Wii Game Save File (North America)

Save Game File12/04/08Chick21441075K
[RT4E] Lv. 200 Marta and Emil, Kismet and Nether Traitor obtained. Lvl 110+ Blade Rex, Ravenous, Galf Beast in Katz. Many Statues, 4 million Gald. Last chapter w/ last dungeon open.
Save Game File05/06/14fishscreen466K
RT4E clear save 3rd play, unknown mode
Save Game File12/09/08ShadowDragon161278K
RT4E emil level 66 marta level 66 decent montsers and equips save right before final boss not a whole lot of grade though
Save Game File11/29/08Musent466K
RT4E file - SAVE 1: clear data. SAVE 2 at the final battle with all the quest complete.
Save Game File12/06/08slayner117264K
RT4E: Very beginning of game Everything in grade shop 12 mill gald...120 blade rex galf beast and 100 orion
Save Game File06/14/09Vincent137466K
RT4E: Very beginning of game with Richter in party hack.

Wii Game Save File (Japan)

Save Game File09/04/08CobraGT1057K
RT4J- New Game Plus. Hand raised monsters that are tanks, inflict statuses and have configurable behavior.

Wii Game Save File (Europe)

Save Game File04/25/10CobraGT6149K
RT4P. Ultimate Ventus Phoenix Rush - 200 Wind monsters. (Accessories on Insects and Birds)

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