'll often spot ledges and alcoves and places
where your Tomb Raider spidey senses will tingle and suggest you go
investigate...only to find these areas empty. So don't waste your time
exploring too far off the obvious main path. You'll go through a lot of effort
for nothing.

****** Enemies (such as they are) (E) ******

The Wii version of this game has extremely watered-down enemies. All sharks,
bats, and spiders have been removed from the Wii version of the game. The
number of encounters with the remaining enemies have also been greatly reduced.
And the enemies that are left are sadly easy to defeat. As such, there's simply
no detailed strategy to learn or develop in order to defeat what few enemies
you come across. 

The only thing you might want to know is how to destroy those pesky
thralls. Once you've shot them so they are down and leaking blue light, walk up
to the carcass (close to the head seems to work best) and stand STILL.
Then press (A). You'll do an automated jump/flip move which will destroy the
thrall completely. If you press (A) while moving, you'll just do a regular
jump, and nothing will happen to the thrall. If you press (A) while standing
still, and don't get your crushing leap, trying moving closer to the head.

Thralls can also be permanently destroyed by riding over them with your bike,
hitting them with Thor's hammer, or striking them with lightening from Thor's
hammer. Apparently those grenades will also do the trick, but I actually never
used the grenades at all in this game.

****** Game Introduction (GI) ******

The game starts with a flashback cut-scene showing the basic plot elements
leading up to the storyline in this game. This basically consists of a 
reintroduction of Lara’s mother, Natla (Queen of Atlantis), and Amanda 
(Lara’s friend turned power-crazed nemesis). We then cut to the present to see 
Croft Manor exploding. And here we start the game, with Lara standing inside 
the burning ruins of Croft Manor, and needing to escape.

Total Number of Treasures: 0

****** Stage 1: NO ILLUSIONS (1NI) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/0

This first stage of the game serves mainly to teach you the controls for the 
game. As the game instruction guide and in-game tutorials adequately cover the
controls, I will not repeat them here.


Move Lara forward through the doorway she is facing. Climb over the rubble to
the right, and follow the passage. Jump and climb over the block.

Run up the stairs, and pull the lever to open the door. Run into the room and
head to the right. Use (-) to get under the crumbled column. 

Move forward, and look for the white edging on the piles of debris on your 
left. From now on, that white edging is your dead give-away which you can use
to identify climbable ledges. Jump up onto that ledge, and pull yourself up.
Jump down the other side of the debris pile.

Target the damaged door in front of you with your pistols, and shoot it out.
Move into the hall. Notice the white ledge across from you, and jump the gap
to grab onto that ledge. Scoot left as far as you can go, and then jump up
to the ledge above you. Scoot left as far as you can, and then drop down to
the ledge below. Scoot to the left, and drop to the floor.

Moving forward, grab and push the block as far as it will go. Climb onto the
block, and aim and jump towards the ledge slightly to your right. Scoot right
as far as you can go, and then jump off to the right to avoid the fire beneath
you. Shoot the grapple at the ring on the door, and pull. The door will drop to
make a bridge for you. Cross over and turn left. 


Run to the end of the hall. Shoot the grapple at the hook on your right, and
wall-run to get near the other side. Jump at the apex of your wall-run to reach
the opposite landing. Turn right, and run as far as you can. Drop down through
the break in the railing.

Watch a brief cinematic sequence.


Total Number of Treasures: 7

****** Stage 2a: MEDITERRANEAN SEA - The Path to Avalon (2aPA) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/7

Watch a brief cinematic sequence setting the stage to a week prior to the
explosion at Croft Manor, then jump into the water and start swimming down,
down, down. Lara's got SCUBA gear on her, so no worries about holding her 
breath. In addition, the only enemies she'll find down there while swimming
around are some giant stationary jellyfish. Don't swim into them, and you'll
be fine.


As you swim down, look for a large crumbled walkway lying in the sand on the
bottom of the ocean. That's your target. Once you get to the walkway, take a
look around. You should see three doorways. Two have the purple jellyfish
floating in front of them. One is at the end of the walkway and has no
jellyfish floating in front of it.

TREASURE 2a1 (2aT1) Face the doorway at the end of the walkway with no
jellyfish. Start so you are pretty close to that door. Now turn to your right
and swim towards an outcropping of rocks and crumbled building bits. The
treasure is down and to the right of the outcrop, lying on top of one of those
purple/pink corals.

TREASURE 2a2 (2aT2) Back at the walkway, once again face the door at the end
of the walkway, but this time start at the other end of the walkway, nearest
the door with two jellyfish. Look to your left. Swim forward, up and over that
little hill, and down the other side. Stay close to the ocean floor. At the
bottom of the hill, take a look to your left. You'll see a jellyfish guarding
a door. Swim on in and down, and find your treasure on the floor in there.

Get back to the walkway, and face the door with no jelly fish. Look to your 
left and head for the door with the single jellyfish.

Once in the door, swim right and follow the passage down into the ruins.
When you get to the open room, look on the wall to the right of where you
entered. You'll see your first Wii puzzle.


Use your Wii tool to clear off the puzzle. To solve the puzzle, line up the
pieces of the puzzle so they form a picture. The puzzle changes each time you
play, so there is no single solution. 


Once the puzzle is solved, a gold dial will have fall out a little door to the
left of the puzzle. Swim over and pick it up, and then leave the ruin
the way you came in. 

Once you exit the ruin, swim to the door on your left - the one with no
jellyfish. For expediency, swim just a little ways in so you reach the stairs,
and then drop the gold dial so it rolls down the stairs. This is just leaving
it close to where you will eventually use it. Turn around and swim out to the
door with the two jellyfish. Enter, and swim down through the ruins until you
reach the open room. Here, the gold dial is just sitting on the floor. Grab it,
and swim back up and out.

Head back over to that unjellied door, and swim down the stairs, past the first
gold dial - you'll come back for that in a second. Swim through the door near
the bottom. Swim up to one of the big circles on the left or right, and insert
the gold dial. Go back to pick up the first dial, and come back down to insert
it into the other circle.

Now just turn the gold dials so that center circle is all blue. Turn the center
dial once. Then turn the left dial once. Then turn the right dial twice. Once
all blue, the center circle will open. Swim on through.

Your only job now is to swim through the tunnel and avoid the completely 
motionless jellyfish. It's hard, I know. But you can do it. I believe in you.
Shortly, you'll spy a big tentacle sticking through a hole. As you approach,
the tentacle will pull back and disappear. Swim through the hole, and then up
towards the surface. Head towards the block in the middle of the pool to exit
the water.


****** Stage 2b: MEDITERRANEAN SEA - Niflheim (2bN) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/7

Head up the ramp, and use the block on your right to reach the ledge on your
left. Climb up to stand on the ledge, then climb the wall using the crags in
the rock. You're heading up and to your left. You'll end up on a landing. Look
out from the landing. You'll see a horizontal pole. Use it to get to the next

Head left into the doorway. Jump the first gap to a landing, and jump the
second gap to a ledge. Let go of the ledge to land safely on a ramp. At the
bottom of the ramp, jump the next gap, and bear left as you head out the door.
Cross the beam in front of you.


