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Guide and Walkthrough by HolyLancer9

Version: 1.06 | Updated: 05/30/2009

                           Current Version: 1.06

                       Copyright 2008 Nickolas Meyer

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
on any other website or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited and a violation of copyright.

I've added the quick-jump feature to this guide now. If you've not seen this
feature or used it with other guides before, it is simple enough to use;
Simply hold Control (Ctrl) and press 'F' on the keyboard. A bar should appear
in which you can type one of the four-character shortcuts found in the Table
of Contents (for instance, typing 'WT00' will allow you to jump right to the
Walkthrough section of the guide, bypassing all the information before hand.)
These four unique codes only appear in the Table of contents section, and the
section listed there. Pressing the down arrow, or "next" or similar in the
box that appears should toggle between the contents section and the section
you are looking for.

Table of Contents

I.)     Version.........................................VS00
II.)    Introduction....................................IN00
III.)   Game Mechanics..................................GM00
        A.) Controls....................................GM01
        B.) Status Screen and Menus.....................GM02
        C.) Battle Info.................................GM03
        D.) Monsters....................................GM04
        E.) Katz Guild..................................GM05
        F.) Quests......................................GM06
        G.) Synthesis...................................GM07
        H.) Skits.......................................GM08
IV.)    Characters......................................CH00
        A.) Emil Castagnier.............................CH01
        B.) Marta Lualdi................................CH02
        C.) Richter.....................................CH03
        D.) Lloyd Irving................................CH04
        E.) Collete Brunel..............................CH05
        F.) Raine Sage..................................CH06
        G.) Genis Sage..................................CH07
        H.) Regal Bryant................................CH08
        I.) Sheena Fujibayashi..........................CH09
        J.) Zelos Wilder................................CH10
        K.) Presea Combatir.............................CH11
V.)     Walkthrough.....................................WT00
        A.) CHAPTER 1: World in Discord.................WT01
           1.) Palmacosta...............................WT02
           2.) Luin.....................................WT03
           3.) Lake Sinoa Cave..........................WT04
           4.) Luin.....................................WT05
           5.) Lake Sinoa Cave..........................WT06
           6.) Luin.....................................WT07
        B.) CHAPTER 2: Troubled Heart...................WT08
           1.) Asgard...................................WT09
           2.) Hima.....................................WT10
           3.) Asgard...................................WT11
           4.) Underground Ruins........................WT12
           5.) Asgard...................................WT13
           6.) Hakonesa Peak............................WT14
           7.) Palmacosta...............................WT15
           8.) Dynasty Ruins............................WT16
        C.) CHAPTER 3: Footfalls of Tomorrow............WT17
           1.) Iselia...................................WT18
           2.) Martel Temple............................WT19
           3.) Iselia...................................WT20
           4.) Iselia Human Ranch.......................WT21
           5.) Iselia...................................WT22
           6.) Triet Ruins..............................WT23
           7.) Triet....................................WT24
           8.) Triet Ruins..............................WT25
        D.) CHAPTER 4: Light and Darkness...............WT26
           1.) Izoold...................................WT27
           2.) Camberto Caves...........................WT28
           3.) Izoold...................................WT29
           4.) Triet....................................WT30
           5.) Izoold...................................WT31
           6.) Flanoir..................................WT32
           7.) Temple of Ice............................WT33
           8.) Flanoir..................................WT34
           9.) Temple of Ice............................WT35
           10.) Flanoir.................................WT36
        E.) CHAPTER 5: Truth Behind the Mask............WT37
           1.) Meltokio.................................WT38
           2.) Temple of Darkness.......................WT39
           3.) Meltokio.................................WT40
           4.) Cape Fortress............................WT41
           5.) Meltokio.................................WT42
           6.) Temple of Earth..........................WT43
           7.) Meltokio.................................WT44
        F.) CHAPTER 6: Dark Premonition.................WT45
           1.) Temple of Lightning......................WT46
           2.) Sybak....................................WT47
           3.) Temple of Lightning......................WT48
           4.) Sybak....................................WT49
           5.) Meltokio.................................WT50
           6.) Temple of Earth..........................WT51
           7.) Toize Valley Mine........................WT52
           8.) Altamira.................................WT53
        G.) CHAPTER 7: Reawakened Memories..............WT54
           1.) Altessa's House..........................WT55
           2.) Mizuho...................................WT56
           3.) Altamira.................................WT57
           4.) Building Number 2........................WT58
        H.) CHAPTER 8: Eternal Bond.....................WT59
           1.) Tower of Salvation.......................WT60
           2.) Martel Temple............................WT61
           3.) Otherworldy Gate.........................WT62
           4.) Ginnungagap..............................WT63
VI.)    Side Quests and Sub Events......................SQ00
        A.) Richter (Balacruf Mausoleum)................SQ01
        B.) Twilight Palace.............................SQ02
        C.) Arena.......................................SQ03
VII.)   Lists...........................................LS00
        A.) Skills/Artes
           1.) Emil
           2.) Marta
        B.) Items/Equipment
           1.) Swords
           2.) Spinners
           3.) Plate Mail (Armor)
           4.) Robes
        C.) Titles
        D.) Quests
        E.) GRADE Shop
VIII.)  Thanks
IX.) Legal Stuffs

I.) Version (VS00)

Version: 1.06 - (5/29/09) Not a huge update. I actually haven't included
         any new actual content, however I've added in the quick-jump
         feature for easier navigation. It isn't totally finished, but all
         of the pre-walkthrough info and the walkthrough itself are done.
         The rest of the stuff are side things and list that would have to
         be changed often when adding new stuff. For those of you who have
         emailed regarding things I've overlooked, no, I've still not
         forgotten any of you and I've read most of the emails I've gotten,
         it's just that I haven't had tons of time to compile things
         totally yet. Thanks again to anyone who's emailed me, though.

Version: 1.05 - (3/28/09) Wow. Sorry for the long time between updates. My
         old laptop died on me in mid-December (just a couple days after
         my last update, actually.) so I haven't even been online, let
         alone able to update this thing. This is kind of a minor update,
         but it's mostly to let people know I'm still planning on finishing
         it. The skill section has been updated with a number of Marta's
         skills, spells, etc., and I also added most of Emil and Marta's
         weapons in the items and equipment section. I also filled out a
         bit of the arena section. It's kind of tiny, but DotNW's arena
         really isn't very complex, and the rewards are pretty minimal.
         Anyway, a number of people emailed me while I was unable to get
         online much. Mostly a you guys were pointing out little things
         that I simply hadn't gotten around to adding in yet, like Emil's
         skill he gets on level 100, a chest or so here and there I may
         have missed, and a few other things. I usually like to credit
         everyone individually, but I had probably a dozen people pointing
         out the same things when all was said and done. Know that I didn't
         forget you guys, and I really appreciate all the little details
         some of you pointed out. So even though I may not have formally
         credited everyone, I want to thank everyone who emailed me with
         little bits of info!

Version: 1.00 - (12/9/08) Chapter 8 done, meaning the walkthrough for the
         main game is now complete! I also added the GRADE SHOP information
         in the lists section. From here on out, all the added stuff will be
         additions to the side quests section, lists section, and the few
         fix-ups that I mentioned in the last update.

Version: 0.95 - (12/8/08) Chapter 7 complete, and chapter 8 nearly done.
         Basically just the final dungeon and a few events before it to work
         through before the main walkthrough is done. Also finished up the
         Twilight Palace. Now that I'm nearly done, I've been reading back
         through the whole thing, and I've noticed a lot of spelling and
         grammar errors that I'm sure you guys have too. Oops. Sorry about
         that. Guess it happens when you're playing and typing at the same
         time. The next update should see the main walkthrough completely
         finished, along with the correction in wording, grammar, spelling,
         etc. From there, I'll add the lists, finish out the side quest
         section, and maybe add some details on things I really haven't even
         touched on yet (Titles, recipes, etc.) I also might change the
         layout of the guide a tad, and add a quick-find system that a lot
         of guides have. I'm sure people like those things so they don't
         have to wade through pages and pages, hunting for a quick little
         tidbit of information.

Version: 0.70 - (12/5/08) Chapters 5 and 6 completed. Emil's arte's and
         skills list has been added (though not 100% complete) New stuff
         added to the Side quests and Sub Events section.

Version: 0.50 - (12/3/08) A sort of bare-bones structure. Have the guide
         completed through the end of chapter 4. Info on one of the more
         lengthy side-quests is available. Sections beyond the actual walk-
         through (such as the lists sections, and a few others) will be
         added in time.

II.) Introduction (IN00)

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (or Tales of Symphonia: The Knight
of Ratatosk, as it is known in Japan) is part sequel, part side-story to the
game Tales of Symphonia, that was released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2004.
The games are part of a much larger series, usually refered to as the "Tales
of" series. Most of the games are stand-alone titles, so getting an
installment that is related to another one is quite rare.

That said, Namco divides the Tales series into two categories: "Mothership"
titles, and "Escort" titles. Although these are just fancy words for "Main"
installments, and "Side" installments, respectively. Dawn of the New World,
according to Namco of Japan, falls into the latter category, although Namco
of America seems to have marketed this as a full-fledged sequel. Although
there are some moments where the certainly feels like it could use a bit more
"meat," so to speak, it's a pretty good game and even works pretty solidly as
a stand-alone (incase you missed the original Symphonia.) The story doesn't
directly continue the original game's plot, but rather introduces us to a
new cast of characters, although they do interact with, and eventually travel
with the characters from the original game. Not that they play a small part,
or anything.

The game takes place two years after the first Symphonia. At the end of that
game, your group succeeded in saving the world's mana supply and merging the
two dying worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. At the beginning of this game,
we see a town being burned to the ground, and attacked by the star character
of the original Symphonia: Lloyd Irving. The new Main character, Emil,
watches this, and the game switches to Luin, another town. Emil starts out
as a shy, introverted young boy who, through the course of events, sets out
to find Lloyd and determine why this supposed "Hero" attacked and destroyed
his home town. Armed with the power of the mysterious entity "Ratatosk," Emil
becomes a formidable fighter in battle as he ultimately makes his way to

III.) Game Mechanics (GM00)

This section is meant to give a brief overview of how to play the game, and
what to expect from the menus, battle, and maps.


Dawn of the New World uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller for all of
its gameplay. You cannot switch this out for a Gamecube or classic control,
as you utilize every button on the Remote/Nunchuk combination, and the game
does have some places where you need to use the motion functions anyway.

The control scheme is;


Control stick - Move character in and out of battle
Z Button      - Hold it, and aim the Wii-Remote to use the sorcerer's ring
                (Then fire by pressing 'A' on the remote.)
C Button      - Activate skits (out of battle) Activate Unison attack (Battle)

Wii Remote:

Control Pad   - Can be used to scroll through menus (Although control stick
                can be used to do this as well on the nunchuck, while you
                are in a menu)
A Button      - Attack (In battle) Confirm button (Out of battle)
B Button      - If you hold it down, controlled character will walk toward it
                (Outside of battle) Also, exit button when in menus
- Button      - Scroll through inventory
+ Button      - Opens menu/scroll through inventory
Home Button   - Return to the Wii Home
1 Button      - Pause game (in battle)
2 Button      - Switch between Manual/Auto/Semi-Auto (In battle)


This is just a brief breakdown of the menus on the status screen. What they
do, and how to use them.

Artes     - Equip or view information on currently learned Artes.
Equip     - Equip items and/or learned skills
Item      - Use consumable items and/or view item and equipment details
Strategy  - Change each character's AI patters, and/or change the formation of
            the party.
Status    - View a character's stats, and/or change a character's title.
Library   - View monster data and information, view Journal (synopsis of the
            story), view current quest (if you are currently undertaking one)
            and view play record.
Options   - Save or load a file, or customize the game's options such as
            difficulty, message speed, etc.


As with the standard RPG, battles are a very large and pressing part of your
journey. As with most of the recent Tales games, there are no random battles
in Dawn of the New World. Instead, you see an enemy avatar on the map. By
touching the enemy, you will engage an enemy party in battle. Keep in mind
that how you run into the enemy will dictate how the battle begins; If you
touch an enemy normally, the battle will start as normal. If you run into an
enemy from behind, all the enemies in battle will be stunned for a short time
allowing you to get free attacks on them. But, if an enemy runs into you from
behind, your party is stunned for a brief period.

Battles are fought through attacking the enemy and executing spells and
skills until all enemies are defeated. As long as you defeat all the enemies,
you'll be rewarded with money, experience, items, GRADE, and the possibility
of having one of the monsters you defeated join your party. After the battle,
you'll move on in your travels, but if the enemy party defeats you, it's GAME
OVER, and you must start again at a previous save.

As your characters level up, they'll gain new and more powerful Artes (these
are usually multi-hit, or stronger attacks that can be equipped via the
"Artes" menu on the status screen.) By continuously attacking you'll be able
to string combos together, which can often keep the enemy stunned, or unable
to attacking, turning the battle in your favor (A basic Tales combo would be
Attack -> Attack -> Attack -> Base Arte -> Arcane Arte), although you learn
some skills which can extend your combos, or allow you to chain base artes
with other base arts. These "Skills" (also learned on level up) can be
equipped via the equip menu on the status screen.

Battle is fought in real-time in a large area where you freely move around
by using the control stick on the nunchuck controller. The game actually
shares more battle mechanics in common with Tales of the Abyss, than the first
Symphonia. You can also activate free run by holding down the Z button, and
moving the same control stick around, but entering Free Run makes any hits
that are landed on you critical hits, so you must exercise more caution while
using it than in games in the past...

Another thing to note is that at the bottom of the screen is a long bar, or
gauge. When you hit enemies, or enemies hit you, this gauge fills up. Once it
is half full, or completely full, you can execute a Unison attack by pressing
the C button on the nunchuck. During this attack, your characters will all
perform certain attacks at the same time. Also, if the gauge is full, you can
execute a powerful Mystic Arte, under certain conditions.


In a somewhat odd twist, Dawn of the New World features only three actually
"New" playable characters (and one joins you very, very rarely, and stays
for only brief periods.) The cast of the original Symphonia also joins, but
they have level caps (They don't even gain experience or level up through
winning battles.) and cannot change equipment ever. This means the brunt of
your power comes from capturing monsters.

Once Emil makes a pact with Lord Ratatosk, he'll be able to command monsters.
You'll get two monsters through the story to use, but any other monsters
must be caught on your own. After each battle, there is a small chance that
you will be able to form a pact with one of the monsters you just defeated.
If you succeed, the monster will join you (though they will be at level 1)
and placed into your party. If you have too many monsters in your party, you
can send either a newly acquired monster to the Katz guild, or you can send
a monster that was already in your party to the guild.

Monsters gain levels, just like Emil and Marta do, though they seem to need
far, FAR less experience than Emil and Marta, meaning they usually level up
much, MUCH faster. Monsters can also equip a few different types of
accessories, although their options are rather limited.

After a monster reaches a certain level, they have the option to evolve into
a more powerful monster. Usually, these higher-tier monsters have higher
level caps, more powerful attacks, and can carry a small percentage of their
previous stats over once you evolve them. At a certain point, you can even
devolve a monster back to its base form. You might choose to do this to attain
skills and things from one "branch" of a certain monster family, but
ultimately want to have that monster as something else. So it essentially
allows you to carry over some stats and skills, if you do this. Keep in mind,
a lot of what are generally considered the "best" monsters require a certain
item that can only be made via synthesis, and the item usually requires fairly
difficult to come by materials.


From time to time, you'll run into strange NPCs with cat-like appearances that
seem to hang out in various places throughout the game. These are Katz guild
members. You'll have three options here; Party, Feed, and Quest. The first
two options have to do with monsters. Party allows you to switch monsters in
and out of the party, while Feed allows you to cook any recipes and feed it
to the monster. This will raise its stats, and (provided you have reached the
proper level) evolve a monster if you wish to. The Quest option allows you to
take on quests that have been contracted with the Guild.


As mentioned above, Quests can be undertaken at any guild you come across.
They fall into five ranked categories; D, C, B, A, and S. As you might guess,
the higher the rank, the more difficult the quest is, however, the rewards
are generally much better for the higher-ranked quests. Most quests have you
either defeat a certain enemy, or monster, or something, while others send
you through a dungeon to track down 'X' number of enemies before the mission
is considered complete. In the longer missions, a Katz guild member stands at
the beginning, and you can talk to him if you wish to end the quest. However,
if you do this (or die) during a quest, it is considered a failure, and you
can no longer do that quest. If you DO die, though, you do not get a game
over. You just get booted out of the quest.


Throughout the game, you'll collect a number of seemingly useless items that
begin filling out your inventory. These items are actually synthesis raw
materials. By going to any shop, you can select the synthesis option, which
allows you to combine some of these materials to create a new item (it also
costs a small amount of Gald to do this.) Using synthesis will allow you to
create some rarer materials out of more common materials, as well as upgrade
some of the basic weapons and equipment into much more powerful variants.
Materials can be found most commonly in chests in dungeons and on quests, but
most will probably be found by defeating monsters. Keep in mind, some of the
materials are very rare, so hang on to anything and everything you can find.

H.) SKITS (GM08)

If you've played a Tales game before, you're probably very familiar with
skits. Skits are little tidbits of character development that are activated
under certain conditions; Most of them you'll unlock by simply progressing the
story, but others have more specific conditions (For example, you get a skit
once you fight 500 battles, or another one for keeping the same equipment
on for too long.) These don't serve any purpose to the main story, and you
can ignore them entirely, but the interaction between the characters during
these is usually quite humorous, and adds considerably to their personalities.
As a bit of a plus, in most North American Tales games, the skits go un-
voice acted, but in Dawn of the New World all of the skits have voice acting,
which adds to them considerably.

IV.) Characters (CH00)

Dawn of the New World only features two truly new, fully-playable characters.
The rest of the characters are returning characters from the original game,
but you can't alter their levels or equipment. This, however, is simply to
give a bit of background information on each character.

Emil Castagnier (CH01)
Weapon: Sword

Emil is a rather timid, introverted young man, who watches as his parents, as
well as everyone in his home town of Palmacosta were mercilessly slaughtered
by Lloyd Irving. Afterward, he went to live in Luin with his Aunt and Uncle.
However, they, along with everyone else in Luin, feared and hated Emil. It
wasn't until Richter showed up and taught him to stand up for himself, and
have courage to face adversity, that he started to open up a bit. Through
meeting Richter and Marta, he gains enough confidence to move forward. He
forms a pact with Lord Ratatosk to gain power in battle to protect Marta.
At the beginning of the game, he sets out to find both Lloyd, and answers as
to why Lloyd would destroy his home town.

Marta Lualdi (CH02)
Weapon: Spinner

Marta is a girl on the run, with everyone and everything after her. She seems
to remember Emil saving her during the Blood Purge in Palmacosta, but he has
no recollection of this event. Some time later, she runs into Emil again near
Luin. During the events in Palmacosta, Ratatosk's core fused itself to Marta's
forehead, causing the two to become one. Emil forms a pact with Ratatosk in
exchange for his power to help protect Marta as her personal knight.

Richter (CH03)
Weapon: Sword and Axe

Richter is a rather enigmatic character. He only joins you a couple times,
and his stays with you are very brief. He's a very difficult person to figure
out; One minute aiding you and giving you advice, the next minute he's very
much intent on killing you. Even from the first time you meet him in Luin, he
seems to know Emil. Inversely, he also seems to be very intent on killing
Marta in order to get at the Ratatosk core on her forehead. You cross paths
with him many times throughout the game, and despite the fact that he very
openly wants to kill Marta, he allows the party to get away nearly every time
you run into him....Is he truly friend or foe?

Lloyd Irving (CH04)
Weapon: Dual Swords

Lloyd was the main character and hero of the original Tales of Symphonia, and
he, along with his friends and allies, managed to save the two worlds of
Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. He was regarded as the hero who aided the chosen,
and even when the game ended, he set out on another quest to better the world
by collecting all the ExSpheres so they would not be used for ill-purposes.
All of that changed when Lloyd apparently returned early, but he was a changed
person. Destroying towns, and killing people in the name of the Goddess Martel
...Could this truly be the same Lloyd that saved the world? Did something
change him so greatly that he is the very thing he once sought to destroy?

Collete Brunel (CH05)
Weapon: Chakram

Collete was the Chosen of Regeneration, who, aided by Lloyd and their friends,
managed to merge the two worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, saving them both
from destruction. She's a nice person, but a bit of a klutz, but her
clumsiness often has beneficial results. Since the worlds merged, she's been
trying to ease tension between the former two-worlds inhabitants, as well as
search for the source of the strange climate changes that have been ravaging
the new world.

Raine Sage (CH06)
Weapon: Rod/Staff

Raine Sage was Lloyd, Collete, and Genis' teacher. She's often seen as the
voice of reason among the group. She can be a bit harsh, often taking a
neutral stance on certain things. She has a profound fascination with anything
old, particularly ruins from ancient civilizations, or anything that seems
to be strange or unique.

Genis Sage (CH07)
Weapon: Kendama

Genis is a prodigy. He's one of the youngest members of the group, but also
one of the smartest. He'd have to be, being Raine's younger brother. He's
one of Lloyd's best friends, and it's initially difficult for him to accept
the changes that Lloyd seems to have gone through. Though, even through all
the secrecy, he still believes in Lloyd, and that there must be some reason
for his actions, despite the cold shoulder Lloyd gives the party when they
run into him.

Regal Bryant (CH08)
Weapon: Greaves

Regal seems to have rather poor luck, as he seems to end up in shackles
fairly commonly. Although Regal is a very prestigious person (He is the head
of the world's largest company, and an actual Duke) he is a very down to
Earth, and good person. He has a rather sad past that he doesn't talk about
much. He's quite humble and modest, and has a rather hard time letting his
past go.

Sheena Fujibayashi (CH09)
Weapon: Cards

Sheena is a somewhat perky young ninja girl, who also happens to be a
summoner. While the summoning part doesn't much come into play in Dawn of the
New World, it was hugely important in the original game. In this game, she
works hard as the chief of the Mizuho village, and employs the network of
ninja-spies to keep tabs on what's going on throughout the world.
Unfortunately, Sheena has terrible luck, and is constantly falling into traps,
and getting herself into trouble.

