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Walkthrough by squishycollider

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/13/2008

We Ski Walkthrough
Version 1.0
Copyright 2008 Sean Arentz

After having beaten We Ski into the ground, I wanted to check if I had missed
anything, and was dismayed that the internet seemed to lack a comprehensive
walkthrough. What the heck, Internet!? Hopefully this document will fill that
gap and prove to be of some use to someone. Because We Ski is nonlinear, the
main point of this walkthrough is to help you find all of the Star Points (used
to unlock equipment) and all of the Photo Shoot locations. I also include a
complete list of answers for the Question Kid, just in case your ego can't take
missing one more trivia question. I know mine can't. :D

The obligitory legal crap
This here is my work, you should already know that, please treat it as such.
Please don't use this document for financial gain without cutting me in, please
don't yoink this here work, and if you do, have the decency to say where you
got it, etc etc etc blah blah blah we all good? Good.

Believe it or not, there is actually some stuff in We Ski which is worth
discovering on your own. Part of the joy of the game is exploring with
sparkling eyes the abundant and varied resort arranged before us. If you're
just picking up the game for the first time, put this guide down, jump in, and
get your feet wet. We'll be here when you get back.

1]   General info
     A]   Controls
     B]   Tricks
     C]   Game Modes
     D]   Character and Gear
     E]   Environment

2]   Quests
     A]   Orienteering
     B]   Turn Challenge
     C]   Trick Challenge
     D]   Mogul Challenge
     E]   Slalom
     F]   Missing Person
     G]   Perfect Stop
     H]   Ski Rescue
     I]   Lost Item
     J]   Race
     K]   Delivery

3]   Ranking
     A]   Rabbit
     B]   Fox
     C]   Deer
     D]   Eagle
     E]   Owl
     F]   Elephant
     G]   Snake
     H]   Wolf
     I]   Lion
     J]   Shark
     K]   Bear
     L]   Camel
     M]   Dolphin

4]   Photo Locations
     A]   Golden Flash
     B]   Silver Flash
     C]   Wildlife

5]   Question Kid
     A]   Locations
     B]   Questions and Answers

[1] General Info

[1.A] Controls
We Ski is very self documenting, and the in-game tutorials do a great job of
telling you everything you need to know. This section is included only as a
quick reference. I don't have a balance board, so everything here is written
for the Remote/Nunchaku combo.

Standing- Use the control stick on the Nunchaku to face the direction you want
to go.

Skating- Swing both hands down to push forward with the ski poles. This is
called skating. If the hill is too steep for skating, you'll sidestep up the
hill instead.

Snow Plow- Hold the 'C' button on the Nunchaku to go into Snow Plow mode. This
will keep your speed down. You can turn by tilting both controllers left or

Braking- Pull back on the Nunchaku's control stick to brake. Pulling a little
brakes a little, pulling a lot brakes a lot. You can do this whether you're
doing a snow plow or not.

Paralell Turns- While sking, tilt both controllers left or right to turn.

Crouching- Tuck the remote and nunchaku up under your arms to crouch. The game
is only paying attention to the angle of the controller, not the position, so
it's enough to just roll the controllers to the outside so that the bottoms of
the controllers are facing eachother. The bottom of the remote is the side with
the B button and the battery hatch, and the bottom of the nunchaku is the side
opposite from the control stick.

Crouching Turns- While crouching, lean left or right to turn (or tilt the
controllers...) The game doesn't know if you're right handed or left handed, so
if you tilt the controllers more than 90 degrees, it will think the remote's in
the other hand, and you're turning the other way. This usually means you eat
some wall.

Wedeln- Hold the B button on the remote and the Z button on the nunchaku, and
aim off the side of the screen. Both hands point the same direction. To do fast
wedeln, quickly alternate between pointing left and pointing right.

[1.B] Tricks
Ski grab (hold A and B on the remote, OR hold C and Z on the nunchaku)

360 (tap the nunchaku's control stick sideways 1 time)

720 (tap the nunchaku's control stick sideways 2 times)

1080 (tap the nunchaku's control stick sideways 3 times)

Kosak (swing both hands down- the same motion as skating)

Daffy (swing one hand down and the other hand up, and reverse direction)

Spread Eagle (swing both hands outwards to the side)

Twister (swing both hands to the side in the same direction)

Front flip (swing the nunchaku down and simultaneously press up on the remote's

Back flip (swing the nunchaku down and simultaneously press down on the
remote's d-pad)

Side flip (swing the nunchaku down and simultaneously press left (or right) on
the remote's d-pad)

Rodeo (swing hands down as in Kosak, and simultaneously press up and right (or
up and left) on the remote's d-pad)

Corkscrew (same as Rodeo, but press down and right (or down and left) instead)

Rodeo 1080 (same as Rodeo, but also press the C button on the nunchaku)

[1.C] Game Modes
Notice that there are a few game modes- typically, you would play Freestyle. 

Freestyle- Almost all of the game is spent in Freestyle mode. With few
exceptions, this is what you play.

