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Style Location Guide by Seibei4211

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/24/2009

1. Introduction
2. How to Use This Guide
3. Version History
4. Style Locations
  4.01. Last Resort
   4.02. Uptown
    4.03. Downtown
     4.04. The Chroma Dam
      4.05. Guggentraz Island
      4.06. The Docklands
     4.07. Hanging Gardens
    4.08. Chroma City Fun Park
   4.09. Ministry of Ink
  4.10. Lake Raydia
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Contact
7. Credits
8. Legal Stuff


 1. Introduction


Welcome to the Style Locations Guide! This is my second guide. I didn't think
I'd end up making a second one, but here it is. I started playing de Blob and
thought it was really neat, then I started collecting the Styles and noticed
that there wasn't a single walkthrough/guide for de Blob on GameFAQs.
Naturally, I was like "Oh noes!" so I decided to make an easy one that could
possibly prove to be useful for someone. Thus, the Style Locations Guide was
born. Now some of you may think the Styles are incredibly easy to find and
you don't need a guide for them. I thought the same thing, too, at first, but
then I remembered this is a family game, so there may be some not-so-hardcore
gamers out there who want to find all the Styles. Now since this is a
family-friendly game, this is a family-friendly guide. Now if I recall
correctly, there should be no cursing and the guide should be very easy to
follow. I'll explain Styles a little more in the FAQ section.

On a side note, it's been over a year since my last FAQ/guide thing.


 2. How to Use This Guide


A lot of the directions are written as if you are going from one Style location
directly to the next. Each area's Styles are usually strung together like that.
There are a couple of reasons for this. One reason is because you have to
recollect every Style when you start a level, so if you want to get the Award,
you'll have to get them all again anyway. The other reason is because,
you know, I was writing this as I was playing. Whenever I want you to start
from the position of the last Style, I will usually say "From #X," and give you
directions from that Style.

I didn't put a Find function shortcut system in here this time. It's really
easy to scroll... But if you must, you could always search for the section name
like "4.01. Last Resort".

Now here are some terms I'd like you to know about since I use them a lot in
this guide.

Area: I consider an "area" to be the area between one gate and the next. The
area between the starting point and the 1st gate is the first area and the area
between the last gate and the exit gate is the last area, of course.

Section: Some areas are very large, so I will sometimes refer to a part of an
area as a section. Usually the sections will be very obvious and I don't use
the term too often to avoid confusion.

Ramp: Most of the ramps I'll be referring to will be the little ramps that are
supposedly a "building".  You know the ones. They're usually there to help you
get onto a set of buildings or something. The rest of the ramps I'll mention
will probably be a big terrain ramp that's part of the ground and such.

Set of buildings: Since the buildings are usually actually a bunch of small
buildings bundled together, I refer to them as a "set of buildings".

Arty/The Prof/Bif/Zip: These are the other characters in de Blob. If you don't
know which color belongs to which character, I'll list it here. Arty = Green,
The Prof = Brown, Bif = Orange, Zip = Blue. I refer to their challenge markers
often, so it's good to know.

Roll: He doesn't run, silly! He's a blob! He rolls! I still refer to wall
running as running though...cause that's just confusing.


 3. Version History


1.00 (April   , 2009): Guide complete. I don't know if I'll even need another
version, but we'll see.


 4. Style Locations


 4.01. Last Resort

#1: On the small set of buildings to your left at the start of the level.

#2: On the small set of buildings to your right at the start of the level.

#3: From Style #1's location, face the ramp and Style #3 will be visibile on a
small wooden platform in the water.

#4: Clearly visibile to your right as you proceed straight from the bridge 
leading to the second area. It's next to Arty's second challenge marker.

#5: Enter the 3rd area, then head right down the double width road. While
facing the intersection to your left, head up the ramp to the right.

#6: This one's kinda tough to get compared to the others in this level. From
the beginning of the 3rd area, go up one of the two ramps on the building to
your right. First, jump across to the small ledge on the building parallel to
you. Then you'll wanna roll your way along the ledge onto the other corner,
turn around, and hit C so you're facing the next ledge. Jump to the next ledge
and carefully roll along the right side of the building while moving slightly
to the left so you head into the alcove. Jump up the next couple of steps and
there you go.