Enjoy a nice cinematic cutaway, and then get back to business. Use your grapple
to grab and pull the statues on either side of the door onto the switch plates
on the floor. Pull the lever on the center dais in front of the door.


Head through the door. At the giant gap, slide down the ramp to the bottom of
the pit. Cross to the other side, and jump up the ledges in the wall. You're
heading up and to the left. Continue up the stairs until you get to the door.
Walk through for another cutaway showing the owner of that tentacle from
earlier. It's a giant octopus monster - the Kraken. And the fink is blocking
the door you need to go through.


Head to your right. At the gap, jump to the ledge in the column on your right.
Drop down until you reach the floor. Run back towards the way you came
until you reach the end of the tunnel, and you must turn right into a doorway.
Head through to the large room beyond, and see a bunch of gears and one of the
Kraken's tentacles wound around everything.


Head to the blocks to the left of the door. Jump up, and use the horizontal
pole to get across the gap. There's another horizontal pole ahead - use that to
get to the big landing.

First, check out and solve the Wii gear puzzle on the wall to your left. Next,
turn around and walk towards the giant gears. Use your grapple to grab onto the
gear and pull it forward. Walk around the big tentacle, and pull the lever on
the floor. The Kraken pulls its tentacle back when the gears start up. Time to
go back the way you came. Head down and out.


As you head back down the main hall, take the left into the last corridor right
before you get back to the column you originally climbed down on. This will put
you at the far right end of the Kraken's giant room. As you pass into the
Kraken's room, he'll take exception to your entrance, and make a lame attempt
to smack you. No worries. Keep moving to the wall on the right, and he'll miss
you by a mile.

When you get to the far right wall, start climbing up those ledges. Once you
get as high on that wall as you can, a beam will come into view behind you. Do
a backwards leap onto the beam. Pull yourself up on the beam, and walk towards
the kraken. At the end of the beam, drop down and grab onto the ledge on the
column. Scoot around and end up jumping to the landing ahead. Jump over the
little gap, and head through the door on your right.


Another room with gears and a tentacle. You can make your way down carefully,
or just jump. A jump only gets you into the yellow, and since you're self-
healing, who cares? Once on the lower floor, walk over to the open area free of
gears and tentacles, turn around, and spot the ring on the second pillar. Grab
it with your grapple, and give it a pull. 

To finish up in here, climb up the ledges to your left, slide down the ramp,
and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing around, and jump to the ledge, and
finally make your way left to get back to where you first came in. Walk over
to the lever in the floor, and pull.


Head on out the door. Center yourself to jump onto the beam in front of you.
Walk across to get to the big silver disc. Once on the disc, turn to your left
and pull the lever. The disc will raise. Make your way to the opposite side of
the disc, and use your grapple to swing over to the hallway. Pull the lever
there, and turn, with your guns drawn, to watch the chain in the wall. When the
weak link passes by (easily identifiable by the red reticule if your gun is
out), shoot it.

Hasta la vista, Kraken. The door behind the Kraken is now open.


Climb down the wall and use the grapple rings on the side walls to lower down
to the floor below. Head through the door, jump in the water, and swim through
the tunnel to the other side. Continue on for another cinematic cutaway.


****** Stage 2c: MEDITERRANEAN SEA - The Norse Connection (2cNC) ******
Number of Treasures: 5/7

Turn to your right and head for the reddish column. Go between the column and
the wall to do a chimney jump to get over the broken wall.

TREASURE 2c1 (2cT1) This secret treasure is really hard. Really. Hard. Oh, no, 
wait. It's sitting right there in the middle of the room. Go pick it up.

Pick up one of the little blocks on the floor, go stand on the switch plate to
open the door, and toss the little block out. Repeat with the second block. The
door takes a second to close once you step off the switch plate, so you can 
easily leave the room. Back in the main room, place both blocks on the switch
plate to the right of the gate. Stand in the center cross, and grab the ring on
the gate with your grapple. With the grapple still attached, walk over to stand
on the switch plate to the left of the gate. Once the left lock has lowered all
the way down the left side of the gate, pull on the grapple to open the gate.

TREASURE 2c2 (2cT2) Trot past Thor's gauntlet to get the second super secret 
treasure lying right there in the open.

Turn around, and go get that gauntlet and enjoy a nice little cinematic moment.


Head out the gate, to your right, up the block, and through the door. Follow
the corridor to an open room with some vertical poles. Climb the first vertical
pole on your right as you come through the door. Jump to the broken vertical
pole behind it, and then climb up to get to the landing above.

TREASURE 2c3 (2cT3) If they would just put these behind a rock or something. A
little challenge can't hurt, can it??

On the landing, looking out into the room, find the broken pole on your left
and jump onto it. Jump to the next broken pole in front of you, and then to the


Jump to the broken vertical pole in front of the landing, then to the next
broken pole, and then to the final landing out of the room.

TREASURE 2c4 (2cT4) I'd cry, if it weren't so funny. I'm not even sure why they
bothered even placing some of these treasures.

Continue forward. You'll get back to the Kraken room, but at an upper level.


Use your grapple and the ring in the ceiling to swing to the landing directly
across. Use the horizontal pole to jump to the next landing on your right.

TREASURE 2c5 (2cT5) Go get it, Tiger.

Slide down the ramp, cross over to the opposite wall, climb down the rubble,
and head out that corridor. A slight bearing to the left will bring you back to
the door you first came in through. Head on out.


You are now just exiting back through the way you came so you can get back to
your boat. To get back across that big gap, jump to the gray block, and then
use the cracks in the wall on the right to make your way back across.


****** Stage 2d: MEDITERRANEAN SEA - God of Thunder (2dGT) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/7

Upon return to your boat, watch a mini movie, and get ready to invade the
mercenaries' boat.


Climb the ladder of your boat, climb up on the seat, and then up onto the back
fin of the boat. From there, you can easily jump to the chain of the big ship's
anchor. Climb up and over and onto the deck.


Not much to see here. Go down the deck stairs towards the big shipping
containers. Several bad guys will take shots at you. Frankly, short of you
standing still and letting them shoot you non-stop, you are in no danger. You
can return fire and hunt them all down, or just take out the few who won't
leave you alone while you open the door.

At the  door, use your Wii tool to blowtorch the lock open. Head on through the
open door.


Head down the stairs and follow the hall to the computer room. A cutscene will
show you an explosion that causes the ship to start sinking. Whoops. From your
position after the cutscene, turn right and then left, and watch yet another
cinematic. Amanda and her captive, Natla. From your position after the cutscene
head right through the door. Cue dramatic music: the ship is sinking.


Follow the hallway and jump the exploding barrels, leaping towards the hall on
the right. Go down that hall on the right. The ship is now
on its side. Go to the end of the hall, and face left. Start climbing. And
climbing. You're headed up and pretty much always right. Once you're out,


Total Number of Treasures: 3

****** Stage 3a: COASTAL THAILAND - Remnants (3aR) ******
Number of Treasures: 2/3

Watch the cutscene, and then start raiding some tombs, you slacker!


Jump off your boat and head for that little landing you spied during the
cutscene. You don't have SCUBA, and there's nothing underwater anyway, so
stay on the surface. Pull out of the water at the landing, and start climbing.


