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This latest Mario Kart is Wheel-y good! 04/21/08 Crazyreyn
Disappointing at best. 05/09/08 DKAA
From someone who's loved all Mario Karts so far: A lot of old goodness with a lot of new goodness 06/03/08 Lagoona
I wish I could say it was great, but it's not. 05/16/08 lsthmus
The Most Complete Mario Kart Yet? 05/05/08 SuperPhillip
Ok, Nintendo. You've managed to suck the fun out of 3 other major titles. How about Mario Kart? 08/18/08 The_Heap
Fun yet frustrating 05/08/08 Tifanity
Yet another horrifically disappointing Wii effort. 01/20/09 UltimaterializerX
Occasionally maddening, but all in all a tremendously entertaining game. 08/06/09 Anclation
The Spiny Shell Explosion Heard Round the World 02/02/10 CascoreGamer
Greater than Gamecube, less than DS 06/02/08 clarkisdark
Alright, I'm going to win the rac- hey, what the hell is that blue thing above me... 05/06/08 CrimsonGear80
The whole is much less than the sum of its parts. 05/13/10 DDJ
I really hate those Blue Shells... 05/06/08 gamerman555
This is arguably the finest Mario Kart title yet 01/02/14 GavLuvsGA
One of the most addicting games I've ever played. 06/02/08 GodOfWarFanatic
Apes on Motorcycles? Count me in. 06/16/08 GoldenSilv3r
Fun Racing... Frustrating Items 05/12/08 JoeB_91
Don't expect a revolution here; it's Mario Kart with a refreshing make-over. 04/28/08 K_0SS
Mario comes back into the racing world with one of his best games yet! 05/27/08 Kirby Freak101
Solid game, details inside. 05/09/08 kirkinout
Same Mario Kart that we love, yet still poses same problems 05/12/08 Mageknight
Prepare to be squirted with ink, slip on bananas and fly through a tree! 07/01/08 Metaknight500
Somewhere, Mario ran off track 01/31/11 mwallyn
Outstanding for casuals, somewhat disappointing for verterans, but addicting nonetheless 11/23/09 Quilavatrainer
The only game where ghosts throw green shells at monkeys riding motorcycles! 05/05/09 scarlet_puppy
Mario Kart Wii is the "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" of video games 07/29/09 shenmuer2001
Ridiculous Physics, Ridiculously Fun 11/27/12 super_luigi16
A fine entry to the series, best played with the Wiimote and Nunchuk 04/28/08 TheFanBoyDestroyer
Doesn't drive anywhere new, doesn't have to. 05/06/14 Unbridled9
Nintendo's Great Franchise Delivers Again 01/25/10 webinator14

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"Just one more race, just one more race!"-not gonna happen. 08/26/09 Admiral_Zero
The worst Mario Kart yet. 06/02/08 Born To Play
The least fun I've ever had on Wii 05/01/08 Yedokai
There's a lot to like, but thank goodness the Wii Wheel is built to withstand heavy impact. 04/28/08 yodaslightside
Sometimes it's great, and other times it's downright lousy. 01/05/09 ArkfellerKonan
Very nice update with few minor gripes. 06/16/08 badplanetkevin
A great party game for friends, but unexciting otherwise. 05/07/08 Big Bob
One of the best installments of the series...but it's lacking something! 05/12/08 Blue Blob
The Wiil is your ticket to better Mario Kart 04/16/08 CHRISMC64
Mario Kart Wii: Now with slow-paced action and cheap wins! 04/30/08 DaemonscharmII
Weak, man... just plain weak. 01/26/10 del20nd
The title screen will kill you 05/05/08 DrKlaric
Mario Kart Wii delivers great control, fun races, and an outstanding online component 04/16/08 Eternal_Helix
An incredible game and the best racing experience on the Wii. 05/28/08 FFXIsAstyanax
Nostalgia + Net = Near Perfection 06/04/08 fishytoothy
Speed on Wii 08/28/08 GameDestroyer23
A great game but with a llittle bit of kinks 05/19/08 goshner
A Rejuvenating Installment in the Mario Kart Series 12/23/08 Halladay32
Nintendo got this one right! 12/07/09 J-man45
One of the Best Online Games for the DS is now the Best Online Game for the Wii! 08/20/08 JamesMcloud91
New elements introduced in the latest installment makes Mario Kart Wii a fresh and also exciting experience all-round. 09/29/10 joojy
An on-par new installment in the Mario Kart franchise. 05/27/08 JRYR19
One of the Wii's Must Own Titles 07/06/09 Jump_Man7
Who gave these people driving licences anyway? 04/18/08 Kamikaze_Kenny
Finishing in style. 01/05/15 Malorkus
Mario Kart just got better. 06/17/08 Mario463
Mario Kart Wiiiii! 08/04/08 mariofan619
With a greatly executed online feature, and an above-average single player, Mario Kart Wii tops the Wii charts. 05/05/08 Netty500
At least it's better than Diddy Kong Racing DS 01/29/09 PentiumMMX
A Mario Kart Installment that was able to deliver. 07/15/08 retrosticker903
In retrospect: Mario Kart Wii 04/24/08 shezamiah
Mario Kart is great, but not without its flaws. 06/30/08 ss4goku395
Great but too Similar 05/12/08 Tauquito
Wii Have a Winner 05/29/08 troy_g_door
On-line play save a game that falls flat on its cheating face. 09/08/09 Vyse_skies
Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely another fun entry in the series. 07/07/15 WhatTheDeuce92
Starts out fun, ends up incredibly frustrating. 08/17/12 XRaurosX