#7: Just to the left of the pool of water as you're entering the 4th area. Roll
around the backside of the pool to the left of it and the camera should
automatically adjust to show the Style behind the pool of ink. Just jump on the
small ledge to easily get over the ink.

#8: Face down the street to the right of the pool and the Style is on the row
of buildings to your left.

#9: Head right down the first of three roads in the 2nd half of the 4th area.
At the end of that road, roll a few feet to the left, then look left again.
Head up the ramp in between the two rows of buildings and it's at the end.

#10: Like #9, but in between the buildings between the road with ink and the
plain road.

#11: Go up the ramp leading to #10 again, but this time jump onto the small
building to the left. Jump onto the next ledge right next to you, turn around,
and it's across the gap on the next ledge.

#12: While facing the landmark in the 5th and final area, go to the right and
find a wooden platform sticking out of the ledge. Jump across onto the next
wooden platform for the Style.

 4.02. Uptown

#1: Almost impossible to miss. Right next to the top of the big ramp in front
of you when you start the level.

#2: Head down the street going right at the top of the ramp next to #1. Head up
onto the building to your left near the end of that street. The Style is at the

#3: Face back where you just came from and look on top of the block of
buildings below you. Jump onto that set of buildings and the Style is right in
the middle.

#4: Head back towards where #2 was and drop down to street level again. Look to
your left to find a small alley with a little arch between the two buildings
next to some garbage cans. Roll through that alleyway and jump onto the ramp of
the building to your right. Continue jumping up around the sides of that
building, then jump diagonally across the rest of the building to reach the

#5: From #4, jump to down to the center area. Continue forward and walk onto
the street to the left connected to the double width street. Jump on the
building to the left, then across the gap to the building that was on the
right. The Style is at the other end of this set of buildings.

#6: You'll get this one automatically if you use the Z-Jump marker behind
Arty's billboard challenge near the end of the big bridge.

#7: You'll find this one easily if you take Zip's challenge after finishing
Arty's billboard challenge. It's under the bridge, on the third step of these
black grates.

#8: You'll get this one soon after #7 when you use the Z-Jump marker as part of
Zip's challenge.

#9: After finishing Zip's under-the-bridge challenge, take his second challenge
that leads you to the next area. You'll get this Style during the Z-Jump
section that lands you into the next area.

#10: After landing in the next area after the Z-Jump that gets you #9, turn
around and head down the street towards the ocean. You should see the Style
to your right before you reach the edge.

#11: From #10, turn around and face the two pools of water. Go to the pool on
the left. Jump onto the small building in front of the pool, then turn left
and jump onto the next building with the Style.

#12: From #11, head to the other side of that set of buildings, then jump off
to the right and head down the street. When you reach the T intersection
heading right, jump on the ramp of the building to your right. The Style is at
the top.

#13: From #12, head up the highway until you see the Z-Jump you used to get to
the 2nd area, but before you reach it, look to the left near the orange arrows
on the ground. Jump into that small alcove with the black grate. Now once in
the alcove, look to the right and jump on the small ledge to the left. Look
slightly to the left once up here and jump to the corner of that building.
Jump onto the ledge on the left for the Style.

 4.03. Downtown

#1: From the start, head down the freeway for a bit until you can jump up onto
the ledge on the right. Go up to the platform with Arty's challenge and jump
onto a train. Stay on it until you reach the platform with the Style.

#2: Just beyond the "checkpoint" on the bridge with the first set of Heavy
Inkies. It's right at the end of the bridge, near Zip's challenge.

#3: From #2, go into the area beyond the nearby hot plates, then face the gate.
Jump onto the set of six pipes to the left, then up the building and onto the
set of three long pipes. The Style is at the end.

#4: From the start of the 2nd area, take a right towards the pool. Jump onto
the ramp at the far right corner. Hit the button to turn off the hot plates
(if you haven't hit the Transformer yet), then run along the set of buildings
to get the Style.

#5: Head back towards the entrance, then jump onto the small building with hot
plates and a Z-Jump marker. Turn off the hot plates and use the marker to reach
a catwalk high above. Jump onto the ledge behind the Z-Jump endpoint marker,
then continue along the rooftops. Look down and you'll see some pipes in front
of you. Drop down to those pipes and continue along that path. Jump up the
three ledges in front and you should see the Style to the right.

