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Unlockable Guide by CO Mel

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/05/2009

Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekidou - 涼宮ハルヒの激動
Unlockables FAQ
By CO Mel (Mel Mah) M e l i s m i s s i n g at h o t m a i l dot c o m

This guide is copyrighted. The only site with permission to use it is 

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Update Log

FAQ Created April 26, 2009

First Version Started

Update -> May 4th, 2009 - Mikuru Remote Controller Mode update

Table of Contents



       Chapters 11 and 12 十一章と十二章

       Hare Hare Yukai TV Version ハレ晴レユカイ

Bonus Games ボナスゲーム

       Acchi muite Hoi あっちむいてホイ

       Homerun Showdown ホームラン対決

Hidden Characters 隠しキャラ

       Asakura Ryouko 朝倉涼子

       Asahina Mikuru (Adult) 朝比奈みくる(大)

       Kimidori Emiri 喜緑江美里 

Collection Unlockables コレクション

       Costumes コスチューム コレクション

       Fortune Teller Mode 涼宮ハルヒのお告げ
       BGM Player (Music) BGM プレイヤー
       Item List アイテムリスト

       Mikuru Remote Control みくるリモコン

       Nagato Viewer 長門ビューワー

       Event Viewer イベントリプレイ

Stages ステージ


Legal Crap

Special Thanks


In order to properly view this FAQ, you may have to change your Character
Encoding to Japanese Shift JIS. Mine is always on Shift JIS so it doesn't
affect me.

On another note, I made this out of boredom and the idea that people who are
unable to read Japanese may use it to aid themselves in unlocking stuff in
this rather amusing game.

Most of the unlockables I found through trial and error, some others I had to
do some digging online through Japanese websites.


Chapters 11 and 12

In order to access these two chapters to finish Story Mode, you must have at
least 300000 points in your score by the end of Chapter 10, otherwise you
will have to start over again. Typically getting an S Rank (which is hard)
on each song/dance will allow you to do so, as well as the two mini-games.

Hare Hare Yukai TV Version

The TV Version of the ending theme song Hare Hare Yukai is playable in
Free Mode once you've beaten the game or in this case Chapter 12.

Bonus Games

Acchi Muite Hoi

Beating the game will unlock the rock-paper-scissors mini-game.

Homerun Showdown

Beating the game will unlock the baseball mini-game.

Hidden Characters

All Hidden Characters are unlocked after continuing a 'Clear Data' game.

Asakura Ryouko 朝倉涼子

Clearing Chapter 5: 冒険でしょでしょ? Bouken Desho desho? with an S rank.

Asahina Mikuru (Adult) 朝比奈みくる(大)

Clearing みらくるアンコール Mirakuru Encore with an S rank. 

Kimidori Emiri 喜緑江美里 

Clearing Greed's Accident with an S rank.

None of the Hidden characters have alternate costumes unfortunately.

Collection Unlockables コレクション

Costumes コスチューム コレクション

Each of the girls have 12 different costume sets and have various means of
unlocking them.

Typically each set is the same for each girl, so I don't need to go into
much detail about them.

School Uniform - Winter - Default

Gym Uniform - Clear Chapter 3

Bunny Girl - Clear Chapter 4

Regular Clothing/Mikuru's Waitress Outfit - Automatically unlocked

Stage/Rocker Costume - Clear Chapter 8

Swimsuits - Clear Chapter 11

Nurse Outfit - Collect all the Mikuru Remote Controller Voices

Cheergirl - Clear Chapter 7

School Uniform - Summer - Automatically unlocked

Bunny Girl (color swap) - Unlocked during a 2nd playthrough of clear data

Swimsuits (animal ears) - Unlocked during a 2nd playthrough of clear data

School Festival Waitress/Maid Outfits - Get an S rank on all stages in story.

In the Costume viewer mode, you can zoom in and out, turn the girl around and 
have her one in four pre-set poses with phrases. 

Fortune Teller Mode 涼宮ハルヒのお告げ

To unlock this mode, you have to view ALL of the tutorials with Koizumi.

After that, you will unlock a fortune reading 'program', that will tell you
your reading for 'Today'. Typically it is Haruhi who shows up to read your
fortune for you, however you can also get Mikuru as well as Yuki showing up.

However the Mikuru Remote Controller Function must be unlocked. 

In order to do that, just as Haruhi is about to start reading your fortune 
press the Wii-mote 1 and 2 buttons when the crystal ball starts to become
hazy and/or shine. This will allow Mikuru to show up. Doing so with the voice
set to Yuki instead will allow Yuki to show up. Doing this will allow you to
unlock two of the secret items on the Item Collection List.