TREASURE 3a1 (3aT1) As you start to climb the cliff, head to your right. Keep
going up and to the right until you get to a waterfall. Drop onto the landing
behind the fall and get treasure number 1. You almost had to work for this one,
didn't you? Go back the way you came or just jump into the water and start

Once you've got your treasure, and you're back at the start of the climb, this
time head left. Up and to the left, until you go as far as you can. Jump back
to the cliff behind you. Scoot around and lift up to stand on the ledge. Jump
to the landing across from you. Because the controls in this game are not
especially logical, this jump is a little tricky. Position the toggle so that
Lara is leaning away from the cliff and towards the landing, and then jump. 
Don't jump if she's looking left or right.

Okay, so you've made the jump. Onward! Climb some stairs until you get to a big
gap with a ramp and a horizontal pole. Slide down the ramp and jump at the last
second to reach the pole. Swing around and then jump to get to the ledges on
the other side. Climb on up. Turn right and go up the first little group of
steps. Stop! Treasure below!

TREASURE 3a2 (3aT2) See the nice white climbable ledge there on your right? Sure
you do! Well, drop on down there, Sparky, and climb down that wall and go get
your treasure. Head back up the way you came. Good job!

Continue forward to the nice orangey-gold leafy landing. Look to your left, and
jump! Up one more ledge, then start chimney jumping to the landing above.


Once you come around the walkway and see forest ahead, a tiger will rush you.
A little shooting and you can take him out before he even gets to you. Sad,
really. Keep following the pathway until you get to some well-rendered ruins
(some art director should be proud). 

****** Stage 3b: COASTAL THAILAND - Bhogavati (3bB) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/3


Leap to the ledge on column on the left. Up, and then around to the get to the
column on the right. Scoot around to drop to the beam. Walk about mid-way, and
then turn to jump to the horizontal pole between the columns next door. Swing
around, and release to jump to the cliff face. Scoot all the way right to jump
to the broken column. Drop to the ledge below, then jump to the column next
door. Drop to the beam, walk across, then drop, drop, and drop to reach the
ground safely. Head to the little cliff overlooking the river, and drop on 


Another tiger. Grrrr. (That's the tiger, not me.) It's okay, he's up above you.
In fact, if you didn't pass by him close enough, you might not have triggered
his attack yet! Go to the end of the stream, climb up the rocks, and shoot the
poor endangered beast dead.

There's a hook up on a tree above just begging for the grapple. So go ahead and
grapple. Climb up the grapple rope until you see a ledge in the cliff across
the river from you (look for the root of the tree you're swinging from).
Swing away, and get to that ledge. Climb up the landing and then walk across
the branch on your right to get to the roof of the ruins. Here you'll find
two more tigers to remove from the gene pool.

Run up between the columns to get to a big stone wall with ledges. Jump and
climb up those ledges, and then hop on down the other side.


****** Stage 3c: COASTAL THAILAND - The Ancient World (3cAW) ******
Number of Treasures: 1/3

Trot down the hall, and at the big gap, jump from post top to post top until
you get to the other side. Follow the hallway until you get to....the next


From your position after the cutscene, turn around and then head right. You'll
get to a ledge. Hang off it, drop, and then drop to the ground. 

You can attempt a glitchy, minor shortcut here, if you'd like. If not,
just skip to the next paragraph. Otherwise, here's the little shortcut. Once on
the ground, you'll see 3 large pillars. Slowly approach the far left pillar,
as if heading for the ledge. You'll want to be slightly right of the pillar.
Wii will help you out by flashing the (B) button icon to indicate you have a
grapple target. That's the ring up above. Go ahead and try to grapple it. You
might need to take a step or two in some direction in order for the grapple to
take. but it does take. Pull, and you'll get a checkpoint and the cutscene
showing the rope on the bridge tightening. Now, jump off the roof and kill
yourself. When you continue after your death, you'll be up top near the
ring you just pulled instead of on the ground where you just were, so all
you have to do is balance beam it out of there. (You have to be up top to leave
the area.)

If you didn't choose the shortcut, jump up onto the ledge on the wall to your
left, and then scoot along around the whole structure until you've gone as far
as you can. Lift up to stand on the ledge, then chimney jump up to the top.
Grapple the ring and pull to tighten the rope on the right side of the bridge.


Turn around and walk to the ledge on your left. Jump to the beam. Make your way
across the two beams to jump over to the ledges at the end of the beams. Scoot
over until you can pull yourself up. Turn left and head up those stairs to take
care of the rope on the left side of the bridge. 

At the end of the hall hang off the ledge and drop down one ledge. Backwards
jump to the beam behind you. Jump to the T-beams, moving to the ledge on the
right. Once on the landing, grapple the ring and pull. Exit the way you came.

write over this save game until you leave Coastal Thailand. In fact, do NOT
create any more save games until you leave Thailand.

Head back around to the bridge. The statue on the left has a lever. Pull it,
and be ready to fling your grapple out - the bridge is about to collapse from
beneath you! Once you've grappled, lower yourself safely to the ground.

Once at the bottom, stand facing the statues, and head through the door on the
left. As you climb the stairs, have your guns ready. At the top of the stairs,
you'll be attacked by two nasty lizards.


Okay, kill those very rare and unusual pair of lizards, and turn left at the
top of the stairs. Jump on the scale to lower it. Watch what happens.
Fascinating, no? After the cutaway, get off the scale, and move forward to the
Wii puzzle. Solve it. Grab the gem that is revealed. Then, before you take off,
hit the (-) button again at the puzzle. You'll be able to take one of the
jewels off of the puzzle board. Do it!


Turn around, climb up and out, and take the stairs up to the giant statue.
Place the gem in the waiting hand. Head back down, and tilt the scales back
to raise the arm. And then...head back up those stairs back to the hand to get
a treasure and to make an easy trek to the other side. (My favorite graphic
glitch happens here: the arm is raised, but the gem is left hanging in the air)

TREASURE 3c1 (3cT1) Back at the giant statue, peer down the ledge on the wall
behind the statue. You'll see the treasure on that ledge. You'll have to jump
over to the ledge, but once there it's wide enough for you to run down to
grab the treasure. (Thank you tourist, tatyana, and Ivan for the location of
this treasure!)

Keep running across the back of the statue to get to the other side of the
statue. As with everything in this game, what you do on one side, you must do
on the other.

At the other end of the ledge, jump on over to the landing. You may or may not
run into a pair of lizards right away, so be prepared to murderize them, just
in case. Try to take them both out now, before jumping down to solve the Wii

Once the lizards are dispatched, jump down and go straight to the Wii puzzle.
Solve the puzzle (this is what you needed that jewel for from the first
puzzle - this puzzle is otherwise missing a jewel).


Now head back up the stairs as if you were going to the big statue. As you
round the corner, see the ledge on the pillar behind the statue with the scale?
Climb on up to the horizontal poles. Swing to the last pole to bring the scale
arm down and the giant statue arm down, too. Climb those stairs again to place
the gem in the hand.


