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Guide and Walkthrough by Windy Kun

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/03/2008
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2007

TTTTTTT  RRRRRRR     AA       UU   UU   MM       MM     AA
  TTT    RR    R    A  A      UU   UU   MMM     MMM    A  A
  TTT    RR  RRR A        A   UUUUUUU   MM   M   MM A        A

CCCC     EE       NNNN  NN     TTT    EE        RR    R
CCCC     EE       NN  NNNN     TTT    EE        RR RRR


NNNN  NN  EE        WW  WW  WW

B     BBB  LL       OO   OO  OO   OO  DD   DDD
BBBBBBB    LL       OO   OO  OO   OO  DD   DDD
B     BBB  LL       OO   OO  OO   OO  DD   DDD

[                                      ]
[                                      ]
[          FAQ version: 1.3            ]
[                                      ]
[       Written by: Lord Windscar      ]
[           Aka: Windy Kun             ]
[                                      ]
[        Last update: 1/3/2008         ]
[                                      ]
[                                      ]

Disclaimer: This FAQ is currently NOT designed to help you get S rank or
whatever the new highest letter rank is. This FAQ is designed to help you
finish all operations successfully.

Now that thats out of the way, TABLE OF CONTENTS! :D


============== [Table of CONTENTS] =============

============== 1) Introduction    ==============
============== 2) Game Basics     ==============
============== 3) Episode 1       ==============
============== 4) Episode 2       ==============
============== 5) Episode 3       ==============
============== 6) Episode 4       ==============
============== 7) Episode 5       ==============
============== 8) Episode 6       ==============
============== 9) Episode 7       ==============
============== 10) The X Operations  ===========
============== 11) Stigma Strategies ===========
============== 12) Special Bonuses =============
============== 12) FAQ (Tips and Tricks) =======
============== 13) Legal stuff    ==============

Remember, if you wish to save 10 seconds of time scrolling, please type in the
exact Episode chapter number (IE. 4-4) and you'll zoom to that section.

=============================[ 1: INTRODUCTION ]===============================

About The FAQ maker: Welcome to my next Trauma Center FAQ. The only personal
information I'll give out is that I'm currently 21 years old and live in Ohio.
...yes, I am a guy.

I really enjoy the Trauma Center series. The new addition of the WiFi scores
brings out my competitive side. I honestly hope to be able to compete with some
of the best "surgeons" in the world...surgeons in quotes because I doubt many
players are actual surgeons. XD

The following websites have permission to host my FAQ as of the current update


This is an added footnote as of Version 1.2 - I have noticed several websites
putting up my FAQ without asking. I assume you believe you automatically have 
permission just because your website has hosted one of my other two Trauma
Center guides? Well...you would be WRONG. If I do NOT give permission to host
this particular guide, you do NOT have the right to host it. ASK ME VIA E-MAIL

---------------------------=== [ UPDATE HISTORY ] ===--------------------------

V 1.0 - Guide goes live. Covers All Operations.

V 1.1 - Added some questions in the FAQ section, and the Wi-Fi Leaderboard
under Game Basics

V 1.2 - Fixed certain grammatical errors I've found throughout the guide.
Added puzzle solution for 5-7. Added list of websites with permission to host.

V 1.25 - More Grammatical fixes...put up some more stuff in the Tips and Tricks

V 1.3. Easy/Normal lock solutions are up. ALL Special Bonuses have been moved
to their own section...because I also have Easy/Normal bonuses too.

V 1.4 (Projected update) Will likely be only minor grammar fixes unless I get
some good fan submissions.

============================= [ 2: GAME BASICS ] ==============================

First off, I want to mention this small tidbit about the WiFi feature.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-( Wi-Fi Leaderboard) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Wi-Fi leaderboard exists for you to compare your final operation scores
with people across the nation. (And eventually, when this is released outside of
America, the world.) Note that you do require some sort of Wireless connection
to view the leaderboard.

Solo (1P) and Co-Op leaderboards are seperate. However, all difficulties share
the same leaderboard. This means that people playing on Hard will have a
significant advantage over those playing on Medium or Easy. Challenge and X
operations have set difficulties, so everyone is equal on those.

The Wi-Fi leaderboard only updates when you submit your score. Note that every
time you want to view the leaderboard (and likely your new rank), you must
submit your score again. There is, I believe, a 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 minute delay
before you can submit a score again.


And now, your general text scrolling features!


A button: Scroll through current text. Gets annoying when your assistant talks
during an operation when you dont want her to.

- button: Skips all current text. Yay?


Other buttons uses are as follows. These controls assume you use a Nunchuk. If
you do not have one, go get one.


A/B button - Use whatever tool you currently have selected. See below for how
to use each individual tool

+ button - Pause the game.

Home button - Obvious.

Nunchuck Control stick - Select surgical tools.

Z/C button - Use in conjuction with A/B to activate healing touch.


Now, notice that little orange pointer on the screen when you're pointing your
Wiimote at it? Thats the starting point for every tool you use when you choose
to use it.

Trauma Center: New Blood is divided into Seven episodes. This FAQ only
covers the Operation portion of each Episode, not the story sections before
each operation. If you want those, there's some guy writing a guide for that

-----------------------------=== [ GAME SCREEN ] ===---------------------------

[ 111                             222     ]
[                                 333     ]
[                                         ]
[ 666                                     ]
[                                         ]
[                                         ]
[                                         ]
[  444                            777     ]
[ 4   4                          7   7    ]
[  444                            575     ]

1 - Your patients vitals. Numbers range from 00-99. 00 basicly means your
patient is about to die. 99 is the best your vitals can be.

2 - Time limit. This is usually 5 minutes. When you run out of time you fail
the current operation regardless of how far you are into it.

3 - Operation Score. This generally increases whenever you do something right.
COOLs get the most points, followed by GOOD, then BAD. OKs sometimes get points
but not that often, and give only around 5-10 points each.

4 - Tools. You use your nunchuk control stick to pick which tool you are
currently using.

5 - Your assistant and the annoying text bar. Remember to press A to go through
her text whenever TALK replaces your pointer. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not.

6 - Chain amount. This increases whenever you get OK, GOOD, or COOL repeatedly.
Generally required to get high ranks. Whenever you get a BAD or something
happens to the patient that isnt supposed to, this gets reset.

7 - If you are playing Co-op, then Player 2's tools will replace the assistant.

--------------------------------=== [ TOOLS ] ===------------------------------

And now for the fun part. Starting from the top going clockwise.


----------------------------=== { ANTIBIOTIC GEL } ===-------------------------

Gel is basicly a cure-all in this game. Well not really all, but it helps
everything. To use gel, hold down A or B and apply over where you want.

Gel instantly heals very small lacerations, and small holes caused by burning
away small tumors and polyps. You also use it to apply synthetic membranes in
certain operations.

By far the most important use in gel is using it over the trace line for your
initial incision, and geling over said incision after its been sutured after
an operation. You must do this for good ranks.

-------------------------------=== { SYRINGE } ===-----------------------------

First of all, no, you do not jab things with this. Bad game player! BAD!

The Syringe is used to inject Stabilzer and various other serums into the
patient's body. To use, hold A or B over the vial of liquid you wish to inject
and move it onto the patients body and hold A or B to inject. Note that the
serums must be injected in a specific location.

Stabilzer raises your patients vitals by quite a bit. A full syringe generally
heals 12 vitals. You can inject around 4-5 loads before running out of Syringe
uses assuming you do so non-stop.

Of course there's various other serums, like anti-inflammitory. But I'll get to
those when the operation requiring them begins.

------------------------------=== { STITCHES } ===-----------------------------

Stitches are obviously used to suture cuts. To use, point at the start of a cut
then hold down A or B, and drag the pointer in a zig-zag pattern over the cut.

The zig-zag doesnt have to be perfect, but the more it is the better.

Stitches also have a few other uses in the game, but we'll get to those when
the time comes.

--------------------------------=== { DRAIN } ===------------------------------

Look at the name, then think of what this can possibly be used for? That's
right, removing fluids! (Mostly blood, but also cytoplasm from large tumors.)

To use this tool, hold A or B over the fluid you wish to drain until the OK
message appears.

Pretty easy to explain eh? Theres not much more to this tool.

----------------------------=== { SURGICAL LASER } ===-------------------------

Rules of using the laser: 1. Do not play Etch-a-sketch on your patient.

In a more serious tone, this tool is used to remove little tumors or polyps as
I like to call them. To use this tool, like most, hold A or B over the affected
area until you get an OK. Generally you'll only have 6-7 seconds of non-stop
laser power.

-------------------------=== { ULTRASOUND/MAGNIFIER } ===----------------------

Another rather obvious tool. You use Ultrasound to locate objects under the
skin. They will generally appear as shadows, and you'll have to scalpel them

To use, move the Ultrasound over an area to detect any dark shadows, and if
you press A in the area of that shadow, the shadow will remain on screen for
about 4 seconds for you to deal with it.

The Magnifier is used by selecting the Ultrasound tool, and holding down B
to shift your view across the screen by moving the Wii Remote.

------------------------------=== { SCALPEL } ===------------------------------

Rules of using the Scalpel: 1. Do not play Tic-Tac-Toe on your patient.

The Scalpel is generally one of the more used tools in your arsenal. Obviously
used to make cuts, you use it in your opening incision, and to excise foreign
bodies such as tumors.

To use, hold A or B and move the Wiimote across the guideline that appears. If
there is no guideline, just hold it over what you need to excise.

-------------------------------=== { FORCEPS } ===-----------------------------

What surgery game could be complete without Forceps? You use this wonderful
tool to actually REMOVE foreign bodies. Also, you use this to drag blood
vessels together, pinch skin together in the case of large gashes, and other
various other things.

One of the more uniquely used tools in the game, to use Forceps, you must
point at what you intend to use this on, and press both A AND B and hold them
down. In the case of removal, you will have to drag the object over to a tray
that appears just below your operation score.

----------------------------=== [ OTHER TOOLS ] ===----------------------------

Some tools arent selected via the control stick. They will appear above your
other tools in a tray, which you'll just select using A or B when pointing at

-------------------------------=== { BANDAGE } ===-----------------------------

The end all of the operation, this is the tool used to finish every single
operation in the game.

To use, pick up the bandage with A, point at the beginning of the stitched
final cut, then hold A or B and move across the cut with the Wiimote, then
release A or B.

Once used, the bandage cannot change direction. Be aware of this.

----------------------------=== { DEFIBRILATOR } ===---------------------------

Remember the easy method UtK used for restarting a heart? Completely Abolished.

Now you'll use this tool to restart a person's heart. Plus it looks cool on

To use, push both your Wiimote and Nunchuck towards the screen until a guage
appears above the pads on screen. Press Z and B simulaneously once the guage
line reaches the darker parts of the guage, preferably the green.

It takes 2 shots of the Light Grey area to restart a heart, but only one green.

There is also a point where you have to use a heart massage instead. This is
done using the A+B buttons on your remote. You have to press them when the hand
icons overlap. It takes around 6-7 successes to revive the heart.

----------------------------=== { HEALING TOUCH } ===--------------------------

Yes, your loved Healing Touch is back. For Markus Vaughn...it still slows down
time. Derek has a nice Prodigy. Valerie, however...hers has the ability to
temporarily freeze vitals and prevent vital loss...however, she can't gain any

(Smasher09 has pointed out at the end of Valerie's Healing Touch, you will
automatically gain 10 vitals.)

To use this, Hold down Z and B, then draw a star on screen with the Wiimote.
Keep in mind that the Star must be perfect and have only five lines for it to
even count. It MUST be in the shape of a star (pentagram without the circle).
It doesn't matter where you start either, but the lower left seems to be most
people's favorite.


And thats it for tools and game basics. Now...onto the actual operations!

=============================== { 3: EPISODE 1 } ==============================

Episode notes: Remember, if you want Story, you arent going to get it. This
just covers basic operation procedures for the Hard difficulty only. I'll
detail the operation as best I can, with what to expect. Its up to you to do 
the actual operation though. I cant hold your Wiimote for you.

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 1-1 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ IN A REMOTE TOWN ] ===-------------------------

Patient Greg Reinhard is brought in with a large gash and two broken bones that
you'll have to rebuild.

Starting Vitals: 55

Maximum Vitals: 75


Phase 1: Pre-incision.

Oh boy...this guy is messed up badly compared to the first guy from Second

First of all, you'll be instructed to raise the patient's vitals. Do so until
he reaches around 70. Then you'll be instructed to suture the patient's wounds.
There are four of them. Do not try to suture the smaller wounds, it doesn't
work on those. After you fix those four wounds however, you'll learn that they
can be easily fixed up by rubbing antibiotic gel over them.

After you finish cleaning up the chest/shoulder wounds, you'll move down the
arm automatically. Gel the line then use the scalpel to make an incision.



Phase 2: Arm bone repair.

All I can say is that after seeing that, thank god I've never had a broken
bone in my life. XD

Anyway, use your forceps to remove the bone fragments and place them on a tray
that appears. The wounds left behind are small enough to use gel to fix them.

Whoops, the large piece of bone is still warped, use the forceps to move it
back into place.

Now you have to replace the bone fragments to reconstruct the bone. Good luck
with that. I would help with ASCII, but I'm bad at that. Once you're done
fixing the bone, rub gel over the black sections until you exit the wound.

Suture the wound when instructed, then use gel on the bleeding stitched area.
Once you do that, roll the bandage over it, and then...



I shall now detail ranking for you.

Time bonus: Quicker = Higher score. Doesnt mean much in this game though.
Vital bonus: Higher vitals at the end = Higher score.
Chain bonus: Obvious. Higher chain = Higher score
Special bonus: Set parameters that you need to fulfill every operation. Could
include time limits, Healing Touch restrictions, and MAX chain.

Skill score: Combination of above bonuses.
Stage score: The score that was in the upper right at the end of the operation.

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 1-2 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ MONTGOMERY MEMORIAL ] ===-----------------------

Patient Eugene Carlton has multiple tumors in his stomach. By the way, this guy
is a big jerk.

Starting Vitals: 99

Maximum Vitals: 99


I'll basicly say this at the start of every operation, maybe with a little joke
but, Gel and incise the line.

Wait...second operation is in the stomach. AND it deals with tumors. Deja Vu?

Anyway...once you're inside you'll have some small mini-tumors to laser off.
Be sure you heal the holes left behidn with the gel, they can drain vitals fast
if left unattended.

After that, use your ultrasound to locate the large tumors. I've assumed before
that you've at least tried Second Opinion, but here's the large tumor removal
prodecure again in a guideline.

Ultrasound -> Click on top of tumor -> Scalpel guideline -> Use on Tumor until
OK -> Scalpel second guideline -> Remove tumor with Forceps -> Place membrane
on hole -> Gel membrane.

The tumor in the first area is around the center-left. Follow the guideline
above to remove.

Once you get to the second area, you will notice that after you scalpel the
second guideline, around 3-5 small tumors may appear. Be sure to laser them and
gel the holes they leave behind quickly.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 1-3 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ SNOWSTORM ] ===-----------------------------

Patient Blake Crawford got shot with a rifle. I'm honestly surprised the guy
was still alive.

Starting Vitals: 25

Maximum Vitals: 30


I didn't expect gunshot victims until Episode 2 O_o...

You'll start out with some external wounds. First lets get the blood pools
out of the way by using the drain on them. You'll notice below one of them is
the bullet entry wound. Use forceps to place a membrane over it ASAP. Another
blood pool will form immediately after you gel it in place. Then, deal with the
lacerations. There are three total. After you're done, Gel and Incise.

Ouch...I'm pretty sure if this type of injury existed in the real world, this
guy would be dead. But its not. Drain the blood pools first, there are around
15 of them. Below one of them is a trace line for the scalpel which is where
the bullet is located, but wait until you fix the blood pools first.

Anyway, trace the scalpel line when given a chance, because blood might form
another pool above it, and you can't cut until its gone. When it is, remove the
bullet with forceps and place it on the tray.

What? The bullet is in two fragments? OH NOES. You get to do the above
procedure again, only with a wider trace line...oh wait...a constant noise...