Zelos Wilder (CH10)
Weapon: Swords

Whereas Colette is the chosen of Sylvarant, Zelos was the chosen of Tethe'
alla. Zelos comes from a noble family. So in some ways, he can be rather
stuck up, as well as a regular ladies-man (much to the dismay of some of the
female characters. Particularly the rather busty Sheena). Regardless of this,
Zelos is a very loyal friend to Lloyd and the group, and would fight along
side them to the end, if necessary.

Presea Combatir (CH11)
Weapon: Axe

Presea is a quiet, reserved young (at least in appearance) girl, who has a
somewhat hollow personality. Or rather, she did in the original Symphonia.
Since then, she has had her personality open up somewhat, and in the time
between the two games, has helped with the rebuilding of Ozette--her home
town. Another somewhat mysterious character, she too would fight side-by-side
with the group in an instant.

V.) Walkthrough (WT00)

To start, if you happen to have a save file on a Gamecube memory card from
the original Tales of Symphonia, you can load it up to receive a random
bonus-item pack at the beginning of the game. If you do not, it's not a huge
loss, as most of the items are simply Gels (healing items), Gald (money),
or a few other items that are fairly easy to obtain later.

***CHAPTER 1: World in Discord (WT01)***


~~Palmacosta (WT02)~~

As the game opens, you get a scene of Lloyd Irving, the hero from the
original Tales of Symphonia, attacking Palmacosta, one of the world's
towns (!!!). We also see a mysterious young girl with a strange red orb, a
young boy watch as his parents are killed, and various knight-like figures
(who are members of a group called the "Vanguard.") After this scene, the game
automatically shifts to Luin.

~~Luin (WT03)~~

Once here, the young boy from the opening scene awakens to a strange monster
howl. Exit the room for a scene with your aunt. While the two converse, the
young man hears more monster howls (and will continue to for awhile.) After
the scene, exit the building (They seem to live above the Inn). Outside, head
up the nearest staircase, and follow the left path. Another scene will
activate, and during this one, it is revealed that the boy's name is Emil.
For best results, choose not to swear allegiance to Lloyd. After awhile, a
strange man appears and the scene will eventually end. From here, follow the
wooden bridges down, and right, until you see the man again. Talk to him for
another scene, and he'll tell you he's after the mysterious girl from the
opening sequence. Afterward, head up and (while on the same screen) Emil will
hear another monster calling. Head back toward the inn, and attempt to exit
Luin (by heading to the right) for another scene. You'll run into Emil's
uncle and a guard talking about monsters down in the dried lake bed. After
they run off, head out of Luin to the right.

~~Lake Sinoa Cave (WT04)~~

-Life Bottle

Enter, and there will immediately be a scene where Emil gets attacked
by a monster! You can't beat it, so just stall for awhile. There will be
a scene where the mysterious girl appears and takes care of the monster.
Unfortunately, it isn't dead, and another battle ensues. Defeat the
monster this time, and the girl seems to recognize Emil as well...She
introduces herself as Marta, and runs off, revealing that she has the
jewel in her forehead. Emil remembers the guy from town was looking for
her....Before going back, head to the left for a LIFE BOTTLE hidden
behind a grounded boat. If you try head further north, you only come to a
blocked cave. Attempt to leave, and Emil's uncle shows up with some
guards. Afterward, return to Luin.

~~Luin (WT05)~~

Once back in Luin, head to the left, and enter the large house (on the
same screen where you first met the the red-haired man) Go up the stairs
and talk to the man for another cutscene. Emil tells the man (who's name
happens to be Richter) that he saw the girl with the red Jewel. Richter
decides to go to the Lake Sinoa cave, and drags Emil along with him. Exit
the house, and Richter will join you after a brief scene. Now exit Luin
and head back to the Cave.

~~Lake Sinoa Cave (WT06)~~

-300 Gald                 -Lloyd's Mask 1
-Sorcerer's Ring          -Bandanna
-Mittens                  -Cocoon
-Cape                     -Red Ribbon
-Apple Gel

Attempt to enter the cave this time, and you'll get more of the same from
'ol uncle Alba and the guards, but Richter brushes them aside. After the
scene, you'll be in the cave. Go through the door ahead, for a mock
battle (it's mostly a tutorial for battle basics) and them move on. After
the battle tutorials, follow the path until you can take a right to find
a chest with 300 GALD. Head back and continue north until you find a door
and a save point. Save and try to enter. There will be a cutscene. Richter
leaves, and you hear a female's scream. Enter the door, against Richter's

...Inside, you'll find Richter attacking Marta! Emil distracts Richter,
allowing Marta to escape, and afterward, you're booted out of the room.
Try to enter the door, and you're introduced to Centurion Tenebrae. After
come convincing, You'll form a pact to receive some power. Entering the
room again, Emil has changed considerably; His eyes are glowing red, and
he seems much more confident now...hmm. You'll fight a monster (this
battle is another tutorial. This time being about "Artes" and how to
use them). After the battle, Emil questions this new power, and Tenebrae
tells him that he is borrowing power from Lord Ratatosk. Afterward, enter
the door in front of you. The door ahead of you is sealed, so you'll
have to find another way in...Tenebrae bestows the SORCERER'S RING on
you. This is optional, but if you head back a room (to the one before you
fought Aqua's monster) you can head to the right and use the sorcerer's
ring to burn some moss off of a switch. Press it, and follow the path to
a chest for some MITTENS.

Head back to the sealed door, and head right. You'll get a scene here
where Tenebrae will teach you about capturing monsters and using the
elemental grid (during a battle) at the end of the battle, form a pact
with the imp. Another tutorial lies ahead about unison attacks, and you'll
form a pact with a wolf. Afterward, follow the path along and find a blink-
ing red dot on the wall. Fire at it with the sorcerer's ring, which will
reveal a switch. Press it and a wall lowers. There's a branch here, so
Head directly to the right and burn another clump of moss and press the
switch. Enter the room for a CAPE. Return to the branch, and head slightly
down and right to follow a spiral to an APPLE GUMMY. Now, follow the left
path until you find a wounded Richter for a cutscene. Afterward, head
straight down and open the door now that you're on the other side. Go down
further to find Aqua, and head back to Richter. After the scene, head in the
door above you. Save if you want, and head in the next door.

There will be a cut scene in which Marta is fighting Lloyd. Emil gets angry,
and you'll have to fight him!

Boss: Lloyd Irving
If this is your first time through the game, you have pretty much no hope of
defeating Lloyd here. So just lose, and move on...

Lloyd walks off with the core, and the group decides to leave. Head over to
left and examine the small golden object on the ground to obtain LLOYD'S MASK
1. Now, attempt to leave via the door you came in through, only to find that
way blocked off. Head toward the back of the room. You can't exit this door
either...hmm. Examine the poster near the door, and then burn it with the
Sorcerer's ring. A switch is revealed, and Emil presses it, opening the door.
So head through, grabbing the BANDANNA on your way out. You're finally
outside, and it looks like this is the ruins of the Tower of Mana (a familiar
location, if you have played the first Tales of Symphonia.) After the scene,
you can save, and just head south to exit back to the world map, grabbing a
COCOON and a RED RIBBON along the way.

~~Luin (WT07)~~

As you enter Luin, you get a cut scene where Marta and Tenebrae fill Emil in
on the details of their quest and Lord Ratatosk. Once back in Luin, head back
to the Mayor's house. Outside, some Vanguard members find, you, led by Hawk,
who Marta apparently knows. Some lackeys attack you, and a battle ensues.
After the battle, Emil and Marta run off. Head back to the square with the
Lloyd Statue. Hawk and the Vanguard will catch up, but they're attacked by
members of the Church of Martel. This group is led by a man named Magnar.
He demands you hand over Ratatosk's core, and Tenebrae summons an imp to
attack them, while you escape.

Magnar announces he will destroy the town, unless Marta turns herself over.
Emil says it might be for the best for her to turn the core over, and she
reluctantly agrees, after a change of heart, Emil realizes this isn't a good
idea, so he and Tenebrae head back for her. Of course, even with Marta in
their hands, Magnar decides to destroy the town anyway. Emil shows back up in
time, and turns into his red-eyed alternate self, and a battle ensues. First
you only fight two knights, but afterward is a boss battle.

Boss: Martel Knights x2
Boss: Magnar 
The first battle is against two generic knights. They're not difficult, but
the next battle with Magnar takes place immediately afterward. He's got some
powerful moves, but they're pretty basic this early in the game. Just guard
and heal when necessary, and try to combo him to keep him off the offense.

After the battle, alternate Emil begins pummeling Magnar, and Marta begs him
to stop. He changes back into the other Emil. After this, head back toward
the inn, and talk to the two guys standing close to the exit. They run off,
and Marta rejoins you. Head back to the Mayor's house. At the entrance, you'll
run into Emil's aunt and uncle. Go inside and talk to the Mayor, and he'll
send you on a mission to track Lloyd down. Afterwards, leave Luin.

***CHAPTER 2: Troubled Heart (WT08)***

~~Asgard (WT09)~~

Asgard is the next place on the map, so let's head there. Upon entering the
town, the group notices a strange, powerful wind coming from somewhere in the
town. Hit the shops for some equipment upgrades if you'd like, and check the
first Katz guild (where you can accept some quests, and switch/feed monsters)
if you want to. Follow the path toward the back of the village for a cut
scene. Afterwards, head to the right, and up the two large staircases to the
small house. Attempt to go in for another cut scene. The wind picks up, and
Tenebrae suggests heading toward the mural cavern, so head back toward the
town entrance. Head inside the cavern to the left of the weapon shop for
another scene. After the scene, exit to see what the commotion is. Marta
recognizes a girl named Alice, a high ranking member of the Vanguard. Alice
is apparently looking for both Marta and...Colette? Hmm. Before you do
anything, make sure you stock up on items and upgrade equipment if you haven't
yet, since coming up fairly soon is a boss battle. Afterward, head over
to the right and up the first set of stairs, and go into the first house at
the top of the stairs.

Inside, you'll find Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Regeneration, and one of the
characters from the original Symphonia. After the rather tense scene, head
back outside to find Marta at the bottom of the staircase. After this scene,
head to the left for another. A little boy gets blown away by the wind, so
follow him to the left. The group sees him hanging from a ledge, and Marta
attempts to save him. Alice shows up with some monsters, and Hawk knocks Emil
down. Colette shows up, to help, and we're thrust into another boss battle.

Boss: Hawk, Porthos, Athos
Hawk is your main concern here, since he's powerful and fast. Take the two
monsters out first, since they have less HP, and it's easier to focus everyone
on Hawk once they're gone. Otherwise, this is a fairly typical battle, but the
enemy can overwhelm you if you're not careful.

After the battle, Alice runs off, and the party decides to go thank Colette
for helping them. This time, head all the way back to the right, and up both
stair cases to the Mayor's house. Enter and talk to Colette. She suggests
heading to the Stone Dias, which seems to be where the strong winds are
originating from. She also joins your party. Head back to the previous screen,
and enter the gate that you couldn't before. Go up the stairs to the platform
for a scene. Colette trips and knocks Marta over, saving her from a monster,
but it comes back for a second attack You'll be thrown into battle with the
Garuda, but you'll quickly find that you deal no damage to it because it has
some sort of shield protecting it, and the battle will end on its own after
about a minute or so.

Tenebrae suggests countering the shield by using a dragon, and Colette
mentions that the party should go to Hima to find one. Stock up on whatever
you may need, and then leave Asgard.

~~Hima (WT10)~~

-Baby Winged Dragon

Entering Hima, you'll find that it's positively crawling with monsters...Ick.
Oddly, there's a shopkeeper outside of the inn, and the inn is running fine,
if you need to use those. Either way, follow the path as it zig-zags up the
mountain. Once at the top, you'll be attacked by a Skirophorion. Basically, it
is just a large version of the smaller imps you've fought before, and it has
more HP. After the battle, a baby dragon flies in, and decides to help you for
defeating the Imp. You then obtain the BABY WINGED DRAGON item. (Really...?
The dragon is an item? Oh well) Now that you have the dragon, leave Hima and
head back to Asgard.

~~Asgard (WT11)~~

Upon entering, there will be a scene in which the group discusses how to
tackle the Garuda. Tenebrae says the Dragon is too young for it to directly
attack, and someone needs to act as a decoy. Ultimately, Emil decides it would
be best if he was the decoy. Head back to the Dias, where the group prepares.
Basically, you'll play a mini game where you have to dodge the wind that
comes at you, as you make your way toward the Garuda. Treasure chests will
fall that you can grab (although none of them contain much beyond normal
healing items, and such). Once you're at the Garuda, swing the Wii-remote
back and forth until the gauge is full, which will send the signal to the
party to release the baby dragon. If you get hit even once, you're booted out
of the mini game, and have to start over...Once you succeed, Tenebrae will
release the dragons, which knock the shield out, and we get a boss battle.

Boss: Garuda
This battle can be kinda tough. The Garuda has a lot of powerful, multi-hit
wind attacks, so it's best to stun it or keep it comboed, if at all possible.
Since it is a flying monster, it can also be annoying to hit, since it spends
its time flying around, and doing spiral-dive attacks at the party. Make sure
to bring along healing items and life bottles.

After the battle, the party celebrates its victory, but...another Garuda
swoops down at the party! The party then regroups outside of the stone dias
area, and Tenebrae figures out that something inside the dias is summoning
monsters, almost as a beacon. The party decides to find someone who knows
more about the dias, so head over to the right and into the house where you
found Colette the first time. The party finds that they can open the dias by
performing a ritual, which Marta agrees to do. While she prepares, Emil and
Tenebrae decide to head to the Inn, to explain the whole Ratatosk situation to
Colette. Marta shows up, the group wraps the conversation up, and it's time
to head back to the dias. You'll have to fight yet another Garuda (treat it
just like the last one you fought), to give Marta time to perform the ritual.
Afterward, the dias begins to glow, and you can enter.

~~Underground Ruins (WT12)~~

Items-             -Ink
-Poison Charm      -Seal Charm
-Sage              -Ventus
-Silk Cloak

Make your way down the main staircase, and there will be a scene in which
Tenebrae says he feels the presence of the Centurion Ventus' core here, and
the group explains that Lloyd seems to be collecting the cores too. After
ward, take a quick look at the bells, and remember the order, since this is
for part of a puzzle later. Take a right at the first fork, and keep going
straight until you can only go up. Take that path, and you should find an
open room with a pedestal, and a save point. The pedestal changes the function
of the sorcerer's ring (you'll find these pretty commonly in dungeons). Use
it, and the ring will change from fire to wind. Use this new power on the
wall to the left, and it will break, revealing four bells. Remember those
bells from the entrance? That's the solution here. If you don't remember,
hit them with the sorcerer's ring in the following order; First, third,
second, fourth. This causes the wall in the back of the room to open,
revealing a staircase heading down.

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll get a clue from the next puzzle. It seems
rather obscure, but it just references the order in which you need to
defeat enemies guarding the doors down here. Head directly to the right, for
a scene. Ignore the golem guarding the door here, and keep heading right. You
will come to a dead end, with another golem guarding a door. Defeat this one,
and head in. If you head up, you'll find another golem here, but ignore this
one too. There are two paths to the left. Taking the north one leads to a
little area with a POISON CHARM. Grab it, and head back down and take the
other path. You'll come to another open area with a golem guarding a door.
Head slightly left of him for a chest with a SAGE, and then defeat this
golem. Directly inside this door and up is another golem, ignore this one,
but head to the left of him for a SLOUGH. Go back toward the door, and head
to the right, defeating the next golem you come to. Follow the path until you
come to another golem. Defeat this one and head down the stairs.

Follow the path until you see a blue plaque on the wall. You'll get a hint
to the puzzle here, and you'll also receive an arrow. This area might look
a bit confusing, but it's actually pretty small. Keep searching around until
you find four of the blue plaques (including the one you got the arrow from).
Ultimately, make your way north until you see a statue of a woman with a bow.
Examine it, and place the arrow. Head back down slightly, and you'll see
three white switches on the wall. Press these, and an arrow will fire in one
of the six directions from the clues you gathered from the plaques. A
platform will raise, allow you to cross the gap between where you are, and
the other side, and the solutions are;

South, South, East: (Treasure chest) OPAL
South, South, West: New set of Directions (N, N, W)
West, South, West: (Same path that leads to the OPAL)
North, North, West: (Treasure Chest) SILK CLOAK
North, North, East: New set of directions (E, S, E)
East, South, East: Leads to next area.

Once you're ready to move on, you'll be in a little area with a Katz guild
member, a traveling merchant, and a save point. Do whatever you need to here,
and then go down the stairs. As soon as you enter the new area, you'll see a
door open to the north, but if you head toward it, you'll be slowed by the
wind. Ultimately, you need to make your way into this door. If you head right
at it, part of the floor in front of you will collapse, so you need to find an
alternate route. Also, the door periodically opens and closes, and you can see
how much time you have left by the lights on the floor near the entrance.
Head to the left and you'll eventually find a path that allows you to get
behind where the floor collapsed. Make your way over to the right and head
north-ward, to find an INK and a SEAL CHARM. There are also some walls you
can lower by using the wind-empowered sorcerer's ring. If the wind stops, you
will have to activate it again by heading down to the entrance and stepping
on the area where the lights appear. It's easiest to get to the top by just
heading left, then keep heading north and destroying two walls with the
sorcerer's ring. You should come out right near the exit, and not have to
fight much of the wind then. In the new area, you'll find Ventus' core, but
a monster attacks...

Boss: Wind Master Prime, Axe Beak x2
Obviously, the main threat here is the wind master, so dispose of his axe
beak friends quickly, to get them out of the way and have everyone focus on
the main attraction. He has a number of attacks, mostly wind based, and will
occasionally spiral around and teleport around the battlefield. He's a bit
dangerous, so don't let your guard down. If you picked up any Ice capes at
a shop, you should equip them, since they raise your wind resistance.

Afterwards, the group gets Ventus' Core. Marta hatches it, and you get the
VENTUS item, and Emil learns the Ventus Skill. Afterward, exit the ruins
entirely, and return to Asgard.

~~Asgard (WT13)~~

Back at the dias, the winds have died down considerably, and the Garudas are
no longer attacking. Seems things are back to normal. After a scene, the
group and Colette decide to part ways for now, but she says you should all
go back to the Mayor's first, so head there. Talk to the mayor, and he says
that the Vanguard seems to have mostly left the town. Exit the mayor's and
Colette will leave, in search of Lloyd. Emil and Marta decide on their next
move, and Marta suggests gathering information in Lloyd's home town of Iselia.
But first, you need to get go to Palmacosta to get a boat, since Iselia is
in another land. To get to Palmacosta, however, you have to head through 
Hakonesia Peak, first.

~~Hakonesia Peak (WT14)~~

The group enters to find Alice and Hawk here. They seem to be aware of where
Colette is going, and that your group is headed this way. Upon heading
further in, there is a scene where Emil has a vision of Richter attacking
him...Not much else is going on here. You can buy some new stuff from the
priest hanging outside, and talk to Koton in the building for some new
details about Richter (Also, this is the first step of a rather lengthy side-
quest, although you can't do much more than initiate it now. So talk to Koton
if you plan on doing the rest of this quest at some point.) Leave when you've
had your fill, and make your way to Palmacosta.

~~Palmacosta (WT15)~~

Upon entering, there is a scene where Emil and Marta decide to split up. She
leaves the party. Head all the way to the left find some shops, if you want to
upgrade equipment, or replentish items. Otherwise, head to the right where
you'll run into Richter. During the conversation, Alice shows up. Richter
convinces her not to fight you, but it seems he is also a Vanguard member...
After the scene, head to the left to find the pub (It's next to the food shop)
where Marta is. Talk to her, for a scene. A man overhears your conversation,
noting that boats aren't running right now, but you should talk to Governor
General's wife. Head to the large building in the plaza (the one with the
half-circle entrance, and large columns). Talk to Mrs. Dorr, and she'll tell
you to find Thomas, as he might be able to help you. However, he's gone
missing in the mountains....looks like that's your next location...

Once you set foot outside, Richter attempts to kill Marta with a surprise
attack. Emil blocks the attack. Richter attempts to attack again, but he is
stopped by Zelos Wilder, yet another character from the original Symphonia.
Richter runs off, and Marta recognizes Zelos as possibly being Tethe'alla's
Chosen, and one of Lloyd's friends. He then takes off, and it's time to head
for the mountains.

~~Dynasty Ruins (WT16)~~

-Thunder Cape    -Gothic Spinner
-White Mittens   -Verbena
-Lizard Skin     -1000 Gald
-Long Sword      -Sturdy Bandanna
-Leather Cape

Once inside, there is a scene. Afterward, head to the left for a THUNDER
CAPE. To the right is a rather long path, but it ultimately leads to a LIZARD
SKIN and WHITE MITTENS. After grabbing these items (or not) head up the large
staircase directly in front of the entrance. When you come to the top, there
will be a scene in which the group find Thomas. Thomas apparently found a
monster, and Tenebrae says that this monster is not native to the area, which
is odd. Of course, Alice shows up and attacks the party.

Boss: Alice, Porthos, Athos
Athos has the most HP. Alice will constantly use magic (including healing
spells.) You might consider getting rid of her first, since she can be
problematic to deal with, and you don't want her constantly undoing the
damage you've done to the other enemies. Just try to keep her locked in some
combos, or use Emil to perform air-based combos off her to cancel her spell

After the battle, Alice loses control of her monsters, and one of them
attacks her. However, Zelos shows up and, for whatever reason, slays the
monster, allowing Alice to get away. After some words, Zelos has Thomas saved,
and is rather insulted by Emil and Marta for trash-talking Lloyd. Zelos

Near the entrance, make sure you've examined the pedestal to make the
sorcerer's ring Light elemental. Head back up past where the fight was, and to
the right. Use the now-light elemental ring on one of the small orbs outside
of the door, and it will open. Upon entering this new room, head down the long
staircase, and push the block forward into the water. Now, head down the
smaller staircase above that. You'll come to a dead end, with a ladder leading
up. Take the ladder up, examine the wall to find another switch. Fire at it
with the sorcerer's ring to change the water flow. Head right, past the block
and change the sorcerer's ring back to fire at the pedestal. Now, fire at
the block, burning the moss away, and push it forward over the edge. Then go
back to the pedestal and change the ring back to light elemental.