Album- This is all about the photo shoot locations you unlock in Freestyle-
you can view the pictures you've taken, take new photos from locations you've
unlocked, or view a slideshow of all your photos. From here, you can also send
photos to the Wii Message Board so you can show them off.

Ski Race- A quick way to get into a race, this mode allows you to race in
regular Race, Slalom, or Mogul modes. Race and Slalom start the same as the
events in Freestyle, but then repeat once at higher difficulty. For example,
Race 15 is the same as Race 5 only harder.

Registration- Create, change, or delete characters. This mode is

Ski School- Very detailed instructions on the game's controls; this mode
shows you everything from turning your head to performing wedeln, and a whole
variety of air tricks. You must do at least some of Ski School or the Rescue
mission won't appear in Freestyle (don't ask me why), and there is also a
clothing set that can only be unlocked by 100% completion of Ski School,
including all the Air Trick lessons.

[1.D] Character & Gear
Start by choosing the face and body type of your character, and then get decked
out with your favorite gear. You can use Mii's (from the Mii channel) or choose
from the pre-made faces and hair styles. Don't worry too much about the choices
you make. You can go back and change any of your character settings without
losing the Star Points for your skier.

Use Mii's- Choose one of the Mii's from the Mii channel. Your Mii will look
slightly different to match the art style of We Ski. Personally, I feel more
involved in the game if I use a Mii that looks like me. One time I tried using
a Mii that looked like Dick Cheney, and it was a disaster.
The only downside to using Mii's is that the hair styles and odd faces would
interfere with the hats and goggles in game, so if you choose to use a Mii you
won't be able to wear hats or goggles. Of course, if you're going to cover up
your head, it doesn't matter what your character looks like, right? When you
use a Mii, the game will get the body type and name from the Mii data. If you
don't have a Mii that you want to use, or if you really want a hat, Mii's
aren't the way to go.

Don't use Mii's- The built in characters can be either male or female, and
either young, teen, parent, or grandparent. Each option has 32 hairstyles, for
a total of 256 possible head types. Beyond this, your head type cannot be
customized- no changing the face structure or hair color (although sometimes a
different age group will have the face/hair/color combo you're looking for).
Some hair styles are shaped so that they interfere with hats or goggles- if
this is the case, you'll get a warning when you choose your head. Enter the
name you wish to be called and choose your body type.

Ski Shop- This is where you pick your outfit. Express yourself with your
choices and check back here from time to time- the game is all about unlocking
new clothing and equipment, and sometimes you'll find something new that you
like way better. Roger Ebert once told me, "Fashion is fashion... because it's
what fashion dictates." Well I have no idea what that means, but I like to fly
around the mountain wearing a knight's helmet, a black penguin costume, and
using pink baseball bats as ski poles.
Ski clothing and equipment is broken down by category. When you start out the
game, only a portion of equipment is available. All items in the game can have
their color changed. Once you select the item, use the '+' and '-' buttons on
the remote to cycle through four color options.

Gear (clothing)- Current Style (12), Retro Style (5), Down (5), T-shirts (5),
Parkas (5), Racing Style (5), Cargo (4), Wild Style (5), and Special (9)

Skis- Straight (12), Carving (12), Straight Long (4), Carving Short (4), and
Special (19)

Stocks (ski poles)- Straight (8), Competition (4), Slalom(4), Special (5)

Gloves (16)

Boots- Normal (12), Special (1)

Hat- Cap (5), Special (12)

Goggles- (4)

Nearly all clothing is unlocked by collecting star points in the Freestyle game
mode. There are two exceptions- the Ski Patrol outfit is only unlocked by
completing the Ski Rescue mission. Also, the Ski School outfit can only be
obtained by completing all Ski School lessons in the Ski School game mode (as
opposed to freestyle). You must complete all the lessons, including all the

[1.E] Environment
Happy Ski Resort can be visited at day or night, and the weather will vary from
clear to whiteout, although if you have a new skier in your party it will
always be daytime with clear weater. There are 13 official courses, and a few
unnamed paths. To get around the mountain simply board one of the 9 lifts (by
standing within the glowing area and pressing 'A'), and sit back, listen to
some music and announcements, and enjoy the view. The snow sparkles just right.
You should check it out. I personally like to do calculus homework while I'm on
the lift. If you don't have any calculus to do, that's not a problem- you can
press 'A' at any time to skip to the top of the lift. If even that's too slow,
you can teleport to any node on the map by pressing the '+' button and choosing
your destination. It's all up to you.

Happy Ski Resort does not have an abominable snowman who chases you down,
consumes you, and picks his teeth with his ski poles. That's in that other ski

[2] Quests

[2.A] Orienteering
Follow clues to reach 'control points'- this quest is a fun scavenger hunt that
will lead you all over the mountain. By the time you complete all 10 control
points, you should have seen just about every major part of the mountain. Talk
to people with the 'compass' icon. (You can tell the 'compass' icon from the
'information' icon because 'info' goes up and down and 'compass' is slanted.)
Here are the locations of all the control points:

1) At the base of the mountain, can be seen from the Happy Ski Resort building

2) Above Fox, there is an unnamed path to the right that connects over to
Rabbit. Control point is on this path.