Yes, your vitals will be maxed at 10 for the time being. Be quick about
everything during this time. Don't be afraid to raise vitals even if the number
shows 6 or 7, they can be lowered very fast. Extract the bullet piece
IMMEDIATELY when given the chance, then drain a blood pool that forms and place
the membrane and gel it. Use the defibrilator to revive the vital line. Read
the tools section for how to use it.

Anyway once that's done, suture, gel, bandage.

Operation complete.


----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 1-4 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------=== [ SORCERY OF SALVATION ] ===------------------------

Note: You may only choose Dr. Vaughn for this operation.

Patient Elena Salazar needs some microchips replaced in her pancreas pump to
prevent necrosis.

Starting Vitals: 99

Maximum Vitals: 99


At least Elena is a cute nurse...somewhat. Gel and Incise.

Anyway first you'll have to deal with some minor hemmoraging. This can be dealt
with by rubbing gel over the small blood pools. Now you'll have to laser the
glowing blue chips. After that, trace the blue square, then remove the chip
with the forceps and replace it with a new one. You have to do four of these.

Note: The more chips you've lasered at once, the faster hemmoraging occurs. Fix
with gel and only remove a chip when no blood pools remain.

After you've replaced all but one chip, LARGE hemmorages appear. Start to drain
them...wait...vitals are dropping, A LOT. Cutscene when your vitals reach red.

Healing Touch (HT), activate! Those of you who are familiar with Trauma Center
know that Vaughn's version of the HT slows down time temporarily.

Before you do ANYTHING, Raise vitals to around 30 or whatever you deem safe.
This is because vitals will still drop if you attempt to drain the first few
blood pools and the patient may die. After you've reached a safe amount of
pools, raise vitals to max then finish off the operation by replacing the last



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 1-5 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ AN AGING HOSPITAL ] ===-------------------------

Patient Miles Hoover has tumors in his small intestine. Keeping this simple...
for now.

Starting Vitals: 75

Maximum Vitals: 99


Poor old guy...Gel and Incise.

Remember these red marks? They're called inflammations. Select the new liquid
vial next to the stabilizing agent with the syringe and inject it into the red
bumps. It takes around 1/2 dose per large bump and 1/4th per small bump.

This is an advanced note for the FAQ section but PLEASE for the love of god, do
NOT send me E-mails asking how to fix inflammations.

Anyway, after you fix those, you have two tumors to find for the time being.
Refer to Episode 1-2 for how to fix them.

Eh...prelim scan missed something? You don't say...

Apparantly magnifier is another word for scroller, start by looking below the
area you first dealt with. UH OH, MORE INFLAMMATIONS. Deal with them ASAP. They
are much more dangerous than the tumors at the moment. There are a bunch of
them spread around the organ. I believe there were around 6-7 large bumps and
20+ small bumps. After you take care of them, you have three more tumors to

After you finish that...suture, gel, bandage.

Operation complete


----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 1-6 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ AWAKENING ] ===-----------------------------

Patient Catherine Jackson was in an accident at the church. Apparantly suffers
from pericardium hemmoraging.

Starting Vitals: 45

Maximum Vitals: 65

Note: You are FORCED to use Valerie this operation.


Well lets start...First drain the blood them gel the three minor lacerations.

Gel the line and Incise.

Oh boy, this is bad. What you generally want to do is use the ultrasound to
find hidden hemmorages and use the scalpel to cut out the blood before they
cause massive vital loss, but there are a ton of them and they drain vitals
very fast. What you might want to do is cut one or two of them, and use the
stabilzer until wounds stop appearing. Drain blood and suture any lacerations
that have appeared.

After that, you'll get to do it again, except with no initial lacerations
showing. Be ABSOLUTELY SURE to keep vitals up. Your patient can and WILL die
quickly. Drain any blood that appears and suture all lacerations. There should
be four.

Or dear...that isnt good. Vitals drop to 1...

HT Mk II: This one keeps vitals where they are for however long it lasts. This
also means you can't raise them.

Since this lasts the duration of this next section, you can't really lose now.
Just drain blood and suture lacerations when you can. After you finish healing
everything, you're free to suture, gel, and bandage to finish this off.

Operation Complete.


----------------------------=== [ EPISODE A-1 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------------=== [ CHALLENGE 1 ] ===----------------------------

I'm not really going to give you a PRECISE layout since this isn't a story
operation, but I'll give you the basic rundown...you have 5 minutes to handle
three patients.

FYI: GOODs DO break your chain. BE EXTRA CAREFUL.

Patient 1: This patient has glass shard wounds and lacerations. Lacerations
spawn once the amount of wounds are reduced to a certain point. More shards
also spawn past a certain point, but only once. Some lacerations may hemmorage.

Patient 2: This patient has an imflammed tumor ridden intestine. Get rid of the
imflammed areas ASAP. There are six tumors total. Mini tumors/inflammations
may spawn once you actually remove a tumor, so use the laser or anti-inflame
to get rid of them ASAP. Gel any holes left behind by mini-tumors.

Patient 3: Great, more lacerations and hemmoraging, but you have a MUCH larger
area to work with, thus less room for error as far as time is concerned. You
WILL likely have to use your HT here.

The scoring system for challenges are different, so I'll run it down quickly.

Vital/Time/Chain bonus: Already explained.
Cool Bonus: COOLs x 100
Good Bonus: GOODs x 50
Patient Bonus: Patients saved x 1000
No Miss Bonus: Multiplier. 1.0x if you miss once.

Anyway there you have it. Operation Complete.

=============================== { 4: EPISODE 2 } ==============================

As is the trend, Episode 2 tends to be more difficult.

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 2-1 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ AN ICY WELCOME ] ===---------------------------

Patient Dwayne Mayfield has tumors in his left lung. Also Pus is included. Pus
is disgusting...

Starting Vitals: 65

Maximum Vitals: 85


Oh boy...Gel and Incise...

The icky green stuff you see is Pus. Drain it ASAP or Inflammations may appear.

Now, you need to search for and excise tumors. Be careful because once a tumor
has actually been removed, pus will rapidly appear for a few seconds. You have
two tumors in the first area.

First area? That's right, use the "magnifier" to look around. Go down first.

Oh boy...heavily infected area. I suggest using your HT ASAP especially on
hard. The vitals can drain REALLY fast if the pus adds up. There are three
tumors down here. Be sure to deal with the pus that appears after each tumor
is actually removed. There's one more tumor above the original area. Get rid
of it, then you can suture, gel, and bandage to finish this off.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 2-2 ] ===----------------------------

---------------------------=== [ THE PACEMAKER ] ===---------------------------

Patient Chloe Nichols needs a replacement pacemaker for her...you know, heart.

Starting Vitals: 99

Maximum Vitals: 99


Doesn't she look like a twig? Oh wait...young girl...right. Gel and Incise.

This first part happens automatically...but now you get to learn how to massage
a heart.

Press A+B when the hands overlap...generally when they flash white. You have to
do this around 5-7 times before the vitals recover to around 20. You will be
doing this every 20-25 seconds throughout the operation.

Now, what you want to do is cut the lead where it is attached to the heart. The
lead is the technical term for the yellow wire. Use forceps to move them out of
the way, then suture the area where blood appears. You may need to drain blood. 
After that, place the leads, then the pacemaker itself on the right tray.

Before I forget, for the five seconds or so leading up to another heart massage
you cannot do ANYTHING, including raise vitals. Attempting to do so will always
result in a miss.

Anyway, place the new pacemaker where the old one was, and then place the new
leads. Use ultrasound to find shadows, then use the scalpel to cut it and drain
the blood that appears. Use forceps to move the new lead to the area where
blood is hemmoraging, then quickly suture that area. Do the same for the other.
Regardless of timing, after you place the second lead, you must immediately do
a heart massage. Suture the second lead

After that, its a matter of...suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete.


----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 2-3 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ DEPENDABLE PAIR ] ===--------------------------

Patient Ricardo Garcia got hit by a car, and thus has lacerations, hemmoraging,
broken bones, and a damaged spleen. Heh...spleen. *Is shot*

Starting Vitals: 15

Maximum Vitals: 80


Gel and...wait, we already start IN the organ? ...that's new.

Anyway use the defibrilator to get his heart working again, then suture the
large gash immediately. If you played a previous Trauma Center, you'll know how
to fix this, but the order is to drain all blood, use forceps to pinch the side
of the wound together, then suture it. Be quick, because the wound may reopen.

Anyway after that, raise vitals to max, then try to remove a bone fragment.

Oh noes, more wounds. Quickly drain any blood, and suture whenever you get the
chance. Don't forget to keep your vitals up. They come in two waves of about
three lacerations each. After that, you're free to remove the rest of the bone
fragments. Be sure to gel each small wound where the fragments were.

Now to reconstruct the ribs. I highly suggest you place the wider pieces first
if you have the chance. Its much easier to see where they go compared to the
smaller width pieces.

After you finish placing all five pieces, you'll have to use the Defibrilator

Oh wait, we're not done yet! Many MANY more hemmorages and lacerations appear.

If, on hard, you are skilled enough to do this without HT, I salute you. I
HIGHLY suggest you use it. Your patient's vitals will drop faster than a rock.

Did I mention more wounds spawn after you clear up the first set of hemmorages?

There around 11-12 wounds total. Gel is highly effective in temporarily slowing
down vital loss, so be sure to use it before you suture anything. More blood
pools may randomly form while you suture, and they take off around 8 points
per appearance. Be sure to remove the bone fragment from the large cut at the
bottom before trying to suture it.

After that, place the remaining fragment at the lower-most rib, then gel the
fragments in place. Then you can suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 2-4 ] ===----------------------------

------------------------------=== [ STIGMA ] ===-------------------------------

Patient Lloyd Wilkins is your first STIGMA patient. He has the strain Cheir.

Starting Vitals: 70

Maximum Vitals: 80


Yet another twig body. XD Gel and Incise.

Wow. Those apparantly weren't there three minutes ago. Quickly suture all
lacerations. There should be five.

Are you ready for it? Say hello to Cheir. It may be a coincidence, but it looks
almost EXACTLY like Kyriaki from Second Opinion.

Cheir HP: 3

Anyway, use the laser on it, it'll attempt to sidestep, but try to keep hitting
it until you get an OK. It'll make a large laceration like Kyriaki usually did.

Fix the wound before going back to trying to kill Cheir. You'll need to get
three OKs to kill it. "DEFEAT"

You surely don't think that's it, do you?

Two more Cheirs will appear. Be careful on Hard, the vital loss can rack
up really quick. Try to keep up with suturing lacerations, and try to kill off 
one at a time. Next part starts after you kill both of them.

Oh wait...two more? Wait...what's this?!?

FUSION HA! *is shot*

Sorry...They become what I like to call Cheir V2

Cheir V2 HP: 4

You're going to have to hit it a LOT more often with the laser to cause any 
real damage. The main problem is its attack pattern. It'll hurt you a LOT more
than two singular Cheirs. They'll cause a six pointed star laceration
pattern, which causes around 25-30 damage more or less. Quickly suture it.
Keep vitals around 70+ before attempting to laser Stigma again. You need 4
OKs to finally kill it.

After that, the usual Suture, gel, and bandage will do.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 2-5 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ LOST IN THE FLAMES ] ===------------------------

Patient Luc Rousseou is not nearly as bad a person as I once thought. Sorry...
I mean he has bad burns on his upper left body.

Starting Vitals: 30

Maximum Vitals: 50*


Oh dear...this does NOT look good, and trust me, I've seen burns before.

Anyway, what you'll want to do first is inject the yellow serum into one of the
squares to the left of our screen, then trace the blue square..

Well...this operation is simple on paper, so I'll give you the rundown on what
to do basicly and let you handle it on your own. It isn't hard in essence, but
you'll almost never finish it quickly.

First, you'll want to remove the dead skin circles (black). Inject the left
green/blue serum into it, then trace the line, and remove it with forceps.

Now, you'll notice all those ugly yellowish burns? You need to cover them with
FOUR squares of grafted skin before you can gel them in place. The catch? If a
hemmorage appears above the squares you've already places, they'll fall off,
and you'll have to start over. Not fun.

Anyway, you have approximately NINE skin grafts to do. Trust me when I say you
will almost never finish with more than 10-20 seconds unless you are extremely



=============================== { 5: EPISODE 3 } ==============================

CADUCEUS...AWAY! Anyway yeah, back to the familiar hospital.

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 3-1 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------=== [ A SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT ] ===------------------------

Patient Justin Everett says I PITY DA FOO! Also, he's suffering from gallstones

Starting Vitals: 70

Maximum Vitals: 99


I PITY DA FOO! Anyway, Gel and Incise.

Anyone remember the thrombi operation from SO? This is a little similar.

You'll want to use ultrasound to see gallstones moving throughout the greenish
vessel. Use the laser to remove them. They appear every 3-4 seconds. Larger
stones are broken into two when you first break them, so you'll need to laser
it longer.

Anyway, you'll need to remove the Gallbladder while keeping the stones in 
check. Be sure to keep destroying them while following the below paragraph.

First, inject the white serum into the Gallbladder. Cut along the blue line
that appears. Hemmoraging will start to occur. Clear the blood before cutting
the next blue line. Another large blue line will appear and more hemmmoraging
occurs. Cut THIS line and a line will circle the whole organ along with massive
hemmoraging. Remember to keep an eye on the stones and vitals. Drain the blood
then cut the entire blue line, then quickly remove the gallbladder and destroy
any remaining stones. Rub gel over the hemmoraging and then suture where blood
is pouring out. Congrats!

Suture, Gel, Bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 3-2 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------------=== [ Q & A ] ===-------------------------------

Patient Robert Matthews is a random car accident victim with chest issues...

Starting Vitals: 30

Maximum Vitals: 60


This is nothing we haven't done before. There are a few glass shards and
lacerations on the outside. Fix the lacerations first, then remove the glass
and rub gel over the small wounds.

Gel and Incise.

The return of Gashes. Remember to drain blood, THEN USE FORCEPS TO CLOSE THE
WOUND, THEN suture. Other than that, its the same stuff as the outside. You
should know what to do.

Other than that, you need to use the "magnifier" to look around. There are some
more gashes, lacerations, and glass shards above and below the area, but it
doesn't matter which area you start at. Be careful of random hemmoraging.

Anyway once you fix everything, suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 3-3 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------=== [ COLLABORTIVE RESEARCH ] ===-----------------------

Patient Allison Walker needs a new Myocardial patch...which is experimental.

Starting Vitals: 80

Maximum Vitals: 80


This is a simple operation on paper...but my god is it DIFFICULT.

Gel and Incise.

Basicly, what you'll want to do is rub Gel over the area that's darker than
the rest, then use forceps to move the patch over the outline. Sounds easy,

You would be wrong. After you apply the first patch, which IS easy, the heart
begins to beat faster, which results in an erratic patch outline that shifts
its angle occasionally. You also have to time it when its the same size as the
actual patch. Failure to do so will result in you having to use the defib.

Also, watch out for hemmorages.

The third patch is by far the hardest, having an erratic pattern and being
quick to shrink to boot.

Anyway, once you're done, suture, gel, and bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 3-4 ] ===----------------------------

---------------------------=== [ CURSED BURDEN ] ===---------------------------

Patient Lecetia Townes has STIGMA. And its NEW. OH NOES.

Starting Vitals: 75

Maximum Vitals: 99


O.o...Gel and Incise. GUILT Mk. II

Okay, this is officially how to fight Soma.

Soma, the Body HP: 5/6

Soma is a large blue mass of accumulated tissue. The idea is to drain the
tissue to expose the core. This works well the first time. Laser the core until
you get OK.

During the fight, it will occasionally leave behind pink tumors. Laser them 
ASAP. They will eventually explode, and that is BAD.

After the second drain, it'll split off three small circles of tissue. Drain
them ASAP, or they might explode just like a tumor, but they don't have nearly
as bad after effects. Then laser the core again until you get the OK. 
Repeat twice.