However Haruhi will only read your fortune once a day/playing. Afterward, she
will get mad and tell you to leave if you try again.

BGM Player (Music) BGM プレイヤー

Clearing each Chapter will unlock each song in Free mode, as well as in the
BGM Player, which is initially open to begin with. 

You will unlock all the tracks played during the game as long as you finish
all 12 chapters. The track for the 'training' stages is not available.

01. Koi no Mikuru Densetsu
02. Bouken Desho Desho?
03. Yuki, Muon, Madobe nite.
04. Mirakuru Anko-ru
05. Greed's Accident
06. Saikyou Pare Pare-do
07. Guuzen Miman ha Misenaide
08. Hare Hare Yukai
09. Be Be Beat!! Ending Theme
10. Hare Hare Yukai TV Version

Item List アイテムリスト

There are 54 Items available to unlock during the. Typically they show up
during the 'CHALLENGE' phases of the levels in Story Mode, and have to be 
unlocked by finishing the challenge without messing up. Which is hard.

The first 46 items can be found during the first and second playthrough of
the game, however the last 8 need some extra requirements in order to unlock.

01. Mahou no Stekki - Magic Wand
02. Mahoutsukai no Boushi - Magician's Hat
03. Shoutengai no Puraka-do A - Shopping District Sign A
04. Shoutengai no Puraka-do B - Shopping District Sign B
05. Haruhi Chokantoku Setto - Haruhi's Director Set
06. Satsueiyou Refu Ita - Reflector board
07. Danchou no Wanshou - Director Armband
08. Danchou no Sankakusui - Director Pyramid
09. Nagatoke no Yunomi - Nagato household teacup
10. Kujibiki you Tsumayouji - Lottery sticks
11. Bani-ga-ru no Mimi - Bunnygirl ears
12. Yuki no Megane - Yuki's glasses
13. Asakura kara no Tegami - Letter from Asakura
14. Yuki no Uwabaki - Yuki's indoor shoes
15. Haruhi no Yunomi - Haruhi's teacup
16. Yuki no Yunomi - Yuki's teacup
17. Kyon no Yunomi - Kyon's teacup
18. Mikuru no Yunomi - Mikuru's teacup
19. Koizumi no Yunomi - Koizumi's teacup
20. Shokuinshitsu no Denwa - Staffroom phone
21. Akai Randoseru - Red backpack (Looks pink to me)
22. Kinzoku Batto - Metal bat
23. Kyaccha- Masuku - Catcher's Match
24. Yakyuu no Herumetto - Baseball Helmet
25. Mikuru no obon - Mikuru's tray
26. Fukudanchou no Wanshou - Vice Director Armband
27. Toranpu - Playing cards
28. Meitantei no Wanshou - Great Detective Armband
29. Supo-tsu Baggu - Gym bag
30. Shiroi Boushi - White Hat
31. Yakisoba Waribiken - Yakisoba noodle ticket/coupon
32. Waribahi - Splittable wood chopsticks
33. Kita Kou Matsuri Posuta - North Highschool Festival Poster
34. Satsuei Kinshi no Harigami - Photography is Forbidden Poster
35. ENOZ no Kanban - ENOZ Signboard
36. Koizumi no Butai Ishou - Koizumi's theatre costume
37. No-topasokon - Laptop Computer
38. Manho-ru no Futa - Manhole Cover
39. Enter Ki- - Enter Key
40. Akuyaku no Waingurasu - Villian's Wineglass
41. Haruhi no Kasa - Haruhi's umbrella
42. Denki Suto-bu no hako - Electric Heater Box
43. Denki Sto-bu - Electric Heater
44. Mikuru no Mafura- - Mikuru's scarf
45. Taiikukan no Tobibako - Vaulting Horse
46. Chiari-da- no Baton - Cheerleader's baton
47. Keitai Sutorappu - Cellphone Strap
48. Kaeru no Kaburimono - Frog Hat
49. Fuyu no Teiban Nabe Setto - Winter Nabe Set
50. Jitensha Houchi Kinshi Kuiki - Leaving your bike here is forbidden
51. Bushitsu no Obuje - Clubroom's artwork
52. Kowareta Yuki no Megane - Yuki's broken glasses
53. Mezamashi Dokei - Alarm clock
54. Kinzoku Batto - Metal bat (another one?)

In order to unlock items 47-54, various requirements have to be met.

47 and 48 require Mikuru and Yuki to appear during the fortune telling mode.

49-51 require all the sound clips of all three girls to be collected in
Mikuru Remote Controller Mode.