3) Located where Bear merges with Eagle, on the uphill side. He's possible to
miss if you ski too quickly.

4) Above L4, uphill from the Sunnyside Cafe. If you follow the left wall out of
Lion and down the unnamed path to Eagle, you'll find the control point past the
windy ice tunnels before you get to the buildings above Eagle.

5) Ski down Fox to the huge tree in the middle of the course

6) Control point will be under the last jump on Dolphin. He's easy to
overshoot, so don't get carried away.

7) Follow the unnamed path to the left out of Lion, and you should find him in
the second ice tunnel.

8) Go to the peak of Lion, and instead of going down the hill, turn around.
He'll be standing by the sign.

9) At the very end of Deer, just before you get to the cabins, look for a break
in the snowbank on the right. You can march up to the control point. (although
there's another way to get here)...

10) From the top of Elephant, ski towards the buildings and Lifts 5 and 6, but
stay as far to the left as you can. Past the buildings, there is a dead tree
that looks like something from a Tim Burton movie- it's unmistakable. You can
get behind the tree and through a gap in the fence to find the control point.
If you get to deer, you've gone too far.

[2.B] Turn Challenge
Complete the requested turns in a specific amount of time. This is the most
basic quest, but it's great as a training tool to figure out what the game
counts as a turn. This is really handy when you're trying to max out your grade
for courses like Camel and Lion, where you really have to pack the turns
together for that elusive 'S+'. Here's where to find the turn challenges-
1) Rabbit- Snow Plow Turn
2) Snake- Paralell Turn
3) Eagle- Crouch Turn
4) Lion (She's at the base, not the top)- Wedeln

[2.C] Trick Challenge
Always located at the entrance to Dolphin- perform the requested trick.

1) 720 (tap the nunchaku's control stick sideways)

2) Kosak (swing both hands down, the same motion as skating)

3) Daffy (swing one hand down and the other hand up, and reverse direction)

4) Spread Eagle (swing both hands outwards to the side)

5) Twister (swing both hands to the side in the same direction)

6) Front flip (swing the nunchaku down and simultaneously press up on the
remote's d-pad)

7) Back flip (swing the nunchaku down and simultaneously press down on the
remote's d-pad)

8) Side flip (swing the nunchaku down and simultaneously press left (or right)
on the remote's d-pad)

9) Rodeo (swing hands down as in Kosak, and simultaneously press up and right
(or up and left) on the remote's d-pad)

10) Corkscrew (same as Rodeo, but press down and right (or down and left)

[2.D] Mogul Challenge
Always located at the entrance to Camel- complete a run down the mogul side of
Camel with a passing grade. Rembember that your grade for the run will be the
lowest of your grades for any individual skill- if you do perfect turns but a
lame air trick, you get a lame grade. See the section on perfecting Camel for
more tips on this.
1) C
2) B
3) A
4) S
5) S+

[2.E] Slalom
Ski through the poles and cross the finish before the clock runs out. Missing a
set of poles will cost you 5 seconds. Although it's tempting to crouch, the
slalom is more about control- taking the time to make the turns will usually
get you a better score overall. The slalom events are located as follows

1) Rabbit

2) Owl (he's hiding a short distance into the course, on the right just past
the gate)

3) Deer

4) Shark

5) Bear

6) Wolf

7) Snake

8) Elephant

9) Owl (again, to the right just past the gate)

10) Bear

[2.F] Missing Person
A negligent teacher has lost one of his students during a field trip, and he's
going to be held responsible. You must find the person matching the picture
during the allowed time. Don't bother memorizing the picture, it stays up
during the mission. Although talking to the wrong person will cost you a couple
seconds, it's sometimes faster than doing a 'to the boots' comparison. You
can use the lift at the bottom of the hill, so if you're overwhelmed just
pay attention to the left half of the course, and come back for the right
half. The missing person's location varies from game to game, but they'll
always stay in the same place when you retry the mission. If you have to give
it a retry, be sure to cover new ground.

1) Rabbit- pretty easy

2) Fox- also easy

3) Deer- Deer is so narrow, it's just a matter of time. 

4) Bear- It's important to control speed here. Sometimes the person will be on
the far outside of the second turn, and it is -very- easy to blow by them
without even seeing them.

5) Owl- there's too much ground to cover in one run, and there are a lot of
dopplegangers. Don't worry- you can ride the lift during the mission to make
another pass. There's plenty of time, so just be methodical.