#6: From #5, fall down and roll along the road to the right of the water.
Ignore the buildings with the Landmark to the right and head for the next set
of buildings on your right instead. It's across from one of Zip's challenges.
Jump up the several small ledges until you reach the top with Arty's challenge,
a Z-Jump marker, and the Style.

#7: Head to the right side of the 2nd area with the gate to the next area. Head
to the far right corner in this square area and jump onto the small ledge
there, then jump to the left for the Style.

#8: At the bottom of the ramp as you enter the 3rd area. Almost impossible to

#9: On the opposite side of where #8 was. Before you go up the ramp, it's to
the left, in the corner.

#10: At the top of the ramp next to #9, head up the small building ramp next to
Arty's challenge and make your way all the way across the tops of these
buildings while avoiding the Hot Plates until you get to the end.

#11: Once you transform the water purifier, look to the left where the two
buildings are. The Style is on the building to the left. There are two ways to
get it. Either go to the Z-Jump near the building on the right, jump once, and
hit B, or jump from the soccer field (if you transformed the area) onto the

#12: When you first land in the 4th area, go diagonally left and jump onto the
first building there.

#13: From #12, turn around and face where you just jumped up from. You should
see a 1-Up on the left side of the screen. Look a little bit further left and
you should see the Style. You can jump on the building directly in front of
you to get a lot of stuff painted easily and the 1-Up along the way. That's
best if you're green if you wanna do the challenge.

#14: From #13, drop down and look away from the buildings and down the road.
Head to the opposite corner, but before you reach the left curve, hit the blue
button on the ground to the left, then jump up to the ledge on the right. Make
your way up the building until you reach the Style.

 4.04. The Chroma Dam

#1: Seen in at least two cut scenes at the start of the level. Just go get it.

#2: When you jump in between the two tall buildings to get to where The Prof's
challenge is, turn left and jump onto that row of downward sloped buildings.
From there, drop down in front of you and look left.

#3: Face away from where #2 was and you should see #3 clearly visible to your

#4: Go back to the two tall buildings and take The Prof's first challenge. 30
blue paint points later, a second one will pop up. Do that one and transform
the jail room for 100 paint points. The Style is in there.

#5: Right after you enter the 2nd area by using the gate next to the button,
roll up the ramp on the left side, then make your way up to the top of the
right side of that set of buildings.

#6: Another Style that's nearly impossible to miss. Right in the middle of
the bridge leading to the next section of the 2nd area.

#7: From #6, continue along the bridge and head left. Hit the blue skull button
next to The Prof's challenge marker, then jump onto the building to the right
of the button. Now you can just waltz right over the now deactivated hot plate
to Style #7.

#8: After entering the square area with the first tank, go to the far right
corner and head up the ramp there. Continue up and to the right, going up the
black grate ramp to a Z-Jump marker. Take those jumps and you'll land on a
black grate platform above the area. Jump onto the building next to you, then
go left. The Style is right before the black grate bridge. Note: If you take
Arty's two challenges in the square area, then do Zip's challenge, you'll pass
right over this before you finish.

#9: After taking the wind cannon, enter the 3rd area and turn left. Go to the
end of this small road. The Style is on a ledge to your right.

#10: Take The Prof's first challenge in this area and transform the tank depot.
Afterwards, go over to the boat next to Zip's marker. After he's done talking,
press the button and take the boat over to the other side. The Style is on the
sand strip to your left.

#11: After taking the wind cannon in the 3rd area, use the Z-Jump marker and
jump three times, then press B to land on the black grate with the Style.

#12: Take the Z-Jump you took to get #11, then make your way past the annoying
pusher things and take the second Z-Jump. Once you land, you'll see this Style
to your left.

#13: You probably saw this a few times already. When you reach the color energy
next to the water hydrant, a quick cut scene will play. Turn to the right and
off the edge and onto the dam. There's your Style. Take the wind cannon to get
back to where you were. Not the only way to get this Style, but by far the

 4.05. Guggentraz Island

#1: After you take Zip's challenge, which starts automatically when you
approach it, you will end up at the top of a small ramp next to Bif's
challenge. From here, turn around and go across the bridge, then turn left. Go
to the end here and you'll see a black grate. Roll across that grate and you
should see the Style in an alcove on the right. Note: If you haven't
transformed the area, the black grate will be a row of automatically retracting

#2-#4: After you complete Bif's first challenge, an Arty challenge should pop
up next to a closed wind cannon. Take her challenge and paint the monorail
station yellow to open up the other wind cannons. Now take the two Styles to
the right of the monorail station, then roll across the black grate to the
right of the higher up Style. Wall run/roll along the corner of this building
to get the Style on the right.