Go back and fire at the orb on the wall again, with the light-based ring,
and the water flow will change. The block you just pushed over the edge will
float to another area, making a bridge. Follow the ladder that is to the left
of the orb, down. Head to the right, and back up the ladder to hit the switch
again. Now head back down the large, descending staircase you first went down.
Follow the new bridge over, pushing a block in the water, and take the path to
the right, and up to grab a LONG SWORD from a chest. Now head back town follow
the path right and up. Grab the LEATHER CAPE from the chest, and go through
the door.

Entering this new area, there will be a scene.  Make your way to the right to
pick up a VERBENA and a chest with 1000 GALD in it. Head all the way to the
left for a GOTHIC SPINNER for Marta. Take the staircase down, and head all the
way right again for a STURDY BANDANNA. Take the nearby staircase down, use
the save point if you want to, and head further down. There will be a scene,
and you are attacked by a monster, of course.

Boss: Manitou
This boss isn't particularly difficult, although due to his shape and size,
I find enemies like this a bit difficult to combo properly. Most of his
attacks seem to be physical, and he'll often jump around the battlefield,
and come up somewhere else through the floor. Gear that protects you from
water based attacks will be helpful here, too.

After the battle, the monster still attacks you, and appears to eat the party

You regroup on a beach somewhere. The party is greeted by a dwarf and an
animal passing by (if you've played the original Symphonia, these two should
be familiar.) The Dwarf says you're on the beach near Iselia. Well, you've
gotten across the ocean, which was your original intent, even if the means
were a bit unconventional...This also signifies the end of this chapter.

***CHAPTER 3: Footfalls of Tomorrow (WT17)***

~~Iselia (WT18)~~

There will be a scene upon entering, where a young boy named Paul claims to be
Lloyd's apprentice. After some words with Emil and Marta, he runs off. On this
first screen, there is a shop if you want to do some shopping. Ultimately,
head to the left and up for a scene with some kids. Marta will then explain to
Tenebrae who the Desians were, although it's not really all that important
here. It's just a tidbit of info referring to the first game. After the scene,
head into the building to the left to talk to the Mayor. He'll talk about the
human ranch, the Desians, and a few other things, and Emil will flip out and
turn into his alternate self. After he calms down, the Mayor mentions that you
should meet with Lloyd's father and his old teacher. He says Lloyd's father is
in the Martel Temple, and you should meet him first. So, exit Iselia, and head

~~Martel Temple (WT19)~~

Once you get to the temple, you see the animal that the dwarf was traveling
with earlier. Tenebrae convinces it to move, so you can head into the temple.
Head up the stairs, and inside. Approach the dwarf. The group will talk with
him about Lloyd, and his father (Dirk) will say that Lloyd isn't the type of
person who would attack Palmacosta and continue to be on the run, shirking
responsibilities. He also says that he hasn't seen Lloyd in quite some time.
There's nothing left to do here for now, so head out. While outside, Emil
laments over the fact that Dirk seems so proud of Lloyd, yet Emil's uncle
hated him...A woman walks by asking about Paul, the young boy who ran off when
you entered Iselia. Seems he went to the ruins of the human ranch, much to
the dismay of the woman (Who should be familiar, if you've played the first
Symphonia.) She leaves, and after some more discussion, you should head back
to Iselia.

~~Iselia (WT20)~~

Upon entering there's a scene of some townspeople discussing the disappearance
of Paul. They mention that Raine Sage, another one of Lloyd's traveling
companions from the first game, is looking for him, and Emil and Marta
question if this is the woman they met before. Emil and Marta decide to head
for the Human Ranch themselves, so leave and go there.

~~Iselia Human Ranch (WT21)~~


-Card Key 1         -Lizard Skin
-Elevator Key       -White Mittens
-Wind Cape          -Silver Cloak
-Flower Petals      -Chamomile
-Pineapple Gel

On your way here, the party gets attacked by monsters, and afterward, there
is a cutscene. When you arrive at the actual Ranch, you find the entire place
is covered in a heavy fog. Head a little further in, and there will be another
scene, and the party is attacked by a couple monsters. Defeating them makes
the fog disappear. Head a little further in, and search the outside area for
an object shining on the ground. Examine it to receive CARD KEY 1. A little
to the right is a hole in the ground with a ladder leading down, so go that

Follow the path to a large room with a cut scene. Afterward, examine the
pedestal to change the sorcerer's ring to a blue lightning effect, and head
to the north. In the room with the save point, head to the left and hit the
two switches near the door with the lightning. Immediately inside the door,
there is a switch on the north wall. Hit it to open a door, and go through
for a WIND CAPE. Head further down the hall, and hit another switch opening a
door. Go inside this room, and hit the switch on the north wall, which will
restore power to the building. Exit and head further left into a dead-end
room. All the way to left you'll find another sparkling object on the ground.
Pick it up for the ELEVATOR KEY. Exit this room. Keep in mind that now that
the power is on, you have to watch out for lasers that sweep along the
hallways, but they're easy to dodge. Head back to the room with the save point.

You can examine the two large, glowing blue machines now, one of which heals
you, and the other one allows you to buy items. Finish what you need to here,
and head north. In this room, head right, and then go down the set of stairs
to the south. Keep going south until you find a large, circular elevator. Hit
the blue orb with the sorcerer's ring, and choose to go to basement level 3.
There will be brief scene here. Afterward, you can visit the traveling
merchant, or the Katz guild member who are hanging out here. Either way, hit
the glowing switch on the computer panel behind them, which opens a door
somewhere above you. After this, get on the green platform, and ride it up.

Get off, and hit the control panel here. Now, get back on the green platform.
It'll move horizontally now. 

Get off, and hit control panel number two. Now, head up the stairs next to it.
Ride the blue platform over to a new control panel (number 3), and press it.

Ride the circular platform down, and hit the panel (#4) to the left. Get back
on the blue platform and ride it over.

Get off. Don't bother riding the pink platform over (it leads to control
panel 5, but it's broken). Instead, hit the pink control panel (#6). Now,
in front of control panel 6 is a small gray device. Activate this, and it'll
lower the water level.

Take the pink platform down, and hit control panel 7 (the white one). After
activating this one, head all the way back the green platform (just reverse
each of the control panels by hitting them again.) and take the green platform
back down to ground level.

Head over to the right, and take a ladder down. You'll find a platform that
you can push across the water. Do so, and it'll head over to the right.
Examine the gray switch here to lower the water level again, and head back up.

Now, ride the green platform back up, and follow the same path all the way
over to the right, using the panels and platforms just as you did the first

Once you are back by the pink platform, ride it back down, and ignore the
ladder for now. Instead, follow the path across from control panel 7, as it
leads in a sort of southwest direction. You should be able to go across now,
because the platform/box you pushed across the water is lodged in the way.
Follow the path, and push another box across the water. Head all the way
back, and take the ladder down that you ignored previously.

Follow the path, and take the white platform all the way up. Move to the left,
and activate another computer, opening another door above you. Head a little
further to the left for a chest with FLOWER PETALS in it.

Now head back, and take the small staircase up. Ride the blue platform up.
Before you hit either of the switches here, ride the light blue platform over
for a PINEAPPLE GEL. Hit the number 9 switch (the light blue one) don't
worry about riding it over for now. It just makes a shortcut so that you don't
have to go through all the puzzles you just did when you leave this place.

Instead, it the dark blue (#8) control panel. Ride the platform over, and hit
the orange control panel (#10). Ride the orange platform over. Before hitting
the pink switch, ride the pink platform down, and hit the switch on the
computer, opening yet another door somewhere above you.

Ride the platform back up, and hit the pink control panel (#11). Ride the
panel over, hit control panel #12, and ride the platform down. Snag the chest
from the left (a LIZARD SKIN) and hit control panel 13. This will take you all
the way to the top, so get back on the pink platform, and ride there. Head to
the left and enter the door.

Inside this new room, there are beams blocking your path. You get instructions
telling you that if the beams hit a monster, they'll stop. You can lure the
monsters toward you by hitting them with the sorcerer's ring. Allow the first
monster to come straight at you, disabling the purple beam. There's a door
that leads north to a room with a monster and a chest with a CHAMOMILE in it.
(You have to hit the small orb outside the door with the sorcerer's ring to
open it.) Exit, and fire the sorcerer's ring at the monster to the left It
should run into the red beams, disabling them, and allowing you to grab a
WHITE MITTENS from a chest. There's another door leading north with a SILVER
CLOAK in it that you can get. To get the yellow beams deactivated, you have to
sort of lead the monsters around corners and have them come at you from an
angle, to lure them into the beam. Head to the left, where you find another
locked door. There's another one of the mechanisms that unlocks doors on the
other side, so just target that, and the door will unlock for you. Head
through, and activate another door that leads north. Go in, for a scene
where the party finds Paul. Save if you need to, and approach Paul. A
monster will attack the party, and the woman who your party presumes to be
Raine shows up.

Boss: Gerichtslinde, Hirsula x2
The Hirsulas are the same annoying things you fought at the gate that were
causing the fog. With their tentacles, they can get some multi-hit combos on
you on their own, so destroy them first. The Gerichtslinde is everything you'd
expect from its appearance; It's big and slow, but can pack a punch. Avoid
its fists, since it loves to slide around and try to hit you with powerful
attacks. He'll also jump around from time to time, and can use an attack
called "Earth Lift," which causes a huge dome to appear around him, and damage
everyone near. He guards a lot, and doesn't stun easily. This is mostly
an annoying battle, if anything.

After the battle, Paul seems to be fine, but gets a scolding from the woman
anyway. Emil and Marta introduce themselves, and the woman formally
introduces herself to them as Raine. She also joins the party. At this point,
the party decides to leave to discuss things. Come back the way you came.
Ride the pink platform down, hit the pink control panel, and head back up.
Once you get to control panel #12, just keep adjusting them so that they send
you over to the left. When you make your way to the light blue panel, ride
it up, and go through the door. Take the large, circular elevator back up to
floor 1. Make your way around, and keep heading south, until you hit the
entrance. Leave this place entirely, and head back to Iselia.

~~Iselia (WT22)~~

Once back in the village, Raine takes Paul home, and tells you to head to the
school (It's all the way to the north. The large building with the bell in
front.) Once inside, head to the right into the class room. After some time,
Raine will show up, and the three begin to discuss Lloyd. Surprisingly,
Raine seems to have a rather neutral opinion on what's going on. She seems to
think it's not entirely of the question that it's possible Lloyd may be
behind all this. Marta is surprised, and runs off. Leave the school, and
head directly south one screen. Marta is off to the left a little bit, by a
small pool of water. You get a scene, where Emil and Marta realize they've
been going about their information collecting the wrong way; getting mad at
Lloyd's friends, and bad mouthing him at every turn might not lead to the
best results after all...

Head back to the school and talk to Raine. Things get smoothed over, and the
group fills her in on what's been going on. Afterward, Raine suggests going to
talk with Pepe, Lloyd's neighbor, who may have been in contact with him
recently. From here, head all the way over to the right, and approach a man
standing in front of the staircase. He says Lloyd was headed to the Triet
Ruins. The group decides to head there, and Raine says she wants to come
along, since these actions are very unusual, if this person is indeed
actually Lloyd. It's settle, so head toward the exit of the village. Once
there, Emil and Marta have Tenebrae emerge to meet Raine. The two marvel at
each other, and after the scene, exit.

~~Triet Ruins (WT23~~

Once inside, Raine begins freaking out over the condition of the ruins. If
you've played the original Symphonia, you'll remember this area being a vast
desert, but now the ruins are buried in snow! Marta mentions that her freaking
out might be similar to how Emil changes when he is under the influence of
Ratatosk's power during battle. Raine snaps out of it, and the three discuss
Emil's "power." Afterward, head inside. Once in, you run into...none other
than Genis, another one of Lloyd's friends from the first game, and Raine's
brother. He's fretting over a large monster blocking the path, but is
surprised once he sees Raine enter with Emil and Marta. The three explain the
situation to him, and he mentions afterward that Lloyd went further into the
ruins, past the monster. He's not budging for you. Tenebrae suggests feeding
it, so the group decides to go to the village Triet to get some food for it,
and Genis joins the group. Now, leave the ruins and head for Triet.

~~Triet (WT24)~~

Enter for a scene. Up, and off to the left are some shops, if you need to buy
some new equipment or restock items. Off to the right is our destination.
Keep going right on the next screen until a scene activates. The water is
frozen over, but the group cuts a hole, and Tenebrae turns himself into a
fishing pole for you to use (!?). Head onto the lake's surface for the fishing
minigame. Choose a hole to fish from (it doesn't seem to matter). Now, a
gauge will appear. When the little fish icon is in the green area on the
guage, pull backward with the Wii-remote quickly to snag the fish. Once you
succeed, the group pulls out a monster...wonderful. Defeat it, and you will
get a scene where Emil forms a pact with the monster (which will be used as
a distraction for the monster guarding the path in the ruins). Afterward,
leave Triet, and head back to the ruins.

~~Triet Ruins (WT25)~~


-Pineapple Gel     -Stone Block
-Water Cape        -Ignus
-Black Ribbon      -Lloyd's Mask 2
-Half Gauntlet
-Broad Sword

Go inside and approach the monster that is blocking the path. There'll be a
scene. Afterward, talk to Tenebrae again, and tell him you're ready. He'll
summon the monster you caught, and it lures the large monster away. The party
attempts to pass, but Marta trips over the bait monster, and Emil changes to
his Ratatosk mode self, and distracts the monster, allowing everyone to
get safely away. In this new room, Tenebrae says he senses Ignus, another

From where you start, head up and loop to the left a little to grab a
PINEAPPLE GEL from a chest. Afterward, head out of this room, to the right.
This is another familiar area, if you've played the first Symphonia, so you
might be able to solve this place if you remember what you did there. if not,
follow the curved path as it heads north-ward, and go into a door to the left
(You can't really see it very well). Back in this room, follow the path as it
leads to the left. You'll see a large block here with a blue emblem on top.
Drag it and push it down and over to the right a little, so that it falls in
the hole next to another block that's already down there. Walk across the path
and activate the switch, which lowers a platform in another part of the room.

Now exit the room the way you came (back into the curved corridor) and head
all the way to the very bottom, grabbing a chest with a WATER CAPE in it.
Head into the door above you. In this room, go up onto the now-lowered
platform, and press the switch there. Now exit this room, and take the rounded
path back up to the top, and enter the hard-to-see door again. Cross the
lowered platform, and press the first switch you see, which raises another
platform, then head up the stairs to the right. At the top, there is a block
on the edge of a platform. Push it straight off. Now go back down and exit
this room, and head halfway down the curved corridor, and take the center
door to the left. You'll be at the area where you started. Cross the new
path and press the switch, raising the platform you are on.

At this point, there is a scene where Tenebrae says the snow in this desert
region is probably due to Ignus' core going out of control and having a
reverse-effect on the environment (since Ignus is the fire centurion). Raine
notes that the Centurion cores seem to be located in the same places where
the group found all the Summon spirits in the original Symphonia. Afterward,
grab the three chests up here for a BLACK RIBBON, a HALF GAUNTLET, and a BROAD
SWORD. When you're ready, step into the glowing blue warp point.

In the next room, examine the back wall to lower a door, and head in. You can
take the large staircase all the way to the top for a chest with a STONE
BLOCK in it, if you want. Return to the area with the save point, and head
forward. There will be a scene here, where Raine flips out once you find
Ignus core, as she marvels in delight over such an item. Marta hatches Ignus'
core, and afterward...Lloyd shows up. Lloyd draws his weapons, and demand's
Ignus' core. Genus seems rather upset to find that all that he's heard about
Lloyd appears to be true, and he and Raine demand he explain himself. Emil
turns into his Ratatosk self and attacks Lloyd, but the monster that was
blocking the entrance attacks you!

Boss: Bartek, Jabber x3
The Jabbers are those annoying bird enemies you've probably been fighting a
lot in here. They're weaker than the Bartek, so take them out first. The
Bartek is the main attraction here, and he has a rather large amount of HP
and physical attack. He mainly attacks by spinning around, swiping at you with
his long arms, and jumping on you causing damage. This can be a difficult
battle, thanks to the fact that this monster has such high physical stats.
Since he's such a large enemy, you can't really knock him into the air to
keep him defenseless, nor does he seem to stun very easily.

After the battle, there is a scene and you'll get the IGNUS core and skill.
Before you leave, head back a few paces and examine the item on the floor to
obtain LLOYD'S MASK 2. Now, you can leave the ruins. Once you get near the
entrance, there's a scene in which the party notes that Lloyd has gotten away.
Once you're actually outside, the group decides its next move. Raine mentions
that if the cores truly are where the summon spirits once were, the next
closest one is where they found Celsius near Flanor. The group then decides
to head to Izoold.

On the way to Izoold, the party decides to stop for rest at night. There will
be a scene in which Genus askes Emil to gather some wood for a fire. Emil
heads off on his own, only to run into Richter. You'll find a Jabber on your
own, but then a larger monster shows up, and Richter joins you to fight it.
Afterward, Emil stops Richter from attacking a baby monster that shows up, and
then has another one of those weird visions where Richter is attacking him.
Richter says he'll let you and Marta go for today, and Emil returns to the
camp, ending the scene. The party finally arrives at Izoold.

***CHAPTER 4: Light and Darkness (WT26)***

~~Izoold (WT27)~~

Once in Izoold, the party notices a strange burnings smell. Raine says that
this is also a town dependent heavily on the fishing industry. You should
note that at this point, there is a rather extensive sidequest you can do, if
you talked to Koton in chapter 2 at Hakonesia Peak. I won't detail it here,
but refer to the sidequest section if you're interested. Talking to the
people in town, you'll gather that someone has apparently been going around,
burning the town supplies. Mostly, gels. Odd...Head over to the right as far
as possible, and down to the harbor area, when you hear more of the same. It
seems an arsonist has been setting fires to the seafood gel supply. They've
got the supposed arsonist locked up in a prison cell. Afterward, head further
down, and talk to a man standing by a boat. He claims boats aren't moving
now, thanks to the recent fires. The guy starts to suspect your group may be
the new arsonists, thanks to the fact that you appear to want to get out of
town in a hurry. Emil turns into his Ratatosk self, and attacks the guy. After
the scene, the group decides to talk to the arsonist in the jail cell.

Head up, and talk to a man standing in front of a wooden-framed door in the
side of a hill. He moves, allowing you to enter. Go to the cell, and talk to
the criminal. It turns out to be Regal Bryant, another character from the
first game. Raine and Genus are shocked, and Regal explains that he came to
the town on business, when the explosions and fires started, and was jailed on
suspicion. The group decides to talk to Berg, the man whom Regal was in town
to meet. Leave, and head back over to the left. Head into the first house on
the left screen, and approach the man in bed. He seems to be afflicted by the
poison of a monster called the Light-Frog. Tenebrae explains the details of
this particular creature, who he tires to convince the party is called the
"Nazdrovie." A rather humorous scene ensues, with the party discussing how to
tackle this monster, while Tenebrae constantly corrects them on the name.
Submitting defeat, Tenebrae mentions that the herb rosemary should be able to
cure the effects. Raine suggests heading to the Camberto Caves, as rosemary
used to grow there, but hasn't been found in quite some time, due to the
recent issues with the world's climates being affected. The group decides to
check anyway, so leave Izoold and head for the caves.

~~Camberto Caves (WT28)~~


-Hunting Sword
-Demonic Spinner
-Mystic Cloak
-Battle Gauntlets

Enter for a scene, and then make your way as far to the left as possible for
a HUNTING SWORD. Make your way back to the right, and start heading up until
you come to a giant mushroom. Shoot it with the sorcerer's ring, and a
a monster will jump out. Defeat it, and cross the mushroom, heading over to
the left. Use the pedestal to change the sorcerer's ring to water elemental,
and head through the door.

In the next area, there's a scene. Afterward, head up and to the left a bit.
Shoot the flower that is in the water with the sorcerer's ring. This causes
it to spin, creating a current. Next, make your way up across the wooden
platforms. There's a large pink flower bud here. Shoot it with the sorcerer's
ring. It'll bloom and fall in the water, creating a new path. Follow the path
and cross over the new flower-bridge. Shoot the flower in the water like you
did with the last one, causing it to create a current.

Now head back and shoot another pink flower, which falls and creates another
new path. Cross over and follow the path until you notice some bright pink
flowers on the ground. Shoot the dull flowers a little to the right, causing
them to become pink, and making a log float over to form a bridge. Cross this
path, and head all the way back to the right for a DEMONIC SPINNER. Head back,
and hit the flower that was originally glowing pink, which moves the log back
over. Cross it and head down a little. Hit another flower with the ring so
that it is pink, and cross it. You should be on a small circular island now.

Hit the flower up and a little to the left, with causes another log to appear.
Cross over to this larger land mass, and hit the flower that is not lit up.
Now, hit the flower that's on another smaller island, lighting it up as well.
And finally, there is one last one to hit, up ahead and off to the left a
little. Cross, and you should be on a platform with two caves, and a chest
with a MYSTIC CLOAK in it.

There will be another little scene here. Afterward, head in the door that
leads to the north. Follow the path as it heads to the east, grabbing a BATTLE
GAUNTLETS from a chest along the way. At the very end, exit to the right. You
are actually back in the first area of the dungeon. Step on the switch, which
lowers the bridge (It's a bit of a shortcut for when you leave) And use the
pedestal to change the sorcerer ring to light-elemental. Now, make your way
all the way back to the left, to the area that had two cave entrances. This
time, take the one that leads to the west. Make your way up, and start to
head to the right for a scene. After, take the path that leads up and to the
right a little (not directly right. That's a dead end) for another scene.
The group finds some rosemary here, but it's almost dead. Afterward, head
up to it, and shoot it with the light-empowerd sorcerer ring. This revives
the rosemary, but also causes a large monster to appear.

Boss: Amanita, Marcoid x2, Stinkhorn x2
This isn't a particularly difficult fight. Just watch out for things like
poison and stuff that these guys can inflict. The monsters that appear with
the Amanita are all things you've seen before in other fights, so take care
of them first, as you normally would. Other than that, the biggest thing the
Amanita has for it is its size, so you can't knock it into the air really,
or stagger it much. Treat it as you've been treating some of the other similar
boss fights that feature a large monster, and some smaller baddies.