[2.G] Perfect Stop
Stop within the (somewhat huge) circle within the allowed time. Simply pull
back on the control stick (on the nunchaku) to stop. The missions are located
as follows
1) Rabbit
2) Elephant
3) Snake
4) Lion (he's at the base, not the top)
5) Bear

[2.H] Ski Rescue
Talk to the Ski Patrol guy at the top of Owl. Rescue the skiers who have become
lodged in the snow. The trick to this is that you must come to a complete stop
in order to rescue someone... I know the clock looks menacing, but go slow
enough to make sure you don't overshoot anyone. Having to sidestep up the hill
takes on the order of 15 to 30 seconds, so be careful not to pass anyone by.
You must rescue -all- the skiers. I don't know why, but you must do at least
some stuff in Ski School or the rescue mission is unavailable. (Ski School is
an alternative mode to Freestyle.) Completing the Rescue mission will unlock
the Ski Patrol outfit.

[2.I] Lost Item
Help an officious child by gathering all of her missing items. Pick up a
required number of items in the allotted time; items will be scattered all over
the course.
1) Rabbit
2) Fox
3) Eagle
4) Snake
5) Owl
6) Deer
7) Dolphin
8) Bear
9) Lion (at the base, not the top)
10) Bigfoot 

[2.J] Race
As you try to beat your opponent to the finish line, you must contemplate which
is worse- his ego or his outfit? Tough call!
Races start at the following courses, but may finish further downhill. Race #9
covers the whole mountain.
1) Rabbit
2) Eagle
3) Elephant
4) Deer
5) Owl
6) Camel
7) Snake
8) Shark
9) Lion
10) Bear

Crouch. Stay crouched whenever possible. It pays off.
Stay in the 'Fall Line'. If you were to set down a beach ball wherever you're
standing, the fall line is where the ball would roll next. Riding the fall line
is basically "opening the throttle", and it lets you convert as much potential
energy into kinetic energy as fast as possible.

More kinetic energy = more fast = more better.

Maintain your speed. Doing things like standing up or turning will dissipate
energy. Of course, you have to turn, but try to exit the turn with as much
energy as possible, especially before long flat stretches. Taking the inside of
a turn cuts distance and effectively shortens the track.

If all else fails, cheat to win. It's the last and best resort. :D

[2.K] Delivery
Hey you there! Help the restaurant owner by delivering food and other supplies
to people all around the mountain. Deliveries always start from one of two
spots; all the odd numbered deliveries start at Pepper Grill (located between
the entrances of Wolf and Shark), and all the even numbered deliveries start at
Sunnyside (located just above the start of Eagle). The restaurant owner will
always suggest a route, but other routes are usually possible (and sometimes
better). Watching the hint will let you see the delivery point, and that makes
it easier to spot during the run.

1) Pepper- Follow Snake. Delivery is amongst the buildings at the bottom of
Snake. (Or, you could ride Lift 7 to Bear.)

2) Sunnyside- Delivery point is near the big tree on Fox. Skate over to the top
of Elephant, and ride Elephant to Fox.

3) Pepper- Delivery to the snow plow near Lift 2. Take L7 to Bear.

4) Sunnyside- Take the delivery to the cottage partway down Wolf. Ride Rabbit
to the bottom of the hill, then take Lift 1 to Wolf (Or ride Eagle to Lift 8,
then race down the smooth lefthand side of Camel to Wolf)

5) Pepper- Delivery on Deer. Take Sharkskin to Lift 3, switch to Lift 6, and
proceed down Deer. (It's a close shave, but it's also possible to take Lift 7
to the unnamed path that connects Lion and Eaglesight, and then past the tops
of Elephant and Owl to the gate of Deer. This is a sensation somewhat like
flying out of an exploding death star.)

6) Sunnyside- Ride down Eagle to Lift 8, and then take Camel to Dolphin.
(Remember to use the smooth chute to the left instead of going over the

7) Pepper- Delivery is on the path between Elephant and Rabbit. Take Lift 7,
then go down the unnamed path to the left that connects Lion to Eagle. Proceed
past Eagle, and ski down Elephant. At the end of Elephant, take the pathway to
the right (instead of going down Fox), and you'll find the delivery point
before you get to Rabbit. (Or, take Shark to the bottom of the hill, and board
Lift 3. You can skate from Lift 3 to the delivery point. Or even cooler, take
Lift 7, and ski down Bear. Keep your momentum, and you'll be able to push
yourself up the unnamed path to make the delivery from the other side.)
As an interesting note, We Ski is rated "E" warns of an alcohol reference.
After this mission, the girl mentions that she would like some red wine.
That's enough for the ESRB, who, apparently, is always on duty.

8) Sunnyside- Take Eagle down to Lift 8, and take Lift 8 to Camel. The delivery
will be on the smooth chute down the left side of Camel, not the part with the

9) Pepper- Delivery is next to the bottom of Lift 6 partway down Owl. Take
Shark to Lift 3, transfer to Lift 6, and go down Owl to the delivery point. (Or
just take Shark to Lift 3, and skate around Lift 6 do the delivery point which
is like 20 feet away...)