For the fourth round, Soma will split into two entities. Only ONE of them
has the core, but they can BOTH create tumors. Be sure to eliminate at least 
one of them as soon as you can. I don't believe it does this again until you 
get an OK lasering session on the core again. Repeat the section once more 
for "DEFEAT"

Suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 3-5 ] ===---------------------------

-----------------------=== [ THE DEPUTY SECRETARY ] ===-----------------------

Patient George Marshall is hemmoraging. OH NOES. TEH BRAIN SURGERYS.

Starting Vitals: 45

Maximum Vitals: 60


You start already inside the brain. Please remember to be careful.

To start, drain the blood pools. Not hard. Now the Aneurysm appears.

Inject sedative into it, then quickly trace the line before it recovers.
Remove it with forceps, then drain the blood pool that forms. Forceps the vein
together, then suture it. That is how you deal with Aneurysms.

Anyway, Aneurysms will start appearing two at a time. Be sure to Sedate both,
then remove one at a time. Do NOT actually pick up the Aneurysm until you cut
the trace line on both, as it will cause unnecessary vital loss.

Same procedure goes for Aneurysms 4 and 5, but they're farther apart so they
may be more difficult to treat. Also, once you finish fixing one, 6 and 7 will

Finish fixing up all the aneurysms up until the 7th. Be sure you max your
vitals before fixing the 7th and then...DEJA VU. MASS ANEURYSMS. Activate
Healing Touch immediately and start fixing aneurysms. It doesnt matter whose
you use, but I prefer Vaughn's. Valerie's works too, because you could just LET
the aneurysms explode and no vital loss will occur. Do not that after you
fix the vein lines on three of them, two more aneurysms will appear again. Cut
those out before you finish anything else.

When you fix everything, suture, gel, and bandage.



------------------------------=== [ Challenge 2 ] ===--------------------------

You know how Challenges work, so I'll go through the basics...

Patient one: Random hidden hemmorages. Use Ultrasound and scalpel them out.

Patient two: Aneurysms and random hemmoraging. Aneurysms will appear two at
a time, with five total counting the first one.

Patient three: Pus formations, random inflammations, and tumor removal again.
Tumors form mini-tumors upon removal, so watch out.

=============================== { 6: EPISODE 4 } ==============================

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 4-1 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------------=== [ MONEY TALKS ] ===----------------------------

Patient Chandler Forbes and some other kid are suffering from Appendicitis

Starting Vitals: 75 (35)

Maximum Vitals: 75


Gel and Incise.

The first patient is REALLY easy. First, inject the appendix (you can spot it
easily) with the white sedative. It should take two doses. Then trace the blue
line with the scalpel. Now, you see the ties. Pick it up and press A near where
the arrow points, then move the pointer away to tie it. Do the same to the
other arrow, then cut the blue line. Move the appendix to the tray, then patch
the hole left with a membrane and gel. That wasn't so hard, now was it.

Suture, gel, bandage.

Patient 2...oh, a burst appendix...wow. Vitals drop to 35. I highly suggest you
raise them before you gel and incise.

Anyway, there is a LOT of pus which respawns, and inflammations which the pus
causes. You'll need to get rid of it all while trying to remove the appendix.
Just follow the same procedure as before, just trying to keep pus from forming.

After you cut out the appendix, a whole lot of pus/inflammations spawn. Move it
to the tray IMMEDIATELY to stop further pus spawning. Then, deal with any
abnormalities remaining.

After that, suture, gel, bandage part 2.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 4-2 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ GOOD SAMARATANS ] ===--------------------------

Patient Antoine Byrant has...not been officially diagnosed, but he was in an

Starting Vitals: 30

Maximum Vitals: 80


Woo, car crash victim, lets start by suturing the visible lacerations. Then
remove the glass shards and rub gel over the wounds left behind, then gel and

Looks more serious inside. Quickly fix the gash then rub gel over the minor
hemmorage. That should solve the worst problems, then fix the lacerations
and glass shard wounds. Unfortunately...this area is large...thus magnifier
comes into play again.

That's right. The more serious wounds are on the bottom, so handle those first.
Its nothing you haven't dealt with before. The problem is that this time there
are now HIDDEN hemmorages, you might want to stop those ASAP. They cause a lot
of vital damage, so use Healing Touch if you feel you must. There are about 5
or 6 hidden hemmorages, two gashes, 4 lacerations, and 6-7 glass shards. Don't
forget the visible hemmorages too. They'll also form blood pools eventually.

Anyway, once you fix everything, suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 4-3 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ FORCED APPEARANCE ] ===-------------------------

Patient Enrique Alvarez is suffering from multiple stomach tumors, as well as
lung and heart problems.

Starting Vitals: 80

Maximum Vitals: 99


Someone PLEASE kill the announcer guy. Gel and Incise.

Anyway, this starts off simple, just get rid of the three tumors. They still
forum 3 mini-tumors upon extraction, so be sure to get rid of them.

After you remove all three...hemmorages appear all of the place and appear
randomly. Remember that you can't place a membrane over a hole if a hemmorage
is above it.

Anyway once you fix a few more tumors, another massive series of hemmorages
occur...followed by heart failure! Remember how to massage a heart? Just press
A+B when the hands overlap. You need to do it six times, then you can get back
to removing tumors. Remember to STABILIZE vitals though after the heart failure
as they'll probably be much lower than before. I BELIEVE there are six or seven
tumors after the initial three. The heart failure will occur after removing 
three of those six/seven.

Anyway, once you're done removing all tumors, suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 4-4 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ SHOWDOWN ] ===------------------------------

Patient Merideth Stevens suffers from an aneurysm in the large intestine.

Starting Vitals: 80

Maximum Vitals: 99


Aight...lets do this. Gel and Incise.

First off its mostly simple Aneurysm work, you should know how to do it by now.

Inject Sedative -> Cut blue line -> Remove with Forceps -> Drain Blood
-> Pull Veins together with Forceps -> Suture Veins.

However, a new larger type of Aneurysm appears this time around. Don't let it
burst. Now, you get to attach the synthetic Vein when you finish draining blood
the first time. Be careful, you need to quickly suture the three parts or it'll
pool blood again.

Be EXTRA careful, The last two waves show up in groups of four, with 1 large
the first time and 2 larges the second wave. You may have to let one burst.

Anyway, Just be sure to remove them all quickly. You should know how to fix
these easily. Use HT if you feel hard pressed, and watch vitals.

After you're done, suture, gel, bandage.

Operation Complete.


----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 4-5 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ STUDIO EMERGENCY ] ===-------------------------

Patient Samantha Young is suffering from Stigma. This version is Type 3. Known
as Ops, the Eye.

Starting Vitals: 50

Maximum Vitals: 90


This is the first operation involving Ops, the Eye.

Ops HP: 11

First of all, you'll notice two entities to either side of Ops. These shoot
"Nutrients" to Ops. It is highly suggested you drain these before they reach
Ops, or your vitals will plummet. Laser the core when you have a chance.

By the way, the entities can't be killed, so don't try.

After taking off 1 HP, the entities will fire what looks like red eggs, 
disentigrate them with the laser immediately, or you'll be sorry. 

Then, after the next HP is taken, tumors will start to form. They resemble the
eggs, so laser them immediately.

After taking off 5 HP, the core splits into two. Be EXTRA careful now, as
nutrients will often reach one of the Ops core's quicker. Each of the smaller
cores take 3 more hits before "DEFEAT".

Upon defeating the second core, the entities will pretty much die off, and 
you'll be done.



=============================== { 7: EPISODE 5 } ==============================

Look forward to more normal operations. Atlus must have heard the fans.

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-1 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ FACE-OFF ] ===------------------------------

Patient Thor Gunderson has a foreign object in his arm.

Starting Vitals: 80 

Maximum Vitals: 99


Standard starting drill. Deal with the blood pools, then suture/gel any wounds.

Gel and Incise.

Woo, that isnt good. QUICKLY drain the blood pool and remove the stick fragment

Oh wait, what's what...CONVULSIONS. This is like the heart, if you touch
ANYTHING during these, you'll get an automatic miss and lower vitals by almost
30 points.

Anyway, quickly drain the blood pool again and suture the remaining wound.

As far as ligaments go...use forceps to connect the ligament halves. You can
tell which halves go where because they face each other. You can likely handle
2 full ligament sections before a convulsion. After you connect all four
ligament parts, suture them in on the side where they had to be connected.

After you finish suturing all three, the convulsions stop. Suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-2 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ MISFORTUNE STRIKES ] ===------------------------

Patient Koshiro Tsuji is suffering from hemmoraging *sigh* and damage to his

Starting Vitals: 40

Maximum Vitals: 75


The Maximum Vitals will fool you. Don't raise them beforehand, just Gel and

Ooh...banged up liver.

Anyway, your patient will immediately go into cardiac arrest. Use your mad
Defibrilator skills to bring him back to life. This will happen often
throughout the operation.

Anyway, work on the upper right and lower left sections first, those contain
minor wounds which sap vitals fairly fast. Suture all six of them. You may
have to drain blood from the center section to get to two of the lower left

Now for the center section well...I hope you're dexterous. You're basicly
going to have to drain the blood, and place 7 membranes in under 5-6 seconds.

Doesn't that sound fun? It isnt hard if you're playing as Vaughn...you have
the time slow healing touch...but for Valerie...UGH. Good Luck, you'll need

Also, remember NOT to touch anything when the heart convulses, or automatic
miss will occur.

Once you actually fix all 7 membranes, gel them in, then you zoom out and
follow with the usual suture, gel, bandage.




----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-3 ] ===----------------------------

---------------------------=== [ FADE TO BLACK ] ===---------------------------

Patient Koshiro Tsuji needs more Liver work.

Starting Vitals: 65

Maximum Vitals: 85


I'm going to be blunt, this is pretty much a repeat of last operation, so lets
start with gel and incise...

Yay...same wounds, you know the drill. The difference is that the part you need
membranes for hemmorages twice as fast...so there must be another cause...

Use the ultrasound to find internal Hemmorages...there are around seven of them
so be sure to cut them out and heal them quickly. This will lower the center's
hemmorage rate back down to what it was last operation, so after that its just
a matter of luck.

Oh, and as usual, watch out for cardiac arrest.

You know the drill at the end.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-4 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ COERCION ] ===------------------------------

Patient Carla de Santos is infected with the next Strain of Stigma.

Starting Vitals: 95

Maximum Vitals: 99


Well...you know the drill, Gel and Incise...

Say hello to Onyx, the Claw.

Onyx, the Claw

Onyx HP: 6

This version of Stigma starts off completely hidden. Ironically, this fight, at
the beginning anyway, is to be treated EXACTLY like a fusion of Kyriaki and 
Savato from SO.

You start by trying to locate it over the large organ using ultrasound. Unearth
it with the scalpel, then inject it with the serum to deal damage. It will run
off and bury itself in the organ again. If you don't find it fast enough, it
will unburrow for a moment, and perform Savato's famous five point star
laceration chain, then go back down. Don't try injecting it when it does this,
just fix the lacerations and heal vitals if they get low.

After taking off two HP, Onyx will make a copy of itself to confuse you. Be
EXTREMELY careful and do NOT cut out a copy, or the real Onyx will magicly
appear somewhere else and immediately perform the five cut attack. The real
Onyx will have FOUR blue dots on its back, so don't be confused just because
you can ultrasound one of them. The copy itself cannot do any damage, so don't 

Every point of damage you do after the first two, Onyx will leave behind an 
additional copy of itself. Remember, DO NOT BE FOOLED. The REAL Onyx will 
ALWAYS have FOUR dots on its head, the copys have THREE.

It takes six total injections for Onyx for "DEFEAT" to show up. Congrats.

Suture, Gel, Bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-5 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ NO ESCAPE ] ===-----------------------------

Patient Jean-Paul Massey is somehow still alive after being shot multiple times
with a SHOTGUN. My god...People are usually DISMEMBERED from these things.

Starting Vitals: 65

Maximum Vitals: ??


You have a major restriction this operation...no Stabilzer...and a limited
amount of gel, so barely any stabilizing, I highly recommend you choose Valerie
this operation, as her HT is better suited for Vitals.

Anyway, you'll need to drain blood pools and apply membranes. Remember to use
gel to affix them...though you have a limited amount. If you see a circle, that
is a pellet, and you'll have to use forceps to remove it before applying a
membrane. You'll have around seven membranes on the outside before you go
inside the body. Use gel for only a part of the incision, so you don't break
your chain.

Inside, there are four blood pools. The right two have normal pellets showing
so finish those first. It would be wise to activate HT now. Suture the wounds
if you run out of Gel, which you probably will by now.

The left two pools have blue lines you have to trace first, before being able
to remove the pellet, but otherwise the same as the other wounds.

After that, suture...and just bandage, since you're probably out of gel.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-6 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ MUTATION ] ===------------------------------

Patient Andrei Roskov is suffering from Onyx. Its apparantly mutated.

Starting Vitals: 70

Maximum Vitals: 99


How to deal with the Onyx mutation strand:

Onyx HP: 6

Treat the first two point of damage the same as before, find it using 
ultrasound and inject the serum. Deal with lacerations ASAP if you can't find
it fast enough.

After the two points of damage is caused, it will use around 5-6 copies to try
to hide itself. Once again, similar to the previous form, the REAL Onyx has 4
blue dots on its head, the COPIES have three. NO NOT dig up a copy.

After the fourth point of damage...this gets really interesting. Blood vessels
show up all over the place, and you start taking MASSIVE vital damage (Assuming
hard mode). There are now copies literally ALL OVER THE PLACE. The REAL one
still has 4 blue dots to distinguish itself, so as long as you find it and
inject it quickly, the fight shouldn't be too difficult. When it reburrows, all
types of Onyx will shift around...so watch out.

After the sixth injection, Onyx will THANKFULLY die. Suture, Gel, Bandage.

Operation Complete!


----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 5-7 ] ===----------------------------

------------------------------=== [ ENDGAME ] ===------------------------------

YAY, you get to solve a pretty PUZZLE. You have two minutes. The basic premise
is that you connect like colored objects to each other with lines. Lines cannot

Update 1.3 - YAY, Thanks to my good friend Maledict, you can have your
precious Easy/Normal puzzles now! NOW QUIT WHINING ABOUT THEM.

These are solutions he sent me. The top puzzle is Easy and bottom is Normal.

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  A B C D E F G H

1: Turn F4 in either direction
2: Turn G4 to the right
3: Turn G5 to the right
4: Turn E8 in either direction
5: Turn B8 in either direction
6: Turn H7 in either direction
7: Turn D2 to the right
8: Turn D3 in either direction
9: Turn E6 in either direction
10: Turn C7 in either direction
11: Turn A2 in either direction
12: Turn C5 to the left
13: Turn B5 to the right
14: Turn G1 in either direction

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
  A B C D E F G H

1: Turn F6 to the left
2: Turn E7 in either direction twice
3: Turn B8 in either direction
4: Turn E4 to the left
5: Turn F4 in either direction
6: Turn G4 to the left
7: Turn G7 in either direction
8: Turn C6 in either direction twice
9: Turn B6 to the right
10: Turn B5 to the left
11: Turn A4 in either direction
12: Turn C2 in either direction
13: Turn D4 in either dirction
14: Turn D3 to the left
15: Turn E3 in either direction twice
16: Turn E2 in either direction
17: Turn E1 to the left
18: Turn B1 in either direction

By the way, HARD solution is courtesy of Rexcaliber. Thank you very much for
doing something that wasn't necessary. Be sure to thank him if you see him on 
the forums. Hard mode solution is below. Its a little harder to follow.


Turn A(2,8) ONCE to the left
Turn B(5,7) TWICE to the left
Turn C(3,6) TWICE to the left
Turn D(2,6) ONCE to the right.
Turn E(2,5) ONCE to the left
Turn F(1,4) ONCE to the left
Turn G(3,2) ONCE to the right
Turn H(2,1) ONCE to the right
Turn I(4,3) ONCE to the left
Turn J(5,3) TWICE to the left
Turn K(5,2) ONCE to the right
Turn L(5,1) ONCE to the left
Turn M(5,4) ONCE to the left
Turn N(7,4) ONCE to the left
Turn O(7,6) ONCE to the left
Turn P(7,7) ONCE to the right

On the off chance you find the above too hard to follow, heres a little .gif
I made. It will show you how the puzzle SHOULD look after you finish it on hard
and the directions to get it like that.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE A-3 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------------=== [ CHALLENGE 3 ] ===----------------------------

As usual, Challenges are for fun. Here's what to expect this time.

