Reviewed: 05/27/08

A surprisingly fun (multiplayer) game...while it lasts.

Boom Blox is definitely a highly entertaining and addicting puzzle game, but suffers from what a lot of games nowadays do: low replay value. Anyway, I'll save that description for the replay section. For now, lets start with the most important subject...


Boom Blox does what it does almost flawlessly. It simulates the movement of block-shaped objects when grabbed, shot at, or hit by thrown baseballs, etc using a fantastic physics engine. Although that may not sound like much, it's a very addicting game that fails to bore. It's extremely realistic, giving larger blox heavier weights, keeping in mind center of gravity, and so on.

Unlike many games, Boom Blox's levels are unique. Sure, some levels have the same objective as others, but they are all laid out differently, and have a different approach. Some levels have you throwing baseballs at yellow point blox, trying to knock them off, thus scoring the amount of points labeled on them, while keeping the black penalty blox from falling off. Others will have you throwing bowling balls at a tall tower(s) with gem blox all around, and having you knock them all off in as few throws as possible. Still others will have you grabbing and removing as many blox from a tower as possible without letting the large blox on top fall. And this isn't nearly all of them.

Like some puzzle games, Boom Blox has it's very own level creator. However, it's a lot like a wild beast, you can use it, but before you tame it, (or figure it out) it won't exactly do what you want it to. It will allow you to place blox out there, but it takes half a brain to figure out how to use it, and a working half brain to use it well. Still, like many other level creators, it's got a looooooot of things you can't do that are done in the regular levels. However, with a bit of experimentation, it's possible to circumvent some of these roadblocks and still do some things anyway. Mainly by exploiting the fact that you can edit existing levels. You can create single player levels as well as multiplayer levels, and also sandbox levels with no specific objective.

Downloadable levels don't exist, and it hasn't even been announced either, but I'm sure it's more than possible. However, you CAN send levels to Wii friends, so you can always "download" unofficial levels from friends.

GRAPHICS: I don't care

The day I give a crap about graphics is the day someone holds a knife to my throat and exclaims to me "CARE ABOUT GRAPHICS!!!!"

SOUND: 6/10

There's just...nothing that stands out. Some noises can get annoying, such as a rubber ball bouncing 50 times per second between two immovable walls. Besides that, nothing amazing, nothing sucking, etc...


Multiplayer is just like the diversity of single player. It's got tons of different modes, from a jenga clone, to a shooting gallery, to a castle attack. It's very fun, and with 4 people, it can be a blast. Even with only two people, it's still very fun. It's arguably one of the best party games for the Wii. It's not quite as good as Mario Party 8, but still is very good. Best of all, all of the 4 player games are turn based, and allow Wiimote sharing, so with only one Wiimote, (and a little bit of trust; can't have the guy before you taking your turn!) you can still have great fun. Other modes only suit two players, but they can play at the same time. However, the bulk of the modes are turn-based, so don't worry if you've only got a single Wiimote.


This is the main thing bringing the game down. The game DOES have plenty of levels, but that doesn't mean you won't breeze through them all. A large amount of the levels, while fun, can be quickly beat. Also, all levels have a medal system, where you must get at least bronze to pass, but getting silver or gold gets unlockables. A fair sum of levels take little effort to gold, however some can take awhile. They can add to the replay value, but not many people want to try 500 times to get a single gold medal, when you must get about 60 to get an unlockable.


Boom Blox ends up coming out a very decent game with a low replay value. I'd like to say it's worth the $50, but for now, you might be better off renting it a few times. Wait a few months for it to hit the bargain rack, then it'll surely be worth a spot in your gaming collection. Regardless, it's a great game, and deserves at least a rent.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Boom Blox (US, 05/06/08)

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