10) Sunnyside- Delivery is at the peak of Lion. Ride Eagle down to Lift 8, then
transfer to Lift 9. Don't go down Lion. Turn around and skate behind the lift
to the observatory with the bell.

[3] Ranking

Nearly half of your star points will come from getting a good rank on
each course. You'll be graded on a certain set of criteria for each course, and
the rank for your overall run will be the lowest rank of any individual
criteria. In other words, if I'm graded on Time, Speed, and Turns, and I fly
down the hill in a crouch without turning, my grades will be- Time S+, Speed
S+, Turns D, and my overall grade for the run will be D. To get an S+, your run
has to be flawless and well rounded. From worst to best, here are all the
D C B A S S+
Maybe 'S' stands for Superior? One way or another, it's how they kick it in
Japan. Every rank above D counts for a star point, so going from D to S+ can
earn you 5 points in one run! The game keeps track of your your all-time best
run, so you only need to make a perfect run once.

Here are all the possible criteria:

Time- Like saying, "You took 90 seconds", this is your 'stopwatch' time for the
run. You're allowed a certain amount of time to complete the course, and if you
take too long you get graded down on time. It is possible to finish with bad
time but good speed: fly to the bottom of the hill and then take a nap like
Aesop's Hare.

Speed- Like saying, "Your top speed was 50 mph", this is your 'spedometer'
value for the run. If you use the brakes too much, it can affect your speed
score, even if you reach a good top speed later. It is possible to get a good
time but a bad speed: proceed smoothly and moderately to the finish like
Aesop's Tortoise.

Turning- How many turns did you do? Courses have a certain quota of turns that
must be completed, and doing too few will affect your Turning score. Wedeln is
a great way to add a lot of turns very quickly.

Balance- How many times did you crash? If you fall down or need to regain your
balance, that will impact your balance score. On strict courses, even bumping
into something so that you lift up a ski can impact your balance. You can also
lose balance by slamming into the ground too hard after a jump, like during
your first run down Lion. Stay off of the walls and maintain control for a good
balance score. And keep alert. By being on the hill, you're under constant
idiot attack from the hailstorm of bad skiers peppering the slopes. Do they
even try to steer? Eventually, you can learn to predict where the other skiers
are about to swerve, and keep yourself clear. Those who are about to ski, we
salute you.

Tricks- You know those jumps with the red arrows painted on them? Use them.
Courses with these jumps expect you to do a certain amount of air tricks,
either by quantity or by quality. The more time you spend in the air, the more
tricks you should do. This guide has a brief summary of tricks under the
'controls' section, or you can visit the ski school to learn more. Note that
you can only do tricks on the 'red arrow' jumps- if you catch air on a regular
hill, it doesn't let you into 'trick mode'. I think this is so that you don't
wipe out every time you do the 'kosak' motion trying to skate somewhere.

Not all courses grade on all criteria. Here's what you have to worry about, and
some tips for each course:

[3.A] Rabbit
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
Rabbit is the most basic course, meant as practice for beginners. The
requirements aren't very strict here, so you should be able to earn your S+ as
long as you remember to take the jump and do some tricks. The jump on Rabbit is
to the far left side. Rabbit will take you to the bottom of the hill.

[3.B] Fox
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance
Fox is very simple, and is known for the large tree in the middle. This course
should be pretty easy, and as long as you avoid the other skiers and that huge
tree (Yikes!) you should do fine. If you do find yourself about to eat some
pine, remember to make a wish. Fox will take you to the bottom of the hill.

[3.C] Deer
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
A long forest course down the back side of the mountain. They call Deer a
beginner course, but I don't believe them. Getting a perfect score here
requires a nice smoky Colombian blend of turning and crouching, and there's
also a jump on the last part of the hill that you must use for your Tricks
score. More importantly, the idiot attack here is worse than anywhere else on
the resort. These people have no sense of self preservation, so look out. It's
a long run, and a lot can go wrong. If you had the mountain to yourself it
would be much easier. Deer is long enough to get you all the way to the bottom
of the hill.

[3.D] Eagle
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
Eagle is easily recognized because it's the only hill to have slalom poles set
as a permanent feature, in addition to two jumps. To get your S+ here, forget
the slalom and just do your turns and jumps. Eagle merges with Bear about
halfway through, and feeds into Rabbit. The slope of the course flattens out
near Lift 8 and makes it seem like the run is over, but you're actually not
done until you get to Rabbit. Don't get sloppy!

[3.E] Owl
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
Personally, this is my favorite hill. It's a wide course sprinkled with trees,
and it's steep enough to get some decent speed going. The first jump can get
you -huge- air. It's located about 1/3 of the way down the hill on the far left
wall. The second jump is a smaller one smack in the middle of a clearing in the
center of the course. If you catch the first jump, you'll land pretty close to
the second. Owl opens into Elephant on the right side near Lift 6, and if you
cross over you won't earn a grade for the run. From Owl you can ski to the
bottom of the hill. It also feeds into the Lift 6 area, where you can also
reach Fox and the unnamed path to Rabbit.