#5: Go back to where Bif's challenge was next to the bridge leading to the
gate. Turn left and follow the road as it turns right. Turn right halfway up
this road and jump onto the small ledge near the blue paintbot. Continue up the
left side of the building. Jump onto the narrow building here, then jump right
to get the Style.

#6: Take the wind cannon closest to where Bif's challenge was, near the ramp
you entered the area from. You should land near a black grate. Jump on it, then
roll to the other side of it and stop. Look closely below you and you should
see the Style. Roll off the grate to get the Style.

#7: When you enter the 2nd area, follow the curved road to the left until it
turns left. Jump on the building to the right of this road and jump up to the
Style. You'll probably wanna use the paint tanker to get rid of the turrets

#8: When you enter the area with all the jetbikes after the two turrets, go to
the center intersection and you'll have one of two options. Option 1: Hit the
button on the building to the left to retract the spikes, then jump across the
large gap to a set of retracted spikes, then jump right onto a
generator-looking thing next to the Style. Option 2: Go straight, then jump on
the small ledge to the right. Climb up to the right bit, then make a curved
jump/wall run to the style on the left. If you miss, you're likely to get

#9: When you enter the 3rd area, go up a bit and take a right onto the bridge
there. Go to the end and take a left. Go down this road until you pass the
long strip of spikes on the right. You should see the Style up ahead. Jump
directly onto the ledge with the Style on it.

#10: From #9, drop down and continue left towards the bridge, but don't cross
it. Jump onto the tall ledge to the left. (It can be done.) If you need a
little help getting up there, jump on the curved thing on the bridge next to
the ledge to get you up there.

#11: Go to the 2 wind cannons and take Arty's challenge to paint the two
monorail stations red. Now that the cannons are open, take the cannon on the
left (if you're facing away from the ocean.) When you land, jump over the rail
to the left. You'll most certainly run into this one on your way to the

#12: If you just got #11, you were probably doing Arty's challenge. If so,
you'll have to take the wind cannon on the right anyway. You'll almost
certainly run into this Style on the way to the monorail station.

#13: From the wind cannons, while facing away from the ocean, go down the road
to the right. Go all the way down the road and over the bridge. Jump on the
buildings to the right. You should see some spikes that retract automatically.
When they're down, roll across the and get your Style.

 4.06. The Docklands

#1: At the beginning of the level, move forward until you reach the black
grate. Turn left and roll across the roof of that warehouse and jump up the
stack of boxes to reach the Style.

#2: From #1, face the ship and make your way to the black grate ramp leading to
the ship. At the top of the ramp, jump onto the stack of boxes to the left. Now
make your way to the hull (aka back) of the boat and fall into the square hole
there. Now you're inside the boat with a bunch of Graydians and a Style. Just
keep rolling forward and you'll come out through the bow (aka front) of the

#3: When you enter the 2nd area, turn left and look for Zip's challenge. Take
it and follow the path across the silos and through the Z-Jumps to reach the
top of a cliff near a Transform Engine. If you use the Transform Engine, the
camera should adjust to a point that shows the Style sitting on a platform
jutting out from the cliff.

#4-#5: There are two ships in this area. Do the same thing you did with the
first ship by going through the hole in the hull. There's a Style in each ship.

#6: Go to the T-intersection facing the bow of the ship farthest away from the
entrance. Look right and you should see a good portion of the road covered in
ink. Follow that road until you reach a fence, then jump over it. The Style is
on a stack of boxes to the right.

#7: Go back to the T-intersection. Go right again, but take the road to the
left before you hit the goo-covered road. Head to the end, then take a right
and left as the road changes. When you reach the end of this road, go between
the fence and the generator, then turn right to see the Style tucked away
between the wall and a stack of boxes.

#8: Enter the 3rd area and cross the bridge in front of you. Jump on the ramp
to your left and reach the top of that set of buildings with The Prof's

#9: From your perch at #8, face the canal, then get level with it so you can
jump across to it. Go straight across the canal until you reach a small crane.
There will be a few rows going in between the boxes. Take the one to the left
of the crane, then take the right right in between the two stacks of boxes. You
should hit the Style soon after going right. Very soon.