Head back down to jump on the scale to lower the arm again. Climb up out of the
scale, go straight, and then turn left to go down some stairs. At the bottom
you are back where you first landed when the bridge collapsed. At the bottom
of the stairs, turn to your right, and take a look at what's going on down

There are two statues in a set of grooves. All you'll need to do is position
them so they are facing the giant statues. That way, the reflective sides of
their fans will be out, and the light shining down from the gems you placed in
the giant statue's hands will shine into the lower statue's eyes, causing the
floor around the giant statues to lower and reveal a passage.


Head on down. Jump up on the dais to trigger a switch to open the door.
But first....more lizards! Start shooting. Not much to be worried about. Once
you've killed them, the door is released, and out you go. Follow the walkway,
watch Lara talk to herself, and prepare to forge onward. 


****** Stage 3d: COASTAL THAILAND - Puppet No Longer (3dPNL) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/3

Follow the tunnel until you get to a giant door and a cutscene.


Open the door, cross the glowing blue bridge, and watch yet another cutscene.


Walk to the opposite side of the dais from the glowing blue bridge, and drop
down using the ledges. Drop until you get to the landing. Press (-) to grab
onto the blue wall and turn the giant pillar as far right as you can go. Jump
over to the landing on your left. Run up to the side wall of the bridge, and
start jumping from pole to pole to get across the giant gap. Grab on to the
wall and pull until you almost get to the end. Leave enough room between the
last two columns so you can squeeze past the wall and get to the other side.
Once on the other side of the blue wall, grab on and push it to the end. Use
the poles on this side to swing back to the center pillar. Jump to the landing
on your left, grab on to the blue wall, and push to the right. The bridge is
now lined up with the exit door. Climb up and walk to the door.


Push open the door and watch a cutscene. Head through the door and use your
grapple to cross the gap. On your right are a couple of ledges in the wall.
Use them to get to a horizontal pole switch, which you'll hang from to pull
it down and open the underwater door. Once opened, swim through the door. Enter
with at least half a breath to get safely to the end of the tunnel.

(TSG2) Here is where you'll encounter the Thailand switch glitch. The pole to
open the underwater door will be missing. If the pole is missing, your only
recourse is to return to your save game from (TSG1), and go through the level
again, or transfer a saved game patch from the internet (see TSG).

Another cinematic cutscene to propel the story along, and we're on to the next


Total Number of Treasures: 7

****** Stage 4a: CROFT MANOR - Protected by the Dead (4aPD) ******
Number of Treasures: 7/7

Another cutscene to get Lara down into the ruins below, and then we're off.


Make your way down the tunnel until you get to a huge gap. Just leap on over to
the opposite side and take some short-term damage, or hang from the edge
of the landing you're on and do a back jump to the landing behind and below
you. Worst case, be prepared to shake the nunchuck to get a good grasp when you
land. Head on forward.


TREASURE 4a1 (4aT1) During the little cutscene showing you the broken bridge,
you should actually be able to spy the first treasure sitting on the ledge
with Lara, there on her right. So after the cutscene, step right, and pick it
up. (Thank you Yurikoff and tourist for locating this treasure!)

To cross the broken bridge, you'll just be climbing down the right side, jump
across, scoot around back, and then climb up the other side.


Continue on until you get to the open area. To keep our points of reference the
same, walk up to the first column on the left you see in the room. Turn around.
You should see a tunnel up ahead that you couldn't see as you walked into the
room. Go into that tunnel. You'll see a gate ahead of you. It's locked.
Continue up the tunnel to your right. You'll end up back in the open area, just
up a level. Hop on over to the platform on top of the column, and then balance
beam it over to the next column. Leap on to the wall in front of you. Start
heading to the far right.

TREASURE 4a2 (4aT2) When you're as far right on the wall as you can go, drop
to the second ledge, and do a back jump to the column behind you. Look over to
the landing behind you. Go pick up your shiny thing, and head on back the way
you came.

Once you're back on the wall, head up to the landing. Head on into the water
wheel room.


You can climb down or just jump into the water. Swim to the landing at the foot
of the big wooden wall. Get out of the water, and start climbing the wall. You
are heading up and to the left to get to the landing above you. Cross the
landing, and climb the stone wall to get to the next landing above. You'll be
prompted to grapple a hook. Do so, and pull to tug a gear into place.


Climb (or drop) back down to the landing below. Turn around and look at the
opposite wall. There is a stone landing with a wooden vertical pole in front of
you. Jump to it and climb the pole. Do a back jump to the wood planks behind
you, climb up, and jump to the landing above. Now for an odd leap of faith.
There is a ledge going around that round rock formation in front of you. Go to
the edge of wood landing you're on, and jump as if you were aiming for the wood
planks on the other side of the stone. You'll end up on the stone ledge. Scoot
around and then pull up to stand on the ledge. Jump to the wood planks, and
climb up.

Pull up to stand on the plank beam, and then jump to the horizontal pole. Jump
for the landing. Use your grapple and pull yourself up until you can swing and
jump to the high wood landing. On the landing, facing the stone wall across the
water from you, shoot out the four locks holding the gray plank door to your
right. The water will start flowing.


Once again, you can carefully climb down or just jump into the water. Either
way, swim over to the far wall from where you are, and climb up onto the
landing. Use the ledges to get back up and out through the door you came in.
Head back out to the open area. You'll see a cutscene showing you that gate in
the tunnel is now unlocked. Head that way, and go through the gate. Go through
the tunnel until you get to a cathedral-like area with lots of scaffolding.


Drop forward and down a level. 

TREASURE 4a3 (4aT3) Look to the scaffolding to your left. Jump over. You'll see
the treasure ahead. Go get it and then use the scaffolding to get to the floor.

TREASURE 4a4 (4aT4) Once on the floor, head over to the scaffolding on the
right. Climb up to get to the landing opposite treasure 4a2's landing. And 
there is your next treasure. Pick it up and head back down to the floor.

Once on the floor again, head front and center to get to the Wii gear puzzle.
Again, very simple. In the top two positions, from left to right, small gear,
large gear.

Head up the stairs and through the now open gates. Go through the left gate.
Take a left to go up the stairs.

TREASURE 4a5 (4aT5) As soon as you get to the top of the stairs, look to your
right. Jump onto the horizontal pole, and do a standing jump off the pole to
the ledges above. There's your treasure in the alcove at the top. Grab it and
drop back down.

Walk forward and look to your right for your next Wii puzzle. Simply shuffle
the tiles until the images on the tiles match the images under the tiles.


Head forward to the little statue dial, grab, and turn as far as it will go.
Head back down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left, go through
the big room, and into the corridor. Turn left to go up the stairs.

TREASURE 4a6 (4aT6) look to your left for the horizontal pole. Do another
standing jump off the pole to the ledges above. And once again, there's your
treasure in the alcove at the top. Grab it and drop back down.

Walk forward for another Wii puzzle on the wall to your left. Solve it the same
way as the first puzzle. 


Turn around and once again turn the little statue dial as far as it will go.
Watch the cutscene to see the big turnstile rise out of the ground in the big
room below.


Head back down the stairs. Turn right at the bottom to go to the big room. Turn
the dial you just raised to open the door above. Head back to the upper level
using either staircase. Jump off the balcony and grapple the ring in the center
of the ceiling. Swing over to the door you just opened.