[3.F] Elephant
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
A good intermediate course, with a few 'island' obstacles and gradual turns.
There is a jump located near the 3rd island, just to the right of the post for
the ski lift. If you hit it full speed, you will catch some serious air.
Elephant ends in the Lift 6 area, where you can go left to the bottom half of
Owl, forward down Fox, or if you go right you can take the unnamed path to

[3.G] Snake
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance
Snake is a simple course of intermediate difficulty, featuring moderate slopes
and a few very steep turns. If you try to crouch through the turns without
braking, you will eat delicious wall. If you pay attention to doing enough
turns, you should be able to get your S+ here pretty easily. Snake feeds into

[3.H] Wolf
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance
A pretty and natural course with fresh powder snow like in a Calvin and Hobbes
landscape. If you take your time to get your turns in, you should be able to
get an S+ no problem. Near the final turns on this course, you can talk to Pork
and Pony who have something tricky to tell you. Wolf merges with Dolphin, and
ends at the bottom of the hill.

[3.I] Lion
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
Lion's pretty tough. There's a lot going on here, and between the ledges, the
moguls, and the overall steep slope it will take a lot of skill and focus to
get down the hill with a perfect score. To get the turns, you'll need to do
wedeln pretty much the entire time. Don't forget that you can brake while doing
wedeln. Making your wedeln form as clean as possible lets you go quickly over
the moguls, which you'll need for time and speed. The trick needs to be
something like a Rodeo 1080. I suggest starting slowly enough that you can get
all the turns in, and keeping your turn score high, gradually go faster and
faster until you achieve a good enough speed. (See 'Camel' for more tips on
moguls.) From Lion, you can ski to the left past the windy ice tunnels to
Eagle, forward to Bear, or right to Camel.

[3.J] Shark
Time, Speed, Balance, Tricks
Found on the shady side of the mountain, Shark stays frozen over with ice.
Fortunately, you're not expected to perform any turns. To get your perfect
score, you must hit the ramp on the left side of the course, and perform a
series of high level tricks. To get the speed fast enough you have to stay
crouched nearly the entire time and make a minimum of turns. Shark is very
wide, so staying to the inside of turns will help cut the distance and get your
speed scores. Shark goes directly to the bottom of the hill.

[3.K] Bear
Time, Speed, Balance
Bear is extremely steep, so find out how fast your skis can go before bursting
into flames! You're not graded on turns here, so just concentrate on keeping as
much kinetic energy as possible. Staying crouched is important, but because
Bear is pretty wide it really helps to take the inside of the turns. Bear
merges with Eagle, and feeds into Rabbit.

[3.L] Camel
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance, Tricks
There are two sides to camel, separated by a wall. On the left is a straight
chute down the hill, which is handy if you're in a hurry. However, to get a
good score, you'll have to take the moguls and the jumps on the right. This
course is built on the fundamental skill of wedeln, so make sure your wedeln is
as solid as possible. The faster you can do wedeln, the faster you can do
moguls. What you want to see is your body go in a straight line while your legs
do all of the swerving and shock absorbing. You want to go between the bumps,
not over them. If you pick a bad path down the moguls, if your wedeln is too
shallow, or if you're going too fast, you'll quickly lose balance. Do the 'Turn
Challenge' on wedeln to make sure all your turns are steep enough to count
towards your turn quota. After each mogul patch is a jump, and you'll have to
do an expert trick on every jump to get a good enough score. During the jump,
you'll pick up some speed... If you need, you can steer in midair to help bleed
off a little of that speed before the next mogul patch, or give it just a touch
of break before the next mogul patch. At the bottom of Camel, you can ski into
Snake, Shark, Wolf, or Dolphin.

[3.M] Dolphin
Balance, Tricks
The 'Air Tricks' course. It's all about jumping here. You won't be graded on
speed, time, or turning, so just concentrate on landing all of your tricks and
avoiding the other skiers. Dolphin merges with Wolf, and ends at the bottom of
the hill.

[3.N] Bigfoot
Time, Speed, Turning, Balance
If you haven't found this course on your own yet, yes there is a hidden course.
I really think you should try to find it on your own; the Orienteering mission
will help. No? Okay.

Start from the top of Elephant. There will be buildings nearby. Start skating
towards Deer and Owl, but stay as far left as possible. Just past the buildings
there will be a dead tree that reminds you of Halloween- you'll know it when
you see it. There's also a subtle little Yeti Crossing sign. Behind the tree,
there's a break in the fence. That's the entrance to Bigfoot.

Screw Lion, bigfoot is the hardest course in the game. It's narrow and icy,
like my first girlfriend. To get a perfect run, you'll have to concentrate on
different things at different times. I'll break it down by section.

Entrance- This is the narrow snowy part right at the beginning. You can use a
little wedeln here to get your turn count up and keep your speed down. The path
will open up a bit right at the top of the frozen river. Use the brakes to keep
yourself off of the walls, and line up for the river.