#10: From #9, go back to the street you were on and go right. (If you're
facing the crane in the same direction as before, it's a left.) Take a left
after the pool and you should see a building with a bunch of electric plates.
Press the button to the left of the building to shut them off, then quickly
jump up the building to reach the Style.

#11: From #10, jump down the building and go across the nearby bridge. The
Style is in the middle of it.

#12: Continue across the bridge where #11 was, then take a left and go all the
way down this road. When you reach the last two pump things on the right, go
in between them to see a circular platform in the water. Use that to jump
across to the other side, then go left to reach the Style behind the ink/water.

#13: When you enter the 4th area, head to the pool on the right, then head
towards the set of buildings on the left with the electric plates on them. Hit
the buttons to turn off the plates, then jump up to the top of this set of
buildings. The camera should adjust to the right. Jump to the deactivated
electric plate on the building the camera points at, then jump to the top of
this set of buildings. The camera should swing around again to show the next
and final jump, finally getting you the Style. Note: If you do Bif's challenge,
then The Prof's challenge, you'll unlock Zip's challenge which will lead you on
this same route.

 4.07. Hanging Gardens

#1: From the start, follow the only available path until you reach a Z-Jump and
a hydrant. You should see the Style next to three silos. You can get it now, or
you can wait until you drain the area by doing Arty's challenge, then The
Prof's challenge. I suggest the latter so you don't get inked if you miss a
jump. In any case, get it by jumping up to Bif's challenge, then either jumping
directly to the platform with the Style, or jumping onto the billboard and wall
rolling onto the platform. I usually have better luck with the second method.

#2: Go to Bif's challenge, then jump across to the set of buildings with the
hydrant and a blue paintbot. Jump to the black grate with a big yellow paintbot
to your right. Look left to see two more parallel black grates. Go across them
and roll right off the last grate to land on a silo. Roll across the pipes to
another silo with the Style.

#3: Take Zip's challenge to go down into the Abyss. The challenge on the
platform, not the silo. When you finish, you should see the Style behind Blob
as he does his victory bow/dance. Go to the next black grate, then roll onto
the aqueduct and jump to the Style.

#4: From #3, drop down to the left where the red Elite Inkies are. Destroy them
or jump past them, but either way, continue in that direction, jumping across a
small gap near a red paintbot, until you reach the Style at the end of the

#5: Use the wind cannon near #4, then go right onto the small bridge/pathway.

#6: Doing either Zip's second challenge in the abyss or Zip's challenge next to
the pipe in the first area will lead you to Zip's first challenge in the 2nd
area. From here, head across the pipes to the first silo, then head right.
Cross the long pipes to the silo with electric plates on either side, then go
left. Continue until you use a few pipes to reach a taller silo. Look right and
you'll see the Style between two spike walls. Jump on over, Rover.

#7: You're gonna want to/need to drain the ink for this one. From the water
purifier, face the stream of water, then look to your right and you should see
some big pipes. Jump to the warehouse to the right, then wall roll behind the
pipes to run into the Style. You can get it from the stack of boxes to the left
of the pipes, too. That's probably easier, actually. Either way works.

#8: When you enter the 3rd area, turn right and go down the street. Jump onto
the short, wide silo with the Z-Jump marker and use it until you reach the end.
Stay on that silo and follow the black grate to the Color Energy. Follow the
2nd black grate, then jump onto the 3rd to find the Style at the end.

#9: Go to the giant set of spikes on the ramp leading to the gate. Look to the
right of that and jump across the circular platform with the glowing Z-Jump
marker (that's the safe one), then head left for the Style.

#10: When you enter the 4th area and while still standing on the bridge, look
to your right. Roll along the edge next to the silos to get to the Style.

#11: Pass the two sections of spikes and enter the 2nd section of the 4th area.
Take Zip's challenge. When you're done, drop down to Arty's challenge below
you. Follow the rooftops until you reach another black grate. Roll onto that,
then jump onto the ledge on the left with the Style.

#12: From #11, turn around and see Bif's challenge to the left of the Style.
Simply jump from the hydrant to Bif's challenge and get the Style.

#13: Go into the final section of the 4th area with all of the holes and the
Hanging Gardens. Take the Z-Jump to reach the tube, but don't take that. Jump
onto the rounded thing to the left and look down and to the left. You should
see the last Style sitting precariously on a pole with a Z-Jump under it. You
just gotta jump at it. Might take a few tries.