Patient 1: Appendix Removal + Tumors. Be careful for Pus, or it will cause more
inflammations than there already are. While either the appendix or tumors are
present, pus will continuously spawn near them.

Patient 2: Lacerations + Gashes. There are also 2-3 sets of small laserable
tumors that spawn with each wave.

Patient 3: Blood Spawning tumors...and those evil LARGE Aneurysms. You know,
the one's that require the synthetic veins. There are two in the first wave
and three in the second. This is where you use your HT. There are also three
blood tumors in each wave.

Patient 4: Glass Shards. After you remove the first set, another larger set
will spawn, vitals will drop to 35, and there will be tons of blood pools.

=============================== { 8: EPISODE 6 } ==============================

FINALLY...a New Episode.

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 6-1 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ AN URGENT MEETING ] ===-------------------------

Patient Ricordo Delgado is suffering from a new strain of Stigma.

Its name, which is unknown until later, but I'll refer to it here, is called
Brachion, the Arm.

Starting Vitals: 60

Maximum Vitals: 75


Welcome to Brachion. Gel and Incise.

Brachion HP: 4

The first thing you'll notice is its arms, termed grapplers. You MUST remove
them to cause any damage to Brachion. To do so, inject the grapplers with the
purple serum, then use forceps to remove them.

However, it will release toxin as you attempt to remove the grapplers. If any
of it reaches the end if its arm, it will instantly regenerate a grappler if
the tip if removed. You will also take some minor vital damage.

You can prevent this by using forceps to pinch one of the circles in its arms,
preferably the last circle, to force the venom to start over. Be sure to do
this often.

Eventually, once you remove all three grapplers, the sphere arms will retract.
This signifies one point of damage. After a few seconds, the core will
regenerate all of the grapplers.

The second part has one grappler with only four sphere points. This means more
sphere pinching. Part three has four grappler arms instead of three. Part four
...well...one of the four arms has only four sphere points.

Remember not to let ANY venom enter the body. PERIOD.

After you destroy the fourth set of grapplers, Brachion will act like it'll
create a new set, then "DEFEAT". Congratulations.

Suture, Gel, Bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 6-2 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ CULURUMA ] ===------------------------------

Patient Maria Estrada has come down with Vaimahse Fever...which I've never
heard of...

Starting Vitals: 75

Maximum Vitals: 90


First off, gel and incise.

I'll be as brief as possible. You'll see six tumors. They shift colors from red
to blue. Trying to drain one while its red will cause it to release gas which
to be honest, isn't good for your vitals. So only use the drain, scalpel, and
forceps when their color is blue. This means you only have a second to drain
and cut each tumor.

However, when you take out the tumor and apply the membrane, scar tissue will
be left behind. If you cause a gas release, any scar tissue will instantly
become inflammed with a blood pool. My advice is to not actually remove ANY of
the excised tumors until you've excised all six.

After you actually take them out, its a simple matter of suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 6-3 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ AN AILING VILLAGE ] ===-------------------------

Patient Gabriel Mejia is suffering from Stigma, along with two others.

Starting Vitals: 65

Maximum Vitals: 99

Time Limit: 10 minutes.


Alright. Your first patient is Soma? Remember how to deal with it? Gel and

Soma HP: 4

Soma is the blob of blue mass. Remember that to harm it, you have to drain it 
until the core reveals itself. Quickly drain the three blue circles it shoots
out to prevent skin hardening and vital loss. Also remember to laser the tumors
it occasionally leaves behind. Laser the core until you get OK for a point of

After taking two damage, Soma shows up as two entities. One will quickly self
destruct into five blue circles. Be sure to drain them quickly, on top of
dealing with tumors. On the bright side, the core stays revealed longer. It
takes only two more points of damage to be defeated.

On to patient 2...Brachion it is. Open him up.

Brachion HP: 4

The first thing you'll notice is that Brachion starts with one arm already
at four spheres. If you can guess the pattern, the next form starts with one
arm with four spheres, and one with three. Then of course, four arms having one
with four spheres...and the final form should be obvious. You fight all of them
the same. Pinch one of the spheres shut to keep toxin from releasing at the
tips, then inject the serum, cut the blue line, and remove the tip. If the
toxin escapes from a removed tip arm, it will cause ALL of the arms with
removed tips to instantly regenerate. DO NOT, I repeat, do NOT be afraid to
use HT during the last form. You will likely need it.

Anyway once you remove all the grappler tips from all four forms, Brachion is

Patient 3 is Ops...a reprieve in difficulty from Brachion.

Ops HP: 11

This operation is pretty much the exact same as the last Ops operation, so you
can look there. This is just advice...

Do not let Ops absorb ANY material while a tumor is present. It will cause the
tumor to instantly explode, thus causing MASSIVE vital loss. (On Hard, its half
your vitals). Remember, the core splits into two after dealing 5 damage, and
each mini-core takes 3 damage after that to die. Concentrate on one before you
kill the other, and you should be fine. Oh, and WATCH THE LASER USAGE. I have
been screwed so many times because the laser quit working on me.

Once you've dealt with Ops, suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 6-4 ] ===----------------------------

-----------------------------=== [ CULURIUM ] ===------------------------------

Patient Pepita is a dog...a freaking DOG. XD Oh, and she has muliple shotgun
pellets stuck in her body.

Starting Vitals: 10

Maximum Vitals: ?? (It doesn't matter, you'll almost always finish out around


Well this is a relatively simple operation since you don't operate in the body
at any time...

Basicly, Pepita has around seven shotgun pellets stuck in her body. Four of
those require cutting a trace line beforehand, the ones on the left. If you
remember dealing with these before, blood pools form on the wound after you cut
a trace line (if necessary) and after you remove the pellet. Also, they form if
you take too long to patch up a pelletless wound.

Also, there are some random internal hemmorages you need to take care of as
well...this can be dangerous to your patient's likely low amount of vitals.
There are around four total that you have to treat.

Don't forget that Pepita randomly goes into cardiac arrest...the difference
with the defibrilator this time is that the target zone is on the far left
instead of the far right, so the timing is slightly different. She will also
automaticly go into cardiac arrest immediately after the final wound is treated
so be aware.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 6-5 ] ===----------------------------

---------------------------=== [ HEAT OF BATTLE ] ===---------------------------

Five Patients are awaiting treatment, I'll let you know what they are in short

Starting Vitals: 55 (decreases with each patient)

Maximum Vitals: 60

10 minute time limit. You do NOT have to fix up all patients, only have to be
past the point where backup is mentioned.


Alright, these are fairly minor time consuming operations compared to the ones
earlier, but you're extremely pressed for time if you want to finish up all

Patient 1: Burn patient. Remember the hell that was this operation back in
Episode 2? Yeah...its back. You only have to treat nine burns this time, but
the catch is that some of the burns may advance and turn black this time.
Because of that, I would treat the black burns first, because they have a
lesser chance to pool up blood afterwards. Just be aware of what may happen.

Its unlikely to finish that operation in under 4 minutes...so next patient.

Patient 2: Gunshot wounds...nothing we haven't dealt with before. Do you
remember that the rifle wound is in two pieces, and inside the body? Good, I 
shouldn't have to give much advice then. Just watch your vitals.

Patient 3: Classic Lacerations/Glass shard removal case. This honestly
shouldn't take more than 1 1/2 minutes to fix. Just be aware to fix gashes
first when you enter inside the body to prevent massive vital loss. Oh, there
are also a few internal hemmorages too. On hard, revealing them costs around 12
vital points, so watch them carefully. One of them is hard to spot, on the far
left near the center.

Patient 4: Rib Cage. You should know the drill from the previous time you had
to fix up one of these guys. Be aware that the spleen will hemmorage EVERY time
you remove a bone fragment. Thankfully you get all six fragments handed to you
before you start to fix up the ribs.

Patient 5: This patient is similar to 1-6. You're operating on a heavily
hemmoraging heart. Be SURE to locate the hidden hemmorages. You might want to
use HT before you fix all of the currently existing wounds. BE SURE YOU KEEP
YOUR VITALS UP. There are two waves.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 6-6 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ SIGNED IN BLOOD ] ===--------------------------

Patient Ramsey Ramirez and some terrorist jackass have damaged livers beyond
self-repair. Perform a liver transplant on both.

Starting Vitals: 25

Maximum Vitals: 40 (Increases each time you connect a vessel to the liver)


The good thing is that you start out inside of the patients already.

First use forceps to move the liver from the tray to the area the arrows point
at. Then, use the black constrictor fluid next to the stabilizer fluid
(Use the Syringe to inject) on the blue vein. Then, cut the trace line and
drain the blood pool...then connect the blue part on the liver to the vein and
...WHAT THE?!?

Cheir makes its triumphant return. Remember, they come in three waves.

Cheir HP: 3

However, remember your vitals are still low. Immediately suture the bleeding
part of the vein to increase your maximum vitals by around 10. Then kill one
Cheir, and let the other live. We're going to finish the liver first, before
we deal with Cheir so we don't die of vital loss.

Do the same thing you do with the vein with the yellow tube next, then the red
artery, then the green tube. Each time you do this, your maximum vitals will
increase by a small amount. The absolute maximum vitals is 78...its not an even
number, but its good enough. By the way, suture the cuts Cheir makes in between
times when you connect a vessel. And keep your vitals up!

Now, back to dealing with Cheir. Finish off the remaining Cheir from the first
wave at your leisure. Now the second wave comes in...They no longer make
lacerations though...oh no, they do worse. They now create large tumors (hidden
ones) so eliminate them QUICKLY. Too many tumors creates rapid vital loss.

After you deal with them, the fusion Cheir will come out. Remember it has
4 HP, and can do a 6 laceration attack which causes 25 damage. Be sure to
suture the lacerations quickly, heal vitals and start lasering Cheir. You'll
enjoy the sound of "DEFEAT". Suture, gel, bandage.

One down, one to go...

Patient 2 starts out with 25 vitals and 40 maximum again. Heal the vitals NOW.

Trust me, you'll need it.

Start by attaching the vein to the liver again. Read above if you forgot how
to do that...once its connected...

Okay...this is bad. VERY. VERY. VERY. BAD.

Cheir HP: 3
Onyx HP: 6

Two types of Stigma at once. If you are on hard, please do not throw your
remotes at the TV once you lose, I guarantee you likely will lose at least
once or twice.

Anyway, quickly suture the bleeding part of the vein, then IMMEDIATELY start
to deal with Onyx. It is FAR more deadly than the lone Cheir. Remember, to
deal with Onyx, you have to use ultrasound to find it, scalpel it out, then
inject it with the RED serum.

You are in a LOT of danger with the maximum vitals being so low. I will
are heal vitals and suture lacerations made by Cheir, cause you can't let them
get too numerous.

Onyx once again creates copies when dealt two damage. As usual, the real Onyx
has four blue dots on his head, so look for that before you scalpel one out.

After four damage is dealt total...uh oh...blood vessels appear, that is
DEFINITELY not good for your patient's already low vitals. You must find and
kill Onyx ASAP. Use Stabilizer between rounds when Onyx is injected. Use HT
must now. The real Onyx is almost ALWAYS located on the liver, so don't look
anywhere else on screen. After two more damage, Onyx finally dies.

After that, just treat this patient like the first, heal the liver before you
deal with Cheir. The extra vitals will help if the Cheir fusion does the six
laceration attack. The Cheir waves are the exact same and perform the same

After you finish, suture, gel, bandage.



============================== { 9: EPISODE 7 } ==============================

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 7-1 ] ===----------------------------

-------------------------=== [ THE ROSE'S THORNS ] ===-------------------------

Patient Rose Deveroux is suffering from Abnormal Tumors...

Starting Vitals: 90

Maximum Vitals: 99


Abnormal tumors...why does that sound familiar? Open her up.

Yeah...this is definitely familiar to those who played Second Opinion.

To fix these tumors, you need to drain the cytoplasm as usual, then use the
scalpel to cut off the three blood vessels attached to it. Then you can remove
the tumor itself. You just need to hold the scalpel over the vessels to remove
them. The tumor will create mini-tumors the entire time its around, and the
more there are while the large tumor exists, the faster you will lose vitals.

Once you remove the first tumor and all small tumors, you'll get to deal with
two large tumors. Be careful. You must remove both of them at the same time,
otherwise they will regenerate. I mean that you can't have any other tumors
with current attached blood vessels before you remove a tumor. Keep in mind
that there will likely be lots of mini-tumors, so do remove both of them

After that...three tumors. Start by draining one and...what the?!?

Lights are off, but you get the lighter tool. Select it and hover it over the
right tumors. Finish off both of them by cutting the blood vessels, but don't
actually remove them. IMMEDIATELY perform the Healing Touch, otherwise vital
loss WILL kill you. Deal with the third tumor, then place it and both of the
others in the tray. Thankfully, you've halted vital loss. Heal all remaining

After that, suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 7-2 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------------=== [ STRIKE FORCE ] ===---------------------------

Patient Danny de Luca and two others are suffering from Stigma strains.

Starting Vitals: 60 (55/50)

Maximum Vitals: 75

Time Limit: 10 minutes


You must do all three in 10 minutes. Ready? Gel and Incise.

First Patient: Brachion.

Brachion HP: 4

I don't want to or need to explain this again. This is the exact same form of
Brachion you operated on in 6-3. Refer to that section for how to deal with 
this. Just watch the toxin and don't let them escape an arm whose large portion 
has been excised.

After you deal with all four parts. Brachion hits "DEFEAT"

Patient 2: Cheir and Soma

Cheir HP: 3 (4 on fused)
Soma HP: 3

Soma is weaker this round, hence why we'll be eliminating it first. Be sure to
kill one of the two initial Cheir. Eliminate Soma then, it will split into two
bodies after the first damage point. After that, you deal with it like normal.

Now, as for the Cheir...the second wave still creates internal tumors, so you
need to watch out for those, but after you kill one of the second wave, one
additional small Cheir appears. Be careful of this one, but kill off the other
tumor creating one first. This third Cheir occasionally dives into the organ
and resurfaces...creating the famous large gash. Remember to forceps the sides
shut before suturing it.

The Fused Cheir is nothing different. Just watch your vitals.

When both Stigma have hit "DEFEAT"...

Patient 3: Soma...or so it says.

Soma HP: 3

I highly suggest you start by using ultrasound, you'll see why.

Oh wait, this guy also has Onyx!

Onyx HP: 5

It doesn't matter which you deal with first, but with Onyx alive you'll have to
heal much more often, so try to eliminate Onyx first. The real Onyx still has
four blue dots on its head. It also seems to actually attack a little slower
than previous appearances, probably due to it being present with Soma. Be 
cautious when the blood vessels appear, as you will start having rapid vital
loss, and you can't afford to cut a copy at this time.

Above all else, laser the tumors left behind by Soma before trying to find
Onyx. After Onyx is dead, Soma should be cakewalk by now.

After that, suture, gel, and bandage the last guy. If you're running low on
time, which you likely are, skip the gel.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 7-3 ] ===----------------------------

---------------------------=== [ IDENTITY LOSS ] ===---------------------------

Lloyd Wilkins needs to have the Neuralizer from MiB flashed in front of him.
Also, he needs to have a brain chip uninstalled.

Starting Vitals: 80

Maximum Vitals: 99


Me, being the extremely lazy person I am, and that this operation is incredibly
easy, will give you a few pointers and send you to the next operation.




----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 7-4 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------------=== [ WEAPON DEPOT ] ===---------------------------

Patient Brian Andersson is suffering from blisters caused by toxic gas.

Starting Vitals: 55

Maximum Vitals: 90


I suggest you raise vitals up to max before you open this guy to as a safety

Anyway, you'll see tumors start to form. What you want to do is inject the gray
sedative, then inject the tumor with the color serum that it was before you
sedated it. You only need one sedative per group of tumors.