Head up the stairs to watch a cut scene and get the second gauntlet. Be
prepared to shoot immediately. You're about to be attacked by two tiger
thralls. When you've shot one, stand next to it and press (A) to do a stomp. If
you don't stomp it, it will keep coming back to life. And it gets really
annoying after a while, if you don't stomp them out of your misery. So do it.
The control is, as usual with this game, awkward, so keep trying to find the
right place to stand next the downed thrall to be able to perform that stomp if
it doesn't work the first time or two you try it.

TREASURE 4a7 (4aT7) Once you've dispatched the thralls, stand at the desk as if
you were going to sit at it. Look to right for the broken crate. Walk around it
and look at the wall behind it. Pull the lever on the floor (which will prompt
you to use your Wii tool), and a door will open in the wall near you. Go get
the treasure.

Head back to stand behind the desk again. This time look behind and to your
left. There's a broken pillar. You need to move the glowing purple pillar over
to that broken pillar, and use the two to climb up and out of the room. Enjoy
yet another cutscene, and continue.


We now see the explosion we saw at the start of the game. Exit exactly the same
way you did the first time (see 1NI). Watch the cutscene to find out what
really happened.


From the starting point after the cutscene, turn right to get to the fireplace.
Climb up the right side of the fireplace to the landing above. Turn right to
get to the end of the hall. Drop and do a back jump to the horizontal pole. Do
a standing jump off the pole to get over the glass wall. Drop down and watch a
cutscene with Lara's doppelganger.


Total Number of Treasures: 10

****** Stage 5a: SOUTHERN MEXICO - Unnamed Days (5aUD) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/10

In Southern Mexico, you'll start briefly in the Unnamed Days stage, move to the
Xibalba stage, and then return to the Unnamed Days stage to finish.

So for now, just drive your bike straight forward until you get to a branch
across the road in front of a wooden gate, and you must get off your bike.

Open and pass through the first wooden door. Repeat with the second. 


****** Stage 5b: SOUTHERN MEXICO -  Xibalba (5bX) ******
Number of Treasures: 1/10

You should now be in the second stage of the Mexican level. Again, have no
fear: We'll return to and complete the first level, Unnamed Days, following
this stage.

Dispatch those two mean poachers (after all, they kill endangered species, like
tigers and panthers!) Get back up on that center dais and turn the gold dial to
close the door you came through and open a side door up near the big gate

TREASURE 5b1 (5bT1) Jump off the dais and head forward and to your right. The
treasure is in an alcove under the far right of the ruins.

Head left and go up the stairs and into the alcove you opened by turning the
dial. Pull the switch. This will open the big door into the ruins. Head on in,
but with your guns drawn. You're about to be charged by a panther. Shoot him,
and move on. Like the tigers, he's an easy shot. He shouldn't get anywhere near


Go up the stairs, and stop at the first column on your right. Pick up the pole
that's laying there on the ground. Carry it over to the first column on your
left, and stick it into the crack in column.

Start climbing columns, eventually leaping to some hard-to-spot ledges on the
stone wall. Work your way right on the wall and then back onto the other group
of columns. Keep making your way right towards the large landing on top of the
ruins on the right.


Once on the roof, head inside. Follow the tunnel to a dead-end room with a
block. Climb the block to get to the ledges to get up and out of the room.
After some acrobatics, you'll dead-end at a Wii puzzle. Slide the tiles so that
the pictures on the tiles match the pictures under the tiles. This opens the


Head through. Drop down the hole and head out of the dark room. In the next
room, start climbing up the ledges to the left of the closed stone door. Reach
the landing with the large alcove and the hook in the opposite wall. Grapple
the hook, and then use the grapple line to topple the block off of the column
in the middle of the room. Head down through the hole you just made in the
floor using the ledges in the wall below. In the wall of the central area,
solve the Wii puzzle. Grab the jaguar head.


The door behind you will start to open. To open it all the way, shoot out the
logs holding the door up. Cross the gap, and head out that door. Follow the
tunnel, and at the dial, turn it to open the doors. At the next door, use your
Wii tool on the lever in the wall to open the door. You're back at the entrance
to these ruins.


****** Stage 5c: SOUTHERN MEXICO - Unnamed Days (5cUD) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/10

Now back to the Unnamed Days stage.

Head out of the area back to your bike, but have your gun ready. Poachers are
at the gate ahead. Do away with them, and head for your bike. Get on and start
back up the hill. From this direction, you'll now see a branch in the road. Go
left. At the top of this road is a tight turn to take a ramp up into another
road. Off you go. 

You'll come to a fork (easy to miss if you're going too fast). We'll start with
the left fork. Take it, and watch for three poachers. Take 'em out with the
guns on your bike.


Ride over the wooden switch to open the gate ahead. Drive through. This time
watch out for a poacher and a panther ahead.


At the dead end, climb up the cliff. There are two ways up - the cliff or the
stone wall. Either is fine. Head into the ruins, and listen to Lara wax on
about the Mayan calendar.


Go to the wall with the Wii puzzle. Solve it by matching the pictures on the
tiles with the pictures next to the tiles. Grab the jaguar head.


Turn to your left and get the skull from the little statue. Turn around and
walk to the calendar. At the hole, click (-) to place the skull. Walk to the
center statue, and place a jaguar head on it. Turn the now active dial. There
are four rings, innermost is 1, outermost is 4. Turn the dial so that the gold
icon on ring 3 is lined up with the icon on ring 4. Go to the skull and pull to
disengage the rings. Go back to the jaguar statue, and turn so that the icon on
ring 2 is lined up with the icon on ring 1. Go and push the skull to put the
rings together again. Watch a cutaway.


Head on down the cliff and get back on your bike. Go back the way you came,
through the gate with the floor trigger.


Go forward, and at the fork, go left. You'll get to the big field we just saw
in the cutscene a second ago. Head right and through another gate with the
floor trigger. Watch out - you have a narrow bridge over a gap straight ahead.

At the ruins, get off your bike, and go put the 2nd jaguar head on the little
statue. The skull is already in place. Solve this calendar exactly as you did
above. More stuff happening on that field. After the cutscene, get back on your
bike and head over there.


Drive down into the now raised ruin, and watch Lara almost kill herself. Wee!
After the cutscene, get back on your bike and drive left down into the tunnels.


****** Stage 5d: SOUTHERN MEXICO -  Land of the Dead (5dLD) ******
Number of Treasures: 8/10

Be prepared to make the first two jumps and then come to a quick stop before
the third jump. The ramp is down. Get off your bike, and climb the wall to the
left to land on the column ledge which is a switch that raises the ramp. Get
back on your bike, make the jump, and drive on down the corridors until you get
to a large room with a deadly pool in the center. Watch the cutscene.


From your position after the cutscene, head over to the broken stairs to your
right. You should spy a sceptre laying on the ground go grab it. Turn around.
There are a ring of statutes around the pool. There are two kinds of statues.
Three of them have what look like wings. The other four don't.

Your ultimate goal in this room is to push all 7 statues forward toward the
pool. The four wingless statues all need sceptres. From where you stand, go to
the far statue on the right. He already has a sceptre, so push him forward.


Moving left, skip the winged statue, and put the sceptre in the hand of
the next statue. Once unlocked, turn him around and pull him forward. This
opens one of the side doors.