 4.08. Chroma City Fun Park

#1: After you do Zip's challenge which automatically starts itself at the start
of the level, walk up to the barrier, then look behind you. Style's on the
left, if you didn't notice.

#2: When you enter the first room, go straight across all of the tiny barriers
until you reach a small stack of boxes against the wall. Use them to jump up
to the raised floor, then jump up to the Style in front of you.

#3: From #2, contine down the walkway going away from the nearby conveyor belt.
Continue when the walkway turns right, then jump onto the top of the jail to
your right to get the Style.

#4: From #3, go back to the walkway and continue up the ramp with the conveyor
belt that leads to the watchtower. From the conveyor belt, go straight and in
between the watchtower and a food stand. Jump over the curved bit of the tower
with the holes in it and go straight into the alcove. The Style is on a small,
circular platform.

#5: In the 2nd area, make your way across the two conveyor belts with the two
boxes on them. Jump onto the stack of boxes when you get off the conveyor belt,
then go to the far left corner where a turret would spawn if you started The
Prof's challenge. It's right above the unpaintable block. Now look for two sets
of pipes, one taller than the other. Use those as steps to reach the top where
the Style is.

#6: From #5, jump back down and head towards the water purifier. From there,
jump up onto the Raydian transport line and turn right. You should see the
Style next to a red paintbot.

#7: Continue across the top of the Raydian transport line until you reach the
bottom of a small downwards ramp on it. From here, roll off the edge and
continue left until you see a Z-Jump marker. Use this until you reach the end
to land near a ton of spikes. Press the button and follow the red paintbots and
only the red paintbots (you don't want yellow) to reach The Prof's challenge.
Take his challenge to open up the wind cannon and take it to be launched into
the weak point where you need to dispense 100 red paint points. Do so to get
rid of the spike floor. Once you're done, use the wind cannon again and jump up
to the Style you no doubt noticed while doing the challenge.

#8: From #7, go right along the black grate, then take a right on the Raydian
transport line. The Style is at the end.

#9: On the opposite side of the transport line where #8 is, you should see the
gate to your right. You should also see the Style above some Raydian
containment cells. Jump down to that platform with the gate, then look to the
right of the containment cells to see a single small box up against one of the
containment cells. Use that and the stack of two boxes to get to the top where
the Style awaits.

#10: When you enter the 3rd area, go to Zip's challenge, then look left. Drop
down to the ledge below and get the Style on the left.

#11: From Zip's challenge near #10, go up the ledges to the left of #10 instead
until you reach the end. The Style is in the corner on the left.

#12: Head to the middle of the area near the Exit Pool, then climb the large
set of containtment cells. Use the Z-Jump marker next to The Prof's challenge
to reach the top of some Raydian transport lines. You should see the Style in
the distance in front of you.

 4.09. Ministry of Ink

#1: When you drop down into the first area with all of the turrets, go straight
and around the big Comrade Black statue and run up the ramp between the two

#2: From #1, head towards the row of buildings around the jail cell on your
left (assuming you're still facing the wall from rolling up the ramp.) Get on
top of those buildings and head for the Style in the corner.

#3: From the entrance of the area while looking at the statue, go down the
street to your right. Hop onto the first set of buildings to your right, then
continue until you can jump left onto the fenced-in warehouses. The Style is at
the end.

#4: When you enter the 2nd area, take Zip's challenge. When you're done, go to
the spot where you enter the wind cannon, but don't hit A. Face away from the
actual wind cannon and pan left until you see the Style in an alcove on the
right side of the screen.

#5: When you take the wind cannon over to the mega reactor section of the 2nd
area, jump to the set of three fuel rods to your right where the Style is

#6: When you enter the 3rd area (that would be after the gate after you've
transformed the mega reactor), the Style will be right in front of you between
the two sets of hot plates.

#7: When you enter the part with the two tanks, go to the left side of the area
next to the Tank Depot. It's in a dead end next to the Tank Depot.

#8: On top of the buildings next to #7. Just jump onto a small enough ledge to
reach it.

#9: Same as #8, but on the opposite side. I seperated these so I could make #10
easier to find.

#10: From #9, jump up to the helicopters and you should see the style against
the wall to your left.