Frozen River 1- This is the narrow zig zag before the river becomes really
steep. For this part, just concentrate on staying off of the walls. Use the
brakes to keep your speed under control, but don't come to a complete stop or
your grade for speed will suffer. Notice that there are patches of snow
covering the ice- you get better grip in the snow, so use this to your
advantage. Once you hit a wall you'll ricochet like a pinball, and your
balance score gets totally shot. This part's really tricky. Don't get

Frozen River 2- Once the river gets really steep, you should be able to see the
arch leading into the basin. During this entire steep stretch, you shouldn't
touch the brakes at all. Depending on your position, it's almost a straight
shot all the way through to the arch- at worst just a little swerve- and you
may be able to crouch on your way through.

Basin- Past the arch is the big snowy basin with all the trees. Navigating the
trees at high speed is for jedis only. Instead, go around the rim to the left,
using wedeln to fill up your turn quota. You'll build up a ton of speed through
this part, and that's okay. Just line yourself up to fly through the cave.

Cave- It's so beautiful in here! There's a fork inside the cave- if you go
left, you'll go through a dinosaur fossil; turn right and you'll go through the
ice stalagmites past the Yeti's living room. Those stalagmites and
stalactites are solid. Hit one with your head to see some stalag-rights and
stalag-lefts! What I'm trying to say here is that the safest way through the
cave is to go left through the fossil. You can stay crouched for most of the
cave, but you'll need to stand up to make the turn into the fossil's mouth.
Just try to stay off of the walls.

Getting this one perfect will take some practice. I suggest going slowly enough
to keep a perfect balance score, and then gradually go faster until your time
gets better as well. If you can make it through the river OK, you should have a
good run. Stay relaxed, and keep everything nice and smooth. Inchy squinchy!

[4] Photo locations

There are three things that unlock photo shoot locations- having your picture
taken by one of the Flash brothers, finding a wildlife animal, or completing
the full series of one of the quests. The Flash brothers have 5 locations each
which are different during night or day (for a total of 20 spots), and there
are 5 animals to find. All of the quests are detailed above. Once you have done
all of a person's quests, you get a commemorative photo location with that

[4.A] "Golden Flash" Stanley
During the day, Golden Flash will be in one of these 5 locations-
1) Near the entrance to Fox
2) Partway down Eagle, on the left (by the red and blue slalom flags)
3) Partway down Dolphin
4) Partway down Lion, on the right side
5) Partway down Bigfoot Canyon (on the left by the fossil)

At night, you can find him in these places-
1) Partway down Rabbit, near the Yeti sculpture
2) Partway down Owl
3) Partway down Wolf, near the torches
4) Near the end of Bear (it's easier to find him if you go slowly)
5) Near the end of Snake

[4.B] "Silver Flash" Stanley
Same deal as Golden Flash.
1) At the base of the hill near the bottom of Lift 3
2) Partway down Wolf, standing near the guard rail on the left
3) Uphill from the top of Eagle Sight, below the windy tunnels
4) At the top of Rabbit
5) Near the first obstacle in Elephant

1) At the top of Rabbit
2) Near the entrance of Fox
3) Partway down Deer, near the torches
4) Near the bottom of Lift 1
5) Inside Bigfoot Canyon near the dinosaur

[4.C] Wildlife
Get the animal photographs by talking to the Wildlife Guy and then talking to
the animal. If you don't speak to the guy, the animals won't appear. This is
similar to Orienteering, and you can take as long as you like between talking
to the Nature Specialist and finding the animal. Here are the places that The
Guy will appear in order, and the locations of the respective animals-

1) Near the entrance of Elephant. The foxes will be partway down Wolf
near the cabins on the left. Take your time and watch for a gap in the lefthand
snow bank.

2) Near the entrance of Camel. The deer will be on the Deer course (go figure).
They're located past the big tree and the snowplows, near the cabins on the

3) Near the bottom of Lift 3, at the base of the hill. The monkeys will be
above Lion- instead of skiing down the hill, go to the observation point to
your left (The place with the shiny bell... Go ahead and ring it... No one will
EVER know...)

4) Near the bottom of Lift 7. The bear will be uphill from Pepper Grill, which
at the top of Eaglesight. From the bottom of Lion, head to your left down the
path that leads to Eagle and Elephant. Once you pass the windy ice tunnels, but
before you get to Eaglesight, the bear will be on the far left.

5) A short way down Rabbit. The Yeti is in Bigfoot Canyon, down the right
branch of the cave near the ice stalactites.