Keep moving left to the next statue with a sceptre. Turn him around and pull
him forward.


From this statue, look to the stairs to your left. There at the right at the
base of the stairs is another sceptre. Go get it and put it in the last of
the four statues. Turn the statue around and pull it forward to open the side
door at the top of those stairs.


Go grab your bike and ride it up the stairs and through the door you just
opened. Head down the halls to a room with fire.

TREASURE 5d1 (5dT1) When you first drive into this room, get off your bike.
Climb down the left side (watching out for the fires), and go around to the
right side to find your goody. Come out the way you came in. 

Get back on your bike and drive forward. Get off the bike near the furnace on
the left just after you cross the bridge.

TREASURE 5d2 (5dT2) Walk along the left wall until you get to the large gap in
the floor. See your treasure straight ahead? To get to it, grapple the hook up
above you, stay near the ground, and wall run to jump to the ledge near the
landing with the treasure. Hop over, pick it up, run up the ramp, and grapple
on out of there. 

You're back on the floor. Head back to the furnace on the left wall, where you
left your bike. There's a hook up the wall near the furnace. Grapple, pull
yourself up, and wall run to get to the top of the furnace.


Pull the lever to put out the furnace, open a door, and release two Mayan
thralls. Climb down and shoot and stomp to get rid of them. Get on your bike
to ride down the tunnel and speed right past the fire and spinning wheel traps.

At the big wheel, turn your bike around to face the way you just came for an
easy escape later, and climb the wall to get over it. Don't pull the lever on
the wall just yet.

Climb the ladder in the alcove. Make you way across beams, wall ledges, and
horizontal bars until you're at the Wii puzzle at the far end of the room's
upper level. Solve the puzzle to lower the spinning wheels blocking the room,
and to release two more Mayan thralls.

Make your way back across the upper level to come back down the ladder. Unless
you've pulled the lever, the spinning wheels should keep the thralls off your
back for now. Run to the throne in the room and grab statue key. 


Head back to your bike. Pull the lever to lower the wheel, get on your bike,
and gun it past the thralls. Head back to the pool room.


Next head to the door opposite the one you just came out of. You can't take
your bike - park it down by one of the doors at the bottom of the stairs in
either corner of the room.

Climb the blocks to get up to the 2nd door, and head on through. Follow the
corridor to the room at the end. The first room was fire, this one is ice. Go
right and head up the long staircase to the upper level. Run left and jump to
slide down a tunnel. Get ready with your guns....


A tiger thrall is at the bottom. Shoot and stomp. Move forward. There are two
more tiger thralls lying in wait in the next room, but they are caged. You can
release them now for a more controlled dispatch, or wait for later. To deal
with them now, release them from their cages by going up the steps to the icy
wall and standing on the switch. Shoot and stomp.

Bear left and trot on down the hall. At the next room, climb up the wood
scaffolds, and at the very top, leap for the alcove across the way. Climb the

TREASURE 5d3 (5dT3) Turn left in the room and use your Wii tool to extract the
treasure from an iced over hole in the wall.

Scale the ledges on the back wall of the room, and head right to grab and
pull the vertical pole switch. Pass through the door and extract the second
statue key from the icy wall. Run around the other side of the wall to use
the statue key to open the door to get out of there.


As you pass through the door, a tiger thrall will come at you from your left.
Shoot and stomp.

TREASURE 5d4 (5dT4) Go forward and left into the room and get the treasure from
the tiger thrall's recently vacated alcove.

Exit the room by sliding down the ramp. If you didn't get rid of the two tiger
thralls earlier, you'll deal with them now. Shoot and stomp. Go to the alcove
on the right and use the statue key to open the stone door. Pass through.


Use the ledges on the walls to climb up and out. Jump and balance-beam it to
the other side. Going left or right at the end of the beam makes no difference.
Climb the ladder and circle around for some more balance beam fun. Cross to the
opposite side.

Once on the other side, look for ledges on the left wall. Climb to make your
way to the vertical pole switch to the left of the stone door. Pass through the
door, up over the wall, and down another slide. 

TREASURE 5d5 (5dT5) Go right and right again to the end of the room. Look left
for your treasure sitting in the alcove.

Head left out of  the treasure alcove, straight to a switch in the wall. Do a
mini-chimney jump to get to the switch and open the door. Out the door, and
down another slide. Back where we started this icy adventure!

Take a right up the steps to the dais, and use the statue key to open the door.
Head back out to the pool room.


Now to deal with the winged statues. Climb the stairs up the back of one of the
winged statues surrounding the pool. Place the statue key, and pull the statue


Go to the opposite winged statue, and repeat.


The central winged statue is now free. Go pull it forward.


Those two lower doors are now open. Head over to your bike, and drive around to
the back. If you start driving back up some stairs, you've gone too far. The
room you want is at the bottom. Enter, but watch out for the tiger thrall.
Shoot and smash, or ride over it on your bike. 


Chimney climb up the stone walls on the right, and, at the top, shoot out the
bands holding the block up. Jump down and use the block to get over to the
other side. Cross the bridge and solve the Wii puzzle to stop the flow of the
toxic water. Head back out the way you came.


The next place to park your bike is at the foot of the very tall white stairs
going up to the big door above. But you're not going up yet. Head over to the
pool and drop down the drain. Slide down to a large stone room.


Use the ledges, cracks, and beams to make your way down

TREASURE 5d6 (5dT6) Part way down you'll land in a rather large alcove. It's
almost opposite of the three beams you crossed just a second ago. Facing into
the alcove, go down the little hall on your right. Solve the Wii puzzle to get
your treasure.


Head back out the alcove and continue your descent. You'll finally get to a
door at the bottom. Go through, drop down, and watch a cutscene.


From your position after the cutscene, go forward, left or right. Watch out
for the Mayan thrall coming down the central ramp. Shoot and stomp. Continue
into the room beyond. Turn right and head up through the door. Shoot and stomp
the Mayan thrall when you get to it.

TREASURE 5d7 (5dT7) Keep going down the hall past the where you smashed the
thrall. Look in the alcove to the right of the little pool.

From the pool, turn around and head back, but make a right at the fork. Jump
the gap, pick up the gear, and solve the Wii gear puzzle.


Head back to the big room. Cross over to where the other door should be. It's
caved in, so jump to the landing on your right and climb the cliffs. Instead of
climbing the ladder directly ahead, turn left and climb over and across to get
behind the cave in. Watch out for the Mayan thrall. Shoot and stomp. Grab the
gear from off the floor.

TREASURE 5d8(5dT8) Pass your smashed thrall to the little pool room. Find your
treasure in the alcove to the left.

Turn back around and head back to that ladder. Climb up and solve the Wii gear
puzzle. Head back to the main room.


Head over to the center dais in front of Thor's hammer, and pull the lever. Go
stand next to the dragon and grapple the ring. Then move to the dais behind the
dragon, and pull so that you pull it's mouth open. This lowers the dragon, as
well as Thor's hammer. Go climb up Thor's hammer and head through the door
there. Get Thor's belt and watch the cutscene.


Head back out and back to the ladder where the second Wii gear puzzle is. Pull
out the blue wall, and climb the ladder behind it. Follow the hall to a room
with a climbable wall.