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
If you have any love for Mario Kart, it deserves a home in your Wii. 04/14/08 777Avalanche777
Wii Go Racing: Mario Kart Madness 04/10/08 Ashley Winchester
An Exciting Racing Game 07/28/08 blackweasel30
Solid and Worth Your Gold Coins 05/12/08 Boon_McNougat
Pack your "Shell-proof" umbrellas! 12/02/08 Carpetking2
Mario Kart Wii; One of the funnest Wii games currently out. One problem, though; items. 05/06/08 catfriedrice
The Good, The Bad, and the Mario Kart Wii! 06/24/08 chococheesey
The series seems to get better with each passing game 11/03/09 DarkMark42
Easily one of the best games on the wii. 05/01/08 Edge578
Great, But Still Needs Some Tweaks 10/26/09 firestarter18
Its fair share of ups and downs. 04/29/08 Geno
Mario Kart Wii: Casual gamers will love this one. 12/23/08 gluglucute
Mario Kart does it again 02/26/09 goppers
Motion Kart 06/21/13 horror_spooky
Mario Kart Wii? More like Mario Kart Collection 04/13/09 HyperBolt
You take the high road, I'll take the low road 04/11/08 james2
A great game, but it punishes you for being good 08/03/09 Kraytdragon444
Kart racing fun for everyone. 11/11/08 Kunlun
Close but puzzling changes stall it 05/23/08 kurtangletn
Leaves previous installments eating its dust....(mostly) 04/14/08 marthman91
Sadness For Mario Kart Fans 03/30/09 metalmouth95
Mario Kart Wii: Among the finest on the Wii 05/19/08 minishPM
A great game, but on the other hand... 06/25/08 Mr_Power30
Motion Controls Make This the Best Mario Kart (Bike?!) Ever! 06/01/10 Myrdraal8
Despite online play and new features, Mario Kart Wii isn't as fun as other Mario Kart games. 10/30/08 neonreaper
Mario Kart Wii-with busloads of fun 04/30/08 NintyFanDude
An incredibly mediocre installment in the Mario Kart franchise. 04/21/08 Oliver Walsh
A great addition to the Mario Kart series 04/29/08 panargirou
Decent Game, but Double Dash is still the best! 06/16/08 pn0yvstyle
Mario Kart racing at its height 04/29/08 quadruplesword
Mario Kart Wii looks amazing, and it is one of my favorite. 12/02/09 redmario217
I Don't Know Who Came Up With the Wii Wheel, but it's Definitely a Change... 05/05/08 Saint_Noof
One red shell and I'm knocked down to 7th place? 05/12/08 sheikan7
Worthy of Wii? Definatley 02/17/09 shrooboid313
Mario KART Wii or Mario BIKE Wii? 01/07/14 Skatz95
Get ready for Mario Kart! Now on Wii. Get it now! 03/10/15 SmashFan54321
Start your engines! 09/09/10 SpookyMarionett
I cant think of a catchy tagline 04/30/08 steveberry104
Another great installment to the series 12/23/08 Superlinkbros89
Fire those shells and drive 05/13/08 SuperMan678
Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! 04/28/08 tabascoman77
Put the pedal to the metal 06/27/08 tiger_gamer
Mario Kart Wii, Worth every penny! 05/05/08 ToasTeR1094
It's not the best Mario Kart, but it's still very fun 04/17/08 umbratile
Drive on down and get one of the best racing games around! 09/25/08 Vegito57 [AKA: Vortrex]
Get Ready To Be Battered! 07/08/11 wildgoosespeeder
One of the most enjoyable racing experiences on the Wii 03/23/09 Wolfvie
Very well done, few minor problems 08/28/08 Xenoza
.......Mini turbos are useless. 07/17/08 Yoshorz
Offine is good, but the online multiplayer is breathtaking and truly defines online play for the Wii! 04/29/08 yosouf06

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