What is the best character, kart/bike, and drift mode for all 100cc cups????

  1. I need help! but JUST with the 100cc cups!!! Not anyone in paticular but ALL! Believe it or not, I HAVE A 1 STAR RANK OR MORE IN ALL 50CC 150CC, AND MOST IN MIRROR MODE except none in 100CC HELP! oh and BTW i can usually get first pretty quick but i can never stay there in 100cc! HELP!

    User Info: PaperMarioRokz

    PaperMarioRokz - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm going to give you a list of good bikes and karts, but just as a fair warning, these vehicles are only good if you know how to properly utilize them. You need to practice with these vehicle combinations before you can master them. Don't expect instant wins.

    Most pros use Manual for the turbo boost given when properly drifting during turns. There are pros who use Automatic, and it is possible to earn stars and beat other players using Automatic drift, but Manual is generally the most popular drift.

    Pick any character. Seriously. You might be thinking that certain characters have huge advantages over others, but this is not the case. What's most important is your vehicle choice. Characters have very small stat bonuses, which is not very important, unless you are preforming a Time Trial. In head-to-head racing, these very small stat differences don't matter much. If you really do care though, Daisy, Funky, and Baby Daisy have the biggest speed boost over the other characters of their respective weight classes.

    These are the vehicles used by many of the top players.
    Small - Mini Beast / Bullet Bike
    Medium - Wild Wing / Mach Bike
    Large - Flame Flyer / Flame Runner

    As I've warned before, you really need to practice using these vehicles. One of the reasons is due to these vehicles' poor acceleration. Bumping into walls will punish you big time. Getting hit by items will also slow you down considerably. When using these vehicles, keep in mind to use stand-still mini turbos after being hit by Shells, Fake Item Boxes, and Spiny Blue Shells. Also, bikes are usually preferred over karts, because bikes can wheelie for extra speed. However, wheelying also takes practice to use effectively.

    Here's some other tips to keep in mind.
    1. When facing other racers, remember that you can hold items behind you to block incoming attacks. Fake Item Boxes cannot block projectiles, so don't drag those behind you.
    2. Lay traps effectively. Throw items into the paths of people ahead of you.
    3. You can use a Mushroom to dodge a Spiny Blue Shell. However, the timing is tricky, and the Mushrooms are sometimes better used for a shortcut. You might want to take a shortcut instead of keeping it if you are in first place and feel like a POW Block or Lightning is coming soon. Otherwise, save the Mushroom to save yourself loads of time from avoiding a Spiny Blue Shell.
    4. Don't hit walls. Don't hit traps. Don't fall into pits. Don't go offroad. These will all lower your ranking in Cups.
    5. Practice.
    6. Remember, the vehicle combinations I listed might not be easy to learn at first. If you have a hard time adapting, or don't feel like spending time to learn, you might as well stick with Standard or find some other combination that suits you. Don't bug us.

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Other Answers

  1. ^^^
    Very well done, Rose.

    User Info: drodge1384

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  2. Funky Kong, Flame Runner, and Manual.

    The Mach Bike with Medium characters is really good too.

    Anything with inside drifting.

    User Info: lmsimpson

    lmsimpson - 8 months ago 0   0

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