TREASURE 5d9 (5dT9) Before you start climbing the wall, take a look to your
left. The treasure is cleverly hidden on the floor. (Thank you Yurikoff and
tourist for pointing out this treasure.)

Now start climbing the wall.


Follow the hall and jump down - you're back in the icy area off of the pool
room. Head down the door and follow the hall out to the pool room.


Watch a little cinema, and then head for your bike. Ride it up the stairs to
the door at the top. Get off and open the door. Ride your bike through.


Watch the jumps, and stay to the left for the last jump, but otherwise just
gun it. Enjoy your last Mexican cutscene.


Total Number of Treasures: 1

****** Stage 6a: JAN MAYAN ISLAND - Gate of the Dead (6aGD) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/1

You start off on your bike in the snow. You're facing what is essentially a
maze. After some effort, I think I've got the most direct route through this
maze down, but it's very possible there is a shorter route.

From the starting point, head to your left, and then take the left jump. When
you land, bear left and take the jump. Keep going straight around a series of
curves until you come to a wide fork. Bear right. This should send you through
a small icy blue tunnel. Follow this path and take a series of jumps and sharp
turns until you reach a large icy tunnel. Pass through and get ready to shoot
out a wall of ice. 

At this point you're done with the maze, and you're just following the path
down from here. Keep making the jumps and avoid the boulders, and you'll get to
a big room with a giant pillar in it. The music will tell you you have some
thralls to kill. Just ride your bike down the corkscrew path, and run them over
or fly on past them - the ones on the ramp are trapped where they are, if you
miss them. But you have to get rid of the two at the bottom. Once those two
are cleared, you'll get a cutscene.

Grab one of the sticks poking out of the giant pillar and turn it as far as it
will go. Hop on your bike and go through the door. Several corridors and a few
jumps later, you must abandon your bike at a pile of debris. Climb on over it
to move on.


****** Stage 6b: JAN MAYAN ISLAND - Valhalla (6bV) ******
Number of Treasures: 1/1

Ah, Thor's Hammers room. I offer you two possible abbreviated trips, as well as
the full circuit. The first shortened trip I'll mention lets you skip all but
the last hammer. The second shortened trip I'll actually walk you through lets
you skip just the first hammer. And the long way takes you through all four

No matter how you decide to tackle this room, you start out the same way: head
forward onto the walkway and prepare for giant hammers to come down and smash
the walkway out from under you. At the adrenaline rush, the block you're on
starts to tilt and crumble. Don't jump too soon, or you'll miss the block
ahead. Let the block tilt forward until you just start to slide, and then jump.
Climb to the top of the block. Here is our first chance at a shortcut. To try
to skip the first three hammers, continue at (HS1). To try to take on all
hammers or just skip the first hammer, continue at (HS2).

(HS1) There are notes by Tippya on the TR:U Wii message board here on
gameFAQs that shows you how to skip all but the last hammer (and still get the
treasure!). I did try it, and by gum, it works. If you choose to try it
yourself and make the jump safely, skip to (HS3) in this FAQ to find your next
continue point. 

(HS2) Drop back down off the left side to a ledge. Jump to the ledge of the
block next to you, and then drop to the pole. Get out to the end of the pole
and let go. You'll slide down a ramp directly to the beam below.

Cross the beam, jump to the ledge, and scoot around to the next beam. Drop to
the beam. If you'd like to try to skip the first hammer, continue at (HS4). If
you really want to go for the full hammer experience, continue at (HS5).

(HS4) Standing on the beam, face the ledge you just came from. Look to your
right. See the white ledge? Jump to it. I can make this jump 2 out of 3 tries,
so if you miss, don't give up! To continue, skip to (HS6).

(HS5) Cross the beam and jump up to the ledge above on the next block. Scoot
right to go all the way around the block until you are between two blocks with
a short beam connecting them. Center yourself over the beam - it will catch you
if you fall. Pull up to stand on the lede and chimney jump up to the top of the
block you are currently on.


You're now on a walkway. Take the first door on your left, and head down the
hallway. Go left or right - doesn't matter. Once you're back in the central
hall, you'll see something terrible lying on the floor up ahead. A downed
yeti thrall. Yikes. Lara has something to say about it. Listen, and then
prepare for a quick fight. A tip: head back down the hall you came from, and
shoot from there - Mr. Yeti doesn't travel that far down the hallway. I only
suggest this because it only takes maybe 3 swipes of his meaty paw to kill you.
Anyway, once down, he's as stompable as any other thrall so...stomp away.

Back in the room, jump onto either of the orange couterweights to catch a ride
up to the level above. Once there, jump back onto one of the revolving poles.
At the apex of the pole's circuit, stand up on the pole and jump to the chain
above. Ride it over to the ledge and get off. 


Run down the hallway, and use the horizontal poles to catch a ride on the
giant swinging hammer. Scoot around until you are on the broad face of the
hammer. You'll see you are swinging over a central ledge. Time yourself, and
jump from the hammer onto that ledge.


You're now on the block closest to the door you first came in through. Facing
that door, drop down to hand off the side of the block (the part not jutting
out away from the block). Drop down to the ledge below. Move right, and then
drop, drop, drop. Scoot right around the corner, and move right again. Drop
and drop again. Scooot left around the corner and drop one last time. Jump
to the ledge on the block to your right.

Scoot left until you're almost going around the corner, pull up to stand on the
ledge, and jump back to the block you were just on. Scoot to hang over the
short beam, and drop to the beam. Walk to the end of the beam and jump forward
to the ledge in the block in front of you. Coninue at (HS6)

(HS6) Scoot right and jump to the next block. Center yourself over the
beam between the two blocks. This will catch you if you fall. Pull up to stand
on the ledge, and start chimney jumping up between the two blocks.

At the next ledge up, head to Lara's right. Walk across the beam. Jump up to
the ledge and scoot left between the two closest blocks. Center over the little
beam between the blocks, and start chimney jumping. Land on the top of the


Jump to the landing right next to the block. Turn left into the door. Head down
the hall for your first hammer ride (although this is the second hammer).

Ride the orange blocks up, back jump to the rotating poles, and then stand jump
to the chain. Ride the chain to the landing and let go. Head down the hall. Use
the poles to jump onto the swinging hammer.


Make your way across the face of the hammer. You'll need to jump over to the
other side of the hammer. Do it when the hammer pauses for a split second when
it changes directions. Once on the other side of the hammer, jump to the white
cracks in the wall. Make your way right along the wall until you get to the
stuck hammer. Climb on it and drop down into the hall behind the hammer. When
you get to the room, use the chain on the right to get to the pole closest to
the raised orange blocks. Drop to the pole and then jump to the blocks to lower

Drop and go fix the Wii gear puzzle on the wall. Once the counterweights are
moving again, head back up and out like you did with the other hammer. This,
however, once you are on the hammer, you'll not be jumping to the wall, but
will instead jump to the hall behind the hammer. 

Once in the hall, shoot your grapple to the ring on the opposite wall. Jump and
lower until you're just above the landing below and can still do a wall-run to
jump to the ledge on your left. Work your way around the wall to get to the
landing on the other side.