Afterward, you'll officially get the ROSEMARY. Now, you just need to leave.
You can simply go back through the way to the pedestal where you lowered the
bridge earlier, and changed the sorcerer ring to light-elemental, as a bit of
a shortcut. Once you're done, head back to Izoold.

~~Izoold (WT29~~


-Special bait

Once back here, head into Berg's house for a scene. The rosemary works, and
the light-frog's poison effects are worn off. Berg then runs off to clear
Regal's name, so head back to the prison cell. Once you get near, there's a
short scene, then enter the prison for another scene. Regal is freed and
tells you to meet him at the Inn. Before that, though, talk to Berg again. He
gives you more details about the light-frog. Afterward, head left to the next
screen, to see Regal standing outside the Inn. Talk to him, and the group will
catch him up on what's been happening. Once this is over with, Regal joins
the group. Head back over to the right, and to the Harbor. The group is about
to head out, when Emil has second thoughts. He wants to stick around Izoold
and help rid the town of the Light-frog menace. The situation is pretty
pressing, so Regal suggests Raine and Genus go ahead to Flanoir, while he,
Emil, and Marta stay behind to take care of the frogs. Raine and Genus now
leave the party.

Afterward, talk to some people around town, and make your way near the
entrance. Talk to the man standing near the entrance, and he'll tell you all
of his supplies were destroyed. Go back to the harbor, and talk to the man
near a small ship there, who also says that several supply boxes on the ship
were burned. Lastly, talk to the little boy standing to the left of a small
hut at the harbor. Afterward, there'll be a scene where Emil figures that the
frog is probably eating the gels (jeez, was this one not obvious?) Tenebrae
says that can't be right, as this type of monster wouldn't do that. Emil gets
mad, and changes into Ratatosk mode, and begins arguing with Tenebrae. Emil
decides to bait the frog with some seafood gels, so head back to Berg's house.

Head in and talk to Berg, who says he's out of gels. He's also out of the
ingredient to make them. Turns out he needs Jellyfish, and you can catch some
by heading back to Triet to the fishing holes. He'll also hand over some
SPECIAL BAIT that is require to catch Jellyfish. Now, head back to Triet.

~~Triet (WT30)~~



Once you're back here, simply make your way back to the fishing hole. You'll
have to play the fishing minigame again, to obtain some JELLYFISH. Once you're
done, head back to Izoold. Or, before that, you can exit Triet, and then re-
enter immediately for part 3 of the Richter side quest. Refer to that
section for more details.

~~Izoold (WT31)~~

Now that you have the Jellyfish, head back to Berg's house and talk to him.
He takes it, and the group decides to wait for him to make the gels down at
the harbor. Take the time to save and stock up on items, since a rather
annoying boss battle is coming up. Whenever you're ready. Head to the harbor.
Once you arrive, there is a scene where Berg shows up with a cart of gels.
Almost immediately, there is a bright light, and the light-frog shows up to
eat the gels.

Boss: Nazdrovie
On it's own, this boss isn't that bad. He's pretty physically strong, but he
doesn't have a huge amount of HP. The problem is that he's constantly eating
gels throughout the battle! This restores him to nearly full every time, and
he seems to have an infinite supply of them. That makes the biggest issue
in this battle outdamaging the healing that is going to be done. This is
mostly a battle of endurance it seems. Bring along your most powerful
monsters, and just have everyone pummel the monster. Once it starts to get low
on life, you may want to try to hit it with a powerful combo and lead it into
a mystic arte to do some heavy damage, if you have those available to you at
this time.

Once you manage to beat the frog, Berg is surprised that it was a light-frog
after all, and Tenebrae apologizes to Emil for doubting him earlier. All's
well that ends well, I suppose. After everything is over, talk to the man
next to you, and board the ship bound for Flanoir.

~~Flanoir (WT32)~~


-Eau De Seduction
-Water Spider

The first thing the group notices upon arrival, is that bodies litter the
street. The group runs to a nearby man, and he says that Lloyd attacked the
town. From the entrance, you can head up to some shops, even with the town in
this state....ultimately, though, make your way right and up from the
entrance for a cut scene. While the group is talking, Lloyd strolls out of a
building, and he and Emil clash. Afterward, Lloyd runs off. After the scene,
the party splits up to help out the people of Flanoir. Make your way over to
the left, and up the set of stairs to talk to Regal. From where he is, head
right up a staircase, and into the church (The large building you immediately
come across.) Inside, Emil finds a rather strange, rather...smelly...man.
This guy is apparently infatuated with some girl, and upon seeing Emil,
assumes that Emil is attracted to him as well (Yikes..). He hand Emil the
EAU DE SEDUCTION, and walks off. A man enters the church, and asks for Emil's
help with the towns people. Afterward, Marta and Regal rejoin. Once you
attempt to leave, a towns person runs up to you and thanks you for the help.
He also hands over the WATER SPIDER, which, while it seem useless now, ends
up helping you out in an upcoming dungeon. Leave Flanoir, and head for the
Ice Temple.

~~Temple of Ice (WT33)~~

At the entrance, there will be a scene. Head in further for another scene
where the party catches up with Raine and Genus. It seems an accessory seller
got to the core first, and made off with it. Meanwhile, the group decides what
to do. Raine and Genus head off to follow Lloyd to the south, while you try
to track down the core the merchant took. Head back to Flanoir from here.

~~Flanoir (WT34)~~

From the entrance, head all the way up (back where you found Regal earlier
when the party split up after Lloyd attacked) and enter the accessory shop.
Approach the man, and he'll say his son took the core back to the Temple of
Ice and put it back because no one would buy it. Grrr. Regal mentions that
it's odd, as someone else used to apparently own this shop. Hmm. At any rate,
leave Flanoir again, and head back to the Temple.

~~Temple of Ice (WT35)~~


-White Manuscript   -Gold Spinner
-Fire Cape
-Mystic Cloak
-Light Gauntlets
-Melange Gel

Once you approach the temple, there will be a scene with the group discussing
the mutated Celsius tear that is blocking the entrance. From here, head off to
the left a little. you should see a small stream with some rocks and debris in
it. Follow the path, jumping from rock to rock, until you reach a cave
entrance at the top. Enter.

Inside, there will be a scene. Afterward, follow the path as it goes right,
and down. Follow the path as it zig-zags downward, until you find an elemental
pedestal at the bottom on the left. Change the sorcerer's ring to ice
elemental here, and head back up. Before you do anything, head back outside of
the cave. Once outside, head over to the right where some water is dripping
down. With the sorcerer's ring now ice-elemental, shoot the dripping water.
This causes a block of ice to appear for you to walk across. Follow the path
around and back into the cave. You'll be on a small ledge with a chest that
contains a WHITE MANUSCRIPT. Now, head back the way you came, and re-enter the

Once you're back inside, head directly to the right, across a large icy
bridge. From there, head south through the narrow path, and turn right to head
up a ramp. You should see an icicle with water dripping down. Shoot it with
the sorcerer's ring, which creates a block. Pull the block down, then push it
straight to the left into the narrow passageway. cross over for a FIRE CAPE.

Head south a little more, and you find another icicle dripping. Create
another block, and push it over to the left, creating a bridge across the
water. Cross over, and attempt to freeze the small waterfall that is flowing
into the larger body of water. It won't freeze, and there's a cutscene where
Emil equips the Water Spider boots the guy in Flanoir gave him earlier. This
allows you to simply walk across the surface of the water. Huh. Head over to
the left a little for a MYSTIC CLOAK, and then head north.

There will be a cut scene in the room with the large circular device. After
the scene, head through the door to the northwest. Inside the next room, to
the left is a save point, and in front of you is a door. The path to the right
is a dead end for now, so just enter the door in front of you. When you first
get inside, head over to the right a little for a LIGHT GAUNTLETS. Approach
the altar where the could would be, to find that it...isn't there. As the
party wonders why the shop keeper hasn't returned it, they're attacked by
monsters. Dispatch the two yeti-like monsters. After the battle, Regal
realizes that something is up, noting that they may have been tricked by a
fake shopkeeper into coming here. Exit the room for a scene where Marta gets
separated from the group, and the rest of the party gets attacked by vanguard
soldiers. Afterward, Regal blasts the boulders blocking the path away. Whoa.

Follow the path into the next area, to see Richter attacking Marta. The group
attempts to stop him, but Aqua shows up and summons some of her servants as a
distraction. After the battle, it appears you're too late to save Marta...
Emil tires to attack Richter, but he runs off. Just as Emil begins to curse
himself for not being able to protect Marta, Sheena Fujibayashi shows up.
Another former ally and friend of Lloyd's, it seems she used her ninja
trickery to dupe Richter into attacking a dummy of Marta. Marta then rejoins
the group, and Sheena joins you as well, and the party decides to move on.

Before you do anything, head down a little to grab a LIGHT PLATE from the
chest here, and examine the statue. Rotate it so that it is facing westward.
Now head up and to the left for a cutscene. Sheena falls into a trap. Yay.
After the scene, examine the statue so that it is facing south. Now, move
further to the left, and down. There will be a scene. Afterward, grab the
chest for 3000 GALD. Examine the statue, and rotate it so that it is facing
east. A door will now drop near you. Go down.

In this next room, grab the MELANGE GEL from the chest near the save point.
Save if you need to, and head right. There will be a scene here. Seems
Sheena is ok. Looks like Alice was hanging around here, and broke Sheena's
fall. That strange-smelling man you met in Flanoir is here too, and it appears
his name is Decus. Once Sheena finds out these two are from the Vanguard, she
hightails it away from them. Decus an Alice attempt to attack, but Sheena
summons Celsius to create a giant wall of ice to block them while you get
away. Go up the stairs you came down, and once you exit through the door to
the previous screen, keep heading south. You should eventually come to a new
screen, that has you on a ledge with an enemy and a chest. Grab the GOLD
SPINNER from the chest, and return to the previous screen. Back in this room,
just head up, over to the right, and back down, and eventually through the
door you originally came into this room through. By now, you should be back
in the big room with the save point, where Marta first ran off. After a scene,
keep heading to the south until you reach the first room of the dungeon again.
Head out the way you came. Once outside of the cave, the group fills Sheena
in on all the details of what's been happening. She decides to travel with
you a bit longer, so once everything is settled, head back to Flanoir.

~~Flanoir (WT36)~~

Head back toward the accessory shop, and a Mizuho scout reports to Sheena
that the real shopkeep and his family are safe. Go inside and talk to the man
by the fire place for a scene. The old man says his son took the core to
Meltokio. Regal arranges to have the party taken there. So exit Flanoir, and
let's be on our way.

***CHAPTER 5: Truth Behind the Mask (WT37)***

~~Meltokio (WT38)~~

Enter for a scene. After, head off to the left one screen for another scene.
Here, the party sees Tokunaga, one of Zelos' servants exiting a shop.
Attempt to enter the shop for another scene. Seems the core you're looking
for made it here after all...unfortunately, the shopkeeper already sold it.
Argh. For certain reasons, the shopkeeper says he can't tell you who bought
the core, but Regal suggests going to talk to the king. Regal reveals a
a little more information about himself, and Emil and Marta start thinking
about Lloyd's friends, and start to think that maybe Lloyd wouldn't be such
a bad guy if not for all of the goings-on.

Head back to the right to the previous screen, and go up the first large
staircase. To the left, you can go a weapon and armor shop, and a little
further to the left is the Arena which you can participate in. There are
more details about the arena in the side quests and sub events section, so
check the data out there if you want to play around here a little. In the
arena, you can also find a Katz' guild member. You can take the first
"Treasure Hunter's Trophy" quest here, which will unlock a new area late in
the game, so do that if you wish to. Refer to the Side quests and Sub
Events section for more details.

If you want to ignore all of this, just head all the way up the stairs for
a scene where Alice shows up, and summons a Golem for you to fight.

Boss: Helion, Aramis
Helion is the Golem, and Aramis is that large, balloon-like purple thing
that Alice usually rides around on. The Helion is basically just a stronger
version of the Golems you've been fighting in random battles up to now. You
should know what to expect from them (They can pack a powerful punch, had
a pretty fair amount of HP and DEF) Unlike the smaller, more common Golems
however, this one really can't be knocked into the air very easily.

Aramis is annoying, since it spends all of its time floating around, casting
spells, and being hard to hit. Thankfully, he stuns more easily, and easier
to combo than the Helion. Watch out for his magic, like I said, as well as
his multi-hit breath attacks.

After the battle, it seems Alice expected the Helion to lose, so she rigged
it to a bomb that would cause it to explode upon defeat. It latches on to
Emil, and the group can't seem to get it off. Tenebrae then uses his tail
to control the golem's mind, causing it to release Emil, and much to the
dismay of the party, Tenebrae carries the monster high into the sky where it
explodes, causing the party to believe that Tenebrae has died....

The two other cores you have speak to Emil to tell him that Tenebrae isn't
dead, but has simply reverted to his core form, as well. Emil turns goes
Ratatosk mode, and the other cores tell him that he should be able to find
Tenebrae's core in the Temple of Darkness. Regal decides that he will go
meet with the King, while Emil, Marta, and Sheena head to the temple. After
ward, leave Meltokio, and head for the temple.

~~Temple of Darkness (WT39)~~


-Melange Gel         -Life Bottle x2     -Pineapple Gel
-3000 Gald           -Sleep Charm        
-Lamia's Hair Tie    -Quality Stone
-Lemon Gel           -Weak Charm
-Mimic Fragment      -2500 Gald

Inside, there is a scene. Head all the way over to the right for a MELANGE
GEL. Now, head back to the left a little, and cross the bridge. A little to
the left is a chest with 3000 GALD in it. Over to the right is a LAMIA'S
HAIR TIE. Afterward, follow the path (there are pink dots on the floor) that
leads downward.

Inside, your objective is to light all of the lanterns. Start with the one
directly to the right of the door, and then head to the right. Grab a LEMON
GEL from a chest, and then go back toward the entrance, but continue on to
the left. Light another one along the way, and head down a little for a
MIMIC FRAGMENT in a chest. Notice the two blocks behind you here; Grab onto
the one with two green glowing "eyes" and push it in. Head back up, and
take a large staircase down for a scene, in which Emil hears voices from
behind a wall.

Afterward, head to the left a little to light another lanter (behind the
Katz guild member and Merchant.) Head down a little bit from their location,
and light two more lanterns (they're on little platforms that hang over the
edge) Cross over a little bit, and you should get a message. There is
another lantern below you that you can fire at, lighting it. Follow the
narrow path to the right, (Light one more lantern that's above you along the
way) where it ends, to grab a LIFE BOTTLE.

Go back to where the merchant and Katz guild member are, and head to the
right. Light another lantern. That should be all of them. Once this one is
lit, a door will open above you. A little further to the right, search
around for a hidden chest with a SLEEP CHARM in it. Directly under where the
guild member and merchant are, grab onto another stone slab, and push it
inward. Now, head all the way back up, past the entrance, and head into the
newly-opened door.

Follow the path as it Zig-zags downward, and grab a QUALITY STONE from the
chest at the end. Go in the door to the right of the chest. Inside, start
to head up the staircase, and fire at two more lanterns along the way. This
will cause another door to open somewhere. The area ahead is blocked still,
so exit the way you came. Start to head back up the zig-zagging path, and
eventually, Emil will get an exclamation point over his head. Examine the
wall behind you to enter a new area. Examine the pedestal to change the
sorcerer's right to darkness elemental. Head back out, and down.

Back in here, head to where the green and black clouds are blocking the
path. Shoot them with the sorcerer's right. The upper path just leads back
to the main room where you came from. Ignore that path for now, and head
further back, and take the steep path down and right.

In the next area, follow the path until you can take a left. Go that way
for a LIFE BOTTLE. Follow the path until you come to a  platform that leads
in three directions; The southern path leads to a chest with a WEAK CHARM
in it. The path to the right leads to a chest with 2500 GALD in it. Take
the northen path, and follow it down some stairs until you eventually get
a scene. Follow the linear path until it splits up again; To the left lie
a chest with a PINAPPLE GEL and a save point. Do what you need to here,
then head back and follow the path as it leads downward. At the bottom,
there will be another scene. Afterward, head up to the altar, and press the
switch, opening something a ways away.

At this point, head all the way back out of here, and take the upper path
that I told you to ignore earlier. Head up, and at the top you'll get a
scene. Remember that wall Emil heard voices from earlier? It's open now, so
head through. Follow the long path down, passed a save point, where you run

Boss: Richter
Technically, you can't win this battle. You really just have to stall.
Richter is fairly easy to stun, but has a pretty high HP count. Beware of his
Mystic Arte "Towering Inferno," which will likely leave everyone with 1 HP,
unless you somehow have a lot of HP and DEF.

After the battle, Emil, still in Ratatosk mode, uses a strange new attack
called "Ain Soph Aur." Richter seems shocked to see that Emil knows this
attack. The first time he uses it is unsuccessful, so he tries to use it
again and Richter counters it. Afterward, Emil wakes up in the basement of
the temple, with Sheena and Marta no longer in the party. He'll pick up
Tenebrae's core, and get the Tenebrae skill. From now on, you'll also be
able to use Ain Soph Aur as an extension to Emil's mystic arte.

After the scene, head out of the basement (you're just in front of the altar
where you pressed the switch before.) You'll run into Marta along the way.
She's week from Richter's counter attack, but seems otherwise ok. Emil
collapses, and comes out of Ratatosk mode, which he's now been in since
Meltokio...Sheena catches up with the group, and Marta explains that she's
been trying to hatch Tenebrae's core to no avail. However, Emil touches it,
Tenebrae reappears. Now, attempt to leave the temple. Once you get back to
the entrance, Regal shows up. He explains that Seles, Zelo's sister, is
apparently the one who now has the core you were looking for in Meltokio.
Head back there after the scene.

~~Meltokio (WT40)~~

Back here, head up past the two staircases. On the next screen, head to the
immediate right to another screen. Pass the first house, and go into the
second one. There will be a scene, during which, the party hears a strange
noise. Tokunaga down from the second floor, claiming that Seles has been
kidnapped by Lloyd! Exit Zelos' house, and there will be a scene where the
party splits up to look for Lloyd. Head all the way to the left, and down
the main staircase until you get a scene where Zelos runs into Emil. Emil
explains the situation to Zelos, and conveniently, Lloyd runs by. The two
give chase, but quickly lose him. At this point, Zelos joins the party. Head
back to his house. Talk to Sebastian inside, who fills Zelos in on the
details. Zelos is certain that this person is not Lloyd, however, saying
that the guy who passed them smelled awful. Like bad cologne. Does this
sound familiar? Emil and Marta realize that this Lloyd might be Decus, the
man you met back in the cnurch in Flanoir, disguising himself as Lloyd. Zelos
says they should report this information to the King, and Marta rejoins.

Exit Zelos' house, and head over to the left. Back in the main area, head to
the castle and talk to the guards. You enter, and Zelos talks with the King.
During the audience, Regal and Sheena show up. You're informed that there
are reports of Lloyd heading west, and Marta says there's a fortress there
owned by the Vanguard. The party decides to infiltrate the fortress. Once
the audience is over, head down for a scene where Emil mentions he's starting
to feel bad about blaming Lloyd for everything that's gone wrong, when it
may have been an impostor all along. Afterward, leave Meltokio.

~~Cape Fortress (WT41)~~


-Fragrant Wood     -Witch Mittens          -Virus Charm
-Light Bandanna    -Pineapple Gel
-Holy Cloak        -Philosopher's Stone
-3000 Gald         -Glacies
-Stone Charm       -Twisted Horn

Enter for a scene, and then head up. Before you head further down, grab a
chest above you for a FRAGRANT WOOD, then head down the staircase. Once
inside, follow the staircase as it zig-zags downward. At the bottom there
will be a scene where a monster attacks the party. Sheena jumps out of the
way, and lands on part of the ground that collapses. *Sigh*. She leaves
the party, of course. Regal decides to leave the group to look for her.
After this event, head over to the right and follow some stairs up. Head
over to the left, and grab a chest with a LIGHT BANDANNA in it. From this
chest, head a little further left for one with a HOLY CLOAK in it. Return,
and head down.

In this new area, start heading right. The first door you come across is a
room with 3000 GALD in it. Keep heading right for a scene. You'll notice a
lot of areas blocked off by gates. Once you come to a staircase, head up.
Up here, head to the right (past a wolf) for a chest with a STONE CHARM in
it.Head to the left, and step on a glowing yellow Glyph, which changes the
gates that are raised. After you press this, head back to the right, and
down the staircase you just came up. Head down past a few enemies, and stand
on the blue glyph that is on the ground. From here, head back up and step
on the green glyph. Then, head back down the way you came, and start heading
over to the right. The first door you come across leads to an empty room.
The second room has an enemy and a chest with WITCH MITTENS in it. Head
further to the right, and up.

You'll be in a room with two blocked off lower sections, and the upper
path is lit by torches. Follow the path, and change the sorcerer's ring to
Water elemental. Then, observe the red plaque on the wall for a hint. You
must extinguish the torches with the sorcerer's ring in the order given to
you. Extinguish them in this order, starting with 1;




Now, head back to the plaque, and examine the red knight statue. (You may
have to do it twice) This lowers the gate to the north, and allows you to
move on. However, we can pick up some items first. If you want the items,
read on, if you don't, skip ahead a few paragraphs.

To get the items, exit this room, and enter it again. The flames will be
back. Extinguish them all in any order, and examine the red knight statue
again. The ground will lower, allowing you to grab a chest with a PINEAPPLE
GEL in it. Now, on the west wall there is a Blue plaque. Read it for a new
torch-extinguishing sequence. Now, you'll need to defeat the Igniter enemy
here to lower the gate allowing you to get back up. Do so, and all the
torches are automatically re-lit. Move back up there, and extinguish them
in the following order;




Now, head back up, and examine the blue knight statue to the right. A gate
to the east drops. Examine it again to lower the floor, and head through the
door where we just dropped the gate. Follow this long, long winding (but
thankfully, very linear) path. At the very end you'll find a chest with a
PHILOSOPHER'S STONE in it. It might seem like a lot of work for such an
item, but they're very difficult to come by, and a main ingredient in the
statues for higher-tier monster evolution. From here, head back to the
torch room. Defeat the water enemy to lower the gate, and head back up to
where the torches are. Move on by enter the main door to the north, past the
save point and pedestal.

