Is there any way to unlock baby daisy, bowser jr., and dry bowser besides getting a star on certain courses?

  1. Any help?

    User Info: qten1997

    qten1997 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Baby Daisy - Play 1,950 races
    Bowser Jr - Play 3,450 races
    Dry Bowser - Play 4,350 races

    It may take some time (months if not a year) to get 4,350. I think that any time trial, VS, GP, etc counts as a race. The quickest would be to do a load of 32-race VS mode matches, that means, 61 of these in total to get 1,950 races, 108 for 3,450 and 136 for 4,350 races. So, if you, for example, did 5 per day, well, it'd only take you a maximum of 27-28 days.... and that's if you started from nothing. Assuming you've already played this for some time, you've probably gotten a number of matches. You can see how many races you've had by going to License Options (located on the main menu screen, where you have "Single Player", "Multiplayer", "Nintendo WFC", and "Mario Kart Channel", in the top right corner, and selecting Records. It's listed as "Total Race Count".

    User Info: fiddlededee

    fiddlededee - 11 years ago 3   0

Other Answers

  1. No. If there is, I dont know about it.

    User Info: EliteGamer4

    EliteGamer4 - 11 years ago 1   1

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