Head back out to the big room with all the blocks. (HS3) Jump down to the
sloped block below to land on the beam down there. Cross the beam and do some
ledge jumping to get to the block just there on the left. Cross the next beam,
and climb up to stand on the ledge ahead. Work around to the right and chimney
jump up the two blocks until you're on top of a walkway.

TREASURE 6b1 (6bT1) Turn around and look down the walkway - it's right there
in the alcove.

Return to where you just came from, and grapple the hook. Jump and wall run to
the other side. Head down the walkway and into the last hammer's room. Draw
your gun - there's a Mayan thrall waiting for you. Shoot and stomp.

Head up to the hammer as usual, using the orange counterweights, rotating
poles, and moving chain. Jump onto the hammer and shimmy over to the broad side
of the hammer. Ride it as it passes over a central walkway. When you see Lara's
shadow on the walkway, just release (don't jump).


Head up those stairs and get Thor's Hammer. Well, watch a cutscene where you
get Thor's Hammer.


Total Number of Treasures: 0

****** Stage 7a: ANDAMAN SEA - Rituals Old (7aRO) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/0

Start on Amanda's second ship. Make your way forward with guns blazing to the
same door on the right as the first ship. (See 2dGT)


Head on down, using the same path as the first ship (see 2dGT) to get to where
Natla is being held. You'll run into only one more mercenary. Have a nice chat
with Natla, and move on to the next stage.


Total Number of Treasures: 7

****** Stage 8a: ARCTIC SEA - Helheim (8aH) ******
Number of Treasures: 4/7

You start in the water...how does Lara not freeze to death wearing a wet suit
in the Arctic Sea? 

Swim down, down, towards a bridge flanked by 3 giant statues. We'll start with
these guys. See the two statues with their swords down and the one with his
sword pulled up? We need all three to have their swords pulled up. Swim to the
back of the heads of each of the two sword-down statues and solve the Wii
puzzles so they will lift their swords. (Again, as in Thailand, this particular
piece of art in the game is really quite something to me. Really well done.
More kudos to the art director!)


Now that the swords are all raised, freeing the drawbridge chains, swim over to
the large building. 

TREASURE 8a1 (8aT1) As you approach the building, stay centered over the
bridge. Just before the building you'll see a deep crevace leading down to the
ocean floor. Head on down there. There, at the very bottom, and hard to spot
from a distance, is our first Arctic treasure. Head back up.

Take a gander at the building. There are doors to the far left and far right
(look for the stairs leading up to either door). We'll start with the door on
the far right. Swim on in and up, until you get out of the water. Start
climbing those walls! Once at the top, grab the Power Stone. Work your way back
down out of the tower. Then swim down and back out.

Now swim over to the door on the left.

TREASURE 8a2 (8aT2) Before heading into the door, swim up and over the wall
to the right of the door (look for a long piece of seaweed on the wall). Swim
down the other side, and look to the right for your treasure. Head back over
the wall and into the door. (Thank you, tourist, for this treasure location.)

Once in the door, head to your right.

TREASURE 8a3 (8aT3) Look in the last alcove on the left.

Still in the treasure alcove, start swimming up. Swim down the hallway to
find the second Power Stone. Leave the way you came. 

Head back to the door, but instead of swimming out, swim up until you can
leave the water. Start climbing again. At the top, grab that last Power Stone,
and head back down.


Swim down and out, and head left over to the front middle of the building. 
You're looking for the gears and the lever to lower the drawbridge. Place the
three Power Stones in the gears, and pull the lever. The drawbridge lowers.


Swim on through into the building, and through the corridors until you're out
of the water. 

TREASURE 8a4 (8aT4) As you go up the stairs you're on just as you leave the
water, take a look on the wall on your right. There is an icy mass in a little
shelf area. Melt it, and claim your treasure. (Thank you, tourist, for this
treasure location.)

Cutscene to Natla flying around, and you're off again.


****** Stage 8b: ARCTIC SEA - Yggdrasil (8bY) ******
Number of Treasures: 3/7

First, arm yourself with Thor's Hammer. Then head forward and drop down. 
A big old Yeti thrall will come out of the water. You can blow him to bits with
the hammer or just lightening from the hammer. Just walk up to the landing edge
and wait for him to get into range, and KAPOW! Piece of cake.

TREASURE 8b1 (8bT1) Carefully walk the beam on your left to get the treasure.
Walk back to the first landing.

Jump forward to the little landing ahead. Jump to the ledge to your right. Back
jump to the pole behind you, and back jump to the landing.

TREASURE 8b2 (8bT2) Grapple over to the alcove to the right of the platform you
are on. Climb up to reach the treasure. When grappling back over to the
platform, release instead of jump to avoid overshooting the platform.

Jump to the next pole, and slide down. Prepare for two more Yeti thrall. Knock
them out with the hammer.

TREASURE 8b3 (8bT3) Jump forward to the landing ahead, jump to the next
landing, and grab your treasure. Head back the way you came.

Jump to the beam on your left, and walk to the wall. Climb up to the landing.


Watch a cutscene, to gain entrance to a bunch more hallways. Run down them.
Watch out for a few crazed Yetis. Wield your hammer like you mean it. Now that
you have the deadliest weapon in the game, you suddenly have adversaries!

Get to the end of the hall, and a get a rather gruesome cutscene.


Head forward, but watch for more Yeti. Keep your hammer ready. Get to the great
big room with the great big machine, and....watch a cutscene.


****** Stage 8c: ARCTIC SEA - Out of Time (8cOT) ******
Number of Treasures: 0/7

Head right, hammer out. Kill that Yeti. As you approach the big tower, Natla
will attack. Dodge. Climb the tower to get to the level above. Follow the walk
way, and use your grapple to cross the gap. Continue forward to the tower
ahead. Push the glowing blue block as far as it will go. 


Turn back around and grapple the hook to lower yourself down the gap, not
across it. Watch for more Yetis on the lower level. Hop a ride on one of those
blue revolving  blocks. If you're quick, turn around and quickly grapple the
ring on the jutting from the floor you just jumped off of. Otherwise, wait
until you get back to where you just got on, and grapple the lower hook so you
can lower yourself down to the bottom level. Leap around the lower blocks,
prepared for another attack from Natla. Make your way right to the tower, and
push the blue block in as far as it will go.


Chimney jump your way up the tower. You're now almost back to the start. Climb
back up the tower to get to the next level. When you reach the next level,
start climbing the rest of the way up the tower. At the top, pull the gold pin
out of the tower. The tower will crumble, and you'll get a new layer of
floating blue blocks. And a cutscene.


Climb down the tower and head right to once again grapple over the gap. Once on
the other side, however, turn around and climb the building you just used to
grapple. Head to the top of the building. Natla will take another shot at you.
Dodge. Now leap onto one of those passing blue blocks.


Your aim is to get to the center tower, so leap to the inner blue rotating
blocks, and then to the tower. Jump up to the top rotating level, and hang on
until you pass under a ladder. Climb on up. Grab onto the top rotating ...
thingy....and hold on until you get to the last tower with the blue blocks.
Drop and slide down the blue blocks. Pull the gold pin.

The rest is all cutscenes.

That's it.

No, really. That's it. No big boss battle for you!

Go take a nap or something. Put ice on your thumbs. You've had a long day.

Copyright 2008 B Morach

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