In the new area follow the path until you come to a scene where we see....
two Lloyds fighting! Predictably, the two Lloyds both try to convince you
that they are the real one. You have to choose which one is the fake one.
Select the "The fake Lloyd is this one!" Option (it's the top one.) Emil
attacks the fake Lloyd, and the illusion is broken, revealing that it is
Decus after all. After some discussion, Alice shows up with Seles, and
demands Marta turn herself over, or harm will come to Seles. Before the
exchange can be made, Sheena, Colette, and Regal show up, distracting Decus
and Alice long enough for Lloyd to get Seles to safety. Not content that
things aren't going their way, Decus attacks you.

Boss: Decus
Turns out, Decus is actually a proficient sword-user. His main attack seems
to be this annoying, powerful, multi-hit spin attack. It does a great job
of stunning you, and throwing everyone away from him. He'll also use his
Eu de Seduction, causing him to go into Overlimit mode, meaning you can't
really stun him at all. Try and keep him in the air so that he's defenseless
if at all possible. He does have another attack where he'll swing at you a
few times, and hit the ground in front of him, causing a damaging purple
cloud to appear as well. Using some mystic artes on him will help you take a
pretty good chunk off of his already-high HP, too.

After the battle, Decus admits that he was the one who attacked Palmacosta,
disguised as Lloyd. During the conversation, Richter shows up and attacks
Marta, but Zelos blocks his sword. Time for another boss battle.

Boss: Richter
Coming off the last battle, you really don't have much hope of winning, but
the purpose here isn't to win anyway. This is another mock battle, and will
probably end once Richter uses his mystic arte. However, it IS possible to
beat him here. If you're playing to win, just keep pummeling him. Richter
stuns fairly easily, so you should be able to get some decent combos on him.
He also likes to try to cast spells, so while he's charging, break his guard
and chain another combo on him. Keep in mind to keep everyone's HP high,
since he can use his mystic arte at seemingly any time. Also remember not
to use Emil's Air Soph Aur extension against him, or he'll just counter
attack it.

Regardless of if you win or lose the battle, the game continues the same way.
During the next scene, Richter attacks Emil, but for some reason hesitates,
and calls him "Aster" for some reason...After the scene, you get GLACIES,
and Emil learns the Glacies skill. Head off to the right.

In the next room, you find everyone else pretty much surrounding Alice.
Decus shows up above you, and as the party is distracted, Alice flies up to
him. At this point, everyone regroups and joins you, except for Lloyd. After
the scene, head to the right to grab a TWISTED HORN and a VIRUS CHARM from
two chests. After the battle, head to the south a little and take the path.
Now, make your way ALL the way back through the fortress and exit. As you get
back to the entrance, there will be a scene where Lloyd draws his swords, and
demands you hand over all of your collected cores...wait, what?? The rest of
the group is rather shocked and upset. Instead of pursue the matter, Lloyd
just runs off again...The group decides to take Seles back to Meltokio, so
head back there.

~~Meltokio (WT42)~~

Back here, go to Zelos' house, where the group discusses their next move.
Emil and Marta decide to go after the Cores. Zelos decides he'll track Lloyd
down, and Colette decides she'll return to Iselia to inform Raine about what
has been going on. They both leave the party. Near the town entrance, the
group decides to head to the Temple of Earth for Solumn's core.

~~Temple of Earth (WT43)~~

Upon arrival, a guard tells the group they can't proceed any further, due to
parts of the temple collapsing, and recent earthquakes. Looks like you won't
be able to get through here until things have been cleared up. In the mean-
time, Sheena suggests heading to the Temple of Lightning. At this point,
Marta awakens Glacius' core, and afterward, Emil collapses. The group
decides to take him back to town.

~~Meltokio (WT44)~~

Emil has another vision of Richter attacking him, and wakes up in Ratatosk
mode. Marta then showes up. After the scene, leave Meltokio again, and head
for the Temple of Lightning.

***CHAPTER 6: Dark Premonition (WT45)***

~~Temple of Lightning (WT46)~~

Upon arrival, you find this temple is blocked off too. The guards here are
rather rude, and shove you around. Emil changes to Ratatosk Mode, and nearly
kills the guards, but stops at the advice of the group. A man named Schinder
shows up to see what the commotion is about. He tells you the temple is off
limits, due to the nearby town of Sybak conducting studies here. He tells
you to meet them there later, but also seems to recognize Emil. Hm...Leave
the temple now, and head to Sybak.

At this point in time, it should be noted that you can now enter the Katz
village on the world map. Just select it from the list of places.

~~Sybak (WT47)~~


-Letter of Passage

There's a scene upon arrival. In the town square there are some shops and
a Katz guild member. You can complete the second step of the Treasure
hunter's side quest here. if you don't see it, just clear out some of the
other quests until it appears. Regardless of if you do this stuff or not,
head to the left a screen. Approach the first building for a scene. Inside
the building, head to the left a few screens, until you eventually reach the
basement. At the end is a room. Go in for another scene where Emil comes out
of Ratatosk mode. Regal and Sheena leave the party. Exit the academy, and
there will be a scene where another person confuses Emil for this Aster
person. The man divulges some details on Richter, and Emil runs off. After
the scene,

Head to the Inn where you'll get a free rest. There will be another scene.
Leave the Inn and head toward the academy, where Regal and Sheena reveal
some rather shocking assumptions that Raine has about Emil. Unfortunately,
he hears the whole thing. The party regroups afterward, so head back to the
academy. Once inside, head to the second floor, and into the room. Speak with
Director Schneider for a scene. He reveals some interesting information
about Aster, mainly that he was a genius. He and Richter apparently worked
together at the academy, and were studying summon spirits. Particularly,
Ratatosk. Schneider agrees to allow you entrance to the Temple of Lightning,
but urges you to be careful there, as there are all sorts of abnormal things
going on. He also says there is a researcher there who you should find, and
then he hands over the LETTER OF PASSAGE to show the guards at the entrance.
Now, leave town and head back to the temple. If you've been following the
Richter side quest, a scene will activate where the party sees him talking
to a man in town. You can choose to follow him to the cape fortress, if
you'd like. If you'd like to forgo that, simply head straight to the temple.

~~Temple of Lightning (WT48)~~


-3000 Gald         -Holy Mark       -Tonitrus
-Mirage Mittens    -Topaz
-Quality Stone     -Red Basil x2
-Earth Cape        -Virus Charm
-Shock Charm       -Black Sword

Prepare yourself well, as this is one of the longer, more annoying dungeons
in the game. There is a scene at the entrance, where they find the two
guards dead. The party speculates it is either Lloyd, or the Vanguard here.
Once the scene is over, make note that throughout this dungeon in certain
areas, lightning will strike the ground. If you get hit, you receive damage,
and it also contributes negatively toward getting the best ending for what-
ever reason, so just avoid getting hit.

From the entrance, head straight up for a chest with 3000 GALD in it. Go
back, and start heading to the left. Take the first staircase up for a chest
with MIRAGE MITTENS in it. Continue to the left, and there will be a scene
where Emil finds some notes the researchers left behind. From here, head
south to grab a QUALITY STONE from a chest. Go back and keep heading left,
until you get to a path that leads up. Take it and examine the pedestal to
change the sorcerer's ring to blue lightning element. Now, go back down and
head to the left and down a little to find a chest with an EARTH CAPE in it.
Head back to where the party found the research notes, and take the path
that leads to the north.

Once inside the temple, the party is met with fleeing researchers who confirm
that the Vanguard is inside. They tell you about Rilena, the researcher
Schneider told you about before. After the scene, head down and to the left
a little for a SHOCK CHARM. To the right, a path leads up to an area with a
large platform, and three balls of electricity circling around. There will be
a scene. Afterward, shoot the platform with the sorcerer's ring, causing the
blue sphere to disappear. Now, go back down toward the entrance. Past the
save point, there will be a blue sphere floating around in front of a door.
Shoot it with the sorcerer's ring.

In this room, to the right is a large device we need to activate, but it is
currently powered down. So head to the left. Head up the stairs into the
dark room. You'll be seeing lots of these rooms, so keep in mind that
lightning can hit you in here. If you get near an edge, rapidly press "A"
so you don't fall off. Once the party enters the next room, there will be
a scene where the group runs into Lloyd. He runs off and some Vanguard
soldiers show up for a fight.

After the scene, continue to the right. Don't go up at all, but instead head
downward. You should now be in an area with a merchant and a Katz guild
member. Across from them to the right is a door. Go through. This is another
room of darkness and lightning. Make your way through it, and you'll come to
a ledge. At the end, there is a lightning rod. Examine it to raise it up.
Now, head all the way back, basically to the beginning of the dungeon. Once
you reach the room with the small pool of water on the floor, take a stair
case down (it's just to the right a tad of the one you took up) into the
water. There are two platforms here with pedestals on them. One you can't
get to, and one on the right that you can. Go up and change the sorcerer's
ring to yellow lightning elemental. Now, exit this room to the south.

You should be back in the entrance. Head up the staircase on the left, and
shoot the yellow lightning sphere with the sorcerer ring. Head past that,
and up to the right. You'll be back up by the large platform with the
spheres of lightning spinning around. Shoot the platform and the yellow
sphere will disappear. Head back down the way you came. There is a door
that leads to the west. If you go in, you'll be in another of the dark
rooms. Follow it all the way around, and you'll come to a ledge that is a
dead end, but it has a chest with a HOLY MARK in it. Once you grab it,
return to the large central room with the save point.

From here, head back through the door to the north. Head back up and to the
left, through a dark room you were previously in. You should come out in a
room with a yellow lightning sphere in front of you. Shoot it with the
sorcerer's ring and head down. On this ledge, take the ladder down and grab
a TOPAZ from a chest. If you go downward, Emil will note a device that is
suspended in the air, saying the rope might be weak enough to burn with the
sorcerer's ring. Hm. Head back up, through the door you came in. Head back
to the left, through the door and back through the dark room.

Make your way back to the room with the pool of water on the floor, and go
to the pedestal to change the sorcerer's ring back to fire elemental. Now,
head back to where you saw the device suspended in the air by rope. Once
you're there, shoot the rope, which causes a new lightning rod to fall
somewhere below. Exit this room, and head back up to the north. Make your
way over to the right, back to where the merchant and Katz guild member are.
Take the door to the right, and go through the dark room. You'll be back on
the ledge where you raised the first lightning rod. Lower that rod, and the
lightning will now begin striking the one you just dropped.

Make your way back through the dark room, back through the room with the
merchant and Katz guild member, over to the left. Go back through THIS dark
room, and you should now be back in the room with the water on the floor.
Head all the way over to the right, and activate the machine that now has
the lighting rod on top of it. This activates all the machines in the
temple. Before you do anything else, head back down into the water, over to
the sorcerer ring pedestal, and change the power back to yellow lightning.
(Be sure to examine it twice, though. If you do it once, it only changes to
blue lightning.) We're going to need yellow lightning for an upcoming
puzzle. Now, head all the way back over to the left, up and through the
dark room, and back in the room with the Katz guild member and merchant.
Yet again.

Make your way toward them, but this time, head little above them and examine
the newly-charged machine. You've been passing this wall a number of times,
so you've probably noticed the yellow blocks here. At the machine you have
three options; Fire it, reset the blocks, or look above you. There are a
number of outcomes, some get you items, but one drops some bombs on a part of
the debris that is below you. Before you do anything, fire the machine to
make a chest drop. Head up, left, and down to grab a chest with a RED BASIL
in it.

On your way back, notice that this puzzle is comprised of five long blue
columns, along with the yellow boxes. Before you go back to the machine,
destroy all of the yellow boxes between the first and second blue column
(the two on the very left). Go back and fire the machine again, dropping a
chest that you can't quite get to yet. Now, head back up and destroy all
the yellow boxes that connect the blue column furthest to the right to the
second column. Fire the machine again, and a chest will drop behind you with
another RED BASIL in it. Now examine the machine, and reset the puzzle. You
want to divert the electricity to the middle column. The easiest way to do
this is to just destroy all the yellow boxes but the ones directly above the
machine, and the one that is slightly up and to the left a tad. The bombs
fall, clearing the debris out of the way. And oh, by the way, there is one
more combination you can do with this puzzle, but it just causes a monster
to fall. Forget that.

Slightly down a little from the machine, there is a path that ramps downward.
Follow it, and grab a chest you dropped earlier that contains a VIRUS CHARM.
Now, follow the little staircases as they lead down, and exit the room to
the south. You'll be back in the room with the pool of water on the floor,
but you'll be up on the platform with the other pedestal. Examine it to
switch the sorcerer's ring to red lightning. (Finally.) Now, make your way
back to the room with the save point, and head to the left, following the
path up to the platform with the red lightning sphere rotating around. Shoot
the red lightning with the sorcerer's ring. Now, examine the wall behind the
platform, and a door will lower.

In the new area, head forward for a cut scene. The party finds that Decus is
here, trying to convince Rilena to move out of the way. He then attacks the
party, and starts relentlessly slashing at Emil with his sword. Emil then
begs his Ratatosk self to come out to help. Ratatosk Emil seems rather
annoyed that regular Emil can't handle any situations on his own, but he
appears anyway. He opens a portal, which sucks Decus and Rilena away...The
group asks him to try to open the gate so they can get Rilena back, but he
seems as though he couldn't care less about saving her. Marta slaps him, sick
of his selfishness and attitude while he is Ratatosk mode. Tenebrae says that
she most likely was sent to an altar of a centurion that nobody possesses
yet. That means she's either further up ahead, in the Lightning temple, or
she was transported to the Earth temple.

After the scene, move on ahead. Follow the path up (it's pretty linear)
until there is a short path to the right for a BLACK SWORD. Now head sort of
to the left and up until you come to a save point. Head forward for a scene.
The group finds that Rilena isn't here. They attempt to take Tonitrus'
core, but they're attacked by a boss.

Boss: Corduroy, Were Bat x5
for starters, bats are annoying as it is, especially in large groups like
this. Take these tiny nuisances out first. The Corduroy is a lot like the
other flying-type enemies you've faced (like the larger birds, and some of
the demon-types.) He has some swooping attacks, and he'll sort of slash at
you from time to time. He also likes to teleport around the battlefield a

After the battle, Ratatosk Emil once again acts like an arrogant jerk, but
Marta hatches Tonitrus' core anyway. Afterward, you get the TONITRUS core,
and Emil learns the Tonitrus skill. Thankfully, this place is done with.
So you can finally leave. Once you're back near the exit, there will be a
scene with guards coming to check on the group. Emil will have yet another
vision of Richter attacking him. Afterward, head back to Sybak.

~~Sybak (WT49)~~

Along the way, you get a scene where one of Sheena's scouts brings a message
to her. The group decides to take a break. Once the scene moves back to the
actual town, head to the academy to report to Schneider. The group hands
Rilena's notes over to him. He explains that Ratatosk manipulates the flow
of mana in the world, and Richter is erroneous in calling him a "Demon
Lord." Such a title for Ratatosk is incorrect...Hm. He mentions that you
should head back to Meltokio to talk to a researcher there. Once you're
ready, leave Sybak and head back to Meltokio.

~~Meltokio (WT50)~~

As soon as you enter, head off to the right, and then go up. Enter the
research building. there will be a scene upon entering. After the scene, go
downstairs and head to the right. Examine the sparkling book on the desk
for a brief scene. From the notes, you learn that Ratatosk guards a door
called the Ginunngagap, which leads to Nefilheim, the demon world. Head back
upstairs for a scene, where the party decides to finally get to the Earth
Temple. Leave the research building and there's another scene where a guard
informs the party that a woman has been found somewhere in the Earth Temple.
Seems Rilena made it there after all. Leave Meltokio, and head for the

~~Temple of Earth (WT51)~~


-Wind Cape        -Melange Gel       -Chicken Bones    -3000 Gald
-Mirage Mittens   -Lemon Gel         -Stone Charm      -Melange Gel
-2000 Gald        -Insect Fluid      -Treat            -Blue Savory
-Ogre's Blood     -Ruby              -Dragon Spinner   -Specific
-Wyvern's Wing    -Royal Gauntlets   -Pineapple Gel

Along the way, there will be a scene, with another one immediately inside
the temple, and Emil returns to his normal self. After the scene, head down
a little for a WIND CAPE. Head forward. Off to the right is a path that
leads down a ways. Follow the path and you'll find a crumbled bridge here,
but you can't do anything about it yet. Grab some MIRAGE MITTENS from a
chest, and head back up. Back on the main path, head all the way to the end
and go in the cave.

Head forward across the bridge. Take the upper path for a chest with 2000
GALD in it, then head back down. Head to the left a little, and you'll be
standing on three wooden platforms. Standing on the platforms, press "A"
when you are prompted to. This will cause Emil to jump on the platform,
causing it to fall, and allowing you to descend to a lower level. There are
many platforms here, but they all lead to the bottom eventually. There are a
number of items you can collect along the way, and keep heading back up to
the top to start over if you want to collect them all. The items you can

Once you're done with that, you'll be on the very bottom. Over to the right
is a pedestal where you can change the sorcerer's ring to earth elemental,
and grab a RUBY from a chest. Head off to the left to break one more
platform. There's a cave immediately to the left, but before that, head to
the right past a few enemies for a chest with ROYAL GAUNTLETS in it. Now
head back and through the door.

You come out a cave near the entrance, pushing boulders out of the way. Go
down the path right across from you. Hit the stacked boulders on top of a
large stone formation with the sorcerer's ring first, then follow the paths
along, until you come back to the weak bridge you saw before. Examine it
again, and then hit it with the sorcerer's ring, causing it to drop below.
Your destination lies to the north, but if you want to collect a few items,
follow the path behind you. Along the way you can grab a TREAT from a chest,
and at the very end is a DRAGON SPINNER. Now return to where the bridge fell.

From here, head forward for a scene where the group meets up with Rilena.
After more discussion about Emil looking like this Aster, she reveals that
Aster had a specific scar. She also mentions that Decus and the Vanguard
went further into the temple. Afterward, Emil mentions that he does have a
scar similar to the one she described...After some more doubts about him-
self, the rest of the group says that no matter what or who Emil is, they
still care about him as a friend. After the scene, head slightly to the left
for a chest with a PINEAPPLE GEL, and then take the blue warp.

In the next area, it looks like Solum's core is gone. An orange glyph
appears on the ground behind you. Stand on it, and press "A" to begin a
rather annoying minigame. The objective is to stay on the platforms so that
when the minigame ends, you're still on one that hasn't fallen. The small
blocks will periodically shake, and then fall below. They shake in two
different ways; the ones that shake slowly will take a while to fall, while
the ones shaking quickly will almost immediately fall. If you are on one
that is shaking, move quickly to one that isn't. You should allow yourself
to fall at least once, though, to pick up two chests; one containing 3000
GALD, and another containing a MELANGE GEL. If you fall, simply head over to
the left and follow the path to try the minigame over.

Whenever you succeed, a door opens to the right. Approach it for a scene,
and head in. In this room, ignore the monsters for now, and head up the two
ramps for a BLUE SAVORY and a SPECIFIC. Heal up if you need to. Now approach
the monsters for a scene. Tenebrae will recognize the monsters as Lookins.
The party attempts to remove some devices that have been planted on monsters,
but they attack.

Boss: Lookin x4
This battle is actually a bit difficult. For normal-ish monsters (you've been
fighting caterpillar type enemies like this pretty commonly throughout the
game) they're very annoying, and somewhat hard to kill. For one, they're
much, much faster than the normal caterpillar type enemies (they zip around
the battlefield, causing damage to anyone in their way) and generally just
roll, hope, and speed around. I guess one of the biggest problems is trying
to actually hit them, since they move around so much. You might be best to
cast magic on them, if you have someone who can cast quickly. Otherwise,
once the gauge fills up, you might want to use mystic artes for some high,
easy damage on them.

Afterward, the Lookins calm down, and offer to allow you passage further
into the cave.

~~Toize Valley Mine (WT52)~~


-Light Bandanna      -Sapphire        -Anima
-Life Bottle         -Amethyst        -Garnet
-Elemental Fragment  -Quality Stone
-2000 Gald           -Bastard Sword
-Lemon Gel           -Animus

The party comes out on the other side, and Regal immediately recognizes this
place as the Toize Valley Mine, a former Ex Sphere mining location that was
presumed to have been destroyed. The group decides to move on to find a way
out. From your starting location, move to the right, and activate a panel by
a door. Go in and grab a LIGHT BANDANNA from a chest. Afterward, head to the
left. You'll pass a door (it leads to a room with a LIFE BOTTLE in it). At
the end, you'll be in a large room with a boulder blocking the right path.

Head to the left and jump across. Futher to the left is a dead end, so head
down a little and search for a ladder. Descend the ladder, and down a small
wooden ramp. There's a chest a little to the north with an ELEMENTAL FRAGMENT
in it. A little to the right is a long ladder that lead up. Grab a chest with
2000 GALD at the top, and head in the door up here. Follow the path around
until it branches to the north, and to the east. From the east path, get on
the two little planks of wood, and follow what appears to be a fallen metal
tower. Avoid the spider monster, and head to the right for a chest with a 
LEMON GEL in it.

Now, take that east path, and follow it around as it leads further to the
right and downward (you'll see a switch along the way, but ignore it. (It's
from a long-destroyed puzzle from the first Symphonia.) On the next screen,
take the stair-like rock formation down, and follow the wooden ramp to find
a pedestal and change the sorcerer's ring to explode elemental. (!?) You can
now use this to destroy the large boulders that have been blocking the way.
Head back up, and cross the bridge that leads to the right, destroying the
boulder in your way. This little treasure trove contains three chests; a
SAPPHIRE, AMETHYST, and QUALITY STONE. Afterward, head back to the left, to
the previous screen.