[5] Question Kid:
The Question Kid is full of mystery. Why is his head so big? Does he just have
a really poofy afro, or is his head swolen from so much knowlege? He appears
randomly in one of 10 locations across the mountain, and seems to change
location whenever you complete any quest. You get 1 Star Point each for the
first ten questions you answer correctly; any answers after that are just for
fun. You won't see repeats of questions you've answered correctly unless you
change skiers or you have made it through the full list of 65 questions. Please
note, the questions below may be somewhat paraphrased, but the answers are
exact. I double checked. >.<

Because the Question Kid appears randomly, I suggest answering a question
every time you see him as you're going about your business. If you need to
find him in a hurry, I suggest warping around the mountain by using the '+'
button. With the exception of only 2 locations, QK can always be seen when you
warp to the right location. If you don't have line of sight directly, you will
be able to spot him right after you warp while the camera is swooping into
place. The questions below are alphabetized by answer. This is more useful than
it sounds. ^__^

[5.A] Locations
1) Dolphin- just past the entrance, near the first lamp post on the left
2) Wolf- standing at the entrance under the gateway
3) Rabbit- standing at the right-hand post of the gateway
4) Eaglesight- standing near the fence by Pepper Grill, uphill from Eagle
5) Deer- hiding behind the manager of Deer
6) Owl- just inside the entrance of Owl, on the right
7) Elephant- Really closer to Owl, standing by the top of Lift 6
8) Base- at the base of the mountain near that one guy in the mascot outfit

Cannot be seen during warp:

9) Lion- Above Lion near the observatory bell
10) Bigfoot- on the left fork in the cave, near the dinosaur skeleton

[5.B] All 65 Questions

How many degrees is Absolute Zero in Farenheit?

What percentage of Earth's water is in the form of snow or ice?
	2 percent

According to the rules of snowball fights, how many people are on each team?

What is the sum of all the lift numbers?

For how many years has the manager of Camel been skiing moguls?
	55 years

What is the total length of all named courses?
	42970 ft

How many people visit the Happy Ski Resort every year?
	3 Million

Which quality does not belong to owls?
	A Nose as good as a dog's

Which of the following is not a winter sport?
	Alpine slide

Which rabbit in Japan is in danger of extinction?
	Amami Rabbit

Shark Bay is in which country?

Which doesn't belong in the Ursidae classification?

You want to have a snowball fight but the snow won't pack into a ball
	Because the snow has low humidity

Which is not adjacent to Ophiuchus?

What is the scientific classifaction of foxes?
	Carnivora Vulpes

Which animal is not used in a course name?

Aurora was the goddess of what?

Where is the annual World Santa Claus congress held?

What is the name of the phenomenon where sunlight makes ice crystals sparkle?
	Diamond Dust

In which event do skiers produce the most speed?

The Manager of Sharksin has a problem with what?
	Dry Skin

Which of the following is the name of a hotel at Happy Ski Resort?
	East Tower Hotel

In ski terminology, what do you call the direction a ball would roll?
	Fall Line

A camel's hump contains what?

When it's February in Austria, what month is it in Australia?

After leaving Lift 1, which area cannot be reached without using another lift?
	Fox Way

Where was the first Winter Olympics held?

Which freezes easier, fresh or salt water?
	Fresh water

Which of the following does not fall from the sky?

Which is not the name of a restaurant at the Happy Ski Resort?

Pflugbogen, stem, and wedeln are all words from what language?

Which country had the most gold medals during the 2006 Turin Olympics?

What is the name of this ski resort?
	Happy Ski Resort

What do you call a temporary house made of ice?

What happens when 1 liter of water turns to ice?
	Its volume becomes more than 1 liter

Which soup is from Japan?

Which mountain is the smallest?
	Mont Blanc

The manager of Lion likes to spend his time off doing what?
	Mountain climbing

Which of the following previous Winter Olympics host cities is farthest south?

Which event gives the champion the title 'king of ski'?
	Nordic Combined

Which is not one of the photographer's nicknames?
	Pearl Flash

Which animals hibernate?
	Polar Bears

Which is not used in ski boots?

Which type of animal has antlers on both males and females?

Which country does not have an eagle on their flag?
	Republic of Equador

Of the great kings of England, who was called Lionheart?
	Richard I

What is the name of the lodge behind Lift 2?
	Russian Blue

Which geometric pattern can never be seen in in a snowflake?

Which of the following is not a type of freestyle skiing?
	Ski jump

Which lines of latitude can expect to see snow?
	Snowfall can occour on the equator as well

Water is liquid, ice is solid, but what's snow?

Which has land mass?
	South pole

Saint Bernards are from which country?

From which reason does Bear Claw get its name?
	The rocks at the entrance of the course

Why are there bent poles?
	They are easy to hold while crouching

Which of the following is not a quality of elephants?
	They can fly using their ears as wings

Which is heavier- 100 lbs of rain or 100 lbs of snow?
	They weigh the same

The Manager of Rabbit wants what?
	To buy a summer house in Dubai

Which dolphin lives in the Amazon River?
	Tucuxi Dolphin

What do you call areas of low precipitation where permafrost thrives?

Where will the 2010 Winter olympics be held?
	Vancouver (Canada)

Which of the following is applied to skiis to improve manuverability?

What is the name of the ski shop at Happy Ski Resort?
	White Snow

What's it called when you can't see due to snowstorm or fog?

Which is not the child of Leto and a twin god?

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