I'm not going to baby you through this, but each wave gradually has more and
more tumors. The last few waves have five. If you're lucky, you won't need

After you're done, raise vitals to max, then suture, gel, incise.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 7-5 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------=== [ THE LADY OF THE CASTLE ] ===-----------------------

Patient Cynthia Kazakov has a chip under her heart pump that can kill her by
remote control. OH SNAP. Remove it.

Starting Vitals: 99

Maximum Vitals: 99


Well, open her up first of all...

Gee, that device look familiar? Laser the control chips, the cut the small blue
square trace line, and remove the chip using forceps. Not a difficult concept,
except you have random hemmoraging occuring all the time, and every 15 seconds
or so, you'll need to do a heart massage. Once you remove the control chips,
remove the pump...

And now you see the horror we call a control chip.

Laser it, and quickly cut the blue trace line...and then the chip reboots

Yeah, it does that a lot...pretty much every time you cut a trace line, you'll
have to cut around 7 before you remove the chip.

And please for the love of god, keep the hemmorages in check, and get your
vitals above 15 before the heart starts to fibrilate.

After you DO remove the chip, you'll need to place the new pump. You'll have to
twist it around a bit to get the correct angle. After that, place the four
new control chips. They have to go on the exact center of the holes, or it
won't count for some reason. Once you get all four chips in, clean up any
existing hemmorages, then you can suture, gel, bandage.



----------------------------=== [ EPISODE 7-6 ] ===----------------------------

--------------------------=== [ MASTER VAKHUSHTI ] ===-------------------------

Patient Supreme Asshole...er...Vakhushti is infected with Cardia, the Heart.

Starting Vitals: 99

Maximum Vitals: 99

Time Limit: 10 minutes.

Note: It is HIGHLY advisable that you save your HT until the end of the
operation, otherwise you will VERY likely lose.


By the way, this guy reminds me of Takaya (Aka Jesus boy) from Persona 3...

Well, gel and incise to see the monster you're dealing with.

Well, that thing that looks like a beetle is Cardia.

Cardia HP: 7

Now, you will notice that this first phase starts off with a grid of membrane
tissues. To begin fighting Cardia, use the antibiotic gel to soften up squares,
then cut the blue trace lines with a scalpel. You can then pick up membranes
with forceps (Adjacent membranes that you cut out will also be removed at the
same time, no need to shift back and forth.)

However, Membrane sections cannot be removed if Cardia is currently on top of
a square belonging to a section you're about to remove. Attempting to do so
will cause a miss and around 15 vital loss. You should also remove the glowing
red squares ASAP. If Cardia reaches one of these, you'll suffer around 40
vital loss.

There are three membrane formations that you need to take out before the next
phase. The first resembles the medical cross on the front of the cover, the
second resembles a church cross, and I have no idea what the third one looks
like. You treat them all the same, just get rid of the red areas first. Each
time you completely remove a membrane, one damage is considered dealt due to
reforming a new layer. By the way, your maximum vitals will decrease if Cardia
ever reaches a red section of the membrane, on top of the vital loss. It goes
down by around 15-18 each time, down to around a minimum of 30 for your max.

After three damage is dealt, Cardia's shell comes off. Now it looks like a

Now to use the tired and true method of LASERING IT TO DEATH. Here are its

Laceration: Oh boy...a single laceration...but it hemmorages, so drain the
blood pool and fix the laceration quickly.

MASS Lacerations: This can cause trouble on hard. It can create anywhere
between 5 and 8 lacerations, each causing around 6-8 damage. Quickly suture
them, because it will almost definitely follow up with...

Tumor spread: This is, BY FAR, its most dangerous attack. It spreads anywhere
from 3 to 7 tumors. They are easy to remove, just pick them up with forceps
and drag them to the tray...but do so QUICKLY. Soon after it finishes laying
the final tumor, it will start emitting ripple waves. These will detonate any
remaining tumors...and deal...say...30+ vital damage. This is enough to
instantly kill you if you leave two tumors. Needless to say, this is bad, but
if you removed all the tumors, Cardia is a sitting duck while it emits ripples.

By the way, here are its tumor layouts:


T     T - 1


T     T - 2

 T   T

  T  T

T      T - 3 (This one may be slightly off)

  T  T

  T     T
T         T - 4 (Its most dangerous by far, especially if lacerations follow)
  T     T

It takes a while to actually remove a point of HP using the laser, but keep at
it. After three points...remember Savato's berserk mode from SO? This is worse.

It will lay around 25+ tumor mines in a circle, QUICKLY activate your HT (it
doesn't matter whose, but Valerie's is SIGNIFICANTLY safer, because then you
don't have to remove the tumors.) If you are playing as Markus...QUICKLY
remove ALL tumors before Cardia starts emitting ripples, and then laser the
damn thing to death. After the next hit, it will die.



========================== { 10: THE X OPERATIONS } ===========================

All X Operations, unless stated otherwise, have starting/maximum vitals at 99.

But first, I'll start with this, since its also post-game...

----------------------------=== [ EPISODE A-4 ] ===----------------------------

----------------------------=== [ CHALLENGE 4 ] ===----------------------------

If you have played and are a fan of Second Opinion, you will likely love doing
this challenge. I'll actually go into some detail on this, if you haven't
played SO.

PATIENT 1: Fix the wounds that are initially there. Suddenly, two
lacerations appear out of nowhere. Suture them. Now, use the ultrasound. Yes,
for those who remember SO, this is our good friend Kyriaki! Yes, GUILT is back
for one Operation.

Kyriaki HP: 2
Mature Kyriaki HP: 3

For those that DON'T remember SO, you fight Kyriaki by using the ultrasound to
make its shadow visible (You MUST ping it, or you can't attack it), then cut
poke its shadow with the scalpel. It will burst out, leaving a very small wound
and making a large cut in the direction it was heading. Heal both, then poke
Kyriaki with the laser twice to kill it. You have two waves of two Kyriaki
each...then the final wave.

The Mature Kyriaki enters by making its trademark Asterisk laceration set. This
is usually accompanied by 20-30 vital loss. Heal the lacerations fast. It comes
with one Immature Kyriaki as well. Kill the Immature first. The Mature, unlike
the Immature, will dive back under the organ when you hit it with the laser,
but it doesn't move far from what it dived back in, so you can quickly cut it
out again. It takes three hits to kill.

PATIENT 2: Laser the five yellow/blue tumors you see ASAP. Then, say hi to
our NEW friend, Deftera.

Deftera HP: 3

If you've played SO, you remember that this GUILT has a large amount of luck
in getting the two colors to combine. Every few seconds, it will leave behind
the colored tumors. Laser them immediately, or they'll spawn smaller tumors

Now, to damage Deftera, wait until it combines, then use the drain on it. It
sounds similar to Soma, doesn't it? This will cause Deftera to change color
slightly, this will be important later on. After being drained three times,
Deftera will pulse and go berserk. IMMEDIATELY cut the trace line around it,
or it will spawn a TON of tumors. Once you cut it, laser the tumors as soon
as you can, then take the dead Deftera out with forceps...then treat the hole
left behind like you would a normal tumor.

Now you must fight TWO pairs of Deftera at once. Welcome to SO Hell all over
again. There are two things you do NOT want to happen.

1. Do NOT let like color Deftera collide. Otherwise, you'll take some vital
damage and it will leave behind a tumor or two.

2. Do NOT let ANY color Deftera collide with a pair that is fused. Likewise,
you'll suffer some vital damage.

And this is VERY VERY important.


Now, you can prevent the first one by focusing on draining one pair at a time.
As I said earlier, a pair's color changes slightly each time you drain it. That
means that if you drain a pair once, like colors won't collide unless you drain
the OTHER pair.

Otherwise, barring most of what I said above, you treat it exactly like you
treat a single Deftera. Laser any tumors you see ASAP, and focus on one pair
at a time. Before you know it, they'll both be gone.

PATIENT 3: Once again, laser the tumors you see immediately...and then...

Derek apparantly likes to torture us.

Deftera HP: 3 (Each)
Soma HP: 5

Yes, two Deftera pairs and Soma at once. You saw that correctly.

No no, before you suicide yourself out of this mission yet, I suggest you take
out the Deftera first. Soma is honestly weak. Just make sure you take care of
the red tissue it leaves behind occasionally. Just treat Deftera like you did
the last patient.

When you're left with just Soma...well...Soma is easy. >_>

PATIENT 4: Suture the lacerations you see. Then another surprise.

Cheir HP: 3
Kyriaki HP: 2

These both come in three waves. The next wave comes when both Stigma and GUILT
are eliminated from the current wave.

Wave 1: 1 Cheir + 1 Kyriaki

Wave 2: 1 Cheir + 2 Kyriaki

And then the final wave. I HIGHLY suggest you activate your HT as soon as
either the Cheir fuses, or the Mature Kyriaki appears...then...SURPRISE.

Infant Savato HP: 1

I honestly wanted to fight the TRUE Savato...instead we get these annoying

If you don't and 5 or more are present, they will combine which will first
of all halve your current vitals, which will likely get you killed if the fused
Cheir is still present (And DEFINITELY killed if BOTH the Mature Kyriaki and
Cheir are present), and it will LOWER your Maximum vitals until it dies.

There are, from my count, four waves of Savato. After they all die, if you
haven't done so already, kill off the Cheir. It is a MUCH bigger threat than
the Kyriaki.

And thats it. Nice challenge huh? Personally, I would've liked a 20 minute
challenge where you fight all 7 types of GUILT in a row. XD

xS Score requirement: Somewhere around 36000...give or take a hundred.

-----------------------------=== [ X-1 - Cheir ] ===---------------------------

Time for our Favorite Kyriaki-ish clone. XD Gel and Incise.

First off, you'll notice around 6 lacerations. Quickly fix them. Remember that
the difficulty level is always set to EXTREME, thus you'll suffer MUCH greater
vital loss than normal operations.

Cheir HP: 3
Mature Cheir HP: 4

Anyway, once you finish dealing with all lacerations, Wave 1 comes out. This
isn't anything new, and you deal with them just like always. They both make
lacerations. Get your vitals up before you kill the second, then comes wave

Wave Two consists of FOUR Cheir. Two appear initially, and Two more appear
after you kill off one of the initial Cheir. One of the inital two creates
tumors, the other lacerations. Of the latter two, one creates lacerations, and
the other dives under the skin to make large Gashes.

Wave 2 is probably the trickiest to get by with the most speed. I would try to
deal two damage to both of the initial Cheir of the wave before killing one of
them, then quickly kill the other. Tumor damage can pile up a lot. As for the
second two, if you need more chain, go for the one that makes normal
lacerations first. The one that creates Gashes can wait, because it makes more
injuries at a time, thus greater chain.

Heal before the final Wave as a safety net. Trust me, you'll probably need it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT attack the 2 Unfused Cheir before killing the Fusion.
DO NOT under ANY circumstances allow the Fusion to get an attack in. This means
keep lasering it and try to keep it OFF of the organ you're operating on, it
can't attack if its full body isn't on the organ. If you can do that, the final
wave should be easy without HT.


-----------------------------=== [ X-2 - Soma ] ===----------------------------

Well...its Soma. What can I say?

Soma HP: 6

There's no real difference from other Soma Operations here, other than faster
vital drops, and the following two changes.

1. When you fully drain Soma, it splits blue tissue into a 5 point star instead
of just a triangle.

2. If you don't drain a false Soma body, the tissue will split into a hexagon


------------------------------=== [ X-3 - Ops ] ===----------------------------

Are you ready for some super deadly Ops? Open up your patient.

There's Ops, in all its glory.

Ops HP: 10

Don't let the lowered HP fool you, it takes a LOT longer to take off one HP
this time around. Not only that, the tumors take longer to kill off, as well as
the larger red nutrients. Make ABSOLUTELY sure Ops does NOT absorb a nutrient
while a tumor is present, otherwise you will take at LEAST 50 vital damage.

Anyway, The main Ops body will split after taking 2 damage. The two mini bodies
take 4 more damage each before dying. It is suggested, unless you care for rank
to use Markus's HT after you deal 2 damage to one of the smaller Ops bodies,
then quickly eliminate one body. This will make the operation much easier.


-----------------------------=== [ X-4 - Onyx ] ===----------------------------

All I can say is, prepare for hell. Gel and Incise.

Onyx has improved greatly, you'll see how and why shortly.

Onyx HP: 8

Ah yes, the first improvement is that It obviously takes way longer to kill...

Onyx will surface if you can't find it after 8-10 seconds. Given the very large
organ you have to scan...this is very likely.

And then you will take 75 points of vital damage...

OUCH. Two of those and you're dead. This operation requires EXTREME luck, and
good eyesight, since you'll DEFINITELY need to be able to locate the real Onyx.

After 4 injections, Onyx will once again summon in the blood vessels of doom...
which lower vitals at an insane rate. Now you're prone to a 1 hit kill if you
don't find Onyx.

It is HIGHLY advisable that you start a HT if you find Onyx once among this
mess. Even though you lose out on rank, you'll at least have a much higher
chance of finishing the operation. It takes another 4 hits to kill it.


---------------------------=== [ X-5 - Brachion ] ===--------------------------

Well, lets open the guy up...

And thus you see Brachion in all of its somewhat powered up glory...

Brachion HP: 5

This basicly means you have one more set of arms to take out, the strategy is
still the same. Just don't let toxin's reach the ends of the grapplers, pinch
as necessary, ETC.

The only new arm addition is just a repeat of the first set. It isn't exactly
hard, just more vital loss if you screw up somehow.


----------------------------=== [ X-6 - Cardia ] ===---------------------------

Somewhat Epic Battle MK. II. Gel and Incise.

Well, at least the square membrane patterns are different...

Cardia HP: 8

Now, you should be familiar with how the first part works. Prevent Cardia from
reaching the red membranes, and remove ALL of the membranes while doing so. DO
NOT let it touch a single red membrane. If it does, start over, as you likely
won't survive the second phase. You have to go through 3 patterns again. The
third pattern is the most dangerous. IMMEDIATELY excise the 4 red membrane
squares in the center, otherwise Cardia might spawn on TOP of a red square, and
that isn't good at all. Then, pick a whole length of membranes at one side and
remove the entire thing. After that, handle it like normal.

Phase two isnt much different either, but you do have to do another point of
damage before Cardia enters berserk mode. Be extra careful, because it will
follow up the tumor laying attack with 6+ lacerations more often, even if it
already made lacerations before doing that. You can and will be extremely
pressed for Vitals at points.

In any case, try to remove as many tumors as possible as it lays them. After
it finishes, remove tumors closest to its body first, it'll take a few seconds
for the ripples to reach ones far from its body.

In either case, after Berserk mode, use HT. If you're Markus, remove all tumors
before lasering Cardia for the chain score. If you're Valerie, just laser
Cardia immediately.


=========================== { 11: STIGMA STRATEGIES } =========================

Well, this part was supposed to be for fan-made strategies, but I'll add my
own input through seperate sections.

You, the person reading this guide, can still throw in your own strategies by
e-mailing me at windy-kun(at)hotmail.com. Be sure to include "Trauma Center
strategy" in the title.

-----------------------------( STRAIN ONE - CHEIR )----------------------------

In today's lesson you'll learn effective ways to kill of Cheir without the
patient being harmed as much as you would like. Let us start with the basics.

Cheir HP: 3
Fused Cheir HP: 4

This is ALWAYS the case in ANY operation involving Cheir, from when it first
appears in 2-4, to the extreme X-1. It will always take the same amount of
damage from anything. Now, lets go over what the unfused Cheir can do to mess
up your patient.

1: Straight Lacerations. Yes, you read that right. Every set amount of seconds,
Cheir will make a beeline straight across the direction its head is facing and
make one large laceration. This does around 9-10 vital damage on Hard. Nothing
to really worry about.