Once here, head back to the left (where the paths branched) and this time
take the northern path. Destroy a boulder in the way, and head down the
wooden ramp. Grab the chest in front of you for a BASTARD SWORD, and head
down a little further for a chest with an ANIMUS. If you want to, you can
head all the way to the left one screen and take the ladder down. Destroy
the boulder here for an ANIMA. After grabbing it, head back. Back at the
branch, make your way north and destroy a boulder (either way you go, this
little loop ends in the same place). You should be near an exit to the north,
but before you go in, head into the little pit to grab a GARNET from the
chest. Now, exit this place. Upon exiting, there will be a scene, Altamira
opens up on the map, so head there.

~~Altamira (WT53)~~

Upon entering, there is a scene where Regal suggests going to the Lezareno
headquarters. Before that, though, check out the large building just inside
town to the right. It's an inn, but it also has shops on the lounge floor.
Head further into town, and go a little to the left. Next to a building, take
the small elevator down. Get in the small red vehicle, and ride it to the
Lezareno headquarters. Once inside, take one of the elevators up to the
President's office. Regal explains to the man there that the destruction
of the mine apparently didn't work the first time. During the conversation,
a man bursts in, claiming that the Vanguard is attacking the city, claiming
that your party "kidnapped" Marta, in an attempt to stir up the citizens of
the town. Marta runs off, leaving the party. Take the elevator back down,
and ride the vehicle back to town.

Once here, the party catches up with Marta. There's a scene where they tell
her not to make such rash decisions on her own, and then they notice Hawk
patrolling the town. The party decides to regroup at the Inn, so head there.
The group enters, and unfortunately runs into Alice. She says that the town
will be destroyed and the people killed, unless you give Marta up. And just
so you don't try anything funny, the Vanguard has rigged the town with
explosives. Wonderful. The party decides not to make a move until they gather
more information, so Regal and Sheena leave the party, insisting that Emil
and Marta go get some rest at the Inn suite. So take the elevator up to that

From the elevator, head in the room for a scene. Inside, Marta blames herself
for most of what's happened, but Emil reassures her that although bad things
have happened, they're certainly not her fault, and things could have been
worse off if she'd done nothing. Marta then commands Tenebrae to distract
Emil, while she runs off. Grr. After words are exchanged between Emil and
Tenebrae, he moves allowing you to leave. Head down the lobby. Once there,
Emil runs into Regal and Sheena, informing them that Marta has run off.
Regal and Sheena devise a plan of infiltrating the casino (where the Vanguard
has apparently set up base) in order to get Marta back, and deactivate the
bombs. Afterward, head back up to the suite.

Later, Regal and Sheena show up for the infiltration. Regal uses a special
set of handcuffs that he will use to remotely control the system, in order to
deactivate the bombs. The intent is to "turn Regal in" in order to get in-
side the casino. Outside the inn, there is a scene. Now head back to the
vehicle you took to the Lezareno company earlier. A guard stops the group
here, and they explain their unbelievably cheesy plan of turning Regal in to
become members of the Vanguard. Somehow, however, it seems to work, and you
are taken to the casino. After a scene, take the elevator up and go inside.
Naturally, Alice sees right through this charade, and has Emil, Regal, and
Sheena arrested on the spot. You're thrown in prison with Marta, and she
rejoins the party. Afterward, Regal uses the handcuff device to cut the
power. Tenebrae then takes the bomb detonator from Hawk and...swallows it.
Hawk becomes rather mad by this, so attacks you.

Boss: Hawk, Vanguard, Vanguard
As with any fight like this, take out the two lackies first. Once they're
out of the way, you can focus your combined efforts on the main attraction.
You haven't fought Hawk in some time, but he's just as annoying as you
probably remember. He has several swift, multi-hit attacks, as well as some
attacks where he spins horizontally at you. Watch out for his "Serenity,"
which basically causes him to not be stunned by any of your attacks. When
this wears off, however, feel free to pummel him with some combos. Hopefully,
you've learned a couple of the "sky combo" and "sky ability" skills by now,
which will allow you to keep him in the air defenseless for a good deal of

After the battle, Hawk submits defeat, and Commander Brute shows up. He
give Marta the "Your mind has been clouded, can't you see what I'm doing is
right?" speech, and then he attacks you.

Boss: Brute
This is yet another battle that you can't win. Even if you can damage him,
his HP won't decrease. You'll either die, or the time will simply expire
after a certain amount of time.

After the battle, Brute attempts to attack again, and Hawk attacks Emil,
distracting him. After the events here, leave the casino. Outside, the party
heads down to the vehicle to get away, and Regal stays behind to distract
Brute. Head toward the town entrance, and Alice will catch up with you, and
she's not happy about the state of things. A pink-hared girl runs up behind
her, and attacks. Sheena recognizes the girl as Presea, another character
from the first game.

Outside of town, the group discusses what's happened, and Sheena decides to
head back to Altamira to assist Regal. Presea mentions that you should all
head somewhere safe to explain to her what's going on, and mentions heading
to Altessa's house. Sheena leaves the party, and Presea joins you.

***CHAPTER 7: Reawakened Memories (WT54)***

~~Altessa's House (WT55)~~

On the way to Altessa's, the group finds the road blocked by a Vanguard
checkpoint. Persea decides to sneak Marta through inside of an iron maiden
she had along that was was bringing back to Altamira. After convincing the
guards that a terrible (yet ridiculous) curse will befall them if they look
inside the iron maiden, you are allowed past the checkpoint to Altessa's
house. Head in, and to the left a little to talk to Altessa. The group
explains the situation to Altessa, and Presea mentions that she is planning
on taking the group to Mizuho, Sheena's hometown. During the scene, the
group hears some commotion outside. Head back out there.

Magnar, the guy you fought waaaay back at the beginning of the game in Luin
and some troops are examining the iron maiden that Presea left outside.
Seems ol' Magnar lied about being in the church of Martel, and is actually
yet another Vanguard member. After the scene, head outside again to confront

Boss: Magnar, Vanguard, Vanguard, Vanguard
Again, take the lackies out first. Magnar is mostly the same as he was the
first time you fought him. He uses a lance, so he has a pretty good reach
and some fairly strong hits. He has an attack called "Roaring spear" where he
jumps into the air and dives into the ground, causing a small explosion that
damages everyone immediately around him. He'll also use that ability which
makes it so you can't stun and/or combo him into the air on occasion. Other-
wise, this isn't really one of the more difficult battles you've fought.

After the battle, the weakened Magnar reveals the reason that the Vanguard
took over Altamira. Presea notes that it was a strategic move for them to
take over Altamira, because the Lezareno headquarters is there, meaning that
they will most likely have more than enough supplies to keep their army
strong. Back inside, the group decides its next move. Altessa decides to keep
Magnar in captivity, and the party heads out for Mizuho, so leave Altessa's,
and go there.

~~Mizuho (WT56)~~

In Mizuho, there will be a scene at the gate where the group is met by
Orochi. He mentions that you should head to the elder's to discuss things.
He also mentions that Raine and Genis are in town. Head up a little for a
scene where you meet the two of them. Raine and Genis are surprised to see
the group, and wonder what you were doing in Altamira. The group then talks
about the revolts that are happening around the world, due to the Vanguard's
influence. Afterward, Raine and Genis join the party, to meet up with the
elder. Before this, though, you can head off to the left to do some shopping
for new items. Off to the right is a Katz guild member. You can undertake
the third "Treasure Hunter's Trophy" quest, if you'd like.
Whenever you're ready to move on, go into the house directly above where you
met with Raine and Genis. Inside, the group discusses the Mana Cannon that
the Vanguard plans to use. They decide that the best course of actions would
probably be to directly assault Altamira, and stop Brute and the higher-ups
in the Vanguard, which should cause the lower ranks to crumble. Raine,
however, thinks it would be best if Emil and Marta stay in Mizuho while they
go assault the city. After the scene, the party splits up.

Once outside, head down toward the entrance and to the left to find Marta.
Marta is starting to have doubts about herself, and the entire situation,
and Emil tries to give her some comforting advice. During the scene, a
Mizuho resident tells the two that the Vanguard are attacking just outside
the town. He tells the two to escape the village, and Marta rejoins the
group. Now head toward the entrance. Presea, Raine, Genis, and some guards
are protecting the entrance, but a few Vanguard members sneak around. Emil
goes into Ratatosk mode, and you'll have a fight a string of three battles
against some Vanguard soldiers. In between the fights, Ratatosk Emil will
talk to Marta about how they can't keep running from the Vanguard, since
they are going to need Solum's core, which Brute has.

After the string of battles, Marta decides that he's right, and they should
head to Altamira to try and reason with Brute one last time. During the
scene, Presea, Genis, and Raine decide that if this is what Emil and Marta
truly want, then they won't stop you. Afterward, they all rejoin, and you
are taken to the world map. Head to Altamira.

~~Altamira (WT57)~~

On the way, the party meets with Orochi who gives you details as to
specifically where the Vanguard is stationed in Altamira. Seems they're in
building number two. Persea says that she knows a secret way into the
building, and Orochi says he'll have Mizuho troops seal the building off so
the Vanguard can't call reinforcements in, and that all of this will go down
at midnight. The scene continues to the entrance of Altamira, where the Inn
(where you need to go to wait) is blocked off by guards. Tenebrae gets the
bright idea to change into a "beautiful woman" in order to distract the
guards away from the entrance. Oh brother. Go a little ahead, and it seems
Tenebrae's plan works. The party sneaks into the Inn, and Tenebrae catches
up to them later. The party then gets a free rest. Once you can control Emil
again, head out to the elevator and choose the last option.

~~Building Number 2 (WT58)~~


-Mystic Symbol    -Dusk Bandanna  -Sardonyx           -Solum
-Pass Card        -Red Basil      -Mythril Spinner
-Mythril Cloak    -Mythril Plate  -Red Savory
-Dark Cape        -Orichalcum     -Mythril Gauntlets
-Mythril Mittens  -Light Cape     -Mythril Sword

In the basement there is a scene where the party is feeling a bit fatigued.
Tenebrae mentions that this might be due to Solum's core being unstable.
After the scene, head to the right a little, and press the switch on the
wall, opening the door. Head out to the right. Continue right, grabbing a
MYSTIC SYMBOL from a chest. All the way at the end, there'll be another
scene. The group decides it would be a bad idea to head straight up to the
top floor, as that might draw too much attention. Instead, they decide to
look for some blueprints for an alternate way. Your goal is to find a
security room, which may have some details on the building layout. After the
scene, hit the switch on the wall and head out the door that opens.

In this new area, head to the left and follow the building around and take
some stairs down. Loop to the right a tad, and go in a door directly below
the staircase you took down. Defeat the enemy in here for the PASS CARD. Now
head back to the left. Pass a door and head on a little further where you
see a chest with a DARK CAPE. Also, hidden above that in the vehicle thing
is another chest with a MYTHRIL CLOAK in it. Now, head back to the door you
passed, and go in. (If you try to enter without the pass card, the door will
be locked.) Inside, an enemy attacks you. Once he's gone, Raine and Presea
will use the computer to check out the building's layout. They say an
elevator will take you straight to Brute at the top, but a direct assault
coming off of this elevator may be met with a wave of enemies. Raine then
suggests that she, Genis, and Persea create a distraction around the elevator
while you head up a different way. After the scene the three of them leave
the party. Head out.

Back in the main area, follow the lower path around, passed two doors (The
first is where you got the pass card, the second is the elevator that Raine
and the others will be using). The third door, however, has a MYTHRIL MITTENS
in a chest you can grab. Continue following the main path all the way over to
the right, passed enemies. You'll come to a staircase that zig-zags upward
(grab a chest that's hidden a little bit behind the stairs for a DUSK
BANDANNA) and head up.

Once you reach the top, use the save point if you need to and head to the
left. There will be a scene where Alice show up. Seems she's been expecting
you to take this route. However, she also says that she's not here to fight
you. Instead, something is wrong with Decus. He seems to be corrupted by
Solum's core, and she wants you to take a look at him. The group decides to
help her, as it will give them a chance to find Solum's core and hatch it.
Tenebrae, however, feels as though this is a very bad idea. (Gee, I wonder
why.) Head into the room directly in front of you for a scene. Seems Alice
was telling the truth. Decus is crazy after all. However, she also activates
a trap, causing Marta to fall through a trap door. Decus attacks Emil, which
causes the jar of Eau de Seduction to fall out that he gave you in Flanoir.
This momentarily causes him to regain his senses. During the scene, Emil
hears familiar voices coming from the wall behind him. Guess who shows up?
Colette and Zelos! Seems Colette clumsily tripped, activating a panel on the
wall. The two grab Emil and pull him into the next room. A couple Vanguard
soldiers show up for a fight. After, Zelos and Colette explain that Lloyd
sent them to Altamira to help, and Emil explains the situation.

After the scenes, head to the right a little for a RED BASIL, then exit to
the south. Directly outside is a large elevator. You can't do anything here
yet, so head to the left a little more. Go in the first door you see, and
examine the little machine inside. This upgrades your pass card to rank "D."
If you want, you can head all the way over to the left to grab a MYTHRIL
PLATE. If you do, also note another elevator over here, but you need a rank
B card to activate it. Head all the way back to the right, and take the
elevator to floor 4.

Up here, the chest directly behind you contains an ORICHALCUM. Head over to
the left. The first door you come across just has a room with an enemy and
a LIGHT CAPE in it. Head over to the left a little more, and go in the next
room. Examine the machine here, which upgrades the pass card to rank "C".
Head out, and go all the way back over to the right. Once you're back on the
elevator, take ride it to floor 2.

Down here, there is another chest directly behind you. Grab it for a
SARDONYX if you like. Keep heading left until you find another of those
upgrade machines. Use it, which upgrades the card to rank "B". Now head back
to the elevator, and go to floor 1. On floor one, head all the way over to
the left, and take the elevator here up to floor 3.

Up here, the chest behind you contains a MYTHRIL SPINNER. Now, continue on
to the right. Head in the first door you come across. Examine the machine to
upgrade the card to "A" rank. Also in this room are a Katz guild member and
a merchant. Use them if you need anything. Now head all the way back to the
left to the elevator. Note that now that you have the rank "A" card, you can
take either elevator to any floor. You can do this to collect some items, if
you want to.

Take the elevator to floor 2 to pick up a RED SAVORY. Now go to floor 1.
Head to the elevator all the way to the right, and take it up to floor 3.
Grab the MYTHRIL GAUNTLETS from the chest behind you. Take the elevator back
down to floor one, and go back to the elevator all the way over to the left,
up to floor 4.

Up here, go behind you, and find that this is actually a path that leads off
to the left. Follow it along to a door and enter. There is a brief scene,
then continue on until you come to another door. Enter, and Emil will say
that he should look around for Marta. Examine everything in the room, then
head over to the right and examine the east wall. There will be a scene, and
Sheena shows up. She says that she and Regal found Marta, and you should all
head through the ceiling above you. Sheena joins the party here.

Up here, head all the way over to the right for a scene. Marta is below,
trying to reason with Brute. Unfortunately, he'll have none of it, and is
still determined to revive the Sylvaranti Dynasty. It's pretty clear that
he's gone loopy from being corrupted by Solum's core, as well. From here,
head to the right a tad until you come to another vent. Head down.

Down here, use the save point if you wish, then head to the right a little
for a scene. Fight the guard, and then head into the room. There is a scene
here, and Marta rejoins. She also explains that Brute went into the
president's office up head. After the scene, head to the left a little to
grab a MYTHRIL SWORD. Now exit the room. Outside, start heading to the right
where the group catches up to Raine, Genis, and Presea. Afterward, the three
rejoin you. Once they do, head up the stairs.

Inside, you'll meet up with Brute. He tells you not to try anything funny,
and Alice shows up with Regal as a hostage. Brute then starts going on about
justice, and you hear a voice. Lloyd shows up, knocks Alice away, and saves
Regal. Brute then attacks you.

Boss: Brute
You had a taste of what this guy was capable of before, when you fought him
in the casino. He's much the same, but he also uses some pretty powerful
magic, and can cast some of his spells pretty quickly. He can teleport around
the battlefield, and sometimes fires a large, blackish-purple laser beam out
of his staff. He'll also sometimes raise his staff and shoot black
projectiles out as well. He's earth-elemental, so many of his spells are
earth based, so equip items that reduce earth-based damage if you have them.
He also uses a mystic arte, which has a pretty huge range, so beware of that
as the party will likely be at 1 HP afterward.

Afterward, Brute is wounded, and Marta runs up to him. Unfortunately, Decus
runs in and pulls Solum's core out of Brute, nearly killing him. Raine tends
to Brute's wounds, while Marta hatches Solum's core. Once that's done, Decus
comes to his senses, and he and Alice run off, with Lloyd in hot pursuit.
Now that Brute has come to his senses as well, he realizes how foolish his
ambitions were, and tells you that he's going to disband the Vanguard, but
since Richter is a member, many Vanguard soldiers might follow him instead.
Afterward, everyone but Marta and Presea leave the party. Hit the save point
to the left, and after, head down and to the right. Hit the switch on the
wall and take the elevator down. Once at the bottom, there will be a scene
where Lloyd is confronting Richter. Afterward, he attacks you.

Boss: Richter
By now, you've fought Richter plenty of times, so you should know what to
expect. He doesn't really have anything new to throw at you--he's just got
higher stats, because he's at a higher level. Make sure you keep in mind not
to use Ain Soph Aur, if you use Emil's mystic arte, because Richter will
just counter it. Also keep in mind that he uses his own mystic arte on
occasion, so beware of that.

After the battle, there's a scene. Ratatosk Emil tries once again to use
Ain Soph Aur on Richter (When will he realize it doesn't work?). After,
you get a strange flashback scene of Richter and a man who looks like Emil
talking to Ratatosk...After the rather shocking and informative scene,
Richter attempts to attack Emil, but Marta tries to talk him out of it,
saying he's going about his ways wrong. He doesn't seem to care, and attacks
anyway, but Lloyd blocks him. After they clash for awhile, Alice shows up,
carrying Richter away on one of her monsters.

***CHAPTER 8: Eternal Bond (WT59)***

As the chapter opens, we get more of the flashback scene which gives us a
little more detail on the events that happened between Richter and why he
hates Ratatosk so much. Afterward, Emil wakes up in the Inn in Altamira, and
reflects back on the events that just occurred. Tenebrae shows up, and
reveals some rather shocking news to Emil. After the scene, head out to the
elevator. Once you get there, approach Marta for a scene. After, Marta
rejoins and says that Brute wants to talk to Emil. Get in the elevator, and
head to floor 5. Talk to the Mizuho scout outside the door, and then head in.
Approach Brute for a scene. He thanks you for protecting Marta, and saving
him from the effects of Solum's core. He then explains that Richter was the
one behind much of the fighting the Vanguard was doing, so nothing is really
over yet. He tells you that no matter what, you have to stop whatever
Richter is doing.

Outside the room, Presea shows up and informs Emil and Marta that they have
discovered Richter's whereabouts. She joins the party. Before you leave, you
should head up to the lounge area and take the final quest in the Treasure
Hunter's Trophy series. This quest is available for only a very, VERY short
time, so take it now if you want to complete the quest.

Whatever you decide, ultimately make your way back to the little vehicle,
and head back to the Lezareno building, and ride the elevator up to the Sky
Terrace. Up here, there's a scene. Seems Richter went to a place known as
the "Otherworldly Gate," and Tenebrae states that this is where Gennungagap
is located. Apparently, Richter has been forming pacts with demons, in order
to obtain their power to increase his own. The group explains Emil's
connection to this, and Lloyd finally reveals that he's ready to explain
what he's been doing all this time. He tells you to meet him at the World
Tree. At this point, Lloyd takes off, and everyone else joins you. Now head
back out to the world map, and go to the Tower of Salvation.

~~Tower of Salvation (WT59)~~

There is a rather lengthy scene when you enter, where you meet the new
guardian of the world tree (who also happens to be a familiar face from the
original Symphonia), and Lloyd finally explains what's been going on, and
why he's been avoiding the group and doing what he's been doing, and every-
thing that's been going on involving Emil, Lloyd, Richter, the Vanguard,
and the cores comes together. Near the end, Lloyd tells Emil to go to Iselia,
to find the summon spirit of heart, and at this point in your long quest,
Lloyd joins the party.

Back on the world map, there are a few things to notice. For one, you might
have seen this earlier, but some of the towns have been closed off of the
map for quite some time. However, you can now go back to all of them. Also,
the Communion Spring opens up on the map. You can head there for a title,
and a few interesting cut scenes, but it isn't mandatory to visit this place
at any time. Finally, if this is your second play through or more, Gladsheim
will now be available to you. Once you've done whatever you want to, head to
the Martel Temple.

~~Martel Temple (WT60)~~


-Miracle Gel   -All-Divide
-Holy Symbol   -Lumen
-4000 Gald
-Elven Cape
-Special Gel

Inside, there is a scene in which Sheena thinks about Corrine, the creature
that became the summon spirit of Heart. In the first game, Corrine and
Sheena were close friends. After the scene, move up to the entrance of the
temple to find Dirk waiting for you. After the scene, head into the temple.
Inside, take the right path and follow it around until you can take a set of
stairs down.

Down here, you'll have to fight Golems to create blocks which you push
through the floor. Each block is a certain color, and can only be pushed
through one of the holes of the same color. It all goes in a certain order,
so do it like this;

Defeat the first golem, and push the block into the middle hole in the top

Fight another golem, and push the new block in the hole in the middle row,
all the way to the right. 

Fight another Golem, and push the block through the center hole. Take the
right staircase down. At the bottom, there will be a scene. Afterward,
approach the red block from the right, and push it all the way to the left,
until it drops into a hole. Move all the way to the left, across the block
to find two chests with a MIRACLE GEL and a HOLY SYMBOL in them.

Return to the upper area, and fight another golem. Push this new block into
the same hole you pressed the first one (center hole of the top-most row).
Now go down and push it straight forward until it falls into a hole. You can
go across this little bridge now, and get to where you need to go, or you
can go back for a couple more items. If you want them, read the next
paragraph. If not, skip ahead one paragraph.

Fight another golem, and push the box through the hole on the box in the
middle row, all the way to the right (It is the same hole you pushed the
second box through). Now go back down, and approach this box from the left.
Push it right, until it falls into a hole, and go across. The two chests
here contain 4000 GALD and an ELVEN CAPE.