#11: It's right after the massive amounts of Inkies right before the bridge.

#12: Right behind the wind cannon in the pit under the bridge.

#13: When you take the wind cannon back up to the bridge, you'll land right in
front of it.

 4.10. Lake Raydia

#1: When you start the level, head up the black grate ramp. When The Prof is
done talking, head up the next ramp and turn left to see the Style on the big
pump thing.

#2: Take The Prof's challenge to transform the water purifier. When you're
done, drop back down and move to the pipes on your right, then drop down
further to some more pipes and a Style.

#3: After you take the Z-Jump and land next to Zip's challenge to release all
of the color from the pumps, either take the challenge or don't, but go to the
end of the room and when you reach the last silo, look right to find the Style
between two short silos.

#4: When you enter the section with the boat, you'll see a Z-Jump marker in
front of you and slightly to the right. Take it to the top of the cranes, then
force the camera left to see two Heavy Inkies and the Style. Take a long leap
over there and target slam one of the Heavy Inkies to reach the crane and get
the Style. Don't fall off before getting it...

#5: From #4, you can get this by target slamming the Heavy Inky on the crane to
the right of the one you originally landed on, or you can just retake the
Z-Jump marker, turn around, and jump/target slam to this crane with the Style.

#6: From #5, target slam a Heavy Inky on the crane with a Z-Jump end plate,
then make your way to the giant object at the end of the pipes. (If you ran out
of Heavy Inkies to slam, just take the other Z-Jump marker to get back up
here.) You may have noticed the Style on a ledge on the side of this
monstrosity. Carefully roll off the left side and slide down the wall to land
on the ledge with the Style.

#7: When you board the spaceship, make your way to the first ramp on the back
of the ship. (You start at the front.) The Style is under the ramp. This was
shown in one of the little cutscenes if you watched it.

#8: When you jettison the yellow color near the next ramp, you'll see the Style
at the end of the three-holed platform that previously held the containers.

#9: Under the ramp next to where the yellow containers were/are.

#10: When you jettison the green containers near the bottom of the ramp after
the gate, drop down to the level below and get the Style at the edge of the
three holes that once held the containers.

#11: Take the Z-Jump marker next to the purple containers next to a ramp at the
back of the ship. Jump twice, then hit B to land on a platform with a few Heavy
Inkies and the Style.

#12: From #11, jump down and stand on the two pipes between the two round
thrusters of the ship. Look towards the small platform with the Z-Jump marker
and the Z-Jump end plate. Roll underneath that and carefully get the Style on
top of the middle thruster.

#13: Go to the Z-Jump above #12 and use it. Jump twice and hit B just like last
time to land on a platform with a Heavy Inky and the Style.


 5. Frequently Asked Questions


This isn't really a FAQ... It's more like a Q&A or Style Explanation section.

Q: What are Styles?

A: Styles are those purple swirls in the level. Picking one up gives your paint
a new pattern. I didn't think it'd be that simple, but I guess it is!

Q: How do they work?

A: So when you pick one up, you get a new pattern for your paint. The more you
get, the more patterns you'll paint. The pattern changes for everything you
paint, then resets. So if you had 5 Styles, it'd do patterns 1 - 5, then start
from 1 again. Yeah. If you paint a building a certain solid color, then pick up
a Style, you can go back and put a Style on that solid color even if you're the
same color as it. It doesn't give you any points, but it makes your old paint
look less bland!

Q: Do I get anything for getting all of the Styles?

A: Just an Award for each level. And satisfaction.

Q: Where is this Style?!

A: Scroll up!


 6. Contact


*copy/pastes from his Sticker FAQ*

If you have any questions, fan mail, suggestions, errors or typos to point
out, or anything having to do with this FAQ in general, feel free to contact
me using my email: seibei4211 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Put "Style Locations Guide"
in the subject line or something similar to it so I know that it's for the
guide. If you have any errors to point out, please tell me who I should credit
it to so I can credit you properly in the credits.


 7. Credits


Special thanks to CJayC for making GameFAQs, the site that hosts this FAQ.

And thank YOU for reading this guide!

Jeez, that was short. 


 8. Legal Stuff


GameFAQs is the only site allowed to host this guide. It's a small guide for a
less than popular game, so let's just keep it that way.

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All characters by Blue Tongue (I'm guessing).

Copyright 2009 Patrick Dufresne. All rights reserved.

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