2: Tumor creation. Ah, this gets people when they can't zoom out of the patient
after Cheir is destroyed. "Wai are my vitals falling?" they ask. Well, this is
why. These are not the tiny blue tumors that you laser by the way. These are
the large hidden ones that you need ultrasound to find. They slowly drain your
vitals, and large amounts of tumors can cause VERY rapid vital loss.

3: Gash creation. I BELIEVE this type doesn't show up until X-1, but I may be
wrong. Anyway, these create Gashes. If you don't know how I use that term by
now, Gashes are those VERY big wounds that bleed. A LOT. You need to drain the
blood, the use forceps to close the wound over itself, THEN suture it. Of
course, if you're a slowpoke, it'll reopen and you'll take a LOT of vital
damage, and on the off chance you SURVIVE this, more blood pools form. The mere
creation of the gash takes off 18-20 vitals...on Hard.

Anyway, those are the tiny Cheir. They move around uber fast. You CAN slow them
down by rubbing gel in their path, but it honestly isn't worth the time, you
could just be spamming the laser on it to start with. Keep in mind that it'll
move slightly to the side when you hit it. Just keep zapping it and after seven
"hits" or so, it'll take a point of damage. I have hits in quotes because there
is actually a small invincibility frame when it moves to the side. Anyway, 3
points of damage and it dies.

Now for the Fused Cheir.

Don't worry, it moves around a LOT slower than the singular cheir. It does
like to shift directions more often though.

Anyway, it has a singular attack. Here's your bad ASCII of how it looks:

                                  c       c
                                   c     c
                                    c   c
                                     c c
                             c c c c     c c c c
                                     c c
                                    c   c
                                   c     c
                                  c       c

That's about as close as it's going to get. Its basicly six cuts that resemble
an asterisk. You'll take around 30 vital loss when this happens. Be sure to
suture the cuts ASAP.

Anyway, Cheir cannot attack if it isn't actually on the organ, so try to laser
it out of the organ. It'll move the opposite direction of the end you shoot it.

Like small Cheir, The Fused one has an invincibility frame between "hits". On
top of it taking a LOT more "hits" (around 20-25 from my count), you'll likely
run out of laser, and by the time you get a new one, it'll have fully
recovered. So, I suggest you use small laser taps on it, it'll preserve your
laser for a longer period of time.

Anyway, that's really all the hints I can offer for this strain of Stigma.

[As send in by several people, Cheir can be slowed down somewhat by using the
antibiotic gel on it. However, going for score, its a bad idea, because Cheir
is easy enough to kill without slowing it down.]

-----------------------------( STRAIN TWO - SOMA )-----------------------------

And now for how to deal with the huge ugly blue blob...I mean Soma. And no, I
don't mean Soma Cruz...he's too badass to kill.

Soma HP: Varies (6 [3-4, 6-3, and Challenge 4], 5 [7-2] and 7 [X-2]).

Soma is pretty much dealt with the same way in every operation, but here's a
rundown of the bad stuff that it can do to the patient.

1: Spawn RED tissue: This, by itself, is pretty harmless...as long as you laser
it quickly. If you don't prepare to take vital loss...I think around 20 points
on hard, and then you need to deal with the hardened tissue area. You pretty
much drain it and cut the trace line, then use forceps to get it out just like
a normal tumor.

2: Spawn BLUE tissue: Now THIS attack is what can worry first timers. There are
a few patterns to how its spread out, and differs in various operations. Here
are those patterns.

Key: B = Tissue. C = Core.



B     B 

Pattern 1. Occurs after the first point of damage to the core on EARLY Soma


B     B


Pattern 2. If you don't drain the false Soma quickly enough when it splits
into two tissue bodies, the false one will become this. It only lasts one
operation though.


B (C) B
 B   B

Pattern 3. This is the most common pattern you'll see. The core will only be
there on X-2. Otherwise, this is what the false Soma body becomes.

  B  B

B      B

  B  B

Pattern 4. This is what the false Soma body becomes on X-2.

In any case, you have a choice between lasering the core as soon as it appears,
or draining the tissue. If you're quick, you can drain the tissue first (which
is advisable, because large amounts at once drain vitals fairly quickly), then
damage the core before it vanishes. If you just want to get the operation over
with, then laser the core first, then drain the tissue. Just be sure your hand
is steady enough to drain all of them, before they harden and you take 20 vital
loss like the red tissue. If you need to remove them, you need to laser the
tissue first, then cut it out, then use forceps to remove it.

Oh wait, there's a pattern! Let me know if you figure it out. :P Anyway, thats
all for Soma.

As a hint, right before a round with two Soma bodies...the core is visible in
one of them for a split second.

-----------------------------( STRAIN THREE - OPS )----------------------------

Welcome to Section Three. Here, you'll learn to deal with the Cyclops, Ops...

Ops HP: Varies (11 [4-5 and 6-3] and 10 [X-3])

Here are the basics you need to know about Ops.

The big "Eye" thing is your target. You must constantly laser it to damage it,
but you can take your attention away from it for a few seconds, in fact, you
must because of those two annoying entities always shootings things at Ops.


As for the random bad things that can occur...

1: Blue Mineral. These are tiny, and may not be easy to spot if you aren't
paying proper attention to the entities. All you have to do is run over it
with the drain for a split second and bye bye annoying blue dot. If this
touches the main core, you'll suffer around 10-13 vital loss. Not that bad on
its own...but when combined with #3...

2: Red Mineral. These are slightly larger, and not difficult to spot. You can
easily remove these with the laser. It takes around .7 seconds to remove it.
Another good thing is that if it hits the cellular wall, instead of bouncing
off like the blue minerals, it will crumble and be done with. If it DOES hit
the main core...well...more vital loss than the blue minerals. And then we

3: Large Tumor. Ah...these things are killer. They start to show up in fixed
intervals as soon as you damage Ops twice. Be sure to off them with the laser
as SOON as they show up. They take around 2 seconds to destroy. Be sure NOTHING
is in danger of touching Ops while you remove these tumors. If a mineral DOES
touch Ops while a Tumor is present, say goodbye to half of your vitals. FYI,
multiple tumors can be present at once.

As for how to actually OFF the actual Core...just keep hitting it with the
laser. However, I must not the following in all caps, so excuse me.


Why is the above bad? Common sense dictates that if it does, you cannot laser
tumors and if a red mineral, which you cannot get rid of because you NEED the
laser to remove it, touches the Ops core, VERY bad things will happen to you.
Thus, if your laser tool at the lower right turns ORANGE. Stop lasering the
core(s) IMMEDIATELY and just get rid of tumors/minerals for a while until the
icon turns white.

Ops will split after a set amount of damage. (Either 2 or 4), and you'll have
to deal with two cores after that. Nothing much changes, the minerals just have
a greater chance of hitting one of the two cores because they cover a wider
area. After you hit these mini-cores three more times (four in X-3), they'll

And thus we move onto the Strain which I get questions every 30 minutes about.

----------------------------( STRAIN FOUR - ONYX )-----------------------------

Yes, this is the lovable virus that looks like a...actually I don't know WHAT
it looks like. My closest guess would be a mutated seahorse...

Onyx HP: Variable (6 [5-4 and 5-6], 5 [6-6 and 7-2], and 8 [X-4])

To start out with, Onyx will ALWAYS start out hidden inside of the Organ you
are currently operating on. The basic premise is to use Ultrasound to find it
before it attacks. Onyx really only has one attack.

1: Five star laceration cut. Yeah...this looks very similar to what Savato from
SO did when it was nearly dead. It creates five lacerations shaped like a star
and takes off 25 vitals. (75 in X-4).

So, you might think that Onyx isn't actually that hard to deal with, correct?

You're partially correct. For all intents and purposes, finding and injecting
it the first time is a pain, because it could be hidden anywhere. After the
first injection (second in the first operation on it) it will hide again, but
leave copies of itself all over the organ. If you dig a copy, Onyx won't even
wait to do the laceration attack, and will just plain perform it immediately.

Now, there are two things that will help you find the Real Onyx fairly easily.

(1): I've said this in the main guide a lot of times, so here's the last time
(well...second to last, but still...) THE REAL ONYX HAS FOUR DOTS ON ITS HEAD.

That's right. For those of you who can actually read, The Real Onyx has four
BLUE dots on its head. If you look closely at the other shadows, you will
notice that there are way more shadows that feature THREE blue dots on their
heads. Those are CLONES.

(2): This one is lesser known. Pay attention to Onyx as it runs around after
you inject it. Pay VERY close attention to the direction the HEAD is facing
when it dives back into the organ. You will ALWAYS find Onyx in that general
direction. This means its time for me to do more incredibly crappy ASCII to
show you what I mean.

Key: O = Onyx. -> (Arrow) = Direction the head faces.

              /                          \
              |         O                 |
              |                  ________/
              |                 /
              |                 |
              |              <- |
              |                 |
              |                 |

Lets say you cut out Onyx at the point where the O is, and when it dives back
in, its at the point where the arrow is. The head is facing towards the left.
This means that Onyx will be SOMEWHERE to the left of where the arrow is
pointing. The area where you can find it is somewhat of a cone. I'll use
another diagram to show you what I mean.

If the head faces right, the area arc would look like this:

      ___ |   |
 ___ |   ||___|
|   ||___||   |
|___||   ||___|
     |___||   |

If you get what I'm trying to say, the total area it can hide increases as you
get further from where it dived. Note that it CAN be found exactly where it
dived back in.

Anyway, on all operations other than the first, after being injected three or
four times (depends on operation), Onyx will make blood vessels appear, making
ultrasound and the magnifier less useful. You will also take constant, fairly
rapid vital loss during this stage. There are also MANY more copies around,
however, the same concept applies to finding it. Just be VERY careful, because
the real Onyx and a clone can practicly be touching, and you don't want to cut
them BOTH out. Do note that Onyx will ALWAYS be found ON the Organ, never off
of it, even if it dives outside the organ.

That's pretty much all the help I can give for Onyx.

-------------------------( STRAIN FIVE - BRACHION )----------------------------

Ah yes...the OTHER pretty much consistant strain of Stigma...Plus it looks like
a plant that got caught in my hoodie the other day. It was such a pain to
remove...perhaps it was a sign pointing to how ANNOYING this strain is.

Brachion HP: 4 (Except on X-5. 5 HP on that)

Now...let us start out with the basics...

Brachion starts off looking like this (ALL Operations involving Brachion
involve THIS particular setup, but locations of Arms and directions that the
orbs follow may vary.) This setup is the first you'll see starting at 6-3.

Key: O = Orb. G = Grappler tip. C = Core.

            GGG              GGG
           GGGGG-O-O        GGGGG
            GGG     \        GGG         
                     O        O
                     |        |
                     O        O 
                    CCC      O
     GGG     O--O-OCCCCCO--O
    GGGGG-O-O       CCC

I apologize once again if my ACSII makes your eyes bleed. Anyway, the first
thing you'll likely notice is that you have a pretty new serum to work with.
This is to be injected DIRECTLY into the grappler tips. However...

This type of Stigma is honestly the most hectic because a few seconds into
the operation, the core will start to move Toxin along the Orbs and into the
Grappler tips. Note that this is its ONLY form of harming the patient, and to
be honest, doesn't actually do very much. It does around 7-8 vital damage.

However, once you have a tip removed, and the toxin reaches the end of THAT
Orb chain, that tip, and any OTHER tips which you may have removed will
regenerate and you'll have to start all over again.

Oh wait, I haven't said how to actually remove a tip. Inject that lovely new
serum into the actual grappler tip (anywhere else = MISS.), then cut the blue
trace line that appears. Then, move the tip onto the tray with forceps.

I also forgot to mention how to keep toxin from reaching the end. Yeah, this
would be a VERY problematic strain if you couldn't prevent that. All you have
to do is use forceps on one of the orbs (I HIGHLY suggest an orb AHEAD of the
toxin) to pinch that orb shut. Once the Toxin reaches the orb, the orb will
become unpinched, and luckily for you, the toxin will start over from the
beginning. You can only have ONE orb pinched at a time per arm. As a bonus,
if you pinch the orb that the toxin is CURRENTLY at (I suggest waiting until
the last or second to last orb for that.), not only will the toxin immediately
restart at the beginning, but the orb will remain pinched.

Anyway, what you have to do to remove HP from Brachion is remove all of the
grappler tips from its current layout. It shouldn't be overly difficult, as
long as you don't allow regeneration. Its much more annoying than it is hard.

Oh, one of the things that might drive you crazy is when you notice that some
of the arms have an uneven number of orbs. This is especially apparant in the
second operation, but to put it simply, in the second and last setup, one of
the arms has four orbs, and another one has only three. The rest have five. The
third and fourth forms (fourth and fifth in X-5) have FOUR grappler arms
instead of three.

If you can see where this is going, its a generally good idea to activate HT on
the final set of arms. If you're doing X-5 and want the XS, you obviously
cannot do this. When dealing with the last arm configuration, ALWAYS prioritize
the lesser orb arms first. Try to pinch the orb with the toxin in it to buy
more time.

Protip: Remove the tips that have MORE orbs FIRST, so you run a lesser risk of
tips regenerating in case you're either forgetful, clumsy, or too slow with the
lesser orbed arms.

Anyway, that's really all the advice I can give you. It mostly depends on your
own skill.

And thus we come upon the FINAL strain...

----------------------------( STRAIN SIX - CARDIA )----------------------------

You know, when I first heard the name, I thought it would suck. I expected the
final strain this time around to be "The Mind" so you would operate in the

Cardia HP: 7 [7-6] or 8 [X-6]

I'll detail the phases here in seperate order, and devote more time than I
really should to both.

Phase 1: Membranes.

Yes, the core is technicly invincible. Do not try to laser it, cut it, etc.


Anyway, your basic job during this phase is to remove the membrane squares. You
accomplish this by rubbing gel over he squares, cutting the trace line around
them, then using forceps to move them to the tray. Note: If adjacent squares
are cut out, they'll all be removed at the same time.

Protip: You'll get +1 Chain for every square you excise. However, you'll only
get +1 Chain overall for removing all of those squares to the tray.

You will notice that some of the squares glow red. Prioritize removing these
first. Like stated in the guide, if Cardia touches these, you will suffer 40+
points of vital loss, and your maximum vitals will be reduced by 15-19 points.
(23-25 on X-6). The lowest your max vitals can go is 30 as far as I know. If
there are more than 9 squares remaining, another square will become red after
a fixed period of time.

One other thing. Do NOT attempt to remove squares if Cardia is on top of a
section you want to remove. This will result in around 25 points of vital
loss. Also, if Cardia enters the area where the membrane WOULD be, it will
immediately vanish and reappear elsewhere. If you are STILL holding onto
the membrane for some reason when it does that, you'll be forced to release it
and STILL take vital loss.

Now, as lazy as I am, here are the patterns.

Key: S = Square. R = Red Patch.

SSSSSS - Pattern 1 [7-6]. Pretty easy. Remove the Six squares on the far
SSSSRS   right first for an easier time.

SSSSSS - Pattern 2 [7-6]. Notice you start with more Red squares each pattern.
RSSSSS   Deal with the four square "square" on top, then remove the four left
S SS S   most squares to deal with the other red square. The rest is at your
  SS     discretion depending on Cardia's current position.

S SS R - Pattern 3 [7-6]. This is tricky, because you don't know which red
S SS S   square Cardia will move towards first. It does tend to move towards
SSSSSS   the square on the far right first, so deal with that section first.
  SR     Just remove the red squares ASAP and you should be fine.

S    S
RSSSSS - Pattern 1 [X-6]. Cardia starts in the center, and will almost ALWAYS
SSSSSS   head towards the far left red square first, the the upper right red
S    S   square, and finally the lower right. Try to deal with them in that
SSSSSS   order.

R SSSS S - Pattern 2 [X-6]. Cardia will start close to the upper red square
S SSSS R   in the middle. So remove that, and the other square in the middle
SS RS SS   first, then concentrate on the side sections.