Whichever you choose, make sure you're ultimately on the lower portion of
this block puzzle. Take the path that leads north. There's a circular
platform here that is sparkling. Examine it and you'll get a message that
a seal has weakened somewhere else in the dungeon. Before you leave this
puzzle room, though, make sure that while you're on the upper level, where
you pushed the boxes through, you take the staircase on the left side up.
You'll probably get a scene with the door near the entrance opening, but
follow this path to a dead-end with a chest that has a SPECIAL GEL in it.
Now head back to the entrance of this area. In the circular room, take the
path that leads to the north. Along the way, there will be a scene. Keep
heading forward.

In the next room, head into the warp directly in front of you. In the next
area, keep heading to the left. Along the way is a chest with an ALL-DIVIDE
in it. Eventually, you'll come to a save point. In the room past that, there
is a scene. During which, Verius appears and senses the conflict going on
inside of Emil. Verius sends you away and tells you to come back in a little
while, once Emil has come to a decision. Afterward, attempt to leave. The
area starts to shake, and Tenebrae senses that Gennungagap is being opened
by someone. After some more events unfold, Emil has some flashbacks, and
wakes up again in the temple. Raine suggests going back to Iselia to talk
about the events that have transpired. After the event, you get LUMEN, and
Emil learns the Lumen skill.

After the event, exit back the way you came, to the right. Attempt to leave
the temple to find Dirk fighting some monsters. After a brief fight, the
group explains the situation to him. You learn that all the fighting that
the Vanguard has been instigating has caused the monsters sealed away in
the Ginnungigap to become stronger, and the seal on the door is becoming
weaker. Ratatosk Emil says that he'll kill anyone who stands in his way of
keeping the door shut, including his friends. Emil's two personalities then
confront each other within his mind, and the "normal" Emil makes up his mind
to Verius as to what he wants to do, and everyone in the group tells him that
they are ready to follow him to the end. Keep in mind that from here on out,
Emil's cut-in portrait will change to his green-eyed self (since he has
sealed his red-eyed alternate self away) during his mystic arte. You also
lose the ability to extend into Ain Soph Aur from now on. Head toward the
exit for another scene. The group decides to part ways for the time being,
to prepare for the coming battle. The entire party will now disband. You can
either proceed the story by going directly to Luin, or you can find everyone
and talk to them in the following locations;

Head to Iselia, and talk to Colette outside of the school.

Head to Izoold and go down to the harbor to talk to Regal.

Head to Palmacosta. Straight in from the entrance you'll find Genis.

Head to Meltokio and talk to Zelos standing in front of the castle.

Head to Sybak. Raine is standing in the large, circular plaza just inside.

Head to Mizuho. Inside, follow the path west to find Sheena.

Head to Altessa's House to find Presea.

Head to Flanoir to find Lloyd on the balcony in front of the church.

Head to the Tower of Salvation to view a secret scene in which Yuan talks
to a rather surprising, yet familiar character.

Now go ahead and head back to Luin. There is a scene where Emil meets with
his aunt at the entrance. Afterward, head back to Emil's house (It's the
second floor of the Inn, remember) to meet with Emil's uncle. After the
scene, head over to the Lloyd statue in town for another scene. Once that is
done with, head to Altamira. There will be a scene here where Emil and Marta
discuss the upcoming events and battles.

The next morning there will be another scene outside of the Altamira Inn
in which the group talks about what they'll be up against; Decus, Alice,
Richter, and the rest of the Vanguard are waiting for them in the Other-
worldly gate, on the way to the Ginnungagap. After the scene, head back out
to the world map, and go to the Otherworldly Gate.

~~Otherworldly Gate (WT61)~~

This is it. The final dungeon. Inside, there is a scene. Tenebrae will ask
if you are ready to enter, but fear not; This is not a "point of no return"
option. If you enter the gate, you can still choose to leave the final
dungeon to do things like replenish items, or tackle side quests you haven't
finished yet. Choose to enter, and Emil will focus power into the sorcerer's
ring, causing a portal to the Ginnungagap to appear.

~~Ginnungagap (WT62)~~


-Blood Lust     -Red Verbena
-Red Lavender   -Red Basil
-Millstone      -Aqua's Core
-Mind Slicer
-Angel Dust

Once inside, there is a scene. Again, you can use the portal behind you to
return to the Otherworldly Gate (and world map) at any time. To move further
in, just follow the path in front of you. It's pretty linear, and just keeps
spiraling downward toward the bottom. Along the way, grab a chest with a
BLOOD LUST armor in it. At the bottom, there is a save point, and a large
platform. Take it down.

In the next area, you'll have to break seals to proceed to the next floor.
This is a rather strange puzzle, mostly because it seems far too simple. As
you head up to the perimeter, circle your way around and shoot all of the
large roots that connect to the ground with the sorcerer's ring. This will
activate nodes on the elevator you just took down here. Once you hit four of
them, a seal will release, allowing you to head down further. On the third
level, do the exact same thing here as you did on the above level. Head back
to the elevator, and go down to the bottom floor now.

On the way down there is a scene. It seems the party activates a trap, and
Lloyd and his friends get teleported away, due to Derris emblems. If you're
a Tales veteran, you'll no doubt recognize these. They're often items you
need to collect in the final dungeon, which allows you to move beyond a
trap. You had to do this in Tales of Symphonia as well. Well, it seems that
the Symphonia characters are still carrying their emblems with them, and
it's revealed that Ratatosk actually created a trap that had the opposite
effect. Instead of the emblems protecting their owners, it seems this trap
has imprisoned them further ahead in the dungeon. After the scene, head
further down the path.

Once you get to the bottom, the party is met by....Decus and Alice. Bleh.
Marta explains that they should stop what they're doing, since Solum's core
effects have worn off, but Alice says she wasn't affected by the core at
all. She just hated Marta, and has been battling her out of spite. Decus,
on the other hand, is just blindly following Alice, and doesn't really care
about much of anything else. Naturally, you have to fight them.

Boss: Alice, Decus
This is a rather annoying battle, and it can actually be quite difficult.
The obvious thing here is to take Alice out first, since she can heal.
Unfortunately, Decus's speed, strength, and multi-hit sword attacks (most, if
not all of which you've seen in the previous battle with him) prove that
this will be no easy task. Alice casts quite a bit of magic, and both of them
will ability that makes it so that you can't stun them, or hit them into the
air. Of course, I found that it really wasn't easy to do that anyway.
Alice's healing spells refill nearly half of her or Decus HP, so make sure
you interrupt her at all costs. Also beware of Decus, as he now has a mystic
arte in his arsenal as well.

The scene following the battle is part sad, and part cheesy, but at least
these two are finally out of your hair. After the battle, go up a little bit
to grab a RED LAVENDER from a chest, and then head to the west.

Well, this area is certainly different. Follow the path along until it
branches into two paths that lead west and south. Take the west path and
follow it along until you can grab a chest from a little offshoot to the
right that contains a MILLSTONE. Now get back on the main path, and follow
it as it leads to the north a little, and to the left. Continue on, until
you come to a new screen.

Here, head straight forward for a chest with a MIND SLICER sword in it. Now
go back slightly, and follow the path that leads right for two chests. One
with an ANGEL DUST robe for Marta, and a RED VERBENA in it. From here, head
back to the area where the fork lead to the west and south. Back here, take
the south route, and follow it until you come to a new screen.

The chest in front of you contains a RED BASIL. Head to the left, and follow
the path along until you get a scene where Lloyd catches up with the party.
Seems he wasn't affected by the Derris Emblem trap to the same extent the
others in the group were. Lloyd rejoins the group now. From here, straight
ahead is a save point. Head off to the right for another scene where the
group frees the others who were caught in the Derris emblem trap. From here,
attempt to head north, but there's another scene before you get too far.
Aqua shows up, and becomes hysteric, explaining that she won't allow you to
stop Richter. She'll stall you long enough for him to make pacts with the
demons, and open the gate to Niflheim to avenge Aster's death. She turns
into a gigantic three-headed dragon, and attacks.

Boss: Ladon
This boss really isn't too difficult. Definitely the easiest of the boss
battles you'll be fighting in this final area. The dragon's large size makes
it pretty easy to hit. Ladon uses mostly water-based magic, so equip things
that reduce that damage, if possible. He's got a couple of breath attacks,
can teleport around, and can thrash his tail around the ground damaging
those nearby. Much of what this guy can throw at you, you've seen before.
Make sure you watch the elemental gauge, though, as if too many of the
elements turn to water, Ladon will start to regenerate a lot of HP. That's
not a great thing, when this boss has close to 100,000 to begin with.

After the battle, Aqua is weakened, and reverts to her core form. The group
obtains AQUA'S CORE, and Emil learns the Aqua skill. After the battle, head

Once you get to a certain point, there is a brief scene, and a save point
appears. This is your final chance to leave the dungeon to restock on items
or finish up any loose ends in the game. Up ahead lies the final string of
battles, and you won't be able to leave or heal. Whenever you're ready, move
forward. The final string of battles is against a few rather surprising
foes, so if you don't want them spoiled, I'll give a brief spoiler-free
rundown in the next paragraph, and then a more detailed rundown after it.
Just skip over the later part if you don't want to be spoiled.

From the save point, head forward. You'll run into Richter, who you DO know
you're going to confront. There is a scene, and then you're thrust into
battle with Richter. He's not too much different than the other battles
against him, but he's faster, and looks different. After the battle, there
will be another scene. Afterward, you'll fight alone against two enemies.
You can actually win this battle, but that gets you the "bad" ending (which
is more of a glorified game over than an ending) so instead, simply lose
this battle. There will be more scenes, and another battle commences. This
battle is a one-on-one fight. It isn't too hard, and you should know this
character's battle patterns well enough by now. I don't think it matters
whether you win or lose (losing doesn't get a game over), but it isn't
difficult to win, so you may as well do so. After the battle, you're finally
done! Enjoy the game's final cut scenes and credits. After everything is
done and over with, you'll be prompted to save. Do so, and you can load up
the save data to start the game from the beginning, and carry some things
over by buying them in the GRADE shop if you wish to.