52 In Free Mode, attain A rank or higher in Guuzen Miman ha Misenaide with
Asakura Ryouko.

53 In Free Mode, attain A rank or higher in Mikuru Encore with 
Asahina Mikuru (Adult)

54 In Free Mode, attain A rank or higher in Greed's Accident with 
Kimidori Emiri

Mikuru Remote Control みくるリモコン

This mode is unlocked after clearing the game (Chapter 12).

Initially there are a few sound effects available to you when you first
begin, however there are more to be unlocked.

If you unlock either Haruhi or Yuki, the respective girl's portrait will 
appear when you enter Mikuru Remote Control mode, and you can pick which girl
to use. However you can't mix and match voices between the girls. 


There is actually a method to the madness in this game. In order to further
unlock extra voice clips, you've got a bit of work to do. Upon 'unlocking'
the Remote Control Mode, initially with only Mikuru present, your 'first'
access of it has a 10% chance of unlocking a new clip. Afterward, if you play
the game daily and access the Remote Control Mode, the chance increases to
20%, so everyday the chance of unlocking a new sound clip will increase by
10% up to 90%, then it will reset. The same occurs with Haruhi in her fortune
teller mode, however that is a rather long waiting process compared to just
entering and then quitting the Mikuru menu.

A way to cheat the system is simply quit to the Wii menu and change the date
on the Wii clock. This might take a while though, so you need quite a bit of

Each Girl has 20 voice clips, however they need to be unlocked for both Yuki
and Haruhi. Mikuru has 10 clips unlocked to begin with, and the rest are
found randomly through accessing the Mikuru Remote Control mode.

I will try to put the 'English' reading of the phrases in a manner that is
phonetically similar to English as possible. As well as close to the 
correct romaji as possible, but that might be a bit strange looking, so it
will be a bit mismatched.

As well, I'll put in a rough translation just because.

だめぇ〜っ	        Already Available     'Dame~'
ひゃあっ	        Already Available     'Hyaa'
*A distressed screaming noise*
ミ、ミクルビーム!	Already Available     'Mi-mikuru bi-mu!'
Mi-Mikuru beam!
えいっ	        Already Available     'Ei'
*A noise usually used when effort is used*
もう、負けません!	Already Available     'Mou, makemasen!'
'(exasperated noise), I won't lose!'
調子はどう?	        Already Available     'Choushi wa dou?'
'How are you doing?'
そっか……	        Already Available     'So-ka'
'Is that so?'
すっごいですぅ!	Already Available     'Su-goi desu-!'
'That's amazing!'
一緒に踊りましょ?	Already Available     'Issho ni odorimasho?'
'Shall we dance together?'
ふみ〜ん	        Already Available     'Fumi~n'
*A noise that seems to express displeasure of some sort*

Randomly unlocked

'Kinsoku Jikou desu♪' - 'That's confidential information♪'
'Kyon-kun……' - 'Kyon...'
'Kyu~u' - *A noise that seems to express displeasure at something*
'Su-goi wa nee!' - 'That's amazing!'
'Hayaku shite kudasa~i' - 'Please do it quickly!'
'Konna koto de watashi ga megenai no de……' - 'I won't be discouraged from 
that sort of thing...'
'Mikuru bi-mu!' - 'Mikuru beam!'
'Mi-mi-mirakuru, mi-kurunru……' - 'Mi-mi-miracle, Mikurunrun'
'Mirai no koto wa ohanashi dekimasen' - 'I can't talk about the future'
禁則事項です♪ <- I don't know if this is an error on the site or 
not, but I will figure that out soon.

Yuki's voice clips are found randomly when you leave her alone during the
Nagato Viewer mode. They are... VERY randomly found, I still haven't gotten
any yet...

*Update* I got all of them, this takes patience as well, but can be done
within one day of playing.

Note you can only unlock one sound clip at a time. Even if she says more
than one, you only get the first one she says. So after she says one, quit
Nagato Viewer and the game will give you a message, saying you've unlocked a
voice clip for Yuki. Then repeat. Constantly until you get all 20 and the 
item that goes with unlocking it.