SS    SS
S R  R S
S  SS  S - Pattern 3 [X-6]. Notice that it looks like a box. Also notice that
S  SS  S   with this many red squares, your vitals will drop fairly quickly,
S R  R S   so try to remove them ASAP. Luckily for you, Cardia starts in the
SS    SS   center box, fairly harmless. Remove the four red isloated squares
RSSSSSSR   first. They are a MUCH bigger threat than the ones outside. Then 
           just pick one of the outside 8 square long lines and remove it, then
remove the other. It should seem like an easy enough process.

Once you remove all three patterns pertaining to your current operation, we
can begin...

Phase 2: IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZAR. No, really. XD

Apparantly, beetles can now evolve into Jellyfish. That just seems wrong on so
many levels of evolutionary theory...OK FINE I'LL STOP THE JOKES. DON'T SHOOT

You should be familiar with how to kill things with the laser by now. You point
at it, press A or B, and zap it until it dies. In this case, you'll have to zap
Cardia with around 15-20 seconds full of Laser until it takes an "OK" (Aka.
point of damage).

Of course, Cardia will do all kinds of hellish things to your patient while you
attempt to make it fry. Mmm...fried jellyfish.

Oh wait, it has a blood pool. Remove that first. Usually does minimal (Aka.
10 points of vital loss.) damage to your patient.

2: Berserk laceration mode. Okay, now THIS may be a problem. The number of
lacerations it makes is random, but usually either six or eight. It does damage
equal to 5 (6 on X-6) x number of lacerations made. You might want to fix these

3: Tumor spread. Ah yes...let me copypasta my diagram from 7-6 down here really
fast for quick reference.

Tumor Layouts:


T     T - 1 - It will almost NEVER use this layout after it takes one point of


T     T - 2 - This is its second-most frequent layout.

 T   T

  T  T

T      T - 3 - This is THE most frequent layout, usually seen past 2 points of
               damage on 7-6, and almost all the time on X-6.
  T  T

  T     T
T         T - 4 - This layout is fairly infrequent, but its most dangerous.
  T     T

Why tumors are dangerous: After finishing the layout, Cardia will rest for a
few seconds, and then release ripples for 5 seconds. If the ripples TOUCH a
tumor, it will burst, and you will suffer around 30-35 points of vital damage.
This goes without saying, but that is bad. Oh wait, it gets better, because
Cardia likes to sometimes follow up tumor layouts with one of the two
laceration attacks. Needless to say, tumor removal should take priority.

Do note that if you remove the tumors quickly, Cardia is HELPLESS while the
ripples are coming out of it, so take the time to laser it if you get the
chance, just watch your vitals.

Cardia takes 3 hits on 7-6, and 4 on X-6. Oh wait...we're not done yet.

This is what I like to call the "RING OF DEATH" It consists of 25 tumors. HT is
practicly a MUST here. Why?

25 x 30 = 750 vital loss...and vitals cap out at 99. Something tells me an
explosion/implosion would be an understatement here.

This is why you must save your HT for now. As Valerie, start to laser Cardia
IMMEDIATELY. Even if tumors explode, you won't take vital loss.

As Markus...remove the tumors. They'll help your chain score out a lot.

Too bad Cardia's death scene totally sucks compared to Savato's. Thats it for
this section of the guide until I get fan submissions.

[Also as a note, it IS possible to kill Cardia during the ring of death without
HT. However, the only way you have a CHANCE of doing that is if you deal the
2nd to last point of damage to it as it shoots out ripples. Otherwise, if you
try...I hope you have malpractice insurance.]

========================== { 12: SPECIAL BONUSES } ============================

As a collab effort between one of my friends, Special Bonuses now gets its own

Anyway, Special Bonuses are certain requirements you have to do to get either
an S or XS in operations. Almost ALL operations have a time bonus, and require
you to NOT MISS, but thats the basics. They only multiply your SKILL score, not
your operation score. So...without further delay...

                             EPISODE 1 SPECIAL BONUSES

1-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 20 - 1.2x
6 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 35 - 1.2x
10 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 4:00:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
12 COOLs earned - 1.3x

1-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
Vitals stay above 60 - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:50:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 45 - 1.2x
Vitals stay above 70 - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 4:00:00 Remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
Vitals stay above 75 -: 1.3x

1-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.3x
3 COOLs earned - 1.2x
4 or less defibrilator uses - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:10:00 remaining - 1.3x
4 COOLs earned - 1.2x
3 or less defibrilator uses - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:20:00 remaining - 1.3x
5 COOLs Earned - 1.2x
2 or less defibrilator uses - 1.2x

1-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 30 - 1.2x
30 or less blood pools form - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
20 or less blood pools form - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:15:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 45 - 1.2x
18 or less blood pools form - 1.3x

1-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
Vitals stay above 40 - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
Vitals stay above 50 - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:20:00 Remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 52 - 1.2x
Vitals Stay above 55 - 1.3x

1-6 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
Myocardium tore 7 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 65 - 1.2x
Myocardium tore 5 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 70 - 1.2x
Myocardium tore 2 or less times - 1.3x

                             EPISODE 2 SPECIAL BONUSES

2-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.5x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
Pus forms 70 times or less - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.5x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 70 - 1.2x
Pus forms 60 times or less - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.5x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.1x
MAX Chain at least 75 - 1.2x
Pus forms 50 times or less - 1.2x

2-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
Massage the heart 40 times or less - 1.1x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
Massage the heart 30 times or less - 1.1x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finished with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 55 - 1.2x
Massage the heart 26 times or less - 1.1x

2-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 2:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
5 or less Defibrilator uses - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAx Chain at least 45 - 1.2x
4 or less Defibrilator uses - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chainat least 48 - 1.2x
3 or less Defibrilator uses - 1.2x

2-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 16 - 1.2x
4 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 20 - 1.2x
6 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 23 - 1.2x
8 COOLs earned - 1.3x

2-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 100 - 1.2x
40 or less blood pools form - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 140 - 1.2x
30 or less blood pools form - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:30:00 Remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 160 - 1.2x
25 or less blood pools form - 1.2x

                             EPISODE 3 SPECIAL BONUSES

3-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 25 - 1.3x
Less than 5 Gallstones pass - 1.1x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:50:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 28 - 1.3x
Less than 2 Gallstones pass - 1.1x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Completed with 4:00:00 left - 1.2x
MAX chain at least 30 - 1.3x
Less than 1 Gallstones passed - 1.1x

3-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
4 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
6 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:45:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 65 - 1.2x
8 COOLs earned - 1.3x

3-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.4x
MAX Chain at least 9 - 1.1x
3 or less Cardiac Arrests - 1.1x

No Mistakes - 1.4x
Finish with 4:10:00 remaining - 1.4x
MAX Chain at least 10 - 1.1x
2 or less Cardiac Arrests - 1.1x

No mistakes - 1.4x
Completed with 4:10:00 left: 1.4x
MAX Chain at least 11 - 1.1x
1 or less cardiac arrests - 1.1x

3-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.3x
Tissue hardened 10 times or less - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 55 - 1.3x
Tissue hardened 5 times or less - 1.2x

No mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.3x
Tissue hardened 2 times or less - 1.2x

3-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
No Aneurysms ruptured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 70 - 1.2x
No Aneurysms ruptured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 85 - 1.2x
No Aneurysms ruptured - 1.3x

                             EPISODE 4 SPECIAL BONUSES

4-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 30 - 1.2x
Pus formed 25 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 38 - 1.2x
Pus formed 20 times or less - 1.3x


No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:20:00 Remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
Pus Formed 15 times or less - 1.3x

4-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
15 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 70 - 1.2x
20 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 85 - 1.2x
22 COOLs earned - 1.3x

4-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 120 - 1.2x
5 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 180 - 1.2x
10 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:50:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 190 - 1.2x
12 COOLs Earned - 1.3x

4-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:50:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 45 - 1.2x
No Aneurysms Ruptured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
No Aneurysms Ruptured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Completed with 2:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
No Aneurysms Ruptured - 1.3x

4-5 Special Score Modifiers

Finish with 2:30:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
Core Impacted 3 times or less - 1.3x
Tumors burst 3 times or less - 1.2x

Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
Core Impacted 2 times or less - 1.3x
Tumors burst 2 times or less - 1.2x

Finished with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 65 - 1.2x
Core Impacted 1 time or less - 1.3x
Tumors burst 1 time or less - 1.2x

                             EPISODE 5 SPECIAL BONUSES

5-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 20 - 1.2x
5 or less Convulsions occured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 30 - 1.2x
3 or less Convulsions occured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:05:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 32 - 1.2x
2 or less Convulsions occured - 1.3x

5-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 25 - 1.2x
Membranes fell 12 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 30 - 1.2x
Membranes fell 8 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:05:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 32 - 1.2x
Membranes fell 3 times or less - 1.3x

5-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
Membranes fell 15 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
Membranes fell 10 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
Membranes fell 6 times or less - 1.3x

5-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 8 - 1.1x
Onyx attacked 3 times or less - 1.4x

No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 12 - 1.1x
Onyx attacked 2 times or less - 1.4x

No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 3:50:00 remaining - 1.3x
MAX Chain at least 15 - 1.1x
Onyx attacked 1 time or less - 1.4x

5-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAx Chain at least 30 - 1.2x
Membranes sealed all wounds - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
Membranes sealed all wounds - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3
Completed with 3:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
Membranes sealed all wounds - 1.3x

5-6 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 8 - 1.2x
Onyx attacked 3 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 12 - 1.2x
Onyx attacked 2 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finished with 3:45:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 15 - 1.2x
Onyx attacked 1 time or less - 1.3x

5-7 Special Score Modifiers

Finish with 30 seconds remaining - 1.5x
Pieces moved 20 times or less - 1.5x

Finish with 50 seconds remaining - 1.5x
Pieces moved 20 times or less - 1.5x

Finish with 1:00:00 remaining - 1.5x
Pieces moved 18 times or less - 1.5x

                          EPISODE 6 SPECIAL BONUSES

6-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 10 - 1.2x
3 or less Grappler tips regenerated - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 15 - 1.2x
2 or less Grappler tips regenerated - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finished with 2:30:00 Remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 18 - 1.2x
1 or less Grappler tips regenerated - 1.3x

6-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:50:00 remaining - 1.2x
Vitals stayed above 50 - 1.2x
5 or less gas outbreaks - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
Vitals stayed above 60 - 1.2x
3 or less gas outbreaks - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:05:00 remaining - 1.2x
Vitals stayed above 70 - 1.2x
1 or less gas outbreaks - 1.3x

6-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:40:00 remaining - 1.2x
4 or less Grappler tips regenerated - 1.2x
No Tumors ruptured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:15:00 remaining - 1.2x
2 or less Grappler tips regenerated - 1.2x
No Tumors ruptured - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finished with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
1 or less Grappler tips regenerated - 1.2x
No Tumors ruptured - 1.3x

6-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 40 - 1.2x
12 or less Defibrilator uses - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 50 - 1.2x
9 or less Defibrilator uses - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
8 or less Defibrilator uses - 1.3x

6-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 40 seconds remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 150 - 1.3x
Finish all 5 patients - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 200 - 1.3x
Finish all 5 patients - 1.2x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 250 - 1.3x
Finish all 5 patients - 1.2x

6-6 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
Onyx did not attack - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 90 - 1.2x
Onyx did not attack - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 95 - 1.2x
Onyx did not attack - 1.3x

                             EPISODE 7 SPECIAL BONUSES

7-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAx Chain at least 60 - 1.2x
Thrombus did not regenerate - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finished with 2:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 80 - 1.2x
Thrombus did not regenerate - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:50:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX chain at least 85 - 1.2x
Thrombus did not regenerate - 1.3x

7-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 30 seconds remaining - 1.2x
Grappler tips did not regenerate - 1.2x
Tissue hardened 8 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
Grappler tips did not regenerate - 1.2x
Tissue hardened 5 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:10:00 remaining - 1.2x
Grappler tips did not regenerate - 1.2x
Tissue hardened 3 times or less - 1.3x

7-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Healing Touch - 1.4x
1st Stage Complete in 20 seconds or less - 1.2x
2nd Stage Complete in 20 seconds or less - 1.2x
3rd Stage Complete in 20 seconds or less - 1.2x

No Healing Touch - 1.4x
1st Stage Complete in 12 seconds or less - 1.2x
2nd Stage Complete in 15 seconds or less - 1.2x
3rd Stage Complete in 12 seconds or less - 1.2x

No Healing Touch - 1.4x
1st Stage Complete in 5 seconds or less - 1.2x
2nd Stage Complete in 15 seconds or less - 1.2x
3rd Stage Complete in 10 seconds or less - 1.2x

7-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 20 - 1.2x
No Inflammation bursts - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 30 - 1.2x
No Inflammation bursts - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:35:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 35 - 1.2x
No Inflammation bursts - 1.3x

7-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 35 - 1.2x
10 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 2:25:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 38 - 1.2x
15 COOLs earned - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 1:30:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 42 - 1.2x
18 COOLs Earned - 1.3x

7-6 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 4:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 90 - 1.2x
Tumors burst 5 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 5:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 120 - 1.2x
Tumors burst 4 times or less - 1.3x

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 5:20:00 remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 150 - 1.2x
Tumors burst 2 times or less - 1.3x

                             X OPERATION SPECIAL BONUSES

X-1 Special Score Modifiers

No Healing Touch - 1.3x
No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 1:00:00 Remaining - 1.2x
MAX Chain at least 65 - 1.3x

X-2 Special Score Modifiers

No Healing Touch - 1.3x
No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 1:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
Tissue hardened 2 times or less - 1.3x

X-3 Special Score Modifiers

No Healing Touch - 1.3x
No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 1:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
No Tumors Ruptured - 1.3x

X-4 Special Score Modifiers

No Healing Touch - 1.3x
No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 3:45:00 remaining - 1.2x
Onyx did not attack - 1.3x

X-5 Special Score Modifiers

No Healing Touch - 1.3x
No Mistakes - 1.2x
Finish with 2:00:00 remaining - 1.2x
Grappler tips do not regenerate - 1.3x

X-6 Special Score Modifiers

No Mistakes - 1.3x
Finish with 3:00:00 Remaining - 1.2x 
MAX Chain at least 150 - 1.2x
Tumors Burst 1 time or less. - 1.3x

================================ { 13: FAQ } ==================================

I'll post interesting questions asked on the various forums I find and
any question anyone e-mails me.

Another name for this section is the fancy tips and tricks section to make you
a better player.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ - Section 1 - Game Basics /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: How do I get better grades when extracting objects?


A1: This has been hotly debated in the forums. Some suggest the closer the
pointer is to the middle of the tray, the better the grade. Others suggest the
closer the center of the object to the middle of the tray, the better the
grade. However, the real method as explained by a person I love to compete
against, Mike Dip (TheTranzer), depends on how you how straight you pull the
object out of the wound. The more you shift the object to the sides, the worse
grade you get.


Q2: Help! I still can't get COOLs on tumors! I always get GOODs!


A2: Tumor extraction is a little different. To COOL a tumor, you must cut it
out from under the skin without using Ultrasound. By use, I mean do not press
the A button. You can still select it to find shadows, you just can't 
permenantly reveal them. As long as you don't screw up anything else before
removing it, you'll get a COOL.


Q3: In that case, how about grades on stitching and bandages?


A3: Well...stitching is an somewhat of an oddity. Sitching is graded mostly on
how many times you cross over the wound, and how even the spacing is. Generally
most wounds require being crossed at least twice, ending on the side you
started. I'll make a short crappy ASCII diagram for you.

 /\                                 (2) s/\
 ||                                      ss
 ||                                      ||s
 ||                                      ss
 ||  - Laceration                   (1) s||  - (s) = stitching pattern.
 ||                                      ss
 ||                                      ||s - (#) = Crossover point)
 ||                                      ss
 \/                                     s\/

If you stitch a normal wound like that, you would almost always get a COOL.
Sometimes the game will give you a good if you do it at an angle, or extend the
stitches too long.

Now, when you go to close the entry wound, it will require many crossovers.
Some of the smaller entry wounds (such as the heart) require only 3 1/2 crosses
but the full body wounds like some of the stomach entries require at the very
least 5 1/2 crossovers, not to mention spacing is very important.