Also, if you managed to get the best ending, there will be a scene after the
credits. Emil and Marta both get the title "Perfect Partner."

~~~The End.

Boss: Richter
This is it. The final confrontation with Richter. Most of his attacks are
fairly similar to the times you faced him before, but they seem swifter,
with wider, sweeping attack areas, and hit more times. You can actually stun
and interrupt Richter's attacks and spells ridiculously easy during this
battle, so use that to your advantage. Like many of the later bosses of the
game, he'll also teleport around the battlefield a lot, and you should again
watch out for his mystic arte (it's the same one he's pretty much always had,
but it deals more damage now, obviously.

After the battle, Emil attempts to keep the door closed, but the Demons are
too powerful. Richter reveals his intentions finally, and hands over the
sacred stone to aid Emil in keeping the door closed. Unfortunately, however,
it appears that Emil's Ratatosk side takes over (Is it really...?) and
demands that the group hand Aqua's core over so he can complete the seal.
Marta is saddened by this turn of events, but decides that if she can't help
Emil seal the door, she'll defeat the Ratatosk version of him.

Boss: Lloyd, Marta
Again, the point of this battle isn't to win. You can, but it gets you the
bad ending. You fight this battle alone, and neither character has a lot of
HP, but they're both pretty quick and can cause a lot of damage fast. It
doesn't matter, though. Just let them win if you want to progress to the
normal and best endings.

After the battle, Marta realizes that Emil isn't in Ratatosk mode at all,
and was planning on allowing the group to defeat him, turning his Ratatosk
side back into a core to keep the Ginnungagap door shut. The group convinces
Emil that this isn't the best way go about this. Instead of submit to his
Ratatosk side, Emil should come to terms with his alternate self, and
harness its power. We're then taken to Emil's subconscious, where the two
sides confront each other. Ratatosk Emil notes that his other side couldn't
go through with the plan after all, yet he doesn't seem mad, or dis-
appointed. Instead, the two sides decide to battle it out, to see which will
ultimately be the prevalent personality.

Boss: Emil
Having most likely controlled Emil throughout the entire game, you should be
very much aware of what he is capable in combat. You're literally just
fighting a clone of yourself. There's really nothing outstanding about this
battle that should be brought to attention. He's quick, but his attacks don't
pack a huge punch. If you start to get low on HP, just toss out an item if
you plan on winning the battle. Remember, the outcome doesn't really matter,
but it feels nice winning the last battle of the game, yeah?

After the battle, you're treated to the ending sequences and credits, so
enjoy them! The game is officially over. As listed above, you will
eventually be prompted to save the game. Once you return to the title
screen, you can select this file to load. You'll have access to the GRADE
shop, which allows you to buy options to carry over to your next play

Again, if you got the best ending, Emil and Marta both get the "Perfect
Partner" title.

~~The End.

VI.) Side Quests, and Sub Events (SQ00)

This section details some of the major sidequests throughout the game.

1.) Richter Side quest:

Step 1.) In chapter 2, as you head through Hakonesia Peak, talk to Koton
          inside of the building. He'll mention that he sent Richter off to
          look for something, and shoos you away. Blah.

Step 2.) In chapter four, once you arrive in Izoold, exit and return to
         Hakonesia Peak, to find Richter entering the building. Choose the
         first option, and head in the building. During the scene, Richter
         directs you to Asgard, so head there.

         Once in Asgard, the Mayor will drag Marta off. Head to the Inn to
         Meet up with Richter. Head up to the second floor, and in the room
         on the left and talk to Richter. He mentions talking to Linar, who
         knows something about the Balacruf Mausoleum. Richter joins here.
         Leave the inn, and head all the way to the right in town (to the
         same house where you talked to Aisha earlier and got the info on how
         to do the maiden ritual to open the path under the stone Dias.) Go
         back in, and talk to them, then head back to the Altar.

         Once back here, Aqua opens the portal, allowing you entrance back
         into the underground ruins. Enter, and in this first area, find your
         way to a statue that you may have seen in your first trip here.
         Approach it for a scene, and afterward, examine it again. Select yes
         and it will rotate toward the south. It says the music played by
         the bells has changed. Head back near the entrance for the new
         pattern. Remember it (Third, fourth, second, first). Return to the
         room with the sorcerer ring altering pedestal, and change the ring's
         element to wind. Now, hit the bells with the above order, and you'll
         get a message that something shifted far away. Exit this room, the
         way you came, and follow the path to the left. Once you hit the end,
         go up and in the doors and take the green warp.

~~Balacruf Mausoleum~~


-Blue Lavender       -Balacruf Symbol       -Soul Blast
-Mystic Mark         -All-Divide            -Strange Blue
-Heal Mark           -Boots                 -Retribution
-Blue Camomile       -Balacruf Tombstone    -Rain Maker
-Thief's Cape        -30,000 Gald

On the other side, you come out outside of the Balacruf Mausoleum. After some
discussion, go to the lower left, and head in.

This area looks more intimidating than it actually is. Some things to note;

-You'll see platforms on the floor, and large boxes in a couple places. Push
 the boxes onto the platforms, which causes the wind to stop.

-Once the wind is stopped, you can use the sorcerer's ring to light torches
 near the walls. Examine the walls to get tips on what to do for a later room
 in this dungeon.

-Be careful of traps. There are spikes that come out of the floor in some
 areas, and spiked panels that extend from the wall in others. If you touch
 any of these, you take damage

-The corner to the Southeast contains a chest with a BLUE LAVENDER in it.

-Light the two torches near a door that leads north, then circle around down,
 and change the sorcerer's ring at the pedestal to wind.

Once you enter this room, you'll see five windmills. There are three outcomes
for this puzzle (the clues given earlier hit at this) but there are some
items we can get for using different solutions. Using the wind-powered
sorcerer's ring, hit the windmills in this order; Red, Green, Yellow, White,
Blue. The wall to the east will crumble, revealing a chest with a MYSTIC
MARK. Exit the room, and reenter, this time hitting the wind mills in this
order: Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green. This gets you a HEAL MARK. Now, to
proceed, hit them in this order; Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue. The platform
under the blue windmill begins to glow, so head down. You can head through
the door, and you'll be on the roof of the ruins, but up here, you'll find a
very, very nasty boss battle, so save that for later.

Once you take the platform down, you'll be in a maze-like area, that's not as
bad as it seems. Head to the right, and wrap your way up and then down. Grab
onto the large slab and pull it back. Now head back around the way you came
and head down the staircase. Follow the path to grab a BLUE CAMOMILE, and a
THIEF'S CAPE. Now, wrap back around toward where you came down on the platform
and move to the left. Head up a little, and pull this stone slab back. Now,
make your way back to the right, and get behind that center slab. Push it all
the way forward. Now, pull the slab that's above, and slightly to the left
of you. (Pull it toward the right). This'll open a new path to a chest with
an ALL-DIVIDE to the left. Now go back a little, and head north.

You should be at the top with a pedestal and a dead end as far north as you
can go by now. You can actually pull the slab just below this to the left a
little and grab a pair of BOOTS to the right. Once you're done, approach the
pedestal for a scene. You're attacked by the Thargelion, a giant bird. This
thing is pathetically weak, so take care of it quickly. After the battle,
you'll get the BALACRUFT TOMBSTONE. Go back to the bottom, and ride the wind-
mill platform back up. If you wish to do so, you can head out the door to the
north for the difficult boss battle, but be warned, you'll be fighting a very
powerful group of enemies. If you choose to fight, then check out the info
below. If you choose not to, just exit this area entirely, via the way you

Boss: Phoenix, Were Bear x2, Igniter x2
This battle is a nightmare, but totally optional. The Phoenix isn't really
the biggest concern, I found. It actually had the least amount of HP of all
the enemies here, but it's at a much higher level than the other enemies,
meaning it has considerably more in its other stats. If this is your first
time through the game, you probably won't be able to beat it without some
serious training. Richter will be virtually useless in this fight, so your
best option is to switch him out for another high-level monster. The Phoenix
is level 120 (on normal mode) and the other enemies are hanging around level

If you're not worried about what you get for GRADE in this battle, I would
simply suggest putting three very high-level monsters in. Make sure they
all know heal too. Two of them should be physically based, while the third
should either be a mage, or mage/melee hybrid. With these, you might want to
have Emil just hang back and hand out healing Gels and life bottles if any of
your monsters start getting too weak.

The Phoenix and Igniters are all fire-based and all have powerful fire
attacks. Give Emil something that reduces fire damage, if you have something,
and make sure your monsters aren't fire elemental. The two Were Bears are
fast, and pack a huge punch, so watch for them.

After the intense battle, you'll receive the BALACRUF SYMBOL.

Once you get back to the Underground ruins, you can go collect some treasure,
if you elected to fight the Phoenix and his group, and grab the Symbol. If you
want to, head back to the room with the wind-changing pedestal, and head down
further into the ruins. This time, you'll have to defeat the golems in a
different order to move on. This time, defeat the first one you come across,
then the one furthest to the right, then the one all the way to the left. From
here, head as far over left as you can, and use the Balacruf Symbol on the
small white area on the wall, which will lower another wall in front of you.
Inside, open the three chests which contain 30,000 GALD, SOUL BLAST, and 
STRANGE BLUE, the latter two of which are among the most powerful pieces of
equipment for Emil in the game. Now, go back, fight the golem in the way,
and head down.

You're back in the room with the archer woman statue, so examine the first
blue plaque you see again for an arrow, and go set it in the statue. Once
there, fire an arrow to the East, North, East. This is the path you travelled
before, when you were originally here. Head past the room where wind pushes
you back (go through the door.) In the next room, use the Balacruf symbol on
the West wall to lower a portion of the wall. Pass the warp point for now,
and grab a RETRIBUTION and RAIN MAKER from the two chests. The warp just takes
you back to the Balacruf Ruins. Use it, then use it again, to come out near
the entrance of the Underground ruins. Now, exit the ruins, and head back
to Asgard for a scene where Richter leaves the party. He hands you a Balacruf
bracelet for Marta, for you to have an excuse as to what you've been doing.
As he walks away, Aqua secretly tells you to meet up later in Triet. Head back
to the Mayor's house to pick up Marta, and then you can leave Asgard.

Step 3.) In chapter 4, after you obtain the jellyfish for Berg, return to
         Triet. Marta will run off, and a monster will approach you. It
         appears this monster is a messenger for Aqua, and tells you to meet
         Richter at the Inn. Head there. Go into the room on the bottom floor
         and talk to Richter. He tells you that he's aware that you found
         some rosemary earlier, and asks you to take him to the location where
         you found it, and he joins you again. You'll automatically go to the
         Camberto Caves.

~~Camberto Caves~~



Your objective here is to head to where you find the rosemary earlier. You
can take the shortcut across the bridge you lowered earlier to get there
quickly. You should know the rest of the way. Once you enter the screen where
the rosemary is (you'll be near the save point) there will be a cutscene.
Afterward, head further in, to the rosemary plant. Once you get to the
rosemary plant, the group will dig for the ANGELATOPS Richter is looking for.
Afterward, the group automatically moves to Iselia.


Upon entering, there will be a scene. Head over to the right, and up until you
come to a large group of people outside of a house. There will be a scene
here, where Emil's uncle Alba is arguing with Phiedra. Afterward, Richter
gets the item he came for, and you give up the Angelatops. After a few words
of wisdom from Richter, you'll be taken back to Triet.


From the entrance, head up to find Marta. After a scene, she rejoins.

Step 4.) In chapter 6, when you're leaving Sybak to head back to the Temple
         of Lightning, there will be a scene where Richter talks to a man.
         You can choose to follow him to Cape Fortress (where the Vanguard
         had taken Seles to earlier) if you'd like. 

~~ Cape Fortress~

At the entrance, there will be a scene where Marta, Sheena, and Regal leave
the party to wait in Meltokio while Emil goes alone to meet with Richter.
You've been here before, so head in a little ways. Once you get to the large
main room, there will be a scene where Emil catches up to Richter. The two
decide to travel together again, a bit to the reluctance of Richter.

Head on, and once you get to the gate puzzle, you'll have to do it over
(it's the same solution as before). At any rate, your goal is to get back to
the room with all the torches. Once you head a bit to the right of the glyph
puzzle room, there will be another scene. Once here, examine the statue of
the blue knight to drop down. Go through the door that leads east (if you
grabbed the Philosopher's stone earlier, it's the same path that lead to
that). There will be a scene along the way. Head all the way to the end of
the path. Examine the notes for another scene. Afterward, Richter escorts
Emil back to Meltokio.


Outside the gates, Richter says his good byes, and tells Emil that the next
time they meet, they will be enemies again. After the scene, Emil gets the
title "Destined Partner," And Richter leaves the party. Head further into
town, and go toward the Inn. There will be a scene, and Marta, Sheena, and
Regal rejoin the party. Leave Meltokio, officially signifying the end of this
lengthy side excursion.

2.) Twilight Palace:

Step 1.) In chapter 5, once you arrive in Meltokio, accept the "Treasure
         Hunter's Trophy" Quest at the Katz guild. Make sure you succeed,
         because like any quest, if you fail you cannot get the quest
         to appear again, and this is the first in a series of quests you
         need to complete. When you complete the quest, you'll get a paper
         with the letter "L" on it, as a clue...

Step 2.) In chapter 6, accept the quest "Treasure Hunter's Trophy: Take
         Two." Once you succeed the quest, you'll find a memo with the
         letter "A" on it.

Step 3.) In chapter 7, accept the quest "Treasure Hunter's Trophy Take
         Three." (The first real chance you get to do this is once you enter
         Mizuho.) Once you succeed the quest, the party finds a note with
         the letter "E" on it.

Step 4.) In chapter 8, once Emil wakes up, accept the quest "Treasure
         Hunter's Trophy: The Truth." This will take place at the Twilight
         Palace, a new area. It is a rank S quest, so be certain that you
         can handle it. Stock up on whatever items you may need, and get the
         best equipment you can. Once you're ready, accept it.

~~Twilight Palace~~


-Lion Heart          -Master Mind
-Fairy Tale
-Star Breaker
-Healer's Ribbon
-Warrior's Bandanna

In this first area, you want to ultimately head toward the North. Things to

-There are two crystal-like objects to the right and left from the start.
 Fire at one of them with the sorcerer's ring, which causes the glyph-like
 seals of the corresponding color disappear. Once you get to the north, a
 large plant-like monster awaits you. This is a fairly normal battle against
 a group of enemies, but the large plant monster has a considerable amount
 of HP and is...bigger, than these types normally are. As you beat him, head
 back down and fire at the remaining crystal, which causes the rest of the
 glyphs to disappear. You should be able to pick up the LION HEART, FAIRY
 TALE, STAR BREAKER, and HEALER'S RIBBON from the chests here, once all the
 glyphs disappear.

-Past where the large plant monster was, go up the stairs to the right.
 Follow the long, winding staircase. At the top, there is a large Bat
 enemy. Defeat him and his group, and grab the WARRIOR'S BANDANNA, from the
 chest behind where he was. Now head all the way back down the winding

-Once back down here, head straight forward up the staircase to the left.
 Follow this long, winding staircase to the top as well. You'll find a giant
 Tadpole-like enemy here. Approach this battle prepared, because I find it
 was probably the hardest so far. The Poseidon (the Tadpole) and the fish
 enemy are both very powerful, and deal a lot of damage to you quickly.
 After the battle, grab the MASTER MIND from the chest, and head back down
 the winding staircase.
-From the central area, you can now head up staircase that leads to the
 north. Follow the long, winding staircase here, and once you get to the
 top, you don't see an enemy here. Suspicious. Approach the chests for a
 scene. Emil opens a chest, and finds the letter "S" on a note there. The
 group puts the letters together, and decides that the clue is "SEAL."
 Tenebrae shouts a command for a seal to be broken, and a monster appears.

Boss: Albrum Atrum, Incognito x2, Vroom, Jormungandr
As you can see, we've got quite the ensemble here. Albrum Atrum is the main
boss here, and even on normal mode he's got well over 300,000 HP. He'll use
the devastating "Reign of Terror" in which he rears up, and smashes back
down to the battlefield taking everyone near him down to 1 HP. Get away from
him when he stand up and the ground under him starts glowing yellow, because
he's about to use that. Obviously, getting rid of the smaller foes is the
priority, but that's really no small task either. The two Incognitos should
probably go first. Jormungandr is the snake enemy, and due to its weird
shape, may be a bit difficult to hit. Keep the items coming, if need be, and
use mystic artes to help slice off large chunks of HP at a time.

This guy is light-elemental, so avoid using monsters that are of that
element. If you bring Marta along, turn off her light-spells so that she
isn't constantly casting them on him, which basically doesn't hurt him at
all. It also turns the field all light-elemental, which causes him to
regenerate 1% of his HP fairly often. It might not seem like a lot, but with
hundreds of thousands of HP, he's regaining several thousand per tick. You
should note that you deal more damage to him with physical attacks when his
brown, lion-like head is down.

You get some great items for defeating the monster, including Emil's best
sword, the Nether Trator. After the battle, you're entrusted with a very
rare monster, Emil gets the title "Decipherer of the Seal," and Marta gets
the title, "Procurer of the Secret Treasure." Afterward, the quest is

3.) Arena:

Virtually all games in the Tales series have an arena for you to fight in,
and win prizes from. There are two standard types of arena battles;
singles, in which you control one character and battle your way to the end
of a string of fights, or Party, in which the four active characters fight
together against enemy parties. Since monsters are the main focus of Dawn
of the New World, there is also a special monster-only option you can
choose. For the monster battle, all the monsters you use must be at or
below a certain level, so if the four monsters that are in your party are
too high, the won't be able to participate in the battle. The level caps
are as follows;

Bronze Battle :  Only monsters below level 40
Chrome Battle :  Only monsters below level 50
Sliver Battle :  Only monsters below level 60
Gold Battle   :  Only monsters below level 70
Special Battle:  Only monsters below level 120

If your monsters are too high level, you can simply switch them out for
different monsters, or devolve them back to a previous tier, and level them
back to a more appropriate level (if you want to be extreme).

There are five levels in the single, party, and monster battle; Bronze,
Chrome, Silver, Gold, and Special. You must clear each one in order before
the next level will unlock. That's really about all there is to the arena.

Unfortunately, the prizes in the arena are pretty lackluster. In past Tales
games, you'd receive powerful armor, weapons, or other useful equipment.
The prizes in this game, however, are simply various manuscripts to level
your monsters up. Meh. Some of the best ones are pretty good, since you
can give your monsters thousands and thousands of EXP from one item, but
you can't even farm the best ones here. Once you clear each level of the
arena, the prizes are replaced by weaker ones. The prizes are different for
every tier, but the same for each tier in single, party, and monster.
Here is a list of the manuscripts you can get, if you're interested;

Bronze  (1st)  White Manuscript      (2nd+)  Gray Manuscript
Chrome  (1st)  Peach Manuscript      (2nd+)  Yellow Manuscript
Silver  (1st)  Azure Manuscript      (2nd+)  Scarlet Manuscript
Gold    (1st)  Silver Manuscript     (2nd+)  Purple Manuscript
Special (1st)  Rainbow Manuscript    (2nd+)  Gold Manuscript

You also get some gald for winning each battle.



This section contains the various lists for the game; Items, skills, etc.
Think of it as something of a checklist, for those of you who want to make
sure you get everything, or just use it as a reference to see what the best
items are, or what level you gain certain abilities, etc.

A.) Skills and Artes

Emil and Marta are the only characters who really gain new skills and artes
throughout your quest. It is true that monsters do, but they only usually
gain a few. Currently, I'm only going to detail Emil and Marta's lists, but
I'll probably add more in the future. The other Symphonia characters have
static levels, but I'll probably eventually add their lists too.

Skills are placed on a character via the "Equip" option in the menu. Each
skill costs a certain amount of SP to equip. Keep in mind that SP maxes at
99, so it is impossible to equip every skill you learn. Artes consume TP in
battle. Each arte costs a certain mount of TP. If you run out of TP during
battle, you can no longer use artes. You can use healing items like Gels to
restore TP, or rest in an Inn to restore it.


 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 5
 Description: Release a cutting shockwave along the ground. Base arte can be
              connected from a regular attack.
 Level Learned: Obtained after forming a pact with Ratatosk.

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 1
 Description: Avoid knockdown by pressing "A" or "B" when knocked back.
 Level Learned: 3

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 5
 Description: Leap forward for a jump attack.
 Level Learned: 4

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 5
 Description: Two-part upward and downward slash. Base art can be connected
              from a regular attack.
 Level Learned: 8

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 5
 Description: Slash upwards, then thrust.
 Level Learned: 12

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 16
 Description: Float the enemy high in the air with a slash and end with two
              downward strikes.
 Level Learned: 15

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Increases your midair regular attack combo by one.
 Level Learned: 10

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 2
 Description: Backstep by quickly tapping the Control Stick back twice.
 Level Learned: 14

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Gels are more effective when used in battle.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 9
 Description: Use certain base artes in midair.
 Level Learned: 17

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 9
 Description: Move and spin vertically to slash the enemy.
 Level Learned: 18

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 20
 Description: Thrust followed by two shockwaves.
 Level Learned: 20

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 10
 Description: Perform numerous attacks to shred the enemy.
 Level Learned: 22

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 23
 Description: Get behind the enemy after multiple attacks followed by a
              final strike.
 Level Learned: 24

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Increases your regular attack combo on the ground by one.
 Level Learned: 25

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 5
 Description: Execute a powerful specialized attack by holding down "A"
              while on the ground.
 Level Learned: 26

 Type: Base Arte.
 TP cost: 7
 Description: Awaken the power of the beast within. Increases own stats.
 Level Learned: 28

 Type: -
 TP cost: 0
 Description: Automatically use an item when an ally is in trouble.
 Level Learned: 30

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 10
 Description: Hold "B" when Unison Attack gauge is full while performing
              high spells or arcane artes to perform a mystic arte.
 Level Learned: 30

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 20
 Description: Fierce thrusts in midair followed by a vertical spin attack.
 Level Learned: 32

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 5
 Description: Execute a powerful specialized attack by holding down "A"
              while in the air.
 Level Learned: 33

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 16
 Description: Leap in the air and unleash a shockwave towards the ground.
 Level Learned: 35

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 8
 Description: Increases your midair regular attack combo by two.
 Level Learned: 36

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 22
 Description: Spin upwards and slash towards an enemy sent in the air by a
 Level Learned: 38

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 20
 Description: Numerous slashes from a swift charge.
 Level Learned: 41

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 9
 Description: Use certain arcane artes while in midair.
 Level Learned: 42

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 24
 Description: Float the enemy with a charge slash followed by ascending
              spin slashes and end with a shockwave.
 Level Learned: 44

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 9
 Description: Follow a base arte with a second base arte.
 Level Learned: 45

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 20
 Description: Upward cut from a spin impact and end with a thrust.
 Level Learned: 46

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 18
 Description: Get behind the enemy with a slash and end with a thrust.
 Level Learned: 48

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 20
 Description: Numerous thrusts ending with an upward cut.
 Level Learned: 50

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 8
 Description: Increase your regular attack combo on the ground by two.
 Level Learned: 51

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 21
 Description: A large crescent followed by a fierce thrust and end with a
              jump kick.
 Level Learned: 53

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 12
 Description: Increase your midair attack combo by three.
 Level Learned: 57

 Type: Arcane Arte
 TP cost: 30
 Description: Shred an enemy with continuous attacks and end with a final
 Level Learned: 60

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 9
 Description: Follow an arcane arte with a base arte
 Level Learned: 100

 Type: Mystic Arte
 TP cost: 50
 Description: -
 Level Learned: Must have the skill "special" equipped, and 50 TP. Perform
                an arcane arte, and hold down the "B" button on the Wii
                remote. Also, make sure the Unison gauge is full (red) If the
                arcane arte hit the enemy, the mystic arte should activate.

 Type: Mystic Arte Extension
 TP cost: -
 Description: -
 Level Learned: Must have passed the point in the story where Emil uses this
                attack on Richter (the bottom of the Temple of Darkness in
                chapter 5.) When you use Devil's Hellfire, press and hold the
                "B" button again after you see Emil's portrait cut-in.


 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 7
 Description: Slash an enemy swift as a swallow and knock it down.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Spell (Healing)
 TP cost: 8
 Description: Heal an ally's HP. (Water)
 Level Learned:

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 8
 Description: Step backwards and kick in a circle. also effective against
              surrounding enemies.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 1
 Description: Avoid knock down by pressing "A" or "B" when knocked back.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Spell (Status)
 TP cost: 8
 Description: Status (mid): Temporarily increase an ally's P.DEF. (Earth)
 Level Learned:

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 2
 Description: Backstep by quickly tapping the control stick back twice.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Increases your regular attack combo on the ground by one.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Hide from enemies.
 Level Learned:

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Reduces the amount of time needed to escape.
 Level Learned: 18

 Type: Spell (Healing)
 TP cost: 20
 Description: Healing (mid): Substantiall heal an ally's HP. (Water)
 Level Learned: 19

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 9
 Description: Follow a base arte with a second base arte.
 Level Learned: 20

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 9
 Description: Slash and kick while spinning. Has a chance of stealing an
 Level Learned: 21

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 6
 Description: Decreases spell casting time.
 Level Learned: 22

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 12
 Description: Spin for consecutive attacks and slam chi from the hands.
 Level Learned: 25

 Type: Spell (Healing)
 TP cost: 64
 Description: Healing (High): Resurrect a fallen ally. (Light)
 Level Learned: 27

 Type: Skill
 SP cost:8
 Description: Increases your regular attack combo on the ground by two.
 Level Learned: 28

 Type: -
 TP cost: 0
 Description: Automatically use an item when an ally is in trouble.
 Level learned: 30

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 10
 Description: Hold "B" when Unison Attack gauge is fill while performing
              high spells or arcane artes to perform a mystic arte.
 Level Learned; 30

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 10
 Description: Sharpens spirit and calls forward power. Increases own stats.
 Level Learned: 31

 Type: Spell
 TP cost: 34
 Description: Light (Mid): Attack an enemy with converging blasts of light.
 Level Learned: 33

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 5
 Description: Execute a powerful specialized attack by holding down "A"
              while on the ground.
 Level Learned: 34

 Type: Base Arte
 TP cost: 14
 Description: High roundhouse kick followed by a heel kick.
 Level Learned: 36

 Type: Spell (Status)
 TP cost: 15
 Description: Temporarily increase an ally's A.ATK.
 Level Learned: 37

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 15
 Description: decreases chance of being interrupted when attacked during
 Level Learned: 38

 Type: Spell (Healing)
 TP cost: 16
 Description: Dispel an ally's magical ailment. (Earth)
 Level Learned: 40

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 4
 Description: Gels are more effective when used in battle.
 Level learned: 42

 Type: Light (High)
 TP cost: 50
 Description: Prism sword blessed by light pouring down from the sky.
 Level Learned: 44

 Type: Spell (Healing)
 TP cost: 48
 Description: Fully heal an ally's HP. (Water)
 Level Learned: 47

 Type: Base arte
 TP cost: 16
 Description: Float an enemy by sliding and attacking with an energy blast.
 Level Learned: 50

 Type: Light (High)
 TP cost: 52
 Description: Strike the enemy with a holy lightning. (Light)
 Level Learned: 52

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 12
 Description: Increases  your regular attack combo on the ground by three.
 Level Learned: 53

 Type: Skill
 SP cost: 9
 Description: Decreases spell casting time (more effective than Speed Cast
 Level Learned: 58

 Type: Spell (Healing)
 TP cost: 96
 Description: Automatically resurrect a fallen ally once in battle. (Light)
 Level Learned: 62

B.) Items

This section details items. Items range greatly in purpose, some of them
being used to heal yourself in the heat of battle, others are the very
pieces of equipment and weapons that will make yourself stronger in
battle. Since there are only two truly equippable characters in the
game, the equipment list is a bit small, but there's still a decent
variety of things, nonetheless.


Swords are a pretty common weapon in the Tales series, and nearly every
lead character has used them, with only a couple exceptions. Emil is
the sword user in Dawn of the New World. Swords (and all items) are
listed in ascending order of power.

 Description: Strutted long sword favored by sailors.
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: Crescent shaped saber.
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: Slender long sword that is difficult to handle and requires
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: Long powerful sword. A sword for a true swordsman.
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: Broad, resilient, long sword that is difficult to handle.
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: Sabre favored by a tribe of warriors. Very easy to handle.
 Additional Skills: VS Beast 1

 Description: A large, broad sword.
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: Magic sword with a rose colored blade. Forged by the black-
              smith Kurdalaegon.
 Additional Skills: Regenerate 2, Critical 2, Fire Element

 Description: Magic sword with a moon colored blade. Forged by the black-
              smith Govannon.
 Additional Skills: Critical 2, Accelerate, Light Element

 Description: Sharp sword with a pointed end to pierce enemies.
 Additional Skills: Cast Delay Attack 1

 Description: A sword forged by tempering black steel.
 Additional Skills: -

 Description: A sword with an emphasis on crushing the enemy with the broad
              and heavy blade.
 Additional Skills: P.DEF Decrease Attack 2

 Description: Magic sword with an azure colored blade. Forged by the black-
              smith Amenoma.
 Additional Skills: Relax 1, Critical 2, Ice Element

 Description: A slender sword blessed with holy protection.
 Additional Skills: VS Ghost 2

 Description: A sword made of silver mythril tinged with magic.
 Additional Skills: VS Magical Being 2

 Description: Relic from the time of the ancient war.
 Additional Skills: Spirit Drain 2, A.ATK Decrease Attack 1, Sick Attack 1

 Description: A sword that is said to be able to kill a dragon.
 Additional Skills: Speed Decrease Attack 2, VS Dragon 3, EXP Minus 1

 Description: A sword that is said to absorb the soul of the one it
 Additional Skills: Life Drain 2, Life Charge, Weak Attack 1

 Description: A notorious sword forged by the power of chaos. Also known as
              the evil sword Lucied.
 Additional Skills: Regenerate 3, Accelerate


Spinners are used by Marta, and kind of an unusual weapon. Something like
a cross between a Chakram, a dagger, and a shuriken, they're kind of just
...there, on Marta's arms, and she spins and flails around attacking
enemies. An interesting weapon to be sure.

 P.ATK+ 16   A.ATK+22
 Description: Orthadox spinner that is light and easy to handle.
 Additional Skills: -

 P.ATK+35   A.ATK+47
 Description: A spinner with a simple design.
 Additional Skills: -

 P.ATK+54   A.ATK+71
 Description: A spinner made from animal bones.
 Additional Skills: VS Bird 1

 P.ATK+73   A.ATK+96
 Description: A spinner with a simple and elegant form.
 Additional Skills: -

 P.ATK+92   A.ATK+122
 Description: A spinner with silver adornments.
 Additional Skills: VS Ghost 1

 P.ATK+111  A.ATK+147
 Description: A spinner made from coral.
 Additional Skills: -

 P.ATK+129  A.ATK+171
 Description: A spinner made by synthesizing horn that contains metal.
 Additional Skills: VS Dragon 2

 P.ATK+148  A.ATK+196
 Description: A spinner with gold adornments.
 Additional Skills: -

 P.ATK+148  A.ATK+196
 Description: A spinner forged with steel of evil fire that emits high
 Additional Skills: Fire Ball, Fire Element

 P.ATK+167  A.ATK+221
 Description: A spinner that sealed the power of the great spirit of time.
 Additional Skills: Cast Delay Attack 2, Run Away

 P.ATK+167  A.ATK+221
 Description: A spinner forged by tempering black steel.
 Additional Skills: -

 P.ATK+186  A.ATK+246
 Description: A spinner made from the femur of an ancient dragon.
 Additional Skills: VS Free Form 2

 P.ATK+205  A.ATK+271
 Description: Powerful energy of darkness lies within it.
 Additional Skills: Sleep Attack 2, Darkness Element

 P.ATK+205  A.ATK+271
 Description: A spinner made from the horn of the legendary beast.
 Additional Skills: VS Demon 2

 P.ATK+224  A.ATK+296
 Description: A spinner made from silver mythril tinged with magic.
 Additional Skills: VS Magical Being 2

 P.ATK+224  A.ATK+296
 Description: A spinner that accumulated magic over time. It emits a
              strange sound.
 Additional Skills: Relax 1, Lightning, Lightning Element

 P.ATK+242  A.ATK+320
 Description: A spinner that emits evil energy. It seems to be cursed.
 Additional Skills: EXP Minus 2, Mental Charge, TP Increase 2
 P.ATK+371  A.ATK+280
 Description: A spinner from an unknown time.
 Additional Skills: P. DEF Decrease Attack 2, Stone Blast


Plate mails are heavy armors that can be equipped to Emil to enhance his
defensive statistics.


C.) Titles


D.) Quests


E.) GRADE Shop

If you've played any other Tales games, you've likely come across the GRADE
shops before, so you're familiar with what they are, and how they work. Even
if you haven't, you should have noticed that as you fight your way through
battles, you'll earn something called GRADE on the battle results screen.
GRADE is awarded based on how well you perform in battle, and after you beat
the game, you can use accumulated GRADE in a special shop. This allows you
to carry things over like items, artes, monsters, etc., as well as a few
other options such as alter the amount of experience you gain during battle.
The GRADE options, descriptions, and costs are as follows:

 Retain Learned Skills.
 Cost: 250

 Retain Play Time.
 Cost: 20

-30 ITEMS-
 Hold up to 30 items.
 Cost: 120

 Retain gels, ingredients, and other durable goods.
 Cost: 110

 Retain Gald.
 Cost: 200

 Retain learned recipes (and titles obtained from recipes).
 Cost: 50

 Retain obtained titles.
 Cost: 50

 Retain Monster Book Data.
 Cost: 10

 Retain battle information such as encounters and maximum hits.
 Cost: 10

 Retain learned artes.
 Cost: 350

 Start game with 500 more HP (except monsters).
 Cost: 50

 Start game with 160 maximum HP.
 Cost: 10

 Unify EXP and increase BONUS.
 Cost: 50

-1/2 EXP-
 EXP reduced to 1/2.
 Cost: 10

-2x EXP-
 EXP raised by 2 times.
 Cost: 300

-10x EXP-
 EXP raised by 10 times.
 Cost: 2000

 Receive more GRADE in battle.
 Cost: 20

 Retain befriended monsters.
 Cost: 200

 Increase damage to both enemies and allies by 2 times for a speedy battle.
 Cost: 150

 Retain skit collection data
 Cost: 0

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