1. Karl Gallagher Audio Lead
  2. Brian Schmitt Buzz Monkey Art Director
  3. Ken Rogers Buzz Monkey Audio Designer
  4. Marshall Gause Buzz Monkey Design Director
  5. Eric Blondin Buzz Monkey Lead Character Artist
  6. Duncan McPherson Buzz Monkey Lead Designer
  7. Ted Brown Buzz Monkey Lead Level Designer
  8. Toby Gard Cinematics Director
  9. Kelvin Chu Cinematics Technical Animator
  10. Eric Lindstrom Creative Director
  11. Connie Cheung Edios US Graphic Designer
  12. Mike Cala Edios US Senior Graphic Designer
  13. Patrick Sirk Environment Art Director
  14. Masashi Otake Environment Artist
  15. Matthew Guzenda Executive Producer
  16. Primo Navidad Lead Animator
  17. Riley Cooper Lead Camera Design
  18. Kam Yu Lead Character Artist
  19. Mark Botta Lead Combat Programmer
  20. Harley White-Wiedow Lead Designer
  21. Daniel Neuburger Lead Environment Artist
  22. Kyle Mannerberg Lead Level Designer
  23. Matthew Gaston Lead Player Programmer
  24. Rob Pavey Lead Programmer
  25. Sean Skelton Lead Render Programmer
  26. Steve Goodale Lead Systems Designer
  27. Crispin Freeman Motion Capture Actor - Alister
  28. Helena Barrett Motion Capture Actor - Amanda/Amelia
  29. Stacey Carino Motion Capture Actor - Doppelganger
  30. Heidi Moneymaker Motion Capture Actor - Lara
  31. Dana Reed Motion Capture Actor - Lara
  32. Chrissy Weathersby Motion Capture Actor - Lara
  33. Tate Hanyok Motion Capture Actor - Natla
  34. Adam Clark Motion Capture Actor - Winston
  35. Jai Cortland Motion Capture Actor - Zip
  36. Troels Folmann Music Composer
  37. Colin O'Malley Music Composer
  38. Garin Mazaika Puzzle Lead Object Artist
  39. Matt Roberts Puzzle Lead Technical Design
  40. William Gahr Puzzle Technical Design
  41. Eric Lindstrom Screenplay
  42. Mike Peaslee Sound Designer
  43. Toby Gard Story
  44. Pat Guarino UI Design
  45. Gavin Wood Visual Effects Lead
  46. Greg Ellis Voice Actor - Alister & Mercenary
  47. Kath Soucie Voice Actor - Amanda
  48. Keeley Hawes Voice Actor - Lara
  49. Grey Delisle Voice Actor - Natla
  50. Alan Sherman Voice Actor - Winston
  51. Alex Desert Voice Actor - Zip
  52. Kris Zimmerman Voice Over Director


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, Cosmic!, LordAndrew, mister_jmp, motinsf3, odino, oliist, and SilverBow.

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