When you affix the bandage, please make sure you use gel to stop the bleeding
first. Then, start the bandage at one end of the stitched up entry, then just
move the pointer down into the other end. Do not move it to the side much, or
you'll get a worse grade, and certainly if you DO move it to one side, DON'T
try to move it back to the other, or you'll get a miss. If you just cover the
whole length, you'll get a COOL. Any more or any less MAY result in a worse


Q4: WTF. Your leaderboard scores are TOO HIGH. YOU HACK!!!!


A4: This isn't the first game I've been accused of cheating to get my scores,
*cough FPSes cough*, but I assure you ALL of my leaderboard #1 scores are
completely 100% legit. Yes, that includes my 1-1 score which even I find
somewhat ridiculous. Please, do not send me ANY e-mails asking me how its
possible to achieve these scores. I will NOT answer them.


Q5: Scoring Oddities...


A5: Yes...there are some things that actually lower your score and aren't
listed. These can include several things...but there are only two that I've
actually recorded so far. These would be...

(3-1) - Letting too much blood pool in the Gallbladder area. You can only do it
so many times.

All Soma operations - If you allow the False Soma body to split, you'll take a
big point hit... (somewhere around 150).

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Section 2 - Episode 1 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (1-1) Help! No matter how perfect the placing of bone fragments, I still
get a miss!


A1: If this is your first time playing Trauma Center, and you have issues
placing fragments, I suggest you remove the fragments in order of the wider
appearing ones first, and then the thinner ones second. The wider one's are
usually larger and much easier to place. Remember to twist your wrist to get
the angle right. The angle doesn't have to be completely perfect, as long as 
part of at least one end of the bone (as far as thinner ones go) fits in the 
outline well.


Q2: (1-2) How do I COOL the first tumor?


A2: You can't. It's impossible, since you're forced to ping it.


Q3: (1-3) Is there any way to improve my timing with the Defibrilator?


A3: Certainly. If you're willing to devote time, try to notice how long it
takes the bar to reach the green section. From my estimation, its just under a
second. If you want practice, go play one of the operations where a person
undergoes constant cardiac arrest.


Q4: (1-4) I can't get the bonus of 18 or less blood pools formed. How is this


A5: Make sure after you remove the fourth control chip (Or if you removed all
four at once, after you place the third one), rub gel all over the patient to
remove all minor hemmorages before you start draining the blood pools. If you
do this, you should have less than 18 blood pools in the end.


Q5: (1-6) Is there any particular order I should cut out the hidden hemmorages?


A6: Not really. If you are particularly quick, you can cut all four in each
wave without killing the patient with vital loss. Just don't drain the blood
immediately. After that, fix most of the non-hemmoraging lacerations and handle
the hemmoraging ones afterwards for higher chains.

As far as the last wave goes, I would actually cut out the bottom most one
first, then the one near the top middle. These two tend to create more blood
pools, and thus higher chains, as long as you don't suture them first. Don't
worry with the infinite healing touch, you can't possibly die.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ - Section 3 - Episode 2 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (2-1) Help! The Pus made Inflammations!


A1: This is not really a problem, because it can be fixed by simply draining
the pus quickly so it doesn't have the chance to spawn Inflammations. However
you may WANT inflammations, as they are great chain material, as long as your
hand is somewhat steady.


Q2: (2-2) I can't get Elena to bring the new Pacemaker out! What am I doing


A2: Instead of trying to rush through the operation, you'll have noticed that
Elena may have mentioned that you had to stitch up the bleeding areas on the
heart. You probably forgot to do this.


Q3: (2-3) I keep dying when the last bone fragment appears. Is there any way
to prevent this?


A3: Yes. Use your Healing Touch. Its that thing you use with Z+B and you draw
a star with it. Next Question.


Q4: (2-4) My Laser keeps running out. Is there a more efficient way to kill


A4: Use small taps of the A button to kill Cheir instead. It may be a bit
slower in the long run, but your laser shouldn't run out.


Q5: (2-5) AHHHHH! This mission is IMPOSSIBLE!


A5: Yeah, we get this question a lot. :P. What you want to do to heal the burns
efficiently is cut out a 2x2 grid of squares (should be four pieces). Then,
drain any blood on the burn you want to heal, and any blood on the burn next to
it for good measure. Then, place all four pieces of skin on the center of the
burn you want to heal. (They'll automatically spread out on the burn that way)

Be sure to save the black burns for last. They won't bleed until you cut the
black part off.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Section 4 - Episode 3 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (3-1) My chain just died. Why?


A1: While you were busy trying to remove the Gallbladder, you must have
forgotten to laser a gallstone. Remember to laser them ASAP, as the lower they
get, the harder they are to see because they blend in with the text and tool


Q2: (3-2) Which area of the organ should I heal first to have an easier time?


A2: In all honesty, I would actually deal with the top first. Those three minor
hemmorages can kill your chain if you leave them alone for too long.




A3: Haha...this operation is actually pretty hard on paper, especially with the
ridiculous timing window when you're trying to place the patch. Markus' HT is
INCREDIBLY USEFUL because it'll slow down the timing window significantly. If
you use Valerie...well...good luck. You'll need it. XD


Q4: (3-4) Isn't it faster to just laser the Soma core as soon as its exposed
instead of draining the blue tissue first?


A4: In all honesty, yes, it is a lot faster. However, beginners probably won't
be able to drain all three blue tissues if they follow this method. Moreover,
the longer the blue tissue is out, the faster your vitals will drain, so its
like a double edged sword, since you'll have to raise vitals more often.


Q5: (3-5) AHHH 4 Aneurysms at once! MURDER ME! ARGH! WHINE!


A5: Use your Healing Touch. :P In the event you want to pretend to be manly,
try to evenly split sedatives between all four, then cut out one. Then repeat
for the other three.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Section 5 - Episode 4 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (4-1) Cords wont tie! Inflammations galore! Need assistance!


A1: More like you need to calm down. Remember the placement of the arrows from
the first patient, that's where you need to tie the cords. You CAN'T tie cords
if Pus is touching the area. Seriously, if you can't remember where to place
two small objects within a VERY small area, you need serious help. And not from
me. From a real doctor.


Q2: (4-2) The Hidden blood pools keep killing me, help!


A2: Yeah, they can if you don't scalpel them out first. There's one in the
bottom section, two in the middle, and two right under the gash in the top
section. I highly suggest if you want a higher chain, you leave them for last
after you unearth them.


Q3 (4-3) Is there any way to make the announcer guy shut up?


A3: The mute button, IT DOES NOTHING! Oh wait...it makes him a lot quieter?

Never mind then. You can also press (-) to skip text...but that can screw up
your time bonus if you aren't careful.


Q4 (4-3) The drain is busted! How am I supposed to fix tumors?!?


A4: You can't. I would try to raise vitals until Elena gets another drain, but
its somewhat pointless, because the patient will almost immediately suffer
cardiac arrest, so just unearth all of the tumors then keep vitals steady for
a while.


Q5 (4-4) The detection area for the synthetic vein sucks. Any tips on how to
not miss on these? Oh, and how do you suture them? It sometimes hemmorages
again before i suture the last part.


A5: In all honesty, it sometimes misses even when aligned perfectly. Do note
that there is one you might miss often on because you have to twist it in the
opposite direction that you twist the other veins.

As far as suturing goes, do not suture the entire length of the vein/aneurysm,
or it might not count. Just suture the vein and part of the aneurysm.


Q6: (4-5) My laser ran out while fighting Ops, and now I can't kill the red
nutrient that's about to hit ops, while a tumor is present!


A6: Well, that's what you get for not paying attention to your laser levels.

Keep check of the laser icon at the bottom left. If it turns ORANGE (Yellow is
fine), STOP FIRING IT AT OPS. Only fire it at red nutrients and tumors. Once
it turns white again, you should be safe enough to return to killing Ops.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Section 6 - Episode 5 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (5-1) Is there any way to make the muscle convulse less?


A1: Why heavens no! If there was, I don't know if the operation would even have
a degree of difficulty. And god knows we don't know how to *cough SLOW DOWN 
TIME cough*


Q2: (5-2) How is this operation even possible? Blood pools up before all the
membranes get attached.


A2: Not that it goes without saying, but this operation requires quick hands,
because you also have to worry about not going into cardiac arrest. Just be
able to shift membranes over quickly and you'll be fine.


Q3: (5-3) Now trying to shift membranes over is impossible! What am I doing


A3: Did you dig up all of the hidden hemmorages yet? You need to completely
heal them all, then the center part will hemmorage slow enough for you to get
the membranes affixed.




A4: Calm down, calm down. If you don't know the trick, of course Onyx is going
to be hard without godlike hand-eye coordination. Then again, what would be why
a trick exists, so you don't need that.

The trick is: After you inject Onyx and watch it run around for a few seconds,
pay attention to the direction its head is pointing when it dives back into
its organ. The REAL Onyx will ALWAYS be found somewhere in that direction. Do
however, be aware that the distance is random. Hell, it may actually be at the
precise spot where it dived. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

Also, do not be fooled is also a reference to the copies it makes later. The
Real Onyx will ALWAYS have four blue dots on its head. EVERY SINGLE COPY only
has three.


Q5: (5-5) No Stabilzer? Limited Gel? How am I supposed to keep vitals up?!?


A5: This operation is where you need to learn to work quickly to keep vitals
fairly high, and learn how to better manage your equipment, seeing as you need
to cover all wounds in a membrane. This does NOT mean you have to use gel for
the entry incision, or to cover up for the bandage at the end, but it certainly
helps your score.


Q6: (5-6) The blood vessels drain my vitals too fast!


A6: Tough luck. Learn to find Onyx faster using the tips from Q4. The only
difference is that you don't have to actually ping with the ultrasound to dig
it out anymore.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Section 7 - Episode 6 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (6-1) Brachion is such a pain. Is there any easier way to defeat it?


A1: To be honest, no. What you need is concentration and steady hands for this.

I myself have screwed up my chain many times because I've either pinched the
wrong orb, or tried to extract the Grappler tip before I cut it off.

Make EXTRA sure you have an orb pinched on each arm at all times unless you're
on the last tip, and are sure you can extract it before the venom reaches the
final orb.


Q2: (6-2) The tumors switch colors too fast! Is there anyway to remove it


A2: Healing Touch. Do you use it? (Markus' anyway)


Q3: (6-3) Where is the best time to use HT in this operation?


A3: As a reasonble question, my response would be immediately after Brachion
forms the final set of Grapplers. However, if you find Brachion easy, you can
always save it for Ops after the core splits.


Q4: (6-4) A Dog?!? A FREAKING DOG?!?


A4: For the love of god, even doctors are forced to operate on animals 

All you really need to do is get used to the new Defibrilator pattern. The
operation itself is not hard.


Q5: (6-5) I can't finish all five patients! OH NOES! D:


A5: You are not required to finish all five. You only have to reach the third
patient. If you WANT to go the distance, you won't lose if you run out of time
but you'll be forced to quit after you finish the patient you're currently on.

Also, even if you're past the required patient, you can still lose from vital


Q6: (6-6) Help! Onyx and Cheir at once! What do I do?


A6: What I would do is finish fixing the blue vein, then IMMEDIATELY start on
killing Onyx. Make sure your vitals are, or closed to topped off before
injecting Onyx. After you finish killing Onyx (Which shouldn't take long,
considering the lesser room for it to hide) finish fixing the liver before
killing Cheir.

Do keep in mind to kill the second wave of Cheir quickly in both patients.

Because, you know, tumors are nasty when they build up.


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Section 8 - Episode 7 Q's \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (7-1) I removed a tumor, but it regenerated. Why?


A1: Simple. Tumors will regenerate unless they ALL have the blood vessels
removed. You have to finish cutting the three vessels attached to each tumor
before you remove any of them. Therefore, its wise to use your HT here.

Why? Well, you don't want to die from massive mini-tumor buildup, do you?


Q2: (7-2) Argh! Cheir + Soma, and Onyx + Soma! Is there any advice to make them


A2: Well, at least you didn't complain about Brachion.

Cheir + Soma is much easier than it appears. Kill off Soma first, for the sole
reason that its much more annoying than Cheir is, plus Cheir is easier to

As for Onyx + Soma...in any operation dealing with Onyx, get rid of Onyx first.
Try to micromanage Soma's red tissue as best you can, but whatever you do, do
NOT let Onyx attack. EVER.


Q3: (7-3) Wait, I can instantly DIE on this operation?!?


A3: Yes, hence why I warned you in the main guide NOT to touch the white lights
or to pull a plug when it is red.

Oh, and I advise you to pull the far left plug first, as its bigger than all of
the others, thus takes the longest time to pull out. You don't want it going
red on you.


Q4: (7-4) Does this remind you of Tetarti from SO somewhat? The colored tumors
I mean?


A4: This is honestly a dumb question, but yes, it does. Color memorization and
all, but there were less Tetarti to deal with... At least you only have to do
the operation once.


Q5: (7-6) Cardia reached a red membrane and the maximum limit for my vitals
dropped? Is there any way to fix this?


A5: Yes. Restart the operation. Otherwise, they'll be stuck that way until you
kill Cardia.


Q6: (7-6) Is there any way to avoid Cardia's "Ring of Death" without using HT?


A6: There was a person on the GameFAQs forums that claimed Cardia can be killed
before it emits ripples without HT...but I don't know if its possible myself.

Plus, with Markus' HT, the tumors mean higher chain values, which is good for


/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Section 9 - Challenge (A-#) Questions \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


Q1: (General) My chain breaks too easily! What am I doing wrong?!?


You must have missed the memo when I covered A-1 in the guide. More things can
break your chain now. Namely...Goods. Yes, they don't break your chain in the
main game, but they do in Challenges! Thus, to keep you from raising a knife
at me...here are the things that you do NOT want to do in a challenge...

1. Initial Incision - Yes...this is self explanitory, but make sure you gel
the line before you cut into the person. If you go too fast, you might miss
a square.

2. Lacerations - The difference between a Good and a Cool here is well...not
easy to distinguish actually. It mostly depends on crossovers, and distance of
the stitching from the wound. There are a few other things, but those factors
are actually a bit random. Anyway, see Section 1 of this portion of the guide
to see how to Cool these things.

3. Glass Removal - Yeah...this isn't for those with shaky hands. The difference
between a good and cool here depends on how straight you pull out the shard.
Even a slight movement to the right/left/top/bottom (depends on the way the
shard faces) can be the difference between a good and a cool. Be careful.

4. Suture Incision - Um...the same as a laceration...just takes more crosses.

5. Bandage - 1. MAKE SURE YOU GEL IT. 2. The bandage has to cover 90%-110% of
the total sitched area. You have a little room for error, but still not much.

6. Tumor Removal - You press the A button with ultrasound, you get a Good. No
questions asked. This is self-explanitory, but if you let Cytoplasm appear
again, your chain also breaks.

7. Minor Hemmorages - Also self-explanitory, but if these evolve into major
hemmorages, your chain breaks. Gel these ASAP.

8. Aneurysms - 1. This bursts. Your chain breaks. Also, you can get a Good
when suturing it...which also breaks your chain. To get a Cool suturing it,
make sure you ONLY suture the off color part of the vein.

As far as the three pronged ones go...the only thing that affects grade is
the last one you suture. Just make sure it doesn't bleed again.

===================== { 14: LEGAL STUFF AND THANK YOU'S } =====================

ATLUS USA - For making such a great game.

GameFAQs - For being the first host for this guide. Thanks Allen.

dankified - For telling me some of the Stigma names.

ChewyLSB - For collaborating with me for Episode 3/5/7 Special Bonuses. I owe
you one man.

Rexcaliber - Also for collaborating with me for Episode 7 Special Bonuses.

TheTranzer - For providing the real solution to Q1 in the FAQ section.

Smasher09 - For pointing out an interesting tidbit with Valerie's HT.

Maledict - For being an awesome competitor, and helping me finding out more
about the scoring system of the game. Also, for Episode 1-3 Easy/Normal
Special bonuses and 5-7 Easy/Normal lock solutions.

For permission to use this guide, please contact me at windy-kun(at)hotmail.com

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