'Kimeru no wa, anata' - 'The one who was decided, is you'
'Sore wa, Shoudaku dekinai' - 'That, I cannot agree with'
'Anata ni ha, kansha shite iru' - 'I give you my gratitude'
'Shiji wo' - 'Instructions'
'Sentaku wo' - 'Select an option'
'Kyohi suru' - 'Rejected'
'Zuru ha shite inai' - 'I am not cheating'
'Sansei dekinai' - 'I cannot agree with that'
'Jouhou tougou shinentai mo, sore wo nozonde iru' - The context of this is
hard to explain, so I won't. It has to do with what Yuki 'is'.
'Nan demo nai' - 'It's nothing/Never mind'
'Dai suki' - 'I like you (a lot)'
'Jouhou dentatsu ni, sogo ga soujite iru' - No idea here... something about
an information transfer error.
'Kiite……' - 'Listen...'
'Hitotsu hitotsu no shori ga amai' - 'Dealing with things one-by-one is naive'
'Mondai nai' - 'No problem'
'Jouhou renketsu wo kaijo suru' - Something about cancelling an info link.
'Ki wo tsukete' - 'Be careful'
'Sore wa, kinsoku jikou' - 'That is confidential information'
'Anata ni kakeru' - 'I will bet on you'
*This is actually Yuki speaking really fast and really garbled*

Haruhi's voice clips are even harder to achieve... you have to earn them
during the Fortune teller mode, only if you're lucky. Especially since she 
tells you to leave after your first fortune.

'Tada no ningen wa, kyoumi arimasen' - 'I have no interest in normal people'
'Atashi ga Suzumiya Haruhi yo!' - 'I am Haruhi Suzumiya!'
'Monku aru no!?' - 'You have a problem!?'
'Kakugo shinasai!' - 'Prepare yourself!'
'Kakatte kinasai!' -'Bring it on!' or something akin to that.
'Moe yo, moe~♪' - 'It's moe, moe~♪.'
'SOS dan♪' - 'SOS Brigade♪'
'Saa~ Harikitte ikuwayo~!' - 'Now then~ let's go with enthusiasm~!'
'Su-goi ja na~i!' - 'Isn't it amazing!'
'Moete kita wayo~' - 'I'm getting fired up!'
'Kyo~n~?' - 'Kyo~n?'
'Tottoto Odoru no yo!' - 'Hurry up and dance!'
'Sassato shinasai!' - 'Hurry up and do it!'
'Iu koto kikinasai!' - 'Listen to what I say!'
'Mada kimaranai no?' - 'Haven't you decided yet?'
'Mou! Nani yatteru no yo!' - 'Geez! What are you doing!?'
'Mondaigai yo!' - 'That's out of the question!'
'Fun! Jama yo! Jama!' - 'Hmph! You're in the way! In the way!'
'Mikuru cha~n♪' - 'Mikuru♪!'
'Yuki~♪' - 'Yuki~♪'

Nagato Viewer 長門ビューワー

The Nagato Viewer, if anything is a somewhat expensive screensaver. This is
earned by clearing the game (Chapter 12). It simply shows Yuki sitting in the
club room reading a book, and occasionally she'll say something to you. The 
options can be accessed with the - button on the remote, and you can change 
the sound and camera settings, or exit Yuki mode. Yuki will usually do
something every minute or so. After a while, it gets pretty boring though.

Event Viewer イベントリプレイ

This is initially avaiable to replay the Events that occur during story mode.
Each chapter is added after clearing it.

Stages ステージ

There are 18 available stages for you to play the game on. Each of them has a
different means of unlocking, typically by story progression.

01. Taiikukan - Gym - Clear Chapter 1
02. Gakkou Nakaniwa - School Courtyard - Clear Chapter 2
03. SOS Dan Bushitsu - SOS Brigade Clubroom - Clear Chapter 3
04. Kousha Okujou - Yoru - School Rooftop - Night - Clear Chapter 4
05. Ekimaehiroba - Yuugata - Train Station Courtyard - Evening - Clear Chapter 5
06. Yakyuu Guraundo - Baseball grounds - Clear Chapter 6
07. Mujintou - Uninhabited Island - Clear Chapter 7 
08. Ekimaehiroba - Train Station Courtyard - Clear Chapter 8
09. Kousha Okujou - School Rooftop - Clear Chapter 9
10. Sabaku - Desert - Clear Chapter 10
11. Gakkou Nakaniwa - Yoru - School Courtyard - Night - Clear Chapter 11
12. Shoutengai - Shopping District - Clear Chapter 12
13. Setsugen - Yoru - Snowfield - Night - Clear 1st playthrough
14. Uchuukuukan - Void of Space - Collect all items in 1st playthrough
15. Kaigan - Beach - Clear 2nd playthrough
16. Guri-nbakku - Green Background - Clear 2nd playthrough
17. Getsumen - Moon's surface - Collect all items in 2nd playthrough
18. Sabanna - Savannah - Collect ALL the hidden items


The information from this FAQ has been translated and derived from

涼宮ハルヒの激動 wiki 



Legal Crap

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
or private use.  It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicy without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited and is a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2009 Mel Mah

Special Thanks goes to ...

Kadokawa Shoten for making this silly game.



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